As Over 560 Wildfires Burn in California, Inmates Are Being Used to Fight Them And Kamala Harris Was All For Using Inmate Firefighters Since They are Deemed, Expendable

He is an inmate firefighter. According to Kamala Harris, his life is meaningless and so therefore, he is expendable and that is why he was recruited to fight wildfires in California so as to save the homes and businesses of whites. Whatever his ‘offense’ was, it didn’t amount to anything because they only use non-violent, low level offenders in the prison firefighting program. We are still being used as a buffer against whites’ shit getting fucked up! Count me the fuck out!



I have never been to jail, much less prison, but one thing I can assure you, I would NEVER volunteer or let myself be forced to fight wildfires to protect the homes and businesses of whites. That is a sure ass bet! And believe me, whites, if you had to depend on me to keep YOUR shit from burning the fuck up, you would be so out-of-luck, it ain’t even funny.

Over 560 wildfires burn in California right now

More than 10,000 firefighters are on the front lines, but fire officials in charge of each of the major fire complexes say they are strapped for resources. Some firefighters were working 72-hour shifts instead of the usual 24 hours. The state has requested 375 engines and crew from other states.

Enter inmate firefighters, who would have already been released since only non-violent, low level offenders are used in the fire fighting program in California, and yet, Kamala Harris’s office fought the release of those inmates just so that they could be sent to the front lines of wildfires.

The state submitted a proposal that involved relocating inmates to fire camps to fight wildfires, and preventing out-of-state prisoners from being returned. But upon review, the three-judge panel found that that still left California’s prisons some 4,170 prisoners over the hard limit.

After a series of back-and-forths, the three-judge panel arrived at a solution: the expansion of “good time” credits for nonviolent offenders, shortening stays often by just a handful of months. Even the state’s own expert witness had testified years prior that he did not oppose good time credit measures, and that there was no correlation between length of stay and recidivism, meaning that the public was not at risk. Other states—Washington, Illinois, even tough-on-crime New York—had implemented these programs with success. The court found good time credits alone would do more than enough to close the gap, and solve the problem for good. Some 5,385 inmates were eligible for release under good time credits.

But Gov. Brown, with Harris as his defense lawyer, did not agree. Harris’s office launched into a campaign of all-out obstruction, refusing to answer why they could not simply release low-risk, nonviolent inmates to conform to the Supreme Court’s request. “Defendants offered no explanation, however, why they could not release low-risk prisoners early,” the June 2013 ruling stated.

That Hindu whore is now determined to be the Vice President of this entire country and what can American descendants of slavery expect from her debased Hindu ass? Exactly what she had in store for California’s non-violent Black prison population; DEATH, since those inmates who are fighting California’s wildfires should have already been released, but since Kamala Harris’s legacy still lives on in that the lives of those inmates are still viewed as expendable, the practice of using inmate labor to fight wildfires is still raging in California.

Seen as expendable, prison inmates are fighting some of the worst wildfires ever seen. There have been so many anomalies never before witnessed, that new names have been introduced to describe them as in firenadoes.

Firenadoes are formed from a fire’s intense heat, causing the air to heat up quickly and rise rapidly. That, combined with surface winds that are obviously quite strong, creates a vortex similar to a dust devil.

Regardless of what you may think of prison inmates, getting burned alive because you don’t know what you are doing as it pertains to fighting fires is no way to die. It should be against the law to even ask inmates to volunteer for fire fighting duty as firefighters have to be properly trained before being allowed to put on that uniform and go fight fires and I am quite sure that inmates are not given the training that non-inmate firefighters receive. And with the knowledge that there are over 2.3 million Black inmates in prisons all across this damn country, I can just guess as to who makes up the majority of inmate firefighters. Ever the expendable ones, we Black folks are.

Our lives are meaningless since the homes and businesses of whites, in their eyes, are worth more than our lives because make no mistake, the majority of what is burning in California and elsewhere belongs to whites. Black folks homes and businesses are not burning down in California and yet Black inmates are being used to preserve the homes and businesses of whites from firenadoes. The callous disregard for the lives of these prisoners is just beyond the pale.

If I was one of those who had been forced into fighting fires to save what whites own, I would make sure that my contribution consisted of nothing. I would refuse to lift a finger to assist in the saving of one white motherfucker’s belongings. So you had better be glad that my ass is not locked up and was recruited to save your damn house, business and car. Material possessions should be meaningless and left to burn, but instead, mostly Black prisoners are being forced to put their lives on the line for some rich white shits possessions. Those fires would eventually burn themselves out and if not, what’s the big deal? You want to build in mountainous regions? Fight the fires your damn selves because it was your choice to build in areas that are prone to fires each and every year and because whites initiated global warming, they have no one but themselves to blame for the fact that the shit is now out-of-control. But who gets to fight to save their shit and their ass? Black folks, as usual. Well count my Black ass out because your shit can burn into the next century for all I care and you along with it. Think I’d lift a finger to help you out? I wouldn’t even piss on a fire engulfing your house to help put it out. Count on that! In fact, I’d stand at a distance and laugh!

