Amid Mass Layoffs And Furloughs, California Wildfires, Tropical Storms Headed For The Gulf, Hindus Taking Jobs From True Americans And A Senile Democratic Contender For The Presidency, Things Don’t Look So Good!


If the lamestream media is to be believed, COVID-19 is kicking our asses over here in America and that is not about to change anytime soon. Add to that the fact that millions of Americans have been laid off/furloughed and the bread lines are miles long and are about to get longer and on the West Coast, hundreds of wildfires are out-of-control and getting worse. In fact, the situation is so dire that thanks to Kamala Harris’s legacy from when she was California’s Attorney General, inmate firefighters are on the front lines of those wildfires with no real knowledge of fire fighting. But because Kamala Harris fought tooth and nail to keep non-violent, low level offenders locked up to be used as cheap labor, fighting wildfires for $2 a day, they are risking their lives to protect the property of whites. Also, there are two storm fronts heading for the Gulf of Mexico. Tropical Storm Laura and Marco are slated to impact parts of the U.S. coast by early next week and yet, the Democrats just finished their ‘virtual convention’ and as I look around, no one is behaving enthusiastically over that shit show. Why would we when we are facing ALL of the above and then some because don’t forget that I posted a blog titled “If Kamala ‘Hindu Ho’ Harris Gets Inside The White House, More Hindus Will Take Jobs From True Americans, Not To Mention, We Will All Be Knee Deep In Cow Shit!” that showcases the fact that millions of American jobs have been lost to H1B visa holders from India. And I am pretty sure that during these times of severe and serious back to back crises, Americans could sure use those jobs that were stolen by Hindus from India what with mass layoffs and furloughs occurring.

Mass layoffs and furloughs have led to more Americans unsure about how they will put food on the table

  • 54 million people in the US will face food insecurity in 2020, according to Feeding America.
  • The hardest-hit groups are Black and Latino households, as well as low-income individuals.


A pre-pandemic study by the USDA shows “37.2 million people, including 11.2 million children, did not have adequate access to nutritious food to live a healthy life.”

Based of data from that study, Feeding America estimates the number is ” likely to grow by 17 million, including nearly seven million children.”

These disparities are drawn between strong racial and economic divides.

In the US, Latino residents are two times more likely to suffer from food inequality than their white counterparts; Black residents are two-and-a-half times more likely.

This goes hand-in-hand with food deserts, which are more common in areas with a large Latino or Black population.


ADOS, as you can see, we are ALWAYS impacted by EVERYTHING bad that comes down the pike, The ‘health’ officials tell us that we are number one in COVID-19 cases. We are also number one in incarcerated cases. We were the worst impacted when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. We are always the first to get fired and we usually can be found doing menial labor and we are also, apparently, the faces of hunger as well as, the homeless.

So, I ask you, why would you vote for someone who has made sure that Black prison inmates were not released sooner than later, even though they could have been because a provision to reduce prison populations in California was approved by the populace and yet, Kamala Harris’s office fought it tooth and nail so that Black prison inmates could not get out early since she wanted them to be used to put out raging, out-of-control wildfires in California, thus protecting the homes and businesses of wealthy whites who knew that if they built homes and businesses in fire prone areas, that was a risk they were willing to take and they should be the ones out there fighting to keep their shit from burning the fuck up, but instead, they can thank Kamala Harris for making sure that there are Black inmate firefighters to beat back the flames from the homes and businesses of the wealthy whites so that the wealthy whites can flee in safety while the Black untrained inmate firefighters die trying in vain to save whites’ shit?

Why, as ADOS, do we continue to seem to ‘like’ being the faces of every single goddamn thing that is detrimental to our existence? Why would we embrace a party of racists that try and hide their shit behind imposters like Kamala Harris? Because make no mistake, Kamala Harris is NOT Black. She is NOT a Black woman. Kamala Harris is a Hindu whore. She is married to a Jew. She has made it her life’s work to make sure that American descendants of slavery know that she hates our guts. Joe Biden chose her because she is exactly what he is; a staunch supporter of locking up as many ADOS as they can, hence why Joe Biden has been on an apology tour for his 1994 Crime Bill that resulted in millions of Black people being put in cages and yet, the Democrats wailed and screeched about migrant children being caged. A damn cage is a damn cage and a prison cell is also, a cage. But that cage is fine with the Democrats. It is also fine that with COVID-19 supposedly affecting the ADOS community more so than all others, the focus of the stimulus package was to prop up the airline industry, the hotel industry and the restaurant industry. That $1,200 stimulus check you received didn’t do shit for you because if it had, the headlines out today would not be reading that “Mass layoffs and furloughs have led to more Americans unsure about how they will put food on the table.”

