Black Mental Health as Popular Culture: A Black Female Perspective — Whispers of a Womanist

The present fixation on black mental health appears to seize an obscure communal issue from hallway whispers to center stage. While black doctors like Dr. Bobby Wright, Dr. Francis Cress Wesling, and Dr. Amos Wilson engender this transition with their discourse, this is not what we see in the anti-black media. It is particularly, problematic than an environment made abnormal by anti-blackness assumes precedence in labeling black abnormality. […]

via Black Mental Health as Popular Culture: A Black Female Perspective — Whispers of a Womanist

Also from the original blog:

The biggest issue for me is the demand and treatment that functions to make black people functional in an anti-black society. Particularly, the return to society as “normal” hardly means preparing black people to cognitively withstand the perils of blackness; rather, this means that normalizing or medicating blacks will resume their roles as societal subjugates or assimilationists.

The system of white supremacy is a means to our end by any means necessary. The medical field and the field of psychiatry play a huge role in sending us to the grave; posthaste and I have seen plenty examples of that. But what I would like to know is how can the most deranged, psychopathic, murdering, thieving, lying, dispassionate, racist lunatics EVER find the gonads to call someone else crazy when their debased asses are the very definition of INSANITY??!!!

It doesn’t get any more insane than hating people who are only in this piece of shit shithole thanks to their ancestors dragging ours the fuck over here. That shit’s not on us and yet, we’re the crazy fuckers? I beg to fucking differ.

My cousin has been filled with every damn psych drug they could get him to swallow, or inject in him to the point whereas the man’s brain is barely functional and on top of that, he is dealing with TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury). The man had an anti-psychotic medication induced heart attack and the racists in this shithole burg wanted to perform an angioplasty on him even though they could find no blockage. Of course they couldn’t find a blockage because just as his obesity, high triglycerides, high cholesterol and diabetes was medication induced, caused by anti-psychotic drugs, so was the heart attack caused by Invega Sustenna. I am just sorry that I did not investigate that drug more thoroughly before he started taking it.

The racist quacks in Minnesota even diagnosed me as having ‘histrionic personality disorder’ because I was injured in a car accident and the injury became inflamed and my entire shoulder was on fire. I went to the ER and at first they were putting nitroglycerin under my tongue as though I was having a heart attack even as I was telling them that it was not a heart attack, it was an injury to my shoulder that was acting up. And of course this goes back to the fact that WHITE DOCTORS DO NOT LISTEN TO BLACK PATIENTS. I was screeching this for an entire day until FINALLY,  the next day, they decided to send me to radiology for an MRI of my shoulder and while I was sitting in the wheelchair waiting on the attendant to finish receiving his orders from the nurse, I opened up the chart that the attendant had handed to me to hold while he pushed the wheelchair and I saw what shocked and amazed me. The chart had nothing about my shoulder. Everything inside the folder was mentioning that I had HISTRIONIC PERSONALITY DISORDER characterized by ‘wanting to be praised’……..for a goddamn shoulder on fire????!!!! And it turns out that the MRI showed a rotator cuff tear and bursitis in the shoulder. And yet I was already diagnosed BEFORE the MRI as being mentally ill when it turns out, I had two serious issues in the shoulder that sent me to the hospital in pain. Whites are insane in their hatred of us.  And yet, this shit is what they had me diagnosed as having:

A mnemonic that can be used to remember the characteristics of histrionic personality disorder is shortened as “PRAISE ME”:[8][9]

  • Provocative (or seductive) behavior
  • Relationships are considered more intimate than they actually are
  • Attention-seeking
  • Influenced easily by others or circumstances
  • Speech (style) wants to impress; lacks detail
  • Emotional lability; shallowness
  • Make-up; physical appearance is used to draw attention to self
  • Exaggerated emotions; theatrical


Little research has been done to find evidence of what causes histrionic personality disorder and from where it stems. Although direct causes are inconclusive, there are a few theories and studies conducted that suggests there are multiple possible causes. There are neurochemical, genetic, psychoanalytical, and environmental causes contributing to histrionic personality disorder. Traits such as extravagance, vanity, and seductiveness of hysteria have similar qualities to women diagnosed with HPD.[10] HPD symptoms do not fully develop until the age of 15 with treatment only beginning at approximately 40 years of age.[11][12]

“There are a few theories??!!” What.The.Fuck. This is yet another MADE UP diagnosis by the whites to label Black people as being mentally ill in order to discredit us. Everything whites do to us is to either discredit us, criminalize us and kill us. That is their purpose in life; to fuck us up in every conceivable way possible and they do! And I’m supposed to trust them???!!! Not fucking EVER!!!

