The “White Political Establishment” Is Trying To Bamboozle Black People, AGAIN!!!!


So, Joe Biden’s befuddled mind has finally gotten itself less muddled for a moment to give a speech naming “KOP”mala Harris as his running mate; his pick for his Vice President.

Kamala Harris named by Joe Biden as his VP pick

If elected, the senator would be the nation’s first female, first Black and first Asian American vice president.

Harris, the only Black woman in the U.S. Senate, was elected in 2016 after serving as California’s attorney general and, before that, San Francisco district attorney. A native of Oakland, California, and the child of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, Harris has said she was inspired to attend law school after joining civil rights protests with her parents.

We’re off to round 2 because remember, round one goes to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Barack Obama was given the distinction of being the ‘first Black president’ when in reality, he was the first African-white president elected since the only thing he had in common with American descendants of slavery was skin tone; that’s it, that’s all.

Barack Obama did NOTHING but ignore the plight of millions of American descendants of slavery throughout his eight years in the Oval Office. Not one legislative action, not one comment, speech or bill was signed that did a damn thing FOR American descendants of slavery. In fact, he went out of his way to make sure that white Amerikkka understood that he was so against American descendants of slavery, no one could be anymore against us than he could and he sure showed us.

But as long as Black people can see a hint of melanin, they are satisfied and there goes their vote. SIGH! Here we go AGAIN!

This time, round two, has white Joe Biden paired with Ms. Hindu-Jamaica “KOP”mala Harris and so, the Black vote they will get because “KOP”mala Harris has enough of a tint to her skin to satisfy millions of Black folks. How sad and pathetic. And so the bamboozlement starts AGAIN!

American descendants of slavery, when will you wake up and realize that “not all skinfolk are kinfolk?” Kamala Harris’s history, just like Barack Obama’s is NOT ours. They had NOTHING in common with us and that is why Obama refused to even recognize that we even had a plight. And the same will come from this Biden/Harris bullshit! Count on it!!! What will it take for you to understand this? The sad fact of the matter is that millions of you still believe that the sun rises and sets on Obama’s vile, worthless, sell-out ass! And all because his skin tone is dark; that’s all you needed from him and that’s all you got from him. But now, you are all set to get played AGAIN. And believe me, you are about to get played, and how!

I for one, want to see “KOP”mala’s birth certificate because it is my contention that that Hindu cow worshiping, half Jamaican bitch was born either in Jamaica or in India. That bitch’s mother was from the highest caste in India and so why on earth would she be found dead in Oakland, CA, much less giving birth to “KOP”mala Harris there? I want to start a new “Birther’s Movement.” I want “KOP”mala’s birth certificate scrutinized so goddamn much, the document is in shreds.

“KOP”mala’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was born to a high-ranking official in the Indian Government and so she was no ‘lower caste’ member and believe me, those Hindus hate their own kind who are not of their caste. They actually kill their own kind just because they are menial workers who were not born ‘high caste’ and that is what Joe Biden has chosen as his Vice President and American descendants of slavery are sitting somewhere wondering why so many of their family members are sitting behind bars in California prisons, “KOP”mala Harris would be a start!

She Gave Her Daughters Hindu Names

Hence the name, Kamala, in an effort to preserve their Indian culture.  “A culture that worships goddesses produces strong women,” is what Shyamala Gopalan believed. She then married a Jamaican, Donald Harris and claimed to have moved to Oakland, CA in order to give birth to Kamala. But I’m having none of it. Restart the “BIRTHER MOVEMENT” right now! I call on Donald Trump to resurrect the “BIRTHER MOVEMENT!” If that shit was good enough to go after Barack Obama, then it’s good enough to go after Kamala Harris and the shit behind her funky ass!

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are no friends to American descendants of slavery. Get that through your heads. Kamala Harris may have a slight tint to her skin, and I do mean slight, but that ends it as far as she is concerned. She is married to a Jew, serving him curry and goat while she was busily incarcerating people whom she knew were innocent, namely American descendants of slavery and now you want to rejoice because that vicious, hating Hindu bitch is Slow Joe Biden’s VP? Do you know how many Hindu motherfuckers are already running around over here, helter skelter taking jobs from us? Have you any idea how many of them own those lousy ass, ripoff convenience stores and make bank off selling Black people high priced garbage? There are so many of those Hindu motherfuckers over here who are on expired H1B visas and no one is checking that shit and with Kamala’s ass in the White House, this shithole will be even more overrun with those hating ass bastards. You don’t see the kkkops chasing their asses down and murdering them on the mean streets of this shithole. We are the ones getting murdered and we have shits like Kamala Harris to thank for that shit! Those cow worshiping shits from INDIA ARE NOT OUR FRIEND! Hell! The Jamaicans are NOT OUR FRIEND! Kamala Harris is NOT OUR FRIEND!!! DAYUM! How many times must I type that to get through to you??!!! Because I know how dense Black people can be when they see even a hint of a tan on some damn piece of shit, hating ass bitch!

Time after time, when progressives urged her to embrace criminal justice reforms as a district attorney and then the state’s attorney general, Ms. Harris opposed them or stayed silent. Most troubling, Ms. Harris fought tooth and nail to uphold wrongful convictions that had been secured through official misconduct that included evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors.

This bitch sent innocent Black people to prison on evidence she knew had been tampered with, but now, all of a sudden, Black people should just disregard this bitch’s record on criminal justice and vote for her sorry ass anyway? HUH??? For real???! Not fucking EVER!!!

