The Except Clause and the Prison-Industrial System — billziegler1947

This post speaks very specifically to the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS), the unique contributions of ADOS, and the white-supremacist capitalist system that has exploited them 24/7 from 1619 to 2020 and counting. The most powerful racist in the world has announced the launch of the 1776 Commission, a vehicle to derail The 1619 Project, […]

The Except Clause and the Prison-Industrial System — billziegler1947

Bill went through a lot of trouble to bring us this information and I thank him for it. However, I could not get through 10 minutes of the documentary that Bill included in the original blog, I had to stop it at 9:08 because I would have had an apoplectic attack or been a victim of spontaneous combustion.

Bill goes on to speak of the 13th Amendment that was supposed to end slavery, but there is a clause in that Amendment and Bill explains it so well.

“The 13th Amendment to The Constitution, the 13th replaced the 3/5ths Clause with the Except Clause:

except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted

The 3/5ths Compromise of 1787 was a Southern strategy designed to bestow important slaver citizens with political advantage. Of course, slavers reckoned the intrinsic value at zero — that 3/5ths gave a slaver 60% more political power in an Electoral System that views one-person one-vote as a threat to the body politic.

The Civil War from 1861-1865 was a three-sided conflagration comprised of three groups: Northern Whites, Southern Whites, and human resources stolen from Africa. The principal losers were the individuals . Upon the “end of hostilities” the Northern Whites paid reparations to the slavers and declared a level playing field for all three participating groups. The losing ethnicity received nothing but black words on white paper: The 13th Amendment to The Constitution, the 13th replaced the 3/5ths Clause with the Except Clause:

except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted


The except clause effectively expunged the first five words of the 13th Amendment: Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude

That except clause is a “get someone into jail” card that never expires. It is a lynching instrument that permits an “officer of the law” to stop black kids and to ask them for identification, then to keep that ID — a souvenir if you will.

That clause was put in deliberately because once the Civil War ended, the south needed rebuilding and what better way to get the south rebuilt than to use the clause in the 13th Amendment to get the job done, hence the roundup of so-called ‘ex-slaves’. Hence, slavery never ended, it just morphed into a different mode. The ex-slaves were locked up on loitering or vagrancy charges and then, as convict labor, were forced to rebuild the south. The only thing is, that shit continues to this day.

Convict labor is a huge boom for whites since there are over 2.3 million mostly ADOS prisoners and they are doing work for free or damn near free. Those wildfires in California are being battled by prisoners. The whites love calling them “inmate firefighters,” but that is pure bullshit because no inmate has been trained as a firefighter. In fact, a firefighter lost his life recently fighting a California wildfire that was ignited by a stupid ‘gender reveal’ party and though he was not an inmate on firefighting detail, it could just as easily have been an inmate and who would have cared? Right? I mean, they are in prison for a reason and so therefore, their lives are expendable, is that about right? An inmate getting burned alive because he had no clue what he was doing was on him, right? That is why this shithole is going to continue to implode. From one end to the other, life as every Amerikkkan knew it is over and so the moans about “returning to normal” are just that, moans, because there will be NO return to normal. This is as normal as it is going to get and so get used to it. American descendants of slavery know all too well the hellish nature of whites and what they have done to us and to this planet will be paid back. You can count on that. And it is already beginning. So your hopes for a return to normal? You can squash that shit!

I want to thank Bill again for posting this on his blog. I told him that I was going to re-blog it here and as usual, I add my take, because unlike many of you, Bill gets it. I have not known of too many like Bill and that is a fact. He is a rare breed and that is most unfortunate for ADOS and for this planet. Would that he could clone himself; the world would be a much better place for it.

2 thoughts on “The Except Clause and the Prison-Industrial System — billziegler1947

  1. Unfortunately, ADOS is criticized by ADOS themselves who believe there is power in unity with Blacks who emigrated from various countries in Africa. There has never been an equivalent ethnic organization that compares to the unique contribution, the indigenous were ethnically cleansed and no other group brought the US from an agrarian to an industrial economy. Certainly not the white colonists who leveraged exploitation to enrich the European arrivals and continue to exploit human resources and treasure from the entire planet at this point. Within US borders that leveraging occurs 24/7 in the white-supremacisr Prison Injustice system.

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    1. Say it louder for the motherfuckers in the back row!!! I don’t think they heard you because the shit that’s slithering over here from across oceans are NOT our friend. And ADOS need to understand that. Those Africans coming here from Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Liberia, Somalia, Dem. Repub. Congo, Tanzania, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde, Uganda, Morocco, Togo and the list is endless came over here with nothing and yet, all of a sudden, they own malls and health care facilities tailored to THEIR needs and some more shit! ALL of those motherfuckers have crawled down out of trees and slithered over here and crawled over us. They are doing better than American descendants of slavery and they are partly responsible for why we are here. They’d rather come over here and help the whites to make our lives a living hell instead of throwing that pasty and yellow shit out of their countries so that those whom they’ve left behind won’t fucking starve.

      When George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, MN by Derek Chauvin, the fake news media droned on and on about how minorities were burning down their own communities when they knew that the shit that got burned to the ground was some IMMIGRANT owned shit! Lake Street in Minneapolis, MN is IMMIGRATION CENTRAL and every damn body that lives in Minneapolis is well aware of THAT shit. American descendants of slavery don’t own shit in Minneapolis just as we don’t own shit anywhere because the shit we did own, the fucking whites blew it the fuck up or burned it to the ground and then flew those African tree climbers over here and set them up. Don’t get the shit twisted. I have nothing nice to say about Africa or about those heathen Africans who climbed down from those trees with flies covering their asses, boarded a plane, had never seen a bathroom before and dripped shit over here along with the Asians. Motherfuckers wondering why all sorts of jungle fever been showing up over here, well that would be why. Don’t act like those tree climbers didn’t drag with their ass some shit that we’ve never seen before. The whites are why people are dropping like flies over COVID-19 and some more shit because they allow any and everything to come over here and subject people who don’t live like rats to some shit that those who do live like rats encounter to the point whereas they are immune to the shit while we are not. So, if you want to thank someone for why your goddamn loved one died from COVID-19, look at some white motherfuckers who wanted to fuck ADOS up by dragging that infected shit over here!

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.


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