For Those Of You Who Keep Coming To My Blog Looking For REPARATIONS, They’re Not Here, But If You Find REPARATIONS FOR AMERICAN DESCENDANTS OF SLAVERY, Let Me Know!

For some reason, this blog is getting a lot of attention due to a blog I put up years ago on REPARATIONS. In fact, a former blogger who went by “Kushite Prince” had posted a chart about REPARATIONS and I posted the chart along with a poem. So, I am posting this to save you the trouble of clicking on the former blog by “Kushite Prince,” since it is no longer available. Thanks to COVID-19 and Donald J. Trump, “Kushite Prince” got scared and deleted his entire blog and flew the coop. So, since many of you have tried to click the link to his now deleted blog, this would be why you are being sent to an error message instead. And so I only have this left over from Prince’s blog.

via Kushite Prince’s now deleted blog




Reparations, yes the Jews received; the Japanese as well.

Yet, descendants of the slaves are told to “go to hell!”

The Holocaust was shocking; that is widely understood.

How can we break the chains of slavery? There’s no way we ever could.

Black backs were broke and lashed, and rape was just the thing.

But the Jews, for their misery received what’s due a king.

Internment camps were used to detain the Japanese,

who received compensation soon after their release.


Descendants of the slaves are enslaved unto this day.

They are used and abused in every single way.

Why were they never paid for the slavery of the past?

But the Jews are quite rich; indeed, their wealth is vast.

Is it all because of who they are and that their skin’s not Black?

Or is it due to attitudes that slavery’s not a fact?

If you buy yourself a human, you’re a nasty piece of work.

And if you lash his back and maim him, you’re more than just a jerk.


The slaves suffered much and they had nowhere to turn.

They were three-fifths of a person; no money did they earn.

A nation took from Indians and built on slavery too.

And with each new generation, their boot will land on you.

Do not speak of recompense, as it blows into the wind.

No descendant of a slave should ever be the white man’s friend.



Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Look at the reparations chart! Even the Japanese were rewarded or compensated for having been placed in internment camps and they came to this shithole, WILLINGLY. And next, look at the chart at where the Japanese stand today with regards to wealth.



The Japanese have more wealth than the whites! They sure got back at you bastards for bombing their shit, didn’t they? And I wonder what’s in that sushi you’ve been tearing up? But I don’t want to know bad enough to try some. No thank you! If I had bombed people, there is no way in hell that I would be eating what they were cooking, but you whites love living dangerously, so go right ahead! You’ve been lapping up whatever is in it, anyway!

And ask yourself this question, “Have you EVER seen a homeless Jew? Yeah, I know, you don’t have to think very hard because you haven’t. Now ask yourself THIS question, with the Democrats screeching about Russian interference in the last election, how many HOMELESS Russians have you seen? Don’t need a minute to think on that one do you? Yeah! I know. There are none. Now let me ask you THIS question. How many homeless Hindu cow worshipers who hailed from INDIA, have you seen? You don’t even need a nanosecond to come up with the answer to that one either because the answer is “NONE!”

But let’s get to the clincher. Who built this country? Was it the Jews? Was it the Japanese? Was it those who hail from India? Was it the Mexicans? I’ll give you a hint. On the “REPARATIONS” chart, it’s the group at the VERY BOTTOM! And look where they are on the other chart, at the very bottom in wealth, meaning we have no wealth as descendants of slavery.

Have you seen any HOMELESS AMERICAN DESCENDANTS OF SLAVERY? You are saying to yourself, “Self, they are ALL I do see, that is, when I even deign to ‘see’ them, the unsightly, eyesores they are.” How did that happen and why? It happened because whites made it happen. Why? Ask yourself that question, whites! Ask yourself what you have against American descendants of slavery and why. Go ahead! And I’ll wait a good long time for that response because it should take a good long time to come up with ANY response seeing as how we have done NOT a goddamn thing to you sick ass twisted bastards! But you welcome every single damn group over here and put them over us and then point the finger at us and exclaim about how we don’t try and help ourselves. We have tried EVERY damn thing and what did we get for our efforts? We got our cities burned to the ground. You remember Rosewood, don’t you? You remember the Tulsa Race Massacre, don’t you? You remember that we had The Black Wall Street…and what happened to that? Why, you whites burned it to the ground, killing hundreds and you got away with that shit. What did whites do to the MOVE headquarters in Philadelphia? You bombed that and thought nothing of killing our children. You’ve bombed our churches killing our children. You’ve lynched us, initiated Jim Crow with separate entrances to restaurants, motels, schools; the whole nine yards and still you say, “American descendants of slavery are NOT due reparations.” Well, let me tell you something. The shit that is going down today all across this planet is a direct result of a debt you OWE and you ARE going to pay in one form or another. And since you did NOT want to pay that debt, the easy way, you ARE going to pay that debt, the hard way, but pay it, YOU WILL! Now, you can take that to the bank!

