What ‘Minority-Owned’ Businesses? ‘Immigrant’-Owned Businesses Are Suffering In Minneapolis, Minnesota. Don’t Get The Shit Twisted!



I am past fed up with those racists and their lap dogs in Minneapolis, MN wailing and moaning about some damn ‘IMMIGRANT-OWNED’ businesses getting fucked up. They are even referring to those businesses as ‘minority’ owned. They’ve really got the shit twisted because every single article that I have managed to read has dealt strictly with IMMIGRANTS screeching, wailing, crying, pissing and moaning over THEIR fucked up businesses. Not one American descendant of slavery has wailed and moaned over the loss of their business because there were only two that got fucked up and more than likely, those two were acting as fronts for some whites.


Michael Tracey: Minority businesses suffering in Minneapolis following rioting after George Floyd’s death

“It’s been agony,” says Mohamed Ali, a native of Somalia

“All these businesses are still boarded, and it’s over a month later,” Mr. Ali said, gesturing in every direction of his Minneapolis neighborhood. ”This was a thriving area,” he said. “Now a lot of minority businesses are burned.”


Well then, since you claim to have nothing left, then drag your Somali ass on back to Somalia and climb back up the same damn tree you climbed down from in order to board a plane and fly the fuck over here. You don’t have to sit somewhere and whine and wail that you tried to save your government grant purchased business that was paid for by the tax dollars of those who were out on the streets protesting over a natural born citizen getting his ass handed to him by the slave patrol. The whites ain’t giving a shit about your burned up, fucked up former business. That’s how the whites roll. You mean, you didn’t get the memo that ALL American descendants of slavery got hundreds of years ago when our ancestors were DRAGGED the fuck over here? You came, WILLINGLY and you’re still pissing and moaning? Get the fuck out of here with that stupid bullshit! Pull yourself up by your bootstraps; that’s what the whites tell us American descendants of slavery after they enslaved our ancestors, kept us dumb as hell, instituted Jim Crow and mass incarceration and then started dragging immigrants the fuck over here and placed them on top of us. Your Somali ass, along with every single white ass over here is OUR enemy and so we are not going to join with you in your fucking pity party. You have a passport that states that you are a citizen of Somalia, USE IT! And shut the fuck up!


Long Her, a Laotian immigrant, has operated a clothing store in St. Paul since 1991. When he surveyed his losses after the riots, he openly wept: 550 suits, 249 pairs of pants, 227 dress shirts and 180 pairs of shoes, as well as his cash register, other electronics and damage to windows and the front door. Many of his most valuable possessions, kept in a heavy-duty safe, were stolen, along with his U.S. citizenship papers.

Likewise, you can drag your Laotian ass on back to Laos because you are still considered a citizen of Laos and so there is no need whatsoever for you to wail and moan and gnash your teeth over some fucked up suits that were, AGAIN, purchased thanks to government grants paid for by MY tax dollars because I would love to know how immigrants came over here with not even a dollar and managed to take over entire neighborhoods and malls and even medical facilities in Minneapolis while American descendants of slaves couldn’t even get loans in order to open up a shoe shine business. The vast majority of the shit that burned down or was looted was ALL IMMIGRANT OWNED and white owned. And we know this to be true because who is doing the wailing and moaning? IMMIGRANTS! Oh, they’re, all of a sudden, minorities. No, you’re NOT a minority, you just want that designation now because you want American descendants of slavery to understand that “We are all in this together,” when we’re not in shit together! You didn’t give a damn for being thought of as a minority when your shit was up and running, but for the sake of sounding all pitiful, you want everyone to understand that you are a ‘minority’ and that your shit got fucked up and so where is the help for you. Ask the same whites that dragged your Laotian ass off the streets of Laos and deposited you over here for some help, AGAIN, and see what the fuck you get for your efforts. They’ve now got too many IMMIGRANTS wailing and moaning and screeching all at the same time about their shit getting fucked up and that don’t look so good because it wasn’t an IMMIGRANT that got fucked up outside of Cup Foods, it was an American descendant of slavery. Not a one of you Somalis or Laotians had a knee placed on your fucking necks until you died and so shut the fuck up about your damn ruined businesses! The whites got other fish to fry right now. They’re now trying to assure the American descendants of slavery community that they are going to do, uh..do..well now…SOMETHING about police brutality. If anyone is buying the bullshit from the whites about defunding or disbanding the police, you’re wasting your goddamn money. But Long Her here thinks that the whites in Minneapolis are going to get back to him in a minute on when he can expect some help in restocking his damaged or stolen suit supply. Yeah! You just hang tight.


