Black Men Beat Another Black Man And Hold Him Down Because He Got The Upper Hand On A White KKKop! W.T.F.

But Black men have the nerve to wonder why I call all you lousy, worthless motherfuckers, “weak ass, punk ass bitches!” I will continue to call you that and a whole lot more of the like. Watch me!

[Black]People Rush to Aid White Officer Being Beaten By Black Man He Was Arresting In Viral Video

A video that captured [Black male] bystanders rushing to the aid of a white police officer who was being beaten by a Black man he was trying to arrest has gone viral.

“Man, I didn’t have nothing to do with this sh**!” A male voice is heard saying as the officer drags the man toward a vehicle. It’s not clear what the man was being arrested for.

the officer is then seen struggling to place the man in handcuffs as he tries to get away.

After a brief scuffle, he manages to force the officer to the ground and starts repeatedly punching him in the face.

Then, two men, who both also appear to be Black, are seen dragging the man away from the officer.

After that, those two Black punk ass bitches began punching and kicking the Black man that the white KKKop was trying to arrest while the donut engorged white Klan KKKop gets his breath back and goes over and arrests the Black man. For the love of! That is exactly why I have ZERO respect for Black men; ZERO! If this has happened to a Black woman, you punk ass bitches would more than likely have done the same damn thing, you’re THAT fucking lame and stupid!

As many Black people who have been murdered by Klan KKKops and you not only, drag a Black man from beating a white Kop’s ass, you beat the Black man’s ass and hold him down so that the Klan Kop can get his ass together and come over and arrest the man who fucking looks like you???!!!! Seriously???!!!! If I had been anywhere in the vicinity, I would not have been taking pictures of that shit, I would have been beating you punk ass Black bitch motherfuckers to pieces. That Black man is going to go through hell once that Kop gets him inside one of those klan headquarters called police stations, and you fucking know this because nine times out of ten, your Black asses have already seen the inside of one; the whites make damn sure of that shit! But there you go, beating and kicking another one of your own kind, holding him down and handing him over to your goddamn enemy. What fucking sense does that shit make? What? Did you think you were going to earn some ‘brownie’ points with the Klan kops? Did you think that they would recognize your Black ass for getting that Black man off that white kop’s ass and give you a medal? Did you think that those Klan kops would not turn the sirens on your ass the next time your fucking insurance lapsed and one of those Klan motherfuckers pulled you over, pulled you out of that car, stomped a mudhole in your ass and then carted your ass off to Klan headquarters? What the fuck is wrong with the Black man? Did you ALL collectively lose your balls? A gnat has more balls than you emasculated, punk ass bitch Black wimp assed pieces of shit that call yourselves, Black men. So hell no,  I would NEVER have anything to do with you sellout, worthless, no good, dumbass, black ass shits!

How the fuck you gonna take up for some shits that don’t even view your ass as human and will just as soon as put your ass down for good, think nothing of it and continue on as though he only swatted a goddamn fly? You see that shit on the news every damn day and yet, you will take up for THAT shit??!!! Oh hell no! AGAIN…I have ZERO goddamn respect for you lousy pieces of black filth!

This is the shit that you protected when you dragged that Black man from kicking that white kop’s ass!

Police are still killing Black people at disproportionate rates

On May 25, George Floyd died after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes. The incident sparked international protests against racism and police brutality. But in the wake of this mass call for change, police are still killing Black men and women at disproportionate rates.

In the three months since Floyd’s death, the racial disparity in police killings has increased slightly. The data shows that from January 1 to May 25 of this year, Black people were approximately 3 times more likely than White people to be killed by police; from May 26 to August 31, they were about 3.3 times more likely.

For years, data has shown that Black people are far more likely to be killed by police than people of other races.

And if that doesn’t speak volumes, how about this?