Your shit is going to get so fucked up, you will NEVER recover. California, as I type this is on fire, AGAIN. Hurricanes are churning in the Atlantic. A pandemic is closing your businesses. You are not out in the streets protesting over the death of George Floyd. What the fuck do you care about an American descendant of slavery getting his neck crushed? You’ve done nothing about the shit that you have been knowingly visiting on us for hundreds of years. Your ass is out on the streets, en masse because your ass is terrified that life as you knew it is over. And believe me, it is! You’re about to lose your shit and your shit means everything to you. Your shit is your status symbol and without it, you are NOTHING! That is why your asses are quick to suck on a gun because once you hit “dirt poor” status, it’s UNDER the dirt for you!

The sun is going to burn your asses up! And if the sun don’t get your ass, some worse shit than COVID-19 is next on the menu. So you keep on with your irrational hatred of those of us who are here through no fault of our own while you prop up those who willingly CAME here because you let them come here or better yet, crossed an ocean and flew them here for the express purpose of putting them over us just like you did with the Somalis, Ethiopians, Nigerians, Vietnamese and the list is endless. All of those groups are faring extremely well while those who are like me are sleeping on city streets in tents or cardboard boxes. They are in filthy homeless shelters being treated worse than shit. But through it all, we are still here. We are the “in your face” proof that you are evil, personified. There is nothing humanitarian or benevolent about you, whites! You are stinking, maggot coated shit! And you are going to pay for that! So, go right ahead and try and bamboozle some Black folks that “Black Lives Matter” to you with your hypocritical sign holding ass. But you will NEVER fool me, not ever! And there are millions more of us that your lame ass shit will NOT fool! And we are going to watch your shit, crash and burn and crash and burn, it will. Count on it! You see, you’ve only strengthened us because we have been down for hundreds of years, but your white asses are about to join us! And believe me, you are NOT going to want THAT to happen because have you seen the news lately? No? I’ll give you a hint.

More Black Americans are buying firearms. Rising racial tension after the George Floyd protests and the COVID-19 pandemic have triggered fears for their safety.

More Black Americans have been buying firearms and joining gun clubs in recent months, according to the National African American Gun Association (NAGAA).

Damon Finch, the president of an all-black gun club in New York, told Business Insider that he has also witnessed a surge in membership in recent weeks, with Black women taking a particular interest.

The number of Black Americans buying firearms and joining gun clubs has increased dramatically in the last few months, according to the National African American Gun Association (NAGAA).

But NAGAA isn’t the only organization that is witnessing this trend.

Damon Finch, the president of the all-black Hudson Valley Nubian Gun Club in New York, told Business Insider that numbers have “doubled or tripled” almost every time the group holds weekly meetings.  

You see, whites, we ain’t Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whispering some shit that ‘peaceful’ is the way to go. We’re fucking tired of marching with the same, lame ole tired ass protest signs that are over four hundred years old! Oh no! We locked and loaded. And those of us who didn’t know how to use a gun are learning. So keep fucking with us and you are going to learn that though we have been ‘peaceful’ for over four hundred years, that’s about to change! We ain’t fucking around!

And I’ll leave you with a little hint of just how fed up we are!

Pay My Goddamn Claim!

I don’t give a damn about this country.
And hell no! I never will.
So, you say that I should leave.
I’ll leave when you pay my bill.

White motherfuckers owe me.
And the account is way past due.
If the Jews got paid for the holocaust,
why didn’t slavery earn some revenue?

Oh that’s right, I’m a Black sheep.
And not the anointed chosen one.
I’m descended from slaves in the field
And from those kissed by the sun.

