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Two prepending paragraphs for Complicity by Complexion The systemic racism of Western Civilization originated in Europe. The overwhelming firepower available to European-based empires quickly destroyed every indigenous culture in their path. Genocide provided safe homesteads where colonists from Europe could expand with ease. Plunder provided instant wealth for the respective imperialists and opened up “trade […]

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” The people stolen from Africa became the most despised and the most marginalized. Their progeny are American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS). Racism is a white-supremacist product rooted in white-supremacist arrogance. Do not conflate ADOS with Black immigrants from established homelands in Africa — those immigrants were never enslaved. That distinction matters 401 years (and counting) later. Today. It is headquartered in the Oval Office.”

Hear! Hear! I could not have said it better if I tried and believe me, I have tried!

First off, I want to make it extremely clear that I am past fed up with Black immigrants grouped in with ADOS(American descendants of slavery). Don’t get the shit twisted. Those Black folks who chose to come to Amerikkka did so because they had free will. Our ancestors had no free will. They were stolen and/or sold to slave traders and were dragged to this stolen nation. They were not asked if they wanted to be hauled across an ocean to, only at the voyage end, become slaves to the most depraved, degenerates to ever slither and crawl all across this planet with their thieving ways. Who in their right mind would screech and wail that they did indeed, want to be a slave? Not one of MY ancestors. Of that I am certain. They weren’t stupid. They were captured and made to build up a stolen nation, all the while getting whipped, raped, mutilated, tortured and even murdered and not one white ass was held accountable for that shit. And the same damn thing is going down today. What whites are being held accountable for the vicious shit that they have been visiting on American descendants of slavery? NONE!

In Minneapolis, MN, the only Kop that is sitting behind bars for murdering someone is sitting in there for having murdered a white immigrant from Australia. And what’s more, his ass is an immigrant from Somalia. And as many Kops who have murdered innocent Black women, children and men, not one has been confined to a Minnesota prison and that speaks volumes. And that shit has been going down ALL across this racist shithole.

But let some damn IMMIGRANT OWNED BUSINESSES get burned to the ground and it’s a BIG ass deal. No, it’s not. Why? Because the lamestream media portrayed those burned down buildings as ‘minority owned’ to make everyone think that ADOS were burning down their own communities when ADOS don’t have ANY communities in Minnesota. And don’t even think about stating that I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about because I lived in Minnesota for well over a decade and I saw the shit going down for my damn self.

Those who are screeching and wailing about their burned up shit are not American descendants of slavery, but are in fact, IMMIGRANTS who have a way out, it’s called a PASSPORT. They can damn well use it since they claim to have nothing left over here. American descendants of slavery had nothing to begin with and so we had nothing to lose, but if you listen to the lamestream media, the only focus is on some looted shit. The lying, lamestream media is at it again, taking the focus away from where it should be to concentrate on the white man’s shit getting burned to the ground, concentrating on the fact that CAPITALISM was ground to a halt. Don’t nobody give a shit about what’s going down as it pertains to American descendants of slavery getting their asses handed to them by the shits that were put in blue uniforms with the express purpose of fucking us up; the new version of the slave patrol. Because make no mistake, the purpose of the Kops is to round up the slaves and imprison them or kill them because that is exactly what the slave patrols did when the slaves were so-called, “freed.” Ain’t a damn one of us free. The biggest lie of all is that the slaves were freed. How so? How the fuck are we free when IMMIGRANTS are allowed to come over here and crawl over us, thrive and some more shit when our shit got burned down by the whites. Our shit got blown up by the whites, and yet it’s a BIG goddamn problem because some IMMIGRANT’S shit got burned the fuck up? Hell if it is. If it was good enough for us, it’s good enough for them.

Whites burned down the Black city, Rosewood. Whites burned down The Black Wall Street. Whites massacred so damn many of us, it ain’t even fucking funny because I know that no one has forgotten about the Tulsa Race Massacre aka The Black Wall Street and don’t even get me started on whites using ADOS for experimentation. That shit’s been going down since slavery and is still going down. Not a damn thing has changed.

But know this and know it good. I don’t give a damn if some whites shit got burned the fuck up. I don’t give a damn that some IMMIGRANTS shit got fucked up. Why should I? No one has ever given a damn about what has been and still is going down on our asses every single day and the shit ain’t pretty.

