Donald Trump Trounced ‘Slow’ Joe Biden At The Debate! 不不不


Trump was the winner just like he is going to emerge victorious and serve a second term. And I hope he does because he needs to finish what he has started. Trump needs to complete the implosion of this shithole and it is going to be GOOD! Donald Trump has lifted the lid off this cesspool and exposed the rot; the vicious racist rot that has permeated this shithole from when it was first wrested from the Indians.

Thanks to Donald Trump, the entire world knows that America is nothing more than a racist, filthy, corrupt, criminal, warmongering, toxic waste dump filled with ignorant, wealthy whites, poor assed American descendants of slavery and about forty-five still drunk, Indians.

First off, I am going to start off with something that was posted on another blog because it is most relevant to this one.

The pandemic has devastated downtown D.C. Some fear the damage is permanent.

From Los Angeles and Chicago to Boston and New York, central business districts find themselves deserted in the seventh month of a pandemic that has killed more than 200,000 Americans and left millions unemployed. And as hopes of a quick recovery sputter, fear is rising that a long-term collapse of downtown economies could soon become irreversible.

In downtown Washington, formerly a textbook case of a reborn GENTRIFIED city center , the coronavirus has flatlined almost every measure of vitality. About 95 percent of downtowns 167,000 office workers a mix of federal employees, lawyers, lobbyists, consultants, advocates and journalists were working from home this summer, according to a recent report from the Downtown DC Business Improvement District.

The clogged bike lanes, crowded rooftop bars and $5 pour-over coffees that signified downtown Washingtons GENTRIFICATION renewal are mostly gone.

So, essentially, what the article is saying is that GENTRIFIED Washington, DC is now a ghost town and the likelihood of that changing anytime soon is next to nil; not happening. The whites are moaning that they dont even have to jostle for a space on the sidewalk and that there are no honking horns or screams from sprinting commuters trying to flag down the Circulator bus because there is nothing circulating in Washington, DC. The hotel, bar and restaurant businesses are on life support. And the movie business is looking for a bailout. What the fuck does the movie theater business need with a bailout when no one is about to sit their ass up inside a theater to watch garbage while listening to folks behind them, cough and gag and carry on? They better just shut that shit down and call it quits for good! And ask me if I feel sorry for that shit?!! That would be a resounding, NO!

The whites actually thought that they were going to GENTRIFY Washington, DC and then sit back and enjoy what they had wrested from the poor Black residents who used to call Washington, DC, home. The same applies to Minneapolis, MN because the whites GENTRIFIED the hell out of downtown Minneapolis, MN and now that the riots have busted every damn thing up, the whites are moving out of those expensive high rise condo buildings and are moving back to the suburbs where they dragged their pasty asses from. All they do is go back and forth, back and forth whenever the shit hits the fan. But the thing is see, the shit is hitting the fan even in the suburbs because I also read that COVID-19 is wreaking havoc in the suburbs as well. Apparently, Neanderthal genes are linked with severe COVID-19. And since whites are Neantherthal and crawled out of caves, why, there you have it. So go on back in them, whites!

And Californias about had it, what with wildfire after wildfire after wildfire. There are so many acres burned, they say that the scenes from over there are like something out of a disaster movie. And also I hear tell that the Atlantic is starting to see some more action in the form of storms brewing. HA! Im SO glad!

But who can tell whites shit because they truly believed that nothing could come along and mess up their well planned lives what with heading to the gym before work, then to Starbucks for a latte and then to some yuppy lunch spot and then back to a luxury high rise condo where used to be a modest apartment building that Black people lived in. Whites have done so damn much dirt to us and yet, never considered that the shit they did and continue to do would not be visited on their asses? Well, it is and they are getting it in spades and that is not going to change.

The shit is getting SO bad that even TV anchors are heading to jail for bashing folks in the goddamn head with beer bottles, and over politics. Whoever heard of such??!!! A white female news anchor bashed a man in the head in a South Dakota bar and was arrested and the news station she works out of had to report on one of their own getting arrested. Shit is off the chain and so far gone, it dont even make sense.

And the debate certainly did not make things any better because ‘Slow’ Joe Biden looked the worse for wear as Trump huffed and puffed and spewed racism left and right while calling Biden out on his racism and all Biden could do was hang his head because there was nothing he could say when Trump brought up Bidens 1994 crime bill and told Biden that he needs to shut up about racism especially since he called Black people, Super predators! While Bidens head was tucked almost down inside the collar of his shirt, he should have just turned around and exited the stage because he hadnt a leg to stand on especially when Trump hit Biden with, and youve been a senator for FORTY SEVEN YEARS and Ive done more in FORTY SEVEN months than you have in ALL of those FORTY SEVEN YEARS! Once again, I reiterate, Biden should have just picked up his marbles and went home. Oh damn, that’s right! He’s so ‘slow’, he doesn’t have any marbles left. My bad!

