To My Dear Sistas, Shanequa And Qnubian385, Just So You Know, Black ‘Men’ Don’t Care About Us!

Before COVID-19 even came raging through here, I looked all around the blog world and Black ‘men’ were taking down their shingle, closing down their blogs and talking about how they had “upcoming projects” and so would be out of commission for quite some time.

Black women who followed some Black men’s blogs even inquired about them; asked me if I knew how they were doing, if they were well and so forth and so on. One of the bloggers in question, I was able to get into contact with. He, at that time, went by the name “Kushite Prince.” Now, all of a sudden, he is KushiteP. You see, he shut his blog down and ran for the hills. He never even let his most faithful followers know what was up; just left everyone of them hanging with not a thought in his head that some of them actually would get concerned when they no longer saw his blog which was about how “kings need to protect their queens.” That was what Kushite Prince’s blog was mostly ALL about and he really did have some faithful followers, especially female ones; Shanequa and Qnubian385 being among them, myself included.

So when qnubian asked me if I knew if Kushite Prince was doing alright, I told her that I had Prince’s email address and that I would email him and tell him that her and Shanequa had asked about him since they had not seen hide nor hair of Kushite Prince for a minute. Below is the email that I sent to Kushite Prince.


Now, here is the response I received from Kushite Prince, but only AFTER I had sent an inquiry about him.


So as you can see Shanequa and Qnubian, Kushite Prince was NOT thinking about you two. If he told a “few people” that he “needed a break,” it must have been some punk ass bitch Black men because he certainly left us out of the loop. And you three are now having what amounts to a ‘family reunion’ on my blog because guess what? Prince’s blog is ‘gone with the wind’. That is why he is now known as ‘KushiteP’ instead of ‘KushitePrince’. What was he so terrified of that made him close down his entire blog? You see I didn’t close mine down. And now, he’s back on my blog making comments when he had a whole blog. But you’ve got to comment back and forth with him on MY blog. What kind of shit is that?

And so that you know, Kushite Prince is not the only Black motherfucker to do a bunk which means to “suddenly leave without telling anyone”, there was another piece of shit I ‘followed’ named ‘KrebTalk’.

Now, here is another Black motherfucker who also needed a ‘time out’, all of a suddenlike, you know like, right when the shit was hitting the fan. You see the Black ‘MEN’ vanished; closed blogs down and some mo shit! Yeah! This is the shit that’s going to ‘protect’ us when shit hits the fan! They just look out for their own worthless hide and leave others in the damn dust. Oh I know that we’re not their family members, but they’re the ones who were always going on and on about how we are all ‘family’, but when all is said and done, that’s quite obviously just pure bullshit talk!


Here we have another Black man, who, all of a sudden, had a project to work on and so closed his blog and headed for the hills. This IS Black men. This man’s blog was filled with nothing but stories about how bad Black people in Amerikkka are being treated and just as soon as the shit is hitting the fan, what does this Black man do? He picks up his marbles and walks OFF!!

Who was STILL up and running throughout ALL of this shit???!!! Me, A Black woman! Who was concerned about a Black man who could not even be bothered to give his sistas, a heads up that he would be closing down his blog and heading for the hills? Black women, that’s who!

Are you getting the picture yet, Shanequa and Qnubian?

Save your concern and some mo shit for those who are considerate and thoughtful and concerned about you, but Kushite Prince does NOT deserve your loyalty or your inquiries as to ‘how the fuck he is doing’ when he didn’t give a shit enough about either of you or me, for that matter, to let us know if he was okay, not until the two of you asked after him and I sent him an email.

Ain’t NO Black motherfucker thinking about us; not even the ones who put ALL that shit up on blogs about ‘Black kings looking out for their Black queens’! All that shit was just stuff and nonsense! You know what the fuck is going down in Africa. Those motherfuckers are loaded down with pasty and yellow motherfuckers absconding with everything in sight and so you should know that if a motherfucker is going on and on about the richness of Africa and the kings and queens of Africa, that he ain’t about shit! And he ain’t!

Kushite Prince NEVER sent me an email inquiring after either one of you, Shanequa and Qnubian because he didn’t give a damn and yet both of you inquired after him. What does that tell you???!!! It tells me that NO Black man is worth SHIT! And I am going to continue to carry it like that because that IS how it is!

At the first sign of trouble, the Black man will look out for his ass and leave our asses in the dust. He will NOT even let us know that his ass is okay. It’s just “Every Black man for himself,” as you can plainly see.

As you can also see, I don’t give a damn! If the shit ain’t right, I’m fucking calling it out! I am NOT going to cape for these no account, good for nothing, punk ass bitch Black motherfuckers!