Kamala Harris is NOT Black in the truest sense of the word because even though her father is from Jamaica, her mother was originally from India and those dotted forehead shits don’t like Black people, as a whole. I guess Jamaicans are tolerable, but those of us who are Amerikkkan descendants of slavery? Not so much! But still, you’ll be ‘tolerable’ so long as Kamala Harris feels that she can get your vote. Don’t be fooled by this piece of shit just because she has a tint to her skin. Barack Obama did as well and look how we were bamboozled by his fake Black ass!

Continue to allow yourselves to get bamboozled by these fake Blacks paraded before you to induce you to vote for their ass and you will continue to die regretting that shit! I can only put it out there, it us up to you to take the TRUTH in and act accordingly. All skinfolk damn sure ain’t kinfolk! And you better be believing that because it ain’t no lie!

8 thoughts on “The “White Political Establishment” Is Trying To Bamboozle Black People, AGAIN!!!!

  1. She is another half-breed entitled who doesn’t have any room to speak or understand the blacks pain!
    Barack was elected by wp,it wasn’t blacks who elected him,wp wanted to elect a half-breed raised by white mother,because wp know very well the mentality of half-breed!

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    1. TRUE! Whites did elect Obama because they knew that he was WITH them ALL the time, and he was. Obama stated from the very beginning that he had no interest in helping American descendants of slavery. In fact, he damn near said, “Plight? What plight? You guys are doing fine sitting up in prisons and homeless shelters, let’s leave it that way.” Because that’s exactly what happened.

      And if anyone believes that Joe Biden is going to do shit FOR American descendants of slavery, then they can just take a look at who he chose as a running mate; a Hindu-Jamaican. If he was serious about his ‘APOLOGY’ to the Black community for his 1994 Crime Bill, then the very least he could have done was chose a TRUE and REAL American descendant of slavery as his running mate. But you see, Biden’s camp knows that so long as he’s chosen someone with a hint of a tan, Black folks are going to go running to the polls in droves and vote for his sorry, racist, bigoted ass. But that won’t do him any good because not enough Black folks are eligible to vote anyway since the Republicans have been hard at it striking Black folks off the voting rolls. I’m fine with that because I’d rather put up with Trump’s ass rather than see Biden/Harris sitting their asses inside the White House. In fact, I am going to contact Trump’s campaign and tell them that I’d like a big ass sticker for my van. I am also going to have t-shirts made that state, “Get off your rump and vote for Trump!” I am SO NOT fucking kidding.

      I do NOT want that half-breed whore inside the White House because if that happens, then I will most definitely become unhinged.


      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. There’s definitely a pattern here. I think back on the first president I can remember: Daddy Bush. Then Clinton. Then Baby Bush. You can clearly tell who nominees are pandering; different faces, same old rhetoric placed in a strategic pattern to sway, divide, sway, divide and sometimes make the U.S. actually appear United! . . I started following politics a bit more when I was of voting age and realized this! It’s so obvious to me.

    Also, I have quite a few relatives that are mixed- half Indian, half Mexican, half Filipino- and NOT ONE of them claims to be solely Black! They claim their obvious mixed heritage. Why does Black America act like they can’t see it?!

    Great post, Shelby! Thank you for calling out KOPmala!

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    1. Thank you for stating FACTS kelley because ADOS need to see FACTS and not fiction like what they get from the likes of the lamestream media. I will continue to call out that Hindu-Jamaican Jew loving slut for what she is; a cow worshiping, ADOS hating, half-breed whore! And hell no, I do NOT want to see her sit her damn ass in the White House because everyone should be well aware by now that Joe Biden is just about through. The man’s brain is oatmeal and who don’t know that is blind, mute, deaf, dumb and buried.

      Like I stated previously, Donald Trump is not hiding what the hell he is; he ain’t apologizing for shit, but Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been going on an apology tour because he knows what he has said about ADOS and he meant every word, but now, we are to believe that he didn’t mean that shit? Fuck if I’m falling for that! I just wish that Black people were not so quick to see someone with half a tint to their skin and believe that they are Black and with the lamestream media calling that Hindu-Jamaican bitch, a “Black woman” that’s all it takes for ADOS to get on board. I’ll see hell freeze over first!

      Kelley, thank you for your comment. It was right as rain.

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      1. That is ALL it takes, sadly. People just look and don’t question a thing! They see a little brown and go into autopilot.

        I’m so over this year. This country. This planet!


      2. You ain’t said nothing but the truth. I’ve said the very same thing: “I’m so over this year. This country. This planet!” It was on the news that we had a 5.3 earthquake near this area and I’m like, “Why didn’t the shit just shake it up until there was nothing left because what is there to look forward to?” With the way things are going, what is the point anymore? I don’t even take my own self seriously and I just get so damn tired of it all! The madness is constant and growing increasingly worse and to say that the shit is hitting the fan is putting it lightly as hell. I wish an asteroid or something would just come along and knock this planet to kingdom come, that would solve every goddamn thing. Since Yellowstone won’t blow and even if it did, it wouldn’t do enough damage to forever put paid to this shithole since the whole planet needs to be wiped out of existence, only a severe catastrophic event could do that. And believe me, it wouldn’t hardly fuck up my day AT.ALL.

        Thanks Kelley!


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