The only time that I will write about you lame ass buford motherfuckers is when I can show you up for the scared ass, weak ass punks you are! You ain’t about shit! What the fuck does a Black woman need with the likes of your stupid Black ass? Even I wouldn’t spit on your black asses to put a fire out, you make me THAT fucking sick! Because it is crystal clear that all the Black people who we KNOW have been murdered by kops means NOTHING to you because you want to save a kop from a beatdown when those thugs have been doing that shit to us and worse for over FOUR HUNDRED GODDAMN YEARS! No wonder, there were hardly any insurrections during the early slavery period because if there was a Black man who was about shit, the rest of you weak ass, punk ass bitches would beat his ass down, tell massa what he was trying to do and get his ass killed. That’s how fucking lame, you punk ass buford motherfuckers are!

Please, I wish to piss you lame ass Black motherfuckers expect me to cape for your goddamn asses, I wish you would because you’d all be some dead motherfuckers if you look to me to take to the streets on behalf of the most emasculated shits on this planet. There ain’t no Black man worth shit these days and the proof is right in this post. You motherfucking lame ass bufords are on your own! Deal with the shit that’s going to continue to come for your asses because I am so done with you black assed bastards, you have no damn idea!

Black women, this is the shit that we are supposed to cape for and moan and wail over and yet, the black man won’t do shit for his damn self, as you can see. What good are they to us? They are not any use to themselves. I am not sure if they were ALWAYS this way or are we just now seeing it because it is in our face. But there it is. Carry the torch for this shit? Fucking never! And quite actually, I believe they were ALWAYS this way because as far back as I can remember, a black man could be found beating a black woman, but when it came to standing up for us against our enemies, the black man turns into a bitch, every time. So yeah, they’ve ALWAYS been this way. To hell with ’em!

10 thoughts on “Black Men Beat Another Black Man And Hold Him Down Because He Got The Upper Hand On A White KKKop! W.T.F.

  1. Self-hatred is horrible disease that are killing the spirits of our people!
    WOW BM,how can I describe them? I don’t know what to say,because you Shelby,you already said enough!
    BM will beat helpless BW without feel sorry,I have encountered very aggressive BM that they didn’t give shits
    if in front of them,was me or another BW!
    BM will not hesitate to punch a BW,because they said we BW are ”masculine,aggressive,manly attitude,pitbull attitude” we provoke them,we don’t let them being men because of our bad attitude!
    What I can say BM you are faggots! I don’t feel sorry to say or to think this about you,when you are with WW,you are a gay,you lack of any masculine attitude because WW she is the one in the relationship has dominate rule!
    You are saving and protecting WM,this show me again and again that you are indeed gay!
    When I am public I avoid to make eyes contact with BM,I don’t want to hear or have their craps,I just want them to stay the fuck from my face!
    I never saw in my life any other male of other cultures that they are so desperate to save the ass of WM as much you do!
    You are obsessed with WM and your admiration for WM is beyond of envy and jealousy!
    BM you have a serious mental problems!

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    1. qnubian, you are right, Black ‘men’ are FAGGOTS and from now on, I use the term ‘men’, loosely when describing them because they are becoming more feminine than even white men.

      And I honestly believe that those Black assed buford ass punks becoming emasculated to the point whereas they are gay is why so many prefer a white bitch because she can rule their ass and she does. Black men know damn well that, in many instances, a Black woman is going to call their emasculated asses out on that shit and rightly so! Black women ain’t got shit if they got a Black emasculated motherfucker.

      But even those African motherfuckers who climb down out of trees and come over here are the same as the punk ass bitches that we are working with. Look at this shit!

      Florida church ‘devastated’ after self-styled prophet shoots wife dead at work

      A Florida church is “devastated” after their pastor, who’s also a self-styled prophet with thousands of followers, was charged with fatally shooting his wife outside her job at the Navy Federal Credit Union just two days before their fifth wedding anniversary Tuesday.

      “Video surveillance, which shows Mr. Ofori not only shoot his wife but then stand over her body and put additional rounds into her head,” a prosecutor noted in court, according to NBC News affiliate WESH 2.

      On its website, Floodgates of Heaven International Ministries describes Ofori, who was born in Accra, Ghana, as “a powerful internationally known prophet of the Most High God.”

