Black Woman Charged With FIRST DEGREE MURDER Of Her Boyfriend Who Shot Her Last Year!


I am seriously shaking my head over THIS one! What in the world??!! If someone shoots me, why, oh why would I date that person again, but not only that, also, invite that person to live with me??!!!!! WHY???!!! But that is exactly what happened.

Woman Charged with Murder of Live-In Boyfriend Who Shot Her Last Year

A North Carolina woman has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of her boyfriend, who shot her last year.

It is unclear exactly what led to the shooting, which was the second incident involving the couple in the last year and a half.

In April 2019, Willie Breeden was charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury after he allegedly shot Valencia McLean with an AR-15 style rifle.

Not only did 31-year old Valencia McLean lie about how she was shot by her boyfriend, 33-year old Willie Breeden, she viciously lied by saying that Breeden did not intentionally shoot her which led to a dismissal of the charges. She claimed that Breeden was cleaning the rifle while at the same time, showing her how to use it, when the rifle ‘accidentally’ went off and shot her in the leg. First of all, why would you be cleaning a ‘loaded’ gun? And why would you teach someone who does not know how to use a gun, with a gun that is loaded? Make it make sense! But, nevertheless, because Valencia McLean lied to the Public Defender’s Office on behalf of a man she must have been so damn in love with, she just could not imagine life without him and so took him back and despite her lies to the contrary that they weren’t having domestic violence issues, now needs a Public Defender her damn self because she is too poor to hire an attorney and she is most definitely going to have to live withOUT that boyfriend she lied like a rug for.

Now her ass is standing somewhere all handcuffed and shit waiting on the white man to make sure that her Black ass remains behind bars sewing shirts and pants and taking orders from customers over the phone for ten cents a day which will be used for commissary.


Yeah, look at her! This is what you look like when you can’t leave a no good Black man alone that shot you. You stand somewhere in handcuffs, awaiting a life sentence to be served in hell. If she had left that bastard the fuck alone, and if she had never lied and said that when he shot her, it was an accident, she wouldn’t be standing somewhere looking crazy and also a prime candidate for contracting COVID-19 while incarcerated.

That could have been me standing there looking stupid, and no, my ex-husband did not shoot me, but he damn sure as hell beat the fuck out of me, dragged me, threw me, punched my lights out and some more shit, but I knew that I was not the type of person who could stand being locked up and so I got the hell out! And I never looked back for years because I stayed hidden; I stayed off the radar until I thought it safe for me to finally initiate divorce proceedings in the state that I had escaped to. I divorced his ass and so don’t tell me that there are not ways to get away from abusers because I did take the shit for awhile because I grew up watching that shit play out between my parents. My dumbass mother put up with the shit and subjected us to the shit. My middle sister married an abuser and so did I. She had to divorce his ass. But both of us did NOT go to prison in order to escape our abuser. I understand that we are NOT everyone, but those bastards are not worth you spending the rest of your life behind bars over. LEAVE! Don’t go back and don’t let them come back! And if they continue to harass you, don’t even bother with restraining orders, LEAVE THE STATE! There are shelters for abused women. Are they the Ritz Carlton? Hell no! But I hear tell that even the Ritz Carlton has had bedbug problems.

If a man shoots your ass, you don’t welcome him back. You don’t lie for him. You don’t accept shit from him. You make sure that his ass is locked up for as long as the white motherfucker says he has to be locked up because if you don’t then your ass is going to become ANOTHER Valencia McLean and she is only THIRTY ONE YEARS OLD and has been charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER! Do you know what type of sentence a FIRST DEGREE MURDER conviction will get you….and factor in that she has a PUBLIC DEFENDER and her ass is grass?

First degree murder Death penalty or life imprisonment without parole via this site

You think I’m about to catch a case of that type over a no good ass Black man???!!! Oh hell no!!!

I am still trying to understand how she could take his ass back in the first damn place, I just cannot figure that one out. With all the same type of fish in the damn sea as that piece of shit and she couldn’t do without THAT particular fish??!!! That goes beyond desperation, insanity and some more shit! There ain’t that much ‘love’ in this whole damn world to let the motherfucker BACK in your face that shot you and he is BACK in your face because you lied and said it was an accident! Maybe, it’s just me, but I cannot comprehend how ANYONE could just let that shit slide. Here I am with a wound that is going to remind me that you shot me and I want you back??!!! Not fucking happening!

