Lynchburg’s Racist Whites Started A Petition To Rename Lynchburg, VA In Light Of The Black Lives Matter Movement!




Let me get my laughter out of the way, first! 不不不不不不不不不不 If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry!

Petition to rename Lynchburg gains traction in light of Black Lives Matter movement

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) — Over 1,000 people have signed a petition to rename the City of Lynchburg.

John Lynch was a Quaker described as progressive for his time in the 1780s, according to Chief Public History Officer Ted Delaney.

“He believed in emancipating slaves,” Delaney said. “He had slaves but he freed all of his. He’s supporting recolonization, which is sending slaves back to Africa. He did not believe in perpetuating the institution of slavery in this country.”

Delaney explains that the term lynching is actually named after Lynch’s brother, Charles Lynch.

Charles Lynch would tie British soldiers to a tree and beat them until they cried Liberty! which would stop the beating since that meant they agreed with the revolution.

Oh sure, Charles Lynch only beat some British soldiers and that’s how come the lynching of slaves and their descendants came about. They just switched it up; it was only quite a little harmless beating.

These shameless white racist shits are still trying to deny what the fuck they did; lynching was not about beating someone to death. Lynching was placing a noose around someone’s neck and stringing them up on trees or whatever until they were dead and swinging. And slaves and their descendants were the victims of whites’ lynching them. Don’t get the shit twisted. Lynching was not about some damn British soldiers, I don’t care how hard you filthy, vile, racist shits try and rewrite history to whitewash the foul ass shit you’ve done and still continue to this day, the vicious shit you’ve done is still stinking up the place.

And whites!!! Seriously!!! Just stop!! Don’t nobody give a shit about you toppling those damn racist icons of yours. Don’t nobody give a shit about you renaming racist sounding dead ass burgs; that don’t change a thing about your racist asses. You will do everything, but the RIGHT thing; put an end to ‘white supremacy’. You think that by dressing up racism and white supremacy and by dressing up, I mean, tearing down your patron saints of racism and your other symbols of racism and white supremacy, that you’re doing the damn thing. The only thing you’re doing is showing just how little you give a shit about righting wrongs you know need to be righted and the little bitty shit you’re doing, don’t cut it. So just stop, already!

No American descendant of slaves, who is in their right mind, would buy your bullshit, lame ass attempts to get us to understand that you sympathize with our plight; a plight we have because of your racism and system of white supremacy that you uphold daily because it benefits you. Those of us who are woke are not fooled by your piddling little attempts to look like you’re doing something constructive against white supremacy, white privilege, racism, bigotry; the whole nine yards.

Renaming a piece of shit burg is going to do nothing when those same Black people living in that piece of shit burg are going to continue to get shitted on by the likes of you petition signers. Don’t nobody need you to put on a show. We need real change. We need the entire system of white supremacy brought down. We need a level playing field. We need reparations. We need you to stop putting a bandaid on slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration of us, mass homelessness of us, income inequality, the school-to-prison pipeline and the rest of the shit you’ve visited on us and that shit continues to this day. Your bandaids ain’t doing shit when we are still underneath your damn boot and you know this. You can name Lynchburg, Hellsburg for all I care and that won’t change a thing because you can’t change what you are; heartless, soulless, racist, parasitic, savage, debased filth! There ain’t a goddamn jewel, cloth of satin or plastic surgeon that could turn you filthy ass racist bastards into something fit for hell!

And if the name ‘Lynchburg’ suited you since the 1700s, why the fuck is that shit bothering you in the year 2020? And don’t hand me no bullshit about BLACKLIVESMATTER because our lives have never mattered to you. I have written blog after blog after blog about what this shithole called Lynchburg has done to me, my cousin and many other American descendants of slavery and every single time I speak to a Black person in this racist shithole, I want to cry because I hear story after story after story that mirrors mine and so many others and so you goddamn pieces of racist shit, you fucking tell me, how would changing the name of this racist burg, make a goddamn bit of difference when you’re not going to fucking change???!!! So shut the fuck up! I’ve about had it with these fucking racist whites and their bullshit! With racist ass Jerry Falwell Jr., of Liberty University, running around talking about how he is only going to wear a face mask portraying either ‘Black face’ or a ‘KKK hood’ and you want to talk about changing Lynchburg to something else because ‘Lynchburg’ reeks of racism???!!!With confederate flags flying around everywhere in this burg, you can only talk about changing the name of this piece of shit burg? Seriously????!!! Black people are down here looking like shit because the medical field is making sure that Black people don’t live long and healthy lives. Everyone knows that if they need medical care, go elsewhere, but you think that changing the name of this racist shithole burg will make a difference? Go fuck yourself!

