Black Woman Attacked By White Woman While Jogging In New York City Caught On Surveillance Camera But Kops Wait Over A Month To Release The Footage

Any ‘white woman’ want to step up and claim this shit? Word is that with ALL the surveillance out there, the kops can’t figure out who that bitch is that’s calling a Black woman out of her name. But you say, you’re WITH Black women now? Seriously??!!!! Don’t step to me. Seriously!!! Don’t!!!!

And here is the scene from a different angle.

That white bitch actually threw a bottle on that Black woman, called her a “fucking nigger,” and told her to “go back to Africa.” The nigger IS the white bitch and the white bitch needs to crawl back into one of those caves over in Europe that she crawled out of. That’s what needs to happen!


Here we go, AGAIN! A Black woman was minding her business, jogging for a healthy life, and as she passes by a ‘karen’, the ‘karen’ throws a bottle at her, and yells, “Get out of here, fucking nigger, go back to Africa!.” The Black woman continues jogging and the white woman goes about her way, feeling empowered because she did the damn thing!

NYC jogger on racist tirade by bottle-wielding woman: ‘It was a hate crime’

The Queens jogger who was attacked by a bottle-wielding woman who hurled a hateful racist epithet at her said Wednesday she wants her assailant brought to justice.

Tiffany Johnson was jogging at 53rd Place and Broadway in Woodside around noon Aug. 17 when a stranger hurled a bottle at her and yelled, “Get out of here, n—-r, go back to Africa!,” video released by police on Wednesday shows.

“It’s a hate crime,” Johnson told The Post in a phone interview. “It’s not acceptable. She has to be [held] responsible for her behavior.”

Not only is it a ‘hate crime’, it is assault and some more shit and yet, the police have no interest in bringing that white bitch to ‘justice’, but if the tables had been turned and the Black woman had did that to a white woman, no amount of police manpower would have been spared to find her and put her behind bars.

And what I would also like to know is what did the white bitch mean when she said, “Go back to Africa?” Since when did descendants of slavery ever step foot in Africa in the first place? We would have had to have come over here from Africa in order to be told to “Go back!” But since we are descendants of slaves who were DRAGGED from Africa by shits that look like that filthy white bitch, who the fuck does she think is behind why we are in this racist shithole in the first damn place? And newsfuckingflash, that white bitch needs to go back to where the fuck SHE came from because unless her ass is Indian, her ass came from elsewhere too. At least ADOS have an excuse. We are over here through NO fault of our own. The whites are why we are here and I don’t know why I must continuously give a history lesson behind the shit that should be well known. That pasty-assed Neanderthal bitch, dragged her ass out of a damn cave and yet, has the nerve to call someone else names? For the love of!!!!

Also, I was struggling with reblogging a post by someone I follow because of something similar to this and since it ties in with this blog, I am going to reference her post.

It’s Not That White Women Didn’t Listen to Black Women, White Women Didn’t Care About Black Women

When the Listen to Black Women letter came across my social media feed, I struggled to connect with its authenticity. I couldn’t reconcile that many White women were finally deciding to listen to Black women when Black women have been screaming for decades.

You cannot say, “The silence of the majority of white people, including white women, on the issue of racial injustice, allows race-based inequity and violence to continue with devastating consequences.” And then say, “As white women, we refuse to be silent.”

Since when?

The truth is, White women, you have been silent. White women in Kentucky have been quiet for far too long. The tragic murder of Breonna Taylor was just the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. There were many opportunities for White women to Listen to Black Women, yet you remained silent. You were silent as Black people were removed from their homes so their communities could be gentrified. You were silent while Black people were over policed in their communities. You were silent during the crack epidemic, which decimated Black families for generations. You were silent when Gynnya McMillen was found dead in a juvenile detention center. You were silent when Black girls had to fight for the right to wear their natural hair or braids to school. You were silent as Black children were expelled from JCPS at an alarming rate. You were silent as grocery stores were removed from Black communities. You were silent when Maurice Stallard and Vickie Jones were murdered at Kroger simply for Shopping While Black. You were silent as this city quarantined Black people beyond 9th Street. You were silent when a Black legislator attempted to pass a law so Black women could wear their natural hair and not face discrimination. You were silent when Tae-Ahn Lea was racially profiled for Driving While Black. You were silent when this state passed a law to allow armed officers in every school, knowing full well how Black youth are treated within the school system. You were silent when this city passed the Gang Bill that will undoubtedly impact Black people. You were silent when business leaders blamed downtown revenue losses on the ongoing protests and not a pandemic. And your silence extends well beyond the bluegrass of Kentucky.

