Who is Karen??? — Wake Up/Rise Up! Black America

Who is Karen? Karen is a name applied to a white woman who causes a stir because she feels slighted in some way. She may be upset because she feels her rights are being violated (see grocery store I refuse to wear a mask Karen). She may feel the need to antagonize someone from another race for simply existing in a place she feels they do not belong (see why are you in this parking lot Karen).  […]

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Also from the article:

Who is Karen?

Karen is a white woman who realizes she was sold the beauty lie. She is not the standard by which all other women are judged. Most Karens are “normal” women who are not the standard of beauty anymore. There is nothing wrong with that! However, society has told her that white women should be 115 lbs., blond, blue-eyed, and perky, which makes them the most beautiful women. However, Karen is not 115 lbs. She is not blond with blue eyes. She is not perky! Her husband knows it too, and he keeps the beauty lie going. Today, she is treated differently, and she knows it. She is treated as a second-class white woman. It is just is not fair! Karen must take her frustrations out on someone. She chooses to get upset, yell, and marginalize people to let her anger out.

Here are some more pictures of ‘Karen’


Yep, ‘Karen’ is past her prime, ordinary looking and not at all happy about it. She obviously has a complex about herself because she knows that white women have a very short shelf life. Forget about looking ‘good’ after 30 because it is downhill all the way after that. You can’t hold your own against an actual cow and you know this, but that is no reason to take out your anger on someone whom you think is beneath you. Just because you’re over-the-hill, pasty, unattractive to any man and most likely ‘on the shelf’, you need to just resign yourself to the fact that if you ever had any glory days, they are over. It is no one else’s fault. Deal with the hand you’ve been dealt, ‘Karen’ and stop making the lives of others a living hell just because yours has become one.

No Black woman is to blame, ‘Karen’, if you are married and your man has started wandering. There is no need to call the kkkops on ANY Black people just because that will give you a momentary burst of endorphins. That is fleeting and you will still be ordinary, over-the-hill, probably plump and your husband doesn’t want you any more. It is no Black person’s fault that your man refuses to sleep with you. He will still be chasing a younger woman and so your anger at Black people will avail you nothing. It will more than likely cost you your job, your friends and may impact your credit rating and your bank balance because you will be outed for the racist, hating bitch that you are, ‘Karen’. So save yourself some extreme embarrassment and more than likely, bankruptcy and a failed marriage and stop calling the kkkops on Black people just because you are past your prime and not hardly liking it. Even after you call the kkkops on Black people, you will still be you, ‘Karen’, and there is nothing that calling the kkkops on Black people can do to change that no matter how hard you wish upon a star.

And if you do lose your job, you could always become a ‘sex worker’, but then I highly doubt you’d find a decent pimp to take you on because he knows he’d make no money off of you. You’d just be a $2.00 whore. And can’t no pimp keep that pimp look making a dollar and fifty cent off your hag ass, ‘Karen’. And you certainly couldn’t pay your bills with the fifty cent you’d be left with and base that on any client that may display some interest in you and you’d more than likely get about 2 clients a night and that’s only because they’d already be too drunk to see straight. Face it ‘Karen’, you’re not even good prostitute material. And don’t even bother showing up at a strip club. Why, they’d laugh your ass right out the door and all the way over to your moped before you could blink twice, much less have enough time to call the kkkops just because you’re pissed off over being an old, ugly, pasty-faced, washed up hag.

Just think of it this way, ‘Karen’. At least you still have your ‘white privilege’, for what it’s worth, which is not much since you’re old, used up, plump, haggard and just not attractive at all. But at least you won’t get followed around a store. You won’t get pulled over and harassed or shot dead because you’re not Black. You won’t be denied a loan because you’re not Black. You won’t become a victim of gentrification because you’re not Black. Your children will not be the faces of the school-to-prison pipeline because they’re not Black and the list of the like is endless. And so, you see, ‘Karen’, I have given you many reasons to still think highly of yourself without having to resort to falsely accusing Black people of doing shit to you just because you hate yourself ‘Karen’. Because you do hate yourself, for why else would you do what you do ‘Karen’? You hate yourself and what you’ve become so bad that you are willing to get Black people killed just so that you can feel ‘good’ about yourself. And so, do you know what that means, ‘Karen’? It means that you are also mentally disturbed. Get some help for that shit, ‘Karen’. There are many therapists out there who look just like you and since they are also ‘Karens’, they will know exactly how you feel. They’ll prescribe some shit that’ll have those endorphins going strong in no time flat. Try it ‘Karen’, you’ll be glad you did and for the love of Maybelline and Mary Kay, get the fuck over yourself!

