Black Man Faces Felony Charges Over A Dog While Racist Klan Cops Skate Over Murdering Innocent Breonna Taylor! Make It Make Sense!

A Black man in Mississippi is facing felony charges for ‘allegedly’ throwing a pitbull off an overpass while the only Klan cop that was indicted over the Breonna Taylor murder case was charged with basically endangering the lives of those who lived in the apartment next door to Breonna Taylor by firing his gun whereas the bullets were found lodged in the wall in the direction of another apartment in Breonna Taylor’s apartment building. AGAIN, I say, “Make it make sense!”

Mississippi man faces felony charge after throwing dog off overpass: police


A Mississippi man was busted on a felony charge Tuesday after police said he threw a helpless dog off an overpass and onto a busy road.

Multiple [WHITE] witnesses reported seeing the suspect, 20-year-old Merterrious Johnson, holding the animal before throwing it on Interstate 55 in Southaven around 11 a.m., according to police.

The Black man is sitting up in jail now on a $1,000 bond, charged with one count of animal cruelty. Did you read that, the man is sitting in jail on an ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGE and that is a FELONY and so he has to get bonded out to the tune of $1,000 while WHITE Klan kops that murdered Breonna Taylor are basically in the free and clear with the exception of one who is being indicted for ENDANGERING THE TENANTS IN THE APARTMENT NEXT DOOR TO BREONNA TAYLOR’S. Yeah, that makes ALL the sense in the world. This of course means that a DOG is worth MORE than we are. If you didn’t know, now you know. HELPLESS Breonna Taylor is dead and the consensus of the whites is, “So?” I have said, time and time again that those damn dogs are thought more of than actual people, especially when those PEOPLE are American descendants of slavery!

And here is the proof!

Kentucky grand jury indicts 1 of 3 police officers in fatal Breonna Taylor shooting – but not for her death [for endangering the tenants in the apartment next door to hers by firing his weapon in their general direction]


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A former police detective was indicted Wednesday on felony charges of wanton endangerment after shooting into an apartment next door to Breonna Taylor, 26, an EMT who was killed in her home by police.

Brett Hankison, who was fired in June, faces three felony counts, and bail was set at $15,000. A warrant was issued for his arrest. Two other officers involved in the shooting, Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and Detective Myles Cosgrove, were justified in their use of force, state Attorney General Daniel Cameron said at a news conference. All three fired their weapons at Taylor’s apartment.

So, the Klan Kop was not charged with ANYTHING as it pertains to the murder of Breonna Taylor, the Klan kop was charged for ENDANGERING PEOPLE IN THE APARTMENT NEXT DOOR TO BREONNA TAYLOR! For the love of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, get the protest signs back out. Go on back out on the streets because the city of Louisville, KY has set aside a little spot for you to protest that shit and so you go obey the city officials and go on over there in the little spot AWAY from the businesses that need to operate to keep capitalism flowing smoothly because if you don’t, then the National Guard is going to fuck you up and also keep in mind that a Louisville police major had this to say about you protesters:

Louisville police major calls BLM, antifa supporters ‘punks’ who will be ‘washing our cars’: report


A white Louisville Metro Police major reportedly disparaged Black Lives Matter and antifa supporters as “punks” who will be “washing our cars” and struggling financially “their entire life.”

“These ANTIFA and BLM people, especially the ones who just jumped on the bandwagon ‘yesterday’ because they became ‘woke’ – insert eye roll here – do not deserve a second glance or thought from us. Our little pinky toenails have more character, morals, and ethics, than these punks have in their entire body,” she purportedly said.

“Do not stop to their level. Do not respond to them. If we do, we only validate what they did. Don’t make them important, because they are not. They will be the ones washing our cars, cashing us out at the Walmart, or living in their parents’ basement (paying) COD for their entire life,” Hallahan allegedly wrote.

So now everybody’s got an idea where they stand; the Black man who was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty, after standing before a white judge, is cooling his heels inside a Mississippi jail cell for allegedly throwing a pitbull off an overpass. Klan kops stand in the free and clear in Louisville, KY because they should NOT have shot into an apartment next door to Breonna Taylor’s thus endangering the late Breonna Taylor’s neighbors while in the process of murdering innocent Breonna Taylor. But they are in the ‘free and clear’ and what’s more, they always were, hence why no charges were initially filed when Breonna Taylor was murdered by Klan Kops back in March. And now, a white bitch who is a Louisville Metro Police major, is standing somewhere wanting ALL you protesters to know that you are ‘punks’ and that you “will be washing their cars and struggling financially your entire lives and working at Walmart or either living in your parent’s basement.” Racists are ALL heart, aren’t they?

