“NO, This ‘Person’ Was NOT Murdered For Being ‘Transgender’ This ‘Person’ Was Murdered For Claiming To Be Something It Was Not!”


Every single time I see a headline about some transgenders getting themselves, murdered, the headline is always stating that the person was murdered for being ‘transgender’. That is a bold-faced lie! The person was murdered for pretending to be something they’re not and for making someone believe that they are something they are not. You don’t present yourself as someone, only to then turn around and the person you presented yourself as is not reality. You can put on a dress, high heels and makeup, but if you were born a man, you are still a man with the body parts of a man. If you want to twist up your shit, fine, but don’t think that everyone is going to be just fine with that because you say that you are something that you’re not.

Murdered for Being Transgender: How Daughter’s Life and Death Inspired a Mom to Help Save Others

But on June 6, 2019, after prosecutors say Nikki, 17, arranged a date with a man on Snapchat, she disappeared. Her remains were found six months later in a remote wooded area. A probable cause statement alleges that suspect David Bogdanov, 26, “became enraged at the realization that he had engaged in sexual contact with a male whom he believed to be female and strangled Nikki to death.”

I don’t have a gnat’s ass worth of sympathy for anyone who will pretend to be something ITS not just for sexual gratification, because make no mistake, that’s what it’s ALL about. It is all over the fact that some man wants to claim to be female to get dick up the ass. Let’s not beat around the bush. Damn near every example of so-called ‘transgenders’ getting themselves murdered was over sex; plain and simple. They were men who were after other men for sex and wanted to pretend that they were women in order to lure men into having sex with them. And so for those of you who want to continue with your hypocritical, political correctness bullshit, shut the fuck up! You know what this shit is ALL about! It has nothing whatsoever to do with some confused man not knowing what the hell he is and stating that ‘he should have been born a she’. That man wants to play charades and wants everyone to play charades with him. Well, everyone is not going to want to play games. Everyone is not going to feel all warm and cozy inside all because some man is playing games and decides to include others in his sick ass games. I don’t blame others for having a seriously, stomp down, flaming problem with having been duped. Put yourselves in THEIR shoes. How would you feel if some man was coming onto you online, pretending to be ‘female’, knowing all the while that he had a dick, but was after men for sex while trying to make them understand that he was a ‘she’ when that shit was a lie? When the two meet up and the duped man finds out that what’s underneath the dress is the same equipment he is working with, if he is any type of a MAN, he’d of course have a problem with it and become so enraged, he’d not be able to see straight and become instantly INSANE, thus there is his line of defense; guilty by reason of temporary insanity and therefore, will have POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER for life as a result of having been bamboozled into thinking that some man is a woman. Some man was prancing and preening about, calling itself, a ‘woman’, when it was NOT. How is that on the unsuspecting party? It is not and it should not result in any charges because the thing initiating contact with someone with intent to deceive is the one in the wrong and not the deceived individual. The ‘deceiver’ got what was coming because you don’t play with people. Everyone is not going to just shrug their shoulders and walk away. And these next pictures prove that.

A man trying to pretend to be a ‘woman’ in order to have sex with another man.


Here we have another one!

Yet another man pretending to be a woman in order to have sex with another man.

Next up!

Yet another man trying to hook up with a man in order to have sex. “Loving spirit,” seriously???!!!

And again!

What the hell is with all of these Black men pretending to be women in order to have sex with another man???!!! The complete emasculation of the Black man is damn near complete!

And yet again!

Yep! The emasculation process of the Black man is complete! For the love of !!!!!

I have no idea how those things were mistaken for women because they are the ugliest wanna be ‘women’ that I have ever seen. Whoever tried or did sleep with that shit, was desperate as hell and I wouldn’t even want to show my face if I had to get with that shit! But still, an ugly something, I guess is better than nothing, but to be an ugly man trying to masquerade as an extremely ugly woman to the point whereas a man is that desperate, he will give those things the time of day is quite obviously, not unheard of if the claim is that many of these men claiming to be women have been murdered after having set up dates with other men for the purpose of having sex, only to have been murdered after the duped party was just not having it or either felt horror over having had sex with another man.