‘Where are the police?’

Bao Huang, owner of Hop Wong near the corner of Lake and Chicago, slept in the Chinese takeout restaurant with a gun through the four nights of riots, but he couldn’t prevent a fire next door from damaging it. “Where’s the police? Where’s the city? Every year I pay taxes. Where are the police?” Huang said.

Hundreds of business and property owners, many of them immigrants, remain angry the city and state did not protect them.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I cannot contain MY glee! Now, American descendants of slavery are not trying to locate any police, but this here Bao Huang is shouting, “WHERE ARE THE POLICE?” He wants someone to fix his burned up shit and fix it now so that he can get back to the business of selling fake ass Chinese takeout to other IMMIGRANTS, goddamn it! Where’s the fun in knowing how to throw some shrimp and sauce in a wok and get that to pay for your kids college tuition and luxurious trips back and forth to China where you can drag what Trump calls, the “Chinese Flu” back to Amerikkka, when your pork fried rice is now burnt fried rice because your shit is toast? Where is the fun in not being able to feed people MSG garbage and make bank from doing that shit? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m loving it! So dude, you just keep shouting for the popo and I’m sure that they’ll show up any minute now with video evidence of who ‘over cooked’ your shrimp fried rice and dumplings and they’ll be made to pay you restitution. Or here’s a thought. Drag your ass on back to China if you’re that upset over what the fuck’s going down here in Amerikkka. Oh you are ever the considerate one, ever the thoughtful one. What’s a dead American descendant of slavery when you can’t sling some kung pao chicken? Cry me a goddamn river and then take your funky breath, yellow ass on back to China. But shut the fuck up already!


Someone set a fire that consumed Gandhi Mahal.The next morning, [the owner] Ruhel Islam’s response went viral: “Let my building burn,” he said. “Justice needs to be served.”

Islam was a student demonstrator in Bangladesh in 1990 when a mass uprising toppled a military ruler.

Now see, this dude’s got the right idea. Let his shit burn because you see, his shit had been fucked up in Bangladesh and so this is nothing to him. He’s like, “Folks, there is nothing to see here. Move it along. I will rebuild my shit and make some more Amerikkkan dollars. I’m fucking set anyway and you are too and you know it.”


Across the street from Gandhi Mahal, the bathroom in the Wilson Law Group building became the “port-a-potty” of the riot, said David Wilson, who owns the building. As an immigration lawyer, Wilson battles the U.S. government in courtrooms and said he knows how “rights can slide off the table quickly.”

Hold up! Wait a minute! Let me repeat that!

As an immigration lawyer, Wilson battles the U.S. government in courtrooms and said he knows how “rights can slide off the table quickly.”

Ah! The plot thickens! So let me get this straight! The lying ass media that was screeching and wailing, whining and complaining that Black folks burned down their own neighborhoods, burned down their own businesses were in all actuality, referencing IMMIGRANT-OWNED businesses and IMMIGRANT occupied neighborhoods? Say it ain’t so!

I have blog after blog stating that those Black protesters in Minneapolis, MN were not burning down a goddamn thing that they owned. The vast majority of that shit that burned and that is still boarded up is IMMIGRANT-OWNED and was operated by IMMIGRANTS before it got fucked up! But now, all of a sudden, Black folks were accused of burning down shit that was not even theirs.

