Why Many Black People In America Will Never Get Ahead



I love to read and, unfortunately, the books that I love to read are “whodunits.” I love to read about murder and about a detective sent in to solve the murder and I have read so many books of that genre that I can pretty much tell who the murderer is long before I come to the end of the book. Suffice it to say, to solve puzzles, it takes a mind that likes to study; to observe and that is what I have been doing. I have been observing the Black people who live around me and the conclusion that I have come to is that Black people are their own worst enemy.

Now, when COVID-19 first reared its viral head, not much was thought about where this could lead. Then, when things got serious enough for people to make a run on stores for every damn thing in sight, the shit got real. But what did Black folks do? Went on partying, having a good time, that is until now.

I noticed before COVID-19 that the Black people who live in the apartment complex that I live in partied ALL the time. The smell of weed was constantly in the air. No one who loved their lungs could do laundry at night in the laundry room because the druggies would take over in there and it was a free for all.

My next door neighbor had moved in with him, a guy who smoked weed, incessantly because every time I opened my door, the smell of weed coming from next door, overpowered me. Not only that, but I know the difference between visitors and traffic. The screen door was banging ALL the time with people pulling up in cars to buy weed and what all else, I don’t know. Not only that, but the folks coming from the complex and knocking on the door was just ridiculous. The loud music and other commotion coming from that apartment was just obnoxious.

In the apartment above me, same thing. The music, the loud voices, the weed smoke coming into my window was just too much, but I thought, “okay, I know Black folks and I know what’s going to happen and so, chill!” And that is exactly what I did; I chilled. I sat back and I waited for the stimulus checks to be spent on partying and drugs. I waited for the refund checks from the IRS to be spent on partying and drugs. And now that the money has been spent, the sounds of partying are no more. The smell of weed is no more and the guy who moved the other guy in who brought along with him, the drug addicts, his ass is gone. Either he lost his job due to COVID-19 or he lost his job because he was pulled over, was high and since he was driving the company van, lost his job via that route. But either way, I’ve seen him over here once since he was put out, visiting someone else and he no longer had the company van which he used to drive everywhere like a bat out of hell. Also, the guy who is actually on the lease next door, put some shit out, which obviously belonged to the dude who is no longer residing there.

While my cousin and I were just going about our business bringing in needed supplies and only needed supplies and while we were not doing drugs or partying like it’s 1999, and were saving for a rainy day that we knew was coming, I made sure that I am locked and loaded because those broke ass motherfuckers are not coming for our shit. And now those who live around us are quiet as a damn mouse because their damn asses are broke or either they’ve been put out because it is THAT damn quiet. And as each day comes and goes and this pandemic only makes things worse, there must be less and less people living around us. Cars are sitting in the parking lot with expired tags and expired inspection stickers on them. Management has had to send around multiple letters demanding that people either get the shit legal on their vehicles or they will be towed. Of course, the vehicles are still sitting out there in the same condition because those Black folks who own them don’t have the money to pay to get their shit legal. And yet, they would be the first ones talking about how the police are always harassing them when the police pull their asses over for having no insurance, expired tags and an expired inspection sticker. The state of Virginia does not play when it comes to owning a vehicle. You’ve got so much shit that goes with making sure that you are driving legally, it don’t make sense. But there you have it. If you want to drive in Virginia, keep your shit up to date. But the sad fact is that those Black folks whose shit is illegal as can be, had the money to keep their shit legal, but instead, CHOSE to party, CHOSE to buy weed and other drugs with the money instead. So who would be to blame if they did get pulled over with all of that shit expired on their cars? Whose fault would it be if the landlord put them out because now that their hours have been cut and they kept no money in savings, they can’t afford to pay the rent? Many Black people NEVER think of saving, EVER! It’s all about party over here and party over there.