What was wrong then is wrong today.
But the shit is still the same.
Forget about hearing me praise this shit.
Just pay my goddamn claim!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

I refuse to let this shithole forget who built it. Built on the backs of my ancestors who received not a goddamn dime in payment for services rendered. It’s way past time to pay up. They’re dead, but we’re here to collect. Every goddamn body else can receive compensation for wrongs throughout history except for the slaves and their descendants. Our ancestors did not come here willingly to build this godforsaken shithole and then their descendants get treated like dogs and jailed and killed, indiscriminately. This country don’t mean shit to me and it never will. And I have no problem making that fact, well known. I would never take up arms in defense of this shit. Defend what? The slaughtering of innocent people all over the world? Hell! It started with the Indians and then just continued to present day. What’s changed? Not a goddamn thing! This country started out with blood on its hands and has had no problem with maintaining the status quo ever since. Who are the shits that initiate and instigate this? Oh, yeah! You know! We ALL know! The truth is ugly and that’s why it always gets ‘whitewashed’. Well this is a ‘whitewash’ free zone. And it’s also a bullshit free zone. I don’t pretty shit up. I tell it like it is!

And don’t hand me no bullshit about what’s going down in Africa. I’m in America, goddamn it! Whatever’s going down in Africa, they didn’t drag my ancestors to America and now we have the school to prison pipeline called, the new ‘slavery’? Exactly!

Make sure to read the announcement real good. One hundred and fifty Negroes in fine form, for sale. And today, there are over 2.3 million of them for sale to the prison industrial complex. What the fuck’s changed? PAY OUR GODDAMN CLAIM!


9 thoughts on “For Those Of You Who Keep Coming To My Blog Looking For REPARATIONS, They’re Not Here, But If You Find REPARATIONS FOR AMERICAN DESCENDANTS OF SLAVERY, Let Me Know!

  1. Speak the truth Shelby you are in accord with the righteousness of the universe which was built and is sustained by the truth. The truth only needs to be acknowledged by those of us (which should be every ADOS DOAS FBA. So called American Negroes) because the truth is in our favor. No amount of denial or spin obliterate this fact. As for the immigrants who follow the lie of America for gain at our expense while denying our plight and in cases denigrating us are either ignorant at best or flat out lying and willingly going along with Americas program of suppressing us. I believe it’s the latter. When America falls we will do well not to accept false motion of friendship with them. Very true regarding the white8 supposedly protesting on our behalf. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke of the hypocritical trick of our 400yr old open enemy all of a sudden becoming our friend.

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    1. Yele66, not one ADOS should EVER consider a white motherfucker, our friend. I don’t care how many fake ass signs and posts of solidarity they put together. The only reason whites are out on the streets is because they don’t have a job either! They don’t give a shit about no George Floyd. Where the fuck were they at when Sandra Bland was murdered in a Texas jail cell? Where the fuck were they at when Freddie Gray was murdered? Where the fuck were they at when Tamir Rice and Renisha McBride, were murdered. Where were they at when seven-year old Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley-Jones, was murdered by kkkops as she lay sleeping in her bed? Where were they when Eric Garner had the life choked out of him on a New York street?

      But, all of a sudden, along comes George Floyd, and whites steal a goddamn conscience? Buy some goddamn empathy? Fuck no. George Floyd came at the exact same time that a pandemic came along and whites were just starting to feel the effects of mass business closures, lockdowns, quarantines and some more shit. Those white motherfuckers don’t give a shit about George Floyd. They’re just using what happened to him as an excuse to get out on the streets because they’ve got no jobs to go to. In fact, it’s been the whites all along that’s been doing the most destructive shit.

      And all an ADOS has to do is look around at who the whites have been propping up all along to see just where the fuck we stand. All IMMIGRANTS, illegal or otherwise are doing better than we are and that shit is by design. Whites are even propping up the Vietnamese and we have folks in our family who were killed fighting in Vietnam. What.The.Fuck. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and yet, the Japanese are more wealthy than millions of whites. What fucking sense does that make? And yet we have done nothing to those deranged, psychopaths, but we are the ones sitting on the curb, homeless and some more shit. But now, the whites want us to understand that “They feel our pain.” Like hell they do. They are the reasons for it.

