Who Is Going To Be Left Standing To Vote Or Have A Home In Which To Send A Ballot To?


While the senate leaves until September without a coronavirus relief bill, California courts lift eviction and foreclosure moratorium. In the absence of a new law, 365,000 households in the state are at risk of eviction.

As the lamestream media celebrates Joe Biden’s pick for VP, the Senate leaves to go on vacation while still ‘earning’ taxpayer money while leaving said taxpayers to figure out where their next meal is coming from and also worry about getting evicted from their homes. While the Democrats are screeching and yelling that Donald Trump has stated that he is not going to throw money at the Postal Service in order to make sure that ballots are mailed out in a timely manner, the Democrats are also headed out of Washington, taking their ill gotten gains in the form of taxpayer money with them while also leaving said taxpayers to make it or break it; they don’t hardly care which. All of this is going down as some schools have opened, only to have hundreds quarantined in them awaiting COVID-19 tests. Not to mention, wildfire season and hurricane season is in full swing and California is battling multiple wildfires while yet another serious storm system has been recorded churning up in the Atlantic Ocean. Amerikkka has done something seriously wrong. I wonder what it could be, don’t you?

The Senate left Washington, D.C., on Thursday until September – the latest sign that a deal on a fifth coronavirus relief package is, at least, weeks away. The House already left town and isn’t expected to return until Sept. 14.

Now isn’t that just grand? Those are the elected officials of this country who are supposed to be on the job making sure that Amerikkkans are not suffering, however, they are on vacation and have quite obviously forgotten why they were elected. Do they believe that they were elected in order to stand around and ‘earn’ taxpayer money and take vacations? Because that is exactly what they are doing. They all have multiple homes to go to while millions of Amerikkkans are about to get evicted during a pandemic that no one seems to be able to get a handle on. And all of this is going down in the richest country on the planet. Go figure. Meanwhile, this is occurring.

The Judicial Council of California voted 19-1 on Thursday to lift its moratorium on most evictions and foreclosures. California’s top justices voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to lift emergency rules meant to halt most evictions and foreclosures during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying any extension of those moratoriums must be passed by the state’s lawmakers.

The courts are basically stating that it is not their job to legislate, they are only to resolve disputes under the law and ruling on eviction moratoriums is not something that they are obligated to do and so figure it out, but figure it out elsewhere. Meanwhile, those who are sitting in their homes, biting their nails are wondering where they are going to go if no last minute legislative act gives them a reprieve. The last thing anyone should have to be worrying about right now is being put out of their home with COVID-19 raging and social distancing strongly encouraged as well as wearing face masks. And as if Californians don’t have it bad enough, the wildfires are making things worse. At least 94 wildfires are burning in the U.S., as record heat scorches the West. And the Lake Hughes fire has destroyed more than 90,000 acres across three states.

In Oregon, the Mosier Creek Fire has burnt 791 acres and is 10% contained. At least 900 people were forced to evacuate.

In addition to the fires, record heat is scorching parts of the West. Tucson, Arizona, hit 111 degrees Thursday, which is the second hottest day in August ever recorded for the city.

A record high was tied in Phoenix at 115 degrees and in Palm Springs at 116 degrees. Phoenix has now seven days of at least 115 degrees this year, which is the most on record.

Record triple digit temperatures have been ongoing since May and seldom let up until well into October. Where I live, it was still 101 in October of last year and I am in the south. People in my area even experienced a 5.3 earthquake just a few days ago and the last one that rattled the area was in 2011. That frequency hadn’t occurred before, but apparently, something is causing the earth to shake now more than ever despite what some scientists say to the contrary.

The so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ are stating that we are in the end days. Who the hell knows, but it sure as hell ain’t looking good for man’s continued existence on this planet for the long term.

Tropical Storm Josephine is churning in the Atlantic as I type this and has been steadily gaining in strength. So, from one end of this shithole to another, shit ain’t looking so good, regardless of where you live. It is not just about hoarding beans and bottled water anymore. That’s been over. Hardly anyone has any money to hoard even if they wanted to what with so much shit going down at one time. Maybe it would be a good thing just to get it all over with; the suffering, the misery, the poverty, the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll have a home next month or be on the lookout for a box and a bridge. Not to mention the fact of continued brutalization of people by the kkkops who are absolutely at the end of their rope. Who did not think that there would be a spike in crime all across this shithole with what is going down?

