Charles Barkley And Shaquille O’Neal Just Sealed The Deal For Me!



I was taken to task by a fellow blogger for having the gall to point out the situation between Black women and Black men who are ADOS(American descendants of slavery). And even though I never waffled or flip flopped or what have you from my initial stance, what Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal said, if anything, proved MY point without a shadow of a doubt. Now, first I’d like to post the comment that led me to blog about the situation in the first place.

Fri 6/19/2020 3:10 PM
From: The Stormy Poet
To: Shelby Courtland
I hope this afternoon bids you well.
I wanted to speak with you privately about something.  I’ve noticed the past couple of posts you made were about black men not caring about black women.
I wanted to ask, do you consider brother like myself, who put it all on the line to combat and fight against systematic white supremacy, in that category?  Your pieces seem to make a sweeping assessment, based on coons and sell-outs that have made it their life’s mission to chase interracial sex over the survival of their people.
I only ask because I have great respect for you and your point-of-view.
I didn’t want to bring this up in your comment section because I know white people follow you–as they do me–and the get off on black male bashing as a form of porn, so I just wanted to pull you to the side and address you in a private setting.
Looking forward to hearing from you, sister.
Much Respect,
Now, I want to see if dude is going to pull these two bastards to the side over what they said about Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery.

Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neil draw backlash for pushing back on Breonna Taylor outrage

“I don’t think this one was like George Floyd or Ahmaud Arbery and things like that,” Barkley began. “I feel sad that this young lady lost her life. I think this one was — the no-knock warrant is something we need to get rid of … across the board. But I am worried to lump all these situations in together.”

He continued, “And I just feel bad that the young lady lost her life. But we do have to take into account that her boyfriend shot at the cops and shot a cop. So like I say, even though I am really sorry she lost her life, I just don’t think we can put this in the same situation as George Floyd or Ahmaud Arbery.”

Now, let me get this straight, because Breonna Taylor was shot inside her home in the middle of night while she lay sleeping, expecting NO visitors obviously, since she was sleeping and somebody is trying to break down her door and instead of offering them ice cream and cake, her boyfriend did what ANYONE with a gun would do, he fired a shot, Breonna Taylor’s death is not on par with George Floyd’s or Ahmaud Arbery’s? Those two dumb asses are stating that stupid shit because it was Klan kops at Breonna’s door as opposed to whom? Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal? Or am I missing something here? Seriously??!!! It just so happened to have been thugs in blue using a ‘no knock warrant’ to enter Breonna’s home and so where does “your home is your castle” begin? Only if it was Charles Barkley or Shaquille O’Neil trying to break in, then Breonna’s boyfriend would have had reason to get to shooting, but because the Klan in blue was breaking into Breonna’s home, then that negated the need to shoot at intruders? Is that what those two massa house slaves are saying? As long as it’s the Klan kops, they have a right to break down every damn body’s door and enter their home even though kops fuck up ALL the time and ‘mistake’ someone else’s home for their own as was the version that Amber Guyger put out as her reason for entering Botham Shem Jean’s apartment and murdering him.

And I would love for Charles Barkley to tell us how many homes housing whites that Klan kops have bust down the door and shot dead while they were merely sleeping.

Breonna Taylor did not shoot anyone and her boyfriend only fired a shot because he had no idea who was breaking in and even the witnesses claim that they heard no knocking or pronouncements that “This is the police, open up,” besides most likely some Mexican who can’t even speak English and is more than likely here illegally and was going to go along with whatever the Klan kops said just to keep his ass over here in this shithole and not get deported.

Mattingly, according to the source, told investigators he banged on the door several times and announced, “Police. Come to the door,” before a lieutenant ordered officers to break down the door.

This is a major point of contention: While Cameron said one neighbor corroborated the police account, a lawyer for Kenneth Walker III, Taylor’s boyfriend, says the neighbor did not speak English well and changed his story, while several other neighbors said they didn’t hear police identify themselves.

Everyone knows that so-called ‘eye witness’ accounts cannot be relied upon to get at the truth since as you can see, the person who does “not speak English well changed his story, while several other neighbors said they didn’t hear police identify themselves. That right there gives Breonna’s boyfriend all the reason in the world to fire a shot because he assumed that someone was breaking into Breonna’s home and he was trying to protect them both. But somehow, Charles Barkley has come to the conclusion that Breonna Taylor’s death is not on par with that of George Floyd or Ahmaud Marquez Arbery. The real reason is because Breonna Taylor is a Black woman and in the eyes of Charles Barkley, that makes her less than a black man. I have NEVER had ANY respect for Charles Barkley. In fact, I don’t know shit about Charles Barkley except bits and pieces of pure shit that’s escaped from his piehole over the years. Not to mention, I can also honestly state that I have never watched basketball and I never will and I don’t get the damn hype! And it is no wonder that massa’s house slaves that make up the pro sports world are ALL misogynist assholes because I do recall that there have been multiple instances of those pro sports players beating the shit out of their wives and girlfriends and so what that piece of shit said, more than likely surprises no one. And the shit continues because that ugly ass, stupid looking Shaquille O’Neal agreed with what Massa’s house slave, Charles ‘equally stupid looking’ Barkley said.

