You Cannot Stop What’s Coming For You!

You Cannot Stop What’s Coming For You!

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A scene for miles lights up the night
as a symphony of dancing flames ignite,
everything in its path; everything in sight
as the desperate flee in terrified flight.

Build again and watch it burn;
debris, you see, everywhere you turn.
One thing about whites, they never learn.
You cannot enjoy what others did earn.

There is a debt that you must pay
and as long as it’s owed, it’ll be this way.
You can’t take from others and think it’s okay
and one day, you’ll realize, you don’t get the final say.

You cannot stop what’s coming for you;
from floods to fires, tell me, how’s the view?
You’re getting yours, you’re getting your due.
What’s going to happen next? If only you knew.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2020 Shelby I. Courtland

Whites, I’d start screeching that reparations is owed to American descendants of slavery if I were you because if you think that the shit that’s going down now, is going to be it for you, you’ve got another think coming.

Wildfires rage across Pacific Northwest: Truckers abandon rigs on I-5, smoke drifts to New Mexico; towns devastated

About 40 wildfires were burning in California alone. Blazes were also reported in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming and Montana. Smoke has been detected at least as far east as New Mexico.

The fires devastated some isolated communities. In Oregon, a fast-moving wildfire caused “catastrophic damage” and probably loss of life in the town of Blue River, east of Eugene, Lane County officials said. At least 80 to 100 homes burned.

Oh and just so you know, wildfire season hasn’t even started yet.

Malden, Washington, has been destroyed in a Labor Day firestorm

About 80% of the homes and buildings in Malden, about 35 miles south of Spokane, have been completely destroyed, including the fire station, post office, city hall and library, the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

And remember, in 2018, the Camp fire destroyed Paradise, CA. Meanwhile, as the fires rage in multiple states, winter arrives in the Rockies a mere three days after the temperature was 100F. And South Dakota has already seen fifteen inches of snow, while Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming were also expected to receive anywhere from 4-18 inches of snow. And don’t forget, hurricane season is also underway and there is another storm churning in the Atlantic.

You whites owe a debt that is going to be paid in one form or another. You have tried your damn best to exterminate us. There is video evidence of that ALL over the place. You have shipped over here, immigrants, who have taken jobs away from us as well as shipped our jobs overseas and have used our tax dollars to house, clothe, feed and give immigrants medical care while our communities were gentrified and we were rendered, homeless and the shit that you have visited on us continues. But know this, your ass is grass and COVID-19 ain’t even the shit that’s going to eventually shut all your shit down. This is only the beginning. I’m just sitting back, watching the show. The shit that’s going down on your white asses is lovely as far as I’m concerned! How about you? You liking the view?



You Cannot Stop What’s Coming For You!

14 thoughts on “You Cannot Stop What’s Coming For You!

  1. Shelby dear lionesss please know the kkkrackas time is coming da fuck ova and soon..for what these 6000 blood disease carrying vermin rat mixed fucks have done to the most high gods people US retribution will be paid like amuthafucka! It will be beyond there comprehension .all must pay for there sins..AADOS/israel had to pay for ours just on what our ancestors did when they sinned against the most high from the biblical days thus we faced the curses from that shit and dam we been getting fucked right on up for last 4 centuries…now its Kkkracka time and im goin to eat popcorn while watching all there asses get da bussiness! Lioness it wont be just the rich white ones to it will be 90percent of all of em and there minions who aided and abbeted in our demise..the vast majority of whites have got to go! There will be very few that the TMH god will graft in his new kingdom with US his people..guys like bill zeigler is the very rare white man who will sincerly recognize the plight of the TMH gods people here in the united fucked up states of america..the Kkk demise and there cohorts(hindus alot of affrikkans some latinos asian asses and many more)will all get there ass handed to em…killah karma is on da prowl u muthafuckas and u no who u are ..and she will collect……fuck you all for what u havr done to my people and enjoy killah karma when she fucks you up….keep at lioness….D.martinez

