Michelle Obama Is Calling Out Donald Trump For Putting Migrant Children In The Very Same Cages Her Husband Built And Used To ‘Cage’ Migrant Children


Apparently, Michelle Obama did not get the memo that whatever is made public cannot be erased, not in this era of surveillance and the fact that all internet activity leaves a permanent trail so that even a dumb schmuck could find it. But no one really had to dig very deep to get to the bottom of Michelle Obama’s half truths. Oh, the hypocrisy!

AP FACT CHECK: Michelle Obama and the kids in ‘cages’

WASHINGTON (AP) — Michelle Obama assailed President Donald Trump on Monday for ripping migrant children from their parents and throwing them into cages, picking up on a frequent and distorted point made widely by Democrats.

She’s right that Trump’s now-suspended policy at the U.S.-Mexico border separated thousands of children from their families in ways that had not been done before. But what she did not say is that the very same “cages” were built and used in her husband’s administration, for the same purpose of holding migrant kids temporarily.

MICHELLE OBAMA, on Americans: “They watch in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages.” Trump used facilities that were built during the Obama-Biden administration to house children at the border. They are chain-link enclosures inside border facilities where migrants were temporarily housed, separated by sex and age.

But what I would like to know is why is Michelle Obama worried about some people that WILLINGLY came to America, knew they were here illegally and yet came anyway and expected greetings with open arms when she has yet to say a damn word about the fact that people are here, through NO fault of their own and whose ancestors were DRAGGED here and put in cages, separated from their families, sold or auctioned off, whipped, chained, shackled, raped and enslaved? That is NOT happening to people who WILLINGLY come here from across the border. But yet, those asshole Black Democrats like Michelle Obama and her step ‘n fetch it husband want to screech and wail about some migrant children being caged when her damn no good  ass husband did the very same. Bitch, shut the fuck up!

During Barack Obama’s reign, there were over 2.3 million mostly American descendants of slavery in CAGES and many of them were simply in those cages for the low level drug offense of having had on their persons, a dime bag of weed but is Michelle Obama screeching and wailing about that? Hell fucking no because all the Democrats care about is some damn immigrants and to hell with what a massive influx of immigrants is doing to assist American descendants of slavery to remain at the bottom caste of this fucked up stolen nation. Look at the goddamn chart and tell me who I should get to wailing and screeching over and hint, it damn sure ain’t some fucking immigrants.


Of course the Mexicans crossing the border aren’t dragging pockets filled with pesos and the only reason some of them are doing more poorly than some American descendants of slavery is because the whites who hire illegals pay them peanuts because they know that they are illegals and so they are not going to kick up a fuss because all the business owner has to do is place one call to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and back across the border those illegals go, only to return, of course. But that shit’s NOT on us. That shit’s on them. What the hell does anyone think that I would get if I crossed the border into Mexico besides being shot, that is. I’d get my ass fucked up and hope to hobble back across the border with all my body parts, but I damn sure as hell would not receive a warm and hearty welcome from the Mexicans. The only folks who do that are the wealthy whites and the college students during spring break. But let me take my Black ass across the border and expect to get the same treatment. Seriously??!!!

But yet, I’m supposed to get all bent-out-shape over some damn illegals when no one gives a shit for why American descendants of slavery are faring so poorly since our ancestors were DRAGGED to these shores? Nothing whatsoever has changed. We are still fucked up and we are going to remain that way because everyone and his damn dog wants to concentrate on uplifting immigrants; illegal and otherwise.

Michelle Obama’s husband did absolutely NOTHING FOR American descendants of slavery, hence why she did not speak on what her husband did FOR us because there wasn’t anything of note to speak on! And no, I did NOT watch one damn nanosecond of ANY speech, but I know damn well that bitch did NOT have the gonads to go there, I fucking know she did NOT!