“I have to agree with Charles, this one is sort of lumped in,” O’Neal said. “You have to get a warrant signed and some states do allow no-knock warrants. And everyone was asking for murder charges. When you talk about murder, you have to show intent. A homicide occurred and we’re sorry a homicide occurred. When you have a warrant signed by the judge, you are doing your job, and I would imagine that you would fire back.”

It’s worth noting that O’Neal has long expressed an affinity for the police, once even being deputized in a county in Georgia.

Barkley also dismissed the “Defund the Police” movement that has emerged in the wake of the killings of Floyd and Taylor.


I am honestly at a loss for words at this point. Black women, all I can say is, “We are on our own.” But then, that’s nothing new. I know I have always been on my own. I ran away from home at the age of 15 and had to be dragged back multiple times. I had to go to juvenile court for being a runaway because I was trying to escape the abuse from my mother and from watching my father abuse my mother and my sister. And then I was abused by my ex-husband. My own son has verbally abused me and we have no relationship because I am not going to tolerate that especially when he verbally abused me for refusing to allow one of those pasty-faced cows he ‘dates’ in my vehicle when I was trying to have a mother/son birthday celebration and he knows that I have had to bail him out of jail over the very same pasty-faced cow having him arrested for TRESPASSING and yet, he wanted me to drive that THING around with us to celebrate his birthday.

Lastly, I will leave you with a poem that I posted on the blog titled,

Black Women, We Have NO Black Men!



On the loneliest road on earth,
is where you will find a Black woman,
for she must stand alone
since no Black man, can she summon.

Black women, don’t settle for less.
Never doubt the truth of your worth.
Don’t cape for a punk ass bitch
even for the ones to which you gave birth.

You see, they will turn on you
and never think anything of it.
You’re always taken for granted.
And you put up with too much shit.

Don’t be played for nobody’s fool.
You are worth more than you know.
If we turn our backs on Black men,
what they reap, so shall they sow.

If a ‘Becky’ is what they want,
then let them have that filthy white bitch.
But don’t you give them the satisfaction
of thinking you’re bothered when they scratch that itch.

‘Becky’ will never care about them.
That Black dick is all she is after.
But when the cops send him to hell,
‘Becky’ and the cops will share in their laughter.

And so Black women, don’t you protest.
Don’t you scream and wail or moan.
That Black man got just what was coming.
What he did was for him to atone.

You don’t owe a Black man your life.
Let him cape for his goddamn self.
You stand up for you.
Only for you, take your cape off the shelf.

Let him say that we’re being divided
and that it’s because we don’t understand;
that it’s hard being a Black man,
who was born in a hostile land.

That Black fool’s been dropped on his head
because we too, are in a hostile land.
And so Black women, we have no Black men,
not with us, when with ‘Becky’, they stand.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2020 Shelby I. Courtland

This poem for ALL the Black women who have ever been abused by Black men and yet will still head to the front of every protest line and cape for those assholes who don’t appreciate what we do.

Breonna Taylor’s life mattered and I am so through with these punk ass bitch black men, it ain’t even funny!



What Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal said is beyond evil, atrocious and down right wrong. They sound crazy. Regardless of what went down at Breonna Taylor’s apartment that night, she did NOTHING to cause her own death and neither did her boyfriend whose only thought when he fired that gun, was to protect Breonna and himself from intruders. And yet those two pieces of filthy shit, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal, would have you believe that Breonna Taylor is less than George Floyd, Breonna Taylor is less than Ahmaud Arbery when nothing could be further from the truth. She had devoted her life to saving lives and yet hers was snuffed out in the blink of an eye and she had no idea why for she did not have a long, lingering illness. She lost her life in a hail of bullets by intruders in blue uniforms who broke into her home in the middle of the night. And I can honestly say, that I would have done the same as her boyfriend. You break into my shit in middle of the night and I’m not offering your ass ice cream and cookies, that’s for damn sure! But I guess that’s what Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal would do, offer up some ice cream and cake AND cookies while getting their asses handed to to them. For the love of !!!!!! I’m done. I am SO fucking done, it don’t even make sense!


18 thoughts on “Charles Barkley And Shaquille O’Neal Just Sealed The Deal For Me!

  1. This is disturbing stuff, Shelby. They are “playing” right into the game plan governed by the white-supremacism that is capitalism. It’s not an invisible hand, as defined by Adam Smith in 1759 — it’s the hand of the racist con artists that take your attention away from their actual thieving hands. The wealthy blacks that bring much greater wealth to the invisible behind the entire charade think they are speaking dispassionately while actually selling out to the highest bidders. The invisible bullets fired by invisible kops disappear in a room of grand jurors. Cars run over the “antifa” who are presumably the source of all evil. Copy-cat drivers run over more and then more in blood-thirsty contagious hate for any form of peaceful protesters, for all ADOS.

