I’m About Fed Up With This “Wakanda” Boseman Nonsense!


All up and down my reader is some shit about how Chadwick Boseman has now made it to “Wakanda!” What the fuck???!!! Wakanda ain’t fucking real!! What is wrong with you?

Here is an excerpt from some blog about Boseman and Wakanda:

Losing Chadwick was part of the loss of a fantasy. Rest in Power, Sleep in Peace King T’Challa. Wakanda Forever

And another one from a different blog:

T’Challa is not dead… The Black Panther has only had one stand alone film within which to see his growth. If American Black fans keep expressing the loss of The Black Panther and Chadwick Boseman as one of the same, they risk not ever seeing a black male character showcased in the near future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And we have another one:

Wakanda Forver! I was one of those fans who saw Black Panther multiple times.

And another one:

Rest In Peace to our King. Rest In Peace to our Black Panther. Wakanda Forever!

And here we go again!

Rest Well King T’challa. We will forever honor your memory. Wakanda Forever!

And if that is not bad enough, dumbass Whoopi Goldberg weighs in.

Whoopi Goldberg Urges Disney to Build Wakanda Theme Park in Honor of Chadwick Boseman: ‘PLEASE’


Whoopi Goldberg is calling on Disney to create a Black Panther-inspired theme park in memory of the late actor Chadwick Boseman.

“Dear People in charge of building NEW experiences Disney Land and World,” Goldberg began her plea Sunday.

“We don’t really need another Frozen land BUT what we could use is Wakonda[sic], please Disneyworld Disneyland PLEASE build in Chadwick Boseman’s name WAKONDA” she wrote.

That dumb heifer couldn’t even get the spelling right. And yet her ass is worth around $60 million and so if she wants a theme park built in honor of a fictional character from a fictional country, WAKONDA, she can build it her damn self. But she is begging the white man to build that shit. Well, she certainly stays true to form since her many partners have included ugly ass white Frank Langella, Ted Danson, Timothy Dalton, Jeffrey Cohen; all white men and so since she knows so many white men since she has dated them, then I am quite sure that all she has to do is place phone calls to each and every one of them(that’s still live and not on life support) and between the lot of them, they could come up with the money for Whoopi’s WAKONDA theme park. For the love of !!!!

First of all, a man acted in movies and then he died; tragically, we are all going to die, some of us at an earlier age than we’d probably like. But to call the man a “king,” and then reference a fake ass, made up, non-existent ‘kingdom’ in Africa and consistently use it to pay your respects to the dead man for his send off is truly ludicrous and shows that too many of you already live in a fantasy world. I get it. Reality is a bitch! It sucks! But that’s what we got. We don’t have any kings, real or fictional. We don’t have a WAKONDA as Whoopie Goldberg calls it, nor do we have a WAKANDA. Get over it! The man was just as mortal as the rest of us.

What you should be focusing on is how did this man die from colon cancer at the age of 43 when we are told that we ought to get our first screening for colon cancer at age 45? But that certainly did not help Chadwick Boseman.

American Cancer Society Guideline for Colorectal Cancer Screening

The ACS recommends that people at average risk* of colorectal cancer start regular screening at age 45. This can be done either with a sensitive test that looks for signs of cancer in a person’s stool (a stool-based test), or with an exam that looks at the colon and rectum (a visual exam).

People who are in good health and with a life expectancy of more than 10 years should continue regular colorectal cancer screening through the age of 75.

For people ages 76 through 85, the decision to be screened should be based on a person’s preferences, life expectancy, overall health, and prior screening history.

People over 85 should no longer get colorectal cancer screening.

*For screening, people are considered to be at average risk if they do not have:

  • A personal history of colorectal cancer or certain types of polyps

  • A family history of colorectal cancer

  • A personal history of inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease)

  • A confirmed or suspected hereditary colorectal cancer syndrome, such as familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) or Lynch syndrome (hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer or HNPCC)

  • A personal history of getting radiation to the abdomen (belly) or pelvic area to treat a prior cancer

My dad died at the age of 62 from colon cancer and so I had to include that in my family history. BIG fucking mistake. The next thing I know, I am told that I need to get a colonoscopy every 5 years because I am now considered to have a “family history,” thanks to dear, departed dad.

The first one went smoothly. I had slight discomfort. I was awake and it did not last long. Afterwards, I was told that I had diverticulosis, which are small bulging sacks in the colon. I was told that where they come from is uncertain, but it could be due to constipation. Now, I don’t know who has never been constipated. But anyway, I was told that I would be fine and to come back in FIVE(5) years for another colonoscopy. In five years, I was at a different facility when I underwent the second colonoscopy. BIG fucking mistake! The asshole ‘doctor’ that performed that colonoscopy had me screaming in agony throughout the entire procedure. I knew that I was not supposed to be going through that because I had had a colonoscopy before. After the procedure was over, the pain was so severe in my stomach, I vowed that I would NEVER get another colonoscopy. I was told by the ‘doctor’ that he had to remove two small polyps which turned out to be hyperplastic polyps.