We are going to wait for the promised police reforms to materialize because we have been told that police reform is necessary, but no one has seen hide nor hair of that and no one shall because the system of white supremacy is working just how it was designed to work and so there will be NO police reforms because who would there be to protect CAPITALISM which is the god of the whites? As long as you are spending money, demanding to be let out of lockdown and fly and cruise and head to Disney World and Disney Land and buy another Apple product, everything is kosher in this white man’s stolen country, nay, make that stolen planet! But if it even looks like you are going to burn down a store, why the National Guard is on hand to see to it that you don’t. Not only that, but just like the Black man who is cooling his heels inside a Mississippi jail cell on a $1,000 bond, you will find yourselves in his predicament which means that the white man knows how to continuously dig money out of your pockets, whether it is for the purpose of buying his product or ‘freeing’ yourself from the confines of a jail cell; the white man WILL MAKE YOU PAY HIM, one way or another. There is no escaping that.

In just a few hours time, I will be popping open my first bottle of champagne and I will consume champagne until I am so intoxicated that I cannot stand up because it is useless to protest. It is useless to do ANYTHING because we are at the ‘mercy’ of those who do not know what that word means and they do NOT want to know. Our lives have been torn asunder, not only by a pandemic that was not caused by anything we did, but as usual, was caused by the white man allowing those yellow-assed Asians to fly that shit over here, but are they the so-called ‘Faces of COVID-19’? Hell no! Are they the ‘Faces of the victims of police brutality and murder’? Hell no! Are they the ‘Faces of the homeless, hungry and incarcerated’? Hell no! American descendants of slavery are and yet all we do is make the white man’s job easier for him by protecting HIS shit, by constantly doing the same thing over and over again; protest, stop, protest, stop. If you are in my neck of the woods, join me as I pour you a flute of champagne for what else is there to do? Cry? Wring my hands? Gnash my teeth? Wail and moan? Whine and shriek? Print another t-shirt with another victim of ‘dead at the hands of racist Klan kops’? Print another protest sign? Put my hands in the air and wave ’em like I just don’t care? Screech “I can’t breathe?” March? How many decades has it been since Dr. King and crew marched on Washington? And so why are we still marching? Towards what end? For what does it gain us? Tired, sore aching feet? I have two pairs of shoes and I am not wasting them on something as useless and pointless as marching. For at least tonight, I shall attempt to dull my senses with a bit of champagne and some Barry White. “Maestro, take it away!”

9 thoughts on “Black Man Faces Felony Charges Over A Dog While Racist Klan Cops Skate Over Murdering Innocent Breonna Taylor! Make It Make Sense!

  1. Capitalism is a white-supremacist machine that destroys black lives that don’t matter to white lives and that makes sure that the laws favor the increasingly few white men who hold the multiple billions that mete out a limited amount of wealth to everyone with money to spend — as long as they have wealth enough to buy all the crap that gets produced for all the nice white families in gated communities and the immigrants who can buy into the system and take shortcuts to a better life. ADOS get none of this, and in exchange for getting none of it they get to have the nice white police officers show up, leave the bleeding and suffocating black lives that don’t matter to them behind a crime scene that the law decides is not a crime scene but is actually something that the black lives deserved, something that they brought on themselves. What they did doesn’t matter to the blue lives and white lives that are the only things that really matter. The nice white folks who support local businesses attacked by wanton BLMs and Antifa (fascism is just another word for capitalism). Federal troops (a mix of North enforcement officers and Confederate enforcement officers that team up to defeat the slaves and descendants of slaves). Once a slave, always a slave. There is no “except clause” that would send any of the Klan enforcement officers to prison, prisons are for ADOS. These are nice white servers and protectors from nice white families who shop locally and do not want stores to fall to the likes of “those people.”

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    1. Bill, I thought that I would reply to you before I am too deep in my cups to put together two coherent sentences. I am on my third flute as I type this, so be prepared for rambling or things being typed that don’t make sense which is what rambling is.

      The fact of the matter is, the whites don’t NEED ADOS anymore. What for? We have been replaced with IMMIGRANT labor. Those immigrants who do the bidding of the whites and who benefit from doing the bidding of the whites have replaced us and with the blessings of the whites. The whites have given the immigrants carte blanche over us because the whites want us to know, and in no uncertain terms, that we have been replaced. We are not needed. We are not welcome here, but since they cannot send us away since we hold those worthless birth certificates, the only ways to get rid of us is through mass incarceration, gentrification, low wage jobs, income inequality, a school-to-prison pipeline, mass homelessness and, as always, mass immigration because immigrants are made to understand that if they get out-of-line, that visa can and will be stripped, posthaste. Those immigrants know that they are here on sufferance and that is why they have NO problem helping the whites fuck us up; the devil’s in the details.