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    1. Bill, you’re right. It is “disturbing stuff.” Both Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal are Judas goats. What is a Judas goat? In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. That fits them to a T. They will say shit to lead Black people to slaughter while they sit back and enjoy their ill gotten gains for being massa’s house slaves. And those two Judas goats didn’t even need any ‘buck breaking’. They gladly step up and assist massa in his brutality against those who look like them. But I do NOT claim those pieces of filthy shit! Not a bit of it.

      And yes, I had read that everyone and his damn dog is driving vehicles into protesters and that bitch I included in a previous blog who stated that “BLM protesters and ‘antifa’ were going to be washing their cars, working at the Walmart and living in their parent’s basement has been “relieved of duty” and is set to ‘retire’ on October 1st. That’s the least those bastards could do to get that nasty pasty-faced bitch off the police force.

      But of course, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal long since sold out; that is without a doubt. But they feel real comfortable in their ability to say whatever the fuck they want to say. However, I would advise their asses to remember that Bill Cosby is cooling his heels inside a prison cell and the white man can look askance at their ass at any time. So their fucking dirty ass 30 pieces of the white man’s silver will do NOTHING to protect them from the white man who paid them millions to make him billions if they piss the white man off. They are still underneath the totem pole as far as the white man is concerned, just like the rest of us. So they can throw us under the bus, all day and all night, but believe this, their day is coming!

      Ugly ass, slow looking and sounding Shaq promotes that “General Insurance” shit, well, hopefully, people will look around for a different insurance provider especially if you are a Black woman. Boycott “The General” insurance and make Shaquille O’Neal, a liability as opposed to an asset and see how much he runs his damn stupid mouth.

      Those two mealy mouthed blockheads couldn’t even solve a Rubik’s Cube, but want to sit somewhere and talk about ‘the law’ and how Breonna Taylor’s murder was justified just because a judge had signed off on a ‘no knock warrant’. Those Klan kops did not follow protocol and no one can convince me otherwise and for those two to basically state that the murder of Breonna Taylor is justified because her boyfriend fired a licensed gun at intruders is just the absolute end of enough. If they don’t have a problem with the Klan Kops busting down their door in the middle of the night and shooting indiscriminately, that shit’s on them, but not everyone is going to be of the same mindset. And I can tell you right now, I would NOT be of the same mindset.

      I am just damned sorry that I did not chill another bottle of champagne and just finished what was left over from the other night because I feel in need of more mind numbing shit!

      Bill, I thank you for your comment. You always bring ‘food for thought’ to the table. It is much appreciated as I am sure you know.

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      1. Clarence Thomas hardly ever utters a word, but he has been a Judas goat for three decades now — a misogynist who was assisted by Jim Crow Joe v. Anita Hill in 1991. At least full-blown proud boys will state what they are thinking. And they all know what Trump is thinking/dreaming 24/7. The Judas goats just keep on “leading” their victims to slaughter.
        There is no such organization behind the much despised “antifa” but it is an easy six-letter three-syllable word that resonates distilled hate to 45’s basest base. But it’s not limited to that base, it rings to the silent-majority white supremacists who feel themselves above complicity, the JimCrowJoe proud boys who tend to their wealth-management schemes, the ones who read the chyrons that show how the DowJonesJoe index stands for their stock holdings. Judas goats of the same persuasion. Apologists for the white-supremacist systems supported by White Evilization everywhere are all goats of Judas.

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      2. Don’t even get me started on Clarence “Long Dong Silver” Thomas. Of course, he is married to a white woman and so therefore, was a great candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court. Everyone knew who his affiliations were with while calling Anita Hill a “spurned woman seeking revenge.” Who in their right mind would want that ugly ass black bastard. That was NOT a question.

        Also, I remember you saying several times about how Catholics are overwhelmingly represented on the Supreme Court and now another one is about to be added to that list. So for those women who want abortion to remain legal, they are in for it. And the rest of us as well since I am pretty sure that any sort of so-called ‘gains’ as far as Civil Rights is concerned can be kissed, “bye bye!”

        If Barrett joins, Supreme Court would have six Catholics

        Roman Catholics account for a bit more than 20% of the U.S. population, yet they are on track to hold six of the Supreme Court’s nine seats now that President Donald Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett to fill its vacancy.

        Barrett, a favorite of conservative activists for her views on abortion and other issues, will likely be an ideological opposite of liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Jewish justice whose recent death created the vacancy.

        Also, get a load of this.

        EXCLUSIVE: Supreme Court frontrunner Amy Coney Barrett hid her membership in the religious group that inspired hit TV show The Handmaid’s Tale and teaches that wives have to obey their husbands in everything – even in voting

        Amy Coney Barrett and her husband Jesse are members of People of Praise, a small group that teaches that wives have to obey their husbands in everything
        Barrett, 48, concealed her membership from what has been described as a ‘Big Brother’ religious group from senators when she was before the Justice Committee in 2017
        Barrett is Donald Trump’s favorite to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
        Trump previously nominated her to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals
        The People of Praise religious group inspired the hit TV show The Handmaid’s Tale, which depicts a dystopian world where women are oppressed
        All male and single female member of People of Praise are assigned a personal advisor of their own sex, originally called ‘heads’ for men and ‘handmaids’ for women.

