I Spit On YOUR Celebrations!


Independence Hell!


Why should I love a country that has never accepted me?
I’ll never wave your goddamn flag and pretend that I am free.

I spit on your celebrations and I will never play your games.
Don’t think I’ll kiss your ass while my people are in chains.

You hypocrites make me sick with your pretensions and your lies.
Then you drape yourselves in sheets and have the nerve to moralize.

You celebrate your freedom while destroying the homes of others.
Independence is only for you as the rest of the world discovers.

Your bombs that burst in air are now destroying all mankind.
As the empire marches on, the world gets redefined.

What bravery you display by the dropping of your drones.
And you littered foreign lands with innocent peoples bones.

Celebrate the fourth and forget the shit you’ve done.
When your bombs are busy bursting, we know you’re having fun.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Fuck this 4th of July bullshit!!

What the hell is there to celebrate? Kops murdering innocent women in their sleep? I guess we’ve ALL forgotten Breonna Taylor. Is she here to ‘celebrate’ the 4th? What about Sandra Bland? What about Aiyana Stanley-Jones? Renisha McBride? Tanisha Anderson? Yvette Smith? Miriam Carey? Shelly Frey? Darnisha Harris? Malissa Williams? Alesia Thomas? Shantel Davis? Rekia Boyd?  Shereese Francis? Tarika Wilson? Kendra James?

And what about Kathryn Johnston who was 92 when she was killed in a botched “no knock” drug raid by Atlanta police that was revealed to be based on false information. Officers broke down her security gate and without warning entered her home. They MURDERED A 92 YEAR OLD BLACK WOMAN!!! 92 years old!!! Most of us don’t even see 65 and yet Kathryn Johnston made it to 92, only to be murdered by the same type of shit that is still in evidence today because that same type of shit, MURDERED BREONNA TAYLOR just this year!!! What the fuck is there to celebrate???!!!

Alberta Spruill also died after police conducted a “no knock” raid at her home in error. Officers broke through her door and threw a concussion grenade while Spruill, a city employee, was getting ready for work. She died of a heart attack two hours later. The kops breaking down Alberta Spruill’s door caused that Black woman to have a heart attack and for what? Another “no knock” raid that wasn’t even about her. The kops got the shit wrong AGAIN! But in reality, they more than likely did NOT get the shit wrong, they are hell bent on killing us, that is goddamn obvious!! But’ I’m supposed to be in the mood to celebrate some 4th of July goddamn nonsense bullshit???!!! Not fucking ever!!!

From 7 to 92 years of age, Black girls and women have been dying at the hands of racist kops and you sick, white fucks think that I’m going to celebrate YOUR bullshit?!! Are you stupid, depraved lunatics for real??!!! I don’t give a damn about your lame ass attempts to act like you’ve been protesting our deaths at the hands of your fucked up KKK kin! Fuck YOU! And fuck your pretending ass bullshit! I’m not buying your fake ass attempts to get us to believe that you’ve changed from the racist filth you’ve ALWAYS been. You’ll never change because your ass defines RACISM.

All the fuck I see on my reader is some celebrate America’s independence bullshit! Fuck that! You fucking whites are running to the beaches, the bars, the barbershops and some more shit dragging COVID-19 all over the goddamn place and so we are supposed to join with you in celebrating the fact that you feel that no one can tell you what the fuck to do while you spread COVID-19 to us all? Seriously???!!! Fuck YOU and YOUR 4th of July fucking bullshit whites! Drop fucking dead already…ON THE 4TH OF JULY!!!!

10 thoughts on “I Spit On YOUR Celebrations!

  1. The 4th of July in 1776 restated the inalienable rights of colonial European empires to every square inch of land, all the “natural” resources, plunder, women, slaves that began on this hemisphere in 1519 — everything not tied down and everything tied down, unlimited torture rights, the military strength to enforce their rule, a Bible written for and interpreted by white supremacists, including the right to abrogate all treaties, essentially the right to kill at will according to the sacred principles of “Liberty” and “Freedom” that they “fought for.” Greed and selfishness are measures of character in their not-so-humble opinions. Their thirst for genocide and slavery can never be sated — they are proud of every single deadly lie, they are proud of every drop of blood they spill in the name of limitless avarice, their family names, their good breeding. Self-whiteous fucking assholes. Trump is a mirror of everything that festers in the hole where a soul should be. god-blessed white amerikkka. All four of the white guys cut into stone by Gutzon Borglum (KKK member by the way).

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    1. Bill, I seriously don’t know what I can add. Your comment sums it up only too well, but then when you come in here and leave a comment, it always does.

      I am so unbelievably tired; more tired than I have ever been in my life. I have to go the fuck off almost constantly. The other day some white man says to me, “Did you see the news last night?” No, I did not see the news. So he then says to me, “Those Black people were on the news talking about what the police have done wrong to them years ago. If the police had done anything to them, then why didn’t they say something when it happened? I don’t believe the stuff they say happened.” Then another white motherfucker chimes in and says, “Well, ‘they’ do tend to exaggerate what the cops do to them. If the cop merely pulls their arms behind their back to handcuff them, ‘they’ claim the cop broke their arm.”