And the last message I received from KrebTalk made no sense at all and so I did not publish his comment, but I’m going to publish it now.

Damn. I only know your history as far as you’ve allowed me to know, Shelby. I know one thing, your past is void of unconditional love. And one day, I will have the courage to tell you that I…

There’s something about you, sis. There’s something about you. I’ll miss you. Talked to you in a few weeks, Shelby. If you don’t publish this comment, I fully understand. Kreb


Now see if you can make heads or tails out of that! This comment stayed in my trash folder until it vanished. But I thought it might be useful and so I saved it. I like to have receipts to back up what the fuck I’m saying and as you can see, I come with briefcases of receipts.

So to you Shanequa and you, Qnubian, you see who you can and cannot count on in times of trouble, strife and some more shit. You can’t count on Black men. Hell! Black men can’t even count on themselves. They will turn into even more of a punk ass bitch than they ever was. Qnubian, just sent me a picture of a piece of shit Black man over in the UK, hauling a white piece of garbage on his back that is as racist as a summer’s day is long because he thought the white man was going to get himself fucked up at a protest. The white man was actually a former kop that was protesting against ‘Black Lives Matter’. But you don’t see no Black men doing that shit for Black women; getting us out of harm’s way. Look at this shit! It’s fucking ridiculous! That fucking Black man looks like this white motherfucker’s house was on fire and he’s carrying his flaming ass to safety. What.The.Fuck. When in reality, the white motherfucker he is toting is racist as hell!!!! Just unbefuckingbelievable!!!! My goddamn head is about to fly the fuck off!


This is what Black men are doing when we Black women are worrying about their ass!


This is what Qnubian had to say about this and she is right on point!

This uncle Thomas went viral in UK just because he saved a white supremacy WM who belong to “FAIR RIGHT” from angry black mob!
Keep in mind that ”Fair RIGHT” are group of bunch racist wp in UK who are conservative and they don’t want foreigners in their country like KKK

This uncle Thomas with his action received a large number of backlashes on YouTube from different black bloggers,because this another insane behaviour that came from BM!
BM like this man how you said Shelby are cowards,passive,submit men and deep down BM feel envy and jealousy for WM,they want what WM have ”power and privilege!”
This picture remind me so many things like plantation era ”Massa and his puppy slave” ”America build on the back of blacks” ”WM relaxing no worries my negro will carry me” ”KKK and his BM”.

You will never see BM carry on their shoulders BW or black kids protect and defend them from racist wp!
No,BM would rather protect “Becky” or racist WM who they constantly deprive them of their life!
This what Patrick Hutchinson said to journalists “His first thought was that someone was in danger.”
He didn’t think, “Oh, this is a black guy or white guy.” He thought someone could die and I have to get involved.
‘He wouldn’t stand there and see someone kicked to death’’
‘’Patrick just took it all in his stride. All he said is, It’s not black versus white, it’s everybody against racism”.
Don said he hoped his brother’s actions could help the country to heal, adding: ‘‘It is time that we all set our differences aside and learn to work together”.
This is the most emasculated speech I have ever read!
Do you think a racist WM would ever risks his life to save BM from an angry white mobs? Did you ever see a WM save a BM or black kid?
This Patrick doesn’t know that in the past WM enjoyed kidnapping or dragging by force BM from their houses,
stripping, and then torturing, killing them and setting their bodies on fire?
There are still on internet thousand of these old pictures of these WM who were laughing and smiling!
This is goes beyond of self-hatred,BM don’t want to give up and they don’t want to go against white supremacy
because they don’t want lose the access to ”BECKY”


That is SO true, Qnubian, “you will never see a black man carry a Black woman or their Black kids on their shoulders to protect them from racist whites.” You cannot count on that shit because they can’t even let us know if their asses are alright. They just up and bounce and leave us hangin; all worried about their asses and shit!

Don said he hoped his brother’s actions could help the country to heal, adding: ‘‘It is time that we all set our differences aside and learn to work together”.

This is the most emasculated speech I have ever read!
Do you think a racist WM would ever risks his life to save BM from an angry white mobs? Did you ever see a WM save a BM or black kid?
This Patrick doesn’t know that in the past WM enjoyed kidnapping or dragging by force BM from their houses,
stripping, and then torturing, killing them and setting their bodies on fire?

