Why Do YOUR Black Asses Get Bent Out Of Shape When Whites Use The ‘N’ Word, And Yet YOUR Black Asses Refuse To Stop Using It??!! ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

He certainly looks ready for prison to me. His album cover has him already handcuffed. For the love of !!!! They’re trying to get this mess out of prison. Leave him in there if only to make him so bored, he’ll pick up a book and try and educate himself beyond continuously saying “niggas.”

First, we come to this!

It is my understanding that Kim Kartrashcandashian has been studying law, I guess, in case she needs to get her husband, Kanye West, from under a civil commitment. But, apparently, because of it, she has become the go-to person for Black folks when they want help in getting their boyfriends out of prison. The latest to seek her help is Monica who was the girlfriend of rapper, C-MURDER, who is in prison serving a life sentence because he was found guilty of committing murder. But Monica claims that witnesses have recanted their stories and that other DNA evidence clears rapper C-Murder.

Kim Kardashian Joins Fight to Free Rapper C-Murder From Life Sentence in Prison

Kim Kardashian West is trying to free C-Murder. The reality star and aspiring lawyer took to Twitter on Sunday to reveal that she’s putting her resources toward trying to the rapper, whose real name isย Corey Miller, from his life sentence.

Miller — who is the brother of Master P and had a successful rap career of his own in the ’90s — was accused of fatally shooting a 16-year-old at a Louisiana club in 2002. However, Kardashian believes he’s innocent.

“On January 18, 2002 a tragedy occurred when a young man was killed. The next day Corey Miller was arrested for the murder. The jury convicted Corey 10-2 and he was sentenced him to life in prison. If his trial was today, the jury would have had to be unanimous for him to be convicted,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Since his trial, witnesses have recanted, new evidence of his potential innocence has come to light, and there are claims of jurors being pressured into voting to convict,” Kardashian concluded.

Well, that is all well and good, however, first find the guilty party, then get them to confess and I guess that should exonerate C-MURDER who will most likely get out of prison and go back to putting rap lyrics together like these.

Down For My Niggas

Man, fuck them niggas, ha ha
Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas, I ride for my niggas, what?
I die for my niggas, fuck them other niggas, what?

Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas, I ride for my niggas, what?
I die for my niggas, fuck them other niggas

Bitch, I’m down with no limit, I’ll ride for the ’cause
I’m the nigga on the tank with the big fuckin’ balls
And if anybody fuck with Snoop Doggy Dogg
I’ma make these niggas put his name on the wall

And everywhere I go, I got Mr. Magic here
Because I know that nigga don’t care
He’ll have that red shit pourin’ out your hair
Nigga, any fuckin’ time nigga, any fuckin’ where

Make ’em bleed is the motto that I live by
If you fuck with me it’s a must you die
Them niggas might goin’ run but them niggas can’t hide
It’s like shootin’ yourself, it’s a suicide

KLC rock the beat, hittin’ hard like burt
Niggas in the Nolia know him as Big Hurt
Just like soulja slim he’ll put you in the dirt
And have your picture on front of a t-shirt

And when I make moves I got a hundred niggas with me
Just in case a nigga out there tryin’ a get me
All my niggas is down to squeeze the trigger
That’s why I’m down for my motherfuckin’ niggas

Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas, I ride for my niggas, what?
I die for my niggas, fuck them other niggas, what?

Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas, I ride for my niggas, what
I die for my niggas, fuck them other niggas

What you ain’t heard Boi, I ride with these niggas
I die with these niggas
Do a drive by with my forty five, ’cause I’m down with these niggas
Snoop Dogg and Bossalinie

Don’t shoot now nigga just call me when you need me
Believe me, I never bite the hand that feed me
Just point them niggas out and
I’ll leave ’em all on the street bleeding
Bitch, you fuckin’ with a grown man

How I be done waxed you in your house?
And then buried you on your own land
See the cops is scared to come and get me
But I don’t blame ’em ’cause they know
I got a bunch of thug niggas with me

Lookin’ for trouble starting shit
I’m ridin’ solo and I’m bustin’
And gettin’ rid of your dick
See your boys ain’t ’bout beefing

When you fuckin’ with niggas that’ll
Definitely get you internal sleep
But if you didn’t get the fuckin’ picture
Bitch, I’m down for my niggas

Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas, I ride for my niggas, what?
I die for my niggas, fuck them other niggas, what?

Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas, I ride for my niggas, what?
I die for my niggas, fuck them other niggas

What niggas, them niggas, yeah dawg, you with it?
Fuck ’em, let’s get ’em, do ’em, I did ’em
We gettin’ nutty in this motherfucker
(Nutty in this motherfucker)

I got my buddy in this motherfucker
Leave a nigga bloody in this motherfucker
We in the cutty motherfucker
You done, done too much, you got it comin’ motherfucker

Some of these niggas is “Bitches 2”
And some of these niggas look just like you
Well, where I’m from we like to ride on pros
Do it from the shoulders or do it from the toes

I do my dirt all by my lonely
(All by my lonely)
C-Murder and Magic, hell, yeah, them my motherfuckin’ homies
So when shit get thick and foggy
And niggas wanna act like they wanna get with Snoop Doggy

Lemme let you niggas know
(What’s up?)
Shit, fuck what you goin’ through
And fuck what you stand for?

Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas, I ride for my niggas, what?
I die for my niggas, fuck them other niggas, what?

Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down for my niggas, what?
Fuck them other niggas, I ride for my niggas, what?
I die for my niggas, fuck them other niggas – C-Murda

And someone wants to get HIS ass out of prison? For what???!! Why??!!! He is dumb as shit as well as those who bought this piece of shit’s ear poison. Where he is, is exactly where he belongs! I don’t even know where to begin. How in the world do people listen to THAT??!! What is the purpose in listening to that? What positive message can you possibly take away from that? When I read those lyrics, I think of someone who is absolutely headed to prison because why else would they go on so about going to prison for “being down for their niggas?” WHAT???!!!


But yet, this is the headline out today!

Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp Denies Using the N-Word in Resurfaced Video




Noah Schnapp has come under fire.

On Aug. 25, an old video of the 15-year-old actor and his friends singing Lil Dicky and Chris Brown‘s “Freaky Friday” surfaced online. A few of the lyrics contained the N-word, and some viewers thought the Stranger Things star actually belted out the slur.ย Soon, the hashtag #NoahSchnappIsOverParty started trending on Twitter.

So, wait a minute, folks want to go off on this here Noah Schnapp because he allegedly said the ‘N’ word while singing a rap song by Lil Dicky and Chris Brown. Let me see what all the fuss is about.

Freaky Friday

Lil Dicky, ooh
Mustard on the beat, ho

I woke up Chris Breezy, oh my god I’m the man (oh shit)
I’m so fly and I can dance (whoa, whoa shit)
There’s tattoos on my neck (oh, oh)
I just FaceTimed Kanye (blip, blip)
I told him I’m his biggest fan, yeah (yeah)
Got all these hoes in my DM (yeah, I do)
Holy shit, I got a kid (oh)
Ohh, I can sing so well
Wonder if I can say the n-word (wait for real?)
Wait, can I really say the n-word?
What up, my nigga? (woo) What up, my nigga?
Big ups, my nigga, we up, my nigga
You pussy ass nigga, man, fuck y’all niggas
‘Cause I’m that nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga
I’m that nigga

Are you people serious??!!!! Black folks don’t have a goddamn problem saying the ‘N’ word because they use it ALL the time. If they had a problem with ANYONE using the ‘N’ word, they would get that damn word out of their fucking vocabulary, but they absolutely refuse to do so, but then get their fucking sagging off their asses boxers in a bunch if some white dude, looking like ‘Opie Taylor’ goes and sings the lyrics to a song by some piece of shit that’s more than likely been locked up. And I KNOW Chris Brown’s ass has been locked up and I’d be quite surprised if whomever the fuck Lil Dicky is has not been incarcerated on some “trying to be gangsta” type shit. Oh damn! My bad! Of course this motherfucker has NOT been locked up, he’s pasty-assed.

Let me get this straight, no one had a problem with this white dude rapping all day long about ‘niggas’ as long as he was collaborating with Chris Brown, but another white dude named Noah Schnapp cannot use the ‘N’ word since he’s not collaborating with Chris Brown? Are y’all stupid motherfuckers, serious????!!!


