“Bitch! You’re NOT Black!”



I get so damn tired of these so-called ‘biracial’ mongrels talking about how they feel slighted when they fucking date a white man. What the fuck do you expect, you half-breed bitch??!!!

I’m A Black Woman With A White Man. These Have Been The Hardest Weeks Of Our Relationship.


Going into any relationship as a biracial woman, I know one thing: Any serious relationship will involve discussion of the issues of racism.

I became serious with a white man. There were days I had lived as a Black woman that he would never live through or could imagine living through.

Since the beginning of our relationship, there have been times when the undertones of racism have escaped him. Like that one restaurant where other couples without reservations got seated before us. Or when our former real estate agent told us to stay away from the neighborhoods we were interested in because they weren’t filled with the “safest people.”


But since George Floyd was murdered, this bitch wants to whine and wail that her white man never even blinked while she pretended to sit somewhere and wilt like a damn lily over a Black man getting himself murdered by a white man who is just like the piece of shit she calls herself, “in love with.

First of all, those biracial mongrels don’t even consider themselves as Black. They go back and forth when the mood suits them. When they’re out with their white friends, they’re white. When they’re out with Black people, they’re Black and one thing Black people need to know is that ALL biracial mongrels will ALWAYS side with the whites. It does not matter if that white man that this half breed bitch is dating kicks her in her stomach, she will crawl across the floor and hug his damn legs and beg him to love her ass, that’s how pressed half breeds are to be accepted by the whites.

Half breeds WANT to be white so damn bad, they ache with it and that is why they will get with a white man because then they know that whatever’s hatched between the two of them is more likely to look more white than Black and that is usually the case. Meghan Markle, anyone? That’s exactly what I mean.

But back to this complaining bitch!

But with the emergence of protests after George Floyd was killed, I could feel the door I had worked so hard to keep open closing. The last few weeks, I’ve been falling Alice-style into rabbit hole after rabbit hole of bad news. The pain that consumed me this week left me feeling helpless and so overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, he’s been carrying on as if he’s oblivious to the chaos and social unrest within the country. I know he checks his news app every morning. So why wasn’t he falling with me?

He wasn’t falling with you bitch because his ass IS Derek Chauvin and your half breed mongrel ass is well aware of this. You just wanted The Huffington Post to print this bullshit and so you came up with this lame ass attempt to pretend that you view yourself as a Black woman when you really don’t. You pretend not to understand why your white boyfriend that you hope to marry does not see Black people getting fucked up and killed and have a problem with it. What white motherfucker has a problem with Black people getting fucked up and killed by other whites? You know the answer to that bitch and so stop with the pretense already. You’re with that white man because you want doors to open to you that would not otherwise if you were with a Black man and you feel that since your ass is half white, then that qualifies you to have those doors open, but since white society still looks at you as too Black to suit them, you turn to a white man to make sure that those closed doors, open thanks to that piece of shit, no account white man that you’ve latched on to.

I don’t know who the fuck you’re trying to fool with this con of yours, but you’re not fooling me for an instant. And even when that white piece of shit told you that he doesn’t even believe that Black people getting fucked up and killed by whites is about race, your filthy ass still didn’t kick that white piece of shit to the curb, you are still hell bent on marrying him for the exact reason I stated; because his holly white ass will open doors for you that your half breed mongrel ass can’t manage to open on your own and a Black man can’t open those doors for you either.

So nobody’s buying your fake ass displays of outrage over George Floyd’s murder. You’re just another attention seeking piece of half breed mongrel shit who happens to have one white parent and one Black one and you’ve thrown over the Black parent, whom you secretly loathe because you really wanted both parents to be white. That way, you’d not need some white man to come along and open those doors for you that you can’t open alone. You’ve never wanted to identify as Black. It is only that Amerikkka identifies you as Black and you hate that. But white Amerikkka should sit up and take notice of whose side you’ve chosen to be on because there is that white man on your arm to let them ALL know that, “White is right and Black get back!” You’re a traitor to your own damn ass! Whites don’t love and that is why that white man you claim to love all up and down on can’t see hurt, pain, anguish, agony and suffering from some protesters that were marching and screaming about a man’s murder at the hands of a kop. That white man that you are ‘DEAD’ set on marrying IS Derek Chauvin and just like Derek Chauvin, he would stand there with a vacant look on his face if he saw some white man kneeling on your damn neck like Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck because ALL whites are Derek Chauvin and you are just as dead inside as your fucking white assed boyfriend because if you weren’t, you’d have ditched that soulless bastard faster than a whore can come out of her clothes for a john.

