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A planned direct action initiated by Until Freedom was organized today in Louisville, Kentucky, where local and national protestors occupied the front yard of Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman that was killed in her home by the Louisville Metro Police Department. Taylor was shot eight times…

via Dear Daniel Cameron, Escalation Tips The Scales of Justice — WriteSomeShit

For some STRANGE reason, the Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, is dragging his feet, and that is putting it mildly, in concluding an investigation into the police murdering innocent Breonna Taylor back in March. I wonder why? Hold up! Wait a minute! Could THIS have anything to do with it?

Breonna was not a white parasite

Breonna ain’t ‘Becky’! And so why would this Daniel Cameron Uncle Tom piece of shit give a shit about bringing those thugs in blue to justice for Breonna Taylor? We see where Daniel Cameron’s loyalties lie and they are certainly NOT with people who look like him because he is all set to make him some half white babies with his ‘Becky’.

That bastard has had protesters arrested and charged with FELONIES for protesting outside his fucking home because, in his words,

“The stated goal of today’s protest at my home was to ‘escalate.’ That is not acceptable and only serves to further division and tension within our community,” he said. “Justice is not achieved by trespassing on private property, and it’s not achieved through escalation. It’s achieved by examining the facts in an impartial and unbiased manner. That is exactly what we are doing and will continue to do in this investigation.”

First of all, the kops that shot Breonna Taylor at least 8 times were trespassing, so why have they not been arrested for, at the very least, trespassing since Daniel Cameron seems to get bent-out-of-shape over trespassers? Double standards, much?

And wait a goddamn minute, Daniel Cameron, since you want to speak on ‘escalation’, the kops ESCALATED Breonna Taylor’s demise by murdering her. Breonna Taylor was murdered on March 13, 2020 and today is July 17, 2020 and the investigation has not garnered even one damn arrest even though it only took 4 days for Derek Chauvin to be arrested after murdering George Floyd and yet, over FOUR goddamn months later, your Uncle Tom ass is still dragging your damn feet over arresting and charging the Klan kops that murdered an innocent Black woman while you claim that protesters need to be arrested and charged with felonies just to get them from outside your damn door where you and your white whore are playing house. FUCK.YOU.

That black piece of shit, Daniel Cameron, has got to go and just as soon as the whites are finished with your Uncle Tom ass, you can rest assured that your ass will be grass. The whites only need their house n*****s for a short period of time, so don’t get comfortable, Daniel Cameron, because just as soon as the whites have no further use for your Uncle Tom sellout ass, you will be history and that white whore that’s hanging on your arm now, will be long gone as well.

From the original article:

Excuse me? Justice is not achieved through escalation? 

Perhaps Daniel Cameron has forgotten. Black people have been making good trouble, or as Daniel likes to call it escalating situations throughout history to change this nation.

It was escalation that allowed Daniel Cameron to have the education that he has today.

It was escalation that allows Daniel Cameron to be the first Black Attorney General in Kentucky.

It was escalation that allows Daniel Cameron to reside in the neighborhood that the protestors occupied.

It was escalation that allows Daniel Cameron to be engaged to the White woman he will marry.

It was escalation that has changed the very course of his life and the course of this nation.

Only a man ignorant of his BLACK history would dare speak about justice not being achieved through escalation.

The author of this blog is spot on! That ignorant piece of shit, Daniel Cameron, actually thinks that he achieved his position all on his own; that he has no one to thank for why he was able to ascend to the position of Attorney General and he seems to have forgotten the fact that Black people, down through the ages, were willing to sacrifice themselves in the hopes that their children would have a better life and yet, this ignorant Uncle Tom bastard has the unmitigated gall to truly believe that he is not standing on the shoulders of Black people who went before him so that he could reach the pinnacle of success in becoming the first black Kentucky Attorney General, which is no small feat if you consider what’s slithering and crawling around Kentucky. Mitch McConnell’s savagely racist ass hails from Kentucky and that should speak volumes in and of itself.

How in the world can you arrest protesters for decrying the foulness of you refusing to do your job, Daniel Cameron, while at the same time, refuse to do a damn thing about bringing killers to justice who murdered an innocent woman who lay asleep in her bed and whose only thought in life was to help others which was why she was studying to become a nurse? How do you sleep at night, Daniel Cameron?

Even if Daniel Cameron is merely a puppet of the whites, which is exactly what he is, if he had ANY integrity at all, he would have resigned rather than do the whites’ dirty work. But no! He wants that status symbol which is his job. He wants that white whore on his arm to stay there and he knows that the only way to keep that slut is to do the white man’s bidding and shuck and jive to massa and that is what his sellout ass is doing and with relish. All the white man has to do is dangle a carrot before some of us and we will throw our grandmother under the bus. That is some sad ass true shit right there!

I’d rather remain broke and unknown before I’d ever sell my soul to the whites for their 30 pieces of dirty silver, but quite frankly, we can clearly see that Daniel Cameron has no such qualms. Yeah! I hope it’s worth it!

