A Case Of Two Wrongful Death Settlements


First, the Breonna Taylor ‘wrongful death settlement’ that has been heralded as the largest settlement of its kind in the history of Louisville, Kentucky; $12 million.

Breonna Taylor’s Family Historic Settlement a Good Start … But We Demand Full Justice!!!


Mohamed Noor shot Justine Damond because he ‘claimed’ to have heard a noise and fired his gun, thus killing Justine Damond as she stood by his patrol car after she had called the police on a suspected sexual assault occurring outside in the alleyway behind her home. Noor and another officer responded. Neither exited the patrol car and Damond walked up to it and was shot by Noor.

The whites in Damond’s upper class south Minneapolis neighborhood went the fuck off, demanding justice for Damond and calling for the heads of several city employees including the chief of police and the mayor, which they received since the mayor, Betsy Hodges is mayor no more and the police chief was forced out as well. No one had to protest or lift a finger really because justice was going to be served FOR Miss Australian Justine ‘goldilocks’ Damond. The ‘wall of blue’ that usually surrounds kops that go on murdering sprees was nowhere to be found in this case since Noor is behind bars even though he claimed the usual that gets ALL white kops off, “I feared for my partner’s life and so I fired my gun.” The partner, who was white, was quite in shock and said so because it was his contention that he did not ‘fear for his life’ and so did not know why former officer Noor fired his gun. But be that as it may, why does Justine Damond’s wrongful death settlement garner a $20 million dollar payout while Breonna Taylor’s garners a $12 million dollar payout? Notice any glaring difference? I’ll give you a hint.


Now, take into consideration that Justine Damond CHOSE to come to this shithole. Former Somali cop Mohamed Noor CHOSE to come to this shithole. Who did not? Breonna Taylor and so why did IMMIGRANT Justine Damond’s family received $20 million dollars when her ass would still be alive if she had not IMMIGRATED to this shithole from Australia? Not only that, but IMMIGRANT Mohamed Noor would not be sitting up in prison for killing Damond if his ass had remained in Somalia. Both had passports and yet, both were involved in a similar case as Breonna Taylor’s and yet, Breonna Taylor’s murderers have NOT been brought to justice. No charges have been filed and Breonna’s estate is to receive $12 million, minus attorney’s fees, of course. And as you can see in the above quotes, the attorney on the Justine Damond case received more in attorney’s fees than any of Justine Damond’s loved ones. But the same is going to happen in the case of Breonna Taylor’s settlement. Ben Crump will make out like the bandit he is, while Breonna Taylor’s estate will receive the crumbs he doles out.

Not to mention, what police reforms were put in place in Minnesota to stop the senseless murder of unarmed innocent citizens because even though Philando Castile had a gun when he was pulled over, he had a permit to carry that gun and yet, what did he receive for his actions of complying with the kop that murdered him? Dead. That’s what he got and the wrongful death settlement reached on behalf of his estate? A three million dollar settlement. That’s justice, right?

Again I ask, where were the police reforms after Philando Castile was murdered in 2016? Where were the police reforms after Justine Damond was murdered in 2017? And so why are we then to suppose that there will be police reforms after the murder of Breonna Taylor in 2020 especially seeing as how there were mass protests, worldwide with the murder of George Floyd in May of this year? Where are the police reforms? Who needs or wants to hear more lies from mayors and police chiefs and police unions about reform of the criminal justice system which needs to be dismantled, nationwide? How many more people need to lose their lives at the hands of the state before the people take action and put paid to those murdering animals for good because make no mistake, kops are going to go on killing mostly American descendants of slavery and no amount of protesting is going to make that shit stop. No amount of payoffs is going to stop that because taxpayers are footing the bill for those settlements.