Black folks, you cannot sit somewhere and wail and whine about whites using the ‘N’ word when you have designated the most vile, demeaning, derogatory term in history that was used by the white slave owners when they referred to our slave ancestors as ‘niggers’, as a term of ‘endearment’. It doesn’t matter if you use a different ‘version’ of it, it is still the SAME.WORD. And you know this. Black people are some of the dumbest on this planet. No Chinese are going around rapping, singing or even in regular conversation telling other Chinese that they are “Chinks.” No Mexicans are walking around rapping, singing or even in regular conversation calling other Mexicans, “Wetbacks.” Also, spic is an ethnic slur used in the United States of America for Latin American people. But you don’t hear those people referring to themselves using a slur. Black people are the only group of people who will do this.

Since you think of yourselves as ‘niggers’, don’t get tore up about it when others call you what you think of yourselves. Don’t get to tweeting shit about some whites using the ‘N’ word when you don’t have a problem with saying it in movies, songs and in your everyday dealings. Many of you are IGNORANT all day long and what’s more, that is not about to change. If you want to be known for speaking ebonics all damn day, then have at it. If you want to be known as “niggers” all damn day then have at it, but shut the fuck up when others call you that because you are fine with it. In fact, you are making money off calling yourselves “niggers” and as long as you are selling hit thug rap shit, you can be a “nigger” all day long. And those who buy your shit are themselves, “niggers” because if they weren’t, they would not be entertaining that shit; they would not be complicit in that shit. But yet, I have the nerve to wonder why I’m hearing Black people say this shit ALL the damn time, “Im finna be dumb!” Seriously? You ain’t finna be dumb, you already there! COVID-19 ain’t had a damn thing to do with you being dumb because some of you didn’t even know why you were out-of-school in January. A Black mother actually sat somewhere talking about how she did not know why her children were out-of-school for a day in January and when she asked her sixteen-year old daughter if she knew, her sixteen year-old daughter said, “No.” So, no, you’re not finna be dumb, you’re waaay past that! And another sad fact is that I see and hear Black children out playing all day, which means, they are not doing any studies since school systems have become basically dysfunctional thanks to COVID-19. So, yet ANOTHER generation of dumb ‘niggas’ is what we can look forward to. More’s the goddamn pity! But yet, you want everyone to understand that BLACK LIVES MATTER! When? Because if you can refer to yourself and other American descendants of slavery as “niggas,” then that proves that you don’t even believe that BLACK LIVES MATTER. So, come again!

15 thoughts on “Why Do YOUR Black Asses Get Bent Out Of Shape When Whites Use The ‘N’ Word, And Yet YOUR Black Asses Refuse To Stop Using It??!! ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  1. That is so on point it’s not even funny. I’m proud of myself for have never called anyone the N-word in my life. I was raised better than that. There was one time when I worked at a high school a few years ago and a student called me that to my face. He got detention when I reported it and was forced to apologize to me. Even the higher-ups at that school didn’t tolerate that being said.

    I’ve had the misfortune of hearing that Freaky Friday song and it’s terrible. Lil Dicky can’t rap and the concept of the song is even worse in hindsight because it involves that rapper and Chris Brown magically switching bodies (just like the movie it’s named after), so Chris Brown’s part of the song is actually Lil Dicky in character singing as him. Think about that for a second. I mean, he DID write that song, and they could’ve used other words instead. I didn’t know that about Noah Schnapp even though I haven’t seen Stranger Things. That really is a double standard when it comes to him and Lil Dicky.

    You also bring up a good point because I’ve never seen other ethnic groups call themselves any slurs directed at them. I’ve never even seen them do it jokingly or with any kind of irony because they don’t play like that. It also infuriates me when people of any race make excuses about how “-ger” is a swear word and racial slur, but not “-ga”. It’s still the same freaking word! This is a subject that needs to be brought up.

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    1. Ospreyshire, what is SO damn sad is that I have covered this situation, times too numerous to count and STILL, all I hear when Black folks pull up beside me is that garbage. It is getting so bad that even the lesbians are coming out with their version. The other day, some Black women with children in the car pull up in a grocery store parking lot and all I hear is, “no I’m not a lesbian, but I want a bitch to lick my —— all day long.”
      Seriously???!!! Children got out of that car and these were Black women listening to that mess.