      There will be NO police reforms. There will be NO disbanding or defunding of the police. The police and the military keep us away from the throats of those who are fucking us up. The police and the military help the whites to make sure that nothing upsets the apple cart in that capitalism must forever run smoothly with no hiccups, hence why this shithole reopened despite the fact that I just read that over half the states are reporting upticks in COVID-19 cases. Every other day, the CDC comes out with shit that contradicted the previous shit. No one in their right mind should take ANY COVID-19 vaccine that comes down the pike even though from what I understand, they intend on forcing people to take that vaccine; at least they are intending to force people who rent as opposed to own their shit to take that vaccine.

      Can a Landlord Require the COVID-19 Vaccine?

      When a COVID-19 vaccine does arrive, will landlords be able to require them of tenants? After all, it would seem like a matter of public safety, which property owners and managers are typically held responsible for as a result of taking money for providing the space.

      This personal injury attorney says, no, nope, can’t do it.

      So, can a landlord require tenants to get the COVID-19 vaccine? One San Diego-area personal injury attorney is clear on it.

      “Fascinating question. My immediate reaction, however, is no. Doing so invades constitutional rights of privacy and arguably is a civil battery.

      This NYC attorney says yes, vaccines can be mandated and to expect legal cover.

      “It is certainly quite possible that landlords could make vaccination a mandatory condition of a tenancy. A requirement that landlords mandate vaccination in order to rent a property would be permissible under existing federal law,” says David Reischer, a New York City attorney.

      Many landlords do not even keep up their own properties and so I don’t see how they could force tenants to take a COVID-19 vaccine, not to mention, that many of us are subjected to second hand smoke that flows through hallways, air ducts, air conditioning and heating systems and no one is holding landlords accountable for that. In my opinion, this is just another means to try and get people to take a vaccine that is dangerous. And since the majority of ADOS rent, there we go. But I do believe that this shithole will have imploded so damn bad that a COVID-19 vaccine will be the least of our worries because what is going down is absolutely unsustainable. No mention has been made recently of the fact that the west is still on fire and the situation is not getting any better and with hurricane season far from over and the fact that Trump has already stated that if he ‘loses’ the election, he more than likely will not take that as the final say, this shithole is in for it.

      Bill, I thank you again for another spot on and truth filled comment.

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      1. Trump’s second-favorite President, the capitalist on the $20 bill is always presented in history for “Jacksonian Democracy” — his supporters were the Trumpists of the day, but are always identified as populists. They identified as patriots, true friends of racism, and genocide. John Marshall was Chief Justice who ruled in favor of the Cherokee Nation. Jackson said, “Fuck That, I’m clearing Georgia for plantations.” White-supremacist treachery allows the most power to the most treacherous. Just one instance of the thousands of evil acts behind patriotism. Just another trade deal that kicked the US Empire up some more notches, more notches on the Blue guns. The except clause that the “great men of history” jealously slap on ADOS. To the whites go what is repeated over and over — white exceptionalism. ADOS get excepted from equal protection under the law — all whites are created equal. The grand jury in Louisville followed the letter of the law to serve and protect the Blue Lives that matter to them.


      2. I guess that is why we never saw Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. Trump would have rather fell down dead than have Harriet Tubman opposite his patron saint of capitalism, Jackson.

        If ADOS hadn’t already got the message, I do believe this latest to go down, has made a believer out of nonbelievers because who that does not have their head stuck up their ass cannot fail but see that ADOS ass is grass since white supremacy shall forever reign ‘supreme’ in this stolen land built on the backs of my ancestors and the ancestors of all the others who look like me?

        And of course, right on cue, Slow Joe Biden has piped up and said, “PEACEFUL protests are what is needed, along with PATIENCE.” It has been over 400 years and still, we are being told to “patiently, keep the faith.” And that burnt and crispy critter of a lawyer, Benjamin Crump, has parroted the same shit because, of course, he’s got his millions thanks to those protesters who did his job FOR him. As long as Black Judas’s like him sell us out, the whites will allow him to amass his millions, but the first time he comes out of his mouth and says, “Fuck shit up!,” He is going to find himself needing a really good lawyer and don’t his burnt, crispy ass know this!

        And so another day, another protest and then everyone will go home to their tents and slums, if they are ADOS, of course, until next time. It is ALL so useless and futile, this protesting thing. For what has it accomplished? What has been gained? Exactly! Not a goddamn thing! The shit is to be continued……

        Bill, thank you for your comment.