The citizens of this country need to take a leadership stance and demand that the entire racist criminal justice system be completely dismantled because it is mostly made up of members of hate groups and what’s more, that shit is well known by police departments all across this shithole. Mohamed Noor was made to pay for the killing of Justine Damond because he was not really one of the ‘boys in blue’ which are code words for ‘white supremacy’ groups. And make no mistake, the only reason Derek Chauvin is sitting behind bars is because who the fuck couldn’t see that he deliberately and with malice aforethought and with intent to kill, did indeed, kill George Floyd and now want to blame George Floyd’s death on Fentanyl. We ALL know that fentanyl did not kill George Floyd, Derek Chauvin and the rest of the ‘boyz in blue’ killed him and so, I ask, yet AGAIN, where are the promised POLICE REFORMS? Because they are certainly non-existent in Minneapolis and they will be just as non-existent in Louisville, Kentucky. But now that Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, can take her $3 million dollar cut from the whopping $12 million dollar insult to Breonna, all’s well that ends well until another high profile case makes the headlines and all over it like flies on shit, Ben Crump will be and he will have the protesters to thank for doing his job for him, but they will receive from him, nothing but useless thanks because he damn sure as hell will not use his substantial dirty money to represent them or bail them out of jail.

Until next time because make no mistake, there will be a next time. If you cannot count on anything else, you can count on that. Yet you want whites to understand that Black Lives Matter. The lives of Black women don’t count for shit to these racists in Amerikkka and what’s more our lives never will. A $12 million dollar payout is an insult to the memory of Breonna Taylor and her mother should be ashamed of herself for making such a big deal over hush money and an attorney that is a criminal his damn self and who is certainly NO friend to American descendants of slavery. This fiasco just pisses me off to no end when people were out on the streets getting arrested and some more shit and yet these fools want to laud the city of Louisville KY like its done something. AGAIN, no one has been arrested or charged with murdering Breonna Taylor and what’s more, no one will be and not a damn thing is going to be reformed. You can believe that bullshit if you want, but the shit continuing like it always does will disabuse you of any beliefs that there will be changes; that there will be reforms. No whites are trying to ‘reform’ this shit. What the hell for? The criminal injustice system is doing exactly what it was designed to do; send ADOS to the grave!

13 thoughts on “A Case Of Two Wrongful Death Settlements

  1. A Judas(B Crunp and unfortunately Breanna’s family) is always needed to fyck over the needs of US(ADOS). The money is not justice the family will find this out when the money is gone(Justice is eternal) and the cops that murdered their daughter may train their sights on them. The system goal will be to destroy their tools(again Breannas family) that were used to deny justice for the 30 pieces of silver or 12 million minus attorney fees federal and state tax etc.

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    1. Yele66, the white man ALWAYS knows how to shut Black folks the hell up; shove a few lousy millions at them and since Black people never have the kind of money laying around that whites have, there you go. Black families of murder victims, murdered by the state take their dirty ass 30 pieces of the white man’s silver and go the fuck home. Meanwhile, people who got themselves arrested and hurt and who were more FOR Breonna Taylor than her own damn mother or attorney are STILL sitting up in jails and cannot pay huge bond amounts and has Crump stepped up to the plate and stated that he would pay for them to be released? Hell no! And we know the bastard’s not suffering financially because just look at how many high profile cases he’s taken on and won by virtue of the very said protesters who are still behind bars and who did his fucking job FOR him.

      I am mad as hell over this. They’re playing this shit up like we should sit up and take notice because an innocent Black woman supposedly received more than any Black person has received in the history of this racist shithole for being murdered by the state. I hope this shithole continues to implode. I hope the wildfires continue to rage until they meet up from the west coast to the east coast. I hope that every single storm system that’s churning in the oceans comes ashore and floats every goddamn ass on out in the ocean when it heads offshore. I don’t give a damn about shit anymore because what the fuck should I give a damn about? There never is any fucking justice for us and there never will be because Black folks just take what the whites offer in the form of “shut the fuck up” money while the whites are saying to them, “you know damn well you’re never going to get this much money in your life and so take it and get the fuck out of my face!” And that is exactly what happens every time.

