White On White Crime: 82 Year Old WHITE Man Shoots And Kills His WHITE Neighbors Over A Dog Dispute



Since whites want to ALWAYS bring up, “Black on Black” crime, here’s one for them.


82-year old [WHITE] man kills two [WHITE] neighbors, including 11-year old girl, after disagreement over dog, police say

An 82-year-old [WHITE] man in Florida fatally shot two [WHITE] neighbors, including an 11-year-old [WHITE] girl, following a disagreement about his dog, according to police.

Ronald Delserro killed 55-year-old Guy Alexander Hansman and his daughter, Harper Hansman, on Monday in Port St. Lucie, police said, according to West Palm Beach news station WPTV.

The shooting occurred following a court hearing in which Delserro’s bull mastiff was deemed dangerous, police said. The dog, Roxy, had reportedly bit a woman who lived with Hansman and his daughter back in March.

Ken Mascara, the St. Lucie County Sheriff, during a press address, said the shooting occurred after “they all came home from court.


This 82-year old white male criminal was found dead inside his victims’ home. It has not yet been determined if he died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound or was shot dead by SWAT.

So, any white folks out there want to comment on this? I mean, you have no problem screeching and yelling about so-called ‘Black on Black’ crime and so here is your chance to come all up in here and tell us about how mentally ill Delserro was and that his gun more than likely, just went off, accidental like, and that he was only trying to get his point across that “All Dogs Lives Matter.” If folks can go around screeching that “Black Lives Matter,” and “All Lives Matter,” and “Blue Lives Matter,” and “White Lives Matter,” then he can good and darn well get the momentum going for “All Dogs Lives Matter!” And so whites, since you are ALL about your dogs, come to this dead white male criminal’s defense and tell us all about how we have the shit twisted; that this dead white male was not a criminal, he was just mentally ill and misunderstood and that the real criminals ALL live in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and Camden. Next, you’ll be telling us that the kkkops’ criminal investigation will eventually point to one of those Black folks in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore or Camden as the eventual suspect because after all, everyone is supposed to ‘know’ that “whites don’t commit crimes.” Now, that is funny! “Whites don’t commit crimes,” that’s the biggest load of hooey ever spoken, stuttered, uttered, whispered or signed. You thugs are THE definition of criminals. The only reason your white asses are not eyeball deep in prisons and jails is because you write the laws and apply them to everyone but yourselves.

When whites go on mass shooting sprees, it is because they are just mentally ill. When whites get drunk, get into their cars and mow people down with their cars and kill four people, they have ‘affluenza’ and just need some therapy and some ‘happy pills’ and they’ll be good as new as was the case with Ethan Couch. Now I know you remember his pasty criminal ass! Next, they’ll be blaming the criminal shit whites do on COVID-19. “COVIDITIS made them act a fool and kill some folks!” I can just hear it!

But there is ALWAYS going to be some damn stupid, dumb ass excuse for why whites commit a ‘faux pas’.  I mean, we cannot call it, ‘crime’ now can we because according to the whites, whites don’t commit crimes. That’s something that only Black folks do hence why, according to whites, the prisons and jails are filled to the brim with Black folks because ‘whites don’t commit crimes’. We’re such a fucking criminal bunch. But let me ask you something whites, give me just 5 names of Black mass murderers; just FIVE! I’ll give you a minute. And if you can find 5, don’t worry, I’ll be fair and publish your comment because I want the names of those 5 Black mass murderers because that way, I can put them next to that long ass list of white male mass murdering criminals. So, either way, your ass would fail, BIG TIME and you know this and so I don’t even have to wonder whether or not some white-assed motherfucker is going to come up in here with a list.