      This bastard killed that woman, but was calling himself a ‘prophet’. Seriously???!!! That punk ass bitch had 60,000 followers hanging onto his every word as though he was some sort of god and what does he do? Like the punk ass bitch he is, goes and shoots that woman until she falls down on the pavement and then proceeds to stand over her and damn near empties the gun in her head; bullet after bullet, he fires into her head. What kind of shit could do that???!!! And what’s even more sad is that the whites ALLOWED that shit to come here in the first goddamn place and now, our tax dollars are going to pay for that lousy piece of filthy shit from Ghana to have three hots and a cot for decades as he rots in prison.

      The shit I come across on here has gotten me to the point whereas I’m about ready to unplug myself because I have had it. Black men ain’t no damn good. They’ll never be any damn use to us or our children and yet, those punks get bent out of shape when you point out just what the fuck they are; FAGGOTS!I hope they don’t like what the hell I say about them, but they ain’t ‘man’ enough to come up in here and say a goddamn thing, that’s for damn sure because I’d mop the cyber floor with their punk asses!

      You are also right, qnubian, they “must be obsessed with WM” for why else do Black men do the shit that they think would get them the approval from some damn white man because that must have been what the fuck they were seeking when they pulled that Black man off that racist KKKOP and beat and stomped a mudlhole in him. I still cannot believe that shit especially after reading this!

      ‘We are just gonna go out and start slaughtering them’:Three cops fired after racist talk of killing black residents

      Sitting in his patrol car in Wilmington, N.C., Officer Michael “Kevin” Piner predicted Black Lives Matter protests would soon lead to civil war. “I’m ready,” Piner told another officer, adding that he planned to buy an assault rifle.

      We are just going to go out and start slaughtering them fucking niggers,” he said. “Wipe ’em off the fucking map,” Piner said of African Americans. “That’ll put ’em back about four or five generations.”

      The two then complained about black officers on the force, calling one a “piece of shit” and complaining that another was “sitting on his ass” during the protests. “Let’s see how his boys take care of him when shit gets rough, see if they don’t put a bullet in his head,” Piner said.

      Moore, who also was hired in 1997, called him[Piner] to describe a recent arrest of a black woman, repeatedly calling her a racial slur.

      “She needed a bullet in the head right then and move on,” Moore said of the woman. “Let’s move the body out of the way and keep going.”

      Later, while complaining about a black judge whom Moore called a “fucking nigger magistrate,” Moore added.

      Now that’s how the white Klan kops think; that is their mindset and yet Black men stopped another Black man from stomping a mudhole in one of THEIR asses and beat and stomped the Black man for getting the upper hand on that shit????!!!! For real???!!! Seriously????!!! I’m completely done with their assses; completely and absolutely DONE! Stick a goddamn fork in me, I am SO damn done with those Black assed faggots because even though there are like 5 or 6 Black men out there, they are so few and far between, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack and I am not about to take on a task that daunting.

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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  2. Black men have fear install in them. Black men fear non black men & even fear black men themselves. Non black men know black men aren’t going to defend themselves because they fear what will happen to them. Black men don’t even correct other black men in there wrong doing because they fear what another black men will do to them
    Women talk about how catty women can be but when it’s a man it’s more violent & could lead to another man being killed. Black men have been conquered & have too much fear in them. It doesn’t benefit black women always running to black men rescue or cuddling them. Black women have done this too long to a point that a black man is not going to stand up an be a man. Furthermore black men fail to realize when a black man have hate for black women his hate for black men is much more worse & violent. So why black men are cheering this shit on these same black man have hate for another black man.

    P.S. look at this black father that left his black daughter to defend herself being run up on a pit bull. I feel sorry for the child for having a useless father & a dumbass mother for getting pregnant by this shit.

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    1. “It doesn’t benefit black women always running to black men rescue or cuddling them. Black women have done this too long to a point that a black man is not going to stand up an be a man. Furthermore black men fail to realize when a black man have hate for black women his hate for black men is much more worse & violent.”

      That is SO true, it ain’t even funny!