        Barrett listed various committees she had been on at Notre Dame as well as the conservative Federalist Society, the Morris Park Country Club in South Bend and she said she had been on the board of Trinity School. She did not say that Trinity is run by People of Praise.

        So it seems, this Amy Coney Barrett, actually, is in need of a wrap-around jacket and a padded room, but that’s also what Trump needs and so I guess it was a case of “like meet like, gotta look out for like.” We are in for it. Even that piece of shit John Legend stated that, “If Trump wins, Americans may have to think about leaving the country.” He may be onto something there because look around you, the shit is off the chain now. Can you imagine what it’s going to look like after FOUR more years of Trump? And yet Biden is no better and since the shit is THIS far gone and fucked up, there ain’t shit anybody can do at this point to ‘right’ this Titanic.

        Bill, thank you for your comment.


  2. Shelby, BM are arrogant and self centre pussy that they don’t have any right to be call men!
    I am saying the truth that BM are arrogant because, for example when they are working in front desk or any place they are, when I want to ask them some information or something.
    They start to give me this arrogant and presumptuous attitude with me, it looks like I want to ask them ”Can I go out with you? Can you give me your phone number?”
    Today I was doing my grocery, there was this BM that he was following me whatever hallways I was going.
    I was waiting for him to say something to me because I was ready with my phone to record him or to call someone!
    In conclusion this punk was together with his own Becky and his half-breed child.
    Do you see how they are? They can’t control their fuck sexuality!
    He saw me and he wanted to hit on me, but he understood that I wasn’t having his shit!
    Go where the fuck he belongs with his Becky!
    They are with Becky than they have feelings of remorse, what kind shit is this?
    Whenever I was they had always this arrogant attitude with me, but I am 100% they have this attitude with all BW!
    Me, I am like I can really give fuck about you, I don’t really give damn about that you exist!
    Can really BW trust BM? Can really BW give your own safety to BM?
    No, absolutely no! BW, please don’t do it! BM are misogynist and they hate BW with passion!
    BM are the wrong people that you can’t reliable own, never give your own life to them because
    they will throw you under the bus and they will never feel sorry about you!
    BM are confuse as hell, they don’t even know what in the hell they want from the life!
    BM are sexuality confuse they don’t even know if they are straight or gay, if they like WW or WM.
    They don’t know what they want to do with their own life or what they want from you!
    The only thing I know for sure BM want 100% it’s to destroy the life and ruin BW and bring misery to BW!
    BM will never protect BW from anyone, because what BM want in this world is to be white or
    someone who isn’t black!
    Wp love BM because wp know very well that BM will never protect BW and black children
    from the attack from their attacks!
    BM will stay there still as a silent witness, they will witness all kinds of physical and verbal abuse
    wp are inflicting to BW or other BM are beating BW, they will not do anything!
    When my ex- white manager this WM sexual assaulted me the BM were working with me,
    they didn’t say anything and they remained silent!
    This show me how much BM don’t give a damn about BW safety!
    BM are the one who are committing genocide, they are dating outside more than BW do!
    So, I will not be the one to tell them look ”you are committing genocide” no,
    I don’t care and I don’t want to know who they are sleeping around!
    The big problem of BW that they are too loyal to BM and low self esteem is the master!
    BW should come out from their low self esteem, stop to believe that he will be commit with his words.
    He will take care of you, look after you, he will be the perfect boyfriend or husband!
    BW stop living in ”WONDERLAND”, remain celibate as much as you can, dedicate yourself to study or become someone in the future!
    BW you are the most educate women I ever met, don’t destroy yourself, your life and your health, sex gives ”disease” and you can end up be single parents!
    BW don’t need BM Shelby, be with BM you will have only trouble that’s it!
    Shelby about your son sorry to say but he is ungrateful!
    He doesn’t deserve your love or attention, you didn’t wrong as parent, but your husband and your father,
    they did wrong!
    When son sees his own father and his grandfather abuse his mother and his daughter,
    what kind example they gave to him?
    No respect at all, they thought him that BW fault, their attitude that make BM be violent, abusive and aggressive.
    Because BW don’t want to be submissive to them, these and other reason that BM beat them!
    Your son will remember you Shelby, when a WM or a WW will make his life in danger!
    Only when BM are being murder that in the last moment they remember about BW!
    For me, they can have them and I will never save them!
    My mother was single mother as well and my father walked out from our life when I was very small.
    He abandoned my mother, me and my young sister, and he didn’t come back!
    When I am thinking about it, I say to myself that ” I don’t have anything for my father!”

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    1. qnubian, Black women are NOT listening! There is a blogger I ‘follow’ who just put up a post about how Black people are falling for the “divide and conquer” strategy of the whites in that we are throwing Barkley and O’Neal under the bus when we should just suck it up for the ’cause’ that we are ALL ADOS. Fuck that!!!! I’ve had to set her ass straight before!