Bitch, no one is buying this “Woe is me,” story. Save it! You are going to get what’s coming to you. We will be reading about you and The Huffington Post just may cover the upcoming story because your ass is in for it. You want ‘dead white filth’? That’s what the fuck you’re going to get! But don’t sit somewhere just pretending that you don’t have a clue about that piece of shit that you’re dead set on marrying despite the fact that he has already shown you just what the fuck he’s about. You can overlook EVERYTHING since he is ‘pure’ white in your eyes. You want to completely benefit from the system of ‘white supremacy’ and you can’t do that because one of your parents is Black. Deal with the shit. The rest of us do, but since you’re ‘half white’, you believe that if only you will take up with a white man, that will solve ALL of your problems for you? Is that about right? Let me clue your clueless ass in on something. You can marry a white man six ways to Sunday, but the whites will still view you as they view me, just another “nigger!” Now, you sleep on that, you half breed, white man’s whore!

8 thoughts on ““Bitch! You’re NOT Black!”

  1. “ There were days I had lived as a Black woman that he would never live through or could imagine living through.”
    Question???? This same statement she made is applied to her non black parent & family members as well. At the end of the day her non black partner or family member isn’t going to side with her before their own race. She’s living in the land of illusion. The same relationship issues she’s having with her white partner is the same issue her interracial dating parents had especially the black parent. What’s so funny about these interracial relationships is that mainstream media hype them up but in reality it ends in failure.

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    1. “What’s so funny about these interracial relationships is that mainstream media hype them up but in reality it ends in failure.”

      Funny you should say that because I re-blogged a post whereas some Black woman who married a white man is bemoaning her situation in that she believes Donald Trump is ruining her marriage.

      Black Woman Reveals How Donald Trump is Ruining Her Interracial Marriage — EURweb — Kreb Talk

      “My white Republican husband is starting to hate me because the longer we live through this administration the “BLACKER” I become,” a heartbroken Maryland woman wrote on Twitter over the weekend. Her confession sparked debate after she revealed how President Trump and right-wing media are straining her marriage. In a Twitter rant on Saturday, a woman by the name Glass Butterfly shared the challenges of interracial marriage in the age of Trump, Raw Story reports. https://eurweb.com/2019/08/19/black-woman-reveals-how-donald-trump-is-ruining-her-interracial-marriage/

      “What’s weird…everything I do for him and our household is starting to be followed by derogatory comments towards me and I’m starting to feel like I’m sucking MASSA’S dick so I won’t get 40 lashings. And I start to think is it the right media or has this always been who he is,” she wrote.” […]

      There was another blog a Black woman posted about her dating a Hmong and that his parents absolutely hated her and he broke off the relationship as a result. She then posted a few months later claiming that the marriage was back on. Apparently, the Hmong parents threw him out and he needed a place to stay. She was more than happy to welcome him back. How it’s going now, is anyone’s guess, but she may be dead for all we know and that’s what her ass gets.

      And I am sure that you have noticed that when those Black men get with white female parasites and produce some half breed creature, the half breed creature ALWAYS ends up in the care of the ‘Black’ folks when the ‘relationship’ ends because the whites don’t want that ‘Black’ child anywhere near them.

      Shanequa, you can’t tell these Black fools who fuck with whites, a damn thing. They are ‘white struck’ and nothing gets through that and to me that sounds worse than getting struck by lightning. In fact, I’d rather get struck by lightning.

      Black people will just keep having to learn the hard way that nothing ‘good’ ever comes from mixing with dead, white, racist filth!