One of our neighbors, for July 4th asked us over for his cookout. We declined. And apparently, so did everyone else because there were no signs of a cookout, but I guess the reason why was because there were so many parties going on all around us, no one had time to head over to dude’s cookout and so he just chucked it. We don’t associate with these people. The only reason I know about two names of some neighbors here is because they chose to speak and tell me their names, but beyond that, I don’t go looking to be friendly with people because in this day and age, the few you know, the better off you are because when the shit hits the fan, they know what you got and who to get what from whom.

But what I have observed about many Black people is the fact that they are just so damn predictable, it ain’t even funny. Partying comes before anything and everything, including a damn pandemic. Partying and weed smoking and smoking every damn thing else will always take precedence over saving or educating themselves on how to invest their savings or even a willingness to just save money. I can truly believe that the majority of people who do not have bank accounts are Black people because you can’t keep shit in a bank if you are going to party and smoke weed every payday or when you get your tax refund. I just don’t get it. Black people are the first at a Popeye’s chicken shack to get the latest chicken sandwich fad or can be found, before COVID of course, at the damn theater staring up at some fantasy, make believe shit from a comic book, but when it comes to saving for a child’s future college fund or even just for a rainy day fund, Black people cannot put two dimes together because getting high is a priority, being entertained is a priority. I am SO very glad that I am not like that. Yes, I brag about having two good pairs of shoes and only the clothing that I need because I have NEVER been one for spending money. The only thing ‘good’ that I got from my daddy was being tightfisted. I don’t spend money on fake eyelashes, makeup, wigs, hair extensions, fake nails and shit of the like because what good does that really do anyone? It only enriches someone else while rendering some Black person, broke.

The shit is getting real! The shit is not going to get better any time soon and so I hope that the partying was worth it for those who just could not do without smoking weed and partying all night long. Maybe, while they are sitting up in some lousy ass homeless shelter, those thoughts about those good times being high and busting somebody else’s ear drums, comforts them. Some nights, I had to listen to that shit until 2am. But not anymore. All around me is almost eerily quiet. The bongo drums have ceased and they certainly were not calling these Black huckabucks down here for an insurrection. The weed odor has ceased. The banging of the next door neighbor’s storm door has ceased. The parking lot has emptied out of the cars of those who could no longer pay the rent and had to get out. But to show you what some Black folks will do when rock bottom hits, look at this shit and this would be why I’m locked and loaded.

Danville man charged with murder after body believed to be missing N.C. man found

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va., (WSET) — According to court records, a Danville man has been charged with the murder of a North Carolina man.

On Thursday, Sept. 17, the Raleigh Police Department reported that a body believed to be that of 39-year-old William Anderson Banks was found in Pittsylvania County.

Police said that Banks was reported missing after he met with people interested in buying his car. Friends and family became worried when he wasn’t answering calls or text messages.

On Sept. 14, authorities charged Merritt with robbery, larceny of motor vehicle and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in connection with a stolen vehicle.

This thing knew that he had no money to buy a vehicle and yet, lured that guy somewhere and robbed, murdered and stole the man’s vehicle.

So, because he broke, he goes out to steal and kill for shit. This is exactly why I have prepared for this type of shit to start going down. Even the banks and stores know what’s what even in this dead ass burg and have hired security guards. My bank has security guards. Even fucking Walmart has security guards and someone thinks that I’m not going to be prepared when the shit really hits the fan? Now is not the time to be trusting people. Now is not the time to be selling or buying shit on Craigslist and believing that you are going to simply make a sale and go on about your business because there are folks out there who never prepare for emergencies or for anything else. They just want to party and when the party is over, want to look around for someone to steal from. Every other day, some convenience store is getting robbed. Not that I care about that shit because they are ALL owned by those damn Hindus. But with everyone wearing masks and shit, extra precautions are being taken in some places and quite obviously not in others. But I am most definitely taking precautions because I know what’s going down. I watched the shit go down all around me and now, these Black folks looking raggedy as hell. That shit’s on them because they should have known better. The signs were everywhere. Black folks will NEVER learn and more’s the damn pity. But if they come after me and mine, they gone get the shit!