      Motherfuckers don’t like it when I write the truth about Black folks, but I don’t give a shit about that. I’m going to call the shit how I see it and I don’t write for ‘likes’, ‘followers’ or any damn thing else. I write to refute the lies of the whites. I write because the whites are not going to continuously piss in my face and tell me, it’s raining. None of these motherfuckers are paying my bills and this blog sure as hell does not because I’m not on here begging for money via paypal or cashapp, patreon and some more shit. I don’t want no goddamn advertisements on here because I refuse to write about sunshine, flowers and all things, bright and beautiful. Ain’t a goddamn thing bright and beautiful about what’s going down on a group of people who are fucking clueless. And I’m going to call the shit out! Don’t a damn soul have to like it, but there the fuck it is!

      And yeah, when the money’s gone and the cameras are turned to another Black family, what then? Because everyone knows that Black folks don’t know what to do with money other than spend it because we’ve never had any. It’s not totally our fault seeing as how we came to be in this shithole, but still, some need to start figuring the shit out because it’s only going to get worse. I can but put it down, if no one wants to pick it up, that shit ain’t on me.

      Yele66, thank you for your comment.


  2. I heard about the settlement amount and in the back of my mind I was trying to remember how much Justine Damond’s family got. It was more, and I was right. Thanks for the comparisons and contrasts. I literally just found out a news story about the courthouses and other buildings in Louisville just got boarded up right as the grand jury makes their decision about the cops. This is so wicked with everything going on since everyone knows Breonna Taylor was innocent. They even tried to get her ex-boyfriend who was facing drug charges to lie about her in order to get probation instead of 10 years. Thankfully, he wouldn’t sell out. Not that anyone should be doing drugs anyway, but what does that say that a suspect brought up on drug charges has more moral sense than the people in the justice system?

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    1. Ospreyshire, you and I both know that the there is not a grain of integrity, morality, decency or anything else remotely close to that involving anyone who ‘plays’ a part in the criminal injustice system. There never has been and there never will be. It was a setup from the start. How can a defendant expect to get a fair shake if he or she is Black and poor which is practically everyone who ever enters the criminal injustice system because make no mistake, there can be no fairness when the state is prosecuting you while at the same time, providing you with a half-assed attorney that is being paid by the very entity that is hell bent on prosecuting you to the fullest extent of the law? And so that is why damn near every Black defendant is walking around with a felony conviction because in order NOT to receive a lengthy sentence, they are told to plead guilty to a lesser offense and they’ll get out sooner and that is exactly what happens. Their public defender is friends with the prosecutor, goes out to lunch with them and so is just as much a part of the reason why the defendant receives a sentence at all. I would NOT tell my clients to plead guilty if they are not guilty just because this system is corrupt. I would take a stand even if I had to sit behind bars on charges of contempt of court and some more shit because I have nothing but contempt for that setup.

      Whites have set us up, well and good because we don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell in this shithole. Whites are the ones who commit the most crimes and yet it is Black folks who are disproportionately locked up relative to their population count. The shit doesn’t even make any sense unless you realize that that IS the express purpose of the criminal injustice system; which it is!

      So it only took 6 months for a wrongful death settlement agreement to be reached and yet, Attorney Gerneral, Daniel Cameron, is still claiming that the investigation into the kops murdering Breonna Taylor has not been completed. Hell! It took me over 2 years to settle a goddamn slam dunk car accident case. So what the fuck??!!!! I don’t even stay in court over criminal shit, I’m in court over civil shit dealing with accidents and whites violating my fucking rights and my shit takes forever to get settled. But yet, Breonna Taylor’s mother and that filthy, rotten Judas, as Yele66 called him, settled for a measly $12 mill and so all is well? Because they know damn well that as far as the city of Louisville, KY is concerned, the fucking matter is closed.

