It’s ALWAYS So Sad When Whites Lose Their Shit, But When Black People Lose Theirs? Who Cares!


Everybody and their damn dog are aware that American descendants of slavery are the faces of the homeless in this shithole the whites stole from the Indians and named, “America.” But when wildfires cause whites to lose their shit, oh how horrible that is. Oh, what a tragedy that is. Oh, how awful that is. Oh, the loss of life is so terrible. That is all you see and hear when the lamestream fake news media gets going. This shit is ridiculous.

‘Everything’s gone’: Many neighborhoods destroyed as fire, smoke devastate Oregon families, workers and homeless

Sobbing behind the face mask she normally wears for her job as a hospital respiratory therapist helping coronavirus patients, Stevens, 31, video recorded herself earlier this week as she stumbled through the neighborhood, raw emotion in her voice, sometimes unable to form words, moaning in obvious pain.

“I think everything’s gone,” she says as the rising sun illuminates the destruction. “This doesn’t do justice to how terrifying and horrific this is, seeing how devastated everything is. Our homes are gone. Our homes are completely gone.”

The lamestream fake news media made sure to showcase a hospital worker who is purportedly saving COVID-19 patients to focus on. “Oh look! This WHITE woman has been spending her days taking care of other WHITE COVID-19 patients and now, her lovely  townhouse has been completely destroyed by wildfires. What a shame that is. What a goddamn travesty. Oh, the horror of it all!”

If you stupid fucks think that tears are streaming down my face because this white bitch lost her house, you’ve got another think coming. If this bitch’s house was in California, some Black inmate would have lost their life from trying to beat back the flames to save this bitch’s house but because there are so few Black folks living in Oregon and so therefore, too few sitting up in prisons to make a damn difference in fighting wildfires, the state of Oregon has had to beg folks from across this shithole to drag their asses over to Oregon to help put out those wildfires and apparently, no one has anyone to spare, hence why this bitch is moaning and whining that her damn house is gone. I guess this bitch never heard of GENTRIFICATION. Because thanks to GENTRIFICATION, millions of American descendants of slavery are already homeless. I guess the bitch never looked at the videos about Skid Row. I guess she never heard of the tunnels under Las Vegas where lives the homeless. I guess she never heard of homeless encampments or homeless tent cities. But now that this bitch’s house is gone, she now wants some damn pity and sympathy and so get out the damn violins because her damn life is over because her home was burned the fuck up! “Fuck you bitch! Seriously!”

More than 50% of homeless families are black, government report finds

African Americans, despite making up just 13% of the U.S. population, account for a staggeringly disproportionate chunk of the nation’s homeless population, according to a government report.

The disparity was starker when looking at the number of homeless people with children: African Americans accounted for about 52% of that [homeless] population, with whites accounting for about 35%, the report said.

That shit has been ongoing and is not recent due to some damn wildfires that are caused by the whites who caused CLIMATE CHANGE. But now, they’re moaning and whining that because of the shit they’ve visited on this planet that’s returning the favor, they cannot sit up in their cozy homes and turn on the AC because either the air is toxic or the house has burned to the damn ground. It is ALWAYS about whites and their shit! The focus is NEVER on the fact that they caused this shit in the first damn place! Who the fuck do those whites think they have to blame for the fact that their shit is burning the fuck to the ground? Black folks? NO! Indians? NO! Whites got no one but themselves to blame, but still want a pity party because of the blowback from what they caused. No one but the most rabidly insane would miss that shit! And whites are rabidly insane because they knew what the fuck they were doing when they unleashed hell on earth, but they did it anyway and so now, STILL want to screech and wail about, “Oh look what my shit looks like?” But they’ll never say, “Oh look! My shit looks like this thanks to other whites who did shit to make my shit look like this!” Nothing is ever their fault. They are never to blame. Just throw the fucking pity party already and start up a ‘GofundMe’ so that they can rebuild the shit and next year this time, they’ll need another one. But the thing is see, add more to the list and even the feds couldn’t print enough money to throw at the shit that’s going to go up in flames thanks to the arrogance and cockiness of the whites in overbuilding and building in fire prone areas and rebuilding in fire prone areas because they want a gorgeous mountain view away from those Black folks who were dragged over here. Happy now? Let’s see.

