Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Is A Liar About What Happened To Breonna Taylor And The Grand Jury Is Having None Of It!

Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron. Just look at that smirking, self-satisfied, lying bastard. It just makes me want to smack all the black off his ass! I seriously become unhinged every single damn time I see a picture of him. My blood just boils!!



I cannot stand looking at that self-satisfied, smirking, greasy looking dog because he looks evil, corrupt and criminal and so it is no stretch to believe that he is also a flaming liar. And yes, I am talking about Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, the protégé of that turtle-faced Mitch McConnell.

‘Aggrieved’ juror in Breonna Taylor case wants grand jury recordings released, attorney says

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — An anonymous grand juror in the Breonna Taylor case believes “certain questions were left unanswered” and is seeking to let the public know, Louisville attorney Kevin Glogower said on behalf of his client Tuesday morning. “My client is ‘aggrieved,’ to use that term, that what was presented is not being publicly disclosed,” Glogower said. Truth and transparency are the driving factors in his client’s actions, he said.

The motion the grand juror filed accuses Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron of using the grand jurors “as a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility for those decisions” and says that has led to “more seeds of doubt in the process.”

I have said multiple times that protocol was not followed the night the kops bust down Breonna Taylor’s door and murdered her. And now, even a member of the grand jury is outraged over the fact that Daniel Cameron has put the lack of any substantial charges against the kops that murdered Breonna Taylor, onto the grand jury.

Also, I cannot remember when I have heard of a member of the grand jury suing to get the truth out. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe, I’ve been living under a rock and just didn’t notice the number of times a member of the grand jury has sued to get the truth out. And apparently, what we have been led to believe is NOT the truth, but then, I already knew that. Kops LIE ALL THE TIME! That is their playbook; lie, lie and lie some more. If you only knew.

Ballistics report raises questions in Breonna Taylor shooting

The ballistics report from the Kentucky State Police on the Breonna Taylor shooting could not determine that the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor shot one of the officers who unleashed a barrage of 32 bullets into her apartment, contradicting statements made by the state attorney general, according to records obtained by ABC News.

Steve Romines, one of the attorneys for Kenneth Walker, said “the Kentucky State Police’s own ballistics report could not determine that Kenny’s shot is who hit Officer [Jonathan] Mattingly.”

So basically, what this is saying is that they don’t even know if a bullet fired from the gun that Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend used actually hit one of the Klan kops. And what in the world??!! They fired THIRTY TWO BULLETS, that’s 32 bullets into an apartment that they had no business at in the first damn place. That right there is just unconscionable! And the shit gets worse!

Breonna Taylor Case: New Bodycam Footage Shows Officers Involved In Shooting Breaking Protocols

VICE News reports that the received footage — that constitutes recordings from 45 different body cameras — is a part of an inveistage file that was compiled by the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Public Integrity Unit that was shared with the attorney general’s office in Kentucky. And the depicted footage allegedly showcases officers breaking multiple department policies, which also corroborated some of the testimony of Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker.

In the footage, allegedly, none of the seven officers that were at Taylor’s residence were separated and paired with an escort after this incident which is a violation of the LMPD’s policy which states that officers, involved in critical incidents, have to be paired with an escort offer at the scene.

Detectives Myles Cosgrove, Brett Hankison, Mike Campbell, and Lieutenant Shawn Hoover, are all still depicted on scene, walking freely with their guns out.

In the body-cam footage, an officer can be heard screaming at Walker while he’s already complying with their commands. “Walk straight back or I will send this dog on you!” the officer yells. When Walker yells back asking what he did, Hankison can be heard saying “You’re going to prison, that’s what’s going on. For the rest of your fucking life.”

WOW! So, who is doing the lying? And newsfuckingflash, it’s not Kenneth Walker. And those things; those corrupt, criminal monsters are the ‘good’ guys? Are you fucking serious? The man’s girlfriend is lying there dead, shot to death by kops illegally entering their home and one of those racist thugs, who I at first thought were in uniform, but I have since found out that they were not in uniform and that there is a general consensus among Breonna Taylor’s neighbors that they did NOT announce themselves or knock, has the unmitigated gall to yell at Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend at the time, that he would “send this dog on you,” and that “you’re going to prison, that’s what’s going on. For the rest of your fucking life.”