You fuckers called the police on me when I was sitting up in my cousin’s hospital room at Lynchburg General Hospital after he had a heart attack caused by the fucking mental medications you gave him. How the fuck do you call the cops and send them into a heart patient’s room and expect the patient’s heart to not to do leaps and bounds when that shit occurs? The cop stated that some damn nurse administrators claimed I was taping their damn asses. Seriously? Lynchburg General Hospital is taping all of our asses before we can even get inside the damn door and yet I can’t fucking tape you???!!!! I sent that cop bitch packing and got my cousin the fuck up out of there and you know why, because you’re a bunch of stupid, dumb ass, racist pieces of shit, that’s why! I ran circles around every goddamn racist piece of shit that you fuckers sent into his hospital room and you won’t be forgetting THAT shit no time soon. Yeah! Who fucking went to jail??!! You think every Black person is dumb as hell. Well some of us will be fucking your goddamn asses up and you won’t even know what hit your ass! Keep fucking with us!

Just because the world is now condemning some of your racist shit, you’re now going on and on about what the fuck you’re going to do about racism. Oh I know what the fuck you’re going to do about racism, white supremacy, white privilege and ALL of that shit, you’re going to continue that shit and ramp it up! Because now you get to pat your racist ass on the back and talk to Becky and Karen about what a great thing you’ve done by suggesting a petition to change what has ALWAYS been a racist name for a piece of shit burg, but you’ve been fine with the shit for hundreds of years and you are still fine with it. You just don’t want it to be said that the rest of the world toppled some fucking statues and pretended to de-fund the racist police while you sat back and didn’t even pretend to care about racism and what you’ve been aiming at American descendants of slavery since our ancestors were dragged here. Fucking stop, already! Nobody’s buying your bullshit! I’ve always had to explain why the fuck I’m headed to Lynchburg because no sane person thinks that a Black person should be living in Lynchburg. They don’t know that I was born here thanks to my piece of shit parents who didn’t have the wherewithal to get the fuck up out of here before bringing children into this world. If I had known any better, I would not have been born in this fucking burg. But that shit’s not on me.

‘Lynchburg’ suits your white racist asses to a fucking ‘T’ and so there ain’t no reason to change it, because your racist asses will still be here making life miserable for Lynchburg’s Black residents and so shut the fuck up about some goddamn lame ass petition!

14 thoughts on “Lynchburg’s Racist Whites Started A Petition To Rename Lynchburg, VA In Light Of The Black Lives Matter Movement!

  1. Trayvon shot, Tamir shot. Aliana shot by cops or a wanna be cop the whites were for the cops and saught to blame the victims for their deaths. Did white people mentality change or is this designed to activate the “I know there are some good white people” gene in us so called negroes. History would say for show not actual change in morality. I wonder how long it will be, before they show those of us who believe in them are damned fools.


    1. There will ALWAYS be some of us who actually believe that there are some ‘good’ whites. Why that is, I don’t know because ALL of them are hell bent on making damn sure that we know that when it comes to American descendants of slavery, each and every single vile piece of white racist filth is our enemy; bar none!

      I don’t give a shit for their fake ass displays of solidarity because everything whites do should be taken with a grain of salt and most definitely NOT be believed if they claim to, in some way, do something that’s supposed to benefit someone other than their damn selves. Whites only look out for whites; that’s ALWAYS how it’s been and that shit ain’t about to change.

      And for the Black fools out there who want to believe in some damn whites? That’s on their foolish asses because the whites WILL eventually make a believer out of them in that there are NO GOOD whites!

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. They could change the name of the town from Lynchburg to Lincoln and nothing will have changed. Hell, you could change all the damned towns called Lincoln and nothing will have changed. The country was already as racist as possible when there were 13 white-supremacist colonies. A. Lincoln himself was as white supremacist a leader as R.E. Lee. The Union and the Confederacy shared the same white-supremacist value systems. The Republicans are the party of Lee, the Democrats are the party of Lincoln. Why has no one suggested that the Lincoln Memorial be razed?