      And I had a white co-worker call me the ‘N’ word on the job and do you think I appreciated THAT shit? Hell no! But the sad fact of the matter is my mother called us that when we were growing up. I promised myself that I would NEVER use that word in my day to day dealings, nor would I ever utter that word when speaking to another descendant of slavery and the only time I have used that word is on this blog when I am trying to make a point like with this one.

      That word should NEVER belong in our vocabulary. I don’t care how many slang versions they come up with, the word IS STILL THE SAME! You can’t dress that word up. You can’t pretty that word up. And yet Black folks want to PRETEND to get bent-out-of-shape when whites call them the ‘N’ word, but why should whites feel that they cannot use that word when referencing Black people when Black people use it ALL the time? In fact, Black people are letting whites sell that shit FOR PROFIT! Black people are even helping the white man make a profit off of the worst racial slur in history.

      You will NEVER find ANY other groups out there using and throwing around a racial slur given them by the whites, not ever! But Black folks are dumb as hell because the majority of today’s youth have embraced that slur, enthusiastically. Even back in the 60s and early 70s and 80s, that word was not spoken so casually as it is today. It was not heard in the music of those decades. The early rap music did not contain that word. I never heard that from The Sugar Hill Gang. I never heard that from Heavy D and others like him. But nowadays, everything that is demeaning to Black women is fine, everything that is derogatory and aimed at Black people is fine and the majority are taking that shit up and lapping it up, but then want to take offense when a white person uses that. No, they don’t get to pick and choose who uses it. If Black folks want to take that word up and make money off of it and refer to themselves as the ‘N’ word, then every damn body and his goat can damn well call them that because it is blasting from damn near every vehicle that a Black ass is sitting up in.

      And Black people have the nerve to want everyone to understand that BLACK LIVES MATTER. Well if that is the case, they need to damn well start acting like it and the first thing they can do about it is to strike the ‘N’ word from their vocabulary. But, hell would freeze over first and don’t we all know it.

      Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      1. Understood. It’s a shame how that word is used so flippantly and not with contempt as it should be like other slurs. Wow, I’m sorry to hear that you had to hear a conversation like that in a parking lot.

        Good on you for giving that white co-worker the business for calling you that atrocious word. He certainly deserved to be called out for that behavior, but I know you wouldn’t let that slide anyway. If I hear that word around me, I know I wouldn’t let anyone get away with it. That’s terrible how your mother called you the n-word. It’s understandable if you only use that word for quoting examples or to prove a point instead of calling someone that. My family doesn’t call anyone that and I was told how horrible the word was, so that certainly shaped me into not calling people by that name. I rarely even use profanity offline or online, but that’s just how I naturally talk or write. Even then it’s mostly quotes or with some of my characters in my fiction projects, but that’s besides the point.

        THANK YOU! I’m with you 100% when it comes to denouncing that word no matter what version it is. What you said sort of reminded me of that issue Kendrick Lamar dealt with a few years ago where he let a white fan rap a part of the song at a concert which uses the n-word. Despite him telling her not to use that word, she wanted to perform that song the way it was intentionally written (by him). I know he’s not as dumb as C-Murder, but I know he should’ve known better. The profit aspect is a good point because it’s the worst form of cultural appropriation except it’s a derogatory word against an entire culture whether they’re ADOS, Caribbean, African, etc. if that makes sense.

        Of course. I’ve even heard and seen situations of non-Black groups not tolerating being called that slur or even successfully railing against anything racist against them. One example of the latter involves the Arab-American community bashing Disney when Aladdin first came out. The original opening line of the theme song “Arabian Nights” has the lyric of “They’ll cut off your ear if they don’t like your face. It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home!”. They got that lyric edited out of all versions even going back to the 1st edition VHS back in the early 90s. So many other groups stay on code when it comes to situations like that. While early rap is before my time, I’ve listened to those examples before and it is certainly shocking how clean those songs were. Even the more conscious and talented rappers resort to using that word from time to time which is facepalm worthy regardless of the other messages spoken in those songs (of course you won’t find the more meaningful rappers in the mainstream, but that’s another can of worms). It’s like any lyric counter-productive to the Black community is celebrated and encouraged with a lot of the popular songs. Rap about parties, sex, misogyny, and gangsta crap? One will go platinum. Rap about racial injustice, social issues, or god forbid anything constructively positive? Then don’t think about getting that airplay or attention. It’s no wonder the rappers who cover the latter topics are in the underground.