So the next time that you want to yarn on and on about ‘Black on Black’ crime, come on up in here and read about this here Delserro, who went and murdered his neighbors, 55-year old Guy Alexander Hansman and his 11-year old daughter, Harper Hansman; both WHITE. And if you want to pretend to be stupid and claim that this was not a ‘white on white’ crime, the latest census data for this particular ‘hood’ is 73.6% white and only 21.4% Black and believe me, Black folks don’t have enough time on their hands to take white folks to court over a dog. This one’s on you, whites! There’s no way that you can pin this shit on Black folks! Yeah! We get to sit this one out! And Delserro made damn sure that no one was going to arrest him for a non-existent ‘white on white’ crime because as we all know, ‘dead men tell no tales’. And ain’t nobody getting any information from dead Delserro as to why he ignored the whites’ cardinal rule; “Dogs are human beings, Black folks are not and so only shoot Black folks when it comes to dogs and Black folks. Whites always come first, then dogs.” Either Delserro did not get the memo or he chose to ignore it, but three whites are dead because Delserro really believed that there is no such thing as ‘white on white’ crime. And to most of you whites out there, you truly believe that shit as well even when the obvious is right in your pasty criminal faces!

7 thoughts on “White On White Crime: 82 Year Old WHITE Man Shoots And Kills His WHITE Neighbors Over A Dog Dispute

  1. I didn’t know about this story until I read your post. Thank you so much for talking about it. You’re not the first one I’ve seen talking about white-on-white crime, but this case is certainly another addition to that portfolio. One news source I follow even had a playlist of various stories of this nature and there had to have been at least 100 different videos on there. WOW crime is the only type of crime in America it’s just “crime” and “aberrations” instead of scapegoating the entire community as the criminals are just treated as individuals instead of an entire group being blamed. This and other stories certainly work as counter-arguments against the “What about Black-on-Black crime?” fallacy or Chicago dog whistles.

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    1. Exactly Ospreyshire! And that is why I will NEVER be popular because I keep the shit real. Motherfuckers want sunshine, smiles and daisies and some more shit of the like. They don’t want the goddamn truth. I have gotten into it with some assholes on blogs about ‘Black on Black’ crime when they fucking know why there are crimes committed in so-called ‘Black’ neighborhoods.

      But just as you say, “crime is crime”, but whites just LOVE to point the finger at Black folks to continue the racist shit they spew that we ain’t fucking human and therefore, are criminals when whites are THE most deranged psychopathic parasitic criminals to ever slither and crawl all across this planet. The only reason, like I’ve already stated that whites are not eyeball deep in jails and prisons is because when they commit crimes, they excuse that shit with some ‘affluenza’ or some other ‘malady’ that didn’t even exist and is stupid! And you watch, ‘COVIDITIS’ is going to be the next diagnosis when whites get to fucking shit up and shooting multiple people.

      Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      1. Thanks! While my blogs are different than yours with my tone and content, I have also stopped trying to be popular. If I have something positive to say, I’ll say it. If I have to mention something negative, then I’ll say it as well. Either way, I tell people how it is and not lie to others. Good on you for disproving the Black on Black crime myths, but it’s not surprising that you would call those people pushing those talking points.

        Black folks are sadly the perpetual scapegoat in this society although it’s not the fault of the community at large, obviously. Exactly! It’s a color-coded injustice system with warehouses of excuses and double standards. When I look at these cases or for far lesser examples, I think to myself “I would never do that and even if I did, I would NEVER get away with doing any of those things!”. all the time. COVIDITIS? Haha! I should start using that term, too. Thanks for coining it.

        You’re welcome.


  2. Shelby,my dear sister can I say something?
    Really I don’t give a fuck that wp are killing each other!
    Isn’t something new it has been going on for centuries just beacuse white media cover up every shits wp do,
    doesn’t mean wp are innocent!
    Before these fuckers went to discover Americas and other Continents,they were in Europe killing each other and murdering each other!
    You can’t find any single times in Europe history where the only thing wp were doing were kill and blood were everywhere!
    Than when these fuckers were so boring to kill and murder each other,
    they dicided it was time to go and murder the non white people around the world!
    Murder and blood it’s in writing in their DNA!
    Internet is full of old colonized photos,and they are the living proof how these fuckers like to murder and torture non white people!
    Wp can’t fool me because I know their history unfortunately back I was at schools it was the only thing
    they put down on my throat their history!
    But I am not complaining beacuse I avoid them like the black plague!

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    1. Qnubian, I don’t give a damn if ALL whites kill each other, it would be good riddance, in my book! The only reason I posted this is because I got damn tired of these motherfucking whites shooting off at the mouth about some so-called “Black on Black” crime while completely ignoring the TRUTH of out-of-control “WHITE ON WHITE CRIME!” Those motherfuckers always want to point the finger at Black folks like we’re the goddamn problem when those pasty-assed parasites have ALWAYS been the goddamn problem for every single group on this planet.