You worthless shits deserve everything you are getting and also what’s to come. I am just sorry for my Black brothers and sisters who will lose their lives thanks to your filthy, no account, worthless white asses because you ARE your possessions. Take that shit away from you and you are nothing and that is why you will use Black humans as shields against damage to your possessions because how many times have you rebuilt in the same fucking areas that are prone to fires only to have the very same thing happen and Black inmates were brought in to beat back the flames that were threatening YOUR fucking possessions? Times too numerous to count, that’s how many. Well you won’t make use of this Black human as a shield against the burning of your fucking precious possessions. I wouldn’t even spit on your shit to protect it! Burn baby burn, firenado style!

And as for Kamala Harris, I’ll see you in hell first bitch before I’ll see your ass inside the White House because I am going to make it my business to expose as much of YOUR stinking, fucked up shit as I can dig up and every chance I get, the vicious stench from your ass will be stinking up this fucked up country from one end to the other! That, I promise you, you filthy Hindu whore!

8 thoughts on “As Over 560 Wildfires Burn in California, Inmates Are Being Used to Fight Them And Kamala Harris Was All For Using Inmate Firefighters Since They are Deemed, Expendable

  1. Harris is already up to curve on the incarceration of ADOS specifically. The bail system is a part of the white-supremacist system that permits non-ADOS citizens to raise that money, it fits in synch with racists who are most concerned with looking the other way and perpetuating the Injustice forever. She talks about the three locks she has on her door(s) — as if that does not convey a hint of racism. Biden hand-picked the VP who promised to keep the status quo permanent. Obama hand-picked his VP with the same goals in mind. The selection process is maintained by a thousand nods and winks.

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    1. Bill, you are absolutely right about the bail system. ADOS are rotting in jail cells for months simply because they nor their family members have the money to post bail.

      I posted a blog about a young Black man who was arrested for allegedly stealing some candy and a soda from one of those Hindus that own those damn convenience stores and what he allegedly stole amounted to $5.00. That man sat in jail and wasted away until he died, all over an alleged $5.00 theft of candy and a soda. I wish to god that I had been in that store because I would have given him the money for those items. My soul cried when I read that.

      Young black man jailed since April for alleged $5 theft found dead in cell

      A young black man arrested by police in Portsmouth, Virginia, on the same day that one of the city’s officers fatally shot an unarmed black 18-year-old, has been found dead in jail after spending almost four months behind bars without bail for stealing groceries worth $5.Jamycheal Mitchell, who had mental health problems, was discovered lying on the floor of his cell by guards early last Wednesday, according to authorities. While his body is still awaiting an autopsy, senior prison officials said his death was not being treated as suspicious.

      The article also states that Jamycheal Mitchell was accused of stealing a bottle of Mountain Dew, a Snickers bar and a Zebra Cake worth a total of $5 from a 7-Eleven and was arrested for this, sat in jail for four months and then died from ‘natural causes’ AT 24 YEARS OF AGE, after having lost 65 pounds and was emaciated at time of death.

      How the fuck is that NOT suspicious? And he wasn’t even allowed BAIL in the first damn place. They killed that man; just murdered him! All over FIVE GODDAMN DOLLARS! He had lost 65 pounds and was emaciated at the time of his death all over FIVE DAMN DOLLARS???!!! And was in jail for FOUR GODDAMN MONTHS FOR A FIVE DOLLAR THEFT CHARGE???!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

      My head’s about to blow the fuck off!

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  2. Whites and their non-ADOS friends are, of course, looking the other way when the ‘value’ of prisoners includes putting them in harm’s way — whether as War Department cannon fodder, laboratory-testing lab rats, or to targets for the police to improve their markswhitemanship without having to waste time at the rifle range, as likely to die mandatory firefighting.

