Why Is The Lamestream Fake News Media Labeling ALL Protests As Black Lives Matter Protests When It Is Quite Obvious, That Is Not The Case???!!!

Fine, I will cease with the pretense that I don’t know. Why the lamestream media is decrying that ALL protests are Black Lives Matter protests is because they want to ease the public’s collective mind from the realization that whites are going the fuck off because THEY CAN! Check out this latest rioting and looting in Minneapolis, MN that the lamestream media ‘claims’ occurred right after a Black man committed suicide after having been in a confrontation with other people. The claim is that the looting and rioting started ALL over a misunderstanding; that people assumed the KKKops had murdered the man and so went on a looting spree.

Misinformation, police mistrust stir unrest in Minneapolis

Some activists in Minneapolis say the unrest that resulted in 130 arrests and left businesses damaged show the community is on edge

Businesses were burglarized during the unrest and authorities said two officers were injured. The Fire Department responded to four fires at area businesses.

Mayor Jacob Frey and the chief said future violence would not be tolerated, as workers at various businesses boarded up windows and swept broken glass from the sidewalk. Members of the National Guard were activated to help and Frey set another curfew for Thursday night, when officers made more than 30 arrests in the first hour after the curfew but the protests remained mostly peaceful.

And here, we have a video whereas a female reporter is talking about the fact that a CVS was looted and the people who live in the condos above the CVS told her that they” saw several people with chainsaws go inside the CVS.” Now, we are talking about Minneapolis, MN where the poverty rate for Black people is at a whopping 32%. So you tell me, how is it that the majority of looters are Black when Black people cannot even afford housing in Minneapolis, much less do they have money to purchase chainsaws? And so I ask again, “Who is doing the majority of the looting?”

The poverty rate for black people in Minneapolis-St. Paul is 32 percent, which is above even the national average of 26 percent and that is absolutely outrageous. And the Twin Cities has been ranked one of the worst for American descendants of slavery. Less than one-quarter of black Twin Cities residents own their homes, compared to the three-quarters of white residents. And unemployment among black residents is above 12 percent; white unemployment is under 4 percent. But yet, we are to believe that it was unemployed, homeless Black folks with chainsaws who ‘chainsawed’ their way inside a CVS and looted it. Yeah, I’m buying that and if you do, then believe this, I have some desert property that is beachfront. It’s beautiful and I’m selling it for a quarter billion. Step right on up and purchase this beautiful piece of property that I’m selling.

No indeed, Black people in Minneapolis, MN are NOT the ones doing the majority of the breaking and entering and looting of businesses, it is just that the fake news media always tries to paint us with the brush of violence, looting and rioting while the actual WHITES who are doing that shit, get away with it, as usual. Still not convinced? Pictures needed, I guess.

Now tell me, how many Black people do you see in the pictures of folks looting and going nuts.

Do they look like Black ‘looters’ to you? I didn’t think so! I know you see that pasty skin!

And where those white looters went, here goes another!

She is probably a girlfriend of one of the looters in the picture above this one. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised, but her ass is NOT Black, that’s for damn sure.

Need more proof? I am always quite happy to oblige!


If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, “Whites have ALWAYS been the BIGGEST looters that ever stole, kidnapped, enslaved, pillaged, pilfered and just flat out took whatever they wanted and they did that shit ALL across this planet, but are hell bent on blaming that looting shit on Black people. The WHITE media AND Donald Trump are blaming “BLACK LIVES MATTER” for whites going on looting sprees. What kind of shit is that? The kind of shit that whites have always been good at; doing shit and blaming others for it. Whites will point the finger at ALL others, but refuse to take responsibility for the shit THEY do! Well here, I am going to expose the shit that you are blaming on others…AND with proof! Now refute those pictures! I fucking dare you; you lying ass pieces of white filthy shit!

This is the shit you WHITES did! But want to put the blame on Black folks!

Here’s more damage done to stores by whites.

The liquor store owner says he’s cleaning up his broken into and looted store for the umpteenth time.

And what do we have here?

You whites tore this one the hell up! But Black folks get the blame. For the love of !!!!!!!

But this here is the clincher! This lets you know who is behind it because who but whites would leave a message behind? Who? Yeah, you tell me!

“Live Laugh Loot,” that is something Black folks just don’t have the time for, nor would we ever think of coming back to the scene of looting to write that shit. Whites, you give yourselves away, you are THAT stupid!

Now, I will admit, I don’t have a problem with looting, rioting or all hell breaking loose, constantly. I don’t have a damn problem with Brit’s Pub getting burned to the ground, looted or whatever. I don’t care whose liquor store gets looted or if chainsaws gets folks inside a CVS. What I do have a problem with is the fact that Black people are getting blamed for that shit when in all actuality, the chaos, pandemonium and bedlam, rioting and looting is being done by whites. But yet let Trump and his minions tell it, Black people have suddenly become anarchists and shit stirrers when Trump and his minions AND the lamestream media know who is behind this shit! I only wish Black folks had the balls to go the fuck off and never let up, but whites are using this point in history, because they are so damn tired of COVID-19 restrictions, lockdowns and not being able to throw wild parties without the kkkops showing up talking about social distancing, that they will use ANY excuse to fuck shit up and pretending to be a part of “Black Lives Matter” will allow them to put the focus on Black folks tearing shit up when in reality, whites are doing that shit. Look at this next shit!

