“Get Off Your Rump And Vote For Trump!”

And no, I have not lost my mind. And yes, I am Black and I am voting FOR Trump and I have also designed t-shirts with the slogan,

“Get Off Your Rump And Vote For Trump!”

I refuse to sit back and do nothing when I cannot wrap my head around the fact that a goddamn Hindu cow worshiping piece of filthy Jamaican shit could possibly sit her ass inside the White House when we all know that Joe Biden’s slow, senile ass is already three-fourths dead. And so the likelihood of Kamala Harris reigning in the White House is a sure ass bet that any bookie would take.

Below are pictures of the t-shirts that I designed. And don’t mind the white dude sporting the t-shirts. I’m sure his ass is voting for Trump as well.

And yes, I will be sporting this.



I am SO damn serious about NOT having that damn Kamala Harris and Joe Biden in the White House, it ain’t even fucking funny!


I WILL be sporting these right up through election day and my van will be displaying a big ass banner FOR TRUMP!!!


My new group is titled “Woke Black Folks For Trump” and I have already got the website up and running. I will be posting more on the website shortly, but there is just so many hours in the damn day!

Woke Black Folks For Trump

Because goddamn it, I’m woke! And ain’t no way in hell that I am going to just let everyone and his dog slink around and talk about how Kamala Harris is the first Black woman to get the position of VP to another piece of shit racist. Even Black political activists are stating that because of Kamala Harris, it is now more palatable to vote for Joe Biden. Fuck if it is! First of all, that bitch is not an American descendant of slavery and I have already gone over what the fuck she is; a goddamn Hindu-Jamaican. That does NOT make her one of us, an American descendant of slavery no more than Barack Obama was an American descendant of slavery. The shits that make up the Black Misleadership are at it all goddamn day, trying to make us believe that some fake ass Black woman is our fucking friend when that bitch called herself “TOP COP.” Well, let her apply for president of the police union, but I’ll see hell freeze over before I sit back and do nothing about that Hindu whore.  And I aim to counter the bullshit by putting the real deal out there. I have been busily designing my t-shirts and will be placing my order. If any other “Woke Black Folks For Trump” want a t-shirt, send me a comment and I’ll get you the hookup because I will be damned if I sit back and watch “Hindu Hazel” sit her debased ass up in the White House! Hell! I’d vote for Dick Cheney’s hell bound ass first!


It has a nice ‘ring’ to it, don’t you think? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

7 thoughts on ““Get Off Your Rump And Vote For Trump!”

  1. White women aren’t going to allow mulatto Kamala Harris to win as vice president before a white woman. Hell they gave Michelle Obama hell as being the First Lady.

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    1. Shanequa, white women don’t know what the hell they want; that is obvious. Because first they voted for Trump and then they marched on Washington AGAINST Trump with some damn ‘pussy hats’ on talking about how Trump is against ‘feminism’ and some more shit and so no one can sit back and expect white women to figure their own damn minds out, much less figure out what the hell they’re going to actually DO.

      Meanwhile, I’ll be riding around town with a big ole FOR TRUMP banner attached to my van, step out of the van and I’ve even designed a mask “Woke Black Folks For Trump” and I will be sporting that along with my short sleeve t-shirt or my long sleeve t-shirt depending on the weather.

      But that Hindu whore is not going to skate her vile ass inside the White House and I’ve not done my damndest to see to it that she doesn’t The white political establishment’ intentionally instigated THIS shit! They knew that the only way to get some people up in arms about this election was to have that Hindu cow worshiping piece of filthy shit next to Biden as his running mate.

      If that Hindu whore gets inside the White House, cows will be walking the streets of this shithole. I’m already down here trying my damn best to avoid hitting deer, but hell if I want to try and avoid colliding with cows. I ain’t trying to have my insurance premiums go through the roof simply because those Hindus believe that their dearly departed’s souls are in cows. That’s why I’m NOT into religion because look at the shit that motherfuckers believe. So, you know that if her ass sits inside the White House, cows will be deemed sacred and by Executive Order, we will be jailed for running into them with our vehicles.