So you want to talk about looting. What is the whites’ definition of looting?


looting (present participle)
  1. steal goods from (a place), typically during a war or riot.
    “police confronted the rioters who were looting shops”
    plunder · pillage · ransack · sack · raid · rifle · rob · burgle · steal from · maraud · ravage · devastate · lay waste to · wreak havoc on · vandalize · gut · strip · fleece · clear out · despoil · depredate · spoliate
    • steal (goods) in a war, riot, etc..


That MOST definitely sounds familiar! What the fuck do you think happened when the whites set foot on this land? They fucking LOOTED IT! They plundered, pillaged, ransacked, raided, ravaged, devastated, gutted it, fleeced it and damn well despoiled it because this land was pristine when the Indians were the only inhabitants, but as soon as the Europeans arrived, that put paid to ALL of that! The whites turned what was pristine into a damn toxic waste dump and then visited that shit ALL across this planet, but now want to look at some footage of some people taking shit out of some stores and decry the foulness of that shit when they can’t say a goddamn thing because the shit was already LOOTED! That shit that was carried out of those stores had already been stolen; it was already stolen property and so how then can you lock someone up for stealing what’s already been stolen. But you see, whites with their Vicious Rabid Racism Derangement Syndrome(VRRDS) have the actual gonads to not even acknowledge that they’ve looted an entire nation and then went so far as to loot another continent of its peoples and then continued to present day to loot said continent because make no mistake, the Chinese are not the only thieves over in Africa, looting it. The Amerikkkans are still at it.

But you whites want to get bent-out-of-shape over someone else doing the exact same shit that you’ve done, with impunity, and did you lock yourselves up for the looting you’ve been doing? Hell fucking no! Because as long as your white ass is doing it, then it’s ALL good, but let someone take a page out of your book, and you rain down a heavy ass sentence on their heads because only YOU say that YOU can loot and damn well get away with it. I am only sorry that the looting stopped. I am only sorry that folks got caught up in your damn net. And what’s more, whites were out there looting and don’t you damn well forget that shit because I have pictures all over this blog that showcase the shit you claim you don’t do, but a picture speaks against a thousand of your lies!

I will continue to call your filthy, lying, savage asses out for the foul ass shit you do while insisting that your ass is benevolent, kind and some more shit. You debased white shits cannot even get close to those words without bursting into flames. And you had better believe, that this is only the beginning of the shit that’s due you. You’re already off to the races telling lies about how looting adversely impacts American descendants of slavery. How so? Because we were already the so-called faces of coronavirus. We were already the faces of the unemployed. We were already the faces of income inequality. We were already the faces of the uninsured. We were already the faces of the homeless. We were already the faces of the hungry and so you tell me, whites, just what the fuck do we have to lose? You’re the ones with shit still left to lose and believe me, you are going to lose that shit you’ve stolen from ALL others. Can’t shit be stolen, looted, pillaged, ransacked, plundered, cleared out and some more shit because you got there first, before ANYONE else could. You depraved ass whites are locking people up for shit that was already STOLEN, LOOTED and PLUNDERED BY YOU!  And you are going to be made to answer for that shit! I fucking promise you!

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  1. Thank you for the very kind words, Shelby. As you have mentioned here, reparations have gone to every manner of group seeking redress. Eventually, they get payments, apologies, and wrenching of hands. Yet, the outrage expressed at the mention of addressing 401-years of ADOS is enormous. As if ADOS should be grateful for the crimes committed against them continuously over all those centuries. Many trillions of dollars ended up in the coffers of the overlords.
    “Black is black” — what the hell is that supposed to mean? People of means wishing to become people of even greater means, the spirit of “what can I get away with this time.”
    As soon as the soundbite “looting” appeared in a news cycle, the pendulum swang immediately to the familiar “lock them up” side. Jim Crow 3.0 is introduced with great fanfare to extend Jim Crow 2.0 to larger audiences of eager racists — perhaps increase bail fees a few more thousand while they are at it.

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    1. Bill, you make SO many points with this comment, I don’t even know where to begin with my response, but I want to start here, ” perhaps increase bail fees a few more thousand while they are at it.”