What do they care about a Black man getting shot seven times in the back when those who do that shit are their skinfolk AND kinfolk???!!!!

Yes, indeed, I really and truly believe that THEY believe that “Black Lives Matter” and that they are sick and damn tired of “No justice! No peace!” I am THAT delusional. These white folks, like I’ve already stated, have nothing but time on their hands. Many have lost their jobs and so taking to the streets at this time is no coincidence. Just because whites taking to the streets seems to have coincided with the murder of George Floyd, don’t get the shit twisted, whites don’t give a shit for George Floyd or any of the rest of us American descendants of slavery, whites only give a shit when shit is going down that impacts them and that is why their pasty asses are out on the streets, looting, rioting and in some cases, pretending to give a shit about Black folks and believe this, PRETENSE is all it is!

Ask yourself this question, “When was the last time you saw SO many white folks out in the streets?” Let me give you a hint, it was during “The Great Depression.” So, what the hell do you think we are in right now? “A Great Depression!” Look at the woman in the very front. She looks damn near dead and though I know she’s pasty, her ass is too damn pasty and look at the eye sacks, she has gone way beyond eye bags. The hair is limp and getting sparse. That woman has probably lost her job, needs some food, medicine and has most likely received an eviction notice. She is on her last legs it looks like to me and so she is using what little energy she has remaining to let it be known that she is about fed up with being designated, “poor, white trash.” And so somebody, do something, NOW! Don’t you know, her “White Life Matters?!” Trump, you better act like you know! Your base is pissed!


10 thoughts on “Why Is The Lamestream Fake News Media Labeling ALL Protests As Black Lives Matter Protests When It Is Quite Obvious, That Is Not The Case???!!!

  1. “ whites only give a shit when shit is going down that impacts them and that is why their pasty asses are out on the streets, looting, rioting and in some cases, pretending to give a shit about Black folks and believe this, PRETENSE is all it is!”
    These non blacks are pissed off at the white power structure because they don’t have the same power privileges as them. Rich non blacks don’t give a shit about poor non blacks. We are watching the stages of a race war that is about to happen in our time. The race war will be Black Africans vs Non Black Africans. Each race for itself Black Africans around the diaspora better start looking in the mirror. We have allow non blacks to invade black space for non black acceptance that our people can’t tell who the real enemy we are fighting.

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    1. In that case, let us just assume that we are fighting ALL of them because that actually is the case. The whites have allowed ALL groups to come over here and crawl over us, take our jobs; our neighborhoods, the whole nine yards. Those Africans from Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Ghana and elsewhere are doing better over here than descendants of slavery. The Asians are doing better than we are. Hell! Many of them are doing better than many whites are. You have only to look at this chart that I have posted a million times to see that!

      Look where those Hindus from India rank in wealth? They are more wealthy than whites so that makes whites even dumber than I thought. How do you allow someone to come over here and they make more bank than you do? But as long as the whites just believe that those Hindus are fucking Black folks up, the whites ain’t thinking about looking at the expiration dates on those expired H-1B visas. Look at how wealthy the Japanese are and remember, they bombed Pearl Harbor and had to be placed in internment camps, but many of them are far wealthier than many whites. But you see where American descendants of slavery are. Every group is over us and that is why I say that EVERY SINGLE GROUP OVER HERE IS OUR ENEMY; bar NONE!

      We had better figure it out and figure it out fast that as ADOS, we have NO friends. Those Africans are NOT our friends. They hold more wealth than we do as do the Asians and the whites. Who is on the bottom? We are. Even the Mexicans, illegal and otherwise are doing better than we are. And even though Minneapolis is loaded down with Mexicans, you are NOT going to see even one on the news because the majority of them are illegals and so when any type of shit goes down, they make like a ghost and disappear.

      I know you remember that blog that I put up whereas the lamestream media was going on and on about how ‘MINORITY BUSINESSES’ had burned to the ground after the George Floyd situation in Minneapolis, MN, well that was a bald faced lie! Those businesses were IMMIGRANT OWNED and there was even an IMMIGRATION lawyer right on the same block to see to the needs of IMMIGRANTS and that burned to the ground. What the hell do American descendants of slavery need with an IMMIGRATION LAWYER? I rest my case. Many of the businesses that burned to ground were check cashing businesses owned by Africans and Mexicans because they set those up to send money back and forth to countries in Africa and across the border. I know because I used to live in Minneapolis and Lake Street was owned; lock, stock and barrel by IMMIGRANTS. In fact, the Kmart that was located on Lake Street and Nicollet Avenue, had nothing but illegals from Mexico working there. You could try speaking to someone who spoke English if you wanted to, but you’d not find one. And since they closed that Kmart and the ‘money laundering’ businesses got burned the fuck up, who knows what those IMMIGRANT assholes are doing now besides screeching and wailing.