      My father beat my mother’s ass every damn weekend. My husband beat my ass at my parent’s home while my DADDY was there and all my DADDY did was tell me to go home with him and work shit out. What kind of MAN does that shit when he sees another man beat his daughter down in HIS house??!!! My mother tried to deny that shit to this day until I put right under her damn nose, a copy of the ARREST WARRANT THAT CAME TO HER GODDAMN HOUSE FOR ASSAULT AND BATTERY OF HER DAUGHTER BY MY EX-HUSBAND! She couldn’t damn well call what was in black and white, a goddamn lie! Yeah! Just like I always say, before I do shit, I come with briefcases filled with receipts because I know that motherfuckers don’t want to hear about the shit they’ve done, but they gone get it from me. My parents actually tried to DENY that the shit happened. But I had proof!

      My sister called my mother to ask her could she please stay over at her house because her husband had just tried to kill her by choking her and when she kneed his ass, she got away from him and ran out of the house, that bastard yelled that he was getting a gun, which he did, and proceeded to chase my sister across a busy highway, threatening to shoot her. My mother told her that she could NOT come back to the house. My mother told my sister to work it out with her husband. That’s the type of shit we were raised by and so it is no wonder that the Black collective is so damn fucked up.

      My DADDY actually grabbed my sister and yanked her all through the downstairs, all the way up a long flight of stairs and was grabbing her by her shirt and twisting her every which way, I had to pull his ass off of her while my mother was just wailing, “Stop, please stop!” I had to pull my DADDY off her ass while he was kicking her. My DADDY actually had the audacity to get up in my face. We were eyeball to eyeball and he asked me, “Do you know who I am?” And I said, “I know who you are, what about it?” I also told him, as I was picking up an iron leg of a chair that had been broken, that I would fuck him up if he put his hands on me. His ass backed the fuck down because I was through having ANY man beat my ass and that included husband or father.

      And so I know Black ‘men’ ain’t no goddamn good. I’ve got proof because that shit was my family or I was married to it. Leave those punk ass bitches alone, Black women. They are NO good, down to the very last one.

      But for that man to jump up on the car and leave his little daughter to fend for herself against a pit bull is the absolute END OF ENOUGH! If I was married to his ass, divorce papers would have been filed already, COVID-19 or NOT!

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  3. Shelby,I am sorry what happened to you and your sister!
    The men of you family are disgrace,they don’t have rights to be call men!
    They beat their own wife and their own daughter,they let another BM put their hands over their own daughter,
    and they don’t see anything wrong about that,BM are misogynist and that’s beyond self-hatred,
    they have a deep hatred for BW! Because I can’t find any other explanation about this insane behaviour!
    That’s what BM can do the best,beat BW,murder BW,and any danger they see,they run away like pussies!
    They live behind their own women and their own children,because my ass is more important than their life!
    Fucking pussies this what they are! king?What king,you are a faggots,KING my ass!
    In DOAN blog some BW said that is time for BW to have a gun and to learn how to use a gun!
    A lot BW have came in conclusion to abort black sons and let live only the black daughters!
    One of a faggot of BM in DOAN blog,he couldn’t believe how BW want to abort black sons!
    I told him “don’t worry,you have Becky,Maria and Ming Lee,go to them,they can give
    you all the black babies you want!” He said ”that’s genocide!” I replayed to him again ‘
    ”What in the hell you want from BW? You don’t like their decision move gone,
    go somewhere to screw the life of someone!”
    Typical behaviour of BM who want BW be their slaves and servants!
    For them BW should be like your mother Shelby!
    They want to continue verbal and physically abuse BW,so we shouldn’t rebel!
    BW are under attack from anyone!
    They said in the past,that beat women was WM thing, I am sorry piece of shit,
    you become like WM maybe worst that WM!
    They are misogynist as WM!
    BM are arrogant and presumptuous!
    When they see BW in public,they give you this disgusting look like they are better than us BW!
    What I see in them Shelby,gay and gay behaviour when they are with WW and WM!
    My black neighbour is gay,I wish you can see the way,he looks at me when he sees me!
    I don’t give fuck about his personal life,he is getting screwed by his WM partner!
    In the end,men like him are still jealous of BW!
    In UK one young BW,her name was Joy Morgan,she has been murdered by a BM!
    Shohfah-El Israel is a BM who belong to the American group so called the Israel United in Christ (IUIC).
    They were both of them members,he is married man with children,he was a preacher of the congress!
    The truth it was that, he didn’t only kill her, but surely he raped her!
    Maybe she didn’t want to stay with him,in a fit of anger he murdered her!
    That bastard didn’t want to say that he raped her and where he hid the body of Joy!
    He still seats in prison without say anything,the mother’s of Joy,she is pleading him to reveal
    where he has hidden his daughter’s body! Nope,he will not talk! Coward!
    That African preacher, surely he killed his wife because she got on his nerves!
    He murdered her like was an execution style!
    What I want to say to BM,the one who don’t have control of their sexuality it’s you BM!
    I see you running after every single damn skirts walking in the street,you don’t have control about your sexuality at all!
    Marry or single with children,nothing stop you to run after other women!
    Do you think because you have a BBC so BW should fall at your feet?
    Do you know the meaning when someone doesn’t want you? You should stay away from that person?
    Why when you are merry with children,why do you want to fuck with other BW? Because unfortunately,
    I have come across these pieces of shit,who want to sleep with me!
    But I don’t speak only for me,but I have been witnessed with insane behaviour!
    Men of other culture don’t like you,you know why? You made fatherless non black women,
    everyone see you,men without responsibility and fatherless!
    Instead look how BW should behaviour,be perfect women and wives,look in the fuck mirror
    before you open your disgusting mouths!