      Oh the white man knows how to come up with more devious ways to make money off those who can least afford it. Kill ADOS and then when other ADOS take to the streets, lock them up and make them post bail. Those who protested against the Klan Kops murdering innocent Breonna Taylor were jailed while those who murdered her have yet to be charged, much less see the inside of a jail cell. The protesters who were protesting the murder of Ahmaud Aubery were arrested for merely protesting over those racist Klan motherfuckers chasing down and murdering him. George Floyd protesters have been arrested and yet, we are still waiting on kops to be sent to prison for murdering those American descendants of slavery. The white Klan Kop that murdered twelve year old Tamir Rice was not only never made to pay for killing that child, but was hired by yet another police department so that he could go right on doing what he’d done to Tamir Rice. Sandra Bland is dead and who is responsible for that? Certainly NOT Sandra Bland because no Klan Kop had any reason to arrest her in the first damn place. How many African IMMIGRANTS have I mentioned here that’s gone and gotten themselves murdered at the hands of racist Klan Kops???!!! The only one who comes to mind is a 23-year-old Guinean immigrant named Amadou Diallo, who was fatally shot by four New York City Police Department plainclothes officers:

      But just as you’ve already stated, he was an IMMIGRANT. He chose to come here. Should he have gotten murdered by those Klan Kops in New York? Hell no! But for some strange reason, those IMMIGRANTS do not believe that the shit that is visited on ADOS can be visited on them and usually it is not because ADOS are the faces of the shot to death by Klan Kops. ADOS are the faces of the mass incarcerated. ADOS are the faces of the homeless.

      And I want to delve into something else you mentioned.

      ” reparations have gone to every manner of group seeking redress. Eventually, they get payments, apologies, and wrenching of hands. Yet, the outrage expressed at the mention of addressing 401-years of ADOS is enormous. As if ADOS should be grateful for the crimes committed against them continuously over all those centuries. Many trillions of dollars ended up in the coffers of the overlords.”

      The damn Japanese BOMBED PEARL HARBOR and yes, the ones who resided in this shithole were placed in internment camps, but Amerikkka did apologize to them and also gave them reparations. And look where the Japanese stand today with regards to wealth. They are even wealthier than many whites and the whites don’t even have a goddamn problem with that.

      And even though Amerikkka went to war against the Vietnamese, and I have family members who fought and died in that war, yet the Vietnamese are crawling all over here and they are doing better financially than American descendants of slavery who were drafted to fight the Vietnamese. Tell me how in the goddamn hell can those whom Amerikkka went to war against, come over here and climb over top of people who are homeless, fucked up in the head and some more shit because this piece of shit government MADE them go fight a war that they had nothing to do with? What kind of shit is that??!!!

      This fucked up government is also screeching about CHINA this and CHINA that and yet, where is the call from this damn government for the Chinese to get the hell out? Crickets chirping. No one can drive down the goddamn street without passing a Chinese restaurant, NO ONE! The Chinese are crawling all over this shithole what with their Chinese takeouts, Chinese nail and hair salons and hair and beauty product stores aimed at ADOS women because don’t no whites buy that shit in those stores. The Chinese are actually more wealthier than many whites as are the Koreans and wasn’t there such a thing as the “KOREAN WAR?” Well, they’re over here, doing just LOVELY!

      And don’t even get me started on the shits that IMMIGRATED here from African countries; those bastards are even over top of us. The Nigerians damn near owned Lake Street in Minneapolis what with their halal meat markets and restaurants, not to mention those money laundering centers fronting as check cashing locations. The same with the Mexicans. What the Nigerians didn’t own on IMMIGRATION ROW, the Mexicans owned. They had their own money laundering operations set up on Lake Street in order for money to flow back and forth between Mexico and this shithole. That’s what the fuck burned down in Minneapolis; that and some other IMMIGRANT OWNED shit. Target, Cub Foods and some other WHITE OWNED shit just got hit with broke shoppers; that’s what they were doing, BROKE SHOPPING. Because who the hell’s got money since millions of jobs have been lost, the damn lousy ass $1,200 stimulus check has been gone and a pandemic is still raging since we are ALL to wear fucking face masks? And yet billions were thrown at the airline industry, the hotel industry and the restaurant industry only for those industries to still layoff massive numbers of folks and so that money was wasted, as usual.