      I am NOT…and I repeat, I am NOT going to sing the praises of Black men just so that whites don’t see that there are problems within the “Black collective” as she likes to call it. I think she’s watched too much Star Trek because I am NOT part of ‘The Borg’, I am NOT part of ‘The Collective’! I am my own person; an individual and I don’t give a damn about what whites say about the shit that’s going down between Black men and Black women. Black men don’t give a shit for Black women, with just a few exceptions. I have recognized Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend as one of those few exceptions because even though the Kops tried to get him to ‘rat Breonna out’, he refused and I give him his props for that. But he is few and far between. He is the exception and not the rule. The rule is the shit like Barkley and O’Neal who feel that Breonna Taylor’s murder was justified because the kops had a warrant signed by a judge and that because Breonna’s boyfriend shot at intruders, since the intruders were kops, then that shit was on Breonna; too bad, so sad. That fucking shit is insane! And hell no! I am NOT giving those damn stupid looking, kindergarten rejects, a goddamn pass just because they’re black assed and we need to appear united for the whites. Fuck the whites! I don’t give a damn what they think. Those black bastards are NOT going to sit around and say that Breonna Taylor’s murder was justified when it was NOT! Hell if I will ever say that.

      Those Klan bastards have been lying about what went down this entire time, from the police incident report to whether they knocked and announced themselves. The police incident report states that no one was injured and we all know that someone was injured because Breonna Taylor is DEAD! How is THAT not INJURED???!!! The police incident report also states that there was NO FORCED ENTRY! Seriously??!!! They bust the woman’s door down. How the fuck is that not “forced entry?” Oh, the lies, the damn lies of the kops!

      And you don’t even have to tell me about how arrogant black ass motherfucking lame ass buford men are because I deal with those maggots everyday. If the white man gives them some lame ass job with a bit of authority, they act like gods and treat Black women like shit! I’ve had to cuss their damn asses out, I don’t know how many times.

      When I was in Baltimore, MD, this HUGE Black guy, who worked as a City Ambassador, which was basically, a ‘glorified babysitter’ for downtown Baltimore as part of the Downtown Partnership, came up to me as I was walking with a co-worker heading to lunch. He actually grabbed me and hugged me to him and I was struggling, trying to get away from him and he was telling me that “he knew I wanted it” and so “give him my phone number.” I’m still trying to get away from him and then I start screaming and the other woman I was with, started yelling and that’s when he let me go. I went to the Downtown Partnership to file a complaint with them and they said, they’d “talk to him.” I knew better than to go to the police because when some man was stalking me and putting cards in my mailbox and sending me letters about how “he dreamed of me in the tub all wet and soapy, it did things to him,” I went to the police and the post office because he had his address listed as a P.O. box and no one would do anything to help me. I had to move.

      Nobody gives a shit about Black women and I don’t give a shit about anybody but Black women and children who are at the mercy of the merciless. We are on our own just like I said. I have had too many horrifying encounters with Black men following me from work, following me from the market and even asking me outright, “do I want a husband?” Hell NO! I don’t want your black ass in my face, much less do I want to wake up staring at your black stupid ass every morning. I got rid of that piece of black shit I was married to and hell if I want another black piece of filthy shit. The only thing a Black man can do for me is stay the fuck out of my face and that includes my damn no good ass son!

      BLACK MEN ARE A LIABILITY TO BLACK WOMEN! That is a fact that cannot be disputed because look at ALL the Black women who are raising their children by themselves. Even in my family, my cousin has 4 children and NOT one single black man who got her pregnant stayed in the child’s life they helped bring into this world, nor did they pay one damn dime of child support. The state had to take care of the children.

      On the local news, an organization is making beds for children who are of single mothers who don’t have enough money to provide even a bunk bed for their child. The organization says that there is a waiting list for needed beds. WHERE ARE THE BLACK MEN WHO IMPREGNATED THOSE WOMEN? They are nowhere to be found, unless you count that they have gone on to the next, doing the same thing, IMPREGNATING ANOTHER BLACK WOMAN ONLY TO LEAVE HER AND THE CHILD THEY HELPED CONCEIVE.

      A former friend of mine started dating this Black man and she brought him to my house when my ex-husband and I were still together and he kept calling her, “Piggy,” I said if you are going to call her that foul name, you’re getting out of my house and I fucking mean that. My ex-husband pipes up and says, “he don’t have to go nowhere.” I look at him and say, “Motherfucker, when he goes, where he goes, you’re going with him!” There was a big fight that night and I had to press charges on HIS ass. The next thing I know, my former friend is telling me that she is pregnant by that piece of black shit and when she told him that she was pregnant with his child, he said to her, “if you have that baby, I am going to quit my job and you are NOT going to EVER receive ANY child support from me and don’t even think about seeing me again!” That is what he told her. When she first showed him to me, I told her to get rid of him because I could tell from 3,000 miles away that the Black bastard was worthless, but she refused to listen.