Sadly, not being able to put food on the table is not the only problem. Add to that the problem of not being able to pay the mortgage/rent and there is no table on which to put food because the entire family is facing homelessness or has already been evicted. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi just recalled the House to approve money for the Postal Service in order to get those ballots in on time. But their concern for the plight of millions of starving, damn near homeless or already evicted American descendants of slavery is non-existent and shall forever remain so. The stimulus package approved for the airline industry, the hotel industry and the food industry included billions of our tax dollars while the only thing individual Americans received was a measly $1,200 check and about $500 for their dependents.

Congress is on vacation, the Democrats just held a convention and what did they say about mass layoffs and furloughs of millions of Americans? The only thing I heard was talk from Michelle Obama about how outraged she was over migrant children being in cages when her husband’s Administration built those very cages and put migrant children in them. But she failed to speak on that. She also failed to address the fact that American descendants of slavery have been getting our asses handed to us by the slave patrols and her husband did nothing about that when he had eight years to do something…anything. But now, because this is an election year, the Democrats STILL have thrown you not even one bone despite the fact that all hell has been unleashed. Why in the world would you cast a vote for those thugs and criminals? Why would you believe one lying word out of their mouths? But let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that there is one thing that we can believe from the Democrats. Let’s take what Joe Biden just said,

Biden to ABC’s Robin Roberts: ‘I don’t want to defund’ the police, but Trump does




In his first interview as the Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden refuted President Donald Trump‘s claim that he wants to “defund the police” and argued that Trump supports cutting programs that would help fund local police departments.

“President Trump says that you want to defund the police. Do you?” asked “Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts in an interview conducted Friday in Wilmington, Delaware.

“No I don’t,” Biden said, laughing.

What is funny? Why is Biden laughing? What the kkkops have been doing to American descendants of slavery ALL across this shithole has been no laughing matter. I don’t care if Biden’s many mental maladies were acting up at the time of this interview, there is still NOT a goddamn thing funny when speaking on kkkops. No one has of yet been arrested, much less charged with murdering innocent Breonna Taylor and so I ask, AGAIN, what the hell did Biden find funny? Because from where I am sitting, there is not a goddamn thing worth laughing about with ALL of the shit that is going down on our asses. With mass layoffs/furloughs caused by a pandemic and H1B visa holders stealing American jobs leading to mass hunger and homelessness and with wildfires raging in the western states and with Black inmates who don’t have a clue about fires, fighting firenadoes and shit and with two severe storm fronts heading to the East Coast and protests still taking place in multiple states over police murdering American descendants of slavery with impunity, what the fuck is there to laugh about??!!!

THAT fucker is the pick of the Democratic litter????!! That and his Hindu whore??? That’s the best the Democrats could come up with??? Where are the tears for the jobless? The homeless? The Black prison inmate firefighters? The COVID-19 infected and dying? The soon to be storm impacted? The innocent dead American descendants of slavery who were murdered by racist kkkops??? But all we get from Joe Biden is LAUGHTER?? Hahahahaha????!!! What.The.Hell. And you seriously think that that Biden piece of shit is better than Trump? Who dropped you on your head???!! Seriously! Get them charged with aiding and abetting POST TRAUMATIC STUPID DISORDER!!! And see if you can get a check for that shit because that would most definitely qualify as a disability. I mean, I’m trying to help your stupid ass out here because something would be majorly wrong with you if you think that Biden is better than Trump. Yeah, get a check for that shit. You earned it. And prosecute the motherfucker that dropped you on your head, thus making you so stupid, you need a check for that shit! POST TRAUMATIC STUPID DISORDER, indeed!