I am just sitting here dumbfounded. Why am I? Because this type of shit is the norm and that is a BIG HUGE problem because now there are calls to cease and desist with de-funding or disbanding the police force because of some supposed spike in crime when those criminals are NO better than what’s out on the streets carrying on. How is giving thugs a gun, a badge and a license to kill any better than those who are doing the same thing, only without a gun, a badge and a license to kill? There should be standards and it is crystal clear that there are NO standards because this is not the first time that this has happened and unfortunately, it will not be the last. Which one of us is next?

And that damn smug-faced, lying ass Daniel Cameron needs some damn charges filed against his ass and they can start with obstruction of justice, lying in an official capacity, withholding evidence from the grand jury, falsifying documents and the list is endless. I would dearly love to be the one to handcuff his ass and haul him in because you can damn well better believe that his ‘appearance’ would be altered’ and yeah, I know that makes me no better than that bastard, but I see it this way, that’s one for Breonna Taylor because it is quite obvious that she never stood a chance. They shot THIRTY TWO, that’s 32 bullets into her home and at least 6 of them hit her and those criminal, corrupt thug kops never even glanced in her direction to try and render aid, they just pounced on her boyfriend, threatening to unleash a dog on him, while also threatening that he will spend the rest of his life in prison, for trying to protect his girlfriend, himself and their home from intruders? For the love of !!!!!!!

It speaks volumes when a member of the grand jury feels the need to sue to get the truth out because we all know that when it comes to Black victims, the grand jury just returns “No indictment for kops,” but to go to the extent of seeking out a lawyer because you’re listening to the lies put out by Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, and you are not going to be a party to that, you file a lawsuit so that everyone can be privy to the truth. Whether we will ever really know ALL of the truth in what transpired at Breonna Taylor’s apartment, I don’t know. But what I do know is that some foul ass, criminal shit went down and the criminal was not Kenneth Walker nor was the criminal, Breonna Taylor. We should ALL know who the REAL and TRUE criminals were; the fucking kops that bust down Breonna Taylor’s door and then tried to put the blame for what went down on Kenneth Walker and on Breonna Taylor. How do you murder a woman who was asleep in her bed and then only charge one kop with endangering the murdered woman’s next door neighbors wall? That shit doesn’t even make any damn sense. It will never make sense because some damn criminal kops need to be behind bars for murdering Breonna Taylor and Daniel Cameron’s sellout ass should be sitting right in there with them; that’s what the fuck needs to happen. And still, that will NOT be justice because nothing can bring Breonna Taylor back, but what was done to her should not be allowed to get shoved under the rug with a shrug and a “no harm no foul,” mentality from that coon sellout,  smug faced, lying Daniel Cameron. If I saw that motherfucker on the street, he would most definitely make me catch a case and I am so NOT kidding. It is something about him that exudes evil, depravity and corruption. I know a snake when I see one and Daniel Cameron is most definitely, a snake. Sorry snakes, but, it is what it is.

And if you seriously think the shit ain’t real, read this! I originally blogged about it in 2018.

St. Louis undercover cop claims officers beat him during anti-police protests

A St. Louis cop is accusing his own police department of pummeling him while he was working undercover during a protest in 2017 – and then trying to cover it up.

Detective Luther Hall’s lawsuit filed this week in U.S. District Court alleges that his colleagues slammed him down twice and then beat him with batons and fists days after former officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty of killing a black man, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Just so you know that kops LIE ALL THE TIME! A Black-assed cop is suing the police department he formerly worked for because the Klan kops are lying about them giving him a vicious beat down that put paid to his spy snitch duties in the police department. Ain’t that some shit!!