And I don’t even want to hear about “why am I throwing Black folks under the bus?” They’re throwing themselves under the bus because of the fact that Black people don’t have the sense god gave a goat to know that any shit that’s coming down the pike is going to affect us first. And so while knowing that shit, why would you want to party and smoke your money away and then when it’s gone and the shit is hitting the fan, expect someone to take pity on your broke ass? I am not saying that ALL Black people are like this, but far too many are and that is a fact. I don’t give a damn what color you are, if your shit is fucked up, I’m calling you out. No one is immune to getting called out on their shit and that includes people who look like me. Black folks don’t get a free pass just because we share the same complexion. I call their shit out in the hopes that they will recognize and try and do better. The white man is not going to do a damn thing for Black folks and so who is it incumbent upon to help Black folks out? Other Black folks, But if your ass was partying and smoking weed like there was no tomorrow and disturbing MY goddamn peace, then I got nothing for you except to call your ass out on that shit! Don’t expect a pity party from me when some Black folks could have been doing the right thing and chose not to. That shit’s not on me. Some may say that, “I am my brother’s keeper,” but goddamn, my brother had better have made an effort on getting his shit together because damn it if my brother is partying here, partying there, partying every damn where and then when the bottom falls out, is looking up in my face. Oh hell no! Don’t play that shit with me. I’ll help those who are helping themselves, but who still come up a bit short. But I will not help those who decided to throw their money at parties and drugs and then when the rent came due, gonna look up in my face. For what??!! I don’t have shit for them, not now, not ever.


4 thoughts on “Why Many Black People In America Will Never Get Ahead

  1. What I learned from people behaviour that everyone will exploit and use use for only their own interests!
    They exploit you for financial, for moneys, for drugs and for sex, once they got what they need from you,
    they are the first one to throw you under the bus!
    They don’t feel sorry for you at all, that’s why I don’t trust no one and I don’t have friends,
    because I see friends as opportunist and greedy soulless, they are there only when suit them.
    If you are in trouble and you need their help, they will quick to disappear!
    So Shelby don’t feel guilty if you thrown some useless blacks under the bus, because they will do the same thing with you!
    I am only warry about you that you are living with these drug addict, alcoholic and useless black neighbours, that
    the only good thing they do all day, it’s they stuff their bodies with drugs and alcohol!
    Black people who aren’t mentally strong enough that they can be easily tempted by drug, moneys,
    addict of gamble and so on, they are dangerous and they are jealous of blacks who have a strong mind,
    they are honest, they work and they keep themselves clean.
    Because they are driving by jealousy and envy, if you are able to success in your life, they hate it,
    that’s why a lot black people don’t give moneys to black business, because of jealousy!
    When I was working with my shit and previous job, all blacks there they were so nosy and they wanted to know
    all your business and what in the hell you are doing with your personal life, I couldn’t stand no one there!
    That’s why I mind my own business all the time and I don’t want to know and I don’t want to be involve in mess
    of no one!
    I don’t care how many problems they have, they mature enough and they can sort it out alone with their problems!
    One day I was in off licence shop and this BM was a broken ass and he didn’t have no moneys to buy a beer.
    So he stolen the beer can, the Asian owner he saw it and he went after him, the owner told him ” don’t come back here anymore or I will call the police! If you don’t have money, go to the station to beg for moneys!”.
    There was a big argument between them but in the end AM got the beer can back!
    I see them they are so broken ass that they don’t even have enough moneys to buy food, I see them thrown themselves to these gamble shops, spending their moneys like that!
    Yeah black people are broken and they don’t want to take responsibility about that!
    Shelby, me too I am in the same situation I don’t like my neighbours because the first and second flats,
    both of them are drug addicts!
    I don’t even say ”HELLO” when I see them, because I don’t want to have anything to do with them!