What are Hyperplastic Polyps?

Hyperplastic polyps are benign tumors of the small bowel, which in most cases grow slowly and remain asymptomatic. More rarely, the tumors might grow at a more rapid rate or grow larger than normal, causing symptoms such as pain and digestive problems. About 90 percent of all polyps found in the small bowel are hyperplastic. The remaining 10 percent are either adenomas, which are benign tumors that are of glandular origin, or are associated with a syndrome that leads to overgrowth of polyps.

The very next year, I was in the hospital suffering from diverticulitis which is inflammation of the colon where the bulging sac is. I knew exactly what it was and in fact, I told the doctors in the ER before they even examined me that I had diverticulitis. I was sent for a CT scan and yes indeed, that is what I had. I was given two antibiotics; Cipro and Flagyl. One causes kidney damage and the other causes cancer, so yeah, I really wanted to take those. Anyway, the next primary care doctor that I saw when I moved to a different state asked me about my family history and when I told him about my dad and the fact that I had already had TWO colonoscopies, he stated that that does not constitute a “family history” of colon cancer when only one family member has had it. He also told me that I obviously don’t have the ‘trait’ that leads to colon cancer and that furthermore, I should NOT have any more colonoscopies performed. And believe me, I will not.

Because of colonoscopies, I now have to take certain seeds out of my food. I cannot eat nuts. I cannot eat watermelon unless it is seedless. I cannot eat corn. The things that are the most healthy for us, I cannot eat or either, I have to dig the seeds out and make sure that I don’t miss one or back in the hospital, I am going.

So people, I do understand that colon cancer is a big problem, especially here in America where our diets are so ridiculous, it ain’t even funny. But I want you to know that you seriously need to stop with the fast food and the other garbage because believe me, even when you get a colonoscopy, those things, in my opinion, are more trouble than they are worth. That procedure did not help me. It has actually made MY life a living hell. One lady I spoke with about colonoscopies told me that they found so much horrifying shit in her colon, it was unreal, but she said that, even so, she will NEVER undergo another colonoscopy in her life and I don’t much blame her. I have so much trouble with my colon now, I live in fear every single day that I’ve eaten something that is going to get stuck in that sac in my colon that I do believe was caused by the first colonoscopy, for why had I never experienced ANY type of colon problems until the first colonoscopy and then the second one, tore me all to pieces?

In summation, why Chadwick Boseman succumbed to colon cancer before his 45th birthday, I don’t know because even the American Cancer Society advises colon cancer screening starting at age 45. I don’t know Chadwick Boseman’s family history and so I cannot speculate as to when he should have started colon cancer screenings, but what I do know is that if you want to put Chadwick Boseman on a pedestal, put him up there as the face of horrendous medical care in Amerikkka because what we have here for medical care is akin to a torture chamber and American descendants of slavery always seem to come out the worse for it. Most of us don’t even live long enough to collect Social Security Retirement Income because we’ve died thanks to a racist medical system. My dad never saw a penny of Social Security Retirement because he was still working right up until he just could not take the pain anymore and right after that, succumbed. In essence, Black people are paying for whites to sit up on Social Security. Yeah! Dismantle that shit and see how far they get!

Chadwick Boseman does not need a Disney theme park in his honor. If you want to honor Chadwick Boseman, set up a fund to send more ADOS to medical schools in order to provide more American descendants of slavery with medical professionals who are looking after our health because the white medical establishment is hell bent on our annihilation. Those of us who make up the ADOS community never look pass the glitz and glamour to the reality of what we really need; what is really real. We need Black doctors. We need Black medical institutions. We need Black psychiatrists and Black therapists.

There is NO King T’Challa. There is NO Wakanda. There is NO Black Panther. That is ALL based on FICTION. It is a fantasy. It is not reality. The man has not died and gone to Wakanda for if he had, then he would be back with us because he would have been cured with ‘vibranium’. But Wakanda is NOT real. “Long live the king?” NO! The ‘king’ never existed. Chadwick Boseman is dead. He played a character called “The Black Panther.” He was not a superhero. He just played one. Try and get that through your heads. Yes, our lives are shitty and fucked up, but pretending that fantasy is real is not going to help matters. Pretending that Chadwick Boseman was a king and that he is lying in state in Wakanda is not helpful for your mental state. So walk yourselves back to reality and give up the fantasy and take care of your body and your mind because, believe me, our enemies are real and they are right here in Amerikkka and they are REALLY trying to fuck us up! That IS our reality!

21 thoughts on “I’m About Fed Up With This “Wakanda” Boseman Nonsense!