Whites never cease to try and make it appear as though Black people have made gains in this shithole when they know goddamn well that is a bald faced lie! The media lies like a damn rug about every fucking thing. Don’t you whites sit on your pasty asses and exclaim over a goddamn thing that Black folks have burned down that belong to them because you know goddamn well that shit is a lie! You dragged these motherfuckers over here from Laos, Somalia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Vietnam and the fucking list is endless and you set them up in businesses while denying us the right to run our Black Wall Street, while denying us the right to have our own towns and neighborhoods since you burned our shit down, but all of a sudden, burning shit down is a goddamn problem???!!! Fuck you pasty-assed, hypocritical parasites and those dogs you dragged over here to sit on top of us and take our hard earned money!

I’m glad that some Target got fucked up! I’m glad some Cub Foods locations got fucked up! I am glad that those immigrant-owned businesses got fucked up! Now you fuckers know what it feels like to have your shit tore the fuck up! And you think those of us who are American descendants of slavery give a good goddamn about your singed shit??!! Get fucking real! I don’t give a shit for your burned out businesses. Whites got the means to get their shit back up and running, ASAP. Immigrants can drag their asses on back from where the fuck they came from if they don’t like the shit that’s going down over here, but American descendants of slavery have nowhere to run. We don’t have an IMMIGRATION LAWYER set up to help us get back to where our ancestors were STOLEN from. We did NOT come here willingly and yet you whites drag everybody and their fucking dog over here and then put some lies out that Black people destroyed their own shit when you knew damn well that none of that shit that burned to the ground was American descendant of slavery owned. You fucking knew that!

It is no damn mistake that right in the middle of “IMMIGRATION CENTRAL,” there is a goddamn IMMIGRATION LAWYER to help those motherfuckers get any and everything they need to set their asses up over here. And yet, I’m supposed to get out the purple crepe, violins and arm bands for those IMMIGRANT motherfuckers who are still wailing over some shit that the whites helped them own and operate? Not fucking EVER!

Fuck ALL y’all worthless, no account motherfuckers! I hope the shit continues to remain boarded up and you can starve like we do. You fuckers can walk the goddamn streets homeless like we do. But I highly doubt that is going to happen because before your shit got fucked up, you’d managed to make bank and don’t now act like your shit is raggedy as hell. You just don’t want to use what’s in YOUR bank account to get your shit back up and running. You’re looking to the whites to finance your shit AGAIN….with MY tax dollars! Well, fucking wait on it, goddamn it! Or leave! That’s your choice! I don’t have any.


9 thoughts on “What ‘Minority-Owned’ Businesses? ‘Immigrant’-Owned Businesses Are Suffering In Minneapolis, Minnesota. Don’t Get The Shit Twisted!

  1. There is a big different between USA and Brazil when come to welcome the immigrants!
    In Brazil the majority white Brazilians have a deep hatred for all Africans,Africans people aren’t welcome to Brazil and even Haitians aren’t welcome!
    Because white Brazilians are scared of Haitian people due what they did with France people in the past!
    White immigrant are welcome
    in Brazil with open arms,but
    if you are blacks and especially come from Africa and Haiti nope,they will make their life hell,some have been murdered!
    In USA wp are hypocrites, because they camouflage
    their true color and intention!
    This type of wp really they are disgusting “fake smile on their fake faces” when you leave the room they talk craps behind your back!
    But when it comes to African Americans nope,they are so comfortable with their racist!
    Wp have code,how you said they don’t give a damn if
    blacks or immigratans business are on fire or they are burning or destroyed, as long as their businesses are fine for the rest can go to hell!
    BLM bunch of morons and blacks who are following their craps,they don’t see why white neighbourhoods are fine and in good states?
    Why they don’t go in white areas?
    Beacuse wp don’t give a fuck about you,you are marching for what? Because wp are killing us,so why do you need to destroy black neighbourhoods?
    In the end you are doing what wp ask to do! You are their dogs!