      But yet the media, owned by the whites, want to portray desperate people as simply criminals and thugs when the BIGGEST goddam criminals and thugs had already LOOTED the shit that got hit by ‘broke shoppers’. When are the corporate thugs going to start arresting themselves? When is the media going to report on the fact that the only reason there is a goddamn Walmart or Target or Costco or Cub Foods is because of American descendants of slavery? If not for our ancestors building this shithole, there would never have been any of that shit because whites are too damn lazy to even cook their own meals, clean their own homes or even watch their own kids. Somebody else has got to do that shit which is why whites are out on the streets with guns demanding to be let out of quarantine because someone else needs to listen to the whining from their selfish, self-centered, entitled brats!

      “Black is black”

      Hell if Black is black because my kind of Black gets fucked up while the IMMIGRANT kind of Black gets free housing, free grants to open up businesses, free medical care, free food, free furniture and the freedom to NOT pay taxes while sitting all up on MY tax dollars. Those IMMIGRANTS from other countries, especially Somalia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Laos and elsewhere ALL get that shit FREE in Minnesota. They even get free interpreters. A great setup when you can get it, but the thing is see, those of us whose ancestors were dragged here, got NONE of that shit and neither do their descendants. We just get homelessness, mass incarcerated, hunger pangs, criminal records, low credit scores due to low wage jobs and more shit of the like.

      Something is seriously wrong with that shit and and of course the IMMIGRANTS are not going to point that shit out because they are benefiting from being over here while we get the blame for burning their shit to the ground; while we get the blame for looting what the white man has already looted.

      And I’ll tell you something else, you’ve gotten the attention of those assholes over in Israel because Israel has certainly been up in here and so you keep those blogs coming about what Israel is visiting on the people of the Gaza Strip. That shit’s fucked up too.

      Bill, I cannot thank you enough for posting this on your blog and for allowing me to run with it here. I sincerely appreciate your support. And if I can help in any way, let me know because I know that what’s going down against the Palestinian people is near and dear to your heart, but your heart is big enough to include having a serious problem with what is going down against American descendants of slavery.

      THANK YOU!


  2. The majority of wp until today still believe that ”colonialism” was a good things,what different between of ADOS or colonialism took over all the Continent of Africa?
    I don’t see the different,African people believe that colonialism isn’t equal to enslavement,they like to remind that only the ADOS have been enslaved but they don’t think that ”Colonialism” ins’t another form of enslavement?
    ”Colonialism is the policy of a country seeking to extend or retain its authority over other people or territories, generally with the aim of economic dominance. In the process of colonisation, colonisers may impose their religion, economics, and other cultural practices on indigenous peoples.”
    ”So the colonisers may impose their religion,economics and other cultural practices on indigenous people”
    Most these African people speak the language of their ex-colonisers,they still speak the ”European language of their ex-masters”
    Even the ADOS people are still speaking the language of the Europeans who dragged them to the Americans!
    Shelby African people are living their African countries,they are thinking to be free because they didn’t have chains
    on their wrists.
    The fact Africans are abandoning their home countries to come in US or even in Europe,speak high volume!
    They are slaves as well,their ignorant can’t hide the reality that Europeans are still occupying their African countries and they are making life in Africa hell and they are corrupting African presidents!
    So what makes them better than us?
    What I understood about the dynamic in US and what you wrote Shelby,
    it’s white Americans prefer to give business,jobs to them more than an ADOS that they are US citizens!
    The truth is African American people were never officially recognise as US citizens,the history said
    that blacks in US were see as outsider or outcast!
    They like more African people than ADOS!
    Here in UK is opposite even in other all European countries is the same feeling,they dislike African people doesn’t matter what countries they are from!
    In UK there is a deep dislike for Africans,but English people like a lot Jamaican or Caribbean people in general,
    most Caribbean people are bunch of Coon,self-hatred and most of them,they are in IR with wp!
    How much arrogant and self centre white Americans are,they aren’t the real and true Americans doesn’t matter how much effort they put in their action,they are invader!