Black women, grab some damn sense from somewhere, I don’t care where, but understand that you are worth more than just allowing yourself to be abused to the point whereas you become a Valencia McLean. No one is worth that. Valencia McLean is going to spend the rest of her life in prison if she doesn’t get the death penalty. But either way, wouldn’t it have been better for her if she had just let that man rot when he shot her because now look where she is? How did it help her to lie for him, get him out of prison, only to find herself in prison for killing his ass? Now, she needs the same damn Public Defender’s office that she called to get his now dead ass out of prison for shooting her to represent her over her killing his ass! Oh the irony of it all! And since she is so obviously, clueless, I am sure that the irony is lost on her. For the love of !!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Black Woman Charged With FIRST DEGREE MURDER Of Her Boyfriend Who Shot Her Last Year!

  1. Misogyny is an evil easily forgiven by the white-supremacist injustice system written into law since 1787 in a gathering room of white, propertied men. ADOS women are the most marginalized so-called citizens of a country defined and conquered by a patriarchy that permeates the power structure. The most powerful whites in the most powerful roles of society benefit from judicial decisions that trace their birthright to consistently conservative powermongers who benefit from Originalism — a structure that directs the most property and the most wealth to an ever smaller number of white ultrarich few, and those few are all white. They enjoy privileges that have been written into laws since the founding white slaver fathers. The interlocking control of all three branches of the federal government keeps the boards of directors as white and male as hell. ADOS women become victims from the family level to the White House. Black men who abuse ADOS women grease the machinery that generates power to the most selfish, protected, and greedy captains of industry — the billionaires who won’t yield a dime, the white men who commit 99% of the crime, the white men who cannot be touched, the white men admired for their inability to live any other way.

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    1. Bill, what you say is SO true, and as usual, I can find NO fault with your comment.

      I can moan and wail and wring my hands and gnash my teeth until my teeth are ground to nubs, but that will not solve even one of the issues ADOS face in this country. I can only try and imagine how our lives would have been so differently lived if our ancestors had not been kidnapped/sold to the whites and dragged the fuck over here. It is like we are in this hostile place that is hell bent on our annihilation and we are so lost and confused, we are helping the whites to end our existence. Am I putting all the blame for what’s going down on us? No, but at the same time, some things just should be commonsense. You don’t allow someone back into your life who has committed a grievous injury against you. I can understand being lost and confused, but up to a certain point and that point being, when someone shoots you. That should be the END of ANY type of confusion as it relates to having relations with that thing.

      And another thing, as ADOS, we should already be understanding that those prisons were built exclusively for us. As you pointed out in a comment on another post, the 13th Amendment allowed for slavery to continue via a loophole:

      Does an Exception Clause in the 13th Amendment Still Permit Slavery?

      “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

      Scholars, activists and prisoners have linked that exception clause to the rise of a prison system that incarcerates Black people at more than five times the rate of white people, and profits off of their unpaid or underpaid labor.

      States put prisoners to work through a practice called “convict-leasing,” whereby white planters and industrialists “leased” prisoners to work for them. States and private businesses made money doing this, but prisoners didn’t. This meant many Black prisoners found themselves living and working on plantations against their will and for no pay decades after the Civil War.

      The article goes on to say that the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that a convicted person was “a slave of the State.” So what the fuck’s changed? Nothing.

      The only reason there is a criminal justice system in Amerikkka is to continue to provide free slave labor to the government and corporations for why else is ‘convict leasing’ still a thing? Why else has the wording in the 13th Amendment not changed since it was ratified in 1865?