Obama’s ass is why Trump is sitting inside the White House because make no mistake, American descendants of slavery, who make up just 13% of the population and a third of that number is incarcerated, could not have elected Barack Obama, alone. Whites overwhelmingly voted for that Uncle Tom piece of sell-out shit who sold us ALL down the River Styx. After that, whites said, “Fuck that shit!” And lined up and voted for Donald Trump while Black folks were still sitting around somewhere looking to the Democrats to save them. When has a goddamn Democrat did anything FOR you? On the twelfth of NEVER and they NEVER will. They’re already spouting lies, lies and damn lies at their virtual convention. Those lying bastards can host a convention, but cannot get a stimulus bill on the table, passed and signed into law so that your families don’t have to worry about starving or being evicted. What has Michelle Obama said about that? But she wants to screech and wail about some illegals and whether or not they are in cages or in the Ritz Carlton? For real??!! Tell that bitch to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up because we don’t fucking want to hear that bullshit! Her goddamn husband had EIGHT FUCKING YEARS to make a difference and what did he do with EIGHT FUCKING YEARS? Why, he used those years to feather his nest and feather it well. Those motherfuckers are living it up around rich whites. They’re not back in Chicago, doing community organizing and some more shit. They’re hobnobbing with the rich. So she needs to sit her damn depressed ass down somewhere, take some meds for that shit and take a goddamn nap. Yeah! The bitch now claims to be depressed. What the hell for? Because it’s such a problem for her to sit up in big mansions with nothing to do because now her damn ass has been deemed, passé and irrelevant because she can’t hold a state dinner anymore? Fuck that depressed bitch! “Depressed?” Michelle Obama? Yeah! That’s her claim. But she got out of that depression long enough to go to bat for some damn illegals, but has said not a goddamn word about the plight of millions of American descendants of slavery and what’s more, she never will.

American descendants of slavery, leave the Democratic party to the illegals, immigrants or whatever they’re called and go on to something new. We need to start our own party and leave both behind because neither works for us and neither ever will. We are on our own. We have always been on our own. In fact, in just a few years time, with the way things are going, the Democrats will NOT even need to attempt to look like they are trying to ‘court’ our vote because they will have enough immigrants here to be their voting bloc. We’re barely of any use to them now and they are starting to show their true colors. Slow Joe Biden has even picked an immigrant as his running mate. So what does that tell you? That Hindu whore is no Black woman. Just because she has a tint to her skin, those from India have a tint to their skin, but ask them if they claim to be Black and you’d have to shoot their ass because they’d be that offended over that shit. As American descendants of slavery, we don’t have ANY friends! And the sooner you sit up and take notice that the Democrats are NOT our friends, the sooner you can start to realize that we need our own party. And those who look like us are not on our side either. The Black politicians that are touted out each and every election year are NOT our friends. Ask yourselves why the Black community is doing so poorly even in areas that have Black politicians as their representatives? When Elijah Cummings was alive, Cummings looked out for Cummings and couldn’t have cared less about his constituents in Baltimore and the same can be said for John Lewis. So, he got his head bust open, but look where Black America is today? What was really accomplished by those who made up the Civil Rights Movement? Where have we moved? I’ll tell you where we have moved. Into homelessness. Into abject poverty. Into hunger. Into prison. Into gangs. Into drug addiction. Into the school-to-prison pipeline. Into income inequality. We have been moved out of our homes thanks to gentrification. You tell me, what did ALL of the protesting and marching actually do? Get you the right to vote? For what? What has voting done for you? The Supreme Court gutted key provisions of the Voting Rights Act. Jim Crow only morphed into gentrification and private schools for the wealthy whites and gated communities for the whites. So what did the Civil Rights Movement accomplish? The Black Panthers knew that that ‘peaceful’ this and ‘peaceful’ that was bullshit and so did Malcolm X. That is why the whites fucked them up more so than they did those who made up the Civil Rights Movement.

Racism is just as rampant today as it was when John Lewis got his head bust open and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated. You tell me, what has changed? How are we any better off? What legacy of wealth are we handing down to our children? What was all the ‘peaceful’ protesting for? How are our lives any better today? What do we own? What universities, hospitals, cable companies, banks? How many of you can find a Black doctor? A Black therapist?

