“Dear Former Black Students, I Fucked Up As Your Teacher!”


Black people, apparently, are under the assumption, that if we talk white, have a white sounding name or if we don’t have a white sounding name, then use initials, that once we get hired, we’ll be fine. Well, that’s not the case and this here former Black teacher named, “Lauren,” wants her former Black students to know that she fucked up as your teacher because she was trying to teach you to conform to the racist system the whites have established as a way to walk among white supremacists without them taking any notice of you since you fit in so well.

I Was A Black Teacher In A Majority White School. Here’s How I Failed My Black Students.

From the ages of 22 to 24, I was a teacher. I taught professional communication at a high school in an affluent, mainly white suburb of Houston. The school had over 3,500 students, and about 6% of them were Black, and of the over 200 teachers, only about five of us were Black (excluding coaches and security guards).

Many Black folks, myself included, were taught to adopt professional whiteness if we wanted to succeed in the professional world. This meant we had to speak, look, dress and act in a way that aligned ourselves more toward whiteness. The fact that this is understood yet seldom discussed is internalized white supremacy. And not only did I abide by it, but I taught it to my Black communication students. I thought I was giving them the tools to success when, in reality, all I was offering were steps on how to conform to a racist system.

It is sad that I have to say this, but it seems that there were too many Black students taught by teachers like this one because never in all my born days, have I heard so many ‘white’ sounding Black folks. Their mannerisms and airs would be comedic, if it wasn’t so tragic.

Some of us just don’t get it. It does not make a rat’s ass worth of difference if you change your name to Chad, walk around in loafers, khakis, your button down shirt is tucked inside your khaki pants, and you’re somewhere talking about, “How awesome! I would also like a double espresso latte, to go please.” Fuck that! You’re NOT white! You can try and adopt as many mannerisms of the whites as you can and your Black ass will still get the same treatment that Tyrone and Tameka get. And quite frankly, I have more respect for Tyrone and Tameka because they at least understand and keep it real because they know that their lives are not going to improve if they simply try and conform to what they think the whites want from them. The whites want us broke and dead; that includes ALL of us, even you pretentious bougie Black motherfuckers like this piece of shit “Lauren,” who after having fucked up her former Black students, now want to issue a lame ass apology that is too little, too late. She just now got an awakening and wants to set the record straight.

I was teaching you how to get by, but we should have been brainstorming ways to get free. Black folks will think we’ve found a way around the system while continuing to play by the system’s rules. It’s what we’ve done for generations, and that’s exactly what the system needs us to do for it to continue undisrupted. That’s what I was doing to you, and I’m sorry.

Heifer don’t get the shit twisted, YOU’VE been trying to find “a way around the system while continuing to play by the system’s rules.” YOU’VE “done that shit,” but there are millions of us who refused to stoop that goddamn low. We knew the score. We knew better. When your ass was standing somewhere telling young impressionable Black students to “act as white as possible,” there were those of us who were staying true to who we are and were refusing to try and assimilate. What the hell for? We knew that shit would be a wasted effort and there ain’t shit about whites that I would try and emulate because then I would have to be something that’s found underneath hell. And that’s not something I’d ‘aspire’ to. The whites think that shit is cute because they crawled from underneath hell anyway and they need to be sent back and carry with them, shits like this here “Lauren,” who fucked her Black student’s minds up and now, years later, wants to “offer up an apology,” by way of the Huffington Post. Bitch, shut the fuck up because you are still at it. You must be in a place in your life that you are so comfortable that this lame ass shit won’t bother your current position. Let me guess, you’re married to some rich white dude and as long as you play his Black slave bed wench to the fucking ‘T’, your ass is in the lap of luxury. I bet I’m not far off.

This bitch done fucked up some impressionable minds and now that their brains are damn near useless because they thought that by pretending to be something they’re not, the system of white supremacy should be accepting them, but isn’t. And they’re sitting somewhere wondering if they need to put on a different color shirt to go with their khakis or if their loafers aren’t ‘white’ enough for whites or if their speech is not ‘posh’ enough for whites. They’re wondering just what the fuck is it? Why haven’t they been accepted into the whites’ fold? They are just not understanding that that shit is just not possible. They were born the wrong color, according to the whites. And this bitch just reinforced their need to keep at it when she was spouting bullshit about what they needed to do to conform and be accepted by the whites.

