What ‘Christian’ Like Behavior!

Well at least I don’t think his pants are unzipped and he’s drinking liquor in THIS picture. Of course I could be wrong since I can’t see his pants or his other hand. LMAO!


Jerry Falwell Jr., is acting just like ‘christians’ act. I mean, christians are some of the BIGGEST hypocrites on this planet and so it should be no wonder that Jr., would think nothing of posting a picture with his pants unzipped and his arm around a female who is not his wife whose pants are also unzipped. I mean, when I was FORCED to attend christian churches as a child, that was ALL the rage. The pastor was known for chasing after EVERY skirt in the church. In fact, only one female usher left the church because she had some qualms about being pursued by a MARRIED pastor while the rest just thought that they were being favored by the pastor. But as usual, I digress. Let’s take a look at what Jerry Falwell Jr., has been up to lately. I mean, the last time I posted about Jr., he was stating that he was going to only wear a face mask if it had a picture of a KKK outfit or was sporting ‘Black’ face.

Totally ‘christian’ like behavior. So what’s the BIG deal??!!! LMAO!!! Falwell has been doing this shit for years and getting away with it, so what’s the problem NOW???!!



And if “Peggy Bundy” here doesn’t have a problem with it, then why should we? They are both consenting adults and adultery and unzipped pants are only a sin if the spouses of either party have a problem with it and it would seem to be the case whereas they don’t. I mean, they were all on a yacht together and so, who knows? Jrs’ wife could have been sharing ‘cock’tails with ‘Peggy Bundy’s’ husband since Falwell Jr., stated that “Peggy Bundy” is pregnant. But, the plot thickens, along with “Peggy Bundy’s’ waistline as to who the father is. With both “Bundy’s” pants unzipped and Falwell’s pants unzipped, this doesn’t mean that an episode of this type hasn’t happened before. If I were the spouse of “Peggy Bundy,” I would DEMAND a DNA test. I’d not spend one dime on that baby if it weren’t mine. Now that would be, dare I say, a “SIN?”

But what shocks me is this!

Jerry Falwell Jr. Taking Leave of Absence From Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Jr., one of President Trump’s most prominent and controversial evangelical supporters, will take an indefinite leave of absence from his role as president and chancellor of Liberty University, the board of trustees announced on Friday.


But get this! The board of trustees ASKED Jerry Falwell Jr., if he would kindly step down and take a leave of absence and so if he had said, “NO!,” then I guess, that would have been that. But make no mistake, Jerry Falwell Jr., has stepped down, my ass! He still runs this shithole burg and that christian conservative, hypocritical shit, Liberty University. Jerry Falwell Jr., is still giving the orders and no one in Lynchburg is in any doubt of that. In fact, has anyone heard a peep out of Jonathan Falwell, Jerry Falwell Jrs’ brother? Hell no! And you won’t! And he’s the pastor of the Falwell’s church. You’d think he’d step up to the plate and denounce the shenanigans of his brother. But since he is a punk who allows himself to be pushed around by Jerry Jr., since Jerry Jr., holds the purse strings, Jonathan had better keep his mouth shut unless he is in the pulpit raining fire and brimstone down on his congregants; everyone except for Jerry Falwell Jr., that is.

Jerry Falwell Jr. has promised to be a ‘good boy’ from here on out. Yeah! I believe that!

The influential evangelical leader said in a slurred voice, “I’ve apologized to everybody and I promised my kids, I’m gonna try to be a good boy from here on out.” – Jerry Falwell Jr.

So we know that what Falwell Jr., called “black liquid” in his glass, must have contained something that renders speech, slurred. And Falwell’s mind is never truly off ‘black’ for some reason. I wonder why. “Black face,” “black liquid,” what the hell??!!

I guess this little shithole burg is destined to hit the news every now and then, what with Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jrs’., antics, the petition to rename Lynchburg because its name has racist connotations, not to mention that this Lynchburg also shares the same name as that other Lynchburg; you know the one, it’s in Tennessee and is the home of Jack Daniels which I hear tell is made in Lynchburg, TN. In fact, my southern accent was so strong, that when I moved to Baltimore, MD, I was accused of being from Lynchburg, TN, not Lynchburg, VA. I got tired of correcting folks and just accepted that being mistaken for being from one Lynchburg was just as bad as being mistaken from the other.