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    1. Yes indeed, D.martinez, it is more than just karma that’s after their asses and the poor whites are going to be caught up in this shit storm that is coming because they are just as racist as the rich whites. And if any of them think that this shit is only going to get better, they are delusional because there will be no effective vaccine against COVID-19 and the shit is mutating as I type this and that is not the only thing that’s coming down the pike. Those of us who are deeply tuned in and empathetic can see shit coming decades down the road and even if we slip up, just as you say, the Most High looks out for us. I often wondered why, despite trying twice last year to move back to Minneapolis, I was stopped in my tracks both times. Now, I have NEVER not been able to get where I want to go, but the Most High knew what I didn’t. I only knew that I had some business that needed taking care of in Minnesota because those white motherfuckers owe me and they owe my cousin. But the Most High is ALL Knowing, ALL Seeing and even though I was hell bent on getting retribution, I was stopped in my tracks. And now, as I look back, it ALL makes sense because Minnesota is getting paid back in a way that I never could have paid Minnesota back. I am now quite THANKFUL that I was not able to stay.

      So, I will sit here in my little hillbilly burg and watch the shit, crash and burn. Hell! It ain’t my shit that’s getting fucked up, it’s their shit and I ain’t hardly upset about that. In fact, some white dude claimed to have just rebuilt in the same fire prone area and now his shit is back in the line of fire. Like I said, whites NEVER learn. They are too damn arrogant and they are going to pay for that shit and a whole lot more.

      D.martinez, I thank you for your comment.


    2. The world owe “The Real Black Africans” around the diaspora a debt.

      P.S. Why isn’t that the world can’t move until Black Americans in the United States move. Something about us African Americans bring style & culture to the world. From every Black African diaspora we are located at us Black Americans in the diaspora are the most admire, envy, copied & etc people of the world.

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      1. Always remember queen shenequa.that AADOS are the true and real hebrew israelites as nick cannon recently said and got fired for tellin the dam truth smfh..we are the TMH gods chosens people bestowed with the blessings of the most high god.we sinned and still are but alot of us are finding out who we really are.thats the reason we are hated envied and copied..we are very special and we set it off no matter were we are or what we do.soon as i told the lioness shelby that all those who opposed us and fucked us over will pay big time for dat shit.its biblical prophesy from the TMH God and its already starting to go down just as it was said..we just need to get our asses together and quick bc we on da clock and TMH god is bout to fuck this place up…..and he is coming to get his chosen …US! Facts…shalom soul sista i am Derrick D rock Martinez..original founding member of the legendary rock steady crew from the belly of the beast of the south bx of 1977 by our amazing people during the birth Of hip hop culture ..shalom queen


  2. Amen to that lioness..but i gotta ask u themis..have u heard about the latest black identity theft by this white bitch at gw univ who was teaching black history courses.the white ho said she cd not tske the guilt any longer she said she was oh so sorry for faking to be a afro latina..i was like wtf! Like rachael dolezal or whatever the fuck the fake ass white ho name is..the shit is rediculus wit these muthafuckas! And u dont believe these fucks gonna have a covid vaccine do ya? Let cdc dr.faucci tell it will be here by end of yr not takin that shit wit its side effects.hell the shit is being rushed plus covid 19 is always changing wit the mutations like u said..these clowns faucci trump are full of shit…time to pay for what u have done kkkrackas…keep at em lioness..sorry ass muthafuckas…D.martinez

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    1. Yeah, I read about that, but the thing is that lying bitch is trying to sell her book and I am NOT about to giver her FREE press on MY blog. The whites have been pumping that shit up. Last week, that bitch’s faces was ALL over the internet. You could not escape it and that is why I refused to give that shit any more attention because the whites already over did the damn thing!

      If that bitch had got the kops on her ass, she’d have put that fucking stunt on hold, quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry because I guess it’s hip to pretend to be Black until the Kops roll up and then, that shit ain’t funny and cool anymore.

