I Was Not Going To Blog About The Passing Of Chadwick Boseman, Until I Came Across This…..

Chadwick Boseman recalled being fired from a TV show after questioning the racial stereotypes of his role

Boseman said the role — in a soap opera on a major network — was possibly stereotypical. He played a young black man “with a violent streak pulled into the allure of gang involvement” and with “barely a glimpse of positivity or talent in the character.” Boseman didn’t want to judge the character, but he brought it up in a meeting with the show’s executives after filming the first couple of episodes.

It didn’t go well.

“I was let go from that job the next day,” Boseman said.

The soap opera in question was not named by Boseman, but he had appeared in All My Children and was quickly replaced. His replacement was none other than the actor Boseman played opposite in The Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan. Boseman went on to state that when he questioned the soap opera’s executives, they didn’t much like being questioned about how they were casting a Black male actor on the show. They wanted a Black actor to play a violent Black man whose mother was on heroin and so he was in foster care. Of course the character’s father had abandoned the family some years past.

This is how white executives in Hollywood want American descendants of slavery to be viewed. We are nothing more than a stereotype to them; something to show that we have a violent nature and therefore, need to be brought to heel, which is what Hilary Clinton stated. Joe Biden damn near said the same thing which is why he, for hours on the senate floor, talked up his 1994 crime bill that resulted in extended sentences for millions of American descendants of slavery.

And even though Chadwick Boseman questioned his role in All My Children, I wonder why he did not question his role in The Black Panther Movie brought to YOU by Disney and Marvel Comics because I am quite sure that he knew what the REAL and TRUE Black Panther Party and Movement was all about. I am pretty sure that he knew that when anyone initiated a search for “Black Panther,” some Disney and Marvel Comics bullshit would pop up first. Not to mention, that Boseman’s character was an African and the same typecasting was used in that film as was used in All My Children since the very same actor who went on to play a role he previously questioned, played a similar role in “The Black Panther Movie.” Didn’t Michael B. Jordan play the role of an American descendant of slavery who had a violent nature and would kill anyone without hesitation, even women? I did not look at the movie, but I certainly read enough blogs detailing what it was all about and how vicious the only actor portraying an American descendant of slavery was made to appear.

Growing up with top marks in school, Stevens went on to attend and graduate from the United States Naval Academy and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, before joining the United States Navy SEALs. Within the SEAL teams, Stevens was deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Africa, where he had the highest count of confirmed kills amongst everyone from his unit. Stevens also participated in several stateside missions in the United States of America. Due to his ruthlessness, while serving within the military, Stevens eventually gained the nickname “Killmonger.”

So in other words, questioning stereotypes is non-essential when there is more money involved because I am quite sure that compared to what All My Children was offering as a salary was nothing in comparison to what Chadwick Boseman made from starring in “The Black Panther” by Disney and Marvel Comics.

I have no idea what had become of Killmonger’s mother since I did not watch that farce of a film, but if whites are going to front the money for this type of movie, even though the screenwriters are reported to be Black; Joe Robert Cole and Ryan Coogler, they had better make damn sure that they get full approval from the white man and his input had better take stage, front and center and it would seem as with “The Black Panther Movie” brought to YOU by Disney and Marvel Comics, that is exactly what happened.

Boseman may have had a problem when he was typecast in All My Children as having had a heroin addict for a mother, was vicious and a foster child, whose father had long since abandoned him, but he had no such qualms when it came to starring in a movie that had an even worse role for an ADOS; that of being an unrelenting, vicious killer, even of women whose sole aim was to take over a kingdom that could fight back against colonialism and use it to free HIS people while the African continued to look to the colonizer as a savior.

It is fine to be all holier than thou, but if you want to start out that way, stay the course, you’ll be more believable. And make no mistake, ALL Black women are NOT heroin addicts, nor are we all single mothers. My husband was the first man to know me intimately and my son had two parents and neither one of us smoked cigarettes, much less did we use heroin. My father and my mother were married when they had me, their first, and though my father drank and my mother smoked cigarettes, neither had ever used illegal drugs and there are plenty of other Black families who do not and will not fit in with the whites’ agenda of us in trying to make it seem as though we are the worst things walking when whites are so low, they should be slithering and crawling across this planet since they are damn parasites.