Dense smoke smothers Pacific Northwest, shutting residents indoors and complicating fire response

My throat burns,” Warner said as he ambled around the evacuation site with his dog, his eyes swollen and watering.

Thomas Keyzers, 36, had hoped that he’d left behind the worst of the smoke when he, his wife and two children, ages 3 and 5, evacuated their home in Happy Valley. But the smoke followed them to Portland, even inside the hotel where they were staying.

He and his wife have been coughing constantly, and it’s getting worse each day. He’s worried about the health of his kids, he said. “It’s just like a 24-hour campfire,” he said. “You can only take so much of it.”

Well, you’re just going to have to take it because your kind caused it and so sit up in that hotel and deal. Cough and shut the fuck up! At least your pasty ass is not sitting up in a tent on Skid Row and has been there for decades. Your clueless white ass can still afford a hotel room and you’re still complaining. You see, that is all that whites know how to do; fucking complain! “My throat burns! My swollen eyes are watering. I’m in a hotel. I’m coughing constantly. I don’t wanna be at this 24-hour campfire no more. I wanna go home! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! WAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Fucking bunch of wimp-assed babies.

Have they ever thought about how much shit Black folks take from them? Do you think they have even given a thought about what it must be like to have to live worse than that for decades? Hell no! Because it is ALL about whites! Just look the fuck around you! They gated their communities. They gentrified entire cities. They increased rents to the point whereas only whites could afford that shit and now that a wildfire has come along and put paid to their shit, they’re whining. But not one of those worthless, no account whites who has been interviewed has said one goddamn word about what it must feel like to have been Black and homeless for decades when after only a few days, they are already loudly complaining about sitting up in a hotel room, coughing.

You worthless white motherfuckers are going to continue to have that shit visited on your white asses! I am glad your shit is fucked up, you have no fucking idea! A gnat couldn’t wipe its ass on the amount of sympathy that I could manage to drum up for your depraved, debased, good for nothing white asses!

And the shit gets worse!

Oregon homeowners, neighbors struggle to combat wildfires amid shortage of firefighters

Christine VanOeveren grabbed a bucket Saturday and lugged water from a neighbor’s swimming pool to douse embers from a wildfire that threatened to merge with another blaze that would cover an area as big as Los Angeles.


Now, I have already stated why the whites are having to save their own shit. It is because there aren’t enough Black folks living in Oregon and who are sitting up in jails and prisons to account for an inmate prison detail sent out to fight Oregon’s wildfires and so the governor of Oregon is begging for volunteers from other states to come and put out those wildfires and since hardly any state over that way can send volunteers, those whites who own their shit have had to get up off their pasty asses and get to draining creeks with buckets in an attempt to stop their shit from burning the fuck to the ground. Yeah, keep those buckets coming and maybe you can save a toy. Oh indeed, you got this!🤣🤣🤣

The couple were among thousands of citizens who raced to defend houses and property from wildfires that have left at least seven people dead and dozens missing. Short on firefighters, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is asking other states and the federal government to send crews to help battle more than three dozen blazes that have scorched 1 million acres and wiped out entire towns.

“Even if we lose our homes, at least we fought to save them,” said VanOeveren, whose house in an evacuation zone has been without power since Tuesday.

Yes indeed, YOU fight to save them because that shortage of firefighters is going to continue. SO you keep at it! Meanwhile, for those of you who live in the gulf states, your ass can soon send them some water because another tropical storm that the weather center claims is going to upgrade to a hurricane is on its way to Louisiana and surrounding states. So, everybody’s about to party, AGAIN! You whites love parties. Having fun yet?

Sally roars through Gulf, forecast to strengthen to hurricane before striking coast

Hurricane and tropical storm warnings were in effect Sunday for a swath of the northern Gulf Coast as Tropical Storm Sally gathered strength before it’s projected to make landfall as a hurricane late Monday or early Tuesday.

Sally could strengthen to a Category 2 hurricane before making landfall somewhere between southeastern Louisiana and the Mississippi-Alabama border, the Hurricane Center said.

Like I said, who is going to be left to have a home in order to send a voting ballot to? As protests rage from coast to coast, alongside wildfires raging in the west, storm after storm is developing in the Atlantic and even in the Pacific and yet, ‘the emperor fiddles while THIS Rome burns and floods.” Amerikkka, may she continue to reap what she has sown!