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    1. Bill, I’m glad you brought that up, about the cannon fodder because I have blogged about that, times too numerous to count. Why in the world would anyone want to suit up and do the killing for some shits that care as much about them as they would, a bug? This fucked up government does not even take care of those they “Thank for their service to this fucked up country” when they get fucked up and can no longer remain in the military. Too many homeless vets are walking the streets while immigrants are over here taking ALL of the affordable housing units that could go to house those homeless veterans. Not to mention, those who have fought in even recent wars have come back with illnesses that cannot be explained and that have been denied by higher ups in the military. “It’s all in their mind,” is the official version from the Pentagon, of course. Those from Desert Storm claimed to experience some foul shit and there was talk about exposure to ‘open-air burn pits’ causing cancer and some more shit.

      And don’t even get me started on the kkkops because many of them are ex-military and take that same mindset out on the streets and use that against us and they are welcome to do so since they have the full blessing of this fucked up government that has always been an enemy of ADOS. So, it is no wonder that inmate fire fighting is also all the RAGE, as well. As long as some killing is going on and it’s ADOS who are doing the dying, as far as the ‘elites’ and their government stooges are concerned, it’s all good.

      I’m going to stop here because if I don’t, I truly will spontaneously combust.

      I thank you for your comment.

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  3. Actually, it is quite likely that I read about these criminals right here on your blog. I also read critically so that misinformation does not slip in, the criminality you report is always backed up with facts — and links to trustworthy sources. Newspapers of record do not mention the facts that would confuse their readers who do not question propaganda.

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    1. Bill, like me, you seek the truth. I always pour over several sources before I post anything because I am a firm believer of making sure that I get the truth out there. Not to mention, when I can, I post my own evidence to back up what I am saying and there are numerous posts that showcase this, including my own eyewitness pictures and evidence. If you only knew of how much evidence I have, it would blow your mind. I could lift the lid off of SO much shit, the stench would fill the air from one end of this cesspool to the other and I wish that I was joking. The only thing that I am going to add to that is this, “When the time is right…when the time is right”

      Thanks Bill.

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  4. Shelby,Half breed are who truly what they are,they claim to be black only when it suits them!
    You don’t see when blacks question them that if they are more blacks or more the other half,
    do you ever see their reaction? It’s like they are almost in tears,because they are traitor!
    Because of them all black civilisations are gone,they were the one that when wp went to Africa to conquer,
    they were giving information to wp,how to destroy or how to take over the original black people!
    Wp used them as weapon to control and dominate the original black inhabitants!
    When I look the mind set of the half breeds,it’s like they are conscious what they are,but they see that in reality
    identifying only black doesn’t help their cause,they know very well that wp don’t give chance or how blacks are mistreated so much by wp,so being black is advantage for them,so they choose especially mentally to identify to the other half and remove the black side from them!
    Isn’t true that they aren’t obligate to choose which sides because all of them they are liars,they already choose which side to take,they will never choose the blacks side,because of the racism exist in this society!
    Kamala is one of them entitled and arrogant half breed,she thinks to be better than full black people,
    I wish blacks stop to claim all these half breed one of us,because these half breed they have proven so many times that they aren’t loyal to us and they don’t give a damn about us! Obama example!
    That’s why Kamala treats these black inmates less than animals,for her they are already human waste,
    they are already in prison even if they die nobody cares, because they are prisoners!
    This what she thinks and other piece of shit like her!
    She is Hindu,she is helping more her Indian side than her black side,even here in UK Indian people are the most wealthy groups,
    Wp have high tolerance for Indian people here,they treat them good,because they worship cows,they drink
    alcohol,Indian people like Western culture so they fit very well in wp culture,
    they love and worship white skin,like wp are some kind God or Goddess!
    Hindu people treat cows better than their mothers and their women,India is very misogyny country!
    So,I am not surprised about this crazy bitch,her husband is white cracker,she is half breed!
    Please,please black people stop call half breed blacks,they are not blacks! Being black when you born from two black parents,doesn’t matter if you are light skinned,as long as your parents are both blacks the shade doesn’t matter!
    Black people don’t vote for that half breed,she ain’t black,she will not help black people cause, remember what Obama has done for you? He didn’t do nothing and she isn’t different from him!
    I hope Trump win,I don’t like that piece of shit but he is better than that half breed,

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    1. qnubian, that shit went on over here! When the whites would rape the slaves and produce those half breeds, the half breeds would then turn on the slaves who were NOT half breeds. The sad fact of the matter is that the Black slaves who were not half breeds still thought they could trust those half breeds when it was quite apparent that they could not, hence why every single rebellion was squashed because the field slaves who were usually NOT half breeds would tell the half breeds about an upcoming attempt at rebellion and the half breed slaves would promptly tell the slave owner. Then the true Black slaves would get the shit beat out of them, their body parts would be cut off and some of them would be outright murdered; all because of those damn half breeds that aligned themselves with the whites.