Qnubian, again, there are no REAL Black men! Look at that shit in the picture! That’s WHAT Black ‘men’ are! And that is why I want NOTHING whatsoever to do with ANY of them! TO.HELL.WITH.THEM.ALL. I have NEVER got nothing but shit from Black men and I would never mess with another one if my life depended on it and my life had better not because if it did, then my ass would be up shit creek without a paddle because his Black ass would be too busy trying to hoist onto his shoulders, a goddamn, piece of shit, racist white male parasite or if not that, he’d be busy trying to cozy up to a ‘Becky’. I’m so done with those Black assed, emasculated, sell-out, no account, worthless motherfuckers, it ain’t even funny! Black men better stay the fuck out of my face because I’ve fucking had it with their sorry, emasculated, ‘Becky’ loving asses!

Shanequa and Qnubian, I just wanted you to know where ALL Black women stand insofar as Black men are concerned. In their eyes, we stand somewhere underneath shit because they are either too busy protecting their own damn worthless hides or are busy protecting those pasty assed parasites that are fucking us up, six ways to Sunday and laughing at the shit these Black men do for them! It is sickening!

Black women have to step up and step in and be a mother, father, activist, protester and every damn thing else because our so-called ‘counterparts’ are just weak, punk ass bitches that’s looking out for the white man and his ‘Becky’. I’m fucking done!

7 thoughts on “To My Dear Sistas, Shanequa And Qnubian385, Just So You Know, Black ‘Men’ Don’t Care About Us!

  1. @ ShelbyCourtland

    The relationship between black men & women has become a cause & effect. Its an action to a reaction.


  2. Shelby this was a very deep thought,about what it is going on right now!
    There is a sista name”DOAN alias diaryofanegress”,she mentioned the same problem of the insane behaviour of BM, how BM blame BW for their failure or they stop them to archive what their want!
    Most BW that I have read their comments on her blog,on internet or the BW who I spook and I shared my opinion,that all of them have said the same thing,that ”they are tired of BM!”
    Most of them chose to be single or be single mother,and they are happy!
    They refuse to live in toxic and abusive relationship with men who don’t value and respect them!
    I agree with them and with you Shelby,you don’t need to explain yourself about your decision!
    You are a strong woman that choose your freedom and happiness,why sacrifice yourself for someone who don’t deserve be called a man?
    When BW choose to be free it’s mean that you care about yourself and you love yourself,
    and chose to live alone is also an own protection,instead risk to be kill by a failure man!
    Can BM claim to be pro-black,only behind a laptop,with fancy website and be buffoon in the same time?
    Can we take them seriously when in the reality once a hard time is coming at horizon and the first things
    they do is to run away with their tails between their legs?
    It’s easy to be brave and strong behind a laptop everybody can be,but be brave in real life is different story!
    I told you already that once I gave a punch to a WM and I was keeping fight him because when I saw that my life was in danger I attacked him,I didn’t think about bullshit like “oh my God is white,I am scared pussy blabla”.
    Don’t you think that while I was fight with that piece of racist there weren’t BM around me who saw
    what was going on?
    Of course there were BM but we know that there are a bunch of pussy,afraid for what?
    Don’t worry I am not WW who need a knight to be save,I can hold my ass by myself,
    I don’t need help from pussy who don’t have right to be call me!
    I told you already Shelby I don’t give a damn about wp,if they attack me I will protect myself!
    You see the different Shelby?
    Today I see that we BW are the men who will protect other BW and black kids,where there are BM?
    Don’t worry BM are too busy find a hole to hide,chasing after “Becky” or “WM”.
    They want us to do their job,so they can do what the fuck they want,chill at home,we march for them!
    Hell not,I don’t give a damn about BLM and BW should stay at home or carry on with your life because BM doesn’t matter if there are behind a laptop writing fancy posts or walking in the streets there are too busy to run away or
    find a spot to hind!
    I don’t have anymore respect for BM,I will treat them they way they deserve to be treat,
    I will only care about BW and black kids now, and to be honest I don’t give a fuck that you BM are chasing
    after ”Becky” the truth is deep down you have desire to sleep with ”WM”!
    BM can do what the fuck they want with their life,I don’t give shit about you,
    for the sisters out there I want to say care about yourself more and don’t waste your life,your safety and your energy for a full of piece shit!

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    1. Qnubian, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your comment! Every single word is TRUE! I remember diaryofanegress and I am pretty sure that there are many other blogs out there where Black men are claiming that we are “hating on their ass” and some more shit! They can take that shit and shove it!

      If they were acting like a MAN, we would know, but they wouldn’t know how to act like a MAN if they took lessons.

      I have been paying my own way since I don’t know how long ago. Even when I was married, I was the one who had to pay the bills while some piece of shit Black man was throwing his money into gambling. I divorced his sorry ass and still decided to give Black men a chance and dated again, only to have to say, “Never again! Never again!”