But this is the clincher!

“Associated features include egocentrism, self-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs.”

So whites stated that I have a disease characterized by having the ability to, in some way, that is inconsistent with their values, and that is funny because whites don’t have any values, achieve MY OWN NEEDS!!! Seriously???!!!! The whites are not saying that I am achieving shit that I WANT, they are claiming that I am mentally ill because I have the ability to get WHAT THE FUCK I NEED!!! That is some straight up bullshit right there! And of course, they don’t know much about histrionic personality disorder and do you know why? Because it is another one of their piece of shit diagnoses that they got from out their ass in order to put some more shit on Black people in this shithole they stole from the Indians and then used my ancestors to build up and yet, I’m the crazy fucker? All Black people in this shithole are the crazy ones??!! For real! Whites better stay the fuck out of my face because I have about had it with their shit!

Once again, for the motherfuckers that are dumb as all hell, ain’t no motherfucker on this planet, crazier than the whites and yet, they get to sit on their depraved, lunatic asses and make bank off trying to get every single Black person on their goddamn killer drugs while others that look like them are sitting somewhere blowing themselves up with meth labs or are overdosing on heroin. You diagnosis THAT shit. I’m supposed to be crazy because I get what I need and yet white motherfuckers hoard money, property, land and everything that’s valuable while denying others the right to live in one goddamn home and yet, I’m the crazy one? My cousin is the crazy one? Fuck ALL y’all pasty-assed, crazy, racist motherfuckers!

Black folks, if you can’t take anything from this blog, take this, if whites manage to try and get you on a psych ward, they will try and get you to sign a paper stating that you want to be discharged, DO NOT SIGN IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. That is how they get Black people hemmed up on civil commitment court shit and then they are forced to get those killer injections. Let them keep your ass on that psych ward for as long as they want to, but under no circumstances sign ANY paper stating that you want to leave because then they got ya. Whites count on Black folks not knowing the law or not knowing what rights they may have. They have to let you go at some point, but if you sign papers to the extent that you want out of the psych ward, they will start civil commitment court proceedings and then they can pretty much control your life from that point forward. It’s akin to having gone to prison and then get out on probation, only civil commitment can be never ending. And if you don’t believe me, check out the court appeals docket in Minnesota. Much of it consists of cases whereas people who are under civil commitment are petitioning the appeals court to have that shit ended.

I know this because my cousin was under a civil commitment. And in every state that he has been in, they have tried that shit on him, but now he knows what to say if he’s ever placed on a psych ward. Know your rights! Know that the system of white supremacy is trying to catch you up in some shit at every turn. These whites ain’t fucking playing! If you didn’t know, now you know!

10 thoughts on “Black Mental Health as Popular Culture: A Black Female Perspective — Whispers of a Womanist

  1. The “first town settled by the white man” decided that it needed slaves to improve the standard of living, 401 years and counting in ADOS History. How many trillions of dollars accrued to the white participants of the value added by ADOS over those centuries, and whites still get riled up at any recognition of inalienable rights of any enduring kind. Every step forward gets the laws changed to remove them as soon as whitely possible. There’s always more room under the rug to cover up more criminal activity. The Whited States of America started with genocide immediately on a holy-manifest quest for destiny, there is no crime too large to be ignored by the devils of Western Evilization.

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    1. Bill, I’ve gone and turned flaming goddamn red AGAIN! But of course, it’s my HISTRIONIC PERSONALITY DISORDER kicking into OVERDRIVE, I’m sure! Ain’t that a bitch!!!!

      I can barely respond to your comment because, according to the whites, I am displaying

      Provocative (or seductive) behavior WITH MY TWO GODDAMN PAIRS OF SHOES!!! Ain’t my damn ass extravagant!!!

      Not to mention, Bill, that I am also upset that my NON-EXISTENT

      Relationships are considered more intimate than they actually are.

      Add to that, I’m busy

      Attention-seeking because I’m all that and a bag of chips, goddamn it!

      And on top of that, I am

      Influenced easily by others or circumstances. I sure as hell didn’t know that everyone and his damn dog can get me to vote for Donald Trump AND Joe Biden AND also JOIN THE KLAN. I’m just so damn easily persuaded, doncha know.