8 thoughts on “Amid Mass Layoffs And Furloughs, California Wildfires, Tropical Storms Headed For The Gulf, Hindus Taking Jobs From True Americans And A Senile Democratic Contender For The Presidency, Things Don’t Look So Good!

  1. Harris and her husband are also solid AIPAC supporters who would certainly increase funding to the police and who would certainly send more kkkops to Israel for training. Knee-on-the-neck is routinely used by the police/military and has been taught to Amerikkkan police who train there. Deaths of non-whites are never something for the news in any European-based empire. Israel is a white-supremacist colonial power no different than any of the other evil endeavors from Europe.
    Biden and Harris fit the racist bill that gets framed as “law and order.” Any ADOS uninformed enough to visit Israehell receives even less protection there. Racism is proud, loud, and white supremacist as hell.
    Israel has been bombing Gaza (most densely populated prison in the world) every day for the last 11 days, but you wouldn’t know it by reading the white-supremacist news sources.

    I just searched the New York Crimes website for “Gaza” and got this:

    Here is what the NYT happened to miss:

    I wonder what Kamala Harris has to say about the quiet slaughter that continues in Kashmir?

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    1. The first link was pitiful. There was hardly anything of consequence. They are trying to bury any and all information as it pertains to what the Israelis are visiting on the people of the Gaza Strip.

      But here is an excerpt from the second link:

      Israel occupation has tightened last week its 14-year-old blockade on Gaza by totally closing the fishing zonetherefore denying thousands of Gazans a chance to make a daily living.

      The Israeli occupation also closed the only commercial land crossing between Israel and Gaza thus preventing entry of badly needed supplies including fuel, which led the only power plant in Gaza to stop, affecting work at Gaza hospitals.

      How do those vicious, depraved thugs sleep at night? Those on the Gaza Strip don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell what with Amerikkka aiding and abetting Israel’s use of force against the people of the Gaza Strip. And I can quite honestly say, that no news organizations that I follow has covered ANY of this. It is like a ‘blackout’ when it comes to Israel’s terrorism of the people of Gaza. And I do recall reading about the fact that the gestapo troops called the KKKlan Kops here in Amerikkka get their training in Israel and that is why they are so brutal, barbaric and savage, not to mention, deadly when it comes to how ADOS are treated by them.

      Why is it that it has been deemed a ‘hate crime’ to say anything against Israel, but Israel’s barbarism, savagery and murderous acts against the people of the Gaza Strip is not a problem? Israel is like ‘The Untouchables’ or some such shit! I am damn tired of everyone having to walk softly for fear of offending those who are getting away with murder, with like I’ve already stated, the full blessings of the United States government.

      And Kamala “Hindu Ho” Harris would NOT have a problem with what is going down against the people of Kashmir. From my understanding, there have been wars fought between India and Pakistan over Kashmir with Pakistan believing that the people of Kashmir have the right to rule themselves and that those cow worshipers from India need to stay out of their business. Also, China has laid claim to parts of Kashmir. Kashmir’s people cannot seem to catch a break either.

      Kashmir, where our heart is

      Despite all the promises, India has always tried to keep Kashmiris away from the decision-making process on Jammu and Kashmir since the 1950s and has declared any kind of debate, mediation or referendum irrelevant.

      On the other hand, Pakistan’s position on Kashmir has not changed. Pakistan has always considered occupied Kashmir as a ‘disputed territory’ and demanded the implementation of the UNSCR and stressed that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have every right to decide their political future. Due to Pakistan’s tireless efforts, on November 23, 2016, the United Nations adopted a resolution tabled by Pakistan calling for the recognition of the people’s right to self-determination. Through this resolution, Pakistan drew the world’s attention to Kashmir and the encroached rights of the Kashmiri people. Kashmir wants justice and the world must support them because they are oppressed.