      Shanequa, don’t ever sit back and believe that white women know their own damn minds because they don’t and they will lie like a rug and then do the exact opposite when polled about who they intend to vote for. To those white women, as long as Kamala Harris is NOT an American descendant of slavery, they may let her ass skate. Hell! They did that shit with Obama. Obama could not have gotten inside the White House if not for the ‘white vote’. So Ima do what I gotta do!

      And let me see if I can post the picture of what this dude posted that got him fired.

      NBA says photographer who posted offensive Kamala Harris meme is no longer in bubble

      A photographer working in the NBA bubble at Disney World was let go by the league after he posted an offensive meme about Kamala Harris, the newly announced Democratic candidate for vice president.

      Jo and the Ho

      That was right on point, so I don’t know why they fired the guy. If I ever need a photographer, dude’s my guy!


    1. Leslie, that is SO damn true, it ain’t even funny! Biden is on his last leg. In fact, many people had been questioning, “Just where is Biden?” No one had seen or heard from Biden for weeks and several months ago, even Obama stepped up and said that Joe Biden needs to keep his interviews short because it would be apparent that he’s got issues. The man fumbles every time he speaks and so why the Democrats would choose as their ‘man’ to win this election, someone so unsuited, speaks of the fact that they don’t really want to win this election. All the Democrats want to do is to win the senate and keep the House because that is where all the power actually lies; with those who hold the purse strings and congress does, hence why there is no new stimulus package on the table. Trump cannot put together a stimulus package because he doesn’t control the purse strings. He can put a budget together, but congress has to approve the expenditure.

      And the main reasons that I am SO against Kamala Harris is because of how many American descendants of slavery she had locked up in California prisons for low level offenses and she went out-of-her way to make sure that they served as much time as possible for their low level crimes. That bitch even made sure that California prison labor would be used to fight California wildfires. Yeah! That bitch is all heart.

      Look at what the hell she did and then now wants to talk about how she didn’t know. Fuck if she didn’t.

      The Climate Danger of Kamala Harris’ Prison Labor Legacy

      Harris’ past treatment of incarcerated people, in particular, also raises troubling climate concerns as well. People call Harris a cop for a reason.

      California incarcerates more people than entire nations, and Black, Indigenous, and Latinx people make up the majority of those behind bars. California depends on its huge prison population to help fight wildfires, and Harris’ office was a major proponent of the incarcerated wildland firefighting program during her time as state attorney general.

      Assembly Bill 109 passed in 2011. Its sole purpose was to help reduce prison populations of non-violent, non-serious, non-sex offenders—the exact groups CDCR recruited for firefighting duty. Three years later, voters passed Proposition 47, which reclassified some drug and theft offenses from felonies to misdemeanors. During that time, the courts also ordered the state to expand its early parole program, which involved expanding two-for-one credits, a perk that cuts two days off a person’s sentence for every day served.

      Those policies were all designed to reduce the prison population. However, they also undercut the conservation camp program, which offered reduced sentences as a major draw. If incarcerated people can get an early release outside fire camps, then why would they risk their lives putting out wildfires?

      Under Harris’ leadership in 2014, her office advocated against policies to do that because of the impact they’d have on available candidates for these conservation camps, the formal name for the program. Her office went so far as to file a court motion in 2014 in opposition to that order regarding early parole.

      That goddamn, flaming, stomp down whore, Kamala Harris fought tooth and nail to get Black people, Latinos and American Indians sent to their death fighting California wildfires that protected the property of rich whites when they would have been eligible for release, but instead, they were sent out, without any real knowledge of fighting fires to do exactly that. And no one really knows how many perished in those fires because California officials refused to release the statistics on that.

      That goddamn bitch is the most vile whore to slither across this planet and that THING could sit ITS ass inside the Oval Office? Oh hell NO! I will stop at nothing to stop that bitch!!!

      Leslie, I thank you for your comment and I do believe that you understand that a lot is at stake if that Hindu whore gets inside the White House. That can NEVER be allowed to happen.

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