The Breonna Taylor Incident Report Is A Slap In The Face to ALL Black Women — WriteSomeShit

Black people, particularly Black women, have had enough. Black women have dealt with enough. And even when we are tired, frustrated, angry, hard-pressed on every side, we stand poised, ready for the fight, ready to take on the bullshit this country continues to serve us. With this disgraceful incident report about the murder of Breonna Taylor…

via The Breonna Taylor Incident Report Is A Slap In The Face to ALL Black Women — WriteSomeShit

screenshot of incident report on Breonna Taylor

That is just outrageous!

Everyone has been screeching about George Floyd, but why did Breonna Taylor not receive the same outpouring of support, solidarity and ferocious protesting? Why was Breonna relegated to obscurity outside of Louisville Kentucky? Thankfully, Louisville has not forgotten Breonna Taylor, but the rest of this cesspool of a shithole country has. I for one, refuse to allow the murder of Breonna Taylor to be placed on the back burner, forgotten and some more shit!

Breonna, once again, was an EMT. This woman had devoted her life to helping people. She put her life on the line to haul COVID-19 patients to the hospital. She was studying to become a nurse; she was that intent on doing what she could for sick people and for that, she gets shot 8 times and then those who shot her, lied about how they entered her home and they also lied about her injuries. They said they did not break into her home when they did because they entered via a ‘no knock warrant’ and with a battering ram, entered Breonna’s apartment and the ‘officers’ were in plain clothes. She was shot 8 times and so we damn well know that she had injuries because she’s dead from being shot by the kops! And no one questioned this piece of shit incident report? No one called anyone out on it? Breonna Taylor’s mother had to go on ‘Good Morning America’ to try and get some sort of justice for her daughter.

What is seriously getting my goat up is the fact that those goons in blue uniforms who murdered Breonna Taylor, went into the wrong apartment and shot an innocent Black woman to death for no reason. The person they were after HAD ALREADY BEEN TAKEN INTO CUSTODY. Yeah! Let that seep in! Wrap your head around that! Those goons had no business busting down Breonna’s door in the first damn place because the suspect they were after was ALREADY IN CUSTODY! THE ‘NO KNOCK WARRANT’ was for someone who lived in the same building, not the same apartment and who knows if that isn’t a lie!

Breonna’s boyfriend was arrested for attempted murder of the goons that broke down the door and shot his girlfriend to death while those goons are still walking the streets, free as a goddamn bird and they had just murdered an innocent BLACK WOMAN. What fucking sense does that make? Those goons in blue only released Breonna’s boyfriend from jail after public outcry or he would still be behind bars! AGAIN, what fucking kind of sense does this shit make? How do you shoot an innocent Black woman and then arrest her boyfriend for shooting back at your ass when you break down their door, never acknowledge that you are kops and are not in uniform and then lie on an incident report that the woman was never INJURED and you didn’t BREAK DOWN HER DOOR? This is the shit that we are expected to put up with! WHAT.THE.HELL.

I don’t give a damn if I am repeating myself from my previous post about Breonna Taylor, you’re damn well going to read it again because Breonna Taylor’s life mattered. “BLACK WOMEN MATTER!” I am getting real fed up with even Black women caping for Black men, but won’t say a word when the same shit goes down against Black women. We are no less than Black men.

Yes, what happened to George Floyd was horrific and the entire country went the fuck off over it, but why did Breonna’s murder not receive the same? What? Because there was no cellphone footage of Breonna getting shot 8 times by the kops? That should make no difference. An innocent Black woman was murdered in her home while in her own bed and yet we kicked up more of a fuss about a Black male immigrant from St. Lucia getting murdered in his home while eating ice cream because I am pretty sure that everyone remembers Botham Shem Jean.

But for some strange reason, when shit happens to Black women, no one gets into an uproar. No one goes the fuck off and maintains that rage. Why is that? Why Black women? Why Black men?

Speaking as a Black woman, I can honestly say, Black women don’t like other Black women; that is a fact. Even though we share the same troubles, the same heartaches, the same pain, the same shit aimed at us by the whites, we still don’t like each other.