Release ALL men who have murdered these things because they were so desperate they thought that they were getting with ugly women, only to find that they had indeed, had sex with ugly men. You really can put lipstick on a pig and it is still, a pig because those things were still ugly as hell. Well, they are worm food now and the so-called ‘liberal progressives’ want us to moan, wail and gnash our teeth over these fraud perpetrators and yet, hardly any of those same ‘liberal progressives’ or whatever the hell they call themselves, screech and holler about American descendants of slavery when we’re getting our asses handed to us by the slave patrols aka Klan KKKops. I will save my moaning and wailing and gnashing of teeth for innocent Breonna Taylor, who was indeed, a WOMAN who was resting in her bed and was shot multiple times for sleeping. No one has been arrested and charged with her murder and she was murdered by KKKops back in March. But we are to get out the purple crepe, black arm bands and violins for some men who preened and pranced about in dresses, makeup and high heels and wanted everyone to believe that they had, somehow, transitioned from men to women in order to have sex with men. No, my priorities are not fucked up and so I will not get behind the liberals’ agenda for some damn ‘pretenders’ who got themselves murdered for pretending to be something they were not. I will speak out FOR actual Black women who were murdered through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN as was the case with Breonna Taylor.

You can shove those strange shits in my face all day and all night and still, I will not have feelings of pity or sympathy for those things getting murdered because I know why they were murdered and it had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with them claiming to be ‘transgender’ and had everything to do with them wearing a dress and heels while sporting makeup and not minding their business. They got murdered for wearing a dress and some heels and for making others believe that they were something they were not. That shit’s on them. To hell with them. They got what they deserved. End.Of.Story.Period.


14 thoughts on ““NO, This ‘Person’ Was NOT Murdered For Being ‘Transgender’ This ‘Person’ Was Murdered For Claiming To Be Something It Was Not!”

  1. I don’t see them as women and I will not see them never!
    Wp are forcing us to accept them as women,but not me,I will never accept them as women,
    they don’t have my gender!
    They want to allow them in female toilets and change room,fuck it is? That thing is a man isn’t woman,
    how can allow a thing like that be in women place?
    Sick,sick and sick!
    They have the nerves to call them ”women”,those morons know the meaning ” being a women” at list?
    because I don’t think so they know! Just because they cut off their things or keep it doesn’t make them
    women,I don’t care how much they are suffering,but they don’t have right!

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    1. qnubian, it is a sad ass shame that those things are given the designation of ‘woman’ when they are NOT women. What we women go through, those things can never know because they are not ‘women’ in any sense of the word.

      I don’t care what they do to themselves, they are still MEN. They don’t have to accept that fact, but the media and the politically correct crowd are shoving this shit down our throats, insidiously to the point whereas I am well past fed up! Those abominations are NOT women. They will never be women and they should never be given the distinction of “she” “her” “female” “woman” or any word as it relates to being an actual woman who has the ability to give birth; who has ALL the necessary parts to sustain life in her body. Those THINGS don’t have that. And I don’t care how many hormone shots or pills they take, I don’t care how many surgeries they undergo or what body parts they get chopped off or tucked, they will never be women. This just enrages me every single time I see those things called, “her” or “she.” It makes no sense and since it makes no sense, I am having NONE of it.

      Whites are behind this shit and you know how sick and twisted they are, but now, they’ve managed to get damn near everyone on board with their sick and twisted, fucked up mentality. Well, they can just count me the hell out! I’m not buying their bullshit!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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  2. Shelby WM are misogyny by nature,they don’t give a damn about their women!
    They preferred men over their women,isn’t new look the ancient Greeks and Romans!
    WM want to convince to BM that’s there isn’t nothing wrong spleeping with another man!
    It’s crazy to think that fags
    WM have the nerves to say that we BW the most of women on this Planet,we have the most feminine features,we looks like men!
    When their women,they are men for me,shave the head of WW,you will have a men!
    AW are the most group of women that lack of any feminine features and body shapes!
    But WM find them the most feminine,not the truth is,because WM want to hide their homo-side and pedo,they don’t need to hide from the public!
    WM are all of them homo,now they want to convert BM!
    BM in in prison they are becoming gay.
    Even when BM are in relationship with WW,did you ever see how masculine and dominant WW are?
    BM are so submissive and feminine!
    Yeah than BW are the men or the one who don’t let them be men!
    White society is so misogyny
    that they are trying to get pregnant these men!
    Now they want to change the Mother of nature rules!
    Let God destroy this Sodom and Gomorrah!