      I would never turn my back on those monstrosities; those creatures! They have shown themselves for what they are, times too numerous to count and what they are are our sworn enemy; our mortal foe and that is NEVER going to change. If we don’t take anything from history, we should take what the Indians said, “White man speak with forked tongue.” “Be wary of whites bringing gifts.” Small pox blankets, anyone? Firewater, anyone? If a white motherfucker is cozying up to you with a sign stating that “Black Lives Matter,” don’t ever be fooled by that fake ass shit because our lives have NEVER mattered to those pasty assed, parasitic, savage, debased monsters! Me? Trust a white motherfucker? NEVER! And those immigrants that they prop up are going to lose their shit alongside the whites. In fact, that shit is already happening. In Minneapolis, the so-called immigrants are requesting building permits to rebuild their shit that was originally built with our tax dollars, well now, the city officials are denying them building permits. Guess the fuck why. The whites are now planning on GENTRIFYING the area of the location of where the businesses that were immigrant owned and were burned down during the recent riots. Yeah! The immigrants TRUSTED the whites! HA! That’s what they fucking get! The whites let that shit burn because they were just sitting back waiting on getting their hands on that prime real estate. Well, it seems as though they are, problem is, the protesters are still fucking shit up and the so-called, liberal progressives or whatever the fuck they consider themselves to be are begging the city of Minneapolis NOT to defund or disband the kkkops because crime is now out-of-control. HA! I’m loving it. Shit is hitting the fan left and right and there ain’t no light at the end of the shit hitting the fan tunnel. Pandora’s box has been opened and there ain’t no closing it again! It’s too damn little, too damn late because millions have nothing left to lose. Every damn body and his dog are going to be out on the streets. lighting shit up because what else have they to do?

      Yele66, I thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated.


  2. Shelby as a person of DOAS I am not only just outraged by these results,it is not enough to call all wp evils,
    they are living reincarnation of Satan!
    Black were treated worse than animals by them,now Shelby wp are changed the history day by day,they are rewriting the slavery in USA,they are saying that it’s wrong that African American people are saying that ”were 400 years”,second wp saying that ”were 246 years against 400 years” Then they go saying that Southerners States didn’t own slaves? Do you believe this bullshit? I don’t !
    So I want to ask them what fuck it was American Civil war? The war between the United States against Confederate States? The South motherfucker wanted to keep slavery?I mean,I wasn’t born in the USA and I lived all my life in Europe,the European schools teach American histories!
    ”Truth that African Americans have been free in this country for less time than they were enslaved. Do the maths : Blacks have been free for 149 years which means that most Americans are two to three generations removed from slavery.” This was written by an African American woman,do you believe her? I don’t!
    The way I see it,it’s kind of justified wp actions or see the wp actions in a less inhuman and positive way! 
    How come they say Southerners States didn’t own slaves? Please,if them dumb bitch want to change the history of slavery in the USA makes sure you do in proper way! Because you wp sound retarded!
    They didn’t allow black slaves to read and study,not only to fear of revolution,fear to know our true identity and roots,but wp were scared that blacks could find out the rights and benefits as worker,they didn’t want blacks to questions or thinking about that the condition that black slaves weren’t only inhumane but they were against any dignity of human being!
    When a black slaves were too clever or started to questioning too much,they killed him straight away,they didn’t want him/her to influence other blacks!
    Wp got rich on top of the backs of our ancestors,all the richness resources they have today are stained with the blood of innocent black slaves,and they don’t feel sorry at all!
    Shelby wp will never pay for our reparations,because the descendants of these white slave masters are saying that ”they weren’t involved in what their ancestors were doing,slavery was so long ago,my family didn’t own slaves”
    but the same time their ancestors have left all their inheritance to their descendants until the last generations!
    So slavery is dead,its belong to the past and blacks should get over it,but there are some wp that wouldn’t mind if slavery come back!
    The reason wp don’t want to be friends or be around blacks because of guilty of slavery,we are the living proof of descendants of slaves,and when we are in their face,they refuse to acknowledged and they don’t want take responsibility form the past,because they didn’t do shit and slavery doesn’t concern them or touch them!
    But Hollywood can’t never spend a time to do a new slavery movies,yes they don’t want us to get over with it but,
    they can’t miss a chance to throw in our faces ”that black were only slaves in history” OK,you go figured it!
    Giving up reparations to blacks means losing all their wealthy asses and rich resources that their ancestors directly or indirectly have left for them,wp by nature are selfish and greedy
    and all the reasons in this world,they will never give you anything that you know that you are in the right to have!
    So the majority of wp today believe that it isn’t their duty to give reparation to blacks,but it was the duty of their ancestors because they were the one who owned slaves!
    In conclusion the majority wp believe that blacks don’t need reparations!

