Punk Ass Black Men With Guns Are Protecting IMMIGRANT-OWNED BUSINESSES In Minneapolis, MN. If That Don’t Beat ALL!!!



Okay, I give! I just fucking give! Now, I can honestly say that I have seen it all!!!!!

Minneapolis commends group of Black men patrolling streets, protecting businesses after death of George Floyd

Minneapolis is commending the Minnesota Freedom Fighters, who are Black men with AR-15s and Glocks and wearing tactical vests and bandannas who provided extra community security in the wake of protests after the death of George Floyd, according to reports.

What.The.Fuck. But get a load of THIS!

He’s grateful he found other men — about two dozen black men — to man up with him and be of service.

“This is about us taking a stance to patrol and protect our community. This is something that was asked of us during a time of unrest, and we saw that there was a need,” Jackson added. “That sparked some purpose in some of these men’s lives to understand that their value was not just in protecting buildings that don’t belong to us.

Did you read that? Those stupid, black shits are protecting shit that don’t even belong to Black people. That shit belonged to their mortal enemy; the whites and the IMMIGRANTS they dragged over here. I just cannot make this shit up!

Black women, are you taking note of this shit! Those black bastards leave you to hang out to dry while their asses are busy protecting some burned out shit that belonged to IMMIGRANTS! Black people don’t own shit in Minneapolis, MN and that is a goddamn fact and if you don’t believe it, then re-read the blog I posted that showcases that fucking fact! And here are a few excerpts from THAT blog!

What ‘Minority-Owned’ Businesses? ‘Immigrant’-Owned Businesses Are Suffering In Minneapolis, Minnesota. Don’t Get The Shit Twisted!

“It’s been agony,” says Mohamed Ali, a native of Somalia

“All these businesses are still boarded, and it’s over a month later,” Mr. Ali said, gesturing in every direction of his Minneapolis neighborhood. ”This was a thriving area,” he said. “Now a lot of minority businesses are burned.”


Long Her, a Laotian immigrant, has operated a clothing store in St. Paul since 1991. When he surveyed his losses after the riots, he openly wept: 550 suits, 249 pairs of pants, 227 dress shirts and 180 pairs of shoes, as well as his cash register, other electronics and damage to windows and the front door. Many of his most valuable possessions, kept in a heavy-duty safe, were stolen, along with his U.S. citizenship papers.


Where are the police?’

Bao Huang, owner of Hop Wong near the corner of Lake and Chicago, slept in the Chinese takeout restaurant with a gun through the four nights of riots, but he couldn’t prevent a fire next door from damaging it. “Where’s the police? Where’s the city? Every year I pay taxes. Where are the police?” Huang said.

Hundreds of business and property owners, many of them immigrants, remain angry the city and state did not protect them.


Someone set a fire that consumed Gandhi Mahal.The next morning, [the owner] Ruhel Islam’s response went viral: “Let my building burn,” he said. “Justice needs to be served.”

Islam was a student demonstrator in Bangladesh in 1990 when a mass uprising toppled a military ruler.


Across the street from Gandhi Mahal, the bathroom in the Wilson Law Group building became the “port-a-potty” of the riot, said David Wilson, who owns the building. As an immigration lawyer, Wilson battles the U.S. government in courtrooms and said he knows how “rights can slide off the table quickly.”

Now, you tell me, where are the ADOS people who are moaning and wailing over their shit getting burned to the ground??? Where???!!! And yet those dumb ass black, wimp assed pieces of black, stupid shits are standing somewhere with guns, protecting the burned down shit of IMMIGRANTS while homeless Black youth are being sexually assaulted in parks.

Juvenile Sexually Assaulted At Powederhorn Park Homeless Encampment

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – A juvenile has been sexually assaulted at a Minneapolis homeless encampment. Tents started appearing in the park earlier this month. Some people started migrating to the park after they were evicted from a makeshift shelter inside a Minneapolis hotel several blocks away. At least 200 tents were recently pitched there.