Now I will admit that I had heard nothing about some damn letter that white women are supposed to sign on about how they, at this point in time, “refuse to be silent” on the issue of racial injustice, etc., etc. But just as Ms. Drake says, “since when have you refused to be silent WHITE women?” You’ve been silent as cat piss unless we are jogging and you screech “Get out of here fucking n—-r, go back to Africa!.” Oh, you are quite vocal then. But when it comes to what has been visited on the Black woman since our ancestors were enduring slavery at the hands of you and your male counterparts, where were the calls from you about how that shit just wasn’t kosher? For over four hundred years, your damn pasty asses have kept your goddamn mouths shut unless you were screaming about how you want a ‘feminist movement’. You wanted Black women to stand with you only as extra bodies to add validity to your dumb ass movement which, when all was said and done, did NOT include Black women because if it did, would Black women and their babies be dying at a disproportionate rate in the year 2020? Would Black women still receive less pay on the job for doing the same job as your white ass? Should there be less Black women in executive positions or more? There should be more but because your white ass was silent as the grave when all was said and done, Black women made no gains who joined with you in YOUR feminist movement.

What I would like to get to next are some comments, ‘allegedly’ left on Ms. Drake’s blog by ‘white women’.

First up!

I live in Wimberley. Would you be interested in talking over coffee or tea or ice cream or whatever? Sounds crazy I know…JJ Morales You can get info on me at my business websight or Facebook page by this name Old Pueblo Myofascial Release. I’m just following a hunch here. Don’t want to be offensive or creepy. Just risking connection

Now that white bitch wants to do a ‘meet and greet’ and take a picture or two and put it on Facebook or Instagram to show other white women about how down she is with ‘the cause’. These bitches are still trying to set Black women up. And I highly doubt she wants to talk about what went down as it relates to Sandra Bland. We ALL should remember Sandra Bland who was murdered; LYNCHED in a Texas jail cell and the whites put out that she was SO depressed over getting a new job that she grabbed a handy trash bag and lynched herself. For the love of !!!!!


Jess Piersol

I’m sorry. I apologize from deep within my soul. I apologize to you, black women, as a white woman. This world is cruel to women as I have experienced….but what I’ve experienced is not 1/10th of the pain you have suffered. I’ll continue to speak out and lift you up and stand behind you in support. Sending love from Lexington and living in strength and action whenever I visit Louisville. You not only matter, you are worthy of the greatest things this life has to offer and deserving. You should be cherished and cared for, not oppressed and punished.

I don’t know what the hell this white bitch looks like because I am not about to search Facebook and Twitter and Instagram for her shit, but this bitch got the shit twisted because she ain’t standing nowhere behind me! You got me fucked up! And as you can also see from what I highlighted, and I’ll reiterate it here, “This world is cruel to women as I have experienced….” Always about them, isn’t? She wants to offer up a lame ass apology and then follow it up with, “But…but… a white woman, I’ve experienced cruelty too and so get behind me while I get behind you and stab you in the goddamn back because MY cause comes first and then, we’ll eventually get to yours, Black women.” Yeah, that’s how Jess Piersol rolls. Yeah, I’m SO trusting her ass as I commence with a BIG fucking eyeroll! 🙄🙄🙄


Tara Bassett

Goddamn. As usual, you are right on the money. I’m here and I’m listening, and I’m deeply sorry for missteps along the way of my path of learning. I promise to do better.