      Black men ain’t shit! And I have no problem telling them that to their fucking dumb looking faces! And I will continue to call out the fucked up shit they do. They can count on that!

      qnubian, I am sorry that you were assaulted. It is quite obvious that you have been through hell and yet people want to let these no good black men off the hook just because they claim it looks bad that the whites see us divided and some more shit. Well, if these black motherfuckers stopped disrespecting us and kicking our asses, we wouldn’t have to put their shit out there, now would we? And in fact, they put the shit out there by doing it!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment. Please stay safe and continue to take care of yourself. You seem like a great person who has been through a lot and you deserve better.

      Finally, this is the ‘incident report from when Breonna Taylor was murdered.

      Ain’t THAT some shit! You see on the incident report where it states that there was NO FORCED ENTRY and that Breonna Taylor HAD NO INJURIES. WHAT.THE.FUCK. But the police NEVER lie and they are the good guys so Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal would have us believe. Fuck those two Judas goats!

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      1. Shanequa, they are going to get their wake up call. Black coon head sell outs ALWAYS do and it makes no difference how much money they got. Where the fuck is Bill Cosby???!!! Exactly! And so their turn is coming, count on it. Let em ask Bill Cosby how much ‘pound cake’ he’s eating sitting up in prison looking stupid and was surrounded by about 15 different lawyers, whom he had to pay, and for what? Because his fucked up looking ass is still behind bars. They won’t even let his old ass out over COVID-19. But you see they let Michael Cohen’s ass out and he has already written a book and it’s been published and yet Cosby is still cooling his heels in prison. Those two, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal, will be made to pay. Didn’t Michael Jackson be made to pay? Indeed he did. His ass was always being dragged into jail and needed bail. Hell! He was broke when he fucking died.

        These black motherfuckers think that just because they get a little of the white man’s money, they above shit happening to their ass. Well, they’re about to find out that they’ve been lied to if someone told them THAT shit!


    1. And yet not one Black male blogger has had shit to say about that! Not one! But want to call me out for stating the goddamn truth! And even Black women are getting stupid by stating that “we should all get in a group hug and sing kumbaya because the whites are seeing how divided we are.” Fuck the whites! Their shit ain’t at all kosher either. They’re broke, bored and shooting it out in damn near every city and so ain’t nobody having a good ass time of it, but I don’t give a shit about them! I’m ALL about what is going down on Black women and the fact that we have NO one in our corner; no one at all.

      But you are right, those so-called ‘celebrities’ need to take several seats because they don’t get to say shit! What have they done about ANY of the shit that they know is being visited on our asses? NOTHING! But yet, they want to pipe up and get all over on the side of the kops like that’s going to stop the kops from pulling them the fuck over. I hope both of em get pulled over and get fucked up! I have nothing but contempt for those two Judas goats! They threw Breonna Taylor under the bus and yet, I’m supposed to continue with a group hug with those damn stupid, dumb asses? Not fucking EVER!

      Black people, for the most part, will never be united because we are too busy hating on each other; that has been the case down through the years for if not, why are ALL other groups doing better than we are? It is because other groups work together while we just keep bringing stupid shits into this world, who when they get old enough, disrespect us, beat our ass and otherwise, fuck us up and then go and hop in bed with our mortal enemy, but want to say that we are complicit in getting murdered by kops because no one should have fired at kops busting down their door in the middle of the damn night. Who the fuck comes calling with Avon products in the middle of the night when folks are asleep and so you know right there to be suspect about that shit? You’re not going to go to the door with a ‘gift basket’. You’re going to go to the door, locked and loaded because you are protecting your home and that’s what the fuck Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend was doing and for that, he gets thrown under the bus by Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal, along with dead Breonna Taylor? Oh fuck no!


      mysparkingthoughts, thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. @shelbycourtland
        These black celebrities are being used by their white master/mistress to control the black masses. None of these black celebrities are helping us in any type of favors they give us. They do the same typical shit donate to charities, make a surprise visit to low income black communities, open charter schools in which they don’t control, build recreation centers, donate turkeys & Christmas toys for the holidays to homeless low income black children, start there own clothing or makeup line and etc. All this shit haven’t help our communities at all. These celebrities are either treating us like a black charity case or trying to find ways to make money off of us. They are not out here on a rather basis communicating with the people in the neighborhood. They are not building businesses to put our people too work. These black celebrities do whatever is trending at the time then go back to living there rich lives entertaining the poor showing off there expensive trips & material items .


  3. Noooo Shelby as bad as some of us Negroes may be, we do not deserve to have Shaq and Charles. B as a representative of all of us. As far as who we (Black man/ woman) from personal experience and from women that I know(friend wise) I had have ( fighting to get over it) a tendency to step over 10 pussycats to get to the dog with the fleas then wonder why I am always scratching?


    1. Yele66, obviously, you failed to read any of the other comments. Barkley and O’Neal are NOT the only representatives of black ‘men’. The ladies who have commented on this blog, myself included have showcased countless black men who are also representatives of what black men are and the general consensus is that black men ain’t shit! That’s the truth. And do not even bother trying to deny it because you cannot. All you need do is take a look around at what is going down in the few remaining Black communities in this shithole. Black women are having to raise their children, alone. Black men are refusing to step up to the plate. All they want to do is stick dick in, make black woman pregnant and be gone and then they put Black women down for messing with their ass. What kind of shit is that? Black women cannot make a baby all by their lonesome. Some damn no good piece of shit black man had a hand in the conceiving of a baby and yet, they get to walk off like nothing has happened and then get to rapping that thug shit out about, hos on their dick wanting their bling” and some more shit when nine times out of ten, a black man ain’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out.

