Trump Claims That He Has Been The Best President For “African-Americans,” And That Is Actually True


It is Donald Trump’s contention that he has done more for African-Americans than ALL other presidents with one exception; Abraham Lincoln. But if truth be told, Abraham Lincoln did nothing for the slaves. You cannot ‘free’ people who weren’t even legally considered, ‘human’. You cannot ‘free’ people who were dragged from across an ocean, enslave them and then tell them to “go forth and earn their keep” when they were ignorant, clueless and at the ‘mercy’ of those who had enslaved them. Abraham Lincoln was a filthy, dirty piece of racist shit and he deserves NO credit for a damn thing as it pertains to ‘freeing the slaves’.

Donald Trump has done more for African Americans than we think

For close to four years, Donald Trump has claimed that he has done more for black Americans than any president since Abraham Lincoln.

Surprisingly, however, Trump is not exactly wrong. He has been one of the best presidents for black Americans, just not for the reasons he thinks. His administration has raised the curtain on the battles against both structural and “in your face” racism in the country. Not enough people listened to us before, but we seem to have their attention these days.

Does anyone really believe that major companies would be posting videos on social media talking over why Black Lives Matter if Hillary Clinton were elected president? Does anyone think that protests would be taking place in every single state across the nation? The answer is of course not. Much of what we have seen with regard to race relations and the paradigm shift that has been taking place can be connected to the election of Trump.

Yes indeed, Donald Trump embodies what IS Amerikkka. Trump lays bare the very funky, racist essence that IS Amerikkka. Donald Trump is every single white ass in Amerikkka and they know this. Donald Trump IS Derek Chauvin. Donald Trump IS every single piece of shit that bust down the door of Breonna Taylor’s home and shot her dead; shot her eight times for merely sleeping in her apartment. Donald Trump is every single goddamn kkkop that has murdered an unarmed Black woman, child and man and gotten away with it. Donald Trump IS the exact same type of filth that gunned down Tamir Rice in a park. Donald Trump IS the same type of racist, murdering scum that murdered seven-year old Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley-Jones as she lay sleeping inside her home. Donald Trump IS the same filth that is why millions of American descendants of slavery, through gentrification, have lost their homes and are walking the streets of Amerikkka, homeless.

Whites, for ALL of these hundreds of years have tried to hide their racist shit behind facades of smiling, baby kissing politicians promising this and promising that until Donald Trump came along and laid bare the stark reality of what whites really are; stinking, stupid, ignorant, racist, cowardly, murdering filth! Donald Trump IS Amerikkka and though I have covered this before, it is befitting at this time to go over it AGAIN!

Thanks to Donald Trump, whites can no longer sit somewhere in comfort and believe that their filthy racist, bigoted ass is smelling like a rose as opposed to stinking up this fucked up country. Thanks to Donald Trump, there are no more rose colored glasses that hide the stark, “in our face” racism that American descendants of slavery have been dealing with since our ancestors were dragged to this shithole while whites pretended that their racist shit didn’t stink. Thanks to Donald Trump, the lid came off and the reality of what Black people have been up against for hundreds of years, has now been laid bare for ALL the world to see. Thanks to Donald Trump, Pandora’s Box is now open and there is no way that what has been seen can be unseen. Thanks to Donald Trump, even American descendants of slavery have found their voice and some damn spirit and will NOT be silenced. Donald Trump was needed. Donald Trump was the necessary evil to unveil the TRUTH that IS Amerikkka; a country that was built by stolen people on stolen land and the thieves have always sugarcoated the shit, covered it up, white washed it and called it everything, but what it is, a diseased whore that needs to die already!

Donald Trump seems to have no true and real understanding of just how true his words ring, but nevertheless, Donald Trump is right. Trump has been the best thing that could have ever happened because even the most blind, the most slow retard is aware of what Amerikkka really stands for and justice, freedom and humanitarianism have absofuckinglutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with Amerikkka; NOTHING! This diseased whore called “Amerikkka” stands for theft, war crimes, vicious lies, crimes against humanity, genocide, human experimentation, slavery, racism, bigotry, prejudice, ignorance, intolerance, corruption, white supremacy, white privilege, gentrification, mass incarceration of descendants of slavery, mass poverty of descendants of slavery, income inequality, a school-to-prison pipeline, hunger, drug and gun saturated Black communities, hate groups and the list of the like is endless. None of that shit can be denied because Trump lifted the lid off ALL of that shit! A draft dodging, silver spoon fed, useless, corrupt, lying, criminal, bankrupt racist came along and laid bare the fundamental truth in that Amerikkka stands for SHIT!

Black Americans do not have to imagine a government that imposes hard physical and psychological damage on its own citizens. They do not have to imagine a government that allows entire segments of the population to dwindle in poverty, while falling victim to an unfair education system that provides little to no opportunities. They live and breathe this every day.