      And the shit don’t end there! Also my

      Speech (style) wants to impress; lacks detail. I’m trying my damn best to impress you with my big ole words that simply lack detail and unfortunately, Bill, I must apologize that my style of writingspeech failed to impress you. Ain’t that some shit?

      And it gets worse! I suffer from extreme

      Emotional lability; shallowness. Damn! I’m superficial as hell! I ain’t got shit to say for myself, according to the whites. I am so damn inconsistent with my cussing shitstorms. I mean, one minute, I’m cussing and the next minute, I’m still cussing and so I guess I don’t have shit to say! Shut my motherfucking mouth with my lame, shallow ass!

      Now ain’t this some shit! My

      Make-up; physical appearance is used to draw attention to self Make-up, make-up? I don’t even wear make-up, but apparently, I’m using my appearance to draw attention to myself because as you can see, I am so damn superficial and shallow and vain that my avatar is ANTI-CAPITALISM. Yeah! Ain’t I just BEAUTIFUL!!!

      And the whites ain’t fucking finished. Next! I am also prone to

      Exaggerated emotions; theatrical Hell! I’m from the damn south. Every damn body down here is theatrical. I can’t help it if I sound like Scarlett motherfucking O’Hara one minute and something from off the Beverly HIllbillies, the next.

      And so there you have it, the whites state that I am walking around behaving like I want everyone to:

      PRAISE ME. Ain’t that a bitch!!!

      I’m mentally ill Bill because I have the ability to GET WHAT I NEED. Now I could see if I was going to extremes to GET WHAT I WANT, but that’s not the case. It has now been deemed a mental illness to have the ability to get what one needs and of course, the male quacks in the psych field have decided that more WOMEN are prone to this than men are. Go fucking figure!

      But I go in the hospital for an accident related physical issue and get diagnosed as mentally ill for having serious pain due to a rotator cuff tear and bursitis.

      Seriously, if I don’t stop here, I will most definitely burst into flames. I just can’t help myself Bill, that’s one of my ‘conditions’ so says the white, racist quacks, that ‘exaggerated emotions’ thing, doncha know! For the love of !!!! I am too through!!!

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.


      1. Misogynoir is the last thing any white doctor would ever self diagnose. Medical research assumes that every patient a doctor encounters is a white male, they don’t question any of the assumptions or ever think outside the flowchart. Anything that departs from their “norm” is aberrant, so it gets ignored. Strong women are anathema, black women are anathema *and* aberrant *and* histrionic *and* hysterical.

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      2. “Medical research assumes that every patient a doctor encounters is a white male, they don’t question any of the assumptions or ever think outside the flowchart.”

        That is SO true. Read this.

        The BMI Is Racist And Useless. Here’s How To Measure Health Instead.

        Body mass index numbers don’t give a full picture of well-being, and they yield to discrimination against marginalized bodies.

        The BMI is inherently racist and sexist.

        The racist roots of the BMI go back a long way. Created by Belgian mathematician Adolphe Quetelet in 1832 as the “Quetelet Index,” the scale was created using data from predominantly European men to measure weight in different populations.

        So, of course Black people are ALWAYS going to be perceived as obese based on some skinny ass white motherfucker over in Europe. That says it ALL! Every goddamn thing that comes out of Europe is RACIST AS HELL including the whites who are the descendants of that shit who dragged their asses over here.

        Read this!

        GOP Sen. Tom Cotton called slavery a ‘necessary evil’ in an attack on a New York Times project exploring America’s history of racism

        Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, citing the Founding Fathers, described slavery as a “necessary evil” in an interview with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
        Cotton was defending a bill he proposed that would cut off funding for schools adopting The New York Times’ “1619 Project” as part of their curricula.
        “The 1619 Project,” which launched last year, seeks to explore America’s history of racism and the legacy of slavery.

        Only a white, racist piece of shit could stand somewhere and spout that racist garbage and see absolutely NOTHING wrong in doing so. After he was called out on the shit, he stated this, “Cotton said he had been describing “the views of the Founders,” rather than citing them as part of his own argument.

        Seriously???!!! Someone then asked him if he had read somewhere that the so-called ‘founding fathers’ had actually stated that. Of course he has yet to respond. He has yet to respond because those are HIS views. But I’m the mentally ill one. I’m the one walking around crazy and yet, no one has put that fool in a wrap around jacket for stating that enslaving people was evil, but necessary and that to this very day, that is nothing that needs any atonement. “Nothing to see here folks, move it along,” is how that bastard’s carrying it, along with too many who look like his damn pasty ass! But I’m nuts??!!! Those whites that make this shit up aren’t good enough to kiss the bottom of my feet. I wish to piss someone would ask me why the fuck I stay enraged ALL the goddamn time. They can’t seriously figure the shit out??!!!