      Just as you’ve stated, whites have gone ALL across this fucked up planet, that they fucked up, in order to steal, enslave, pillage, plunder, rape, murder and wage war against ALL others. Whites don’t even give a shit for other whites because just like you said, AGAIN, they fought each other and then took that shit around the world and they are still at it to this very day. The whites are why this entire planet is on the brink of destruction. The whites are why this entire planet is a toxic waste dump and we are all dying from shit that we need not be dying from, but because whites fucked this planet up for us ALL, we are all fucking doomed!

      But those shameless pasty-assed shits are not going to sit somewhere and point the finger at others when their pale, nasty looking asses are eyeball deep in the shameless, filthy, vile and atrocious shit they’ve done and are still doing. I will not remain silent while they go on and on about Black folks committing crimes as though their funky ass shit don’t stink!

      And those white racist motherfuckers ARE a plague to be avoided at ALL cost. No whites are our friend! Hell! Whites aren’t even a friend to their damn selves because they are so damned stupid that they cannot understand that they have also fucked this planet up for their damn selves as well. Where the fuck they gone run to? Mars? The Moon? They ain’t going no goddamn where. And so they may as well sit their lunatic asses on down here because they are going to go out with the rest of us. They will NEVER make it off this planet and that is a fact. To hell with ALL whites! They better stay the fuck out of my face!

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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  3. Aahahahah Shelby,it’s true their desperation to escape from this planet is to flee to another planet,it makes me
    It’s like after they fucked up this planet that all we are living now, they want to fuck up other planets!
    No,please they did this mess and they will live here until one of last of them no longer exists!
    What I understood about them that they see themselves as inferior respect to other nations but especially when it’s come to blacks!
    They are “if we are inferior respect you,we will make sure
    that you will never have a easy life!”
    All their messes and shits
    they are living proofs!

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    1. Whites are inferior and they know they are. That is why they are always going on and on about ‘white supremacy’. They really want someone to believe that shit and they get pissed off because no one is buying that bullshit. That is why they are hell bent on killing us because they are inferior to us; they always have been and they always will be. I have seen example after example after example of multiple ways that they are trying to eradicate us and yet, it is their asses that are dying out faster than they thought.

      There is now a new study out claiming that it is not Black people who are the faces of COVID-19, but whites are the faces of COVID-19.

      1 in 3 young adults vulnerable to severe Covid-19 — and smoking plays a big part, research finds

      Another interesting finding from the research is that in the 18-to-25 age group, White young adults had the highest vulnerability.

      “Our finding of lower medical vulnerability of racial/ethnic minorities compared with the white subgroup, despite controlling for income and insurance status, was unexpected,” the study said. “It is also inconsistent with research showing higher rates of Covid-19 morbidity and mortality and other chronic illnesses among racial/ethnic minorities, specific to one age group.”

      It’s also inconsistent with the 15-to-24 age group, the researchers said, in which Hispanic and Black Americans were shown to have the highest rates of Covid-19 deaths.

      So you see, whites were LYING as they always do when they were claiming that the faces of COVID-19 were Black. That was a bald-faced lie! I knew it was because it was whites who were dying in droves from this shit! And now the governor of California done closed the shit down, AGAIN!

      Newsom orders statewide re-closure of indoor dining, limits on church services, salons

      California is largely closing again amid a spike in coronavirus cases across the state, as Gov. Gavin Newsom announced statewide restrictions Monday to again halt all indoor dining and close bars, family entertainment, zoos and museums. At the same time, 30 counties will be forced to shutter gyms, churches, hair salons, malls and other businesses.

      The governor of California is now rethinking that reopening shit! It just goes to show that this shithole don’t care about ANYBODY. CAPITALISM is all that this shithole is about and “fuck everybody’s life” is how these whites carry this shit!

      qnubian, this shithole is SO fucked up over here, you have to be here in order to understand just how fucked up it is! Ain’t NO body’s goddamn day sunny in THIS motherfucker and I am GLAD,GLAD I say!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment!


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