Oh and think of this as a Public Service Announcement(PSA). If anyone is looking for their vehicle back and they left it at an auto-repair shop outside of Medford, Ore., I would contact my insurance agent because as you can see in the above picture, your shit is totaled; fried, baked, toasted and oven roasted. Even Fred Flinstone couldn’t do shit with that!



Go to this link and tell me, do you see ONE Black person caught up in THIS shit, just ONE! I’ll save you the trouble, there are NONE! But go look for yourself. The whites and the Mexicans are caught up in this shit. Just look at who was evacuated and look real close. Get a magnifying glass if you want and tell me if you can spot one Black person, AGAIN, just one!



I didn’t fucking think so!


10 thoughts on “It’s ALWAYS So Sad When Whites Lose Their Shit, But When Black People Lose Theirs? Who Cares!

  1. Speaking of those white parties, gender-reveal parties are the latest fad to feed the flames in what they still call wildfires”, particularly where whites have black prisoners to right the white wrongs. These are not bottle rockets, they are massive professional-grade pyrotechnic devices that come in pink and blue. They are also the kind of “citizen” that invite guests from all over creation to keep climate change ramped up to new heights. Climate catastrophe caused by whites. Completely.
    Gentrified neighborhoods are crime scenes.

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    1. Yeah Bill, I read about that, but the link you posted sent me to a ‘gender reveal party’ over in Australia. Here’s the one that started a massive wildfire in California that’s got poor Black prison inmates out, dying trying to save whites’ shit!

      El Dorado Fire sparked by a gender reveal party has grown to more than 10,000 acres

      Surveillance video reviewed by investigators showed a couple with several children walking into the grass while another person appears to light a device, CalFire investigator Capt. Bennet Milloy told CNN Monday. After it ignites, the family is seen scrambling and grabbing water bottles to try to douse the growing fire. Everyone involved has cooperated with investigators, Milloy said.

      Fire officials have refused to release the video to CNN, saying the investigation is ongoing. Fire investigators have identified at least three laws that were violated, including “igniting the land” and arson. The level of recklessness will determine whether those are filed as misdemeanors or felonies. Penalties would vary.

      Because those assholes are white, any charges filed, and I don’t believe ANY will be, would be misdemeanors, but let that have been a Black person they claim started that fire and they’d be in jail RIGHT NOW! And the book would get thrown at them and don’t we ALL know this!

      You are also right. Those fireworks that started that fire, were indeed, “professional grade.” And yet, whites will blame everything that’s going down on anything other than their arrogance in believing that they can do anything they want to do and that any consequences will NOT come back and bite them on their fucking ass! Other people are made to put their lives on the line while whites get the fuck out the way while still complaining about being “inconvenienced.” This shit just makes my blood boil.

      Let ’em wait for ME to put a fire out and I guarantee you, this shithole would burn from one end to the other and that’s a BIG ass fact! Yeah, I wish they would commandeer my ass to save their shit, they’d be better off getting damn Fido to put that shit out for their pasty asses!

      Thank you for your comment Bill.

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  2. Thanks for the additional info, Shelby. It’s easy to confuse one white-supremacist stronghold with all the others. The whole damned planet is plagued with a European evilization that permeates the “culture.” Bloated and degenerate as the progeny of the Hapsburgs. The heritage of Europe is moribund to the core is it not?

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    1. “The whole damned planet is plagued with a European evilization that permeates the “culture.”

      Bill, ain’t that the truth! The Aborigines knew what to do to stop those fires from becoming too much to handle, but they weren’t listened to because whites think they know it all; the same with the Indians over here. They knew what to do, but, AGAIN, the whites came here and completely ignored what those Indigenous to this land had to say about its upkeep and now, what’s going down is a direct result of that.

      Managing Wildfire Through Cultural Burning

      Fire has always been part of California’s landscape. But long before the vast blazes of recent years, Native American tribes held controlled burns that cleared out underbrush, encouraged new plant growth, and helped manage wildfires. It’s a tradition that disappeared with the arrival of Western settlers [COLONIZERS AKA THIEVES AND LIARS].

      And over in Australia, the same.

      With Their Land In Flames, Aboriginals Warn Fires Show Deep Problems In Australia

      Before Britain started sending convicts to the continent in the 1700s, aboriginal Australians used fire to manage brushlands and forests across the continent.