        Bill, thank you again for your comment.

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  2. The Federalist Society is a racist white-wing “think tank” that gave Trump a shortlist of über conservative judges that interpret the Constitution according to a small shelf of books used by the “Founders” to establish an Injustice system based on white supremacy. Both racists nominated by Trump are Catholic, 5 of the 9 “Justices” are now Catholic, there is no whiter church out there, they have no conception of any Black independent voice. That damned church considers itself suffering under some paranoid “White Persecution.” They feel threatened by the 1619 Project. Again, this is stuff that you simply cannot make up, Shelby.

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    1. Bill, whites feel ‘threatened’ by us because they know that if they were in our shoes, they would be trying to fuck up the motherfuckers that’s causing their day to not be so goddamn sunny, EVER! Whites are threatened by our very existence which in fact, is on them because THEY dragged our asses over here! We don’t have us to thank for dragging our asses the fuck over here. And that’s another reason why there is an ADOS group that is trying its damn best to get reparations on the table; that’ll never happen because whites would feel ‘threatened’ if there was ever any hope of any type of level playing field hence why the whites burned down The Black Wall Street, the City of Rosewood and the list of the like is endless. Every single damn time, American descendants of slavery managed to build our shit up, whites blew it up, burned it down, massacred us and some more shit, but we are the crazy fuckers? Seriously??!!

      And Bill, the Jews done got their knickers in a twist because some Black rapper stated that they are not the true and legitimate Jews, that Black people are the true Hebrew Israelites. And now there are calls for his head on a platter. And just as you say, the Roman Catholic Church as a whole hates Black people; always have and always will and they’ve got some nerve especially with all the rape and sodomy that the Roman Catholic Church has to atone for. The lawsuits are still coming in and the payouts have been astronomical. Whites know goddamn well that they are THE SUPREME PERSECUTORS! Who the hell is persecuting their pasty asses? No damn body! They in everybody’s shit talking about how they are being persecuted. Those crazy fuckers need to ALL be locked behind an insane asylum wall, never to have the chance or opportunity to escape or be let out. It’d do the rest of us in this world, a world of good, that’s for damn sure.

      And you are also right, you just can’t make this shit up! Thanks again Bill!

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      1. Nick Sandmann, the poster child of the poor persecuted white brats who became martyrs in the eyes of the 99% white European-based Holy Church, has just made another settlement with the Washington Post. He has already obtained an undisclosed settlement against CNN. In total, the kid sued four news agencies for a total of $1 billion dollars; the godforsaken Catholic media are still condemning the Native American who actually had a permit — The Black Hebrew protestors did not even warrant a mention. The hegemon that is the Judeo-Christian “tradition” does not have a cent or the time of day for Blacks and Indigenous Peoples of any other cultures. The white-supremacist Europeans can never be trusted. What can you say about the morality of that supremacist system? What you *have* been saying about the insane folks running the asylum, Shelby. They have no redeeming moral values whatsoever.


      2. I read about that. I think I also remember that you said that he(Nick Sandmann) was related to that turtle-faced Mitch McConnell and so this is no surprise. That sort always knows how to get something for nothing because no one did anything to that entitled piece of shit brat. If anything, the Indian man should be getting compensation since he was the one who had the actual permit, but whites, in their evil and depravity ALWAYS makes things ALL about them and damn EVERYONE else.

        And yes, I have been showcasing the FACT that lunatics are indeed, running the asylum while also running around exclaiming that all others need to be heavily medicated while those deranged, criminal thugs amass a fortune to fuck people up. At this point, I’m about ready to give up because the meek only inherit shit and that, we don’t fucking need!

        Thanks Bill.