      And finally, I commend Breonna’s boyfriend for staying true to his convictions. He is the one who deserved compensation in all of this as well as the people behind bars for protesting Breonna’s murder at the hands of racist kops because at least Breonna’s boyfriend has tried to protect Breaonna even more so than her own damn mother. And then people wonder why I’ve thrown my mother under the bus. It’s because she’s even worse than Breonna’s. My mother would have taken $600 in a settlement if I was the one murdered and that ain’t no lie. As Black people, we are lost and stupid and dumb as hell!

      Ospreyshire, I thank you for your comment. Now you know that you were right in thinking that the shit was off when you thought about Justine Damond’s wrongful death settlement compared to Breonna Taylor’s.

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      1. Of course. There are so many double standards with the (in)justice system that are far too many to count. I certainly don’t need to make a laundry list since I’ve used examples and you have multiple ones on your blog.

        Good point about the crime rates. I remember seeing a video about the crime rates by race and ethnicity a couple of years ago. It was eye-opening seeing the raw numbers especially when it came to the more heinous crimes like rape/sexual assault. The white supremacists were furious in the comments and tried to play the “per capita” card, but use raw numbers for any crimes committed by any nonwhite group.

        I almost forgot that it’s been 6 months. Wow, that really adds to your point there. I’m also sorry to hear about it taking 2 years for that car accident case especially if you had insurmountable evidence about the situation. They just think the settlement in Louisville is punishment enough even though Justine Damond’s family got more money AND Noor went to jail.

        Sure thing. I should’ve clarified by saying it was the boyfriend before Kenneth Walker that was facing the drug charges, but I still commend him and Walker for having integrity especially with the latter pressing charges against the city and LMPD for what happened. At least Walker tried to defend and protect his girlfriend more than her own family which is sad. I knew you had severe issues with your mother, but wow, I didn’t realize she’d be that willing to do so from what you’ve told me and shame on her.

        No problem, Shelby. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought about Justine Damond as a contrast when I heard about the $12 million settlement.

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      2. Ospreyshire, when a person is Black and in a car accident caused by whites, the insurance companies don’t want to pay shit to Black victims and I was not about to take their paltry ass offer when my life is totally disrupted and will never be the same again. I was not having it! I could wait it out because I’m not an overzealous consumer and so I don’t spend no goddamn money anyway and so we were playing a waiting game. Whites think that ALL Black people rush out and spend every single dime they have. Well, I’m not them. I have often stated on this very blog that I own TWO, that’s 2 goddamn pairs of shoes and I am SO bragging about that fact, it ain’t even funny. How many women do you know would be satisfied with TWO pairs of shoes? I rest my case. I’m not buying shit if I can help it. And so no, the insurance company was not going to get away with offering me a pittance for my injuries and losses. I am still awaiting several cases to be settled and have had to travel for mediation purposes, but I will NOT take the first, second or third offer if it is an insult and I know it.

        And as for my mother, my mother would actually take $60 in a settlement as long as she knows I’m fucking dead. That heifer hates my guts because I refused to come over to her house and get her fucking ceiling off the floor, put it in a wheelbarrow and drag it to the field and fill in the potholes. I’m pushing a fucking walker due to injuries I received in an accident and that THING thinks I’m faking shit! And said so! She continually gets unlicensed no nothings to fix shit in her house and they end up fucking it up. Dude put up a wall which brought down the ceiling and yet, I was supposed to come and get big, huge chunks of her ceiling off the floor and haul it! Her house is one of those old houses that has REAL shit in it, not that plastic shit they have in houses these days and so that shit, dropped with a resounding BOOM! In fact, she called me the next day after the ceiling fell in to tell me that she was awakened in the night by a loud “BOOM!” And that there are huge chunks of her ceiling lying on the floor in the hallway right under the front door and could I come and get the shit up. I changed my phone numbers and I have not seen that heifer in over 2 years and I don’t aim to change that shit.