Every goddamn word of that is true! We have never had to imagine a goddamn thing because we were always busy on the receiving end of that shit! And what’s more, every single damn one of you whites know that shit, but because Donald Trump came along and refused to ‘play nice’, you could no longer sit somewhere in pretend ignorance of what you knew had been going down against us all along since it is because of YOU that we have been experiencing that shit! But now that Trump has exposed your true colors, your viciousness and depravity, you had to jump into ‘damage control’ mode, but that shit is too little, too late. The whole goddamn world has now been made aware of just what seriously filthy, dispassionate, racist, ignorant, thieving, lying, murdering psychopaths you’ve always been. There is no hiding what you are and so now, to try and save face, you’re out on the goddamn streets screeching and yelling about “Black Lives Matter!” Save that shit for someone who believes you believe it because it is, AGAIN, too goddamn little, too goddamn late!

The death of George Floyd might be the moment that historians look back on as the inflection point that forced the country to look in the mirror. But that does not tell the whole story. The election of Trump and spread of his bigotry sparked unintended effects. Trump has been one of the best presidents for black Americans, just not for the reasons he thinks.

Yes indeed, Donald Trump WAS the best thing that could ever have happened FOR American descendants of slavery because now, we are NOT the only ones who are witness to the whites’ depravity, vicious racism, hatred, prejudice, bigotry, savagery, brutality, barbarity and murderous ruthlessness. No one on this entire godforsaken planet is unaware of THAT shit! Yeah, try hiding YOUR filthy shit now, whites! You fucking cannot! But you are still at it; busily arresting everyone of us that you can get your hands on because now that you’ve got nothing to lose seeing as how you can’t rewrite another history book to cover up your funky ass shit, you may as well go for broke. Well, guess the fuck what. We are too! It’s on motherfuckers!

10 thoughts on “Trump Claims That He Has Been The Best President For “African-Americans,” And That Is Actually True

  1. I graduated from a Catholic high school in 1965, tossing the “faith” into the nearest available dustbin. Racism is something that they instill in their students at the earliest possible moment, I still get their propaganda in the mail and the place is still as white as it has always been. Speaking of 1965, ask a white if they have ever read the Autobiography of Malcolm X and you get variations on “of course not.” Every outrageous piece of propaganda becomes a soundbite designed to depict all aspects of racism explained in a way that ranges from a shrug to a muttering of “mistakes were made.” I continue to follow Catholic propaganda in order to retrieve the 12 years spent in their damned schools and to reflect it back at them. Trump is their role model. Fascism and capitalism and racism are 100% white-branded institutions — the lowest of the lows in screamingly high resolution.

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    1. Funny you should mention ‘faith’ and ‘religion’ because I posted a blog yesterday on that fake ass shit and did I do it justice? Indeed I did. The only thing I couldn’t write about is my experiences with the Catholic Church because I had none. My folks were strictly Baptist and I had to endure THAT shit until I came of an age when I could say, “Hell no! I’m not sitting still for that shit, not another goddamn day!” I was so tired of listening to that tripe; that dribble and having to sit somewhere and look at some pasty-faced creature on the wall and listen to how IT died for my sins, I was about to become unglued up in that unholy house of ill repute. I’d rather have sat up in a whorehouse than in a church because at least those in the whorehouse would have been honest about what they were about. But those goddamn christian hypocrites? I can’t abide!!

      Bill, I thank you for your input. Please, be my guest and go on over to that other post, it’s got a very humorous poem that I wrote strictly for the hypocritical ‘christians’. I’m still laughing over it! LMAO!!!

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  2. Yes Shelby Trump has peeled the skin off of this onion and exposed white america as it truly is for the entire world to see. This is God letting the reprobate minds of white people electing someone they felt was a 180 degrees from Obama. Even though Obama was just as wicked in his hatred of the ADOS, DOAS, FBA’S. So called American Negroes…. He was able to use words that made america appear not as savage in their killing and abusing of us before the world. No longer, their asses are showing now and the world sees that the emperor/ empire has no clothes.

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    1. Exactly, Yele66! Trump was needed. In fact, I was GLAD, GLAD I say when he was elected and I don’t give a shit if he goes and gets himself re-elected. It makes no difference to me because at least one thing about Trump, he is not going to sugar coat the shit. He knows exactly what he and every other motherfucker like him is ALL about. He is the trailer park trash. He is the white collar criminal. He is the racist bigot and he is proud to own that shit! I got no time for those fake ass players like Joe Biden who want to prance and preen about and pretend that even his racist, bigoted shit don’t stink and that somehow, we are to believe that he is less racist or bigoted than Trump. If that were the case, then why did he not pick a TRUE and REAL American descendant of slavery as his running mate? That’s because his ass is worse than Trump. Like I said, if I had to choose between the two, as in who I have more respect for, hands down, it would be Trump because Trump did us a good turn and one good turn deserves another. For that I thank Trump.

      Joe Biden’s slimy ass, I cannot abide. Show your true colors. Show the world exactly what you are. Don’t hide behind some fake ass phony shit when Joe Biden knows that he is even more racist and bigoted than Donald Trump. Donald Trump is unapologetic in his racism and bigotry, but Joe Biden has been on an “Apology Tour” for his 1994 Crime Bill that resulted in the mass incarceration of millions of American descendants of slavery. Between Ronald “turning on a spit in hell” Reagan, Bill and Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden, there are over 2.3 million of us sitting inside prisons for having had weed on them while the REAL criminals get to continue their white collar crimes and ramp that shit up.