  3. Shelby I am so sorry that you had a car accident and that
    you been that you haven been diagnosed0with mental health!,
    How these bastards have treated your health so poorly!
    Even what happened for your cousine!
    I have been diagnosed with mental illness!,
    I and one my friend,we changed years ago our doctrs,they were both wp!
    Wp even when they are doctors they can’t stand us.
    When they see that the next patients is black,they will have different reactions “panic mode,annoying because we are talking with them,disinterested,irritate by your presance!”
    They will tell you that you don’t have nothing but you are healthy, even if you are dying of pain from an ulcer!
    They do everything in rush because they can’t wait to get rid of you,so that you are already out from their room!
    Wp don’t give a shit about our health “be it physical or mental”,
    when they prescribe wrong medication, this is attempt of murder!
    For blacks,we weren’t meant to have mental illness but all of we are!
    We want or not unfortunately
    we are living in toxic and racist environment
    that it was planned for us!
    Afrian Diaspora people
    we are still dealing with post-traumatic disorder from slavery,not only all of us because even all Africans are traumatized even they don’t want to admit!
    Self-hatred and hating other blacks is behavior that transcends from mental illness!
    The illusion of being free is just a mare comfort you can’t escape!
    Shelby don’t forget that their medical studies are based on racist belief that comes from slavery!
    Still today white doctors
    beief that blacks have high pain tolerance respect whites!
    They do not believe us that when we complain that we are feel pain,is actualy the truth that we are feeling pain,but for them
    we are over reactive or over emotion!
    That’s why there are so many bad cases of medical malpractice when comes for blacks!
    Why BW are dying for childbirth?
    Because they don’t give
    pain relief when BW are having birth contractions,
    they don’t give good advice
    to BW how to control their diet and weight that can avoid having cesarean section!
    No,everything has been designed to push into poverty and not have the funds to access good health care!
    How they have hard time to insert needles inside our skins because they believe that our skins is thicker than their!
    I mean what I understood that we aren’t human being in front of their eyes,not matter how much pain we are suffering for them is all acting!
    The reason why of the behavior of the white doctors of today and the way they act?Because they are still following and reading books from slavery racist doctors and physicians!

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    1. What you say is SO true qnubian. White doctors have admitted that they do NOT believe that their Black patients experience pain like their white patients do. I even posted a blog about the fact that white doctors don’t prescribe oxycontin to their Black patients because the claim is that Black people are predisposed to addictions or would go out and sell the pain killers. Meanwhile, whites here in this shithole are eyeball deep in rehab clinics because they are addicted to pain killers and are now shooting up heroin.

      When I left that damn hospital and went to see a doctor about my shoulder, the doctor told me that the hospital staff did not tell me the full story about my shoulder. The car accident actually caused the bone in my shoulder to ‘shift’ in some way and the resulting pain would most definitely be mind blowing. White doctors refuse to even give us the full story about the MRIs and CT scans and other imaging we get. They want us dead. They do shit to us and inject us with shit that causes us to be in immeasurable pain and then we are in the agonizing throes of death pains. I have seen this too damn often.

      My cousin, all of his adult life, weighed 165 pounds. He had never been obese, never been diabetic, never had high triglycerides or high cholesterol. It was only after they put him on anti-psychotic medications did his weight increase and then all the rest of that shit followed. He ballooned from 165 pounds to 243 pounds and then those quacks had the nerve to tell him to go out and exercise when they knew what was making him gain that fucking weight. The man has all sorts of uncontrollable facial ticks and body movements. His leg just shakes of its own accord. His mouth can’t stop working on its own. His eyes just keep opening and shutting and he is not even aware that it’s happening. They have fucked this man up in every conceivable way possible.

      The only reason they were able to get him under a civil commitment in Minnesota is because I had not yet explained to him that if he is ever placed on the psych ward, never sign a paper stating that you want to be released because then he was treated as being resistant to treatment and that was deemed counter to what those quacks wanted. The minute he signed that paper to be released, that is when those quacks started the civil commitment. They can only keep you for 72 hours and then they need to let you go, but if you sign a paper stating that you want to leave before that 72 hour hold is up, then they got you. The only way that a person can get from underneath a civil commitment in Minnesota is to LEAVE THE STATE. Other than that, the person under civil commitment can hang it up because they will forever go before a judge and the judge will forever say, “based on a report by the COURT APPOINTED psychiatrist, you still need to be under civil commitment.”

      My cousin said that the COURT APPOINTED psychiatrist was so high, my cousin was sure he didn’t even know his own name, much less who was sitting before him getting a psych evaluation. The system of white supremacy is so evil and insidiously corrupt and deadly, every player in it needs to be DESTROYED!

      qnubian, just as you don’t trust those pasty face devils, I don’t either. And I have finally gotten my cousin from underneath the thumb of those damn filthy, vile, monstrous creatures that are only out to do us harm that will result in our death.


      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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