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      1. @shelbycourtland

        I have biracial cousins they only use their black family when it’s convenient for them. One of my cousins ex-non black wife told her children don’t date black. Two of the children only date non black while the other child dates a self hating color struck black man that she’s taking care of. It’s a lot of issues in these interracial relationships what’s even worst the biracial children have call their non black parent out for being racist toward them or black people. Prime example one of Quincy Jones & Peggy Lipton daughter’s (Kaidada) mention how her white grandmother didn’t care for her because she looks more black but like her sister (Rashida) more. You can rest for sure Peggy Lipton didn’t defend her biracial daughter over her white parents. Hell her family members didn’t even want her to marry Quincy Jones ass.

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      2. Of course Peggy Lipton’s ass was not going to defend a biracial daughter. And none of Quincy Jones’s relationship lasted with those white bitches he married. Kobe Bryant cheated on Vanessa’s white ass and there was talk about divorce for a bit, but she hung in there because he was still making money and she didn’t want to lose out on any and now, she’s getting the fruits of his labor. But I wonder how she’s treating those halfbreed mongrels she’s left with.

        Damn near every relationship that I have ever heard of that consisted of a couple from different cultures and backgrounds ended badly. There are too many differences that can never be reconciled. Whites are going to show themselves for what they are. It is only a matter of time. For some, it doesn’t take long and for others, they may last a bit longer, but each of them are going to eventually show their ‘true’ white color; that is a given. Black people can think that those THINGS love all they want, but the truth of the matter is, whites are incapable of LOVE. They have no idea of the concept of love because that’s not what they are. That’s not who they are. Whites are parasites; they will use a host until they suck that host, bone fucking dry and then go on to the next. That is not something that is capable of displaying love. Whites don’t even love those things they hatch. And in turn, those things they hatch don’t love them. And for any other group to lie down with those parasites is to court trouble, nothing but trouble.

        Stay away from the whites. They are poison. They are mad and they are deadly to us.

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      3. All of these things is why conscious black people always say you can’t be problack and date/marry a white person. White people will never understand our issues and eventually, they will show their true colors. And the black people dating/married to them are going to be acting confused when they do show their colors.

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      4. Exactly! No whites can put themselves in our shoes and what’s more, they wouldn’t want to because they know the deal but you can’t tell Black people anything because some truly believe that there are some ‘good’ whites. If there were ‘good’ whites, we would not be in the condition we are in today. Hell! We wouldn’t even be over here in this fucked up racist shithole to begin with. I don’t give a damn how many folks screech and yell that Africans sold other Africans into slavery, if those Africans had no one to PURCHASE those enslaved Africans, then, AGAIN, our Black behinds would not be here.

        And seriously, I don’t even think it mattered whether or not Africans sold other Africans into slavery because those pasty faced devils went in search of slave labor to build this fucking country and they were NOT going to leave, empty handed. No one in their right mind believes that we are here in this shithole by accident. Whites have ALWAYS tried to place the blame for the foul ass vicious shit they do, on others, but that shit won’t work with me.

        I can’t sell a goddamn thing if I have no buyers! And just what the fuck were whites over in Africa for? To marvel at Africa’s trees? To be treated to some African wedding ceremonies? Those debased, pasty monstrosities were there for the express purpose of hauling Black slaves to this shithole to build it up. And to this day, those fuckers are still trying to deny that shit! And I’m going to take up with that shit???!!! Fucking NEVER! Nor am I going to tread lightly for fear of hurting their fucking feelings because you must first have feelings to hurt and whites don’t have any. They are the walking dead! Fuck those motherfuckers! And Black people get what the fuck they deserve with they take up with something that is anything but, human.

        I thank you for your comment.