So this thing says that she just had some “missteps along the way of my path of learning.” “Missteps,” and out and out racism, prejudice, bigotry, hate, upholding the system of white supremacy because it keeps your white privilege intact is a whole hell of a lot more than mere “missteps.” As you can see, Black women, these white female parasites are not taking what’s going down against us by them and those things they’ve hatched, seriously. If you seriously think that a white bitch is sitting somewhere contemplating how she can tear down a system that assures her the advantage over us, then you need to get your head from out your ass because it is deeply implanted up in there. Seriously!!!


I have been silent. I have been racist in my actions and especially my inaction. I regret every moment of it. I am sorry. I was wrong. You should never trust white women; we cannot know what we don’t know. I will spend the rest of my life learning what I don’t know. Now I trust you. I trust your voice. I thank you for it.

I don’t have a picture of this person who claims to be a white woman, but I would listen to her if I were you Black women when she typed this, “You should never trust white women; we cannot know what we don’t know.

The bitch didn’t have to tell me once, much less twice. In fact, the bitch did NOT have to tell me that shit AT.ALL. This one is saying that white women are NOT to be trusted because they “cannot know what they don’t know.” I guess she means that Black women are NOT to trust white women because white women don’t know racism, bigotry, prejudice, slavery, Jim Crow, three fifths human and Black skin and they never will and so no, don’t trust a white bitch ’cause they don’t know that shit! Does that sound about right? Not only that, but this white bitch CLAIMS that she has been racist, but, all of a sudden like, she has seen the light! Yeah! I believe that and if you do, then I still got some desert property that’s beachfront for sale. It’s beautiful. Believe that shit just as much as you believe this here Ampersand that ITS going to “spend the rest of ITS life learning what IT don’t know.”

Now, we come to MY comment!

Black women will NEVER be able to trust white women and I do mean, NEVER! White women benefit from the system of white supremacy which they KNOW we do not. White women KNOW that if the system of white supremacy was dismantled, there goes their ‘white privilege’ because make no mistake, the system of white supremacy goes hand in hand with white privilege. What is a privilege? A privilege is something someone else has over another;an advantage. White women have an ‘advantage’ over us and they aim to keep it that way and they have that ‘advantage’ thanks to the system of white supremacy which they fight to uphold every single day. White women couldn’t give two shits for Black women and that is NEVER going to change.

Finally, I would never stand with those debased, entitled pieces of trash because I know not to turn my back on a white woman. I’d as soon turn my back on an enraged bull, I’d fare better.

And believe me, Black women, you would indeed, fare better if you turned your back on an enraged bull as opposed to turn your back on a white woman. Those savage, debased, lethal, depraved, blood thirsty, monstrous creatures are the devil’s rejects. I don’t give a shit what they say, they are going to continue the shit that they have visited on us as Black women because they are NOT about to go against ANYTHING that messes with their white privilege via the system of white supremacy. They know what their male counterparts are doing to us and our families and they look on with relish because they are not human. They have no ‘humane’ qualities. But if you think they do, then remember this!

Me? Trust a white bitch? That day will never come and unlike Hannah Drake, I’m not allowing those bitches to come over here with their damn vicious lies! The only reason I posted their bullshit on here was to prove a point and I have more than done that. So to ANY white bitches out there who think that you are going to drag your ass up in here and leave some dumb ass shit, you’d better fucking think again because I’m not nice about shit! You she devils have been rejected by the fucking devil that hatched your vicious asses and so hell no, you don’t get to have a goddamn say all up in here. You save that for someone who gives a shit about your fucking outrageous lies! I fucking know better. Not a one of you is a damn bit of good and what’s more, none of you ever will be! So shove that “I’m with Black women” shit up your flat, flimsy, pasty asses. You’ll get no takers for that shit here! So, fucking keep it moving!