      Bill, my cousin had to get me down off the ceiling. This is the shit that I am hearing and I didn’t even ask for it. I don’t have a goddamn clue why whites think that they can just say anything to me and that it’s all going to be fine and accepted by me. Oh MY bad! I’m in Lynchburg! And because the rest of the Black folks down here, shuck and jive and bend their heads and say, “Yessuh, massa suh, you is right!” I guess that is what they thought I was going to do. I have fucking had it!

      And you certainly did call it on one of your other comments about those goddamn Catholic motherfuckers.

      Catholic pastor suspended for calling Black Lives Matter protesters ‘maggots and parasites

      “The only lives that matter are their own and the only power they seek is their own,” Rothrock wrote. “They are wolves in wolves clothing, masked thieves and bandits, seeking only to devour the life of the poor and profit from the fear of others. They are maggots and parasites at best, feeding off the isolation of addiction and broken families, and offering to replace and current frustration and anxiety with more misery and greater resentment.” – Father Theodore Rothrock of St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church in Carmel, Indiana, made the comparison in his weekly message on Sunday, The Indy Star reported.

      He went on to say, “They are serpents in the garden, seeking only to uproot and replant a new species of human made in the likeness of men and not in the image of God,” the statement said. Rothrock added, “Their poison is more toxic than any pandemic we have endured.”

      Who has gone ALL around the world spreading disease? Who has gone ALL around the world stealing, enslaving and waging war on ALL continents? WHITES! And yet, that pasty assed bastard wants to stand somewhere and spew that shit and only after someone reported him, did he ‘apologize’. Why apologize when he meant every word? But are they completely throwing his ass out on his head? No. They are going to send him somewhere else because “various possibilities for his public continuation in priestly ministry are being considered.” Ain’t that some shit??!!! That’s because they stand for exactly what he stands for, but he had the gonads to make it public just where the fuck he stands.

      So, yes indeed, you were SPOT ON when you wrote about that goddamn Catholic Church bullshit! Bill, I’ve got to stop now or my head is going to explode.

      AGAIN, thank you for yet another stellar comment.

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      1. Whites will accept any lie that keeps their thin sallow skin covered at all times. Blaming the victim is autonomic and automatic. Truth is anathema but lies are sacred tradition. I say ‘fuck sacred tradition’. Sacred tradition is a pillar supporting white-supremacist evilization.

        Catholic apologists spout on about the word ‘catholic’ meaning “universal” and then don’t even notice that you are unlikely to see a black face in a crowd of right-to-lifers who gush on about what they think matters: blue lives and black fetuses. After the dust settled from those poisonous snakes and maggots and parasites and wolves in wolves clothing, thieves and bandits and addicts, and my favorite from that gentle lamb of the cloth, Father Rothrock:

        they want to “replant a new species of human made in the likeness of men and not in the image of God…”

        presumably drawing on the curse of Cain and all the other blatant lies that their propagandists shout over the radio and television 24/7. A local Catholic broadcaster went apoplectic over the wanton criminals who threaten their sacred icons, who claim that Jesus was not white but “Mediterranean” — as if Greco-Roman Western Civilization does not favor the damned Europeans who cast everything in their own image and then proceeded to rape and plunder the entire planet. Their “Holy Land” tours play to the white-supremacist congregants who want to hear the same soothing reassuring lies that they repeat over countless generations. I would go on, but don’t want to risk a spontaneous head explosion in the godforsaken town of Lynchburg, VA.


      2. Bill, again, thank you for another spot on comment. At least you can leave a lucid comment, I’m afraid that at this time, I cannot. I am just too damn tired to even think straight.


  2. None of these black women received any just for there death or recognition. Majority all of their deaths have been swept under the rug especially in our own community. Police brutality against black women constantly goes unrecognized & on silent.
    “Chicago’s Bloody 4th of July Weekend: 67 Shot, 13 Fatally” after all those black lives matter protest didn’t prove shit. We’re dealing with anti-blackness outside & inside our own communities so were is the black lives matter. Each day things are getting worse for our people. I get these feelings something really bad is trying to break through but is waiting for the right time too hatch.


    1. No Shanequa, none of them ever received any type of justice. No kop was even reprimanded, let alone, fired and prosecuted because to the whites, they only killed a ‘thing’. This is why I am ONLY going to report on what happens to Black women and children because no one gives a damn about what happens to us. Black men get ALL the press when they get fucked up and so they don’t need any wails and moans from me. I’ll save my wailing and moaning for Black women and children.

      And I had also read about the ‘bloodbath’ in Chicago. We don’t even mean shit to one another and so why do we think that no one else gives a shit about us either. That was not a question, it was a statement of fact. Just like I stated in my above comment to Bill, I am so very tired of it all. I have never been this tired in my life. Everything is hopeless. Everything is out-of-control and I just want to shut the shit down and give the fuck up because there is no point. We have ALL passed the point of no return. Game over! Game fucking over! I have never seen ANYTHING of the like of this shit that’s going down now. And nothing is going to get any better. Voting in November won’t even solve any of this fucked up shit! It’s TOO goddamn late!