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  2. Shelby massas during plantation times,they didn’t rape only slaves BW but also
    mulattoes women inside their houses!
    It it was a lie that WM raped only slaves BW,it was lies that mulattoes were treat better than black slaves,also WM slpet with the children,they produced with slaves BW!
    Everything wp said and they say are lies,wp speak the language of Satan!
    I don’t feel sorry for bi-racial people,most blacks don’t trust them because of history and their love for wp!
    She is biracial,she should go and ask for help from biracial communities not from blacks,
    because she isn’t one of us!
    Years ago I had a very lit argument with this girl,she was biracial,very light,with almost blonde hair and green eyes.
    I asked her “are you biracial?”
    Shelby this hypocrite,she got so pissed that I insulted her!
    I mean I only said the truth and also it was a compliment! Because biracial people they like to show off how mixed they are!
    How you call someone
    who have almost white feauture?
    She wasn’t black for me,they don’t even know who they are
    how fuck up their life are!
    Shelby last year I definitely close all the relationships and
    I categorically refuse to speak or even see my adoptive parents!
    I don’t want them anymore in my life!
    I am not WW,I was born as BW,I refuse to bleach my skin or change my feature because they make them and their white friends uncomfortable!
    Fuck all of them!
    I am tired and fed up of their shits!
    I was close to lose my sanity because of them,that WW who call herself “my mother” she went around to tell everyone that my black mother was a prostitute and bad person!
    You can’t believe the anger I had inside me,I told her what I think about them!
    In the end I know what they think about me,that I am a bad daughter,an angry black woman and I am ungrateful!
    You know what? I just don’t care,I am happy to be a bad daughter instead to be their dog who is moving its tail with every single bullshit they say or do!
    Wp are cancer in this world and society,the world will be a better place without them!
    I don’t want to hear anymore excuses like “no all wp are bad,no all of them are racist,there are good wp!”
    Fuck you and your massas,go live and dead for them,you don’t deserve to be call black!

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    1. qnubian, the white massas were even raping the Black men in front of their women and children in order to emasculate him and demean him. The whites have always been flaming faggots and that is why the closet has been opened and all of those abominations have escaped. That shit is ALL you see now.

      Those mulattoes in the Big House still thought of themselves as worth more to massa than the field slaves, hence why they would go running to massa to tell him of any uprisings that was going on among the field slaves. Even with massa raping them and otherwise fucking them up, those mulattoes would still side with the whites because they had too much white in them and so hardly thought of themselves as holly Black. That has never changed to this day.

      I would no more trust a biracial mongrel than I would turn my back on an enraged bull. They are no friends to us. They are just angry as piss that they’re not ALL white and they blame the Black parent for that. They are just like the Asians in that regard. The Asians do not consider themselves to be POC. But the whites say otherwise. The whites have damn near everybody wanting to be white because of the system of ‘white supremacy’. Asians benefit from ‘white supremacy’, but they pretend that they don’t. Some have even stated that they have stood looking in the mirror and cried themselves senseless because they were not white. How sick is that shit??!! The Asians are, in many cases, richer than the whites, but are still pissed off that they are not perceived as ‘white’ by the whites. I just cannot make this shit up.

      And qnubian, even down here in this dead ass burg, they are breeding the Black out of these people. I have never in my life, seen so many blond haired, blue eyed supposedly Black children. There sat a man and woman so damn Black, they were Blacker than midnight and there sat next to them was their granddaughter and she did indeed, have blond hair and blue eyes. This shit is sickening. The white parent had given her to the Black grandparents to raise. I see this too often. My son’s first halfbreed is being raised by my ex-husband’s mother and her halfbreed ass has already stated that if anything happened to my son, she wants a white friend at school to ask her parents to adopt her, that halfbreed mongrel is crazy. Don’t no racist white shits want her ass in their home, but she thinks that just because she looks more white than Black, those whites would put up with her half Black ass. Those halfbreed mongrels are also CRAZY! Just crazy! The other halfbreed mongrel that he’s got, I don’t even know if it’s a he or a she and I don’t fucking care. I have never laid eyes on it and I don’t expect I ever will. I don’t give a shit for either of them. I’ve seen the first one, twice and never seen the second one and I don’t ‘feel’ as though I am missing out on a damn thing. They are NOTHING to me. My mother threw a couple of fits when the first one told her that she no longer wanted to come to see her, but even my mother has gotten over that despicable piece of baggage. Again, those halfbreeds are NOT to be trusted.

      And no, qnubian, you are not a bad daughter. Those shameless shits that think that of you are the devil’s own minions and you would do well to stay away from them since it is quite obvious that they do not have your best interest at heart. Just live your life and ignore those hating ass skanks.

      As for those biracial or halfbreed mongrels, they are NOT Black. They never will be Black and they’ll never be accepted by me as Black. They can cozy up to the whites and see if the whites will have them, but as for me, they can just stay the fuck out of my face!

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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