7 thoughts on “Who is Karen??? — Wake Up/Rise Up! Black America

  1. These monstrous creatures are the image what racism it is!
    Today the majority wp don’t want to murdered a black people in front of the eyes of the whole world,
    because they don’t want to expose themselves to the public,how racist they are and evil!
    So their constantly making phone call and calling all the time the cops,even for every little silly things
    they see or because their entitled arrogance can’t cope,these show how much
    they want to see a black person being murdered!
    Even wp didn’t touch physical that black person or didn’t commit the crime directly,but making a phone call
    isn’t different from ” You know what? I am gonna take my fucking gun and I am gonna kill
    those Nigger because I can’t stand to see their black faces!”
    Making phone call and physical attack someone are both evil action,they know very well
    that they can’t lose completely their faces and being exposes! What wp hate the most in this world,
    is to be exposed for their racism!
    So the cops are the alias public KKK law enforcement and empowered by a State,so if a cop murdered
    a black person or anyone they are ”Justify by their action” because that person was criminal,
    that person has committed crime, that person was a danger for the society, therefore the cops were
    only doing their duty namely protecting the company!
    Shelby,don’t get me wrong I am not justify the actions of the cops,cops are racist,what I wanted to say that
    wp know very well how law enforcement works,because today they don’t need to drag our asses from our houses,
    because the cops will accomplish their wishes!
    Wp didn’t change,they will verbal attack you or even trying to physical attack you,but thanks GOD people,today have learned to make a video recorded,because with or without witness you can’t trust no one!
    We know very well how evils and bastards wp are,even with a video recorded as proof to show to the cops,
    because those racist motherfuckers,they will always deny and changing their role from aggressor to victim,
    they know the law enforcement are always on their sides,because the law was made by racist motherfuckers
    like them,this is what black people don’t understand,cops and law were made by wp! So,what fuck do you expert
    if these fuckers are racist against us? Wp are dominate in this society and everything they control!
    Karen are bored and racist motherfuckers whores who don’t have any fucker to do in their boring and miserable
    For me all WW aren’t Karen,for me WW are a bunch of whores,they hate themselves,they hate
    how they look like,they hate their own reflection on the mirrors!
    They hate with passion God and Mother of nature,they hate God because God made them ugly as hell,
    they hate their own skin colour,because they are pale like ghosts,they hate that they age like dogs!
    What I have learned by bad experiences have encountered from these nasty witches that WW are evils!
    If you are a BW who are gorgeous,everything about you are so pretty and you are smart,HELL NOT!
    Those witches will not tolerate,they will find away that you will be sack from your jobs!
    What it really happened to me,because of bunch of those nasty whores,two times they made sure
    from my different ex-employers that they sacked me!
    You know what? The different between me and those witches,I can really give a fuck about moneys
    and promotions,because what those whores are after,for me they can have all of that!
    All the moneys,promotions and the BM and other race of men that they want them,
    you will always see them stare and look at you,their attention are more focus at you
    than the men are next to them! This show how they are so obsessived and they are intimidated by us!
    I don’t want to be friend with them,when I see them that they want to come close to me,
    I make sure that they don’t even come near me,because they aren’t welcome and I don’t want their friendship,
    bunch of toxic and paranoid who in the hell want to be near to that garbage?
    When I see them on the street,I avoid make eyes contact with them or I change my paths all the time,
    they understand that I refuse to look them in their eyes,GOOD that’s what I want,this is my message
    I give to them!
    that I don’t want to look inside their eyes,because I know very well,the nasty jealousy look they give to BW!
    I can’t go out without earphone on my ears,I don’t want to hear or give them chance to speak with me
    The only good thing they can do to you,it sucks all your energy from your soul,when they are tying to compliment
    your physical appearance BW run from them!
    Because they will start to compliment to you,but because they can’t stand with their low self-esteems and
    the jealousy they have for you,they will find away or change the way they talk to you
    with hiding insult and fake smile!

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    1. qnubian, your comment is absolute pure TRUTH! WordPress consigned them to the trash bin and I had to fish them out. WordPress has been doing that a lot lately. As you very well know, my blog is not about sunbeams, flowers and all things bright and beautiful and since it is not, then WordPress fucks with my shit ALL the time!