        I agree. If Black lives truly do matter, then the n-word needs to be erased from the lexicon.

        You’re welcome. I’m glad we could have these needed conversations.

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  2. Sympathy for the devil?(Rolling Stones) Judas goats( aka modern rappers leading young ADOS to the slaughter house while living high on the hog with becky or beckyish). Staying strapped for who? Here comes po po? Guns thrown in the bushes garbage can or any where but on me? Making a living by promoting young ADOS to live on their bellies as snakes! The white man made niggers after his image and after his likeness. A nigger loves what white people love and hates what white people hate ADOS. Which why we see your glocks but every time po po shoots ADOS he thought he”saw a gun…” ” he appeared to reaching for a gun” The judas goat aka rappers that promotes gun/ nigga culture among the ADOS is really an Agent/tool of white supremacy but as PBT always says ” white supremacists all ways break their tools when they have outlived their usefulness(paraphrase). Shelby thanks for putting our madness in the truthful terms where we cannot deny the madness.

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    1. Yele66, thanks for continuing to keep it real.

      Black people act like they have no clue what’s up. The white man has NEVER done ANYTHING for our benefit and if the white man is willing to put our shit on his record label, then we had damn well better believe that the shit that we are going to hear is some shit that we don’t need to hear. And yet, we not only sit up and listen to that garbage, we pay for the dubious ‘privilege’ of doing so and the white man laughs ALL the way to the fucking bank while 9 out of 10 times, the piece of shit that’s rapping about “niggers” all day has been to jail, is going to jail or is just getting out. Look at DMX, Chris Brown, this C-MURDER piece of shit. Look at Biggie and Tupac and damn near every single rapper from at least the 90s up to today.

      Those so-called ‘thug rappers’ that are supposed to be so damn bad are on stage, rapping about “niggers” with the prison gay look on their ass with their sagging ass pants showing their damn underwear. This generation is a lost cause. There is no getting through to them which means that the next generation is going to be even worse. Black folks can talk about Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B and Niki Minaj, but cannot answer a simple math equation, don’t know what an atom or a molecule is, don’t even know their history and don’t care. But as long as they can follow some damn piece of shit so-called ‘celebrity’ on Instagram or Facebook, then what the hell else is there? That’s how Black folks of today, roll. And that’s some sad ass, pitiful shit right there! I just put it out there, but who needs to pick it up, will NEVER do that. They’re too busy filling their ears with this poison.

      I give up!


  3. ”NEGRO,NIGGER,NEGRESS” and black rapers and even uneducated black people are using the modern N-word
    ”NIGGAS”,why do you feel like that ”N-WORD” belong only to us?
    The Spanish and Portuguese people were the first one to use the ”N-WORD” than the Anglo-Saxon copied from them from ”NEGRO TO NIGGER”
    I am BW and I am disgust about the word ”N-WORD”,why do you think is OK for us to use and call each other
    ”NEGRO,NIGGER,NIGGAS” and you don’t feel shame at all? But you cry like toddler when non-black people are using freely like nothing happen?
    I don’t use N-word and get my nerves when I hear and listen black people using the N-WORD in front off of non-black people,of course non-black people hear from your mouth they will use!
    Because they don’t care,how much cool you are with your quick slang,”you are a NIGGER for them”.
    They like your songs,your styles,they act and mimic you,they dress like you,they put the hat like you,
    they see all black people are cool,they use the N-WORD,but you get angry!
    You allowed them to copy you from the top to the bottom,but you feel so trigger when they use the N-WORD?
    I am black and I don’t understand a fuck when they say ”black people are cool” for what we are cool?
    I don’t need and I don’t want their admiration,I am human being first and I am not product of cool!
    ”Yeah what’s up bro? Yeah cool! Yeah my NIGGAS” What fuck is this? I don’t even use these languages!
    Once I was on up deck bus,there were two Arabs guys,they were listening that fart bitch of CARDI B,you know that whore on all her videos clips and songs,she likes use the N-WORD.
    So,both these two Arabs guys were singing that trash music of that whore and they said the ”N-WORD” like nothing happen!
    I heard them and I turned my had looked at them,there were some BM on the bus,I was surprised that BM were allowing those son of bitches saying the N-WORD!
    Than I remembered that BM are so desperate to be accept and be love by no non-black people,
    BM are so thirsty that they could sell their own people for the love of,just because they are a bunch of COON!
    Shelby,if you think that all cultures around the world the first word they know when the see a black person is the
    ”N-WORD”,all of them they know,even if you go in hole place or forgotten by all,they know how to say the
    N-WORD is humanitarian heritage fro black people,they fight to keep the ”N-WORD” alive instead of get rid of!
    MASSA were using on the plantations the ”N-WORD” but black people are keeping alive the tradition! SMH