And Black men, for the most part, take Black women for granted. They know that we are always going to be there when they get fucked up; they know that they can take that shit for granted, but when we get fucked up, Black men simply, for the most part, ignore the shit. Well you motherfuckers had better hope that we don’t start doing to you, what you do to us because then your ass is grass! And you’d better figure that shit out!

This is why I despair OF us because we will never get our shit together and come together like we need to and the white motherfuckers see this shit! They know our MO. And that is why they know that they can get away with the shit they do to us; because we are divided. Divided people are a conquered people; you mean, you didn’t know that? Wake the fuck up and recognize! We don’t have a lot of fucking time to get our shit together, Black folks!

From the original article:

“THIS REPORT WAS A SLAP IN THE FACE TO ALL BLACK WOMEN! This report was another way of killing the legacy of Breonna Taylor over and over again. Every single day we fight and wait for justice. But justice too long delayed is often justice denied. Because every day, this city reminds Black women that our lives do not matter. Our lives matter so little, the police can kill us, lie on an incident report, and put that bullshit incident report out in the media without batting an eye. There is absolutely no fucking accountability! No one is in a position of authority and leadership in that department and beyond, and that is why we are where we are today with cowboy cops running into people’s homes and killing them.”

This was indeed, a slap in the face, one among many and if we continue to take this shit, we will continue to get slapped in the face.




If I had my way, this shithole would be burning from one end to the other WITHOUT LET UP! What the fuck do we have to lose? Think about what you ‘own’ and then figure the shit out! You fucking got NOTHING to lose!

4 thoughts on “The Breonna Taylor Incident Report Is A Slap In The Face to ALL Black Women — WriteSomeShit

  1. Unfortunaly Shelby we are living in society where women aren’t value and respected!
    Wp are dominating and influencing actions and behaviors of non white people,so BM have learned to behave like WM!
    Most WM don’t respect WW and they see their female counterparty as inferior!
    Because BM are desperate to be accepted by wp that the only way they see it’s disrespect, use violence and abuse BW!
    I feel deeply sorry that this sweet sister has been killed without any reason but I completely indifferent and untouched by the death of George Floyd!
    Especially when I discovered his criminal record and who he was in relationship with “BECKY”!
    BW shouldn’t anymore march and risk their life for who?
    For someone who are so obsessed with Becky and BM are so insane to dead for what? Becky!?
    This is absolutely disgusting!
    BM have two legs and they are free to march alone,they aren’t disabled,real men don’t need women to do their jobs!
    BW should stay at home and look and take care of yourself!
    Don’t risk your life for a bunch of Uncle Thomas who will never march for you when racist cops will kill you!
    They expect that we BW,we must take care and be responsible for every matters and shits!
    We are the men now,they are the pussy women without any pride and courage!
    What kind man is,who use violance on helpless women?
    But the most repugnant and shameful is that BW are the one who give birth to them?
    I don’t want to hear exucese like “I don’t give shit about other BW,as long as I respect my mother and other black females in my family,I am fine with that!”
    No, you aren’t only a completely piece of shit but you are shame!
    I am here looking at your action and behaviour,and what I have learned from history that men are leaders and warriors,they have built empires and protected their own peoples!
    What BM don’t understand that when a man completely abandons his own people, he will be destined to see his own empire destroyed and extinct!

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    1. You are right qnubian. We are “living in a society where women aren’t valued and respected.” I don’t give a damn about white female parasites, but Black women are either getting fucked up, taken for granted, abused and misused and outright murdered and no Black man is doing a damn thing about that shit!

      Like you say, “white male parasites don’t really give a shit for their female counterparts either,” the only reason they will even have them around is to produce their progeny and that is all the use they have for them and many times, after they have served their usefulness, they get traded in for a younger product; take Donald Trump, for instance.