      The same thing happened to me that happened to you; white women trying to get me fired on the job who were not even my supervisor. At one company I worked for, every single supervisor on the floor went down to Human Resources to try and get me fired for standing up for myself. The Human Resources officer told those whores to get out of his face with that bullshit about me and to go back up stairs and do their fucking job. Those whores had no other choice.

      I would no more trust a white woman than I would trust an enraged bull. In fact, I’d probably fare better with the enraged bull because I know what I need to do to keep his ass away from me, but these ‘Karen’ bitches are something else altogether.

      I am sorry to know of your experiences with those monstrous creatures, who despite getting botox treatments and running to the tanning salons still manage to look like shit warmed over. Hey! That’s shit’s not our fault. We can’t help it if their nasty, funky asses are put out to pasture at 30 because every damn thing done collapsed on their flat ass, including their face. They look like something you’d see in a horror movie.

      When I lived in Minnesota, their damn men were chasing me all over the place. I guess they got tired of those pasty faced cows that should have been eating grass in the pasture still thinking they were cute when they looked like the back end of a pig.

      And just as you say, they use the kkkops to do their dirty work. They know that all they have to do is call the Klan kkkops and tell em that some Black person is in their vicinity and the Klan kkkops are rushing to get over there and fuck some Black person’s day up all on account of some pasty-faced, washed up, old, ugly ass cow.

      But did you hear that over in Portland, Oregon, those pasty faced cows are pretending to give a shit about Black folks by forming what they call, a “wall of moms against the feds in protection of Black lives?” Ain’t that a bitch? I’m not buying that fake ass bullshit. The day I trust a white bitch is the day Donald Trump admits to being a lying, corrupt, narcissistic, racist, bigoted, misogynistic, tax evading piece of shit! That day’ll never happen and neither will the day come when I will trust one of those pasty faced cows.

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment

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    1. Yes, qunbian, you told the truth and WordPress is a white-owned platform and so they don’t like the truth and so try and squash it by trashing it. They ALWAYS trash your comments. But I ALWAYS check my trash bin and fish them out!

      Thanks again! Take care!


  2. Now WW are protesting because the word “KAREN” is now a ” racism” word that’s unfortunaly insult their ego and their privilage!
    I will see soon at horizon,a “KAREN” march where WW demand people to stop call all WW “KAREN” because WW ain’t shit they are innocent!!
    Oh sigh,I almost felt sorry for them!
    Hell not,I can really give damn about this shit,if they will do a”KAREN” march,I hope all the sisters stay at home or carry on with your life!
    WW shit aren’t our problems,BW stop march and mix our matters with their problems!
    Karen aren’t disable people who need our support,live them alone to sourt it out with their shits!
    BW have been labelled for centuries until today whit so many disgusting racist slur as “black bitch,jazebel,sapphire”.
    Did they ever feel sorry for us or ever hear our voice and cry?
    No,in this racist wp society BW voice not matter,there isn’t room for us!
    BW and WW the only thing have common is the womb,but the now there is a big different,the WW womb are dying so as them!
    All these Karen crying out how you said Shelby,they are are all excuses to camouflage all the frustrations, tantrums,
    despair, illness,
    failure as women and as human beings, women not wanted by their men!
    So WW because are weak and passive women by natute,they aren’t us that when BM drive our patience to limit point,we tell them to go fuck themselves and to leave us the hell alone!
    No,WW will be keep quite,be silent,swallow all the betrayals from their own men,all the physical and verbal abuses their men do
    to them!
    Once the ” pressure cooker” can no longer tolerate the toxic situation,WW will go like a rampage beasts full of anger and hatred,and the first black person they will see or do thing that they don’t appreciate,
    they will take their lovely phone out from their pocket
    “oh now,it’s time to call the cops!”.
    Calling cops isn’t only a racist action but also evil!
    I do believe WW are calling cops only beacuse they had a bad days or something happened with their men!
    For them it’s like another way to relieve the suffering, frustration, so an antistress!
    WW are doing the same thing they have been doing during Jim crow laws,during the era of lynching,during before and after slaverys,calling out!
    Different eras but they had always the same racism attitude!
    Before they were spread rumors like a venoms to call out,but today because we have phone, they don’t need anymore the help from their men anymore for kill a black person,now there is phone and the police!
    Whores they were and whores they are still now!
    For WM who chased you and other BW out there,WM are what I always thought about them,bunch of greedy dog in heat that when they see that mummy next to them,her physical appearance already collapsing the first thing they do,
    chasing around BW!
    I don’t want that shit,WM and WW,even they aren’t attracted to each other,even there isn’t love between them they deserve each other!
    Once when I was doing a night job,I was walking mind my own business,to get my buss for my job.
    Close this club that I was passing by there were a bunch of those whores!
    One of them,she was calling out her uber driver,so when she saw me that I was already passing them.
    You will never believe what that whore did to me!
    So,because I was in her way,she deliberately pushed me out the sidewalk that
    I went so close to that car that was parking!
    I could trip or even fall under the weel o that car!
    Did you see how evils they are?
    They can’t even control that fuck alcohol that is running in their fucking bloods!
    It wasn’t just alcohol but the racist and evil action she did to me!
    Thanks God I didn’t fall, but Shelby let me tell you that like ferocious a lioness I went after her ass!
    I had grabbed one her arm,so much strength and anger that I had inside me that I grabbed her so hard that she couldn’t get rid of my grip!
    I looked her diretcly on her face,and I told her “what fuck it’s your problem?You fucking racist! Did you want to fuck kill me? Did you see what you fuck have done? You pushed me that I could almost fall under this fucking car?
    You fucking bitch!
    I sweared to God that I will fuck you up!”
    Once she got what she deserved no one of her whore friends came on her AIDS!
    Like all WW attitude,with their dog passive and submissive attitude,she went with her tail back to her friends!
    Do you see why BW should stay away from them?
    Why all BW shouldn’t trust these whores?
    They are evils!
    WW think that we BW are their dogs or mommy,but when they meet a wrong BW,they need their asses fuck up!
    For WW out there,don’t even dare to think about that just because you are female like me and other BW,for me you are “DEMON”,I don’t feel pity or feel sorry for you,no
    I don’t!
    Isn’t jealousy that I speak out,how you always using this pathetic excuse to justify like a toddler who doesn’t want to hear the truth!
    The truth is that your sorry ass can’t handle the truth!
    Yeah,get everything you had done and you will do,you fucking deserve it!
    Your evils action will be the downfall of white society!
    I am not your fucking mommy or your fucking black friend that when you will have a fight with your Darren,you will run to me and find my shoulders for your tears!
    I don’t want your shits,keep your fucking shits and your sorry ass for yourself!
    Leave BW alone out your fucking mess,we will not march for you to get what you want!
    I swear to God if you ever dare to come even close to me
    or even touch me again
    “I will always tell you to fuck off or I will fuck you up”
    stay out from my private space and my face!
    For you Shelby, thank you,
    look after yourself and I wish with all my heart that you always well and safe!