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    1. “I don’t see the different,African people believe that colonialism isn’t equal to enslavement,they like to remind that only the ADOS have been enslaved but they don’t think that ”Colonialism” ins’t another form of enslavement?”

      qnubian, Africans will NEVER get their shit together. They actually find nothing wrong with being able to speak French, Dutch, Chinese, English and Spanish and who only knows how many other languages. And they don’t seem to realize that the reason they can speak so many languages is due to those colonizers that the Africans have ALLOWED to drag their colonizing asses over to Africa with the express purpose of telling those Africans just what the fuck they can do with their shit and nothing had better be done about it. The Africans actually believe that they are better than American descendants of slavery because they claim that they were never enslaved. They are even MORE enslaved in Africa because they are in THEIR countries on THEIR continent being made to speak every damn language except for the one they were born speaking and it certainly was NOT Dutch, French, Chinese, Spanish or English. Each African village damn near had its own tribal dialect, but that’s not so anymore. They’d better be speaking the language of whatever country is claiming whatever part of Africa it has taken over.

      The Chinese wants everyone to understand that they are merely building bridges and roads to help out Africa. Yeah! They’re helping out Africa alright. They are helping themselves to the richness of the resources of Africa by building those roads and bridges to ship that shit OUT of Africa while the Africans either sit somewhere and starve or try and fly the hell out and via a lottery system drag their asses to New Zealand, to the UK to Amerikkka and elsewhere; anywhere that will have them.

      The Africans are still just as backwards as ever. Nothing has changed since my ancestors were either stolen and/or sold from Africa, but those Africans who IMMIGRATE are in no better position that we are. It is just that here in Amerikkka, they are treated better only because Amerikkka need feel no damn shame over those Africans because they have that accent that proves that their African asses came to this shithole, willingly. When we open our mouths, that makes a lie out of that ‘CAME HERE WILLING’ shit!

      Even though Africans have it better over here than ADOS, they still hate us because we are here and don’t need a passport. If this fucked up ass government decides to look cross-eyed at those African shits, back to those fucked up African countries they go. And even when those Africans come over here, they are told to stay away from us because we are some bad hombres. Why the hell would you listen to some pasty assed creature telling you that shit when your Black African ass is over here because some other pasty assed creature ran you out of your own country, off your own continent?

      And you are right, qnubian, American descendants of slavery have never been recognized as true citizens of this fucked up country. Hell! We are not even recognized as being human. Remember, we initially had a designation of three-fifths human. We were never even treated as having that much by the most vile shits to ever have the audacity to try and state who is human and who is not when whites can lay no claim to humanity. You cannot bestow humanity or take away humanity when you have no idea what it even means to be ‘human’. Whites and ‘humanity’ will NEVER go hand in hand because they lack what makes us ‘human’. They know that because look at what they worship; money, false idols, credit cards, fancy houses and look what they do, engage in sodomy. They’ve even legalized what used to be illegal; sodomy, just so that a man can legally have some sort of deviant, repulsive carnal knowledge of another man. Look at how they’ve come up with terms like ‘transgender’, ‘gender neutral’, ‘gender fluid’ and some more shit of the like. That doesn’t even make any sense. The world is supposed to follow the Whore of Babylon to the pits of hell to which she should descend and take every single piece of sick and twisted, racist, bigoted shit down into that pit when she descends and descend, she shall.

      But this shithole will reap what it has sown. It has already started.

      Thank you for your comment qnubian.

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  3. Im sorry Shelby but which black immigrants got anything for free? Please be specific because as far as im concerned, there were certain black immigrants who came in the 90s and received nothing but hate, they were getting jumped and beat up daily just for being black and sounding different or looking too black. Also, we cannot skip the reason why many black immigrants from the carribean come to america in the 1st place. If it wasnt for the US government then they wouldnt have arrived, some immigrants never come here because the US doesnt destroy them like that.


    1. First of all, let’s get one thing straight, you don’t tell me to “be specific” on MY blog. If I post a rebuttal to someone’s comment, you can rest assured that I come with briefcases of receipts if need be, but since on another comment(that I have not yet posted), you instructed me to take to youtube to do some research, then the same applies to you. Do your own research. But I have no problem providing proof of what I stated because I lived in Minnesota for over a decade and YES, SOMALI IMMIGRANTS RECEIVED FREE SHIT!

      What Is The History Behind Minnesota’s Somali-American Community?

      When an immigrant/refugee arrives in the United States, most come with very little to their name. They are given a one-time federal grant of $1,175, help from the resettlement agencies and, for the first five years, federal money for things like housing, school or finding employment. According to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, federal money for about 10,000 refugees totaled $4M in 2018.