    Stop saying ”my beautiful black queen and sisters when it suits you ”
    you sound retarded,hypocrite and pathetic!

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    1. qnubian, thank you for your heartfelt words about the plight of me and my sisters who had to go through that shit with the likes of those two for parents. The shit we went through would curl the devil’s toes. And if I wanted to I could post the actual arrest warrant because my scanner is reading, “Ready.” So I know my mother doesn’t want me to go there because her damn address is on that document. But I had to show her that document because she was claiming that the shit she knew went down, didn’t. That arrest warrant was the truth in the face of her lie; she, the one who always goes on and on about how she hates a liar and a thief. Well she damn sure as hell must hate her damn self because you will NOT believe what she did after my daddy passed away. That no good lousy heifer put in the obituary that she still had two sons-in-law which she did NOT have because both myself AND my sister had divorced our husbands. Not only that, but she gave ALL of my daddy’s suits to my ex-husband and also gave my ex-husband and my sister’s ex-husband, my daddy’s expensive rings and everything else of his. She made damn sure that we got nothing of his.

      I am now sorry that I ever intervened when he was literally kicking her ass! I should have let him finish it. We ALL got the hell out of that house as soon as we could. My baby sister is dead because to escape from the shit that went down in that house, she turned to smoking crack and every damn thing else and yet that no good, lousy heifer that never was a mother to us believes that she is a damn saint only because she never slept around. My daddy wouldn’t have cared if she had slept with the whole town; he didn’t give a shit about her. No one, to this day, can figure out why those two ever got married in the first damn place because there was no honeymoon period. Those two started off that way and it ended that way. When my daddy was dying of colon cancer, they were still in that house cussing one another out, even as the man lay on his death bed.

      Evey man in my family was the same way; wife beaters, down to the very last one. None were EVER any good and to this day, they are still NO GOOD. Any woman that would mess with them is so damn desperate for ANYTHING, it don’t even make any sense.They have ZERO respect for Black women; absolutely NO respect at all.

      And I could not even force myself to watch those videos because just from looking at them, I knew that I’d get sick from watching them, but I did click the link about that poor woman who was murdered by that tree climbing Nigerian who is now sitting up in prison for murdering her. They finally found poor Joy Morgan’s body and so her mother can finally lay her to rest. One mistake she made was joining that damn cult. People can be easily persuaded and it usually is NOT for their benefit. If she had never met up with that group, she more than likely would still be alive today. And she was only 20 years old and had her whole life to live and yet, she’s dead, killed by a murdering Nigerian piece of filth.