The majority of the ADOS population in Minneapolis, MN is homeless on any given night because the affordable housing units have almost ALL gone to housing IMMIGRANTS, especially those from Somalia. Why aren’t those Black motherfuckers strutting through the streets protesting the foulness of THAT shit? Why are they not strutting through the streets with a show of arms because they are mad as hell that thousands of people who look like them are living in third world conditions with typhus and hookworm dripping out their ass? Why aren’t those black assed motherfuckers screeching about health care for ADOS since Somalis have been given the funding by whites to establish their own medical systems and facilities that cater to their needs and ONLY to their needs and yet Black people make up the majority of the uninsured in Minneapolis? Why aren’t those black assed pieces of shit screeching and wailing while strutting through the streets of Minneapolis with their guns about the fact that Black child poverty and hunger and homeless figures are out of the ballpark?

But yet, they want the whites to understand that they are WITH them and the IMMIGRANTS because just look at them. That is slave mentality at its finest! They are out on the streets, making damn sure that some fucking IMMIGRANT owned burned down businesses are protected. Protected from what? What’s left to protect? They’re a bit late to the party, but there they are, just a showing off that they can strut through the streets showing other Black people that they don’t give a damn about them. They only give a damn about whites and IMMIGRANTS! Yeah! That’s the black ‘man’ of today; a punk ass bitch! And that lame ass shit, we don’t need!

Where were they and their damn guns when Derek Chauvin was choking the life out of George Floyd with his knee? Where were they when the kops were murdering Jamar Clark? Where were they when the kops were murdering Philando Castile? But they want the whites and the IMMIGRANTS to know that they are there for THEM! Fuck ADOS! Fuck Black women and their children who are homeless thanks to the fact that the whites along with those whom the whites welcomed over here; the fucking IMMIGRANTS are all doing just fine and now, they’ve got even more help in the form of some Black assed, punk ass bitches that call themselves, “Black ‘men.” You useless pieces of shit should just do us all a goddamn favor and drop dead because you are indeed, damned useless.

Black people are fucked up in Minneapolis, MN and I should know because I lived there and I saw the shit, first hand and I’ve reported on that shit all over this blog. And yet some punk ass black bitch motherfuckers are strutting through the streets trying to be seen and patted on their damn stupid ass heads by the whites. They are nothing but a bunch of massa’s house slaves. Those motherfuckers would be the very ones to tell on other Black slaves if they were planning an insurrection. We don’t need that type of shit in our corner and so take a good long look at your enemy and he is the same color as you and your children Black women! Black men have lost their damn minds! For the love of !!!!!!!

I am done! Stick a goddamn fork in me, I am SO damn done, I look like a California wildfire got to my ass!

14 thoughts on “Punk Ass Black Men With Guns Are Protecting IMMIGRANT-OWNED BUSINESSES In Minneapolis, MN. If That Don’t Beat ALL!!!

  1. Follow the money. Who is paying these Negroes to protect what does not belong to them? That statement “protect our community…. since of purpose…. protecting buildings that don’t belong to us.” Immigrants and whites not terrified of Negroes with guns? Nah money is being past out to produce this image. I don’t believe those Negroes would be that dumb to protect for free of charge.


    1. But Yele66, regardless of whether or not someone is paying them, why in hell would they allow themselves to be used for such purposes? Those ‘things’ in the photos don’t have an ounce of integrity, honor or any idea what their purpose really is because despite being paid 30 pieces of the white man’s dirty silver, they still must live with the fact that they sold out for that lousy 30 pieces of silver. They are nothing more than lame ass punk ass bitch Judas sellouts that took dirty money since it was money from our enemies and be used for the purposes of our enemies to make Black men look weak and stupid and dumb as shit! And believe me, they look weak, stupid and dumb as shit and I could add some more of the like if I wanted to. Not to mention, they have lost ALL respect for themselves and cannot demand respect from any other ADOS; not now, not ever!