Eight years of being told that we have a “Black” president, did what FOR us? So then why are we still sitting up listening to liars and conniving, scheming assholes from the party that that piece of shit came from? A hint of a tan means nothing if that person’s lineage is NOT ours. Barack Obama’s lineage is NOT ours and neither is Kamala Harris’s. You never hear her speak of her Jamaican father and believe me, just because her father is Jamaican means nothing because all Jamaicans are not Black. And even if her father is from Jamaica, his lineage is NOT ours. His story is NOT ours. There may not even be any similarities. But know this. There is no other group of people on the face of this planet with the same lineage as ours and so ask yourself this question. Why is it that every single time the whites pick someone to run as president or vice president and they have a hint of a tan, they are NOT a true American descendant of slavery, but are a hyphenated individual with immigrants for parents? Barack Obama’s mother was white and his father was an immigrant from Nyang’oma Kogelo, Kenya. Kamala Harris’s mother was from India and her father is from Jamaica. AGAIN, their heritage is NOT ours. They cannot relate to us. They don’t care about us. They never will and what’s more, the whites put those illegitimate imposters before us to try and bamboozle us. It worked with Obama. Don’t allow yourself to be bamboozled a second time. Remember the saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!” The Democrats, with their imposters, half-truths, lies and meaningless promises are at it again. Don’t be fooled THIS time around. Michelle Obama is nothing to us. She is merely another of the white man’s tool to be used to fool us yet again. Choose wisely THIS time or refuse to choose at all. The choice is yours.

12 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Is Calling Out Donald Trump For Putting Migrant Children In The Very Same Cages Her Husband Built And Used To ‘Cage’ Migrant Children

  1. These numbers reflect how loud money speaks to maintain the status quo of white supremacism. That status quo protects the interests of the immigrants who have funds from family in their “Old World.” Yet they don’t mind cutting deals that keep ADOS excluded. If you have money your voice travels rapidly within the body politic. Friends in high places fund friends in high places. Reparation is the rights of the people who were the descendants of people who didn’t even have a name — unless you count the names listed on the ship manifests that gets checked at a port of entry to preserve the value of the monetary worth of “cargo.” Restitution is not a god-damned lottery.

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    1. Bill, brilliantly stated, once again and once again, I can find NO fault with a word of your comment.

      If you look at the above chart, whites are so stupid that even those from India have surpassed them in wealth. The Japanese, whom they bombed, have surpassed them in wealth. And yet, who are the whites STILL hating on? The whites’ irrational hatred of us has led to even their downfall because as I type this, there are hundreds of thousands of them out on the streets still protesting. In fact, the Portland protests never ceased, completely since George Floyd was murdered. There are millions of whites out of a job as well thanks to this pandemic and subsequent business closures. Young adults of every hue don’t really believe they have a future and so it’s ‘no holds barred’. Every single day, I hear tell of yet another police station that was attacked. Protesters attacked the 5th precinct in South Minneapolis over the weekend and spray painted graffiti on it, smashed windows, set off industrial strength fireworks off and aimed them at the precinct while the pigs inside, hid waiting for backup. By the time backup arrived, the protesters had already gone. They even got wise and disabled the surveillance cameras. GOOD ON THEM! That was thinking on your feet, right there! Hell! Maybe they saw my post whereas I beseeched those in Chicago to do the exact same thing, take out those surveillance cameras and if they had, maybe those 100 who got themselves arrested, wouldn’t have been arrested. You’ve got to be at least three steps ahead of this shit that’s got us all under surveillance.

      Protesters vandalized the crap out of a Minneapolis police precinct

      Photos of the aftermath show windows and sidewalks spattered with black and red paint, surrounded by spray painted slogans in blue and black: “ACAB,” “FUCK KKKOPS,” “PIG STY,” and “BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS,” and, simply, “FUCK ALL OF YOU.”

      A large message printed in block lettering on a side window reads “BOB KKKROLL,” referring to Minneapolis police union head Bob Kroll, who vowed to go to bat to go to bat for the MPD officers implicated in George Floyd’s murder. Earlier that day, more than 100 Black Lives Matter protesters had rallied outside his home in Hugo, demanding both he and his wife, WCCO reporter Liz Collins, be fired from their respective jobs.

      That should be going ALL across this fucked up, sinking Titanic!

      And you are right, when someone comes over here and was a member of an upper caste like Kamala Harris’s mother was, then it is a breeze to make bank over here. Hell! Even the Africans, those from Nigeria, Ghana and hell, even from the island nation of Haiti come over here and do better than we do and don’t even get me started on the Somalis and Ethiopians. Hell, those who WILLINGLY come over here from Africa are sitting on top of us. What damn sense does that make when our ancestors built this goddamn country? That just shows me just how much whites hate our guts for something their ancestors did. Our ancestors didn’t do shit to these rabid, insane criminals. I am so goddamn tired of this shit! And then to have to continuously hear about some plight of some migrants while ours just get relegated to nothing like we don’t even exist. Let me fucking stop here before I spontaneously combust!