8 thoughts on “Black Woman Attacked By White Woman While Jogging In New York City Caught On Surveillance Camera But Kops Wait Over A Month To Release The Footage

  1. White privilege is overwhelming in Amerikkka, irrefutably. Amerikkkan history is steeped in an undeniable racism kept perpetual by the white-supremacist system. Classroom history texts candy-coat everything to fit the supremacist agenda. Education, money, property, social status…innumerable advantages that go back to 1619 and continue to the present, including Trump’s announcement of his 1776 Commission that seeks to refute every point raised in the 1619 Project by simple denial — racism does not exist. Whites are quick when insisting that we all just proclaim an even playing field. It is actually worse, whites insist that ADOS (though they never use that term) actually benefit from some hazy quota advantages that whites are denied. It reminds me of the meme that shows eggs of varying colors that all become the color of yoke in the frying pan. A more accurate metaphor would be the one used by innumerable apologists for white-supremacist tyranny, that you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.

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    1. Bill, I am not surprised by anything in your comment. Whites have long been saying that those of us who are ADOS are ‘privileged’ because we were born in Amerikkka as opposed to being born in Africa and that our lives would have been a living hell if we had been born in Africa. The whites are so damn arrogant that they not only get to drag our ancestors over here, they then turn around and exclaim that they did our ancestors a favor by dragging them over here, hence we benefit from that. But yet, those depraved, psychopaths sit somewhere on their debased asses and tell us that we are mentally ill. Seriously???!!! Nothing whites say makes a damn bit of sense, just like nothing they do makes a damn bit of sense. Just take a look around you.

      And of course they don’t want to call us AMERICAN DESCENDANTS OF SLAVERY because that don’t sound pretty. Hell! They’ve even tried to turn ‘slavery’ into ‘immigrants’, whites are THAT damn pressed to ‘whitewash’ history so that the vile and evil shit they do comes up smelling like a rose. Well, it doesn’t. It’s funky as hell and I aim to expose the putrid shit whites do, every chance I get and like I stated in the above post, I don’t aim to be nice about it AT.ALL. It ain’t nice what’s going down on the most innocent people on this planet since we did NOT ask to be over here and we would NOT be over here if whites had NOT dragged our ancestors the fuck over here! I’m not going to continue to be a punching bag for whites, nor am I going to continue to turn the other cheek. Some shit is gone start getting fucked up. Whites better stay the fuck outta my face. And I am SO serious about that, it ain’t even funny.

      Bill, thank you for your comment.


  2. The hatred WW have for BW is so rampage, how in the hell someone have the nerves to say they are innocent?
    Innocent my ass!
    They are the most vile women I have ever see, their hatred is monstrous!
    How you said Shelby we BW don’t give a fuck about them, there they are ”give this mean looks, stare at you up and down with this hatred, shout at you racial slurs, harassing you, bullying you”.
    Shelby you can’t believe when I walk on the street, they always cut me out, if they see me, they just want to walk first before me, they always want to push me out the sidewalk that I almost going to the road, how they like to walk in group that they will obstruct my way!
    At workplace because they can’t stand see BW presence, I always notice that most of them, they like to have a physical and verbal arguments with you so that it will make you be fire from work!
    They know that WS exist, they know they are in the of top the position of the dominate society,
    they know very well that BW stereotype and how BW are seeing globally, no one will believe BW side stories, because BW are aggressive!
    I always tell to myself ” bitches they were born and bitches they will be”.
    WW are paranoid and sadistic, they have a deep self-hatred for themselves, they hate how physical they look,
    they don’t have lips, they don’t have dark or brown skin, they hate their pig and pink skins, they don’t have butt,
    they hate their hanging skins, how their hairs smells like wet dog, how they can’t play with their like BW do,
    how they can’t be naturally beautiful!
    If BW raise our voice or we want our rights to be hear out, they always tell you ”why you are so angry and aggressive?”
    I saw some young and mature BW that they are friend with these evil witches, I tell to myself why in the fuck
    you want to be close with that evil aura?
    Shelby, I wish I can tell to WW faces, that I don’t really give a fuck about that ”they are the standards of beauty,
    how much rich they are, how other men want them, ” and I don’t give fuck how much they hate us BW,
    because I don’t have time for their childish and bullshit reason to be angry with the entire world and everyone!
    Nothing will make them happy or satisfied, they are so miserable that not even in hell I want to be in their shoes

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    1. qnubian, I have experienced the same as you. On the job, the only time I was called a “nigger” by a white piece of shit was when I was at work and a white BITCH called me a “nigger.” Not even a white man has ever called me, to my face, a “nigger.” And that is why I state that white women are even worse than their male counterparts and if you read the history on what the slaves were subjected to, you will find the some of the most heinous shit visited on them, was visited on them by those WHITE BITCHES! And so no, there is NOT a goddamn thing dainty or pure or innocent about white BITCHES! They are the devil’s own hatched rejects!