      I don’t give a damn how much money the whites offer me to sit up somewhere looking like that and talking that fucking stupid shit about how my Black ass is protecting some shit that don’t even belong to me, I’m not fucking doing it. Those Black punk ass bitches don’t have shit to offer no damn body including their damn selves and they don’t even know it???!!! The number of sellouts is at an ALL time high, that’s what the fuck I see!

      I understand they said they were “asked,”, but even if they were asked and were paid to do that shit, knowing what they know that those who are in the same boat as they are are so damn fucked up, it should be a crime, wouldn’t they instead, say,

      “Uh, no white motherfuckers, your racist asses are doing enough to MY people. The only protection that I’m engaging in is in protecting ADOS women and children who are sitting up in homeless encampments in parks spread all across Minneapolis, that’s what the fuck I’m going to be patrolling for THEIR safety and so take your 30 pieces of dirty silver and shove them up your pasty asses! And why the fuck are immigrants better off over here than those whose ancestors were dragged to these shores? How is it that you want me to protect some burned out businesses of some damn immigrants when not one of those businesses was owned by an ADOS. Talk to me about that shit, whites! But if you believe that I’m your ‘man’, then who dropped you on your goddamn racist head? Now get the fuck out my face!”

      That is what ANY self-respecting ADOS man should have said when confronted about some shit of that type. So, I am not making any excuses about how they were paid to do that shit because there ain’t no amount of money on this planet that could make me lose my self-respect over protecting some shit that don’t even belong to me when I know the plight of those who look like me and that we are mostly in the same goddamn boat. That shit right there can in no way be made to look, good. Money or no money, something is wrong with a Black ‘man’ that would allow himself to be used in that manner. Unless I see some guns to their fucking heads, they are just what I stated, “Black assed, punk ass, weak ass bitches,” and they are damned useless to Black women and children. And at this point, they could not prove otherwise if they fucking tried and I know they are not about to even attempt THAT shit! Look at ’em. Ain’t no way that I could forget that shit! And ‘shit’ is what they are, a big, steaming pile of it!


  2. BM like and love being exploit by everyone doesn’t matter what gender, colour or race, they are always in front line
    to include everyone with ADOS problems!
    They should call themselves THE CLOWNS ARMY! That’s the most appropriate name for all of them!
    US is going down and down to the down fall and I don’t get it what all these immigrants
    benefits to live and open business in a country where human rights doesn’t exist?
    What did they expect?
    Just because they aren’t like ADOS people, they think that they can act like ”I am white now and I have the same right as a white person!” No, you are just another N@@g!
    No, sorry you didn’t receive the first class seat on the airplane and all the benefits!
    Immigrants are just slaves for wp simple and that, all white areas and white business didn’t touch it because,
    white Americans have ”I have my American express card and whenever I want, I call the cops on blacks or other minorities!”

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    1. qnubian, while those lame ass, weak ass punk bitch Black faggots were strutting through the goddamn burned down shit on Lake Street in Minneapolis, no indictments were handed down by the grand jury over the murder of Breonna Taylor. So, we don’t have ANYONE standing up for Black women over here. At least the motherfucker that murdered George Floyd is still cooling his heels inside a jail cell, but if Black women did NOT know where they stand in this shithole, they know now and all we are hearing from Black women is that we need to vote!

      Yeah! Like that shit’s been doing us any damn good. Here is the first shit out of a Black woman’s mouth!

      MSBNC’s Joy Reid on Taylor indictment: ‘Stop expecting justice from this system’ and vote

      “Stop expecting justice from this system. Vote in better political leaders and change the system. As it stands now, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not held even close to equally by every American. The only way to change that is to change who governs us,” the anchor tweeted.

      She’s saying, “Black folks, keep voting. Go out and vote. That’ll make a difference. We need representation and so go out and vote.”

      What the fuck difference does it make who we fucking vote for? If the only two candidates to vote for were Donald Duck and the Elmer J. Fudd, it wouldn’t make a hill ‘o beans worth of difference because we are caught up in the net of white supremacy. Whites RULE this shithole and no amount of voting for Black folks or anyone else is going to do us any good.