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    1. @qnubian385

      Black men that are in interracial relationships with non black women take on a feminine role in the relationship or try to assimilate into pretend ind they are white men. Dr Cress Wesling stated when black men date interracial the next step is homosexuality

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      1. @Shanequa you are absolutely right about BM when they are with WW are indeed gay!
        Did you see Omari Hardwick wife? She looks like a man for me,everyone said that,about him
        I believe he is a gay but he hides his sexuality!
        I mean he could choose more feminine woman not he chose the most masculine woman!
        BM who are with WW are in reality obsessed with WM,they want to sleep with them,why they want to hide their sexuality,they just go directly with WM,instead go in circle and drag BW in their mess!
        Did you see how much effort BM put? I mean,BM are always complaining why WM hate them,why only their daughters love them,why WM can’t love them? I mean,real men don’t give a fuck about another men,but these type of BM are indeed obsessed with WM!
        Just go with WM and stop bashing BW for their weakness!

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    2. “Even when BM are in relationship with WW,did you ever see how masculine and dominant WW are?”

      Now that you mention it, I have seen much evidence of that. You are SO right. Those Black men who get with those pasty-faced cows get meek and mild while the pasty-faced cow acts like a man, gives orders and their speech is even more masculine than the Black man that’s sleeping with those pasty-faced cows.

      And just as you say, going as far back as the Romans, who were flaming faggots, this shit has been going down for countless centuries and whites have always exhibited bizarre behavior because they are truly debased, vile and disgusting, which is why they only want women who look like boys because then, they can still fulfill their sick and twisted fantasies while at the same time, produce their progeny. That’s the only reason white men have sex with women is so that they can have children. If a man could give birth, white men would never even look at women, much less get with women. Because it is quite obvious that the majority of white men are gay. The sad part is that they’ve managed to ‘gay up’ Black men and that, I believe, is why they are also hell bent on imprisoning so many Black men. When the Black man gets out, he goes looking for dick. The problem is that when he gets out, he has no place to stay, so he gets with a Black woman, pretends to still be heterosexual, when he is in fact, gay, and infects her with some serious STD, but then is seeing men on the side. Whites have managed to continuously fuck up EVERY damn body on this planet.

      Those monstrous creatures are demonic and need to be destroyed! But unfortunately, they have managed to infect too many with their brand of madness.

      And like you, I hope that this Sodom and Gomorrah is destroyed for eternity. That is what needs to happen because shit is just too far gone and getting worse by the nanosecond. Thankfully, what the whites have done to this planet is helping that shit along. Hurricane after hurricane is over here fucking shit up. Wildfires are raging out-of-control in California and the pandemic is ramping up. “I am glad, GLAD, I say!”

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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    3. @qnubian385

      I believe some or more black men have a homoeroticism for non black men. Black men have taken on the negative ways of there non black male counterparts. The racism non black men including women have for black men they are using the same self hate against themselves & there own black community. Dr Nelly Fuller stated the non black men are going to replace black women as the black males mate. Let’s be honest black men have no back bone because they live in fear. Black men want defend themselves as men so I don’t expect them to protect black women & children. Black men are running to other communities for protections or escapism because they live in fear. Black men are the only men on this planet constantly doing the most complaining about being attack by racism but they do nothing about it. Also black males suffer from a lot. psychological damage from buck breaking during slavery & etc. Lets keep in mind even though black women were rape during slavery black males were being rape as well.

      P.S. things are already bad but shit is going to get worse for black men. Black men have abandoned their women & children to escape for another community. Black men have degraded black women in which non black men don’t respect a man who degraded their own race of women.

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      1. Shanequa, I know this comment was directed at qnubian, but I couldn’t help but agree with this comment. Black men of today, are not like the Black men of the 50s and 60s who were actual militants and who weren’t afraid to die fighting to save their people. What’s out here today, masquerading as Black men are some weak ass, punk bitches who will fold at the first sign of trouble and leave the Black woman and child fending for themselves. That is why I believe that so many Black men are getting with white women. They are looking for the white woman to save them when that is not going to happen and just like qnubian stated, when the Black man gets with a white woman, the white woman wears the pants in the relationship because the Black man has turned into an emasculated bitch. He can’t even fight his way out of a wet paper bag, much less is he any good to us. He has already gone over to the enemy. We don’t need Black men because they are already a lost cause. We need to have the backs of other Black women and our children in the hopes that our children, the male ones at least, don’t become like what we are seeing, daily.