  1. Thank you for this post. People are losing it over this damn King of Wakanda. You said it best, “If you want to honor Chadwick Boseman, set up a fund to send more ADOS to medical schools in order to provide more American descendants of slavery with medical professionals who are looking after our health because the white medical establishment is hell bent on our annihilation.” Thank you for making this statement. We have black women dying at childbirth at a alarming rate. Bosman was only 43 years old but in the medical world he suppose to get his colon check out at age 45. Black Africans “DNA” is entirely different from Non Black Africans that’s why we need more Black African doctors in the medical field. There are studies that have been done stating there’s racism in the medical field toward Black Africans. It’s sad that our people are living in a fantasy world with Black Panther.

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    1. Shanequa, I am just outdone, completely outdone over this hysteria over a man who died, but because he played in a DISNEY/MARVEL COMICS MOVIE, folks are going nuts and calling the man, a “king” and screeching “WAKANDA FOREVER!” as though there is actually a country somewhere with that name and Africans have the ability to live free from colonialism and ‘vibranium’ cures EVERY damn thing! What.the.fuck.

      “The ‘KING’ is dead and ‘Wakanda Forever,” I just cannot make this shit up! Like I said in this blog, life sucks, it’s a damn bitch for ADOS, but that still does not mean that we should lose our collective minds and embrace fantasy. They already sat up in a movie theater and watched that shit and so get the fuck over it, already. The man is NOT ‘The Black Panther’! He played a role. No one is going on and on about Forest Whitaker playing “The Butler,” nor are they screeching and yelling about how Viola Davis should get placed on a pedestal for her performance in “The Help.” But a man plays a super hero in a MARVEL COMICS, DISNEY film and it’s now, “fake ass shit forever!” What the hell is wrong with Black folks??!!! Even the so-called ‘educated ones’ are acting crazy. They don’t go this crazy over real and true heroes like Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, and we cannot forget the Black women who were unafraid to more than do their part.

      The Black Panthers

      Black Panther bookkeeper Betty Van Patter was found beaten and murdered in 1974. No one was charged with the death, though many believed that party leadership was responsible.

      As they instituted a number of social programs and engaged in political activities, their popularity grew. The Black Panthers drew widespread support from urban centers with large minority communities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. By 1968, the Black Panthers had roughly 2,000 members across the country.

      The Ten-Point Program called for an immediate end to police brutality; employment for African Americans; and land, housing and justice for all.

      In 1969, Chicago police gunned down and killed Black Panther Party members Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, who were asleep in their apartment.

      Those were the real and true heroes! Not some make believe fantasy bullshit king from some bullshit, non-existent kingdom in Africa! Black people will focus on some stupid shit, every damn time! Why the fuck do I even bother? Because it is quite obvious that no one can compete with some Disney ass, make believe, comic book shit!

      Also, I want to address what you said as it relates to Black women dying in childbirth at an alarming rate. That shit should NOT be happening, but because Black women are not sporting bad ass costumes and starring as super heroines in MARVEL COMICS/DISNEY MOVIES, our lives are meaningless. Our children can just raise themselves since the white medical establishment is killing Black women. The shit we take up and run with shows just where our priorities lie and that is why I have said not one goddamn word about that man that got shot in the back in Wisconsin. I will save my anguish, hand wringing, gnashing of teeth and tears for Black women who are oft ignored. No pro sports players sought the dubious advice of filthy ass Barack Obama over whether or not they should continue to PLAY BASKETBALL after the Klan Kops bust down the door of innocent Breonna Taylor and shot her dead! No one wanted the advice from Obama when Renisha McBride was murdered. No one wanted the advice from Obama when Sandra Bland was murdered. No one wanted the advice from Obama when seven-year old Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley-Jones was shot and killed by Klan KKKops as she lay sleeping in her home, but all of a sudden, LeBron James and crew want the advice from Barack Obama on whether or not they should continue PLAYING BASKETBALL! To hell with those worthless, punk ass bitches who can’t even think for themselves! I refuse to EVER get back on the streets and protest the shooting or murder of ANY other Black man. Let those NBA and NFL sellouts look to Obama to see what the hell they should do about that shit!


      1. @ shelbycourtland

        Another black man was shot again it happen in California. Again ain’t shit change an the King of Wakanda isn’t here to our ass. This is embarrassing how black people get too emotional over celebrities when they died.


      2. Yeah, I heard about that. Where is the “Black Panther?” Why didn’t he swoop down and carry the man to “Wakanda” before the KKKops could shoot the Black man? I mean, Black folks are stating that Chadwick Boseman is “King T’Challa” and is now in “Wakanda” and so why hasn’t he used his ‘vibranium’ and brought himself back to life and stopped dude in California from getting shot by the popo? All I’ve seen is “Wakanda,” this and “Wakanda,” that and “The King,” this and “The King,” that and “Wakanda Forever” and so what’s that stupid shit talk doing about the REALITY of what’s going down EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY IN AMERIKKKA? And then I have the nerve to wonder why NO ONE and I mean, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE takes Black folks seriously. We can’t even take our damn selves seriously with that fake ass, fantasy bullshit talk.