      As for a COVID vaccine, Faucci and Trump can shove it up their pasty assholes because I’ll take my chances. I don’t get a flu shot and so hell no! Damn it if I’m getting a COVID shot. My damn doctor won’t give me a Tetanus shot, but is always in my face about a flu shot when I’ve told the motherfucker eighteen thousand times, “NO GODDAMN IT!” There is something in those flu shots that is NOT for our benefit and I actually know people who have gotten a flu shot and proceeded to get the damn flu. So, what the hell does that say for something that’s worse than the damn flu? So, HELL NO! No fucking COVID vaccine is going to be taken here!

      Let the whites take that shit and whatever’s in it, they deserve that too.

      Thanks D.martinez


    1. Shanequa, I hadn’t heard about that. Thanks for the heads up. It seems that folks may not even have to ‘vote’ because not much will be left of this shithole by November and good riddance, I say. We had a 5.3 earthquake hit near where I live a month or so ago. I didn’t feel it, but there were countless others who said they did. The last time there was one to hit close to here was the last time I was in town. I got blamed for that one as well as the derecho that blew through here. I am so NOT kidding.

      This shithole is about done for and, like I stated above, who the hell is going to be left to need a COVID vaccine what with reports out that many towns and cities went up in flames and even firefighters have had to give up the fight in several areas because it was just too much? I am SO damn glad this shit is going down, you have no idea. Stay tuned. There is much more of the like and even worse, coming down the pike.


      1. That is true, “Covid-19 don’t have shit on a natural disaster.” And I have noticed that as well, in that time seems to go by faster and faster as though we are speeding towards the point of no return. What’s going down is unsustainable. I cannot help but shake my head over women who ‘announce’ a pregnancy because what future does a baby born today have? That baby doesn’t stand a chance in hell of living any kind of decent life. I don’t care if that baby is born to rich parents or poor parents because the debt that whites owe and are going to be made to pay will affect everyone. Whites set this shit in motion and if they seriously think that their asses will get through this, unscathed, they are so fucking wrong, it’s unreal. It is the whites’ stolen shit that’s burning the fuck up. They seriously thought that they could steal an entire land mass, call it their own and then steal people to build it up, treat them like shit and continue on as though that shit never happened? That just shows how debased, arrogant and depraved whites are, but they cannot escape what’s coming for them and that is a serious fact!


    1. I hope it keeps burning. I want it to “burn, baby burn. It don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn, burn motherfucker, burn. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn, burn motherfuker, BURN!”

      That’s how I see it. It ain’t ADOS shit burning down because back in 2018 when the Camp fire burned down the city the whites named, “Paradise, CA,” not ONE American descendant of slavery lived in that town; not ONE. And the lamestream fake news was going on and on about how those POOR white folks didn’t deserve that shit. How the fuck were they poor when they were living in a town, THEY called, “PARADISE,” because along with a fucking gorgeous ass view, they never had to VIEW a Black person. Not to mention, the lamestream fake news reported that some homeless white man had to go to a shelter with his dog. What the fuck sense does that make? Ain’t no homeless white man sitting up in a place called “Paradise, CA.” That bastard was hiking and got caught up in that wildfire and the whites ALWAYS want to spin that shit into a sob story when it comes to the whites.

      And what’s burning now, ain’t our shit! It’s theirs! And so hell yes, let the shit burn! COVID was just the precursor and now, to add to the whites’ woes, here comes no. 2 to further add to the whites’ woes and no. 3 is on its way.

      Those fuckers really thought that they could steal a nation, steal people to build it and continue to reap the rewards from stealing and killing? And not only that, but continue that shit to present day? Yeah, because whites are THE most arrogant motherfuckers you’ll never want to meet. But they can’t do shit against what’s going down on their asses now and I am THAT DAMN GLAD!!!! Let their shit BURN!! Fuck them!