I seriously wish that Black people would stop seeking the white man’s money at the expense of their soul because it is not worth it. Chadwick Boseman, only two years after playing his so-called, most ‘iconic’ role, is now dead at the age of 43 from colon cancer. And though he will be widely known for his role in “Black Panther,” brought to YOU by Disney and Marvel Comics, I am sure many, as did I, did not even know that he had also played Thurgood Marshall, in “Marshall.” Thurgood Marshall was the Supreme Court’s first and in my opinion, ONLY American descendant of slavery to have the dubious honor of being a Supreme Court justice since I don’t even recognize that Uncle Tom Clarence Thomas as one of us. Thurgood Marshall was the best justice the Supreme Court EVER had or EVER will have, bar none.

So to the Black folks who donned dashikis, African head wraps and other African attire and headed to a movie theater to see Disney and Marvel Comic’s version of Black Panther, as you can see, there is no Wakanda, there is no vibranium, there is no magical kingdom in Africa that is hidden from the pasty-assed colonizers who are still colonizing Africa and are the reasons why our Black asses are in Amerikkka, getting shot in the back, in our beds, getting kneed to death, lynched and so forth and so on. We are still the faces of health care disparities since ‘they’ tell us that colon cancer is preventable, but Chadwick Boseman just died of colon cancer at the age of 43. We are supposedly the faces of COVID-19 and since we are, then we are also ‘collectively’ The Face of Death. The whites tell us that we Black women are heroin addicts and single mothers and so our children are predators, thugs and vicious killers when what could be more vicious, more predatory like than those pasty-faced creatures that have crawled and slithered ALL across this planet, raping, pillaging, destroying, colonizing, brutalizing, enslaving, stealing and waging war on entire continents with impunity while judging those who inhabited colonized regions as savages? Those monstrous creatures sit on their debased, slimy asses and judge others and deem them to come up short when you shameless shits should not even have the ability to slither up a blade of grass, much less walk upright since you come from Neanderthals; you cave dwelling devils.

Whites, if you think for one damn second that I would ever buy your bullshit or participate in the degrading, demeaning shit that you have Black actors and actresses starring in, you’d better don ‘black’ face and play those roles your damn selves. Your next movie, “400+ Years A Slave” had better see YOUR damn pasty asses all got up in ‘black face’ and with YOUR damn dyed black backs getting pretend whipped. You don’t have a problem donning ‘black’ face any other time, what with your minstrel shows and shit, but you’ll not find any takers here. I’d rather have rags draping my ass than accept your thirty pieces of dirty silver and have to call myself a “sell out.”

And for those stupid Black shits who are screeching and wailing that Chadwick Boseman has finally reached, “Wakanda,” seriously!! Shut the fuck up!!


15 thoughts on “I Was Not Going To Blog About The Passing Of Chadwick Boseman, Until I Came Across This…..

  1. @shelbycourtland
    Well you forgot to mention about the Panther having a “Women’s Army” to protect him. I guess the men in Wakanda wasn’t man enough to fight & protect the community like men so they got women instead. In my opinion the women army were masculine, shave heads, and the leader of the women’s army was suppose to be in a lesbian relationship with one of the women in the army but they decided not to include it in the movie. When you don’t control your own image others will you the image they want you to have an that is what Disney & Marvel brought to black people. I remember Irritated Genie doing a lecture on how the movie Black Panther was bad for black people.


    1. I plead ignorance of the movie because I did not watch it, but I do recall seeing pictures of women who looked more manly than many men do. But I am not surprised that Black women were depicted as having more of a masculine nature since white females are depicted as ‘pale wilting lilies’ that need protecting when those vicious, depraved, blood thirsty shits are just as evil and vile and parasitic as their male counterparts. Show me a white woman and I’ll show you a demon.

      And you are right, we don’t “control our own image” because even with so-called ‘Black writers’, the white man still has to approve that shit because he is fronting the money for the project. And even with Tyler Perry owning his own studio, the shit he puts out mimics what the whites put out. So, hell yeah! I’m glad that COVID-19 has damn near put paid to that “sitting inside movie theater” shit. I mean, what the hell for? So that Black people can look foolish sitting up with some African shit on pretending that they’re viewing something that’s real? Getting Black people to spend their money on more fake ass bullshit? We may be the faces of poverty, but we damn sure as hell got millions to throw at Disney and Marvel Comics for some make believe bullshit. And now, they are calling this Boseman guy, a super hero. No, he just played one and the WHITES DEPICTED HIM AS A SUPER HERO because he made bank for their asses.