        Shanequa, you remember how Black folks got all tore up over Kobe Bryant. He fucking shot hoops for a living, died in a helicopter crash and you would have thought that he had actually found the cure for cancer or something. That man shot hoops and Black folks went nuts. Shows where our priorities lie; with so-called ‘celebrities’ and then we wonder why we can’t get our shit together. We are focusing on the wrong shit, that’s why. For the love of !!!!!!!

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  2. @shelbycourtland
    100 agreed!!!! Our people should be worry about real issues but always get distracted with bullshit. We are constantly getting laugh at as a people. This man is being honored as he was the true King of Wakanda if it did exist. Out of all the black celebrities death Boseman death so far is the one people went overboard with.


    1. Shanequa, ALL Black men need to take their fantasy loving asses to WAKANDA! Yeah, let them find them some “WAKANDA FOREVER” and live there and they won’t need Black women out on the streets, protesting over their asses getting shot by the Klan decked out in blue. Why do they need Black women to put on our cape and cape for their ass when they are looking to “King T’Challa with his ‘vibranium’ to come and rescue their asses and take them to Africa where sits “WAKANDA FOREVER!”

      Send ALL BLACK MEN TO WAKANDA since they love that fake ass shit to the point whereas they are actually talking like Boseman is seriously going to ‘lie in state’ in WAKANDA! Boseman’s family is either going to have him cremated or buried, depending on his wishes and not the wishes of “The Black Panther!”

      We are in the midst of war what with right wing militia groups shooting protesters, a president that is egging them on, a pandemic that is supposed to be affecting us worse than anybody else, severe job loss due to COVID, mass incarceration, schools not open in many cities and even when our children were in school, they were still dumb and now, they’re about to become even dumber. We’ve got serious health care disparities, a serious hunger problem whereas our children are food insecure, mass homelessness, gang violence off the chain and yet, we want to screech and carry on about “WAKANDA FOREVER!” Does it look like we are in some great and wonderful kingdom that the white man cannot get hold of? Hell fucking no! Black folks went overboard, got back in the damn boat, only to go overboard, AGAIN over a damn Disney/Marvel Comics bullshit, fake ass, fantasy movie and what did Black folks actually get from that movie that put money into OUR pockets? Not a damn thing! We just want fantasy and we paid for fantasy and African dashikis and African head wraps and other African attire because we SO want to belong to Africa, it is just pitiful. I guess some were in the theater jumping the damn broom as well while yelling, “Kwanzaa!” For the love of !!!! I’m too through!


  3. i 100% agree with you.. When i heard he passed, i was more concerned about how this happened to him as he got it when it was in stage 3 but sometimes cancer comes back with a vengeance if it does come back. i remember Nenes husband being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer and we watched him go to treatments and survive so I am quite curious what was included in chadwicks care.

    The fact that black people keep bringing up wakanda instead of his health tells me that black people really do not care. They just want to be cool or say things to get brownie points.

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    1. Rumi Carter, welcome and thank you for your comment.

      I had never even heard of Chadwick Boseman until a big ass deal was made over some “Black Panther” comic book hero, Disney/Marvel Comics hype in 2018 during Black History Month. I was then appalled that some fake ass Black Panther shit would take precedence from then on, over the REAL and TRUE Black Panther Party and Movement which sought to beat back against the whites’ system of white supremacy. The whites even infiltrated that Movement in order to instigate dissent among the members, thus causing all types of shit to go the fuck off. But, be that as it may, whites knew how to get Black folks on board with some bullshit during Black History Month; release a damn fantasy film about a comic book character and onboard those Black folks will be…AND they were! Purchased African shit all over the place sold to them by the whites. The whites made so much damn money off those Black fools, it ain’t even funny, but I’m laughing because they damn sure as hell, did NOT get a penny from me because I’m not that damn stupid to take the whites bullshit to heart to pay them my hard earned dollars over some fake ass shit while those bastards are killing us in droves.

      We don’t have no fucking time to sit up and look at some fantasy shit when we’ve got a shitload of shit piled higher than our heads, heaped on us by the whites. Now, two years after that Disney make believe bullshit, we get to see the whites kill George Floyd as though he was just a bug to be squashed on the sidewalk and now these Black motherfuckers want to go the fuck off. Where’s WAKANDA? Where’s “The Black Panther? Where’s the ‘VIBRANIUM’? That’s what the fuck I want to know because ain’t none of that shit come to our fucking rescue since we are still getting shot dead on the mean streets of every shitty city in this shithole. And ain’t nobody saying shit about MURDERED IN HER BED BREAONNA TAYLOR! But it’s “WAKANDA FOREVER!” For the love of !!!!!