      And I repeat, I would rather turn my back on an enraged bull than turn my back on a white BITCH! Those things are NOT human, they don’t even look human. They look just like what they are; parasite bitches! And they’d better stay the fuck out of my face and if I had been that jogger, everyone and his damn pet snake would have known who she was because she would not have any dog hair left on her goddamn head and it would not have been due to her damn shit, shedding. I would have yanked every bit of that bitch’s dog hair out and so the police would have no problem finding a white bitch with a complete bald dome! But I would not have been attacked by that mangy creature, called that shit by IT and just moved the hell along. Ain’t going to happen.

      I don’t know what was wrong with that Black jogger because that would not have been me to just keep it moving when something of that magnitude had gone down. Whites know when to pick the weakest link because that Black jogger was most definitely, ‘the weakest link’ because don’t no real and true Black woman carry it like that. Let somebody shout that vile shit to them, throw a bottle on them and they just let it go! What kind of shit is that??!!! We’d both be in jail because I would have been beating that bitch down until the kops arrived and they’d damn well better have hauled both our asses to jail because that bitch wouldn’t get away with THAT shit and neither would I be the only one charged.

      I don’t give a damn about no white privilege or white supremacy bullshit because, pretty soon, their white asses are going to be sitting somewhere homeless and some more shit what with the whites’ businesses closing down all over the damn place. These damn whites over here are going the fuck off because they know their shit is getting raggedy. I tell every Black person that I see, make sure your damn guns are cleaned and ready for use because you are going to need them because when the whites hit rock bottom, the shit is going to get ugly.

      So, qnubian, if you have ANY plans to visit this shithole any time soon, I’d put that shit on pause if I were you, because you will NOT be having a wonderful holiday over in THIS motherfucker anytime soon. I promise you that.

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. Shelby I am not desperate like wp, that they can’t stay the fuck inside their houses, because they are so bored, they can’t stand their own relatives or they fell boring sit at home!
        I don’t want to go no where and I don’t have no intention to travel for the next years, until this virus is still walking around!
        I don’t want to be pack like animal in one fuck planets, trains or any other transports just
        to go somewhere because I am boring? Hell no, here I stay!
        Yeah it’s true WW are more racist that WM, that WW who called you in N-word, she was looking for
        a nice punch in her face, that’s what WW deserve, someone who knock them in their teeth!
        That BW attituded it was wrong, I don’t know why black people don’t have the instinct to protect themselves? Just being so docile and let these fucker do what in the hell they want with us!
        Shelby me too, if I was that BW I would knock out that piece of shit, that thing doesn’t even look a female!
        One day Shelby, I was walking to go for my job, this witch was driving with her Kevin by her side.
        So this bitch didn’t see me, and almost she was hit me with the front of her car.
        She didn’t say sorry instead you know the fuck stupid expression, WW give to you, because they don’t have brains at all!
        If I tell you that I almost jumped on top of her car, I started to shout at her ”fuck you” and I gave her so many middle finger.
        She was there with her Kevin both of them, they were petrified and shocked, by my reaction,
        I felt good after that.
        WW are playing with a very dangerous game, that bitch was like that she found a very docile BW.
        If next time WW will met a very strong lioness BW, she will not be that much lucky!
        I am very calm and introverted person, but if WW are look to hurt me, for sure I will send some
        of them to the hospital or they will be forever traumatise, that they will think twice to hurt a BW!
        BW need to check always their racist asses!