      So, instead of reading about the REAL and TRUE Black Panther Party and Movement, we will be looking at some fake ass Wakanda bullshit because we want Disney to tell OUR story!

      Walt Disney Told Our Story!

      Black History Month is at an end
      and Walt Disney told our story.
      We learned about Wakanda
      and Black Panther got the glory.

      Wearing dashikis and head wraps,
      we clapped and cheered for Wakanda;
      that magical of all kingdoms,
      it looks just like Uganda!

      Now, Uganda is over in Africa,
      and the poverty rate is high.
      Healthcare is abysmal
      and people with cholera, they still die.

      The folks over in Somalia?
      They ain’t looking so good.
      Trump just bombed them again,
      just like I knew he would.

      But over by way of Ethiopia,
      the folks there got a plight.
      They ain’t eating at all.
      And it ain’t about a hunger strike.

      The African women of Liberia
      have long been seen as slaves;
      sex slaves to be exact
      and that don’t get no praise.

      What about over in Kenya?
      They got educated folks
      and still, some end up homeless
      Look it up, this ain’t no hoax.

      Now we come to Ghana,
      is this a kingdom too?
      It was once ruled by the British.
      Does that give you a clue?

      Libya is off the chain
      and slavery is everywhere.
      America and NATO
      filled Libyans with despair.

      But we celebrate Black History Month
      with Black Panther to the rescue.
      There’s a kingdom over in Africa,
      where lives the privileged few.

      Wakanda, is its name.
      Its Black Panther leads the charge
      against usurpers to the throne
      within the kingdom or at large.

      Vibranium is its weapon,
      against enemies far and wide.
      I bet real African nations
      wish this kingdom was by their side.

      Between fantasy and reality,
      we choose fantasy every time.
      and we’d rather pay Walt Disney
      our last hard-earned dime.

      We don’t care about Liberia,
      because that is just too real.
      And we don’t live in Uganda
      where cholera is a big deal.

      We want to live in Wakanda,
      fake as it can be.
      But that is what we are,
      fake people with a fake history.

      This here ends Black History,
      with many thanks to Walt Disney
      who sat us down in Wakanda;
      a kingdom; a magical fantasy.

      Written by,
      Shelby I. Courtland
      ©2018 Shelby I. Courtland

      Why in the month of February, the shortest month of the year, did the whites decide to release that movie? Because it was to take the focus off true and real Black History and focus it instead on some fake ass bullshit while filling the coffers of the whites as well. Black people ALWAYS fall for the okey-doke.

      Shanequa, thank you for your comment.


      1. @shelbycourtland

        “And now, they are calling this Boseman guy, a super hero. No, he just played one and the WHITES DEPICTED HIM AS A SUPER HERO because he made bank for their asses.” Our people can’t tell the difference between from fantasy & reality. They see fantasy as reality & reality as fantasy. I send my prayers out to his family but our people need to stay focus. We are ready living in a hell now but when Trump get in office again we’ll be falling in a deeper hell.

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      2. Yes, we are in hell because THIS AIN’T WAKANDA! There is no “WAKANDA FOREVER!” It’s just poverty, suffering, despair, hunger, homelessness, racism, bigotry, gentrification, police brutality, drug and gang violence infested hoods, prostitution, mass incarceration and the list of the like is endless.

        But it certainly ain’t no WAKANDA!


        Is THIS Wakanda?

        baltimore again

        Is THIS WAKANDA?

        another one

        What about THIS one?

        and another one


  2. P.S. Another famous black celebrity death that white media will make money off of. Well 2020 it was Kobe Bryant, John Lewis, and Chadwick Boseman.

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      1. @shelbycourtland
        He was good actor but nothing more. I’m just looking at our people making him more then what he wasn’t and they also did the same with Nipsey Hustle. There making this man out to be the black messiah who made change in the community by being in a film control by Hollywood. I like the video you posted of the older black man going in on the movie a Black Panther. Wakanda is fantasy land.