      Oh, shit ain’t even begun to hit the fan yet, but it’s coming. So batten down the hatches!


      1. @shelbycourtland

        Thanks again I do remember that post. You probably already heard Obama contact Lebron to tell him & the other players (slaves) too stop protesting & go back to dribbling a ball. I can’t respect a man who want stand up & protect himself as a man. The world is seeing how weak Black African Men around the diaspora are getting bitch check by non black men & women.


      2. Shanequa, when I read that, I was too through!

        LeBron James, Chris Paul consulted Barack Obama for advice on NBA return

        Although Barack Obama no longer is president, his influence in the lives of many still is there. That influence stretched into the NBA as players boycotted games in the wake of Jacob Blake’s shooting, and Obama provided a voice of reason for players.

        Obama reportedly was in favor of players returning to the court once they were able to work with owners to implement a strategy that would bring change.
        Players on Thursday voted to resume the playoffs on Saturday, and the NBA and NBPA also announced a number of initiatives to promote racial equality and social justice.

        Of course that Uncle Tom sellout piece of shit, Obama was all for the players returning to the court because he sold us ALL out when he was president and so why should that shit not continue? LeBron James knew what Obama was going to say and that is why they sought him out for some so-called ‘guidance’. How the fuck can those bastards call themselves, “MEN” when they cannot even think for themselves, but need some piece of filthy sellout shit to tell them what the fuck to do? I am SO very glad that I never watched a pro game in my life. I never purchased a damn piece of a jersey, much less a pair of sneakers with those coonhead sellouts names on them. What the hell for? So that I can showcase COONING? Hell no!

        I have ZERO respect for ANY Black person that claims to follow that shit because those ‘players’ are worthless. I don’t care how much their net worth is, they are worthless. And yet, they are praised for dribbling a ball down a court and for shooting hoops as if they discovered the cure for Lupus, Sickle Cell Anemia and some more shit. They dribble a ball and shoot hoops and for that, they get ‘hero worshiped’? That just shows you the ‘shit for brains’ Black people and others have if they can follow that shit and purchase expensive jerseys and sneakers just because those damn Black-assed slaves shoot hoops. For the love of !!!! Again, I am just too damn through!


  2. They are opportunists by nature, nothing comes from them is drivening by solidarity!
    Is so cringe see them marching and hear them saying “BLM”!
    Really in 2020 BLM for them?
    Fuck all of them,I am not moved by their actions at all!

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    1. qnubian, those whites have their own agenda and it does not have anything to do with Black Lives Matter. Hell! Look around, what signs do you see that Black Lives Matter to whites? There are none; not one! Those pasty things are out on the streets because their dried up asses are somewhere facing some shit. COVID-19 has come along and put paid to the whites’ way of living. They cannot host a party without some of their guests dropping dead from COVID. They cannot take a cruise. They are afraid to get on airplanes. They cannot sit up in an upscale restaurant because those are closed because the owners of the upscale restaurants have said that there is no way that they can EVER reopen with limited seating because it just wouldn’t be worth it. Whites only love to play and have a good time with their stolen money and shit. They want life to be one big, fucking party and when the party is over, whites get to raging because what’s left for them? Hate, fury and all that encompasses because they cannot spend their ill-gotten gains on having a good time and for the whites who are not wealthy, their shit has been impacted as well because now they cannot pay the mortgage or the landlord, they are selling their extra vehicles just to put food on the table and are also lining up at food banks when they’ve never had to do that shit before. But whites cannot come to terms with what COVID-19 has accomplished, in that it has taken life as they knew it and destroyed it, FOREVER!

      Whites are so arrogant, they believed that there was nothing that their money and power would not get them, well COVID put paid to THAT shit, and how! Whites are just using “Black Lives Matter” protests to get out on the streets and fuck shit up, tote guns and go the fuck off because that is their way of expressing their anger over the fact that their insulated little world is not what they would like it to be because all of that has been changed by COVID. I am glad COVID came along and fucked their shit up. I am just sorry that my Black brothers and sisters had to lose their lives because we are the ones who do menial labor, but the shit is now impacting whites, just as I knew that it eventually would.

      qnubian, just sit back and watch the news coming out of this shithole. It is going to get much, much worse, but never better, that I promise you!

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. @shelbycourtland
        These white folks are out protesting because they are pissed that the economy is falling down and the system they benefited from didn’t protect them. Furthermore they are unemployed, being evicted and etc. Black people living in a illusion if they think these non black people out here marching against racism. Each race is for itself.

        These black celebrities are a mess. Here is a clip of Lebron “fake woke” James holding a Malcolm X book in his hand. The black male celebrities are just riding the trend black wokeness but when shit get real they backup.

        P.S. What’s the information you have on Sara Suten Seti. A couple of years ago he was going around doing lectures now he still on YouTube making African history videos. I remember when had that black power cartel brand.


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