      But just as you say, the Black man is now gayer than the gayest white motherfucker; that is plain to see. And Black women seriously need to leave those things alone because they could be bringing diseases back and forth because the poor ass Black men always need some place to crash and will get with a Black woman, give her an STD and then when some white bitch or white faggot allows his nasty ass to come back, the Black woman got some shit to deal with. Ain’t no damn way that I would call myself ‘dating’ in this day and age. Ain’t shit out there and damn sure, ain’t shit worth dying over.

      The only thing ANY of these worthless shits can do for me is stay the hell out of my face! What the fuck do I need with some piece of shit, scared ass, wimp ass Black faggot? Black ‘men’ hiding behind their children, girlfriends to shield their no good, worthless hide from whatever and I’m supposed to look at that and want it? Fuck if I do! I should have learned my lesson from watching my mother and my father when I was growing up. But I eventually learned and that is why I stay to my damn self. And as far as I am concerned, I am ALL the better for it!

      qnubian, I thank you for that most sincere comment from you and I hope you stay safe and be well.

      Take care,

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  4. @qnubian385 & shelbycourtland
    Black men know they hold no power in society. Again black men live in “FEAR” every continent around the world where black men can be located they are being “Bitch Check” by other races of non black men. So what do the weakest link do to let out their frustration they will attack someone whose weaker than them. Black men are to afraid to fight another man equally on their level so they will fight women & children because they know they can easily be defeated. Black men attack & degrade black women & children because they feel they have power & control over them.
    A man is going to do as much as a woman going too allow. In the game of chess the black woman holds more power because if the black man is being heavenly guarded then she is more able to move around the board. In society eyes especially when it comes down to men a woman is a lesser threat. A woman is more able to benefit from a man financially then a man can. Why do black men constantly tell black women we’re least desire & other races of men don’t find us attractive. By doing this it will keep black women at a stand still and black men wouldn’t have to compete with other races of men. Men complete with other men. Black men complete against black women. Even when black men date outside their races they treat other races of women no different. If black women want change they are going to have too stop cuddling & pampering black men. To be honest we have so many broken black women in the community that they aren’t going to change. We have too many low self black women that are seeking validation from black men to a point they will risk their own life.

    P.S. shelbycourtland I feel sorry for what happen to you.

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    1. ” To be honest we have so many broken black women in the community that they aren’t going to change. We have too many low self black women that are seeking validation from black men to a point they will risk their own life.

      P.S. shelbycourtland I feel sorry for what happen to you.”

      That is true! And also I thank YOU for your heartfelt words of sympathy, I sincerely appreciate them.

      What you say rings true because Black women actually feel as though they can’t do good all by themselves. I cannot tell you how many of my friends and former co-workers who were Black women, were doing GREAT before they got involved with a Black man and that is when ALL hell broke loose.

      One of my best friends used to have to call me on a daily basis because the Black man she was dating was either beating her ass, breaking up her shit or storming onto her job and beating her ass at her desk. I cannot tell you how many times I had to go take pictures of her injuries for court. I tried to tell her to leave those no good Black assed thugs alone and yet, she never listened. She lost her job because of that shit. She lost her apartment because of that shit because one of them even came over to her apartment and bust down the door and beat her ass. He then broke her phone and dragged her all the way to the corner store, pulling damn near half her head of hair out just because he could. And still, she kept on messing with him.

      Another former co-worker of mine had her own house, her own nice ass vehicle and was doing fine. A Black man enters the picture, she lets him borrow her car and she gets a call from him stating that he is drunk, done wrecked her shit and to please come, get behind the wheel and claim she was driving the damn car. Not only did she do that, she fucking married him. I think she divorced him while he was incarcerated. I could go on and on and on and on. What.The.Hell.Is.Wrong.With.Black.Women. We don’t need Black men, they fucking need us whenever some piece of shit they go lay up on that’s white assed throws them to the curb.