My time in any school that I have ever attended did NOT prepare me for a goddamn thing! Not one school. What I learned, I learned on my own, by trial and error and I’m still at it today. I don’t care how many degrees Black people manage to earn, we are still only going to make it but so far and even those who become millionaires or even billionaires find themselves sitting behind bars(Bill Cosby, anyone?) whenever the whites decide that they’ve gotten too big for their britches. And meanwhile, they’ve got to do whatever the white man says in order to remain on the level that they been allowed to get to by the whites.

Take LeBron James, for instance, his damn sell-out ass is somewhere talking about how Colin Kapernick deserves an apology from the NFL since no one else had the balls to lose their damn job for taking a stand for what they believed in. A halfbreed had to come along and show those scared shitless coons that play pro sports how it’s done. And now, because it has been deemed a la mode to screech that “Black Lives Matter,” now those Black, scared, punk ass bitches are finding their voice, but was quiet as cat piss when Kapernick was getting black balled by the NFL. Shut the fuck up LeBron James. Don’t nobody need to hear from another scared ass sell-out! That’s what’s wrong with shit now, there are too many goddamn sell-outs and not enough Malcolm Xs to make a damn bit of difference and the whites know that shit! Those Blacks that got them some green ain’t thinking about those of us who are slinging burgers and dealing with COVID-19 while having no medical insurance. They don’t give a shit how many of us end up dying on the streets at the hands of racist kops just so long as the white man don’t turn in their direction and fuck their shit up!

And for the bitch that is now apologizing to her former students, karma is coming for your ass. Count on it because your lame ass, too goddamn late apology, ain’t fucking cut it!

2 thoughts on ““Dear Former Black Students, I Fucked Up As Your Teacher!”

  1. Another tool of the white-supremacist wielder, a desiccated promise openly stated to entire generations or a whisper in the ear of “promising” Black students who are told that they are not like the “others” who will not or can not succeed in the supremacists’ world. They don’t have to weed out the ones who do not agree to groom themselves for a world that never yields an inch that is not already predefined to conform. The most adept among the Blacks advanced by the system become Clarence Toms. C. Thomas speaks a few words a year and then votes 100% white-supremacist preapproved expectation. Toe the line, Clarence. Snap the chains onto those who have already been chained for 401 years and counting. Take Colonel Colon to a side room and show him how to show the United Nations that an uncooperative Arab tool needs a little shock and a little awe. Hold up a vial of Flint Michigan water and declare it bonified chemical mass-weaponry manufactured stealthily by a formerly cooperative puppet who needs to be removed for Libertarian Liberty and geopolitical control. Thank them for their service.

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    1. Another stellar comment from you Bill, that I cannot fault! When I saw this piece of shit article, I just wanted to scream because that bitch knew what she was doing and she did it any way and then wants to apologize AFTER the fact when she, AGAIN, knew what she was doing.

      Whites allow a few of us sellouts to advance because either we make them laugh, they make money off of our voice, our skills at basketball, football and we are useful in Hollywood when they want to make another slave movie or something like it, you know, butlers and maids, that sort of thing. And then, oh my gosh, the “first black president!” If he can do it, we ALL can! What a crock of shit!

      But us field motherfuckers, which I am, you see, we is on our own. I mean, you can tell how unedumacated I is just by my writing skills alone. I don’t nose no bettah, doncha no. You see I’m not on par with Condasleezi Bush’s Whore Rice, nor am I on par with Crackra Winfrey. That bitch did more crack in Baltimore than I can shake a stick at and look where she is, but as long as she is doing everything she can to make sure that she does NOT use her platform to uplift American descendants of slavery, the whites will leave her ass the fuck alone. Clarence “Long Dong Silver” Thomas, likewise. And Bill “Pound Cake” Cosby, the whites’ favorite Uncle Tom funny man, got too big for his britches when he was talking about how he wanted to buy NBC. And Beyonce and J-Z can think that they have reached the pinnacle of success and cannot be brought down, but if the whites want to bring their asses back down to earth, they can do it at any time. And they’d better act like they know it. Oh the whites can spot a house slave from 50 miles away and put his/her ass to good goddamn use. But that motherfucker bet not EVER think he’s too powerful to be brought to his knees because he will be.

      The same shit that went down during cotton picking days is still going down today. What the fuck’s changed? And don’t even get me started with the number one sellout, “Hope and Change,” himself because now, we are supposed to ‘vote’ in his VP over the orange turd we’re dealing with now. So, we are still supposed to ‘hope’ that we’re left with some ‘change’. Yeah! That’s working out well for folks. They’re already ramping that shit up about closing states and quarantined states and that businesses are starting to close again. November is going to be extremely interesting, that is, if any of us make it to November.

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.


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