      2. Yeah, dude used the ‘N’ word too much for my liking, but if you could get past that, what he was spitting was absolute truth. And in fact, the movie did portray ADOS in the most negative way possible. And also what dude said about how Black people just love to be “focused on visual trinkets,” while the Latinos are working hard getting their shit, the whites are hard at it, getting their shit and those Hindus from India have made bank over here and I’m pretty sure they weren’t sitting up in some movie theater watching that fake ass shit since those from India are richer than millions of whites sitting their asses in Amerikkka while Black folks are spending their money on fake ass weave hair, extensions, fake nails, fake ass fantasy kingdoms and some more shit of the like and then I have the nerve to get pissed off when I view charts that state that Black people have NO real worth. Well, that would be why. We don’t save shit because we have got to have the latest smartphone, the latest pair of Jordans, Timberlands and some more shit. Even babies are sporting designer shit and that is totally unnecessary. In my opinion, we are most definitely, a lost cause. And more’s the damn pity.


  3. @shelbycourtland
    I enjoy coming to your blog communicating with like minded individuals. There are times when I sometimes distance myself from other people because I just can’t relate to them. On top of that I’m a introvert. I learn to accept the fact that some or most of our people ain’t going to make it. Babylon the Great is falling down around the world. We’re going to be facing harder times in the future.

    I also feel like these looting & burning down buildings will have an effect on business owners financial wise & also the police will be blame. Why I say this is because rich white people love power, lust, money & greed. Rich white folks are losing money from the COVID-19 & now from the looting & riots. The police are killing innocent people which is causing these looting & riots. Now they are looting the more expensive stores look what happen in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Once they start losing money they will move there business somewhere else.

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    1. Well, Shanequa, I just put up a new blog about this issue. The looting is going to continue to be “all the rage” because Minneapolis, MN was just recently on lockdown with a curfew and the National Guard in town, AGAIN on suspicion of the kkkops killing another Black man. Some store owners are claiming that they are so far in the hole that they will never recover. It was just announced that that really upscale Lord & Taylor chain is closing ALL stores. Macy’s has been shuttering stores, left and right. There’s probably only 20 J.C. Penny stores left open and we’re not going to even talk about Sears and Kmart.

      And if you have been to a grocery store in recent weeks, the prices have about knocked you out because in my area, they’ve about knocked me out. Even the whites folks are going off and are selling anything they can part with and those down here have inherited wealth, but even they are cutting back. The only parking lots that stay full down here are grocery store parking lots. The one mall is losing money for lack of rented out retail space. The ‘food court’ is laughable with only 3 places selling food. Of course the movie theater is about to reopen, but I highly doubt too many will be sitting up in there because according to all news reports, COVID-19 is raging through this dead ass burg and with the sorry ass mess we have for health care down here, those COVID patients have already damn near stuck their spoon in the wall, gave up the ghost and some more shit. Nope, things are not looking good at all. And the fact of the matter is that when whites are impacted by shit, that’s when the shit really hits the fan and that is why there has been so much looting and rioting. Black folks are NOT doing that shit by their lonesome, whites are very much behind that shit! And I’ve posted pictures on that blog I just put up to prove it.

      Things are only going to get worse. I don’t see how things could possibly get better, I really don’t.