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    1. qnubian, whites have been rewriting history books in order to whitewash the vicious shit they’ve done and still, the stench of what they have done cannot be covered up, it cannot be hidden for there is proof of their debased, savage, predatory, parasitic, thieving, lying, murderous ways to be found all over this world. Not one corner of the globe has been spared. There are none more dangerous to this earth and her TRUE people than the whites and the earth has gotten fed up with the whites’ shit. Climate change is going to be their undoing. What the TRUE humans on this earth could not accomplish, this earth will for she is the ultimate destroyer of those who try and destroy her and she knows who her enemies are. They are not the dark skinned people, especially ADOS, DOAS; we are not the enemy of this earth.

      Whites had plenty of opportunity to do the right thing and they chose not to and so they will be forced to. All across this planet, whites are losing their shit, especially here at ground zero and the shit is only hitting the fan worse and worse as each day comes. Whites are their THINGS. Take those from them and they are NOTHING. They are not spiritual, they lack empathy, compassion; they lack a soul. Those dead creatures will cease to even appear before us because their time on this planet is up. That is why they are rabid in the extreme shit they visit on others, especially us. Already, they are dying off and they are the ones that need ‘fertility’ treatments. They are the ones who are eyeball deep in Dermatology clinics getting a suspicious mole checked out on their ass. But soon, that will be the least of their worries. Wait for it and you will not have long to wait. I promise you.

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  3. America will pay reparations willingly or not. Never in the annals of history has the once enslaved ever been free in the same land with the descendants of those that did the enslavement. (That was reason the children of Israel had to leave pharoah) The wicked cannot remain in a universe built on truth. It would be in white people best interest to do justice to ADOS. We will be separated from them with a good send off. Lying about the time of the enslavement does not make it so. We (ADOS. DOAS FBA So called American Negroes) separated from whites would produce what the eye has not seen what the ear has not heard nor what man has been able to perceive or conceive what is at the end of the white mans world(biblical and quranilly speaking). America has not been able to accomplish anything of worth without us they are afraid(it would kill the lie that we could not live without them) to lose (but they. must) the foundation that produced the wealth of America.

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    1. Like I stated previously, whites could have done it the easy way, but apparently, they want it done the hard way and so the hard way, it is. But reparations WILL be paid, in one form or another and even if it means, bringing them down to where they have kept us, that’s fine with me too because a more deserving bunch of thieves, liars and murderers never slithered on this planet.

      Also, as I stated to Bill on another comment, climate change is going to impact ALL whites, it does not matter if they are rich or poor; they are ALL going to be impacted just as many of them are now. And since their pallid, flimsy flesh cannot withstand the ravages of climate change, I do believe this world is trying to help destroy those who are trying to destroy us. Either way, whites are going to be destroyed. Their number is about up and what’s more, they know this. If they fail to see what is upon them, it is only because they choose to be blind to it. But they are going to get what’s due them, and in spades.


    2. Remember queen yele we are the children of israel of the bible and these white asses in powet no this..this is why we have no friends.this was prohisied to happy to us for our disobedience to the tmh deuteronomy i will send u the text .it explains the curses we wd face in this land not of our own..we fit the curses. We are the most amazing oeople on earth.and soon soul sista the kkkrackas time will be done .and they no it..tmh will make them pay to what was done to his beloved people US..AADOS who are the real children of israel..they kept dat shit from us but now we startin to no .the jig is the fuck up for em now. Hold tite soul sista shit bout to get really real before its time. . Shalom..i am Derrick D rock Martinez i am a original founding member of the legendary rock steady crew one of the greatest street dance crews in history .formed in the belly of the beast during the birth of hip hop culture in the summer of hell in the south bx of 1977″..shelby is my girl she spits fire. Shalom