      And to this day, half breeds usually go and get with whites and then moan and whine about shit when they feel that those whites they get with are not treating them like they are totally white. You remember this post,

      Bitch, You’re Not Black!

      and here is where I got the information for this post from.

      I’m A Black Woman With A White Man. These Have Been The Hardest Weeks Of Our Relationship.

      Going into any relationship as a biracial woman, I know one thing: Any serious relationship will involve discussion of the issues of racism.

      I became serious with a white man. There were days I had lived as a Black woman that he would never live through or could imagine living through.

      Since the beginning of our relationship, there have been times when the undertones of racism have escaped him. Like that one restaurant where other couples without reservations got seated before us. Or when our former real estate agent told us to stay away from the neighborhoods we were interested in because they weren’t filled with the “safest people.”

      But with the emergence of protests after George Floyd was killed, I could feel the door I had worked so hard to keep open closing. The last few weeks, I’ve been falling Alice-style into rabbit hole after rabbit hole of bad news. The pain that consumed me this week left me feeling helpless and so overwhelmed.

      Meanwhile, he’s been carrying on as if he’s oblivious to the chaos and social unrest within the country. I know he checks his news app every morning. So why wasn’t he falling with me?

      That half breed bitch may as well have been married to Derek Chauvin, the kkkop that murdered George Floyd because ALL whites are Derek Chauvin and yet that half breed bitch wants to whine, moan and wail that her white piece of shit wasn’t feeling her. Whites don’t FEEL.End.Of.Story.Period.
      That half breed bitch was complaining that the white man she was going to marry was acting strange to her. What fucking white man don’t act strange???!!! They’re fucking NOT human.

      And as for Kamala Harris, that bitch is from South Asia and nothing from that region likes ADOS. Major countries on India’s borders include China in the North East, Pakistan in the North West and Bangladesh in the East and so there you have it, the Chinese hate ADOS, the Pakistanis certainly do and I’m betting those shits from Bangladesh do as well. ADOS have NO friends! And we need to start acting like we know that. We need to be a friend to one another. We are who we need because ALL outside our circle are our enemies and that includes half breeds.

      Remember, I’ve got some of those half breeds in my family and I know for a goddamn fact that they side with their white side and I am fine with that. I am deeply embarrassed to say that I have not one, but two of those things that my son managed to half produce and one I have not seen and the other one, I refuse to see. They mean absolutely NOTHING to me. One of them, I don’t even know the name of it and the other one, I only know the name because I met IT a couple of times. But that little bitch half breed had the nerve to say that if anything happens to my son that she wants to be adopted by a WHITE family. Apparently, she only hangs around with whites in school and so she wants one of her white friend’s family to adopt her. HA! Like that shit’s about to happen! Her damn ass is in for a rather rude awakening. Well, she’s not sitting up in MY face and that is for damn sure. I’ll not turn my back on that thing only to have a knife stuck in it. That thing would be put up for adoption faster than IT could blink. So, she’d better hope nothing happens to my son, but the problem is, she is not even living with my son. She has lived her entire life with my ex-husband’s mother and so if anything happens to her, her ass is grass. That little bitch broke whatever is in my mother’s chest that passes for a heart when she said that she wants NOTHING whatsoever to do with the ‘Black’ side of the family. Hell! I was pleased as punch when I heard that the little half breed bitch said that because I already knew she’d never get near me because I don’t trust them; never have, never will.

      Also, Black people need to get up off that bullshit about Kamala Harris being black. THAT HINDU WHORE IS NOT BLACK! That bitch don’t even claim her Jamaican father and his ass being from Jamaica means nothing because not all Jamaicans are Black. That Hindu whore, Kamala Harris, identifies as ASIAN. She only recognizes her mother’s side of the family and her mother was from the highest caste in India and believe me, those of that caste believe that American descendants of slavery are beneath dog shit. And so if ADOS want to get fucked up even worse than we are, then they can just go right ahead and believe that that Hindu whore is Black, but they will most definitely regret it!

      Trump is going to win. Already, there are reports out that even those stupid lesbians that make up “Black Lives Matter” are not drooling over that lame ass show that the Democrats put on with their virtual convention. Biden said that he would NOT defund the police. In fact, Biden said that Trump would defund the police and so Biden keeps opening his mouth and making a case for more of us to vote for Trump. Biden is so damn senile, he needs someone to prop him up and basically get behind him and pull his strings and do some sort of ventriloquism act. Biden can barely function and most are well aware of that. Trump is basically a shoe in, but I am taking no chances. I still intend to post whatever dirt I can find on Kamala Harris and there is plenty and there is plenty on Joe Biden’s ass as well.

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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