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    1. qnubian, I am the same way; I stay to myself. I don’t like people coming and going in my home and Black people, especially because they are the most nosiest bunch of beggars you’ll ever find; always trying to find something to gossip about. They always want something because of what they spend their money on. If a person knows that they can only afford to pay their bills, how are they going to be able to head to the drug dealer for some weed and then get pissed at me because I’m not somewhere begging and looking stupid? When I first parked my car out here, one day later, some jealous motherfucker had scratched the side of it. Black people are the WORST haters out there! They hate on somebody just because they pulled up in a vehicle. It’s not my damn fault that the hater’s money went to drugs and booze and so they could not afford to buy a vehicle. How is that shit on me? So no, I don’t mess with Black folks. You couldn’t pay me to because I know them and many aren’t worth the water in their body.

      All my life, Black folks have done nothing but look at me with jealousy and I never could figure out why because it was not like I had a great childhood, it was not like I dressed in designer clothing because I didn’t care about that shit and still don’t. But even so-called friends would drop me the minute they got a boyfriend. I wouldn’t hear from them until the boyfriend dropped them. And though many of my former friends are here, I don’t associate with them. I met one in the store almost a year ago and we exchanged numbers when we both knew that we were not going to call the other because Black people are fickle as hell especially when they know you know some dirt on their ass. I don’t know if it is due to the fact of slavery and the field hand vs. the house slave or what, but the shit continues to this day in that some Black folks look at others as the enemy just because they’re not doing drugs or spending their money on foolish shit. But if I know that some shit is about to pop off and because the shit is so obvious, we all should be aware of that shit and I act accordingly while some other Black folks don’t, why get pissed at me because they refused to get their shit together and partied like there was no tomorrow and now that reality has sat in, are on some hating time? But that’s Black folks for you. And they hate when you don’t associate with them, then they accuse you of thinking you’re ALL the shit. They can think what they want. They don’t pay my bills and hell if I’m paying theirs just because they partied their asses broke. Fuck them.

      qnubian, thank you for your comment. We are having the same shit play out over here in that Black men are running into stores, broke as hell, robbing them because they can wear masks and absconding with everything they can. But if they try and run up in here, I got something for them. They can believe that!

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  2. White Evilization is a plague that European empires have spread everywhere. Its impact on the entire planet cannot be underestimated, I give it the shorthand label Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian but the methods it employs include the systems of economic and religious hegemony that include the horrors of the Roman Empire, the Catholics who had a ready made infrastructure of roads, buildings, outposts… The Crusades, Inquisition, Banker families, Marco Polo, Alexander the Greedy, Holy Roman Empire, empires from every former Roman stronghold. Feudalism, capitalism, slavery. Different names for systems of control that destroy everything in their path. Colonialism, Manifest Destiny. And, just as Trump, they take no responsibility for any of their actions. Saying “it is what it is.”. Everything becomes FUBAR and everyone gets plagued with PTSD. But all those glorious “achievements” are cherished and treasured as Western Civilization.

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    1. What you say is true Bill. I just wish that that evil had not slithered and crawled into every crack and crevice and got picked up by far too many and so the spread continues. Oh “the evil that men do.”

      It just breaks my heart that because ADOS have been divided and and made to treat each other as the enemy, we will never make any gains. Of course, we’re not meant to because that was the plan all along; to make sure that we hate each other and lead such dreary lives that when we do get our hands on some money, the first thing we want to do is have fun because our lives are so lacking even in the basics. Every once in a while, I have to take those who look like me to task because we need to try and rise above what the white man has drummed into us for over four hundred years. We once did for ourselves and if we could do it then, we could do it now. But we are not going to be able to do anything if we continue on as we are.

      Every other group seems able to realize that whether they all like each other or not, working together is for the benefit of all. And Black people cannot seem to grasp that concept in that you don’t have to all like each other in order to work toward a better life for us all. I don’t know if we will ever figure it out.

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.


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