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  2. Pronounce the truth always, the truth is in our favor. If we die for the truth we die for the righteousness of God’s created universe which is/was built on truth. If we stand on the truth that we know the best way that we can we will outlast all lies even though the Slave masters children the enemy seems to have insurmountable power. Reminds me of biblical prophecy pertaining to this giant statue that had a head made of gold a breastplate made of other valuable metals, legs of brass, iron as such and the feet were made of iron mixed with miry clay. As imposing as the statue looked if water ( truth) were to wet the feet the clay( the foundation holding the statue erect) the entire formidable looking object would fall flat on its face. ADOS is the balm that unites most all of the other people together in their hatred of us. We are the foundation on which the lie was built. Pertaining to the dog, I believe when they convicted Michael Vick ( with the help of Vicks negro lawyer Billy Martin) of killing a dog thus sending a Millionaire to prison giving the dog justice before any of our ancestors swinging from trees or burning at a stake recieved justice, that codified all of us ADOS as less than a dog according to their laws. Bothem Jean was not ADOS so cop. Could be convicted murder regardless of the sentence meted out. Breonna nah we will charge you with shooting through the wall next door.

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    1. Yele66, I am SO very tired. Alas, I had to put away my champagne flute for its contents were doing nothing to even assist with “dulling my senses” for how can my senses be dulled when fire rages through me and no amount of water, much less alcohol can even begin to extinguish that fire?

      Of course we already knew what the outcome would be and so did the city of Louisville, KY, hence why they battened down the hatches, called out the National Guard in preparation for the usual playbook. Klan Kops get off on murder charges for murdering ADOS, protesters take to the streets and on and on it goes. Month after month after month. Before those who do decide to protest can go home and take their ‘protest shoes’ off, they are putting them on again.

      Yele66, I understand that you believe that we shall outlast the shit that the whites and their minions are hitting us with, but truth be told, there are too many of us who are not and the proof is in the numbers. Have you seen the blog that I posted of just ADOS who have been murdered THIS year by Klan kops? It is so damn lengthy as to be obscene in its length and no one with a heart or a grain of empathy could be fine with that, but whites are most definitely fine with it.

      We can be reminded of biblical verses, scripture and such, but it does nothing against an evil so insidiously monstrous, its only goal is to torture, enslave and murder ADOS while at the same time, destroying the only planet any of us will ever know. And though it may be true, that the whites’ time is damn near up, they are like dying bees that are trying to sting and in this case, kill every single one of us they can before they go out because as you can see, they do not intend to go out, quietly; that is not the way of the whites. Why they were put among us, I don’t know because they have nothing of value to offer; they only offer enslavement, rape, torture, theft, brutality, hatred and murder. We are not like them for if we were, we would not sit still for what they are visiting on us, but we do. And the sad fact is that some of us are willing participants in what the whites are doing to us, such as what I wrote about in my previous blog not to mention, the ADOS who are part of the system that sends us to the grave as in the likes of Daniel Cameron.

      I am so filled with sorrow at this point because Breonna Taylor did not kill herself. She was an innocent Black woman asleep in her bed when those thugs bust in and got to shooting. They did not even try and render aid to her and for that, she gets the middle finger from the whites. Another Klan kop gets to keep his badge and garner more notches on his gun with the name of another ADOS he/she has killed. And so it will continue…..

      Thank you for your comment.


  3. This further proves your point like the porcupine story the other day. Animals really do matter in society more than the lives of Black people in this nation. Even property is treated better like the ballistics on the wall of Bronna’s apartment only because the next door neighbors were white. Adding onto the Breonna Taylor example, that sellout Daniel Cameron is intimidating the jurors and trying to withhold evidence of the case.

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    1. Ospreyshire, Michael Vick served a six month sentence for animal cruelty and yet when whites race horses until they drop dead, nothing is said about that because whites get to pick and choose what is and what is not animal cruelty or any other cruelty and since whites have made horse racing one of their favorite past times, then whatever cruelty those race horses are put through is nothing, so says the whites.

      And you know that buildings and shit mean more to whites than Black people because the whites call out the National Guard when Black folks get to burning THEIR fucking shit to the ground. That is why we are always told to “Protest PEACEFULLY!” Yeah, because the white man cannot have his shit fucked up because that would ground CAPITALISM to a halt for a minute until he can get his burned up shit back up and running.

      Black people should know by now, that we don’t count for shit in this fucking shithole. And there are SO many Black sellouts, it don’t even make sense. Black people will sell their own people out for money, to appease the whites and some more shit. But one of these days, those 30 pieces of the white man’s dirty silver is going to cost their asses much more than those 30 pieces of the white man’s dirty silver was worth. You just watch.

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      1. Very true about Michael Vick. It’s also one of the reasons I don’t follow the horse racing scene not that I was ever interested in the Kentucky Derby or anything else like that. Good point about the double standards with animal cruelty.

        Exactly! People tie their wealth into buildings with it’s with businesses (obviously) as well as their housing. I get that it’s natural to do so with financing a building, but you can rebuild and renovate a broken space, not a dead body. Of course, society’s priorities are SO out of whack in that regard.

        Definitely about sellouts. I feel like this year, more of them are being exposed and not just the Candace Owens-types in the world. They are tools that will at some point be thrown away by their handlers. Selling out doesn’t have a pension or retirement plan.

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