      And as for what sort of ‘care’ Boseman received, it couldn’t have been all that since that man had to have been living with colon cancer even before it was diagnosed 4 years ago for it to have advanced so far when it was found. This is why American descendants of slavery need Black medical institutions, Black doctors; the whole nine yards because our medical care is not on par with what whites receive because if it were, we would be living longer lives. Whites damn near look like skeletons when they eventually keel over while we are still somewhat in the prime of our lives when we kick the bucket. That is NOT by accident. The whites take our healthy bodies and fill them with poisons to the point whereas those poisons build up and over a short period of time, cancer develops and believe me, once a person has cancer, there is NO getting rid of it. It can go into remission, but you had better believe that it is coming back and like you stated, it comes back with a vengeance. The only reason a person who has had cancer does not die from cancer is because something else caused them to die first, like a stroke, a heart attack or COPD or some shit because that cancer coming back is inevitable. The thing is not to get it because once the body has it, the body ALWAYS has it. It just lies dormant until something causes it to rear up again.

      You are right again, Black people really don’t care because if they did, they would understand that they need to get their shit together and figure out what is important; and what’s not important is that fake ass Disney shit, but the shit that the white supremacist medical field is doing to us that’s killing us in horrific ways IS important and we need to be focusing on that. The whites make our dying as painful as possible and it is ALL done by design. Nothing whites do is by accident and yet Black folks don’t want to take this shit seriously. Well, when it’s each Black individual’s turn, then they’ll get a clue, only then, it will be too late, painfully too late.

      Again, I want to thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated.


  4. @shelbycourtland

    I know you probably have paid attention to this but have you notice how a large number of black men go into every other non black communities & procreate children with their women but don’t rarely see this same behavior with black women allowing other races of non black men to procreate with them. It just show you how easy access black men are to the world. Furthermore black men have know standards just look at out they can easily be use by all races of low class women. Prime example black celebrity men look at the low class women they choose no matter what race she comes in.

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    1. Shanequa, as you can see, I no longer blog whenever a Black man goes and gets himself shot to damn near death or outright murdered by the Klan Kops because I meant it when I said that I would only concentrate on Black women getting shot dead by those racist thugs in blue uniforms. Black men have enough shits strutting around caping for their ass, they don’t need us to do the caping for them and I’ve long since burned mine.

      They can snuggle up to Becky until the cows come home, go back out and come back home AGAIN. Hell! As far as I am concerned, if “Karen” will have their black ass, they can lay up with “Karen,” I don’t hardly care. I am done with those damn no good Black assed motherfuckers and yes, I know I stated that I was going to try and keep a civil tongue in my head, but I must go back on my promise to do that. In this day and age, ain’t no fucking way that I cannot let loose, ain’t happening. If cussing is the worst that I do, then I’m fucking doing damn good.

      Every other group has always had access to Black men. In fact, my cousin was talking with our next door neighbor and he is Black. He told my cousin that the only women he will fool with is WHITE WOMEN. My cousin told me that he looked at him and said, “Well then, you’re a fool because only a Black woman will do for me.” That Black motherfucker even said that he was voting for Trump. Now, I was just playing around when I said, “Get Off Your Rump And Vote For Trump,” because there ain’t no way in hell that I would EVER vote for that orange-coated, racist, bigoted, draft dodging, cowardly, criminal thug! Ain’t happening.

      And you should also remember that I am not even speaking to my own damn son because he cannot leave those pasty faced cows alone. Black men have no problem getting themselves fucked up by fooling with their enemy. Thankfully, many Black women still know who our enemies are and we act accordingly. Yes, there are some Black women who have jumped the fence, but not like Black men have.

      Black women are more under attack than Black men are because we are NOT asking for it. Black men are BEGGING for the shit that eventually gets visited on their asses, AND how! So, that shit’s not on Black women to take to the streets and go caping for their fucked up asses, let their “Beckys” and “Karens” do that shit. We need to stay at home and take care of ourselves and our children and instill in them that everything that’s swarthy skinned, pasty skinned and yellow skinned is OUR ENEMY, BAR NONE!

      What’s also crazy is that those pro sports players and actors get with some fucked up white female parasites that wouldn’t spit on their ass to put a fire out if they did NOT have a damn dime to their name. Black women don’t count for shit when those Black motherfuckers make some bank. We’re thrown to the curb after they make some money. They know that the white female parasite wouldn’t look twice at their broke asses and so we’ll do up until they make the big time, and then it’s a pasty bitch they want. Well they are welcome to them and when they divorce their ass and take them to the bank, I don’t even want to hear the wailing and whining. Look at what’s going down with that WOMAN BEATER, Dr. Dre. That half white parasite he married now wants a divorce and is demanding a ton of his money. First the claim was that there was no prenup, now that Dre fucker is claiming that there is a prenup. Oh well, that half white parasite is going to drag that shit out until she gets as much of his money as she can and she is going to laugh all the way to the bank.

      She’s claiming to be “African-American, but that bitch got too much white in her ass and not enough Black to suit me. But that’s what Dre wanted and now, she don’t want him. She just wants his money.

      Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Nicole Young Is Seeking $2 Million in Temporary Spousal Support: Report

      Nicole Young is seeking nearly $2 million per month in temporary spousal support amid her divorce with Dr. Dre.