      Just take care of yourself as much as you can and just try and hang in there. I can’t give you any positive vibes because there aren’t any.


      1. @shelbycourtland

        During protest time black men were showing fake love to black women now that it’s no more protesting they went back to slandering black women. In this clip 2 powerless colorist disrespecting black women. Black men don’t realize all of this open verbally, physical, and sexual abuse they are doing to black women white media can use this against them by having other black women & non black people turn against them. It just a matter of time.


      2. Shanequa, I’m seriously trying to understand what they are saying because they sound so ignorant, I don’t understand that amount of ‘ignorant’. What they should be doing is getting a tutor and start with the book, “See Jane Run!” Because those two were the most ignorant motherfuckers I have had the displeasure to see and hear.

        I don’t even know why ANY woman would want either one of them because they cannot even put together a decent word, much less a sentence. Neither seem to have gone beyond preschool. Hell! A snake would not stoop low enough to try and hold a conversation with those two ignorant buffoons. Suffice it to say, shits like those two are why I am adamant that I am only going to focus on when Black women and children get fucked up. I am so done with these damn no good, no account Black men, it ain’t even funny. We don’t need them. They fucking need us. And the sooner we ditch their damn asses, the better off we will be. Like I’ve said before, I have done well on my own, but the minute I let a Black man into my life, the shit went to hell! Never.The.Fuck.Again.

        So, thanks for posting that. Hopefully, some Black women will see that shit and act accordingly. I certainly hope so.


  3. Those two faggots that they need to go back to school how to proper how to talk,yeah I called both of them faggots because what they are!
    Everybody knows that all black rappers are sleeping with their white masters!
    BM who disrespect sisters are faggots,they aren’t men,they don’t have right to be call men!
    Yeah all the sisters who have been killed and forget so quickly, this shows how much misogyny there is in our community!
    Yeah BM faggots are following WM foot steeps and they are doing very well!
    DOAN said that in one her old post that “BM blame WM because WM don’t let them be men”
    I mean this is not a faggot behaviour? How can a man expect from another man like excuse me WM can you please let me to have right to be a man? Please fuck off your faggot ass!
    BLM are only marching for BM faggots but they aren’t marching,remembering all the sisters have been murdered or
    marching for BW!
    BLM is misogyny and faggots group who just following and protect BM and faggots causes,all of them can go
    to fuck themselves!
    Sisters from now on should call BM who disrespect BW faggots because they ain’t kings or men but just ”FAGGOTS” this is the most appropriate term to call all of them!
    What about wp?
    Yeah wp are having the punish they deserve it, GOD and Mother nature are pushing them
    in the way they already knew it, but wp love to act like ” because of their white skin” they believe to be protect or they are untouchable from infertility and all other mortal diseases!
    No,sorry motherfucker your aren’t special, I am seeing more and more wp who don’t have children and they have problem with infertility! They only things I see them all the times who replace the children that they can’t have,
    are their beloved dogs!
    WP are trying to exterminate us with mortal diseases,wars or with new different way to get rid off of us,
    but the truth is,more you are trying to kill us all and more our number increases every years!

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    1. What you said about that stupid group, BLM, is SO true! Only faggots and lesbos need apply. I would never join up with that group, nor would I ever laud that group as some sort of ‘movement’ when the group’s focus has ALWAYS been on ‘gay rights’. That group couldn’t care less about Black women, not unless they happen to be lesbos.

      Donations have poured into that group and not a one of those buffoons can even explain where the money has gone. Those faggots and lesbos need to go to jail for defrauding people out of their money. They are not even sponsoring people who protest as in paying their travel expenses and hotel fees; nor are they bailing protesters out of jail with all of the donations that group has managed to get. It is a travesty that no one is investigating that group to find out just what the hell is going on because some useless, lame ass motherfuckers are absconding with the money; that’s a fact.

      You are also right about those Black rappers; they are as gay as a summer’s day is long. The Black men who get out of prison are also gay and that is why they are still walking the streets with their pants sagging down; that’s code for “Come get my ass!” They are also giving Black women every goddamn STD out there because they need someone to lay up on when they get out of jails and prisons and so they pretend to still be heterosexual just so that the Black woman will give them a place to stay while they go off and get with another man. They are fooling SOME Black women, but not all. I just wish that ALL Black women would understand what’s going down and protect themselves from that faggot scum. Ain’t no dick worth dying over.

      And as bad as the whites claim COVID-19 is on us, have you seen the pictures of the whites with COVID-19? Their skin is SO damn fucked up, it ain’t even funny. The doctors are trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with the whites’ skin that’s got COVID-19. I’ll tell em. “It’s flimsy as hell and was already fucked up and so it is no wonder that COVID-19 is fucking their shit up.” I have not seen any Black person’s skin looking like that shit.

      So, while the whites are trying to take us out, they’re going out with us, and in spades. They can just shut the fuck up about how Black people are the only faces of COVID-19 because their asses are as well. This planet is not going to allow those deranged, pasty-assed parasites to continue to wreak havoc and not pay for the vicious shit they do. And so this planet is fucking their asses up as well. To hell with those pasty-assed parasites!

      Qnubian, thank you for another great comment.


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