      Bill, thank you again, for yet another top notch and spot on comment.

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      1. Propagandists — such as classroom history text authors — use statistics to massage data into “facts” that compliment the white-supremacists that bring gospel lies to ‘instruct’ the otherwise ignorant and confused populations of Africans who were denied any attachment to the millennia of traditions over the diverse tapestry that existed before the Europeans arrived to join with Amerikkkan Manifest Destiny. The “Founding Fathers” granted themselves the freedom to take liberties with their property.
        Immigrants merge together in some “melting pot” to morph them into what is mostly a mixture of white Europeans. Slaves are the torched kindling to heat that ‘melting pot.’ The kindling becomes embers, the embers set fresh firewood ablaze to melt fresh immigrants in that god-damned pot from Hell.

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      2. Well, all I know is that some immigrants are about to learn what it means to ‘trust the whites’ because in Minneapolis, those immigrants who owned those businesses that got burned to the ground have been applying for permits to rebuild and they are being denied those permits. Apparently, the whites are about to GENTRIFY what used to be “IMMIGRATION CENTRAL.” The only problem with that is that since the riots, crime has soared in Minneapolis and the rich, so-called progressive liberals or whatever they call themselves have now been begging the city NOT to disband the police force because of the out-of-control crime. You see, Minneapolis used to be pretty much well controlled, but not anymore. Folks have become more emboldened and they are not quieting down. And I don’t think they ever will for what have they got to lose? I just read that unemployment is soaring and even in my area, there are a few ‘hiring’ signs, but no one wants to work in those fast food places for fear of catching COVID. This is the perfect storm of devastation, chaos, destruction and bedlam and I’m loving it. Also, California is on fire, AGAIN! Some storms are churning in the Atlantic and shit ain’t looking so good. But that’s ALL good news to me.

        Thank you for your comment Bill.

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      3. The stock market has completely regained all its capital control. COVID is the great insulator that keeps the white-controlled wealth even more disgustingly concentrated there. Property is intensely whiteified, and it was already white as gentrified Hell. California is inhabited by the richest and most decadent. Climate change is creating entirely novel weather demons that are capable of dealing them the death card in the Golden State. Climate change holds all the cards


      4. Climate change, does indeed, hold ALL the cards. What COVID-19 doesn’t deliver, climate change will and what’s more, climate change is going to affect us ALL. The rich whites will NOT be spared either.

        Thanks Bill.

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  2. All of this is exactly what I felt when I heard her speak. I heard her speak for a couple of minutes and started tuning her out because I knew she was on some BS. And why didn’t Biden and Harris speak at their OWN convention? Everybody had something to say but they were nowhere to be found. I found that kind of weird. Also, this is why I take none of these people seriously who act like Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to America. Trump is a scapegoat. America has ALWAYS had shitty, racist presidents. They’re attacking Trump to hide what they have done, the Obamas included. And I’ve been saying black people need their own political party for a while now, but for some strange reason, after centuries of doing NOTHING for us, black people still believe in these politicians enough to continue voting for them. I don’t get it. I’m sick of everybody acting like Trump is the reason why America is the way it is today. America has ALWAYS been this way. People have to stop fooling themselves. I believe this scapegoating of Trump is the democrats way of trying to win this election. They have no other plan besides convincing everyone that Trump is so bad, we should want anybody except him. They know nobody wants to vote for Biden and Harris.

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    1. According to what I read today, Harris is slated to speak tonight and Biden, on Thursday which will also include his acceptance speech, but they can all go to hell as far as I am concerned. Also that piece of shit, foreign born sell-out, Barack Obama is scheduled to speak Wednesday night as well.

      You are exactly right! Trump IS the scapegoat. Those damn liars, thieves, con artists, war criminals, thugs and debased creatures are the exact SAME as Trump. They are no different from Trump and how the hell they have the gonads to call out Trump for doing exactly what they have done, still do and will continue to do is the extreme end of hypocrisy. Trump is no worse than anything else that has slithered inside the White House and I am including Barack Obama in that as well. Because he fucked us up just as bad as any wholly white motherfucker has and so how is Trump any worse? He is NOT!