        Ospreyshire, thank you again for your comment.

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      3. Only 2 pairs of shoes? Wow, good on you for being minimalistic in that regard. I never understood how people can be such sneaker heads in general by having double digit pairs of shoes. I own more than a couple of pairs, but I swear I’m not at that level and it’s been years since I bought shoes. I also can’t stand the fandom hypocrisy of them because if they talked about shoes the way I’ve talked about independent music, obscure movies, or even anime (especially during my teenage years), then they’d be bullied so much and being called nerds would be the least of their worries.

        Okay, I just needed to get the lighthearted stuff out of the way before delving into the more serious stuff being said. I was just adding some humor while also complimenting on how un-materialistic you are.

        It is such a sad assumption about Black people thinking they have to spend tons of money for whatever. While I’ve had times where I wasn’t so financially smart when I was younger, I’ve been doing my best to save more. Besides, there’s the obvious things like bills, groceries, and other important expenses going on. It’s also a shame that insurance companies have color-coded policies, but I’m no longer surprised. I didn’t realize there were other cases, too. Dang. I’m really sorry to hear that, Shelby.

        I remember you mentioning in a previous post that you had a walker, but I didn’t realize it was from that accident. The fact she thinks your faking the injuries is sickening. Let her figure out the falling ceiling by herself then. The nerve of her to ask you with how badly she mistreated you from what I remember in previous posts and comments.

        Sure thing.

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  3. While Breonna Taylor’s family are getting a settlement the killers are still walking free & enjoying a vacation at the beach. The black cop who killed Justine Damond got a conviction. The white community was in a up roar when they found out a black cop killed a white woman.

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    1. Indeed they did Shanequa, go the fuck off that is because those upper crust whites in South Minneapolis put their goddamn feet down and demanded that black-assed Somali cop Mohamed Noor get the fucking book thrown at his African ass. “Blue wall?” What “Blue Wall?” There appeared NO blue wall to surround Noor and I’m pretty sure he is sitting up in prison scratching his stupid head and wondering why he is sitting behind bars when he knows that that taco cruncher Jeronimo Yanez got off for murdering innocent Philando Castile. In fact, Noor was the first kop to go to prison in Minnesota. Yeah! He’s got THAT distinction. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it.

      And that black assed sellout, Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, ain’t about shit! He is just as bad as that fucking burnt crusty assed Ben Crump. That bastard had some nerve thanking the protesters and demanding that they be freed from jail over protesting for Breonna Taylor when talk don’t do shit! With the amount of money that black assed bastard has, he could have bailed every single one of those protesters out of jail because they are why his ass is sipping champagne and living high off the goddamn hog. He doesn’t have to do a goddamn thing because the protesters do EVERYTHING FOR him;the soulless, crusty assed black bastard!

      Those stupid fucks, Breonna’s mother and lawyer are somewhere acting like they done did the damn thing when all they did was take the white man’s dirty ass money and go slinking home somewhere. Damn the money! That won’t bring Breonna back. But those damn racist thugs that killed her need to have their asses sitting in prison for murdering her; that’s what needs to happen and not some damn paltry ass, measly $12 million dollar settlement that Ben Crump will eat up because he can. Black folks can ALWAYS be counted on to settle for so little and that is why I stated in my last post that Black folks are SO goddamn predictable, it is a fucking shame and the white man knows exactly what our weaknesses are and he exploits them and we aid and abet him in that shit!

      Shanequa, thank you for your comment.


  4. The whites who write the laws, enforce the laws, and interpret the laws base their actions on a Constitution that always supports the rights of whites. That document gives them far more than a benefit of a doubt, it permits lyncher citizens and lyncher police to find lyncher-friendly lawyers to be absolved by lyncher-friendly judges. How many Federal Black judges has Trump appointed? Zero. And you can be damned sure that the ones he does appoint are as racist as he is. His most-likely SCOTUS nominee is yet another Originalist (make judicial decisions in the way that the white founding slavers would). There are already 5 Roman Catholic SCOTUS justices. Trump’s most likely THIRD appointed justice would make that 6 of 9. There are approximately 0% Black-Catholic congregants. Yet, the approximately 100% white congregants whine about being persecuted in Amerikkka.