    1. Bless your heart qnubian. I would love to one day meet you, but alas, you live where you live and I am here among these racist dogs.

      Please continue to share your experiences with those racist she-demons because they need to be exposed for what they really are; evil incarnate. There is nothing nice, human, kind or compassionate about those pasty-faced cows. The shit they do to us or try to do to us is abominable and yet, they want everyone to understand that they are The Shit when they are just stinking, maggot coated shit. And they can stay the fuck out of my face.

      I am so glad that you were not injured or killed when that white bitch pushed you and I am glad that you stood up for yourself because if we don’t stand up against those monstrous creatures, who will? And they can pretend some damn solidarity with Black women all they want, but I’m NOT buying their bullshit. And when I lived in Minnesota, I told those white men to fuck off because I was having none of their shit either. They are no better than those pasty-faced cows that hatched them and it’s not my problem that they are tired of looking at a pasty-faced, flat assed cow. What’s that got to do with me? One man was married and was after me. What the fuck would I want that shit???!! I had to get him out of my face. That shit in Minnesota is insane; just as ALL whites are. I don’t put nothing past them and I sure as hell don’t trust them. And now is not the time to start.

      And, qnubian, thank you for wishing me to be safe. You know I hope that all is always well with you.

      Take care!

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  3. Shelby I am a pacifist by nature and I don’t go around beat people, but I don’t like what wp are doing around the world with black people!
    Because they are smelling that their time is over and I don’t want their shits!
    If they can’t deal with their shits and they believe that is OK “we gonna kill as much we can a lot blacks”
    NO,I am not gonna sit down and let them do what hell they want!
    I am pacifist and calm person by nature,but if I feel that they want threaten my life, hell not that I will be calm!
    Yeah,even I don’t know you Shelby in person,I do feel that you are a good person and good woman,I believe that you went through so many difficulties,I am sorry about that!
    But what make us “blacks” better than them,we never give up!
    We are living far from each other,but I believe that blacks who have conscious,we know that we are connected with each other!
    I wish you good luck and
    be safe out there,you too take care!


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