      So, you tell me how that is not FREE MONEY! Yeah, I’m waiting. A grant is FREE money and when the Somalis FIRST COME HERE, THEY ARE GIVEN FREE MONEY IN THE FORM OF A FEDERAL GRANT OF $1,175. In addition to that, they are given FEDERAL MONEY FOR HOUSING, SCHOOL AND HELP IN EVENTUALLY FINDING EMPLOYMENT. They don’t just hop off a plane and walk the streets homeless like American descendants of slavery. So how the fuck is that just that the federal government will fly some damn Africans over here, right over the heads of homeless American descendants of slavery and hand them over a thousand dollars when they get off the fucking plane just to eat with and then hand them more of MY tax dollars and the tax dollars of those of us who PAID INTO THE SYSTEM so that Somalis and others can come over here and resettle??!!!

      federal money for about 10,000 immigrants/refugees totaled $4M in 2018

      Yeah! Re-read that shit! The federal government, using my tax dollars GAVE Somalis money totaling FOUR MILLION DOLLARS THAT’S FREE MONEY IN 2018 ALONE! That’s not counting what the others received since those who were sent to other states were not included in that amount. And if you have a problem with Somalis being classified as ‘refugees’, that is insignificant because depending on who you talk to, they’re immigrants one minute and refugees the next. Regardless, they are immigrants. They IMMIGRATED to this country. ADOS did NOT!

      Somali immigrants find growing acceptance in Minnesota

      The influx of Somali immigrants has allowed the city of 24,000 — located 50 miles south of the Twin Cities, in Rice County — to avoid the fate of so many other towns in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest, places that have seen their populations stagnate or decline.

      It didn’t help that cultural conflicts often surfaced. Groups of Somali men would often socialize standing on the sidewalks of downtown Faribault, for example, and would often casually sit or lean on parked cars. Or they’d be inconsiderate to passing pedestrians. Likewise, new refugees wouldn’t wait in line on busy days at grocery stores, gas stations or banks. Instead, they’d often cut in line to get what they needed.

      None of those habits are particularly frowned upon in Somalia. But in Faribault, the practices frustrated residents, who saw Somali refugees as aggressive, rude and disrespectful toward others.

      “They didn’t have anyone to help them understand that in America,” Treadway said, “judgment is made if you cut in line or throw plastic bottles down on the ground when you drink out of them.”

      Also, you can read this article and then call Lutheran Services and ask them why they have no problem supporting Somalis and others from Africa while American descendants of slavery can just remain homeless in Minnesota. I can only speak on what I know, but if you were to head to Minneapolis, MN, the shit you would see with regards to how the streets are basically paved in gold for the Somalis, then you’d not be questioning me about who comes over here and gets free shit.

      Good Question: Why Did Somalis Locate Here?

      Those African tree climbers did not even have one ounce of the concept of proper social behavior. How do you not know that it is inconsiderate to step in line in front of people because you just don’t want to wait or that it is something that people try to avoid as in just throwing bottles to the ground after one has finished with it?

      Almost 100,000 Somali Refugees Admitted to US Since 9/11; 99.6% Muslim

      The man who carried out a terror attack at a mall in central Minnesota on Saturday night was identified by family as Dahir Adan, a 22-year-old Somali-American college student whose father said was born in Africa and came to the U.S. 15 years ago, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

      The attacker stabbed nine people at the Crossroads Center in St. Cloud, a city of 67,000 about 70 miles northwest of Minneapolis, before an off-duty police officer shot and killed him.

      And how about this one!

      Somali IMMIGRANT wanted for criminal vehicular homicide in Minneapolis arrested trying to flee to Somalia

      U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents working at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, DC, found Said Sharif Maye’s name on a passenger manifest.

      The flight was bound for Turkey, with a connection to Somalia.

      “Turkey is the gateway to Somalia and the Middle East,” said former Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek. “There is not extradition from Somalia, so once he’s there, doesn’t matter what they do here in the U.S. in terms of criminal charges.”

      The agents also found an arrest warrant on file from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office. It turns out Maye, 34, was wanted in connection with an Aug. 24 hit and run crash that fatally injured 31-year old Idris Yussuf, now survived by his wife Muna Saifleh and their 2-year old daughter Sarah.

      At one point, Maye had a higher public profile, running unsuccessfully for a Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board seat in 2013.