It was even worse when Biden brought up the fact that Trump gets to pick another Supreme Court judge. Trump piped up, You and Obama left 128 judge vacancies for me to fill and now you want to speak up about when is the right time to appoint a new Supreme Court judge??!!!! Trump said that he has been able to appoint over 300 judges, thanks in part to the vacancies that the Obama/Biden Administration left open, not even bothering to fill in EIGHT YEARS!! Trump trounced the hell out of Joe Biden and cant nobody say different. And one thing about Trump, we ALL know Trump is as racist as a summers day is long and he dont mind sharing that fact. Biden, on the other hand, wants people to think that he is somehow less racist than Trump. Yeah, thatll be the day.

I find this to be all quite amusing because Trump has lifted the lid off the TRUE AND UGLY AMERIKKKA! Thanks to Trump, there is no doubt in ANYONES mind, in even the most remote corner of the globe, that Amerikkka is all about some goddamn freedom, justice and humanitarian bullshit when Trump shows everyone otherwise, every goddamn day!! This country reeks with corruption, war crimes, crimes against humanity, slavery, racism, Jim Crow, hate groups and the list of the like is endless, but there is no damn hint of Amerikkkan exceptionalism to be found, ANYWHERE! Trump has disabused everyone of the notion of Amerikkkan exceptionalism, and how!

Also, Donald Trump mentioned that Joe Biden’s son once had a DRUG PROBLEM!!! WHAT???!!! But yet Joe Biden has been on the backs of Black people about our so-called ‘criminal activity’ to the point whereas he drafted a crime bill that put us behind bars for low level drug offenses and for just walking and breathing while Black and yet his no good ass son IS AN ADDICT, but you see, that’s fine because he is WHITE. WHITE thugs and DRUG ADDICTS, especially if they are family members of senators are coddled and sent to rehab, over and over again, while Black people are sent to prison. Donald Trump made Joe Biden look like the weak, punk ass bitch he really is. Joe Biden screeched when Trump stated that drug shit about his son. He finally went off about Trump talking about his dead son when he knew which son Trump was speaking on. But he wanted sympathy by then. Well, none was forthcoming because every damn body has lost someone and so that don’t garner no sympathy.

And when Trump was asked if he believed in the ‘science of climate change’, Trump stated, “Do better forest management.” And he stuck to his guns! LMAO! So for those of you who live in California and other points out west that’s being ravaged by wildfires, Trump wants you ALL to know that you need to “Do better forest management!” HA! I’m loving it!

When Trump was asked if he really paid only $750 in income taxes, Trump said, “I don’t want to pay taxes! But I paid millions!” Biden piped in and said, “He takes advantage of his tax credits.” Who wouldn’t? I guess everyone has forgotten why there was a war fought against the British? Remember? It was over taxation; being taxed to pieces and with no representation? The Boston Tea Party, anyone?

The Boston Tea Party was a political protest that occurred on December 16, 1773, at Griffins Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts. American colonists, frustrated and angry at Britain for imposing taxation without representation, dumped 342 chests of tea, imported by the British East India Company into the harbor.

If every single one of us could hire a tax attorney to look for tax loopholes to escape paying taxes, we would take advantage of it, but since mostly only the super wealthy WHITES can take advantage of it, there ya go.

Donald Trump did NOT back down from anything leveled at him, he came back with a resounding rejoinder. Unlike ‘Slow’ Joe Biden, Donald Trump never stuttered, never stammered, never became incoherent, never forgot his line of thought; ALL of which happened to ‘Slow’ Joe Biden and he is the best the Democrats could come up with? Yeah, good luck with that demorats.

Donald Trump OWNED his racism. Donald Trump OWNED the fact that he does NOT want to pay taxes. Donald Trump OWNED why he gets to pick the next Supreme Court justice. Donald Trump OWNED Chris Wallace and Donald Trump OWNED ‘Slow’ Joe Biden. And I am actually grateful to Donald Trump because if not for Donald Trump, the vicious racism, inequality, double standards, hypocrisy and corruption that is inherent in whites would still be ‘politely’ hidden. But thanks to Donald Trump, who is unapologetic in everything he does, the lid is off, Pandora’s Box is open and what whites are CANNOT be denied! You slimy, racist, bigoted, savage, debased, brutal parasites can no longer hide what you are. Donald Trump has seen to that! Don’t be hating on Donald Trump for showing YOUR true racist colors, whites! Just like Trump did, OWN what you are because it is truly YOURS to OWN!

Every white ass in America was represented in Donald Trump on that debate stage and what’s more, you filthy, racist, bigots know it. Donald Trump has exposed exactly what every white ass is and the shit ain’t fucking pretty and that is why there are calls now from even ex-GOP members who are trying to distance themselves from Donald Trump by stating that Trump is “dangerous to the republic.” No he is not. He is just dangerous to the coverups and lies about how benevolent and humanitarian racist, bigoted whites are. Donald Trump is just exposing you pieces of racist shit for what you really are. Donald Trump is not the polite racist bigot. Donald Trump knows that white supremacy governs this shithole, runs rampant in this shithole. White supremacists are doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, school teachers, scientists, lab technicians, airplane pilots, CEOS of every corporation; they are not just the ‘proud boys’ who don military apparel and strut through the streets of this shithole. They are every single white ass over here, bar none. You racist fucks are just mad that Donald Trump has laid bare the foulest stench that follows all you racists everywhere you go. You cannot hide that shit now and you know it. If you whites are all that and a damn sandwich, then why is this happening?