      Take Baltimore, MD for instance. There has been not one, but two Black female mayors and both of them have been caught up in scandals and one is sitting up in prison for the next three years and the other one was indicted on charges of stealing shit intended for poor Black children. Now dead congressman Elijah Cummings was the elected representative for Baltimore and he did NOT a goddamn thing to help ANYONE in that city of mostly poor Black people. I don’t give a damn if a white ass or a Black ass or an Asian ass is sitting somewhere in public office, not one of them is going to do ANYTHING that amounts to shit when it comes to helping ADOS in this shithole! We are fucking done for when, as you can see, we got some fucking lame ass buford motherfuckers fronting for the whites and IMMIGRANTS patrolling the streets while racist Klan Kops are busting down the door of Black women, killing them and getting off scot free. They indicted one motherfucking Klan kop for endangering the lives of Breonna Taylor’s next door neighbors. Ain’t THAT some shit! Not one of those bastards were indicted for murdering Breonna Taylor. And what’s more, the whites knew what the verdict would be and that is why they told those store keepers to board their shit up, sent in the National Guard and put a curfew in place. They already knew that there wasn’t a goddamn thing that was going to come out of that grand jury except, “NOT GUILTY BECAUSE THE LIVES OF BLACK WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE MEANINGLESS!!!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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  3. Yes you are 100% correct that no self respecting ADOS would have accepted no amount of money for purpose of undermining all of us. White and Immigrant people gave those Negroes their orders on who they can shoot and you know who it is not them. If those Negroes use their weapons on anyone you know who the targets would be. Wow the Judas will coming out in droves with the purpose of undermining or outright fycking us up.

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    1. And the fucking up of us continues as I am sure that you have now heard that those Klan Kop motherfuckers were not even charged with ANYTHING as it pertains to charges regarding the murder of Breonna Taylor. One Klan kop was indicted for endangering Breonna Taylor’s neighbors by firing his gun in their general direction. And so I guess, Breonna Taylor, somehow, shot herself and so she was not murdered, she was merely a victim of suicide by virtue of sleeping in her bed until Klan kops bust down the door and she feared for her life and so shot herself. I guess that is what the grand jury is trying to make us ALL believe.

      At this point, what is there left to say when Black men are patrolling burned out buildings that once were businesses of IMMIGRANTS while Black women are getting shot in their beds for sleeping? I throw my hands up!


      1. Low self esteem black women allow themselves to be use as human shield while the “Black Human Dildos” stand behind them for protection


      2. First of all, we shouldn’t even be able to see the Black women for ALL the Black men. There should be so many Black men out there fucking shit up, they should have asked Black women to stay home and keep their guns handy while the Black man goes out and starts fucking shit up. Some Black woman was asked about protesting and she stated that she had been out there protesting since Breonna was killed and now she thinks that ‘peaceful’ protesting does NOT work. She also stated that now is the time to fuck shit up!

        It’s been way past time to fuck shit up. That’s what the problem is, white supremacy murders an ADOS, folks take to the streets and disband after a few days and then, white supremacy murders another ADOS and the same thing; over and over again. What has been accomplished by that? Nothing. And right on cue, here comes Joe Biden’s racist ass talking about, “patience and peaceful protesting is needed.” Benjamin Crump’s Judas ass, the lawyer for Breonna Taylor’s family has come out and said the very same thing, “peaceful protesting folks, I’ve just got Breanna’s mother a $12 million dollar payday, minus my fees of course and so go about things all, ‘peaceful like’. Dr. King would be proud of you if you continue to do it HIS way. Yes, he got felled by an assassin’s bullet, but hey! At least, HE was peaceful.”