6 thoughts on “Dear Daniel Cameron, Escalation Tips The Scales of Justice — WriteSomeShit

  1. The Beast requires total obedience, add money and a white mate most of us ( blackman or blackwoman) would become obedient slaves to the system. Being the duty of a slave is to carry out his/her master’s demands, what we are witnessing with this man may appall us but should not shock us. Obedience to the master at all costs without cost is a essential duty of those of us that choose to be a willing slave to the beast/system.

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    1. Yele66, nothing really shocks or appalls me these days. I mean, this shit is so prevalent that it is in our face, daily.

      Speaking for myself, I do not believe that I would be swayed by the white man’s 30 pieces of silver to deny who I am, turn my back on those who look like me and sit somewhere in feigned ignorance of what is going down; that is not who I am. I am first and foremost NOT a sellout. And sure, I guess people can say, “Well since you’re not rich since the whites haven’t favored you, you can say that.” Well, be that as it may, the whites would never ‘favor me’ because I already know what I would do with heaps of money and fame and people like me would never be given the opportunity to have such because of what we would use that money and fame for and if I were not allowed to do as I would want with it, then to hell with it.

      I am NOT willing to be a slave to the beast/system. This blog of mine will continue to remain in obscurity because I don’t use it make the whites feel good about themselves, nor do I use it to excuse the whacked behavior and acts of those who do look like me. I never set out to win a popularity contest and so I never thought that this blog would go viral because the blogs that do go viral are the ones that go along with the status quo and I will NEVER be found doing that shit.

      Yele66, I thank you for your comment.


  2. Yeah the righteousness has to be in you that if you do some sellout shit, your internal spirit would condemn you. I believe to become a negro such the Kentucky AG. You would have had to repeatedly kill your internal spirit. Once you have done that morality no longer drives you. When that happens you are able to hide behind the legalise of this system which justifies all manner of bullshit. Daniel Cameron will have his Judas moment if he continues to kill his conscious if he hasn’t already killed it. Stay believing the right Shelby you will be able to sleep peacefully.


    1. Yele66, Daniel Cameron is too far gone; he has sold whatever type of ‘soul’ he had to the whites for what he considers, gains. “For what has a man gained, when he has lost his own soul in order to obtain wealth and position?” The whites never had a soul to begin with and so they had nothing to lose. Those soulless monsters only have a use for wealth in that they use that wealth to ‘encourage’ others to turn into replicas that pale in comparison to what whites actually are. Black people and others who sell themselves out for what the whites’ riches will get them do so at their own peril; both physically and spiritually for the white man is the most devious deviant on this planet and once your usefulness to him is over, your ass is grass. And yet other groups fail to realize the truth in that.

      Whites don’t have anything of REAL and TRUE value to offer anyone. Fame and fortune are fleeting for those whom the whites bestow that on. Money, power, control are what whites use to rule this world and every blade of grass, animal and human who lives there in. What whites have never had and will never have, and quite actually, wouldn’t want any way is a heart, compassion, empathy, morals, values, principles and a soul. That is why whites are parasites; they simply go from host to host and suck everything bone fucking dry, leaving an empty shell behind. Wealth and power only makes whites happy to the extent that they use that wealth and power to induce suffering and misery, hopelessness, despair and death to the world’s people. That is all that makes whites, dare I say, ‘happy’? I can only surmise that they are ‘happy’ after instituting the aforementioned because since I am not white, then that would be my guess as to what constitutes ‘happy’ in whites. But a more soulless bunch of pathetic, scum sucking, parasitic, bottom feeding filth, you’ll never want to meet.

      Again, I thank you for your comment.


  3. Good luck with Karenavirus!
    The different between Corana and Karen,it is the second pandemic is lethal and there isn’t any vaccine against to it!
    They will call police for every single blacks who unfortunaly they will meet or see on their life!
    Yeah BM who already choosed
    who will be your spouses,
    so good luck with Karenavirus,and make sure to pray to God that she will not let you be murdered by some racist cops like your fellow white spouses!
    Oh gorgeous she was the sister
    Breaonna,what beautiful soul!
    Of course a BM who choosed to be a whore for both WW and WM,what choice he takes?
    Breonna isn’t the only sister he threw under the bus but every single BW who belong to his family members,
    he threw all of them under the bus for what?
    For be a whore for WW and WM?
    He can stay with his male wife,black society doesn’t need a fuckboy like him!

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    1. qnubian, I agree with you! Daniel Cameron did indeed, throw every Black woman who makes up his family, under the bus when he took up with that soulless parasitic filth. Daniel Cameron is going to get what’s coming to him; they all do.

      Whites are lethal to us; ALL whites. It makes no difference if they are male or female, neither is to be trusted, neither is to be fucked with because they mean us much harm. But some Black folks think they’ve got something when the only thing they’ve got is something that should never have been allowed on this planet in the first place. Where the hell those parasites came from, they need to be sent back; posthaste. They are not wanted here and they are certainly not needed here. They are why this entire planet is a toxic waste dump whereas its inhabitants are all walking toxin factories about to drop dead and I’m going to take up with something that caused ALL of this? Not bloody ever! But some Black folks will sell out every member of their own family in order to get with something that should never have been allowed to exist. The Black man is steadily becoming an emasculated fool; errand boys for the whites and the whites are welcome to them because we have no need for such as that!

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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