If “we reap what we sow,” then Amerikkka is not even close to reaping what she has sown. Look for the headlines to get more and more grim as each day passes. When a country refuses to acknowledge its brutal past and attempt to do right by those who were so cruelly wronged and the same is going down to this very day, what is going down should be expected and you had damn well better believe that until some efforts are made in the right direction to correct that shit, what Amerikkka is experiencing now is going to seem like a mere case of the hiccups compared to what is coming. You have been warned multiple times for many years and you took no heed. Now that it is upon you, are you still willing to roll the dice and see what you get? Believe me, you are not going to win and you can count on that.

7 thoughts on “Who Is Going To Be Left Standing To Vote Or Have A Home In Which To Send A Ballot To?

  1. @shelbycourtland
    2020 started off with a lot of surprises but will end with a bigger surprise. From viruses, natural disasters, unemployment and etc things are getting much worse. This country is so hell bent on money that they were so quick to open back up. The American economy is going down. The media is feeding the masses with a bunch of useless bullshit to keep them distracted. Who cares about the election when Trump will win again. I believe the prophecy of the last days are here. We are watching before our eyes the seals being broken. We are watching America the new Babylon the Great fall. Black Africans around the diaspora are owe a debt that these other races benefit from which was stolen from us. The universe is correcting itself.

    P.S. time is going by much faster now.

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    1. Shanequa, you are on point, as always! Trump IS going to win. The bullshit from the lamestream media talking about how “Slow” Joe Biden is double digit points ahead of Trump in the polls is bullshit because everyone and his granny knows that Biden and that Hindu bitch don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected. Trump is going to be the LAST president because what is going down is unsustainable and despite all hell, no one is going to come away from 2020 unaffected by something that’s happening or is going to happen. And the rich whites can just include themselves in that shit as well. They are NOT going to skate free of every damn thing just because they have money because there are many things that money will NOT stop, correct or fix.

      We ARE in the last days. There are signs everywhere and only a dumb motherfucker would think otherwise. I don’t have to sit up in a church to understand that. And Amerikkka was bound to fall because of how Amerikkka came to be. You cannot build a country based on lashing the backs, chaining, whipping and raping a stolen people on land that was stolen as well and then sit around and continue that shit to this very day and think that the shit that was done was not going to come back and bite those whites on the ass. It is not even about karma. The whites are non-believers. They just use ‘religion’ and the ‘church’ to hoodwink the sheeple and relieve them of their money and grow rich from doing so, but in all reality, whites have never been spiritual. They don’t have a spiritual bone in their pallid, flimsy bodies. But those of us who are the true humans of this planet see the signs and we respect the fact that all is NOT well and is never going to be. Shit is being shaken up like never before because a ‘correction’ is needed and since whites weren’t about to ‘correct’ the vile, vicious, depraved, debased, savage, racist, murdering shit they’ve always been up to, it has to happen via another means and it is. Their money will NOT save them and it should not!

      And you are so right, this shithole has always been about M-O-N-E-Y at the expense of ALL else and yes, that is why the whites were hell bent on reopening this shithole even though they knew what would happen, but they don’t care. They have never cared about anything besides making money which they use to control the masses. But when there are no masses to buy that cheaply made shit at Amazon and Walmart, what good is reopening going to do when everyone is laid out, gasping for air? If I had small children, they would NOT be sitting up in schools. And fuck standing on an Amazon warehouse floor. If motherfuckers want nail polish that goddamn bad, they can get off their ass and get it themselves, but I’ll not risk my health for pennies while Jeff Bezos laughs as he deposits billions more into his account while I go home to a dump and some beans.

      Shanequa, let me stop here or I’ll turn this comment into a blog. Thank you for your comment.


      1. Oh and I also wanted you to know that I too, have noticed that time is racing by faster than ever. Of course, the whites want to try and explain that a way by saying that as adults, we tend to experience that, but it’s more than that. It seems that a year now takes less than half what a year used to take to be over and done with. I also notice that when I get up, it’s damn near time for me to get back in the damn bed and I’m left wondering, “Where did the time go?” So yes, time has sped up…and how!