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    1. qnubian, no one on this planet has respect for us and I can actually understand why. It is because we have zero respect for us. Who in their right mind, continuously uses a racial slur given to them by slave owners who once whipped, raped, shackled, tortured, sold, sodomized and murdered their ancestors? What decent, self-respecting person would do that? And since we don’t take ourselves seriously, nor hold ourselves to any sort of standards, no one else will.

      Like I stated above, NO other group on this planet has taken up a racial slur directed at them by the whites, but us; no other group. We don’t even have a problem with our own kind helping the white man make money off of calling us a racial slur. We will even encourage whites to make money by introducing them to our songs to rap the ‘N’ word right along with us and they get paid for saying it loud and proud. And so I ask, once again, why would anyone take a group of people seriously, who have this mindset? No one and no one does and what’s more, no one ever will because it is crystal clear that we will NEVER stop using that word to describe ourselves. We prefer complete ignorance over education. We prefer to look to whores and sell-outs to entertain us and educate us. We don’t give a damn about educating our children because many Black children during this COVID crisis are not even getting a sliver of an education because their parents don’t have one and don’t care if their children don’t have one. But yet want to complain because they don’t have a damn thing. For the love of !!!! I just throw up both my hands.

      qnubian, thank you for your comment, but unfortunately, I am preaching to the choir because those who NEED to see this, will not and even if they did, it would not make a difference and more’s the pity.

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    1. Shanequa, listening to as much of that as I could, and I only got through 2:21 of it, I’m going to state here and now, that I am going to attempt to limit my vulgar language because this guy, whom I had never heard of, sounds ignorant as heck!

      My blogs are going to be extremely dull from here on out because if I am going to call others out for using the ‘N’ word, then I need to call myself out for my vulgar language. Am I constantly using the ‘N’ word? “NO!” But still, the use of vulgar language should not be constantly necessary and I need to stop it.

      I always excuse my use of vulgar language by saying this, “When I was in school, my mother forbid us to curse. We couldn’t even say, ‘fool’ or ‘lie’ and when the other kids would have a problem with us, we couldn’t say a doggone word and so I got into fights because I couldn’t cuss them out.” Fast forward to today and I have been trying to make up for that mess. Just as soon as I could, I developed a ‘potty mouth’ when at one time, I never uttered one vulgar word and now, I cannot talk without using vulgar language. But one thing I can say with ALL honesty, I do NOT use the ‘N’ word and I will never use the ‘N’ word, unless I am trying to make a point on this blog.

      I don’t listen to rap. I don’t buy rap. And I never will. I don’t even listen to music much anymore because the music I listened to was ole school R&B and I’ve listened to the same songs so often, I’m tired of it.

      But what I do know is that I am also tired of Black people demanding respect from others when we don’t even respect ourselves and it shows. Our demeanor in public is shameful. What we allow others to do to us is shameful. And just like Ospreyshire said in his comment. when the whites put out movies that demean other groups, other groups call their butts out on that mess and the mess ceases and desists, while Black folks are making whites ever more richer from disrespecting us along with us and with our blessing. What kind of mess is that? I cannot believe it, but I have actually gotten through an entire comment without one cuss word. Now, that’s a new record right there.