      All those criminals, including slick Willy Clinton had the nerve to go there. I just hate outrageous hypocrisy and big ass HUGE, flaming liars! And that is what ALL Democrats are especially when they are trying to attempt to get everyone to understand that they are a better alternative to the Republicans when both are equally as corrupt, criminal and savage. There is not a thimble full of difference between the two. The only difference is that the Republicans let you know, out right that they are on some bigoted, racist, “I don’t give a damn about your ass because I’m a racist, see…..as well as a stomp down, flaming bigot,” time while the Democrats are on some, “I’m with you, I feel your pain, vote for me and a good life you will gain,” time when they know they are lying like a rug. The Democrats will even tell lies about the things they’ve done FOR us when they ain’t did shit FOR us. Obama’s ass sold us ALL out and yet, they are still pretending that he was the best thing for us since the goddamn wheel.

      And as far as American descendants of slavery is concerned, NO ONE HAS HAD OUR BACK. Read this shit while I weep!

      Denver police look for masked suspects in fire that killed 5

      DENVER (AP) — Police released a surveillance photo Tuesday of three people believed to have started a house fire in suburban Denver that killed five recent immigrants from the West African nation of Senegal.

      nvestigators said the suspects, wearing full face masks and dark hoodies, fled in a dark-colored sedan after the fire was set in the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood, a relatively new development of closely spaced homes near Denver International Airport. Some Muslim advocacy groups have called on police to consider the possibility of a hate crime.

      A ‘hate crime’? Masked men, allegedly set the house on fire and already, there are calls from MUSLIM groups to have this declared a “HATE CRIME” when they don’t even know who set the house on fire.

      house fire in Denver

      But what I would like to know is this, how did all of these recent immigrants from the West African nation of Senegal come over here and instantly obtain a nice house in a new development in Denver, CO? American descendants of slavery who were born here can’t do that shit, but yet, RECENT IMMIGRANTS FROM THE WEST AFRICAN NATION OF SENEGAL can come over here and instantaneously get housed in nice townhouses. What kind of shit is that? American descendants of slavery are walking the streets, homeless, in every state and in every city in this shithole while IMMIGRANTS are flying over here and being housed, instantaneously. That shows us just where we stand, underneath shit!

      I don’t have a gnat’s ass worth of sympathy, condolences or anything else for these damn immigrants that need to stay their asses over in their fucking country on their fucking continent. They wouldn’t have to worry about ‘hate groups’ if they had and so if they expect me to get out the purple crepe, the violins and the hymns for their dead asses, they can just get buried already. I’ll save my wailing, moaning and gnashing of teeth for those who are like me, fucked up and that shit’s not about to change.

      This same shit is going on ALL across this country and that is why folks are going the fuck off because they are sick and tired of hearing that immigrants are coming over here and are taking our jobs, our housing and every goddamn thing else while we are expected to sit back on the curb with our hefty bags and not have a problem with it. I don’t give a damn about those motherfuckers that got fried, toasted and oven roasted. They CHOSE to come here and since they did, they got what they asked for. Stay in YOUR own damn country on YOUR own damn continent and they wouldn’t have been fried, toasted and oven roasted. What’s good for us is good for them. If American descendants of slavery have been lynched, had our shit bombed, and burned to the ground, then why do those motherfuckers who willingly come here think that they are, somehow above that shit happening to them? Entire Black cities were burned to the ground. The Black Wall Street was burned to the ground. The MOVE headquarters in Philadelphia was bombed. The Black Panthers were all either killed, imprisoned or are in exile and yet we’ve got some damn tears to shed for some motherfuckers who CHOSE to come here? Fuck if I do!

      And you are right AGAIN! Don’t nobody want to vote for Biden and Harris and I’ll see hell freeze over before I just sit back and do nothing to try and stop that shit! If it’s got to be Trump, then it’s got to be Trump. But at least he let’s you know what the fuck he is. I cannot abide hypocrites and Biden/Harris are two of the biggest! Fuck those motherfuckers!

      Mysparkingthoughts, I sincerely thank you for your comment. As you can see, it got me going, AGAIN!

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      1. You’re welcome. And everything your comment said is true. The media tries very hard to get everyone to feel sorry for these immigrants who are racist to black people and get things black people don’t get. All of these people in politics are evil sell outs as far as I’m concerned. I could care less about any one of them.