      If you hear ANY MORE GOOD news as it pertains to the whites’ shit getting FUCKED up, let me know! I can’t wait to post it! And thank you for that GREAT news. And with COVID wreaking havoc, compromised lungs from breathing smoke from numerous wildfires is the last thing the motherfuckers needed.


  3. Shelby what beautiful displayed pictures you put out! LOL
    Wp hate Mother of Nature with passion because it’s the only force they can’t tame or control.
    It’s nice to see how Mother of Nature defeated them again and again without feel sorry for them,
    the faces of wp they make is absolutely fantastic! I love it!

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    1. I knew you’d feel as I do qnubian. It’s quite lovely and fantastic, isn’t it? I’m thinking about adding some more pictures because there are plenty of them all around the place.

      West Coast grapples with world’s worst air quality as deadly wildfires rage

      An estimated 500,000 Oregon residents have fled because of the wildfires that have burned hundreds of thousands of acres, according to the Oregon Office of Emergency Management.

      The nearly 70 active wildfires raging along the West Coast have produced the worst air quality on the planet. Portland, San Francisco and Seattle were top three worst, according to IQ Air, as of Friday afternoon. Los Angeles ranked fifth after Vancouver.

      Now before these fires, the lamestream fake news media used to go on and on about the BAD air quality in China. Well, I guess they can just put THAT shit on hold for now because they’re breaking records out west.

      And get a load of this!

      Why California, Oregon and Washington State Are Searching for Help to Battle Fires

      MOLALLA, Ore. — As wildfires began consuming communities across Oregon this week, leaders at the state emergency management office fired off an email to counterparts around the country, pleading for 10 firefighting strike teams that could bring 50 extra engines to the region.

      You see, don’t that many Black folks live in Oregon and so there aren’t a lot of Black folks locked up in Oregon and so they cannot make use of inmates to put out the fires. And so now, the begging and pleading begins. If the jails and prisons were filled with Black inmates, they’d already be dead because they would have been sent out to put those fires out, not knowing what the hell they were doing.

      And get a load of this!

      ‘Worst-case scenario’: On front lines of the California wildfires, residents stunned by fast-moving blazes

      Cal Fire normally depends heavily on thousands of inmates from state prisons to help fight fires, but coronavirus concerns have limited their deployments this year. That has left Cal Fire stretching its own resources thin, and the agency is now paying local fire departments to staff state fire stations.

      So as you can see, the shit is hitting the fan in a big ass way. First COVID-19 comes along and empties the jails of so-called, ‘inmate firefighters’ which is bullshit because inmates are NOT firefighters. They have NOT been properly trained to be firefighters. They are just given that distinction because it sounds better than just saying, “We are sending out inmates to battle fires to try and save the homes and businesses of whites.” You see, whites ALWAYS got to make the filthy ass shit they do, sound better, some kind of way, if you know what I mean. And now that there are not as many inmate bodies that are expendable, those who actually signed on to fight those wildfires are finding themselves, overwhelmed and understaffed. They’ve even had to rescue firefighters, the shit is THAT bad. I am just thankful that at least some inmates were spared having to go through that shit and for $2. a day just to save some whites’ shit.

      If those arrogant whites want to continue to build in fire prone areas, then let them put that shit out. But hell if I would go over there and get myself in harm’s way by spraying down some down house and car for some white shits! And if I was an inmate and was forced to go out there, they may as well shoot my ass because I would not even offer up my spit to save some white motherfucker’s shit!

      In 2018, Paradise, CA was destroyed by fire and some stupid shits are rebuilding and word is, another fire is damn near at the door to Paradise, CA and those fools are waiting with bated breath to see if the 11 homes they’ve managed to rebuild are going to get fucked up again. And I’m going to put my life on that line for a bunch of stupid, dumb ass white fools???!!! Not fucking ever! And so no! They don’t get no hand wringing and gnashing of teeth over whether or not their dumb asses make it out because they had no business building in fire prone areas. Whites caused climate change and now they can’t deal with the consequences of THEIR actions. GOOD! And good riddance!

      and this one:

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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