      Whites have stolen entire continents island nations, peoples and committed genocide on them, but now, all of a sudden, it’s a crime to steal, loot and pillage. No, it’s only a crime if someone with a permanent tan gets to doing that shit. When the white establishment sent the Klan kkkops to downtown Chicago the other night to arrest what they called ‘looters’, how the hell was that shit right seeing as how every goddamn thing on MAGNIFICENT MILE in downtown Chicago was already LOOTED in the first goddamn place? It was looted by whites. But see, their LOOTING is fine because THEY say so, but if we do it, it’s a goddamn crime. Double goddamn standards, much???!!!

      But once again, you are so right in that Trump has indeed, exposed the fact that “the emperor/ empire has no clothes.” And for that, we do have Trump to thank!

      I thank you for your comment Yele66.


  3. It was wrong comment about Kamala, the situation of Corona made more day by day wp insane,
    I don’t see a nice horizon but more troubles will come,and also with the next election is coming,
    I am 100 % that BUFFOON in White House will be again elect!
    Because this is what wp want someone who think,act,talk and behaviour like them,someone who isn’t afraid
    to show his racism and doesn’t need to justify his racism!
    Stay always save Shelby out there,because wp are in critical situation right now and their desperation will
    be expose more!

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    1. qnubian, thank you for hoping that I stay safe. Believe me, I am locked and loaded and I know how to use what I got. I was born and raised in the south and we were prepared as children to protect ourselves. I am right down the street from a gun store and so believe me, I will NEVER run out of ammunition. I’d run out of beans first.

      Trump IS going to win re-election. Look at what the hell he is up against, a damn geezer that’s already suffering from dementia or is senile or is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Joe Biden, the majority of the time, doesn’t even know where he is, much less what he’s doing. And even though Trump is elderly, his pistons are still at least, firing, whereas Joe Biden’s are all shot to shit. Joe Biden is an embarrassment to himself. The only thing the Democrats are after is the Senate. They don’t care about winning the election for president. They know that they can call the shots by just getting the majority in the House and Senate. It matters not who is actually president because congress holds the purse strings. You see that Trump tried by executive action to put together some type of stimulus to get out help for people, but he can only do but so much given his limited access to our tax dollars. And congress is playing games while peoples’ lives, crash and burn. What’s going down now is not on Trump, it is on those inconsiderate, criminal fools in the House and Senate.

      And I damn sure as hell don’t want to see Kamala Harris’s ass inside the White House because as overrun as this country is now with those Hindu motherfuckers, it’ll be worse if she sits her debase ass inside the White House as she surely will because Joe Biden is just about done for and will most likely keel over a few days after taking the Oath of Office. And since Kamala Harris has a Jew husband, well, there you go! So hell no, I do NOT want Joe Biden’s ass in the White House with Kamala Harris. I’d take Trump AGAIN over that scenario and now, I’m about to go register to VOTE and vote FOR TRUMP! And no, I have not gone insane, it’s ALL about strategy and what I can and cannot tolerate and a Biden/Harris scenario, I cannot tolerate.

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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    1. Exactly kelley! I’m getting ready to put my “Get off your rump and vote for Trump” t-shirts on sale. I’m going to screech and holler that I’m a small Black business owner just trying to stay afloat in these hard times and so come buy my shit! I’ll let you know if I sell even one goddamn t-shirt!

      But I am happy to know that you got some damn business out of those thieving, vicious, depraved, debased whites! DAYUM! I cannot even keep a civil tongue in my head long enough to get them to buy one goddamn t-shirt from me. Well, there goes MY small business! LMAO!

      Thank you for your comment kelley. Good to see you. You’ve been missed.

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      1. Yes, it’s “funny” that it took a particular Black man’s murder by our boys in blue to make them inclined to purchase! Nothing is new. We’ve been protesting, rioting, getting murdered. This country is so backwards.

        Please sell the t-shirts! We could also ouse the laughs.

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      2. Yes it is backwards Kelley. It is backwards by design. Whites liked things just the way the were when Black folks were slaving away on their plantations and, really, what has changed? Because we are still ‘slaving’ away in some form or another and quite actually, since there are millions of us “slaving” away in prisons and fighting wildfires to try and save white folks shit from burning the fuck up, nothing really has changed.

        There have been multiple decades of rioting and Movements and various activist groups started by ADOS and yet, THIS year, whites want to, all of a sudden, pretend like they’ve just had an awakening. Yeah, right. They know what the fuck’s up! They’ve been knowing it!

        And I have put up the t-shirts. I am indeed, a riot. LMAO! I can’t wait to go around town sporting my “Woke Black Folks For Trump” t-shirts and when I’m not sporting those, I’ll be wearing, “Get Off Your Rump And Vote For Trump” t-shirts. I got ALL bases covered. Not to mention, I’m getting some stickers for my van from Trump’s campaign. I aim to throw a spanner in that Joe Biden/Kamala Harris bullshit if I can. Gotta start somewhere.🤣

        Thanks Kelley!


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