      And yet, Black people will walk around talking about how they’ve got some money or some political standing. I don’t care how much money Black people obtain in Amerikkka, their lives are just as meaningless to the white man as the lives of homeless Black people. Look at how some of the richest Black folks have been brought to their knees; Bill Cosby, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson was in dept to a tune of $400 million until he died and now, he’s a top earner, a dead one, but a top earner, nevertheless, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, MC Hammer and the list is endless. All had millions upon millions and yet, most filed for bankruptcy and so those of us who think because we’ve got a nice retirement portfolio, we good, we so ain’t. Get pulled over and their ass is grass. Don’t pay taxes and their ass is grass. The truth is, none of us ever made it off the plantation and none of us ever will.

      But like I stated previously, we don’t have to make it easy for the white man and I do believe that we are doing that shit. So we need to get our shit together as best we can and recognize.

      Bill, thank you for yet another spot on comment. You’ve been on a roll, as usual.


  2. I don’t feel sorry for this woman. Too many low self esteem I need validation from a man, black women constantly allow this to happen. If you being mistreated by a man leave, because coddling him, trying to change him, and etc isn’t helping you in your situation. When a man mistreat you he’s showing how he feels about you.

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    1. Exactly Shanequa! And I can testify to that! My mother and my father hated one another until he died. Their entire married life was contentious and the only reason the beatings stopped is because the judge told my father that he would be jailed if he put his hands on my mother, one more time. But my mother was too stupid to leave his ass and so we, as children, suffered for it in ways too numerous to count.

      Like you say, “you can’t change” those men. You can’t make them become someone else. The only thing that’s going to happen is either like in my mother’s case, they stick it out and end up hating one another til the very end or as was the case with this woman, she’s now facing life in prison or the death penalty for killing his ass. And that is why I stated in the post, “LEAVE!” That’s the best and only option really because the alternatives are nothing to strive for. And nothing good is going to come out of trying to change someone or work shit out. Either it leaves a bad taste in your mouth or you’re standing somewhere in handcuffs.

      I will NEVER allow myself to be mistreated, abused and used again and so that is why I take care of my responsibilities; pay my fucking bills and do what I need to do on my own. I don’t want a man to even open up a damn door for me. I just want them to stay the fuck out of my face. I want NO dealings with them. Any man that I have ever let into my life has made my life a living hell and I refuse to go through that again. It is just NOT worth it. This McLean woman obviously could not see that shit before, but she’ll have plenty of time in prison to reflect on that shit while she heads to the library for yet another book and the sad fact is, that’ll probably be the only time in her life when she actually picks up a book; when she has no other choice. Because we know what she was picking up when she wasn’t incarcerated and what she was picking up, she should have been leaving it on the damn shelf.

      Thank you for your comment shanequa.


  3. The desperation is too much here, just to show off friends around that ”I got a man!”.
    I hope she is happy now, what her wrong decision brought her where!
    Now she is in prison, for what? For a piece a shit that he showed her again again, that he didn’t value
    and respect her as woman!
    If she was a clever woman, she should know that racist American justice system is against black people and against BW!
    If was a WW who killed her white husband for self defence, she was already free without any charge!
    BW go head, go follow these piece of shits than you will see where you will go!

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    1. qnubian, Black people NEVER listen, never learn. The whites have come up with ways too numerous to count to get our asses locked up and for us to aid and abet them in that shit is just the end of enough. Who in their right mind thought that this shit would end well? The signs were all there. The BIGGEST one being that the lousy, worthless, no good motherfucker SHOT the woman. No one is going to ‘accidentally’ shoot me and I take them back. Even if her lies were to be believed in that that Black bastard ‘accidentally’ shot her, still, he’s not coming back up in my face to potentially ‘accidentally’ shoot my ass, AGAIN. When is enough enough? Oh, right! When she’s sitting up in jail awaiting trial for FIRST DEGREE MURDER! And I still cannot figure out why this woman is being charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER. Oh, that’s right; she’s a Black woman, an ADOS and so that right there gets her either a life sentence without the possibility of parole or the death penalty. Like I said, we never fucking learn and it would appear that that shit is going to remain the status quo.

      It is quite obvious that this woman had no respect for herself since she allowed that bastard back into her life when they had been having domestic violence issues and so what was the point? Nothing was going to change for the better. Shit like that only gets worse. Like I always say, “I no longer despair FOR us, I despair OF us.”

      Thank you for your comment qnubian.

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