But christians, I don’t want you to get any ideas that what Falwell Jr., did was unchristianlike and so I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote a few years back on ‘christians’.

Christianity And The Church


Well, it’s Sunday morning
and someone said to me,
“Why aren’t you in church
celebrating Christianity?”

I sat and thought a spell,
and I poured myself a drink.
I said, “Church ain’t about love,
It’s got less than what you think.

It ain’t about paying tithes
or listening to the word.
It ain’t about the preacher man
or his hypocritical herd.

Christianity and the church,
thanks to man are now obscene.
How can the Lord’s work
get done by those who are unclean?

The Reverend, just last night,
pinched me on my ass!
And a married man he is,
but he pinched me, bold as brass.

Guess where the married deacon was,
and I’ll give you a little hint.
He was on his knees all night,
giving head to a well-hung gent.

Now, I’m not one to judge
and I sin and come up short,
but church folk revile the devil,
when with him, they do cavort.

No, I’ll not be sitting in church
with those good ole Christian folk.
Just a taking in a scripture or two,
’cause it’s all just one big joke.

Now let me tell you something,
drive by the local motel,
on any Saturday night
and see the Christians reveling like hell.

Then come Sunday morning,
that’s when they’re all so pious and calm.
And then next Saturday night,
they ain’t thinking ’bout the 23rd psalm.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2018 Shelby I. Courtland

Damn it if that ain’t the ‘christians’! 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣 So what did Jerry Falwell Jr. do that the rest of you fake ass, holier than thou hypocrites don’t do??!! 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣 And remember, I’ve seen you shameless shits in action, so don’t even bother trying to pull one over on me. It won’t work. LMAO!!!

Totally ‘christian’ like behavior. So what’s the BIG deal??!!! LMAO!!! Falwell has been doing this shit for years and getting away with it, so what’s the problem NOW???!!


That is MOST definitely, ‘christian’ like behavior!!! Falwell Jr., and “Peggy Bundy,” I think, make a wholesome ‘christian’ couple. LMAO! This is just TOO funny!

9 thoughts on “What ‘Christian’ Like Behavior!

  1. The isanity of Christianity never stop to surprise me,
    now they are saying that “GOD” doesn’t have gender “GOD” is a gender fluid!
    They already pushed the “gay agenda” but now even religion can’t escape from their depravity!
    In UK we have female priests that the women dress with a white collar around their necks and black trousers like
    male priests!

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    1. qnubian, religion is another one of the white man’s tactics to control folks, make tons of money and mislead people who have been turned into mindless sheep. These heathen christians in this fucked up racist burg called Lynchburg, are the very definition of PHONY! They are hypocrites, ONE AND ALL! They can’t denounce a goddamn thing that Falwell Jr., does because they are too busy doing the same damn thing. Falwell has been known for doing this outrageous shit and all the so-called CHRISTIANS did was to turn away and say nothing. They let those Falwells run this shithole like its a FIEFDOM and they do. If the whites think Black folks have stepped out-of-line, Black folks get BANNED from the so-called CENTRA HEALTH health care system. My cousin was banned. I was damn near banned until I banned my damn self because I started taking a train and then flying the fuck outta this burg to receive my health care. And yet, this is supposed to be “conservative christian values central.” Yeah, and I’m the queen of England!

      And yes indeed, that ‘gay’ shit done blew the fuck up! Everybody and his brother is gay or bi, transgender or ‘gender neutral’ and I don’t even know what ‘gender neutral’ means and I don’t want to know. I am just goddamn tired of this gay shit. You cannot escape it. It is every goddamn where. I ain’t never seen so much catering to those Sodom and Gomorrah motherfuckers! If there is a hell, I hope they damn well roast in it.