      Young, 50, has filed documents asking for $1,936,399 in monthly temporary spousal support, TMZ reported Thursday. The outlet reported that she is also seeking $5 million in legal fees.

      Dre’s lawyer did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

      Young filed for divorce from Dre (born Andre Romelle Young), 55, in June after 24 years of marriage.

      And I hear tell the bitch is a lawyer. That WOMAN BEATER, Dre is in for it. This shit is TOO funny! He’s getting what he deserves just as they ALL will!


    2. That does not mean non black men arent coming into the community and raping bw, i use rape because of the power dynamic and from my experience I can tell you this is simply not true. This is not the post for me to go into deal but please stop promoting this myth because the amount of black women and girls I know that have been raped by white men is astounding and often time black women and girls walk into these situations because they dont know how racist white men operate due to the false narratives out out there and the fact most women/girls keep it a secret.


      1. @Rumi Carter,

        I understand that you were aiming this comment at Shanequa, but Shanequa was not saying that “non black men aren’t coming into the community and raping Black women,” what she said is,

        “have you notice how a large number of black men go into every other non black communities & procreate children with their women but don’t rarely see this same behavior with black women allowing other races of non black men to procreate with them.”

        The key word is “ALLOW,” she did not say that Black women were not getting raped by those who come from outside the Black community, she was stating that it is generally Black men who will most definitely step outside of the Black community to get with women who are not Black and she was not talking about ‘rape’. She was talking about Black men engaging in consensual sex with non Black women, thus procreating halfbreeds that side with the whites. And that is a fact that cannot be disputed. We see it ALL the time, it is THAT prevalent.

        I do not believe that Shanequa intimated that there are not issues involving Black women and white males because there are. There is an attempt to get Black women to be just as down with the swirl as Black men are and if Black women aren’t down with that, then it is also a well known fact that whites have never had a problem with forcing shit on people. Hell! Just look at the history of this fucked up shithole. The Indians were forced to give up THEIR land. The Africans were FORCED over here to be slaves to build this shithole and so I am pretty sure that no one is unaware that whites have NO problem forcing themselves on whomever.

        If Shanequa feels so inclined to do so, I am quite sure that she has no problem responding to your comment, but since your comment did not directly follow Shanequa’s, she may not realize that it is referencing her comment.


    1. Anytime Shanequa! I knew what you meant. It was obvious to me and you know I got your back. I don’t know this “Rumi” person, but you have been visiting this blog for quite some time and I am not about to have you “admonished” for something that someone else misunderstood or whatever the hell happened.

      Ain’t nobody saying that Black women have never been raped by those pasty male parasites. We are saying that by far and large, MORE Black men are happily jumping the fence even though they are getting fucked up over messing with those pasty female parasites that smell worse than garbage. But, AGAIN, I am NOT and I repeat, I am NOT going to cape for those no good pieces of black filthy shit! If “Becky” and “Karen” is what they want, then when “Becky’s” and “Karen’s” boyz in the Klan bust a cap all up in their ass, I don’t fucking want to hear that I need to grab my burned up cape and get to caping for those dead Black assed motherfuckers. They are on their own.

      Shanequa, you are welcome in here ANYTIME!


      1. I dont want to start an argument but this not true. White men are ashamed to be seen with BW which is why you dont see too many IRs involving black women but trust black women do try to jump the fence. There are groups and movements filled with black women looking to date IR. Becky doesnt have an issue being seen with bm its that brad has an issue being seen with bw. There are shows showing black women flying to white countries just for love, look on youtube and see what black women are watching and advocating for.

        I have to 100% disagree with both of you as you missed my point. Any IR involving black people is rape due to the power dynamics which is why i use the word. So yes, black women are trying to jump the fence but they dont understand racism which is why you dont see it.

        How is it that the sperminator, jason pope and the mcclure twins dad was able to date so many black women and they are horrible people? The amount of black women that have come out in large numbers stating that they dated these men cant be ignored.

        You used the word allow wrong in this context, non black men dont want black children and if they do have them, they completely abandon them. I see it all the time.

        Disclaimer: white men being ashamed to be seen with black women doesnt mean black women are unattractive.


      2. Yes, you want to start an argument or you would have left this alone. Now, I don’t know you and so I don’t know how you identify yourself. I don’t know if you are a woman who is ADOS or if you are a Black man or an African who immigrated over here or what, but one thing I do know, you are all over the place.

        If Black women are not with white men, it is not because white men are ashamed to be with Black women, it is because Black women have never been as down with the swirl as Black men have always been. And if white men did not want Black women, there would not have been so many slave quarter visits by white men during slavery. Those white bastards fantasize about Black women because who in their right mind would want a pasty-faced cow in their bed???!! Oh my bad! Black men! But then, they’ve most likely been collectively dropped on their damn heads.