Black-assed St. Louis cop, Luther Hall, had to file a lawsuit against the police department because his ass was given the assignment to infiltrate the protests and make a note of those who needed to be arrested for their conduct, but the police chief failed to notify the Klan kops on the force that one of their ‘own’ would be undercover and so undercover spy snitch cop, Luther Hall got his ass kicked and kicked good to the point whereas he can not return to his duties of being a spy snitch cop for the white man against those who look like him. So yeah, ask this dude, Luther Hall, how it feels to go up against the Klan kops in St. Louis and he will tell you, “It don’t feel so good!” Dude cannot even hobble across the floor without knowing who is responsible for that shit; he is. He should never have signed on to spy for the whites against his own kind and now, he wants a check for that shit. He wants to sue the racists who he willingly engaged with like he didn’t know what he was doing. Luther Hall got just what he deserved, but Breonna Taylor did NOT! And neither is Kenneth Walker, her boyfriend, but at least he is still alive and lawyered up and so hopefully, he will receive some sort of compensation for what those damn corrupt criminal thugs with badges, guns and licenses to kill did to him and hopefully, Breonna Taylor will not just be allowed to fade to a distant memory and a “That’s it, that’s all folks,” scenario. Anytime I read ANYTHING as it pertains to Breonna Taylor and the criminal injustice system that refuses to see that justice is served, I am speaking out on it. Count on it!

11 thoughts on “Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Is A Liar About What Happened To Breonna Taylor And The Grand Jury Is Having None Of It!

  1. Shelby, then at least two of us have never heard of a grand juror making any such request. The Amerikan Klan has been teamed with police departments forever. White-supremacist law has always been both de jure *and* de facto instruments of control in this Kountry since it was suddenly “discovered” and claimed for all the European imperialists since Kolumbus.
    I just discovered this gem on Wikipedia, it was new to me; but what else could we expect?:
    In September 2020, Cameron appeared on a shortlist of potential Supreme Court nominees by President Donald Trump.[38][39]

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    1. Bill, while perusing some articles relating to the grand juror who wants the transcripts to be made public, one article states that the ONLY time this had occurred before is when the grand jury was trying to ‘figure out’ if the kop that shot Michael Brown was guilty of even so much as ‘jaywalking to shoot him’.

      And yes, I had also read that the bastard; the smug, smirking, lying, egotistical coon, bottom feeding scum sucking slug, Daniel Cameron was on the list of Supreme Court nominees. It is no wonder, he is just another Clarence’ Uncle Tom Long Dong Silver’ Thomas and so there you have it, the racist whites know exactly who the ‘oreos’ are; the bobbleheads for the whites. Whatever racist shit that comes down the pike, the ‘oreo bobblehead’ will sign off on that shit and they hate the color of their own skin so much that they work extra hard to see to it that any gains made by those who happen to share their complexion will be NONE!

      How their own mothers can tolerate them is a complete and utter mystery to me because damn it if I would not stand up and denounce THAT shit. It just shows that the saying is all too TRUE; ALL skinfolk ain’t kinfolk and those damn two ‘oreo bobblehead’ shits are not our kinfolk. Daniel Cameron had better thank whatever he worships that he’s NOT my son; that’s for damn sure! Because hell hath NO fury!!!

      Bill, thank you for your comment.

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      1. Bill, I just initiated an exhaustive search of any information on Daniel Cameron’s FIRST wife, Elizabeth and I can find nothing except that they were married for one year, 2016-2017. I could NOT find a picture. I could find NO current information for her and so someone most likely needs to check where the couple last lived for the body of Cameron’s first wife, Elizabeth because she seems to have fallen off the face of the earth after getting ‘divorced’ from Daniel Cameron.

        And according to ALL articles that I read, Cameron’s ‘new’ wife is not related to Mitch McConnell. Word is that Mitch McConnell attended the ‘private ceremony’ because as you know, Daniel Cameron worked for Mitch McConnell.

        Fact check: Kentucky attorney general is not married to a relative of Mitch McConnell

        Cameron married Makenze Evans, 27, who graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2015. Evans is a fifth-grade teacher in Oldham County, Kentucky, according to Heavy.

        A spokesperson for McConnell confirmed to The Courier Journal that he was in attendance at Cameron’s wedding.

        However, there is no evidence that McConnell attended the wedding due to family relations. Cameron served as McConnell’s legal counsel for a little more than two years and handled a wide array of matters for the senator, including federal judiciary, law enforcement and criminal justice matters, as well as patent and trademark issues.