      But the pictures in this post are exactly what christians are; flaming, stomp down hypocrites who are all, quite actually about hedonism. I’m glad that you’re not fooled by their fake ass christianity bullshit!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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  2. I never truly believe in Christiany there were so many
    contradictory things that didn’t make sense for me!
    Like if in front of the God eyes we are all the same,why enslaved another human being just because she/him have different skin colour?
    Why deprive of the life of another human being just because she/him are blacks?
    They have the nerves to justificy like “it’s civilize”
    Christianity is racist and demonic cult!
    Because of Christianity billions of blacks and coloured people have been killed!
    They burned them at the stake only because they did not want to convert, also because they did not understand their language!
    We know very well that for wp when you believe or speak another language “you are savage”
    You know the “missionaries”,they raped aboriginal people from
    wherever they went to colonize!
    Christianity it was used as tool for rape!
    You tell did you ever see the love of God in all this insanity?
    No,I never saw it!
    Today the majority of wp don’t believe in religions!
    When wp find out that you don’t believe in their faulse religions,they always give you this mean look,because you didn’t fallen into their deception!
    How you said Shelby,wp control you through religion!
    But you see a bunch of fool of blacks going to church like a good Zambo and giving their own money for what?
    When I see these black preachers that they want to talk to me,I just walk like a damn horse without look both side!
    I don’t have time for their bullshit!

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    1. qnubian, it is sad ass shame that Black people have taken up the white man’s so-called ‘religion’ which is pure bullshit and he knows it. The white man does not even follow his own made up bullshit ‘religion’. How the fuck do they sit somewhere on their pasty asses and talk about how Jesus said to “give up your worldly goods and follow me,” when not a one of those rich, white filthy shits have done that? A white motherfucker would rather blow his own brains out than be poor and so how does he make any damn sense talking about it is “easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven” and yet, you don’t see not one rich white shit handing their ill gotten gains over to some poor, homeless schmuck. And yet Black people sit up somewhere and worship some blue-eyed GEEZUS as though that shit is believable. Like I’m going to sit up in a church, stare at a picture of what’s kicking my ass everyday and believe that the shit is for my benefit. SERIOUSLY???!!! Millions of Black people must have been dropped on their damn heads for them to take up that shit and run with it.

      And down here in Hillbilly Hollow, the number one group of assholes that’s getting COVID-19 are the motherfuckers sitting up in churches. Yep, church goers are spreading COVID-19 all around this dead ass burg. Go figure! Those pieces of shit need to get somewhere and sit the fuck down with that bullshit that ain’t even fucking real. But yet, they are listening to bullshit and getting sick with COVID-19 and spreading it. What fucking sense does that make? And the ‘wholly BUYBULL ain’t making them better. Praying ain’t ‘curing’ them. Can you believe it? These hypocrites down here deserve exactly what they’re getting. I’m just upset that they might take out people that ain’t falling for that fake ass christian nonsense.

      qnubian, again, thank you for yet another spot on comment.

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  3. Shelby,I know it doesn’t have anything to do with this post and you are the owner of this website.
    But DOAN did a post recently about BM behaviour,there was this BM name Alberto.
    He left comments that made me and other BW jumped because what he said about us BW it was disgusting!
    He said that “he blamed BW of downfall of black community, we are the one that who have always slept with WM,that compare to other race of women,we don’t have control of our sexuality and we have promiscuous behaviour”
    He called all of us BW ”JEZEBEL”,when I saw his comments that made my blood boiling of anger!
    Me and especially this BW we went after his ass and I think DOAN banned him from her website because
    that self-hatred COON was disgusting as human being!
    Can you please do in the future another post about BM behaviour I want to show you the comments of this
    lowlife piece of shit that he left?
    Thank you again!


    1. You say his name was “ALBERTO?” That sounds like a Mexican name. Are you sure he is Black because a lot of Mexican men try and date Black women and get told to get to stepping. I’ve had to tell quite a few of em to get out of my face and I’m quite sure that they didn’t hardly like that shit. Don’t no Black woman in their right mind want a Mexican because if they went out on a date, they’d have to get a high chair for his short ass. Not to mention, if they went dancing, his pointed toed boots would stab them the whole time they were dancing and put paid to that shit. And who in their right mind wants to sit up in those fucked up looking cars of theirs with flames shooting down the the outside while circus music is playing on the inside? I want to listen to some ole school R&B.