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    1. Bill, look at THIS shit!

      ‘We’d fill it:’ Mitch McConnell blocked Obama Supreme Court pick but says he’d help Trump fill a vacancy

      WASHINGTON – Mitch McConnell, who blocked Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick in 2016, during that year’s presidential campaign, said he’d be fine helping to confirm Donald Trump’s choice if an opening were to occur on the nation’s high court in the 2020 election cycle.

      “Uh, we’d fill it,” the Senate majority leader from Kentucky responded with a wry smile Tuesday when asked about such a scenario during city chamber lunch in Paducah.

      Three years ago, McConnell led the successful effort to obstruct Obama’s choice of Merrick Garland, chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

      McConnell’s reasoning at the time? It was important for the Senate to “give the people a voice in the filling of this vacancy” by waiting until the new president took office.

      “The American people may well elect a president who decides to nominate Judge Garland for Senate consideration,” he said. “The next president may also nominate someone very different. Either way, our view is this: Give the people a voice.”

      Bill, as you can see, those stomp down flaming racist bastards change the rules to suit THEIR fucking agenda. So, they blocked Obama’s ability to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court until after the election, but are now going back on that shit by saying that it is okay, fine, dandy and some more shit for Trump to fill the vacancy during this an election season that’s not even two solid months away.

      This is why I don’t give a shit for feelings and some more shit! Look at the viciousness of those depraved, bloodless, psychopaths. That McConnell bastard blocked Obama from picking a Justice but is gung ho for Trump. Hell is too good for the likes of those worthless, corrupt, criminal, racist shits! I’m about ready to blow a goddamn gasket over this shit! The double standards and blatant hypocrisy are outrageously obvious and what’s more, those goons could fucking care less because it is a case of “We do what the fuck we want, when we want and what the fuck can the Amerikkkan people do about it?” Yeah, that’s how those damn thugs roll.

      Bill, I thank you for your comment. I will be reblogging your post tomorrow.

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  5. Louisville is getting prepared for federal buildings close, emergency declared ahead of Breonna Taylor announcement. Quick settlement means these officers are about to walk free. Furthermore this will be a political move for the attorney general in Louisville especially a promotion in his career.


    1. Of course “Louisville is getting prepared!” Who the fuck don’t know that Daniel Cameron is about to announce that NO CHARGES WILL BE BROUGHT AGAINST THE KKKOPS THAT MURDERED BREONNA TAYLOR! Why the fuck does anyone think he was hemming and hawing all this time? It was because his ass was told that there are going to be NO precedents set that white KKK Kops are going to start doing time for murdering American descendants of slavery since that IS their job description; MURDER AMERIKKKAN DESCENDANTS OF SLAVERY AT WILL! Who don’t fucking know that shit???!!!

      Hell! The same damn thing is going on in Minneapolis. Some white dude who owned a bookstore that was burned to the ground, told a reporter that he is NOT reopening until AFTER the court shit is over regarding those 4 corrupt Klan Kops that murdered George Floyd. He said that he is NOT going to build his shit and open it, only to have it burn down AGAIN! Dude knows what time it is.

      And Daniel Cameron’s sellout ass is more than even a sellout because he is WITH the whites ALL the way seeing as his fucked up looking pasty fiancee is pasty assed. So you know Breonna Taylor’s death meant nothing to him. He ain’t thinking about no Black woman. He got him a white bitch and glad of it, but believe this, some shit gone go down on his little piece of what he thinks is paradise because the whites are going to turn on his ass. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but his turn is coming. Mark my words.


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