      My own son won’t even wash his ass, feet or brush his teeth. If he took his shoes off, if someone was on the moon, they would smell his feet. And yet those funky ass, pasty faced cows are the only ones that will lay up with him and produce a half breed parasite. I couldn’t even get close enough to him to shake his hand. He could not stay with me if he begged me because the funk emanating from him, would drive me out! I’d give his ass a tent and tell him to set it up in the next town, I am so fucking NOT kidding The only jobs that will hire him must be desperate and they must ALL smell like skunks who work there because there ain’t no way anyone could take a decent breath without falling the fuck out unless they ALL smell equally as bad. His teeth are rotting in his head. And when I would bring him a toothbrush, he’d look at me like I was crazy and ask me, “What’s that for?” I’m done. I’m through. Stick a fork in me, I am SO damn done! I can only surmise that he got that shit from his daddy because his daddy became lazy with his grooming and though I yelled at my son while bringing him up to keep himself clean, the minute he stepped from underneath my guidance, he took on the ways of my ex-husband who when he was finally persuaded to go to a dentist, the dental office had to close for three days in order to use every available body in there to clean my ex-husband’s teeth and insurance should have sued to get their money back because three days of teeth cleaning did NO damn good! To tell you that we never kissed damn near 6 months after the wedding is NO lie.

      I still, to this day sleep on my right side because that’s the side that I would sleep on to make sure that I did NOT smell his breath because if I smelled his breath, I never would have gotten a bit of damn sleep. How the fuck he got remarried after I divorced his ass, is a complete and utter mystery to me because the bitch must’ve been hard up. The claim is that she is ‘insecure’ because his ass is sleeping around. For the love of!!! Like I said, “Black women are too damn hard up for a whole piece of NOTHING!”

      It is just too late for Black people, PERIOD.END.OF.STORY.

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  5. Yeah not a good testiment for us black men, those of us that do not have niggerisms/ crackerisms to the extent that those 2 men that protected the cop have; we have to take the ass whipping due to fact that too many of us are too fearful of the white man. Fearful to the extent that we acquiesce to what we think would please the white man that we fear. There is hope I believe for those of us that have this crackerphobia. We would have to consistently pray to the God to remove the punkism from our heart that we may be upright. Those black men that love the whiteman(massa we sick) it would do good for all us(especially you Black Women) to try and steer clear of such entities as their mindset will not change and as such cannot be trusted. Shelby what can I say except that if the shoe fits we must wear it or cut off the foot.

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    1. Yele66, as ALWAYS, I can find no fault with your comment. If only Black men could read your comment, reflect on it and see themselves in that reflection and try and do something about it, but alas, that would be asking for too damn much.

      You know that I did NOT start out putting up blogs with this content. But when Black men continued with their shit, a reckoning was coming and I’d about had it with their shit especially with ALL the shit that I had taken from them and was still coming to their defense every single time some shit was visited on their ass. But there comes a point in time when one must say, “Enough is enough!” That time is now. Black men cannot continue to get a free pass when they don’t deserve one. And I am all for giving someone the benefit of the doubt, up until a certain point, that point being when they consistently act the same way with no hint of change coming down the pike. Black men are not going to change from what they have been and continue to be; an albatross around our necks.

      Black women deserve better and if they are not going to receive better from Black men, then we should just go our separate ways and as far as I am concerned, I did the damn thing. The only Black man that I have to deal with is my cousin and that is because he is crazy, other than that, he wouldn’t be in my face because I have to deal with enough shit because of his issues.

      I can honestly say that whenever I have been on MY own, not dealing with ANY Black man, my life has been peaceful, pleasurable and immensely satisfying. But the minute a Black man enters the picture, all hell breaks loose. I have always had to either get bail money together, head to court over some shit, open the door to detectives or got something stolen and more shit of the like.

      As a Black woman, I am tired, too damn tired to put up with any more shit from Black men and so here is where we part company. That is why I no longer blog about ANY issues as they pertain to Black men getting themselves fucked up by the kops, by ‘karens’ or by anyone else. If Black men want to beat up other Black men to impress whitey pasty ass, then he doesn’t need any assistance from me and, quite frankly, does NOT deserve any. I will save my hand wringing, gnashing of teeth and moaning and wailing for Black women and children who are getting fucked up on these mean streets of Amerikkka, but I will no longer speak up on behalf of Black men. Black men, as far as I am concerned, are on their own.

      I thank you for your comment Yele66.


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