        Now, if you’re a pasty-faced cow, that’s not my problem. If you are a Black woman with a uni-brow that keeps growing back despite electrolysis and some more shit, that’s too bad. If you are a pasty-faced cow who has been abandoned by your white man for a Black woman, get yourself a redneck, he’ll stick with you, I’m sure. If you are just flat out disappointed that life threw you a curve ball when handing out looks, I’m pretty sure that you can sing or dance your ass off because it has been said that when the lord taketh, he also giveth and so practice singing and I bet you could go into ANY studio and get a record contract signed faster than you can trim your uni-brow. Hell! You may find out that you are multi-talented if you look so bad that you cannot find a mate. But if the problem is your attitude, and that I could believe, then maybe practice on that shit for a bit and learn how to talk to people without pissing them off in the first two minutes of engaging them in conversation. That could be a turnoff.

        Don’t no self-respecting Black woman want Brad. And in fact, Brad wants Ken. So if you want to put it out there that Brad and Ken don’t want Black women, put it out there that they don’t want Becky and Karen either, it’s just that they need someone to produce those parasites that get hatched between Brad and Becky and Ken and Karen because the pasty-assed crowd is terrified of the erasure of their pastiness. Why do you think that the Klan Kops are all on the Black man’s ass? It is because Becky and even Karen are helping the Black man to put a hint of color to what would have been, pasty-assed parasite babies. Don’t get the shit twisted. But I’m going to give you a bit of break because ordinarily by now, I would have gone the fuck off on you, but it seems that you’ve been living under a rock for who only knows how long, so I’m going to cut you some slack. But let me warn you, if you try and post some more dumb ass shit, I will have had a few ‘adult drinks’ under my belt and believe me, you don’t want to mess with me when that happens.

        I have to 100% disagree with both of you as you missed my point. Any IR involving black people is rape due to the power dynamics which is why i use the word. So yes, black women are trying to jump the fence but they dont understand racism which is why you dont see it.

        I don’t understand racism??!! Are you kidding???!! ADOS women don’t understand racism??!!! And according to you that is why they enter into an interracial relationship, because ADOS women don’t understand that when they get with a white man, they are getting raped because there can be no mutual love and respect between captive and captor, descendant of a slave and descendant of a slave owner? Am I getting to the heart of what your message is? Okay, let’s say for the sake of argument, that that’s true, however, I have ZERO respect for a Black woman who will get with a white man, ZERO. I believe that Black women merely provide the fulfillment of a fetish when it comes to white men that stems from slavery. It stems from the fact that at one point in time, ADOS women had no choice but to submit their bodies to white men for the pleasure of white men. Since we are told that we are no longer slaves and that we are free to choose our own mate, you believe that some ADOS women still believe that their role is to be the white man’s bed wench? Well count me the fuck out and count Shanequa out as well because neither of us seem to believe that shit, nor are we buying into the slave/slave owner role play. I am not attracted to white men. Their voices are too feminine sounding and they don’t appeal to me because of their skin tone and their features. Have I ever been ‘hit on’ by white men? Of course. I don’t believe that there are many ADOS women who haven’t.

        But one thing I do stand by and that is this, for the most part, white men are homosexuals. They are deviant in nature. They are hell bent in attempting to emasculate the Black man. The Black man is easy prey especially if he goes to prison because when he gets out, it is more likely than not, that he has had some homosexual encounter while imprisoned. You have seen how many rappers are emasculated bitches pretending to be hard. They are fake as shit.

        As for that white DJ that had sex with multiple Black women, and tried to infect them with AIDS, there are always going to be people who are stupid and that includes people of all nationalities, creed, color or ethnicity; that is not just confined to ADOS women.

        You used the word allow wrong in this context, non black men dont want black children and if they do have them, they completely abandon them. I see it all the time.

        Where do you live that enables you to see this ALL the time? You are contradicting yourself. If white men don’t want to have children by ADOS women, then how is it that, as you say, “you see white men completely abandoning children by ADOS women ALL the time?” Make it make sense! Either white men are NOT getting with ADOS women and producing mixed babies that they completely abandon or white men ARE getting with ADOS women and producing mixed babies that they completely abandon! HUH???!!!

        I fucking can’t with you! You’re making my head spin and I haven’t even taken one sip of my adult beverage yet. For the love of!!! Please, stay in school or go to school or go back to school because you sound crazy and uneducated. It is quite obvious that you have no idea what you are talking about because the contradictions are crystal clear, so please don’t try that Einstein shit nowhere else because you’re just spreading your ignorance around for ALL to see while pretending to be ALL in the know. You’re failing at it, miserably.

        Disclaimer: ADOS women being ashamed to be seen with white men DOES mean that white men are unattractive AND homosexual. THERE, I fixed it for you. Don’t bother thanking me because I have had more than enough of your cluelessness.


  5. I cringed when I saw Whoopi say they needed to “build a Wakanda theme park”. I know that’s definitely not something we really need, but America loves giving black people things they don’t really need, so we just might get it. 🙄 I find people calling him a king and a “real life superhero” weird too. He wasn’t all that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ” I find people calling him a king and a “real life superhero” weird too. He wasn’t all that.”