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      2. Try as the media might to get me to feel sorry for those immigrants, I will NEVER feel sorry for them because they CHOSE to come here and whatever they get, they wanted it because otherwise they could have stayed their damn asses where they came from. They’ve got a passport and they can use it and get the fuck out. But they have it too good over here, for the time being. But one thing I do know and that is that the whites’ shit is about to get fucked up and that means that those whom they have propped are about to get their shit fucked up as well. So, whomever aligns themselves with the whites are going to get the same shit the whites are going to get. They can count on it and none of it is going to be good. Just sit back and watch the shit ALL unfold. No politician of ANY stripe can save any of them from the fallout. They may as well vote for Howdy Doody for all the good it’ll do them. The shit ain’t even got good and started yet, but it will. Mark my words.

        Thanks again!

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      3. Hey lioness sorry its been so long since i have wrote ya.i been sittin back watching this shit unfold.as i have stated and you yourself have reiterated many times the fuck over is that we are at fucking war! I will say this again..there is a reason these alladin on crack lookin muthafuckas can come over here on expired visas or no visas at all and set up shop the fuck in our few remaiming neighborhoods we got left…same for the “affrikkans jamaicans and all so called “people of color” which in itself is a fucking joke..the reason is again and i got plenty of proof of this shit is because ADDOS are the lost tribe of judah hebrew israelites! We are the most high gods people and the whole fucking world knows it at least the ones in power sure do..which is why we are hated the fuck so bad smfh..until we learn the art of war we gonna stay in this state.it dont take rocket science to no that coon train fucks like michelle obama or obama himself or kamilla harris aint your fucking friend! How someone treats you shld dictate how the rock wit ya! Thats like a muthafucka male or female tellin your silly ass how much they love ya but treat ya like shit? U think they love ya after they just got finnished whoopin yo ass?! Wtf..u tell em kick rocks and go get the fuck.only a stupid muthafucka gonna keep believing dat shit and at that point it will be on your ass if your stupid ass stay..same goes for us wit this shit right here being put in front of us. Harris harelot ass and senile biden think AADO5/israelites are stupid asses and if we vote for there desolate asses then we will deserve wtf we get! I dont care about no fucking immigrants all of em can kiss my ass .want our support for political reasons but hate our asses and exploit our asses and we let em..were im from if i no u dont fuck wit me but u in my face and space then its on and da fuck popin! South bx style son! Aint no docile shit here! U dont win a war with a savage like whites and there minions by actin like a dicile little bitch! The panthers malcolm and a few others understood dat shit..fast forward now? Sorry ass shit..time for war AADOS/israel bc its at our door ..now what da fuck are we gonna do about it…keep at it lioness we cutt from same cloth..will holla at ya again soon…d.martinez

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      4. Hello D. Martinez, good to see you. Man, it’s been something else, as you know. Shit hitting the fan, left and right and the shit ain’t gonna let up, that’s for damn sure. And I don’t mind putting it out there. What the fuck do I have to lose??!!!

        But don’t lose hope because many of us are waking up to the fact that we are at war and that is why we are forming militias and are joining gun clubs and many ADOS women are learning to shoot. I’m not going to tell ALL that we are up to because I don’t need to make my enemy’s job any easier, but we are NOT Martin Luther King Jr., and his merry band of ‘peaceful’ protesters. Oh hell no!

        Some of us know that we don’t have ANY friends! The Haitians are NOT our friend. The Jamaicans are NOT our friend. The Asians are NOT our friend. Those Pakistanis and shits from India are NOT our friend; none of that shit from Asia are our friends and we know this.

        These stupid white motherfuckers are crazy as fuck over here. How the hell you gone let someone that you had to bomb to stop a war get richer than your ass is because the Japanese are richer than many whites, so are those Hindu motherfuckers from India. That sushi and curry must be damn good to them whites since they’ve made those fuckers even more wealthy than many of them are. The last thing I’d do is eat a meal prepared by a motherfucker whose country mine bombed. That don’t even sound right, but hey! Whites are crazy, man! We know that.

        And no, I don’t care about these damn immigrants either. What the fuck are they supposed to mean to me? I’m supposed to wail and moan because some migrants got locked in a cage? Hell! 2.3 million of those who look like me are locked in cages and ain’t nobody getting their panties or boxers in a bunch over that vile ass shit! Fuck those goddamn migrants!

        And you know one thing about me d.martinez, ain’s shit docile about me. Why these motherfuckers come up in here, I don’t know because they damn sure ain’t liking what they see. I make sure of that. But you are welcome anytime. Don’t be a stranger and stay safe out on these mean streets! Because remember, it is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!

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