      So, with regards to how that Hindu whore would feel about what’s going down in Kashmir, she feels the same way she does about ADOS and we ALL know about that and if we don’t ALL know about it, after I am finished, we ALL will, most definitely know about it because I aim to uncover that Hindu Ho’s shit so that ALL the world can smell it, especially American descendants of slavery who are so easily duped and bamboozled into believing that ANYONE with a tint to their skin is one of us when that Hindu whore is NOT an ADOS and she is definitely NOT our friend. That Hindu whore is an imposter!

      I need to print some t-shirts that state:


      Bill, thanks for taking the time to do some research and provide links to what needs to be seen. I’ve tried to help out as well. Any and ALL help is appreciated. Again, thank you!

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  2. Shelby,there is a movie name Rabbit-Proof Fence,I was looking for this movie but I can’t find a link,
    the reason I wanted to watch this movie,because is talking about ”mixed race” in Australia,
    how wp have washed out the original Aboriginal people through force IR!
    During the colonisation of Australia,wp wanted to get rid off of Aboriginal people,they breeded with Aboriginal women,after the women gave birth to these mixed race children,the churches snatch them from their mothers,
    from their land and from their culture!
    These mixed race children than,they took them to the reserves managed by the churches,here these kids lost
    all their true identity and cultures,once these children became adults, they were introduced and fully assimilated
    in white society and all their blackness and as Aboriginal people were gone forever!
    They did the same thing in Tasmania,they killed all the men and they married Tasmanian women and
    to produce children with them!
    Blacks were the original people of this Planet,and we were all over the world,and wp they knew that,
    for this reason wherever they went they wanted to wash out our presences and destroyed our cultures and identity!
    In Brazil we call ”BRANQUEAMENTO alias Racial whitening” between 1889 and 1914,it was a solution called the
    ”Negro problem”,Brazil was one of the last country in Americas to abolish slavery and it was the only country
    with high number of black population,there were more blacks than whites.
    So whites feared of blacks and their numbers,they decided to select and encourage a great number of white immigrants from Europe to Brazil,so they washed out all the blackness it was there!
    They always used IR for get rid off of blacks,now you tell Shelby where can you see love in these IR couples?
    When the history said the same thing,no matter where black people were in the world,wp wanted to exterminate us!
    How this message doesn’t get in the brain of black people? Why they don’t study history and see with open and wide eyes that IR wasn’t only in USA but it was practiced forcefully everywhere?
    Wp don’t give a damn that you are a full black or half,as long as you have colour in you,
    they have their own agenda,they don’t care about you emotionally or you are going through racism,
    you are just a tool for them!
    Even trans racial adoptions have the same purpose, to exploit both sexually and genetically black kids!
    When wp approach you,they never do with good intention,they always have a reason behind,never trust them!
    Shelby,I wish segregation could come back but we know very well,that even if blacks are living in segregation,
    wp can’t live us alone!

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    1. qnubian, as you know, I am quite unapologetic when I speak on those half breed mutts that my piece of shit son managed to help some pasty white cow, hatch. I don’t even see those things and I will NOT apologize for the fact that I have always kept my distance from them and I will always keep my distance from them because in my book, they are nothing to me. I am not a doting grandmother to those things and never will I be. Why my son took up with that shit is beyond me because we NEVER mingled with whites! We NEVER had whites in our home. The only thing I can think of is that he got in with that shit in school and knew better than to bring it home. But his father is ADOS and so am I. And so AGAIN, where he picked that mixing and mingling with pasty faced cows from? I don’t know.

      And yes, I have seen pictures of some of the Aborigines and they don’t hardly look like they did before those Botany Bay Penal Colony convict rejects got hold of them. Whites have gone ALL across the globe insinuating themselves where they had no business. They have forced other cultures to assimilate to theirs. They have brutalized, kidnapped, raped and murdered those who refused to go along with their shit, that is why whites have much to pay for and they have not even begun to pay yet, but pay, they will.

      No other group has wreaked so much havoc all across this planet, than the whites have and, AGAIN, they will be made to pay for that shit! I am just sorry that they were able to do so damn much damage before they get what’s due them. That’s the sad ass shame.

      Funny you should mention, segregation because when ADOS were segregated from the whites over here, we did much better than when desegregation happened. After that, the plight of ADOS worsened and it was easier for the whites to introduce crack and guns into our communities because whites set us up with that HUD (Housing and Urban Development) bullshit. That was a straight up set up because then, the CIA introduced guns and drugs in those housing projects and what’s going down today is still a result of that.