    1. “Why has no one suggested that the Lincoln Memorial be razed?”

      Because the whites aren’t even taking themselves seriously or either they actually want us to continue to believe that “Lincoln freed the slaves,” when he did not. The only thing Lincoln did was make sure that the lives of slaves remained as horrific and nightmarish as possible because how the fuck do you so-call ‘free a group of people’ who were kept ignorant, owned not a goddamn thing, were in a land that they did not even know and had been dealing with racist shits that had been whipping them six ways to Sunday, chopping off their body parts, experimenting on them as though they were already cadavers, keeping them in chains, raping them and selling them all over the goddamn place?

      Lincoln is just as much a piece of shit as the so-called ‘founding fathers’ as well as Robert E. Lee and every single piece of white filth that existed in that time. And today, the descendants of that shit are NO better for if not, the slave’s descendants would not be in the situation we are in.

      As I have stated before, toppling a damn statue does NOTHING, changing the name of a piece of shit burg does nothing when the shits that are doing that haven’t changed what they are and they don’t want to. White supremacy hasn’t gone anywhere just because a goddamn statue was pulled down. This dead ass burg’s whites will still be the same racist pieces of filth they are now, but just with a name change for this dead ass burg. What is the goddamn point to any of that shit???!!! There is NONE! It is meaningless when no real changes are put in place that will make a goddamn difference and that is not about to happen because whites will do everything in their power to keep alive and kicking, the system of white supremacy from which they benefit.

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.


  3. Murdered children (Tamir, Trayvonn, aliana…) Black people lamented, White society blamed the victims for their murder. George Floyd’s savage murder was seen by the world. Did that cause whites to act in unison against the statues of their heroes? Remember the civil rights era when whites join the movement after the successful Birmingham boycott. Blacks stop fighting for economic and the right self determination to intergrating lunch counters, colleges, white enclaves, none of which changed the status quo. Using history as an idicator, we should expect whites to try to derail our justice claim in favor of fiend nearness to them even though nothing would have changed. Reprobate minds can only change the methods of their trickery not intent which always involve us going alone to get along with events continuing as they always have, at least we would have gotten what we desire, temporary white approval.


    1. Speaking of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, as the whites call it, because Black people did not spend their money for over a year by not riding those buses and came together to give each other rides and cared for each other’s children, the whites had no choice but to sit up and take notice. The only thing that gets to whites is the loss of M-O-N-E-Y. Nothing else gets to them because that is all whites are about; that is why they have gone all across this planet, raping and pillaging and warring with people and taking their shit!

      You can’t reason with that type of madness; a madness that will blame people whose ancestors were dragged over here and treat them worse than shit because their ancestors dragged ours to this shithole. That shit does NOT make any sense and that is why we are wasting our time when we try and get through to something that is so inhuman, that is so damn filled with madness that it should be locked away at the very least, killed at the most. We will NEVER get any relief from the whites until each and every single one of them is DEAD. Only by their death, will we get relief and as long as we believe that we can continue to march to our enemy and expect that enemy to change when that enemy has been that way since the beginning of time, we are going to continue to get our asses kicked by that enemy, meaning the whites.

      There can be NO reasoning with madness! Whites are unhinged! How else could you explain their behavior and yet they want to sit somewhere and psychoanalyze us???!!! Are those mad fucks for real??!! Black people should NOT continue to be tricked by the wily ways of the white man for he cannot change what he is and what’s more, he would not if he could. That is madness indeed, to blame children for being murdered by racists in uniforms or not in uniforms. There is no reasoning whatsoever with that shit!