      But if he really is a Black man who made those comments, DOAN should take better control of her blog and block that shit before it is ever seen. That is why ALL my comments are held in moderation until I approve them because I will not have this blog turned into a three ring circus. DOAN has that option. She should use it. And right now, I don’t have anything coming down the pike bashing Black men, but the minute I do, I will post it.

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.


  4. I remember seeing that photo the other day on YouTube when someone reported on it. I facepalmed with how stupid Falwell Jr. was, but I wasn’t surprised. That one photo he did back in 2016 around the time when Trump came to Liberty University looked normal, but there was a picture of a Playboy cover in the background. It’s Christian hypocrisy on full display. He got off so soft especially since he comes from an influential family. I’m sure the scripture of Hezekiah 6:9 said that it was okay to walk around with unzipped pants with someone who isn’t one’s spouse. Yes, the last sentence is totally a joke.

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    1. Well, ospreyshire, it’s like this with the ‘christians’, do as I do, not as the ‘Lord’ says. The sheer hypocrisy of those fake ass hypocrites is just beyond the pale. And it’s the so-called ‘christians’ who are down here spreading COVID-19 to all and sundry. The one Emergency Room is flooded with COVID-19 patients as well as patients who didn’t originally have COVID-19 until they landed in the Emergency Room since these damn scared shitless doctors down here have stated categorically that they are only going to see WELL patients. Who the hell needs to see a doctor if they are well?

      My doctor’s office is the same way; only seeing WELL patients and if we have a problem, we are to show up at the emergency room. What kind of shit is that? CENTRA HEALTH which runs every damn health facility down here has made an announcement that doctors need to stop sending their patients to the emergency room because it is taking up needed space and personnel from COVID-19 patients. Apparently, the situation is SO bad, the complaints about emergency room wait times are worse than ever and believe me, they’ve never been great.

      Centra gears up for potential coronavirus acceleration as school year approaches

      In the past two weeks, 19 more people have died of the disease at Lynchburg General Hospital, Centra’s main hub for treating COVID-19 patients in the region and those with the most acute emergency care needs. That brings the total of COVID-19-related deaths at the hospital to 37, up from 18 reported by the hospital two weeks ago, according to figures from Centra’s VP of Medical Affairs, Dr. Chris Lewis. Centra’s Southside Hospital in Farmville has seen five deaths so far, but officials have said some patients at Southside in critical condition may have been transferred to LGH and died there.

      Despite the increase in fatalities, Lewis said at a news conference Wednesday the number of hospitalizations has “leveled off somewhat” recently. As of Wednesday morning, LGH had 40 total COVID-19 patients: 30 of them in a designated unit, 10 in the ICU and six of those ICU patients on ventilators.

      Ospreyshire, I hate to say this, but I do believe that everyone who gets COVID-19 down here dies because we have only medical school rejects working in doctor’s offices and hospitals here. Those ‘health care’ workers don’t have a clue what they are doing and neither do these doctors in regular offices. My own doctor could not tell me if I had an infected arm or just contact dermatitis without sending me over the emergency room. I only had contact dermatitis. Seriously? That quack is of retirement age, but is still standing somewhere, clueless. And that’s what we are working with down here. Those who are health care workers who are my own family members, I wouldn’t trust them to boil me a pot of water, much less have them come at me in a hospital room. This is some sad ass shit going on down here. We are in deep shit and that ain’t no lie!

      Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      1. Definitely. I saw some of that Christian hypocrisy in real life. Maybe not the same example as Falwell Jr, but still hypocritical just the same. Have some of these doctors been this cowardly recently? Why well patients only? Unless the patients have some mandatory physical exam for a new job or maybe a yearly checkup (that’s a BIG maybe), then they have no business seeing a doctor. I’ve heard about hospitals being at near-full, full or exceeding capacity, but saying well patients only is beyond counterproductive. I feel bad for the patients who got really sick and it wasn’t their fault COVID or not. They need to clean house to get doctors and medical works who actually care. When so called “poorer” nations have been coming up with effective ways to take care of their people like that one article I did on Senegal having affordable testing kits and 3D printed ventilators or Rwanda having those Corona-bots while doctors can still work full time hours, then what excuse do these American hospitals have? It’s certainly been in dire straits with America and how many cases and deaths have happened so far.

        No problem, Shelby.


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