      That Somali bastard was all set to get himself a “higher public profile” by running as a candidate for a Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board seat” when he was nothing more than a piece of shit who when angry, decided to murder someone with a car that was most likely paid for by MY tax dollars. Then the bastard tries to flee, but only AFTER he has committed a crime and where does he try to flee? Why…right back to SOMALIA because there is NO EXTRADITION TREATY WITH THE U.S. I can only imagine the amount of my tax dollars and the tax dollars of others like me that went to pay for that piece of shit to come here and live high off the hog until his ass up and murders someone and then to escape punishment, what does he do? He uses that damn PASSPORT that I knew he had to flee the country. Yeah! Let the whites keep sending that nasty African shit over here, they’ll soon be regretting THAT shit when they start murdering them as thanks for flying their tree climbing asses over here!

      But, you want to talk about how “black immigrants” come over here and get fucked up? Well, what about the Somalis that are ALWAYS in the news for trying to join terrorist groups and are also stabbing people? Why don’t you mention that? Those tree climbers climb down from those trees and with not a damn dime in their pocket, nor any money whatsoever are flown over here and instantly land in housing and don’t go hungry and in fact, suddenly own not one, but two malls in Minneapolis, MN. Do you seriously think that they are NOT given free money, food, housing and medical care; the whole nine yards and that somehow, mysteriously, they just make it here not even knowing the language? Are you THAT clueless? These whites over here provide those immigrant/refugees with whatever they need, along with the federal government via our tax dollars and they thrive while American descendants of slavery are left to hang out to dry. Those immigrant/refugees come here with a clean slate, are given a Social Security number, no credit zings; the red carpet is rolled out for them and so I am not aware of that which you speak of in that black immigrants are coming over here and getting the shit beat out of them or some such nonsense. Well, first of all, they needn’t have come over here in the first goddamn place. How is it our problem if the shit in their country is fucked up? I’d like to escape this hellhole, but there is no Lutheran Services to help me resettle and live a better life in another country. But let some damn motherfuckers from Africa come here speaking gibberish and they are welcome. You don’t hear of a massive number of black immigrants/refugees getting shot out on the mean streets of every shitty city in Amerikkka, American descendants of slavery are getting that shit visited on us and don’t you know this. So, I will save my hand wringing, gnashing of teeth, purple crepe, black armbands and moaning and wailing for those whose plight is the same as mine. You throw yourself across the floor and wail over some damn immigrants/refugees who CHOSE to come to this shithole! But you had damn well better believe that the vast number who come here are not vilely treated; ADOS are, and what’s more, you know this! And after this, I’m about done with you and your shit!