      They will cover up their filthy shit they do to us. They will lie on us to get away with locking us up. They murder us just because they can. The criminal injustice system was put in place to lock us up. Hell! They sent a kop into a heart attack victim’s hospital room; the same shits who claimed to have taken an oath to do NO harm! No one was committing ANY crime in that hospital room except for those whites who came in there lying and some more shit on us.They just wanted to do an exploratory procedure on my cousin and we weren’t having it. They sent 6 different sets of hospital personnel into that hospital room and I dispatched their asses and so they called the cops in there to get me out so that they could state that my cousin was too mentally ill to make decisions for himself. When I produced the paperwork that gave me the authority to make decisions for him, they upped the ante and called the police on me. That shit didn’t work either! Whites are so goddamn unhinged, that has made them stupid as hell. I literally did indeed, run circles around every single piece of shit racist that came into my cousin’s hospital room and they didn’t hardly like that shit, but they were no match for me. Seriously, if Black people truly realized their potential, we would be a force to be reckoned with and that is why whites have always sought to divide us because divided, we are conquered. We need to get our shit together and stop protesting and marching with our sworn enemy and that includes the whites and ALL the others that the whites have let IMMIGRATE to this cesspool of corruption, vice, racism and some more shit!

      Yele66, I thank you for your comment.


  4. Lynchburg suits your white racist asses to a fucking T and so there aint no reason to change it, because your racist asses will still be here making life miserable for Lynchburgs Black residents and so shut the fuck up about some goddamn lame ass petition!

    Since all these protests have started whites are coming out in doves calling out racism, showing white guilt and etc. While our people been calling out racism for years now whites want to fake the funk an call it out too.


    1. Shanequa, do not believe in any way that the whites ‘feel’ guilt. The whites don’t ‘feel’. They are incapable of ‘feeling’. They are dead white filth; inhuman monsters, parasites! And that shit can’t ‘feel’. The only reason those creatures are kicking up a fuss is because the lid has been lifted off their covered up maggot coated shit and the whole world is aware that whites are without a grain of humanity. When the world saw that kop place his knee on George Floyd’s neck for damn near ten minutes and with malice and intent to kill, murdered him while looking like he was merely sipping coffee while munching on a donut, the whites had to go into ‘damage control’ and that is when the toppling of statues commenced. The whites are still the same whites they’ve always been. Toppling statues is easy; changing what you’ve always been is not, especially when you have no intentions on changing anyway. All of this fake ass solidarity is just that, FAKE! Don’t buy the whites’ bullshit even for a nanosecond for whites will ALWAYS mean us MUCH HARM! Now that, you can bank on!


      1. “Satans offsprings cant be trusted.”

        Exactly! And never, ever forget that! Those things are NOT human. I don’t care what anyone else says about whites; I say they are NOT human! And I stand by that 200%! Never trust those debased, depraved, savage, vicious, racist, parasitic, scum sucking, bottom feeding slugs! They will fuck you up and think nothing of it. In fact, keep a picture of the expression on Derek Chauvin’s face as he knelt on George Floyd’s neck; that tells you everything you need to know about whites. That bastard was killing a man had such a vacant look on his face as though he was doing nothing more than sitting down to breakfast. So, as you can see, I am NOT kidding when I state that WHITES ARE NOT HUMAN! That is something that they can NEVER aspire to and they wouldn’t even try. I’ve seen too many examples of that shit from those monstrous creatures!


  5. I wondered if that city’s name had any association with lynching, so that post answered my question. While the city could use a better name given that history, this would certainly be a “too little too late” type of situation.

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    1. Ospreyshire, since the same shits that saw nothing wrong with this burg’s name being what it has been since the 1700s, what would be the point? They’ve been proud to claim that shit for hundreds of years just as they’ve been proud to claim their irrational hatred and racism aimed at American descendants of slavery and since that is not going to change, neither should this burg’s name change because the change would be meaningless. Let ALL the world know that they never HAD a problem with the name “Lynchburg” and quite frankly, they still don’t. It’s just a la mode to jump on the “What???!! Black folks been experiencing some racist and bigoted shit??!!! Who the fuck knew?”

      They ALL knew and what’s more, nothing of note is seriously going to change. And quite frankly, nothing has changed down here and believe me, if it had, I’d be the first to know.

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. Good point about them having no problem with the name since then. To say it’s a delayed reaction is an understatement.

        While I’ve never been to Lynchburg and I don’t believe I’ve been to Virginia (I lived in MD when I was a baby, so I don’t know if my family traveled through there). This wouldn’t be just limited to that city or even the South. I found out a few months ago about how even the North had their own sundown towns for example.

        Sure thing. I definitely learned some things about the city’s history.


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