      When I was married to that piece of black shit that I divorced, his ass was somewhere gambling and I’m somewhere paying the bills while also getting my ass beat. I walked away from ALL of that shit and made a new life for myself in another state. So hell no, Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley are the RULE. They are not the exception. They are what black men are; no good, punk ass bitches who blame Black women for when the sun don’t fucking shine and so that is why they claim they have to “jump the fence”, but the thing is see, when black men jump the goddamn fence, they do the same thing on the other side and I know, because my damn no good ass son, is not even providing a home for his two half breed parasites that he helped hatch. My damn ex-husband’s elderly mother has custody of one of my son’s half breed parasites and he got another pasty face cow pregnant, two years ago and where that thing is at, I don’t know because I don’t do half breed parasites because I don’t trust them. They ALWAYS side with the whites and I don’t care if they’re babies or full grown. That shit’s not on me because I didn’t lie down and give birth to a half breed parasite. And the shit is so bad that my son’s wife died and he went and got with her best friend and that’s who he’s got the other half breed parasite with. So no, Barkley and O’Neal are NOT making black men look bad, ALL black men are making black men look bad because I could continue in this vein into the next century with more shit of the like that’s just in MY family alone and so I don’t think you really want to go there.

      You know the deal, Yele66, so stop with the pretense that Barkley and O’Neal don’t represent black men, because they do. Hell! You’re even making my point for me by saying that you will skip over the ‘nice’ girls just to get with what you know is a complete bitch and then wonder why you’re getting fucked up. You’re getting fucked up by a bitch because that’s what you want. You don’t want a ‘nice’ girl because they’re too boring. You want the bad girl; the one whose going to get you caught up with something that you can’t get rid of. Here’s a little PSA(Public Service Announcement)for you, just in case. If you find yourself with the incurable clap, then try and get a check for that shit. Don’t just sit around and moan that the bitch you could NOT do without, left you with a ‘forever present’. Get a check for that shit and for the love of all that’s rotten in this world, don’t go and subject some other unsuspecting woman to that shit. Keep it to yourself. I’m not saying that you’ve got anything, but you did say that you, “are always scratching.” It could be something as simple as a yeast infection because men can get that from women, but get it checked out. P.S. I’m just messing with ya. But you did leave yourself wide open for that. When online making a comment, just remember how something could sound to another person, they could take what you said to mean something different and go a whole other way with it like I did. See what I mean?

      Thanks for your comment Yele66. And stay out of the damn dog kennel.


  4. Shelby unfortunately nothing will change!
    The death of Breonna Taylor will be the same of other sisters have been murdered,another case that will be close because according to the law rule by racist wp there weren’t enough evidence to convict someone!
    This is how wp operate,they are the one who made the laws and they are the one in power to decide who to convict or who not!
    Sandra Bland case for example,they said it was suicide,OK wp you are absolutely right!
    This what Breonna case will end up be another case close and forgot!
    BM on Youtube they are blaming her for her bad choices!
    Basically it’s Breonna’s fault
    if she chose to be in a relationship with the wrong man or the people she was hanging out!
    Do you see Shelby?
    In one way or another it is
    always BW fault!
    No even on her death this beautiful angel can’t rest in peace!
    This is what BM really feel about BW!
    But for that piece of garbage of George Floyd,they were walking around screaming out for justice for his death, just because he was in relationship with Becky!
    BM want to have the right to be in relantionship with Becky without be murder or harass by WM!
    This is what BM want!
    BM don’t want to be separated by WW or by wp!
    When they are in silence, they confirm their desires, they want a way of harmony and brotherhood with wp,they don’t want justice for black people.
    They want wp to love them!
    We BW are an obstacle in their path, so you see them running desperately from us!
    They refuse to take any responsibility.
    They try to reach as close as possible to whiteness!
    Every single traitors and abusive partners, for BM
    I wish extinction,their love for wp this is where it will take them!
    I will say again WM and other men of colours don’t like BM for their behavior or what they are doing right now!
    BM are playing a dangerous game, because of they can’t control their sexuality,they are having a lot enemies.
    BM should be worry about other men than BW because they aren’t their friends!
    Anyway I will enjoy the show and I will not move no one single muscle!
    Shelby I am sorry that BM are alway on your face,they did the same thing with me,then
    I left that disgusting job,so I am alright now!
    That WM got what he deserved, he has been registered as a sexual offender!
    We BW are tough women but we too are sensitive women with big hearts, we don’t need the world to recognize that we are!
    Your hushand has KARMA it will wait for him,he will pay what he done to you and also other BM like out there!
    Thank you for you kind words,I always pray that you are alaways safe and may God protects you always!
    You too take care of yourself!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @qnubian385

      “ I will say again WM and other men of colours don’t like BM for their behavior or what they are doing right now!
      BM are playing a dangerous game, because of they can’t control their sexuality,they are having a lot enemies.”
      100% Agreed!!!! The non black women that black men love bragging about that claim these women love them so much hate black men too. I believe black men have a
      “ homoeroticism” for non black men. Black men have an obsession for non black men they marry non black women to procreate non black children with them. The same racist hate non black men have for black people the black men have for his very own people. Black men have accept the beliefs & values of non black men.