        That’s how those bastards carry shit. Did Breonna Taylor die PEACEFULLY in her sleep? Hell fucking no! So why then are we still hearing about how WE should do shit, PEACEFULLY? They are ALL in this shit together; from that charred, crispy, wildfire burned looking Crump to that pasty-assed Slow Joe Biden to that half breed Hindu bitch, Kamala Harris. We are just supposed to moan, wring our hands, shed crocodile tears and then shut the fuck up because burning down shit is a ‘no no’ because the white man wants his shit up and running and not up in flames. Fuck THAT shit! And fuck those black assed motherfuckers in that video. If anything is to get done, Black women are going to be the ones to have to do it and what needs to be done CANNOT be done all peaceful like and THAT is the goddamn truth!


  4. @shelbycourtland

    Ben Crump is a settlement lawyer whose trying to get paid. Like you stated these protest aren’t getting us nowhere. Coming with peace will not stop a violence. The only answer to violence is returning violence.


    1. Malcolm X said, “It’s got to be the ballot or the bullet!” Has the ballot worked? Hell no! And yet motherfuckers keep telling us to “go vote!” Vote FOR what? More of the damn same shit??!!! Because we have been voting and look where voting has NOT gotten us? It has not gotten us safety in our own homes. It has not gotten us a decent public school education. It has not gotten us out of being the faces of the mass incarcerated. It has not gotten us from being the ‘Faces of COVID-19’. It has not gotten us a living wage. It has not gotten us income equality. It has not gotten us relief from gentrification. It has not gotten us mortgage loans so that more of us own our homes and I could continue in this vein into the next century. So, what the fuck has voting done FOR us??!!! Ain’t shit in sight that voting has done FOR us!

      The same with that ‘peaceful protesting’ shit! And look at what ‘peaceful protesting has NOT gotten us. It has not gotten us safety in our homes. It has NOT gotten us from being the faces of police brutality and getting murdered by the police. It has NOT gotten us from being pulled over just because we are Black. And again, I could continue, but what’s the point?

      Malcolm X also said this:

      I don’t think when a man is being criminally treated, that some criminal has the right to tell that man what tactics to use to get the criminal off his back. When a criminal starts misusing me, I’m going to use whatever necessary to get that criminal off my back.

      And the injustice that has been inflicted on Negros in this country by Uncle Sam is criminal…”

      …which means, we must use ‘criminal means’ to get that criminal shit off our backs even if that criminal shit is backed by the corrupt and criminal injustice system that was designed to do exactly what it’s been doing to us; send us to the grave. The time for peaceful bullshitting has long since ended.


      1. @shelbycourtland
        I’m tired of hearing the Malcolm X quote of black women being unprotected & disrespected. We already know this shit but yet black women keep allowing others to constantly be disrespect & we are running in harms way. Yes we are unprotected because black men can’t & want defend themselves as men nor can they protect & provide for there communities. If we as black women are unprotected we should be watching out for own interest especially were we place ourselves in certain surrounding areas. Our best bet is to avoid harmful situations that will place us in a dangerous spot. Malcolm X quote said a lot about black men not protecting their women.


      2. Shanequa, the shit gets worse. I just posted a blog whereas ugly ass, stupid Charles Barkley and that “Swamp thing” Shaq said that Breonna Taylor’s death is NOT on par with George Floyd’s or Ahmaud Arbery because Breonna’s boyfriend should not have shot at kops and so, Breonna’s murder was justified. I cannot make this shit up!!!!


  5. When black women are victims people need more evidence to defend her but when black men are victims everyone comes to there rescue with no question ask.


    1. Exactly! And then folks get bent out of shape when whites bring up the black male victims rap sheet. Nine times out of ten, the black man has a rap sheet, ten miles long, while the Black woman has none. But we are to have more sympathy for thugs than we do for innocent Black women who were merely sleeping in their bed because that right there is a crime. Since Breonna Taylor was not out on the streets, gangbanging and shooting other Black people in the head over drugs, she does not deserve an outpouring of outrage. But if she had been to prison multiple times for burglary, robbery, whacking somebody upside the head with a gun and taking their shit or for shooting a woman or child, then there would have been a need for an outpouring of outrage, according to black men.

      Shanequa, if Black women want to continue to cape for those no good black assed motherfuckers, then they can just have at it, as for me, I am done; that’s it, that’s all.


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