      Whites mean us nothing but harm and so they can just take that lame ass shit about “Black Lives Matter” so-called ‘solidarity protesting’ because of what happened to George Floyd and shove it up their fucking asses because I am NOT buying their ‘kumbaya’ bullshit! And neither should any ADOS! Whites are NOT our friend. They never have been and they never will be.

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.


      1. Those fucks are not even the real jews we are!! Dam lioness all they do is steal! Smfh..who in there right fucking mind dont know the people of the bible were black? Hell even some of there own white asses admit that..its common fuckin sense. If your ass is walking around northern africa or any dam part yo ass had betta be melanated or u will get lit up by the sun!! I cd give a fuck about a holocaust..we lost a estimated 100 million afrikkan israelites during the transatlantic slave trade! Now thats a holocaust my niggas!! U no something hitler new those kkracka white ass so called fake ass jews were not the true isaelite people of the tmh..he admitted near the end that he new that we were in the americas and scattered to tired of there asses fr..if yhey come at me wit dat jewish anti semetic shit ima fire on they ass…keep at it lioness…D.Martinez


      2. They will never acknowledge that fact D. Martinez because whites only do what benefits whites and their lies are useful to them in that they hide behind those lies to deceive, steal and kill. They get rich off what they take from others; be it who they are, what they own and even entire landmasses including the people indigenous to that landmass. Whites are infamous for that shit! And they believe that no one but themselves are do reparations and some more shit. The rest of us are just due their boot on our necks; that is what the whites believe and that is what they put into play. Those damn Jews think that the so-called holocaust was the end all to be all and what anyone else suffered was nothing in comparison. The Jews have never recognized what ADOS have gone through and are still going through because the Jews participated in the slave trade. In fact, no other group on this planet is exempt from participating in what happened to us. They ALL owe us for what was done to our ancestors and to us. The ENTIRE WORLD owes us and that is why no country on this fucked up planet has EVER stepped up and said a goddamn thing about what happened to our ancestors and us. And what’s more, they never will.

        And yes, I will keep at it. Count on it.

        I thank you for your comment D. Marinez


  3. @shelbycourtland
    Kamala is just another Obama. Both are biracial, their non black mothers had full custody of them, and one knew more about their father while the other one didn’t. “While not entirely estranged from her father, Harris was much closer to her mother, and it was her influence that shaped the future senator.” No wonder why on the news they present her India side more she’s more closure to her mothers people.


    1. And Shanequa, that is why I ALWAYS bring up the fact that Kamala “Hindu Ho” Harris is NOT a Black woman. That whore is married to a Jew. How many true and real ADOS women are married to Jews? More than likely, none. Those Jews don’t like ADOS. Jews don’t like anybody but other Jews and they quite actually believe that no one in the history of this planet has ever been treated as poorly as they claim to have been treated. Everyone must take a backseat to the Holocaust because that was just the ultimate fuckery. Enslaved Africans in Amerikkka means NOTHING to the Jews. They have certainly never come out against the shit. In fact, Jews profited off the slave trade. If there’s a buck to be made, believe me, the Jews got a hand in it.

      And so what does that say for Kamala “Hindu Ho” Harris? It says that she is NOT ADOS! Her history and her lineage is NOT ours. That whore has nothing in common with ADOS and for ADOS to start pretending that this Hindu whore is Black is the absolute end of enough! I will continue to get the truth out in that that piece of shit, dirty, deceitful imposter is NOT ADOS and she is NOT a Black woman.

      Her own Jamaican daddy fell out with her ass over talking about how Jamaicans just sit back and smoke weed all day. I don’ think her daddy has gotten over that shit yet. She makes fun of Jamaicans but she’s never made fun of those cow worshiping Hindus that are stepping in cow shit all day long, sitting up worshiping a damn cow. That Hindu whore will have us all knee deep in cow shit before her Hindu whorish ass is done. Hell no, I don’t back Slow Joe and his Hindu ho.

      Thank you for your comment.


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