      2. I hear you qnubian! I would not remain calm, quiet and collected. We would both be heading to jail because I would damn well be pressing charges against that white bitch. The only reason I said that about coming here, which I knew you had no plans on coming here, is to let the world know that if they come to this bitch the whites named “Amerikkka;” this vile whore, that they can expect some fucked up shit and that is real talk. Ain’t shit going down over here, but fires, floods, COVID-19 and crazy ass fuckers running around with guns shooting every damn body. There is not a damn thing for a ‘tourist’ to come to Amerikkka for; nothing.

        The whites are going the fuck off because their businesses are closed and shuttered. The Black folks are going off because our shit been fucked up. So, everybody and their damn cat is going the fuck off over here and there is no end in sight. This is damn sure NOT the ‘land of milk and honey’. In fact, if any planes have started taking off for parts unknown or known, they should be packed because motherfuckers should be wanting to get the fuck up out of this sinking ass Titanic before it bottoms out.

        The bickering between the damn corrupt politicians has heated up, not that anyone is paying them any attention because we’ve heard it ALL before and what with hurricanes and wildfires raging, who has time to listen to that tripe put forth by criminal politicians? Not a damn thing is going right in this shithole and I am so damn glad, you have no idea.

        Whites are getting what’s been due their ass and that is why they have become more feral and vicious because their shit is being impacted. It is not just Black folks who are done for over here, whites are as well. They’re filling up the unemployment lines as well as the food bank lines too. Their shit is toast as well. But if ANY of those filthy, debased pieces of shit come for me, they ain’t gonna appreciate what they get for their efforts and that is NO lie!

        qnubian, thank you for your comment.


  3. The victim in the video is very docile especially when she mention the woman need to do some soul searching. History have told us non black people don’t give a damn about blacks. In the original clip the people who were recording the incident were laughing. Our ignorance have gotten us killed or harm as blacks people.

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    1. Shanequa, what you say is so very true. Black people don’t take shit seriously enough; we never have. We are too forgiving. We are too kind and thoughtful and some more shit when it comes to whites fucking us up. Just like when Dylann Roof murdered those nine Black people as they sat up in church, their family members talked about how they “FORGAVE” that racist bastard for murdering their mother, sister, brother, cousin, father, etc. How the fuck you gone do that shit when those white motherfuckers don’t give a damn about some “I forgive you'” shit??!!!

      I’m NOT forgiving shit. I’m not going to stand somewhere and talk shit about how some white bitch that called me a “nigger” needs to self reflect or some such nonsense when those THINGS don’t give a shit about Black people because if they did, would Black America be in the shape it’s in? Hell fucking no! I don’t know where these namby pamby Black folks come from. Oh, that’s right. They’ve been brainwashed into believing in the white man’s ‘god’. And the white man told them that ‘god’ says to “forgive your enemies.” Fuck THAT shit! I ain’t forgiving shit! If I’m minding MY business and your white ass come for me, throwing shit on me and screaming racial slurs at me, it’s fucking ON. Ain’t no, “I forgive you” shit going down. Oh hell NO!

      And that Black woman is just a sorry ass excuse of a Black person as that piece of shit Christian Cooper who had that ‘karen’ bitch call the kops on him in Central Park in New York City and say that “An African American male was harassing her,” or some such shit. He refuses to press charges against that filthy white bitch even though, his ass could have been shot dead when the kops pulled up on his ass. That’s why I say, the whites KNOW who the namby pamby Black folks are because let them pull that shit on some Black folks in Baltimore, I’m here to tell you, the kops would NOT have to handle the shit. It would already be handled, that’s for damn sure because those Black folks in Baltimore don’t fucking play.

      Now, these hukcabucks down here in Hillbilly Hollow, they’re a different story. They’d be just like that Black woman in the video, only they’d be droning on and on about what the scripture says because ALL of these huckabucks are shuffling around with fucking BUYBULLS in hand and have been effectively neutered by the whites here in Hillybilly Hollow and so, yes, as you say, “Our ignorance have gotten us killed or harm as blacks people.” And more’s the damn pity!

      Thank you for your comment shanequa.


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