        I do understand that this shit started back in slavery times, but goddamn, it, it is 2020 and some sort of ‘transformation’ should have taken place by now to the point whereas Black men understand that they have so much damn firepower themselves and yet, what do they do with it? Shoot each other over drug turf. But when their common enemy, the damn Klan KKKops comes on their turf, they turn into bitches and get shot dead and then the Black woman is out in the streets shouting, “No justice! No peace!” But when something happens to us, what are the Black men doing? Cozying up to Becky, that’s what.

        LeBron James and those NBA basketball players and even some NFL players are talking about walking out on a couple of games because of that Black man that got shot in the back in Kenosha, WI, but they didn’t do that shit when INNOCENT Breonna Taylor was shot EIGHT times and murdered in her home when all she was doing was sleeping. You don’t hear NO PRO SPORTS PLAYER talking about Breonna Taylor because Black women don’t matter to those emasculated punk ass bitches! To hell with ALL Black men, is how I see it! What the fuck do we need with some weak ass, punk ass bitches that are scared of their own damn shadow and will only talk that ‘tough tony’ shit when rapping, when they ain’t about shit?!!

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      2. @shelbycourtand
        The NBA players are paid slaves with that one day protest. Master knew his slaves will be back on the plantation playing. These black male athletes could have made a big impact if they would have protest throughout the whole season not playing sports. Look at how much money sports & the owners would have lost. Black men are a joke. Probably next week or month another black man, woman, or child will be killed and black want do anything about it.


      3. Oh, you can rest assured that soon enough, yet another Black woman, child or man is going to get shot, choked or lynched by some damn Klan member and those worthless Black shits that make up the NBA and NFL will be spouting more bullshit, AGAIN! I am so tired of seeing some shit about what LeBron James has to say or some other piece of Black no good shit because those of us who are out on the streets, getting ourselves fucked up and some more shit are meaningless to those pro sports players because that shit has been going down for HOW long now and what have they ever done about it besides talk? Not a damn thing. So they can just shut the fuck up and keep slaving away for massa because, make no mistake, no matter how many millions they take home, their massa is taking home much, much more; the damn sell-outs!


  3. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Those are some unattractive transwomen you posted. You can tell that they are men playing dress up. I have seen some attractive passing transwomen but it’s always something about them that gives them away. Furthermore too many black transwomen are invading black women space as well as want us to fight there battles. Now it’s black & biracial transwomen actresses in Hollywood replacing the roles for black women. In other words black actresses you are no longer needed we can just get a black or biracial man to put on a dress to replace you.

    The television show “Pose” is about the homosexual community. The director of the show is a transwoman.

    View this post on Instagram

    October 2017, the Bronx. My first day on set for the pilot episode of POSE. I hadn’t ever been a part of a TV production of this scale in my life. At this point, I had spent three months in the POSE writers room in LA helping shape the story without seeing how the cast spoke, how they moved, how they showed up. (I was not apart of the series regular casting process as I was being recruited that summer). So it was such a DREAM to meet @mjrodriguez7 @indyamoore @dominiquet.a.r.jackson @angelicaross @hailiesahar. It was like a family reunion. A homecoming. When I tell you I had to hold back tears as I watched them from the monitors….whew! To see black trans women and femmes be fussed over, catered to, tailored and tweaked and CENTERED… my heart was bursting. There was a healing taking place. I don’t know if I even realized it then because I was so focused on the work at hand. I recognize now that the little black trans girl who sat in her mother’s living room watching TV and searching for images of herself was being built back up. She was being told the life she lived mattered, the stories she told mattered, the experiences she shared mattered. Three years and 18 episodes later, I am still being held by POSE, made the better, pushed to dream bigger, made more whole. Without the talent, craft and dedication of these sisters and siblings, POSE wouldn’t be what it is — a revolutionary series that centers Black trans and queer people and the families we create for ourselves. It’s the new American family drama. I’ve been able to live my dreams, writing this series and directing this cast, showing the entire industry that the people who lived it are most equipped to tell their own stories. I hope on this final day of Emmys voting, the women and femmes in this photo, from our first day coalescing, are recognized for our work. #posefx #fyc #blacktranslivesmatter