  4. Shelby there was a very strong and very cultured BW,she had her own blog,by her followers was known as “Trojan Pam”.She passed away two years ago.I think you know her,every blacks and blacks followers knew her!One in her book that she wrote “The interracial con game”.There was a part where she wrote that “wp don’t care about being white but who they care a lot is WS!”
    WS alias racism,be in power to control the action,behaviour,oppressed over the non white people,to decide who can live or should die,to decide to give a house loan to a black person or deny?
    What I observed of all them,that deep down they like to be in power,they like be bosses of the inter world,control the life of all non white people,crush their foot above the neck of non white people!
    What is absolutely atrocious that they don’t feel remove at all,they don’t give a damn what their ancestors went around the world exterminating the true Aboriginal people of this Planet,they don’t give a damn about when police officer killer and murder non white people,they are still sleeping nicely in nigh time,they don’t need to worry about that!
    Because what their ancestors have done and what they are still doing that in their narrow racist mindset saying that
    ”this world belong only to them!”
    That we blacks the original and true Aboriginal of this Planet for a futile accident we happened to crash in the wrong
    Planet,so we need to get the fuck out from here,because we don’t belong here and the owners don’t like our presence in this Planet!
    They created racism because they knew from long time to be the minority and when they realised that we blacks are the true Aboriginal of this Planet,they decided to create ”WS”,was only meant to protect themselves from the rest of non white people!
    they created ”RACE”,to confuse the non white people,they categorised us how they do with different animal species or any being or things in this Planet,they divided us in different category of ”race,religion,skin colour and so on”
    just to divide and confuse the majority of non white people!
    They like to keep the things in this way,when you think about wp there aren’t terminology of to describe or even racial slurs doesn’t exist but when it comes to non white people,they created different racial slurs,words,category,
    like we non white people we are some kind animals that they need to to distinguish us from them,keeping us in boxes or files to describe our physical, mental, genetic, history!
    You think Shelby in ancient civilisations didn’t exist word as ”black,white,yellow and so on” how they call us,
    black,brown,red and yellow didn’t exist the category,people were called by the name of their land,countries,
    they didn’t call by their skin colour!
    They made all these rules,because they like order so they can control when someone non white people want to break their rule here the ”SATAN” hide inside them comes out!
    Shelby,to be honest I don’t know where they come from,but for sure they don’t belong here,just look their skin,
    physiology and psychology,there aren’t human or better man.
    They are hueman or mankind,we are man because we have colour in our skin,and every single people in this Planet have colour in them but they don’t.
    I am still surprise how people around the world can’t see them with wide open eyes that they are the only groups that are different from the rest!
    They are subhuman, created,hybrids from different things! They can scream how much they want that ”we are human race”,because they aren’t man,every single deep self conscious black people know that,they aren’t man but ”mankind”!
    Because they lack of any emotion,remorse,compassion,feeling,they are living empty
    corpses who are walking around the world and they tell you ”how you should behave!”
    About African people there was a African leader and he was also president of his country.
    His name was Thomas Sankara,Pan-African he was charismatic, he dedicated his entire life for his country
    Burkina Faso.
    Burkina Faso was ex-French colony,when he was the few African leaders,he told to France and west world ”
    to fuck off”,because he didn’t need their help to rebuild his own country!
    When he was in power,he did very good things,he helped his own people,he built hospitals, roads,
    schools, factories,he also provided good health for his people!
    Why do you I know? I watched his biography,when they murdered him, I knew it,he knew it as well!
    They covered up his death they said that was a different military faction or one of his ex-armed colleagues!
    But the truth it was that the French president of that time and the CIA were the one behind his death,they didn’t like
    the fact the he had rebelled against them,they didn’t like the fact what he was doing during his time in power for
    his own country!
    After his death,the bastards of French people destroyed everything he built,hospitals,roads,school,factories,
    He was one of so many BM that what he did was right but they murdered him because it!
    Wp don’t want blacks to rise,they are afraid of our powers,if blacks do somethings they are already there
    to eliminate the problem!
    They don’t want to give up their own power,and what is so funny that thing they are so desperate to fight and keep alive their ”WP” ,that their selfishness, corruption,greediness and evilness will be their own down fall!


    1. Well qnubian, I have long since been of the opinion that whites did NOT originate on this planet especially since they have been the ONLY ones that have been hell bent on destroying it as well as those who are earth’s true people. Where those pasty creatures are from, I have no idea and wherever they are from, it is quite obvious that whatever deposited them here, does not want them back, but then, we don’t want them either. What the hell did we do to deserve THAT shit??!!!

      I heard someone mention “Trojan Pam” but I never read any of her work, so I really don’t know anything about her.

      Well, that is too bad that the African leader who was trying to do the right thing by his people was assassinated by those CIA thugs. No country that has taken over Africa is trying to be forced out because there are too many riches in Africa to be stolen. Africa is too divided. Those Africans need to put aside whatever differences they have and understand that they are all ONE people and get those usurpers out of there. Africans need to stop running from Africa and stand and fight to get that shit out of their countries and off the entire continent. They could have long since built them some sort of defense system that could at least try and counter the U.S. military especially since EVERYONE is now well aware that the U.S. military couldn’t effectively neutralize an ant farm. But there are just too many corrupt leaders who have their own corrupt military or what passes for a military and so between the infighting and allowing other countries to take over and with so many Africans leaving, it is no wonder that Africa cannot get her shit together.

      And of course, whites don’t want to give up power, that is why they are ALL across this planet murdering people and stealing their shit. Nothing makes whites happier than stealing and killing; that is all they live for. That’s what they do. That defines them. They are NOT human. Hell! They are not even upset when you tell them that they are not human because they know that shit. Look at them! They don’t even look human. That is why they are always trying to kill all others because we are nothing to them, but at the same time, we are nothing like them in that we have humanity, a soul, compassion, empathy; something that those monstrous creatures will never have and what’s more, they wouldn’t want it if they could have it.

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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