      Black women need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up when Black men go and get themselves fucked up by whitey pasty ass. I am not saying another word about another Black man screeching about how he “can’t fucking breathe!” If they were REAL men, they could breathe because they don’t have a problem standing on the corner shooting it out with each other, but when the white male parasite comes around, the Black men get to shucking and jiving and acting like slaves or either get to heading for the hills AFTER having talked about what great warriors Black men are. They can just cut that shit out! Don’t turn into a punk ass bitch around the white man. If you can beat my ass, then surely, the Black man can beat that white man to the ground, but no, he immediately turns into a punk ass bitch. Why do you think so many Black men are walking like ducks with their pants sagging to the damn ground? It’s because they’re emasculated. They are bitches!

      Black men, back in the day, died on their feet, not on their knees like these punk ass bitches are dying today. There are NO MEN AMONG THESE MEN. That is a fact.

      If there were to be riots and looting and massive, global protesting, then why wasn’t it over the brutal and senseless murder of Breonna Taylor, who had been actually trying to do some good as an EMT and was studying to become a nurse? But no! Everyone goes the fuck off over a piece of shit that George Floyd was and who at one point in time, broke into a woman’s home, put a gun to her stomach and demanded drugs. That punk ass bitch had a rap sheet a mile long and is definitely NO martyr.

      As far as I am concerned, Chauvin could still be kneeling on the neck of that Black-assed convict piece of filth.

      This is what that piece of shit George Floyd did AND TO A WOMAN!

      FINAL CONVERSATION George Floyd’s grieving girlfriend Courteney Ross reveals her final words to him were ‘I love you’

      Floyd served a five-year sentence for aggravated assault after an armed robbery in 2007, which saw him break into a woman’s home, put a gun to her stomach and comb her house for drugs with another man. According to a police report, they took jewelry and the woman’s cellphone.

      The article goes on to say that George Floyd and this pasty faced bitch wanted to open up a restaurant and call it, “CONVICT KITCHEN!” What an appropriate fucking name!

      All this time, I have been pissing and moaning, screeching and wailing out poems and posts for this damn piece of shit!
      Look at this shit!

      And this one!

      And this one!

      qnubian, I want to thank you again for bringing me up to speed on George Floyd and what a real piece of worthless shit he was. He even left his child and the mother of his child for a white bitch. His child is only 6 years old and yet that worthless bastard was chasing some pasty faced cow. Botham Shem Jean was doing the same thing when Black people was in an uproar over the kops murdering his sell-out ass. These Black men ain’t worth ‘caping’ for and that’s for damn sure because they damn sure don’t give two goddamns about us. I’m done with their ass.

      I don’t date anymore. What the hell for? Ain’t nothing worth shit out there and damn it if I’ll tolerate disrespect, antagonism, getting my ass kicked and some more shit from some snot nosed piece of scared shitless shit that’s terrified of whitey pasty ass and will get down on their knees for his ass, but don’t mind fucking me up! To hell with ALL Black wimps; they ain’t men, they’re wimps.

      qnubian, I highlighted your comment because it was absolute TRUTH!

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    1. That is SO goddamn true, I’ve got to say it again. “Nobody cares about black women!”

      That is why I don’t date. That is why I don’t march and that is also why I am not going to screech and wail on here about another Black man getting himself murdered by kops because when all is said and done, the majority of those motherfuckers have been sleeping with the enemy. Let the white bitches they sleep with cape for their damn asses! I know who done kicked my ass; Black men. But they will NEVER get the chance to do so again because I pay my own goddamn bills, drive my own goddamn car and don’t ask a motherfucker for a thing and so what the fuck do I need with some no account Black man who won’t even bother going to bat for Black women, nor will they stand against the whites that’s kicking their ass and getting them buried? I don’t need them for a goddamn thing! They are too busy kicking our ass or sleeping with the enemy. Fuck every goddamn body. Black women need to come together. We need to get up off the hating on one another because when all is said and done, we are THE most hated on this planet and we cannot count on the Black man, his ass is too busy up in Becky’s face. We are ON.OUR.OWN.

      Thank you for that spot on comment. Again, it is SO fucking TRUE!

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