    A post shared by J A N E T M O C K (@janetmock) on


    1. Shanequa, please do not call them ‘transwomen’, do not give them that distinction because it only leads to them feeling even more validated as it pertains to being ‘women’ when they are not. Those THINGS don’t have a uterus, fallopian tubes, a cervix, ovaries; the reproductive organs of actual real and true females. Those THINGS should be ridiculed for prancing and preening about looking as ridiculous as all hell in that getup. Women, who are real women have no need to over exaggerate their femininity like those THINGS that are not real women.

      And despite their makeup and preening and over exaggeration, I can still see a man. How they can fool anyone, I don’t know because they’re not fooling me. Real women don’t need tons of makeup and fake ass hair to be what they are. I don’t use makeup or fake hair and I still have to beat the men off. I’m bent over a goddamn walker and still TRUE men, I have to shake off. I don’t need makeup and fake hair, fake eyelashes and a whole damn truckload of Maybelline, Avon and Mary Kay to pull off looking like a woman. I was born a woman and I claim nothing else. If a man is born a man, claim that shit and keep it moving. But don’t perpetrate a fraud and then when your ass is caught out, you want people to feel sorry for your because you almost got the life beat the fuck out of you or either there is some news article talking about how some man killed their ass for perpetrating a fraud. I don’t have a gnat’s ass worth of sympathy for those pretenders. You don’t play with people and expect no repercussions for doing that shit. Of course it is only going to be a matter of time before some man gives those things something that puts them in the damn ground. But I refuse to moan and wail and join the politically correct shits out there that want me to understand that those THINGS were innocent when they were not. If they had dressed up and pranced and preened among themselves, fine. But they did not do that. They had to try and entice men to sleep with them under pretense of being female and now that they are six feet under, we are to weep and wail for them. Well, count me the fuck out. I’ll save my weeping and wailing for real Black women who are murdered by racist KKKops in those new blue Klan uniforms.

      Shanequa, thank you for your comment.


  4. What about this shit crap season?
    You right Shelby say don’t call transwomen women,because they aren’t and they will never be!
    The Drag queen mimic,copy,mock,talk and act like BW, they degrade us and
    their extravagant and vulgar makeup are insult for us BW!
    They speak loudly,they shout and their behaviour are so masculine,they emphasise the racist stereotype
    of BW being loud and masculine! Just look how Drag queen behaviour,they are like a caricature
    of our naturally beauty!
    Disgusting indeed!


    1. That is exactly what I mean! I can barely look at that shit without losing my lunch! Who in their right mind could take that ridiculous shit seriously and yet, this entire fucked up Sodom and Gomorrah shithole literally takes that type of shit, seriously!!! And then these worthless racists over here have the nerve to wonder why the shit is hitting the fan. You don’t prop that shit up on a pedestal and have everyone and his damn neighbor having to see that shit being paraded before you on the internet, TV and every other media. We are bombarded by that outlandish, outrageous, faggot foolishness, constantly! Mere decades ago, that shit would not be so ‘out’, loud and proud because it was not a la mode to strut around like a fucking peacock looking like Maybelline on steroids with a tucked dick under a dress. I refuse to accept those THINGS! And if they all got what they deserve, I would NOT have a problem with that.

      Black women have a natural beauty that those things couldn’t even get close to if they tried. We have no need to go to outrageous lengths to prove a damn thing to any damn body. We are BEAUTY PERSONIFIED and don’t the whole damn world know it, but the thing is, those pasty faced cows and their kind, want to make us believe that we are not the definition of beauty, hence why those THINGS in that picture you showcased are all got up like that and splashed across every damn media outlet. I am not offended because those THINGS do NOT represent the TRUE AND BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN and what’s more, they NEVER will!

      qnubian, thank you for showcasing how damned ridiculous those fools actually look and the whites that give them a platform for that fucked up shit are worse than they are!

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