      Exactly! I had never even heard of the man until Black folks went nuts in 2018 over some “Black Panther” movie and that is when I heard of this guy playing a fake ass king in a fake ass kingdom in Africa. I never watched the movie; I had not one thought to watch it and never will. I was actually pissed off over the whole thing because I knew that any searches for the REAL and TRUE Black Panther Party and Movement would only get pushed to the side for this fake ass movie, and not only that, the movie was released during Black History Month and eclipsed every single bit of REAL Black History. That was NOT by accident. Nothing whites do is by accident.

      The man was just a man who acted. Why people get all hyped over that, I am just not understanding it. When a firefighter dies, who has gone into peoples’ homes dragged their butts out of there and helped to extinguish the fire, you don’t hear shit about how he was a ‘hero’. But a man plays a fake super hero taken from a comic book turned into a movie and presented by racist ass Disney and all hell breaks lose.

      People die all the time and no big deal is made of it. What people tend to put on pedestals is just ludicrous.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your medical experiences of how the doctors perceived your medical history to be with your dad. It sounded so horrifying and I didn’t realize you had to change up different things in your diet.

    It was a surprise with Chadwick Boseman dying. He was a talented actor, but I’m definitely not a superfan and I got tired of these overdramatic tributes by calling him King and everything. I swear celebrities are like gods to the public even though they’re obviously not deities. Black Panther isn’t this ultimate end-all be-all of positive Black representation, so people need to calm down.

    Whoopi Goldberg really has no right to talk about some kind of tribute or misspelling the fictional African nation. Did she forget that she played up anti-Black stereotypes by talking all “hood” in a certain overrated Disney movie since she was Shenzi the hyena from The Lion King. That and she defended those shucking and jiving crows from Dumbo which is such a sellout move for anyone Black to say even by celebrity standards especially when the lead crow in that movie’s name is JIM!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t even know about ANY of that Whoopi Goldberg shit because I don’t watch movies. I knew nothing about ANY of this. I cannot sit up and look at that shit. I know that Disney has ALWAYS been racist and would most definitely come out with some shit that is racist. And so hell no, Disney would NEVER get a dime of my money; not one thin fucking dime!

      And Whoopi Goldberg long since sold out and so there is not one movie that I would watch with her bitch ass in it; the ugly ass bitch!

      But as for what whites have done to my health, you have no idea. Everything that is healthy for you, has seeds in it, and so my life is a living hell because of what whites did to my, once perfectly normal, colon. And since I am here in hillbilly hollow where health care is even worse than what you’d find in Zimbabwe, I have to be especially careful because I certainly don’t want those vicious racist quacks doing shit to me. I have had to fly all over the country to get health care because of my situation. And my health is still fucked up. The shit is deliberate and that is another reason why I have such an intense hatred for whites, you have no fucking idea. I have seen what they’ve done to others who look like me and, like I’ve stated, the shit is done deliberately. I’ve got to stop here because I can feel myself getting hot and the blood rushing to my face.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t feel bad about not knowing those things about Whoopi Goldberg. I understand that you’re not into movies and I can respect that difference. Of course, I mainly watch international movies and indie flicks since I find Hollywood to be boring at best and problematic at worst. Since she’s been on The View for a while and they’re an ABC program, that means Mickey Mouse is writing her checks. Disney is so racist and it’s frustrating when people deny this with their movies. Just because they make a lot of G and PG-rated content, it doesn’t mean the movies or company are innocent. I’m with you right there about not forking over money to Disney. Here’s a digital high five to you! You’re one of the few people I know who would say that which is awesome if I may lighten up the conversation a bit.

        Fair enough. I haven’t seen a movie with her in it in ages and I think the last time was randomly seeing clips of Sister Act on a bus (even then, I wasn’t paying attention and I saw that movie before). Whoopi really shouldn’t talk about a bunch of these issues and whatnot. In strange timing after I did that anti-Lion King rant last year, I found out that movie franchising was worse in hindsight when I saw the Netflix documentary The Lion’s Share which is about how the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” plagiarized a South African song by Solomon Linda called “Mbube” (Zulu for “Lion”) and how his family didn’t get royalties, so they attempt to sue the licensing company and Disney. Sad part is I could see her defending the thievery, bigotry, and cultural appropriation. I got into a disagreement (almost a full on argument if I really felt angry) with a blogger about the racism and plagiarism associated with that movie and won as they couldn’t look at that overrated franchise the same way again.

        That really does sound like malpractice from the things you’ve told me about. You have an inarguable point about seeds since as you say, they are in everything that’s healthy. It’s saddening to hear about you being mistreated and having to fly all over America to escape hillbilly hollow (as you say) to find a hospital that has any decent health care. I don’t know what else I can say, but I know you clearly didn’t deserve this maltreatment.

        Liked by 1 person

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