  4. I mean working for Hollywood as black person,is like working in Plantation,I don’t see the different between!
    I mean,black actors are working for free,their wage are low than white actors,than what they earn with the movies their do,they should be lucky that Satan will not ask in contribute their lives and their income!
    All these blacks are so damn stupid let be exploited by wp,do everything wp ask and command! How can someone say we are free?
    I didn’t have any chance to watch Black Panther because I don’t think my nerves will tolerate this bullshit fairy tail of
    Most famous people if they want to be famous,they need to sell their soul to Satan and worship,and they need to commit a human sacrifice!
    No one is immune,no even your favourite black actors or singers are immune,I do believe that all these death of black famous people or famous people,they are all programmed,their leaders decide who will be the next to be sacrifice or kill! Once they kill them,they collect their wealthy that they left behind!
    Not even in movie black people will never fight against our oppressor,because wp don’t want make a movie where black people rebel!
    The fact in Avengers in the third movie where T’challa father was murdered by a WM,and T’challa was so determined to avenge the death of his father,no Marvel in the last moment pulled over the narrative of
    ”black bullshit forgiveness” I mean,that piece of shit murdered his black father,what he did ”I forgive you”,
    I forgive you my ass!
    I never in my life forgive any one,especially when wp do purposely disrespect you,no even in hell I will forgive a white person,I don’t give a fuck about wp,and I will not never stop to say and what I feel!
    I saw a lot racist comments left by wp like ”you give a shit that he death,I don’t give a damn about him,
    he was a trash of actor”
    I mean wp are a bunch of cowards that I wish more of them could come out and say what they are really feeling about us,even wp have courage to say what they feel,black people will always forgive them! SMH
    About the stereotypical of BW being single mothers or BM being a drug dealer,just makes me laugh!
    Here in UK,I am living in London I saw a lot single WW who have multiple children from different men,is common
    see teenager white girls who already have children!
    Anglo Saxon male and female are really promiscuous in very young age,that’s isn’t shock see them with babies!
    Most wp here are drug addict,they don’t work or even they are working,I saw wealthy wp that they are in drug.
    My neighbours are both of them drug addict,they look like normal people,but they are in drug!
    When I am walking outside I see a lot drug addict WW and WM who beg for money,they don’t work,
    all day they sleep,Shelby believe in nigh time is nightmare for us.
    In night time they are walking around drunk plus drug running in their fucking blood,they are screaming like psychopaths,they break the glass of cars or bins,they have all kind of antisocial behaviour!
    Why wp believe that they are some kind of Saint and angels? They behave worse than animals!
    One day when I was going out, I opened my house door,there were a police office and two ambulance workers.
    They were going inside my neighbours house,I mean,they did some shits,drug was involved!
    It’s funny that when wp are in drug or police are outside their doors,they have the nerve to look at you,like
    your are the criminal or you did something bad!
    I mean,what a bunch hypocrites they are,they like to point their fuck fingers to everyone,
    I do believe that wp are the one who do the most shits in this world!
    Fuck all them and their hypocrisy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “I mean working for Hollywood as black person,is like working in Plantation,I don’t see the different between!”

      Most of the time, it is like working on a Plantation because I cannot even count the number of slave movies that whites have funded and of course, Black actresses and Black actors lined up to portray what happened to our ancestors because we ALL want to give whites what they LOVE seeing; Black folks getting their backs lashed, Black folks all chained up, shackled, raped, sold and some more shit! Why oh why would we want to ‘star’ in a movie based off of slavery when that actual shit is our heritage? And we have not escaped that shit! Because if any fool over here truly believes that Black people are free, they need to get their head from out their ass!

      And yeah, it is strange how when Black people who were extraordinarily talented, die so very young, the white man swoops in and claims their shit, thus making him even wealthier than when that person was alive. Dead Black talent pays better than live Black talent. And it has been intimated that Black people who do make it extremely big have to go through some shit and I can believe it because the rest of us go through shit and we don’t even have a talent to speak of.

      Don’t even get me started on who uses the most drugs because hands down, the whites do, but, AGAIN, Black folks get the blame for that shit, hence why we are locked up while whites get rehab, over and over and over. The white ass gets a pass; always has, always will.