      Noel Butler — who’s known even to the fire crews at the end of his road as “Uncle Noel” — and his wife, Trish, used to run the Nuragunya Aboriginal culture and education camp deep in a forest in the state of New South Wales.

      But last week, an inferno swept through their canyon.

      Whites don’t seem SO damn smart now, do they??!! No, they’re busy whining and moaning that their shit’s gone and how they can’t breathe and they’re coughing and their throat hurts and they can’t see the Golden Gate Bridge and some more shit! No one could tell those arrogant assholes, a damn thing and now whites have ruined this entire planet for us ALL. I am just enraged! Fuck it!

      Thank you for your comment Bill.

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      1. The Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian “traditions” have all followed the same modus operandi — create a ruthless military with more arms than the subjugated non-Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian cultures, steal a planet-full of land for European colonists, kill every non-European standing in their way, plunder treasures and resources, bring missionaries toting Bibles and promises of better times after the indigenous die off and go to European heaven or get executed if you resist conversion to a Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian religion. Their Bible continues to justify crimes against any people who do not look European, justify slavery as a gift that the Amerikkkan Empire bestowed upon the slavers’ slaves, and then perpetuate it for 401 years and counting…

        Here is a preview of a blog entry in progress:

        What gives with the Three-Fifths compromise soundbite? A slave actually possessed 0/5ths of full citizen rights — that 3/5ths clause gave slave-holding states a disproportionate advantage in the US Congress. This so-called compromise was actually an electoral feint that gifted slavers with more representatives in that Congress.

        The large print smack dab in the middle of the 13th Amendment:

        except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted

        Every paragraph in the Constitution of the white fathers contains an “except clause.”

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      2. “The large print smack dab in the middle of the 13th Amendment:

        except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted

        Every paragraph in the Constitution of the white fathers contains an “except clause.”

        Bill, I have been saying the very same ALL over this blog. Slavery NEVER ended. We are not FREE. Hell! Just look the fuck around. How the hell does this shit look like freedom???!!! There is not a gnat’s ass worth of freedom to be found and Black folks need to wake the fuck up and understand that shit. Lincoln did NOT free the slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation meant NOTHING. Juneteenth means NOTHING! Black people have NO rights; no freedom! How could anyone with eyes look around and state that ADOS have rights and are free? You cannot even look underneath a rock and find some rights that exist for ADOS because there are none.

        I live my life as a ‘field slave’ because the whites are going to have to kill me and they are hell bent on doing that shit anyway, from the goddamn bad food we are forced to eat, from the goddamn filthy water we are forced to drink, from the goddamn foul ass air we are forced to breathe to the goddamn medical system that was designed to finish us off and that has certainly wreaked havoc with my health. I have nothing to lose. I don’t have any freedom. I don’t have my health. I don’t have anything that matters and what matters is not land, a big house and lots of money; what matters is having the right to live a peaceful existence free from a system that is punishing me every single day for something that I did NOT do. Because I did NOT drag my ass over here, the whites did that shit. But I am made to pay for what the whites set in motion.

        And of course, that three fifths shit was pure shit for the slaves as it was meant to be because that shit did not even mean that the slaves were even three fifths human. Like you’ve stated, that was only for representation for congressional purposes. And yet, motherfuckers are out screeching that we need to vote. Vote for what? The same shit that existed in the 1700s is still effective today. What the fuck’s changed??!!! Not a goddamn thing!

        But I do see from your preview that your blog when it is complete is going to be another doozy. I’ll just steer clear of commenting, ‘like’ it and more than likely reblog it with your permission since we don’t want a repeat of the last one you posted.

        Bill, I thank you for your comment.

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  3. White people have always had the world is mine an I come first mentality. What so funny is when something bad happen to them as a people they are so shock & surprise.

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    1. And they’re still at it Shanequa.

      ‘It burns your chest’: Oregon residents struggle to live with relentless smoke

      HAPPY VALLEY, Ore. — It’s been a week since Deborah Stratton breathed clean air. The 54-year-old and her friend evacuated their homes in Estacada, Ore., last week as flames approached. They spent days sleeping in their cars in a Walmart parking lot, using their last $12 on showers at a truck stop. Finally, they found their way here, to a shopping mall about 20 miles away from their town, in a parking lot where a Red Cross volunteer began pitching them a tent.