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    1. qnubian, the whites got everybody well trained. Black folks are stupid and ignorant. The ‘immigrants’ over here know that they are over here to help whitey parasite ass fuck us up; those were their orders and that is why they were given handouts to open businesses in order to take money from Black people while fucking us over with their high priced garbage in those convenience stores and beauty supply stores that are set up in and near so-called ‘Black communities’. There ain’t really no REAL and TRUE Black communities anymore because Black people are either renting through HUD (Housing and Urban Development) or they are paying some ‘other’ white slumlord to live in their slum property while paying an arm and a leg for doing so. Black people cannot even get loans because we are told that one pimple on our credit report and our credit is toast.

      But yet ‘immigrants’ come over here with a clean slate and get handouts, free health care, free interpreters, free housing, free food and it’s ALL paid for by Black folks who can’t even get a damn dime from ‘The System’ and yet whites want to pretend as though Black people are the faces of welfare when nothing could be further from the truth. It’s ALL a setup. As long as some immigrant is fucking up our day, the whites ain’t got a problem with their asses. But the minute those immigrants get to wailing about their shit getting fucked up, the whites stop listening and that is when some ‘celebrity’ will raise money for their damn shit to get back up and running. Ain’t no celebrity raising shit for us because everybody and his damn dog wants us dead already.

      And yet all we are supposed to do is march down the goddamn street with a useless ass protest sign that’s doing not a goddamn thing FOR us. But yes, these immigrants over here are nothing but the whites’ lap dogs and what’s more they know that shit, but they want to be in Amerikkka so goddamn bad, they will take that distinction and run with it!

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. On careful analysis we Blacks or Africans or anything we wanna call ourselves are fucked

    Hell Yeah we need a White Saviour whether we like it or not because we claim superiority over one another British, European, American or African and we won’t ever listen to each other

    Last count some Black Americans made a video and put it online that they gonna revenge for Nigerians who call then Akata becos it’s an animals name but Akata is a hip name I would love it if someone called me Akata because I gotta be living in America to be called so

    Which tribe or people don’t give a nickname to the other? I just wonder

    We don’t want to be okay like Clarence Thomas but I tell you what if he fought for Blacks he won’t be Appreciated

    we hate unity


    1. There is no unity either here or in Africa because over here, we don’t even like ourselves because the whites have implanted in our minds that we are inferior and so we don wigs, get hair weaves and fake nails and fake everything else so that we can look like the whites, who in my opinion, are ugly ass dogs.

      And as far as Africa is concerned, why are so many Africans leaving Africa to go to European countries and put up with racism there or are coming to Amerikkka instead of throwing those colonizers out of Africa and building up their African countries and nations? Why are the French, Dutch, Chinese, Amerikkkan and everyone else in Africa stealing and absconding with Africa’s riches, shooting the animals for sport and just doing whatever their arrogant white or yellow asses want to do? It makes no sense to me for an entire continent to have mostly Black bodies and not be able to unite against their common enemies which are ALL pasty or yellow. Throw those usurpers out!

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      1. As in always no time
        As in a house divided against itself

        These people create haves and have nots who just pass down the baton to their offsprings

        Africa is still not different from the Middle Ages when one rich guy control the town and kills all opponents

        That’s the government and we don’t have a gun culture nor a revolutionary disposition so much so the religion is hope for change lol

        That’s so real


      2. Even so-called ‘religious wars’ were fought not with Bibles, Torahs, Holy Qurans or what not, but by guns, bullets, missiles. No country, continent or ant farm can fight against its opponents using religious materials, hence why the so-called ‘white missionairies” were quick to hit the Africans with their religious bullshit, which is exactly what the Black Americans have embraced to the point whereas they believe that some ‘god’ is going to take care of them even as their enemy is kicking their ass six ways to Sunday. Nothing makes any sense, nor it seems, has it ever.

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