        Also, here’s from another site:

        No, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is not married to a Mitch McConnell relative

        There is no evidence that Cameron’s new wife is also McConnell’s granddaughter or related at all. A spokesperson for McConnell confirmed that Cameron’s wife was not the senator’s granddaughter, nor was she related to McConnell in any way. The spokesperson also pointed to a tweet from a reporter who has covered McConnell for some time.

        The rumor is alleged to have gained traction via a Facebook post that Cameron’s ‘bride’ is related to Mitch McConnell in some way, but everything I read, says differently. Or it could be that since Daniel Cameron is heading to prison on multiple charges for his role in the coverup of the murder of Breonna Taylor, Mitch McConnell just thought it expedient of him to attend the wedding, but refuses to acknowledge that Cameron is marrying into ‘the turtle-faced McConnell’ family. It was probably okay for Daniel Cameron to be an ‘oreo’, but not an ‘oreo fuck up’. Mitch McConnell, quite obviously, still believes that he has a family name that is above reproach. Is he delusional or what??!! He IS delusional.

        Bill, thank you for your comment.

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  2. When a BM like this gay on top of this picture, they hold a position of prestige and privilege,
    they forget to be black and they believe and think to be ”white”!
    Then you see them bossing around, they feel superior and better than BW!
    I saw so many time these piece of garbage how they behaviour!
    Of course he is lying Shelby, this gay is married with a Becky!
    When she will divorce him, I hope she will take all his moneys and leaving him without nothing!
    I hope someone will call him Nigger that’s what he deserves!
    He is waiting for Nigger wake up call!
    Maybe the family members of his Becky, they already called him Nigger!

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    1. Yes indeed qnubian, that piece of filthy gay shit should just do us ALL a favor and drop dead! And of course he is lying his debased ass off because I just read this today.

      Breonna Taylor case: Delay sought in release of grand jury recordings

      Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has asked for a one-week delay in the release of the grand jury recordings in the Breonna Taylor case.

      Cameron sought the delay in a motion filed Tuesday, arguing that it was necessary to protect the interest of witnesses, particularly “private citizens named in the recordings.” His office wants to “redact personal identifiers of any named person.”

      Of course that lying bastard wants to ‘redact’ some shit, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with some damn names. That motherfucker is now in ‘damage control’ because he knows that the fucked up shit he has been doing is now going to be uncovered and so he’s lawyering up most likely in an attempt to see how he can wiggle his away out of the shit he’s in now. Everyone should know by now that the lying bastard is a thug and is as corrupt as those racist Klan bastards that bust down Breonna Taylor’s door and killed her and arrested her boyfriend for attempted murder, assault on a Klan kop and some more shit, but they had to let him go because of public outrage. Not to mention, they covered the shit up for MONTHS! This went down in March and we just heard about it last month. They swept the Klan killing that Black woman under the rug as though nothing untoward had happened. What type of depraved, debased savages do that? Only motherfuckers with no heart, no soul and not an ounce of humanity and certainly no integrity, honesty or compassion could do that shit and that includes that piece of shit sitting up in the Attorney General’s office.

      qnubian, I hope that when that black assed oreo is charged with a slew of crimes over the cover up and lies in the Breonna Taylor murder case, that the white bitch he is married to does the same damn thing to his ass as the white bitch that ‘woman beater’ Dr. Dre is doing to his ass. She is trying to leave that black bastard that calls himself ‘Dr. Dre’ in his underwear. And that black bastard had beat Michel’le, the Black female singer, like she was a damn man and he is going to be made to pay for that shit. And likewise, I have high hopes that that nasty piece of shit, Daniel Cameron will be made to pay for the absolute “don’t give a fuck” attitude he has displayed since the Klan bust down Breonna Taylor’s door and murdered her. Jail is too good for the likes of Daniel Cameron, but that’s where his ass needs to cool his goddamn heels. And seriously, they had better do something about the criminal shit that black bastard has been up to.

      qnubian, thank you for your comment. It is spot on!