      But the smoke followed them, hanging heavy in the air, sticking to the back of Stratton’s throat.

      “It burns your chest,” Stratton said. Nauseating and suffocating, it lingers — in clothes, on hair, in bedsheets. No shower seems capable of getting rid of it, no air freshener can mask the scent. It seeps inside, even with windows and doors closed. Crack a car door open and it finds its way in. Turn on the air conditioning and the vents spit out even more. Put on your mask and it smothers you in the smell of ash.

      “It’s like sticking yourself in a little room with 12 people all around you, smoking cigarettes,” said Lisa Jones.

      “Oh my gosh! It’s been a week and whites can’t deal with shit happening! Oh, what a tragedy! Why should this be happening to whites? Somebody, ANYBODY, fix that shit because it should NOT be happening to whites. Whites are SO considerate, thoughtful, kind and caring. And so they do not deserve this shit! Fix it now!”

      Did I sound like I meant that shit or did everyone catch the sarcasm? And I do mean, EXTREME SARCASM! Shit is fine as long as it’s impacting those who are not pasty assed, but as soon as some shit is visited on some white asses, get that shit cleared up NOW, goddamn it! Inconvenience whites? Oh hell no!

      I am SO damn glad this shit is happening, you have no idea and I hope that it continues and in spades! The shit they’ve been visiting on us does not in no way compare to what they’re screeching about and so ramp that shit up because that bunch of racist filth never needed it more than whites need it!

      They’re now screeching about having to make do in at an evacuation area parking lot


      1. @shelbycourtland
        I think non black people day of judgment is coming and they all will pay a price. Yes including non black people of color with biracial half black with them. We are the first people on this planet & it will ends with us being on this planet these other races are at there end. Like the old saying goes it will be fire next time.


      2. The whites’ so-called ‘christian bullshit BUYBULL claimed that their ‘god’ said that the world would not be destroyed again by water. That may be a lie since they are busy running out of names to give hurricanes.

        Running out of hurricane names, we’ll soon switch to the Greek Alphabet. That could present a problem.

        20 tropical storms and hurricanes have already been named in the Atlantic in 2020, with months left to go before the oceans finally settle. The breakneck pace of the 2020 season has far outpaced the 11-storm seasonal average that usually prevails, and nearly exhausted the list of names that can be assigned to storms this year. It’s highly likely meteorologists will have to dip into the Greek alphabet for additional storm names — but some fear this convention, as is, could be problematic.

        The are more storms brewing than I can shake a stick and so the fuckers who name storms are running out of names; there are that many. They are already up to the letter ‘Z’. I guess they’ll be naming one “Zeus, the god of ALL storms.”

        Why Black folks believed in that fake ass christian bullshit, I will never know because whites are NOT spiritual. They are not wired that way. This earth is trying to cleanse itself of those damn destroyers by fires pestilence, floods, pandemics; you name it. It is ALL going down at the same time. Every damn article I read, the whites are talking about how “unprecedented” this storm is, that wildfire is, this, that and the other. They have no fucking clue! Not to mention, the whites are now talking about how everyone will have the COVID-19 vaccine paid for. They can take that shit and shove it up their pasty asses. When have the whites EVER paid for some shit for EVERY goddamn body? They damn sure ain’t paying for housing for the homeless. They damn sure ain’t paying for healthcare for millions. They damn sure ain’t paying college tuition for everyone. But yet they, suddenly, want to pay for a COVID-19 vaccine that’s being hurried through? I hope wherever that lab is, it either floats away or is in the path of an unstoppable raging wildfire because some dumbasses are going to stand in line and take that killer shit. As for me? I’ll take my fucking chances.

        The US just laid out a 57-page playbook to get free coronavirus vaccines to every American. Here are the 5 crucial takeaways.

        The Trump administration released a playbook about how it would make sure every American in the US gets a free coronavirus vaccine.
        The government will distribute the vaccine to people who need it most and then ramp up to more people as more shots are made.
        Officials expect people will need to get two vaccines that will be administered between 21 to 28 days apart.
        Government agencies will lean heavily on better technology to see where the vaccine goes, who needs it, and whether it’s showing any side effects.

        Like I said, they can shove that shit!


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