  4. @Shelby,when I was a little girl while I was victim of vile racism by wp,I always thought to myself,
    why I can’t wake up tomorrow morning and wp are gone? Why I can’t see their faces anymore?
    I always prayed to God or Mother of Nature,”please get rid off of them and their demonic presents”,
    because blacks and this world can’t breath!
    Now as adult grown woman I just smile with sanctification,thinking about that by 2040 to 2060 wp will be gone forever!
    You can’t believe how happy I am! I just wish to be alive in 2050 because I will have party in my house to celebrate this moments!
    But blacks will be aware by Hispanic people in USA because their numbers will grown,and Hispanic people don’t like blacks,and someone long time ago told me ”you are wishing for wp to disappear but be careful to Chinese people and Asian people,maybe they will be the next colonisers or next enemies of black people!”
    What I say the current enemy of black people are wp,and they are the one who declared war on us many centuries ago,blacks want or wan’t to accept wp are our enemy!
    Destruction of Black Civilisation,Slavery,Reparation,Jim crow,Segregation,Apartheid,Police brutality and the Hatred for blacks people all over the world because of wp,I can carry on say more,but all these events
    perpetuated by them,this show that we can’t living with them peacefully,because first they never wanted,
    the only thing is ”they need to go and disappear from the face of this Planet!”
    500 years ago they went around the world destroyed and cleaned the original inhabitants from their lands and Countries,now is their turn!
    Do I feel sorry? No at all,I am only disappointed that the process went so slow, if only the process of cleaning this Planet from their presence could be more fast,I was more happy!
    Do I feel compassion? Yes I feel compassion but I don’t feel compassion for them,blacks who think that we should feel sorry or ”WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEING”,for me these blacks can go together with their white lovers or friends!
    Wp are promoting IR because they need our DNA and melanin to survive,blacks who fall to their propaganda, they are only doing wp favour!
    IR will never help them or add more number to make their population grown,when the rest of world population is made by coloured people,so?
    They kidnap our sisters because they want black wombs! Yeah,they kidnap BW for their wombs,
    so they can transfer inside of corpse skin of WW! They said that ”when they have our organs they feel alive or more stronger!” They can try to change or delay but they can’t escape from their destiny!
    The Sun hates them with passion,every time the use the N-word or murder a black person,I wish they get skin cancer!
    I wish when they go to the beaches and expose their corpse skin to the Sun, the Sun will burn them alive!
    It’s funny that they fucked up this Planet to make uninhabited for all of us,they don’t even realise that
    they can’t anymore live in the Planet,because the Sun it is getting closer and closer on Earth and the Sun’s rays are getting more powerful with each passing year,I mean the next 40 and 50 years,of course they will not long be here!

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    1. It is SO true what you have stated qnubian, the earth and the sun are getting in line to put paid to the whites. Several years ago, I went to a dermatologist because of a dark spot on my leg and he told me that it was nothing to worry about. In fact, he told me that in his 30 years of being a dermatologist, only ONE person who was like me, had skin cancer, only ONE. He said that we really don’t have to worry about that type of cancer. But that whites on the other hand, need to worry, especially those with red hair. Now, that’s what he said.

      Also, I just saw this article and it also fits in with what you are saying.

      ‘Pothole’ in space: Evolving dent in Earth’s magnetic field may impact satellites, spacecraft

      There’s an evolving dent in Earth’s magnetic field over South America and the southern Atlantic Ocean – and NASA says it can cause “big headaches” for satellites.

      The South Atlantic Anomaly, or SAA, an unusually weak spot in Earth’s magnetic field, is growing and splitting into two lobes. For Earthlings, the SAA creates no noticeable harm on the ground – but in space, the anomaly is like a “pothole” for satellites and spacecraft.

      “Earth’s magnetic field acts like a protective shield around the planet, repelling and trapping charged particles from the Sun,” NASA said in a news release Monday.

      But it added that the SAA “allows these particles to dip closer to the surface than normal.”

      There are going to be more ‘anomalies’ that ARE going to impact those whose skin is pallid and flimsy. This is just the beginning. They can try and calm themselves all they want by saying that this anomaly is not going to have any effects on what happens to some beings on this planet, but this is only the beginning. Changes are taking place ALL the time and with what the whites have done to this planet and we ALL know that whites caused global warming, do they seriously think that the shit that is going to go down in space is NOT going to impact their asses in any way? If they believe that, they are seriously delusional. We have a protective melanin coating for a reason. Whites lack that coating for a reason. And all will play out like it is supposed to. I understand that it has taken longer than we would like, but everything in its own time. And that time is come.

      Why do you think that inbred ape, Prince Harry married that halfbreed Markle bitch? It’s because he wanted whatever would be hatched between the two of them to stand a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving because that piece of shit Harry was dating a white woman before he took up with Markle and that white bitch thought that they were going to get married, but someone must have clued him in to the situation and they apparently, thought that a halfbreed would suffice. It’s not, but hey! If they want to believe that shit, who am I to disabuse them of that notion? Let ’em live the lie while they can.

      Never hate your beautiful skin for it will be your protection. Never be sorry for what you feel in your heart as it relates to those damn whites because believe me, whatever you feel about them, it doesn’t even come close to what they actually and truly deserve. But know this, their days are indeed, numbered.

      Thank you qnubian.

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