      I would rather be by myself than EVER put up with another Black man. I have NEVER had anything but shit from Black men and yet, they stay in my face. Whenever I go out, some Black man is trying to engage me in conversation and I’m like, “Motherfucker, PLEAZZZZ, get the fuck out my face! I’m NOT taking care of you!”

      Black men honestly want women to take care of them. My mother told me that my ex-husband who remarried is somewhere still gambling and his wife is fed up, but she feels insecure about him because he is somewhere chasing every skirt in town, while begging his elderly mother for money to gamble with and she receives Social Security Retirement as her income. These no good bastards are shameless in their shit!

      And I can certainly believe that there were Black ‘men’ standing around watching a white man try and beat you and did NOTHING. That’s what Black men do, NOTHING! That is also why so many Black women are raising their children alone; because the Black man is somewhere chasing after another skirt to get another baby and so forth and so on. This shit is happening in my own family and so I know what the fuck I’m talking about.

      My sister’s son will NOT pay $10.00 for a box of condoms, but has paid thousands of dollars getting abortions for women whom he has impregnated. What fucking sense does that make??!!!!

      My cousin would only date jailbirds and she has daughters. One of those jailbirds raped her 12 year old daughter, gave her an STD and his ass had to be locked up again.

      Black women stay in court either because a Black man is kicking their ass, owes them child support or because they finally had to shoot his ass for coming after them. I had to leave my hometown because my ex-husband was kicking my ass and it was either leave or go to jail for fucking his ass up. I chose to leave town, incognito.

      But yet Black men want to get bent-out-of-shape over us putting their shit out there for ALL to see. Newsflash for those motherfuckers, THEY PUT THEIR OWN SHIT OUT THERE FOR ALL TO SEE! If they didn’t do the shit, it wouldn’t be out there! That ain’t on nobody but their fucking useless asses. And the day I attend another protest on behalf of some wimp assed Black motherfucker getting murdered by kops is the day these fucking stupid ass whites land on MARS, the planet, not the candy bar.

      And finally, I don’t give a shit about no Black Lives Matter because that’s a load of shit. Every other group on this planet knows what the fuck to do to protect their people and see that their people, get ahead. But if Black men are supposed to be the ‘head’ of the family, you can see why Black people, as a whole, are deep in poverty, homelessness, are mass incarcerated, uneducated, illiterate, high school dropouts and fucking hungry. Black men can’t lead a goddamn parade, much less a whole group of people. All we got are “keyboard warriors” and that don’t cut the mustard!

      Qnubian, AGAIN, I thank you for that most wonderful and truthful comment. It was right on point!

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    2. At the end of the day these protest aren’t helping black people in general. Furthermore black women don’t need to be on the frontline at these protest. I will say this until I’m blue in the face if a black man can’t protect himself as a man he can’t protect black women & children. Black men are to Africa’s to call out other black men on there bullshit. It was a clip I seen on Twitter of this nigger hitting this black female over the head with a skateboard. He knock her out call while him & his nigger friends laugh while recording the incident. Some of the tweet were sad coming from black men questioning what the woman did or joking about her getting hit. Black men don’t call out other black men on there bullshit because if they did a lot of this shit will be shutdown.

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      1. I know this comment was directed at qnubian, but I just want to point out that there many examples of what you just stated, whereas Black men just do nothing when they see other Black men beating the hell out of Black women.

        My cousin came and told me that he and about 2 or 3 other Black men had gone over to this Black woman’s house to pick her up. Her boyfriend was one of the men in the car. And my cousin said that when they honked the horn and the Black woman did not come out of the house fast enough, her boyfriend got out of the car, went inside the house, dragged the woman out of the house and beat and stomped her like she was a man right in front of those other Black men who were sitting in the car. I asked my cousin if he had tried to intervene and he said, “What for?” I kid you not.

        And yet, I’m sitting here taking care of his ass like the complete idiot that I am, but that’s about to change because I’m about to bounce and leave his damn ass to his own devices. I have had it! I have had to get him out of more trouble than I can shake a stick at. I have seen the cops at my door so damn many times, it don’t make no sense and in three different states on account of his ass getting into trouble.

        Before he ‘officially’ went nuts, I never had the police at my door. What the hell for? I’ve never had any trouble with the law because I’m not somewhere getting into trouble. And yet, I’m here for his ass when he would not even come to the aid of a defenseless Black woman who was getting beat half to death by her boyfriend. Like I’ve stated many times before, I’m done; stick a fork in me, I am so damn done with these Black assed motherfuckers.

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  3. @shelbycourtland
    I have a friend who once in a blue moon tell she’s about to give up on black men. She tries to keep faith in black men but now needle is on the end of its thread. Another coworker told me she no longer be at protest unless it’s a black woman or child. She stated she’s tired of the same shit.

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