  2. I saw that Kamal like Obama that he supported so much LGBT and he gave so much rights for them more than
    he gave for people who looked like him!
    If she will win,she will do the same things that OBAMA did!
    KAMALA has her own agenda,I hope blacks choose with wiliness!
    Becuase her half or being colored doesn’t make one of us!
    It’s funny,just look at that half breed,the way she smiling!
    She is so confident that she will win! LOL!
    My God,she makes my eyes rolling! SMH!
    Shelby you are something else Lol!
    Your enthusiasm makes me smile!
    I wish,I could see the faces of blacks when they will seen you with your Trump T-shirt and van full of Trump flags,while you are going around with “Trump slogan” LOL

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    1. Well, the whites have labeled me crazy for screaming in pain from a car accident and so I may as well act crazy and strut around with my Trump gear on.

      Kamala Harris’s ass, if she makes it into the White House will have us all driving around, colliding with cows because you know they believe that cows are the reincarnation of dead Hindus. So in addition to worrying about colliding with deer, if that Hindu whore gets in the White House, I’m going to have to worry about colliding with deer AND cows. Ain’t that some motherfucking shit!

      And that Hindu whore has her own agenda, she is going to make sure that this shithole is filled with even MORE Hindu motherfuckers from India. They are already in an uproar about what a great thing it is for that Hindu whore to get that Vice President position because it will help their asses out. Their Hindu asses don’t need any more help. Read this shit!

      How the Kamala Harris pick is playing with Indian Americans, a fast-growing and influential voting bloc

      Harris, the daughter of an Indian mother and Jamaican father, has jolted an outpouring of support among Indian Americans, the second largest and one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in the U.S. who could play a crucial role in helping Biden clinch key battleground states in November.

      Indian Americans living in the U.S., about 4 million or 1.5% of the population, have historically been some of the strongest Democratic voters, with 77% of Indian Americans voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Many are highly educated and affluent with an average household income of $139,000 in 2018 – more than double the nationwide average – making them an attractive donor pool. MR Rangaswami, a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley and founder of Indiaspora, a nonprofit that works to increase Indian American civic participation, said fundraising is already underway.

      Those Hindus have already taken over and are super rich. I cannot name one American descendant of slavery that is a ‘venture capitalist, and yet, those cow worshiping sons-of-bitches come here on H1b visas and nothing is said when those visas expire. They even take jobs from the whites and the whites don’t even screech loudly about that shit. In fact, I only read one article that was about the whites screeching about those Hindu motherfuckers taking their jobs from them.

      Insourcing: American Lose Jobs to H-1B Visa Workers

      Disney characters sing lofty messages about finding your true self, developing your special talent and becoming successful doing what you love. Their stories never say: study to become a highly-skilled Information Technician, work hard for years at Disney, train your foreign replacement, and don’t forget to leave your benefits at the door when it slaps you on the back.

      Since October of 2014, Disney aggressively used “guest workers” for low-wage staffing to replace American workers. The H-1B, a 3-year work visa, allows foreigners to enter the country for specific jobs. Originally, H-1B visas were structured to bring in highly skilled, uniquely talented individuals if the American labor pool ran dry. But since 1990, employers have been abusing the visa program to reduce payroll and maximize profits.

      Gary Beach, of the Wall Street Journal said the H-1B visa “was intended to complement, not replace American workers. It’s gotten out of hand.”

      Americans are losing jobs to foreigners and training their replacements.

      American descendants of slavery are at the bottom of everything and yet, those goddamn Democrats are lauding the hell out of immigration because they hate American descendants of slavery and since Hilary Clinton lost last time around, the Democrats can no longer count on the Black vote like they used to. Don’t get me wrong, Black people still went strongly Democrat in the last election, but not as many voted because Black people HATED Hilary Clinton and the only reason the Democrats are running Joe Biden is because they think that because of his association with Barack Obama, that will get the Black vote out, not to mention, the Democrats don’t really care about the presidency just so long as they take back the senate. But with Hindu whore on board, they’re trying to get the Asians on their side, in particular those from India. The Democrats don’t care that millions of immigrants are here illegally and are stealing jobs from natural born citizens. That’s no skin off their backs.

      qnubian, it’s already a goddamn mess over here and the shit is about to get even messier and so that’s why I just cannot take everything too seriously anymore, I’d fucking blow my top if I did and that is why I have no problem decking my van and myself out in Trump attire and banners. Hell! I’ll probably make the news. LOL!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.


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