    2. qnubian, you are absolutely precious! Thank you for those heartfelt words and my ex-husband is indeed, going to get what’s due him. Before my mother and I stopped speaking, she told me that my ex-husband has been asking his mother who is elderly and sitting up on Social Security Retirement for a loan because he can’t fucking stop gambling. Now, get this! My mother GAVE that bastard my daddy’s expensive rings when my daddy died and so you can just imagine where those rings went; the pawn shop. My mother had the gall to sit up in my face and tell me that she had given everything of my daddy’s to my ex-husband and to my sister’s ex-husband and both of them had beat our asses from one end of town to the other; that’s how vicious, despicable, low down and fucking outright nasty, my mother is. I should have walked out on her ass then, but I am done with her now, that’s for damn sure! To hell with her filthy ass! I wish I had never stopped my daddy from literally kicking HER ass all those times!

      And you are right, black men are playing a dangerous game and one that they cannot win because they are too stupid to realize that they are the ones being played. The white man has studied his ‘subjects’ and that includes black men and so the white man is ALWAYS several steps ahead. Black men are on some ‘today’ shit with not a thought in their hollow heads for what’s coming down the road and that is why when the shit hits their ass, they are going to be so ill-prepared, it’s not even going to be funny. White women don’t love black men; they only use them and when they get tired of their ass or their ass becomes redundant to them, they call the Klan and have their asses arrested and fucked up or either divorce their asses and try and take them for everything that they’re worth. Ask Dr. Dre how his divorce is coming along from that white bitch that’s trying to leave his ass in his underwear.

      White men are the same; they will use black men for what they can get out of them and when their usefulness is over, so is the black man’s life. Just look at how many pro football players are dead because they got their fucking heads banged about so damn much, they developed some type of brain problem and died. The white man who ‘owns’ those players ain’t on the field getting his brains bashed about, he’s got his ‘slaves’ out there fucking themselves up to make him billions while those black players hardly live to spend their few lousy millions with their fucking brain damaged heads. Look what black people have to go through to make any sort of bank. They have to damn near kill themselves to make any money and then when they do, they pretend like they are better than those of us who don’t have it like they do. Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal would have already been dead if instead of playing basketball, they had played football. But still, they are going to have some shit visited on their asses as well. And the rest of those coon heads in Hollywood are the same; they want Oscars and Golden Globe awards for playing butlers, the help and 89,000 years a goddamn slave. Who can’t ‘pretend’ screech and wail when their back is ‘pretend’ being whipped? Our ancestors actually went through that shit and so hell no, it’s not funny, cool and some more shit to ‘pretend’ that shit in order for the white man to make even more bank off stupid dumb black fucks pretending to be fucking slaves in movies. And then other black folks pay money to go and sit up and look at the shit when all we have to do is look around because the shit is playing out, every damn day. Look at how many of us are sitting up in prison. That’s fucking slave labor right there, but yet, I’m going to play in a movie, pretending to be a slave? Black folks are dumb as shit! And that is exactly why we are still at square one talking about we want reparations. For what? Black folks don’t even have a problem pretending to play a ‘slave’ and so that right there speaks volumes. I keep the shit real!!!

      And I had also heard about how black men are blaming Breonna Taylor for her choice in boyfriends. They can just wait a damn minute because if her choice in boyfriends is her fault, then that would mean that there ain’t no damn black men out there worth shit and so she had no fucking choices and I know damn well that the sea that’s filled with black men is fucked up. Every single damn fish we pluck is a loser and so what the fuck choice did Breonna Taylor have other than to pick a fish from the “Black man is a punk ass loser bitch” sea? So now, according to black ‘men’, not only were the kops in the right for killing her, but she got in the position to get killed because of her choice of punk ass loser bitch boyfriends? Like I’ve said plenty times before, “I am SO done with black men, you have no idea how done I am!” Those black punk ass bitches are blaming the woman’s choice in boyfriends on her getting murdered? That tells me ALL I need to know about a motherfucker and that also tells me that I DON’T want to know THAT motherfucker!

      Also, I am glad to know that the piece of shit white man that assaulted you had to register as a sex offender; that’s the least they did to his ass. I hope his ass got some shit done to him. He certainly deserved it, the rotten, scum sucking bottom feeding parasite!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Yeah good point about wanting what you get. The term scratching was a metaphor when the fun stops BS continues. Point well taken about how you phrase words you will leave yourself open for easy digs. About us BM cooning/selling out for nothing you get no argument from me. As long as not all of us are abusing women children vulnerable people then we are not completely useless. The dog with fleas metaphor. Applies to both men and women.


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