      Shanequa, thank you for posting the video and for your comment. I sincerely appreciate it because you also got me to reflect on my own habits and I am going to try and do better.


  4. @Shelby I am so sorry what happened to you about that BW who pulled over and she said and used
    vulgar and disrespectful language with you,you have all the right like other
    to go out and do your grocery in peace! No one have right to disrespectful you and break your peace!
    I suggest you to buy some earphones even you are not listen music but keeping inside your ears is the best!
    I avoid so much drama,because I don’t have time to listen the craps some broken ass have something to tell me!
    That woman was a broken ass and a single mother and I feel sorry only for her children,
    because when children hear an adult using a vulgar and sexual language say everything,her children in the future,
    they will use that kind language and they will have deviant sexuality!
    Not only she insulted you but she put you in very embarrassed situation that you didn’t ask in the first place,
    how much someone are sexual frustrate there isn’t excuse in the world to put someone else in disrespectful
    Because of these bad and brands apples, that good apples are included together with them,this is what the world
    see us,but black people aren’t worry about that they don’t have any intention to change at all!
    I didn’t encounter yet lesbians who shout rubbish things to me,maybe when I am in public I gave very bad vibes
    that most women don’t dare to say or do disgusting things to me!
    The only bad encounter I had was with married and thirsty BM that,doesn’t matter they were married with children,
    they wanted to sleep with me!
    Like something was writing on my face that ”look I am cheap woman so for me isn’t problem”
    I don’t know what my face was some kind invitation?
    You go figurative what these deprave men wanted from me,but weren’t good!
    If a black person speak a good,clean language and vocabulary,they said that ”you wanna be white”,
    so black people should speak like ”ghetto,raper way” uneducated person is fine,being uneducated is cool!
    That’s why all these raper don’t know how to talk or express somethings clever!
    The only thing they know for sure how to degrade BW,call BW ”black bitch or hoe” and use racial slur like normal
    vocabulary,sexual content like as natural thing !
    I am sorry that your mother called you and your sisters with racial slur that shouldn’t belong in black family,
    but unfortunately the self-hatred starts at home,and you get most the time from your parents!
    If black parent are self-hatred,that self-hatred they will give to their children!
    Shelby,you seem a very nice and good woman,and I am sorry what happened to you,and that BW who said
    that disgusting thing to you,she is lost cause and lost cause better let it go,they don’t deserve be save!
    It’s shame that because these blacks that they can’t control themselves in public,and when they see a good black person who mind his/her own business,they hate it,they just want to destroy your day!
    What miserable and hateful people they are! SMH!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. qnubian, I appreciate what you said and I would not wish what I heard on anyone. It is a shame that even some Black women act like they have no respect at all for themselves, much less others.

      I just felt bad that the children probably listen to that mess all the time and they are going to be confused as hell and will more than likely become sexual deviants because children are easily influenced by what adults do and they try and emulate what adults do as much as possible and that is why adults need to seriously watch what they say and do around impressionable children.

      My son, when he was growing up, never listened to any type of crazy shit and so I still don’t know why he got with pasty-faced cows. I am still NOT understanding that shit. I am still perplexed and appalled over it because I cannot wrap my head around how my own son turned out to be an emasculated punk, weak-minded, pasty-faced cow loving piece of shit. I just cannot figure it out. I don’t claim him anymore because I am way past disappointed

      And unlike my mother, I NEVER referred to him using the ‘N’ word because I did NOT like it when my mother used it with us, not one bit and I vowed that if I ever had children, they would NEVER hear me use that word and my son never heard me refer to him in that way. So, I am just not figuring it out where I went wrong because I tried to be so careful with him. I didn’t want him to have the same type of damaged childhood we had. I watched very carefully who he played with at home. When he went to events, I was with him and so where I went wrong, I just don’t know. But I need to stop beating myself up about it because there is nothing that I can do about it now.

      qnubian, I thank you most kindly for your comment. I believe that you are a very kind, compassionate person. In fact, I know you are.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. …and I am so very sorry that just like me, you have been preaching to the choir. No one is listening. They are all busy calling each other “n@@@@@s!” More’s the damn pity! Each generation is more lost than the previous and what’s more, that is not going to change. I no longer despair FOR us, I despair OF us.

      Thank you for your comment.

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