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  3. I can certainly count on you to all out all of these injustices. I heard about a bunch of those updates you talked about with the ballistics report, the cops going back the apartment, and the hidden transcripts from the jury proceedings. Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker were definitely innocent (obviously), and all this stuff coming out proves that case even more. The people of Kentucky should definitely vote that scumbag sellout out of office if they can do so or put so much pressure he’s forced to resign. Every cop, city official, and legislator who was involved in this enormous miscarriage of justice needs to go to jail. Like you, I’ve never heard anyone on a grand jury feeling outraged and trying to get the truth out there in a case like this one.

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    1. Ospreyshire, Daniel Cameron has told so many lies, they are hopefully, catching up with him to the point whereas, it is not a question of him resigning, but a question of how many years he gets behind bars along with every single piece of filthy shit that was involved in this obvious ‘cover up’ for what else was it? It was certainly NOT justice. They treated Breonna Taylor worse than whites treat a stray dog mowed down by a car. Someone would at least come along and scoop the dog out of the streets, but those bastards that shot Breonna Taylor let her lie there and bleed out and die while threatening her boyfriend with dogs and prison for the rest of his life for trying to protect her.

      I have also read that Daniel Cameron did NOT present the jury with the fact that they had options to indict those Klan kops on murder charges. Daniel Cameron only instructed the jury that they could only indict on ‘wanton endangerment’ based on lies he told them. So like I said, he is now doing ‘damage control’ because a judge told him to release those records. That lying bastard said that the records would be released today and now, he’s claiming he needs a week before he can release the fucking records. He knows that his ass is grass when those records are released. I’m not trying to give the motherfucker a way out, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he’s not attempting to do a bunk because his ass, I do believe, will be facing some criminal charges when the facts are known. He is even now lying AGAIN in saying that he did instruct the grand jury that they could indict for murder when that is not true and that is why that grand juror is suing so that the general population will not assume that every single one of them is crazy. Because they would have to be crazy to have received ALL the facts and what indictments could have been handed down and they come back with “wanton endangerment of Breonna Taylor’s neighbor’s wall.” That does NOT even make a damn bit of sense. Who in their right mind could not see that??!!!!

      I am just as outraged now as when I first heard of this and I don’t believe that I shall simmer down AT.ALL.

      Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment. This shit is outrageous!

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      1. Definitely and I hope those lies cost him as well as the others in the injustice system when it comes to this cover up. That’s right and someone who would kill let alone abuse a dog would get jail time on site to add to your point there.

        Yup. Those options are so obvious and it’s infuriating that a wall of an apartment was treated better than a human being. I heard that the wall that got all the bullets separated Breonna’s white next door neighbors. As soon as I heard that, I said “OF COURSE!”. Now, the transcripts are being delayed and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got charged once the information gets out as well as him being the fall guy of sorts. The people aren’t that dumb and are sick of being lied to.

        I don’t blame you at all, Shelby. To call this outrageous would be an understatement.


      2. Ospreyshire, everything about the coverups in this case reeks of underhanded shenanigans and that black assed sellout actually thought that his ass was a ‘rising star’ or either others thought that. How they could have voted in that piece of smug faced filth is beyond me. I get so damn tired of Black people believing that just because a motherfucker has even a hint of a permanent tan, that they are going to be on their side when it is obvious that nothing could be further from the truth.

        And you are right, when the foul ass shit about this case is uncovered, who do you think is going to take the fall for THAT shit? Smug faced, sarcastic looking, Uncle Tom, sellout, Daniel Cameron and I cannot wait for that day to come! That would most definitely be something to celebrate!

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      3. Right on point. I just found out about the major update in this story when it was revealed that Daniel Cameron didn’t even make murder charges, but only the charges for the wanton endangerment with the bullets on the wall. How can anyone NOT be outraged when hearing this? Not only that, but the sellout queen Candace Owens slandered Breonna Taylor in a livestream. I hope the Breonna’s family finds that video because that would be a strong argument for a slander/defamation of character case!

        Once word got out about the complete omission of the murder charges, I could only hope for this, but I could see this being that watershed moment for him to get out of the AG office.


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