      Of course whites are worse than animals. Animals are expected to be a certain way, but you would think that something that claims to be civilized and that ALL others are savages would act civilized when whites don’t even know how to spell the word, CIVILIZED, much less act it out. We have whites to thank for why this entire planet is a toxic waste dump. Meanwhile, those shits are trying to find ways to head to other planets to fuck those up just as badly if not more so than they have this one. Well, I’m here to tell them, that they are going NOWHERE! So, they may as well, sit tight and wait for their time to fuck shit up to be done! It’s coming!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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  5. ”Meanwhile, those shits are trying to find ways to head to other planets to fuck those up just as badly if not more so than they have this one. Well, I’m here to tell them, that they are going NOWHERE! So, they may as well, sit tight and wait for their time to fuck shit up to be done! It’s coming!”
    Sorry Shelby but you made me cracked up of laughing!AHHAH
    It’s true wp need to sit down because they can’t escape no where,they made the entire world and its people poor and miserable,if in their sick twist mind,they believe that they did go,they are only delusional!
    Yeah majority wp don’t see nothing wrong or accept the fact that I reap again ”THEY MADE THE ENTIRE WORLD AND ITS PEOPLE POOR AND MISERABLE”
    Inside white mentality what they did was good for humanity,really? OK,they fucked up the Third World Countries,
    but I what I see and what you see Shelby,people who are struggling to live or buy things needed to move forward,
    people who are leaving in the street and they don’t have houses or anything.
    I mean the majority Health care in Europe and even in Third World Countries are free,so people can’t still dead
    without having medical assistant,but US WOW!
    Why white Americans like to say the US is the best country in the world? I never been in US and I don’t see and
    I don’t believe US is the best country in the world? How they can say best country?
    We are the best? White Americans do they know that when they talk or say something they sound retarded?
    Really they need to think 100 times before they say something! They only things Shelby,I watched news or video on YouTube what White Americans do? they are complaining all the times about black people what they do or they behaviour,say racist slur against blacks,against Mexicans,how foreigners take their jobs,I mean there are minim wage jobs that wp don’t want to do,how they don’t feel safe,how Trump didn’t make American white great again,how the barista didn’t put too much cream in their shit coffee,how the McDonald’s workers are so lazy to prepare their shit burger!
    Black people have more the one single jobs,they don’t have transports,they go by walk for miles and miles to their jobs,they don’t have any rights to complain because wp call you lazy,so we swallow it!
    You know Shelby,there was a story about this African American black guy,that every day he was walking miles and miles to go his job!
    It was his first day at work,so he woke up early because his car broken down,and he was walking and keep walking!
    Like all the nightmare of every single African American person,he saw a car of cops pull over!
    The guy was thinking,because I am black and male,for sure they think that I am criminal or belong
    to some gangs!
    In the end of this story these white cops bought a new car for this black guy!
    What do you think? The way I see this story,is like wp have always ”white saviour syndrome”,
    they like to help blacks or people of colour!
    You said that they like to exploit our talent it’s true!
    Shelby when I was teenager there was this crazy white teacher that he wanted me to become
    a professional runner or a professional basketball player because of my height and my body shape!
    One day,this my white teacher and this basketball manager,this WM approached me,and he showed me his business card and he told me”would like to become a professional basketball player?”
    I told him ”NO,that I wasn’t interested,also I told my teacher to leave me alone and stop ask me!”
    To be honest with you, I wanted to be a professional runner,because I liked running,
    also running or any kind sports a part swimming isn’t for us but for the rest sports are inside our DNA,
    we have great physical endurance,but I didn’t want to be exploit and I was afraid!
    From our young age wp want to use our talent,our voice,our body,our energy,our strength for their own interests!
    How you said Shelby ”we are not free” how you can say that ”we are free” when these demons
    are walking in circle around us like vultures?


    1. qnubian, whites are going to sit here along with the rest of us fucked up motherfuckers and get fucked up themselves. They caused this shit and they may as well get what’s coming to them as well. No other group on this planet is more responsible for the fact that this entire planet is a toxic waste dump; whites own that shit! And they’ll not escape what’s due them by getting into space ships heading to Mars. Believe me, if I could send their asses to another dead ass planet, I would.

      And no, Amerikkkka is NOT the greatest country; the most exceptional. Every other developed country or nation has some type of national health coverage for their citizens, but this shithole prides itself on letting CAPITALISM run amok because our so-called ‘politicians’ are owned, lock, stock and barrel by corporations and so therefore, the profit will NEVER be taken out of health care. Corporations run this shithole and that is why the people over here are doing so poorly. Look at what a three ring circus COVID-19 has turned into. That’s because this shithole has ALWAYS put profits over people and it always will. They can’t say that this is the greatest country on the planet when this entire shithole is ground zero for being a toxic waste dump which then spread that shit to the far corners of the globe. This shithole is collapsing and even the whores and whoremongers in Hollywood cannot continue to distract the people from the fact that they are FUCKED, royally and absolutely FUCKED UP! Ain’t shit going on over here, not even the rent. People cannot even afford to pay rent. Landlords cannot even make their mortgage payments and the domino effect is about to go into overdrive.

      Congress refuses to come up with another stimulus package. Upscale Lord & Taylor’s just announced the closing of ALL stores. Retail is about dead over here. We don’t even have a decent number of stores still open and with store closing announcements, left and right, we will be back to bartering with one another for needed items. Shit ain’t looking so good and that is an understatement. The vultures even have slim pickings, it’s that bad. That is why you see pictures of so many whites out in the streets. It has nothing whatsoever to do with “Black Lives Matter” and has everything to do with the fact that whites have lost their jobs as well. They are looting and rioting like I’ve never seen before. We are in the midst of a DEPRESSION and to say otherwise, would be a lie. There ain’t much left to exploit over here. The rich have got their shit and everyone else is out in the streets, looting and scrabbling over the scraps.

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.


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