Millions of Americans risk losing power and water as massive, unpaid utility bills pile up

This Tuesday marked 67 days of darkness for Kenneth Parson. He fell behind on his utility bills in the spring and his lights went off, and stayed off, starting at the end of July.

No power meant no refrigerator, so Parson, a 62-year-old with diabetes in Griffin, Ga., had no choice but to store his temperature-sensitive insulin on ice in a small cooler. He didnt have an easy way to cook at home, either.

In North Carolina, unpaid electric and water bills are driving families and cities to the financial brink.

In Wisconsin, residents fell behind on their electricity bills in August: An average of three in 10 customers at five electric and gas utilities missed payments, totaling $235 million in arrears.

More than 68,000 Nevada residents and small businesses were behind on their payments last month.

Pennsylvania said in its August correspondence with the state that it had registered $403 million in arrears compared with $290 million at the same time in 2019.

Meanwhile, talks in congress over another stimulus bill have stalled, not that it’s going to make any difference because even if another round of $1,200 checks go out to individual Americans, that’ll be too little, too late. And with every industry standing with cap in hand waiting on congress to bail them out, get in line, individual Americans because you can damn well better believe that the airline, hotel and restaurant industries will get bailed out first and be given more bailout money than any lousy thousand dollar stimulus check you may or may not get and now even the movie theater business is asking for a bailout. So quite obviously, no one’s day is sunny in this here rich man’s paradise, poor man’s nightmare and what’s more, nothing is going to change except that for the poor man, shit is going to get even shittier. In fact, Donald Trump. at the debate, pretty much told you how this was ALL going to end.

Donald Trump said, “THIS IS NOT GOING TO END WELL!”

I believe that, don’t you? THIS IS NOT GOING TO END WELL!”


3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Trounced ‘Slow’ Joe Biden At The Debate! 不不不

  1. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are cut from the same cloth, operate under the same dome of white privilege, are true believers of the same demons. The only difference Joe is the one who would be the next emperor of the US Empire, emperor number 46. Trump chooses the “continuation” option.
    The *entire* entertainment industry takes the white-exceptional farce and distributes White lies that compliment White sensibilities, culture, and breeding practices. Bald-faced fecal lies lie behind the vaunted experiment that sucks all the truth from the horrors. The horrors morph into Manifest Destiny. From genocide to gentrification, a continuous chain of lyncher heroes. The Europeification of the Western Hemisphere gets explained as a holy enterprise manifestly blessed by their merciless god. The mythmakers turn every crime scene into a joyous occasion. Disneyland and Hollywood paint a white face on every character depicted.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bill, Trump IS WHITE AMERIKKKA! There can be NO denying THAT! And whites know this, hence why they are trying to distance themselves from Trump because you could not help but see that shit! There was no way around it, over it or under it. You could not escape it. Whites have long tried to WHITEWASH every goddamn foul ass, vicious shit they’ve done and they are still at it today.

      Re-write that history book and take out slavery and insert, IMMIGRANT! “Yeah, African SLAVES IMMIGRATED to Amerikkka. They were NOT forced to come here. They came alongside the Irish and the Chinese and others and got GOOD paying jobs.” That’s how the whites roll. They want to sit back, enjoy their ill gotten gains while trying to look like their shit don’t stink, but along comes Trump and lifts the lid off ALL that shit and it’s stench is so damn foul, it covers the whole damn planet!

      And dressing it up with fake ass movies about some filthy debased slave owner in love with Harriet Tubman and that Sally Heming and Thomas Jefferson were lovers is yet another example of WHITEWASHING shit to make it look ‘better’. Whites cannot make slavery look ‘better’. Nothing CAN, despite whites trying their damn best to make it happen. It’s like watching a movie and we get to see the final EDITED version. We don’t get to see that there really is no Cinderella; there really is no Mickey Mouse, they are all illusions. Movies are nothing more than illusions; they make people wish for something that does NOT exist. In reality, Cinderella is homeless, living in a motel along the strip of highway leading to Disney World. Mickey Mouse is in the next motel room, taking off his Mickey Mouse costume and heating up ramen noodles on a hotplate while waiting his turn to get in the shower because in order to pay for the motel room, four people are sleeping in one motel room while working for Disney; that magical kingdom that awes little children with an illusion.

      Meanwhile, more folks are rendered homeless, more folks are sitting in the dark because they cannot pay the light bill. The water has been shutoff because the moratorium on that shit has expired and there is no relief in sight. But still, pretend that all is well; the casinos have reopened, the bar is open, schools have opened and more COVID cases are being reported and Black people are still being murdered by racist kops while a smug faced, lying Attorney General stalls for time to try and figure how to wiggle out of facing charges for lying, obstructing justice, covering up a murder and some more shit because he had the approval for doing that shit from the whites who own his ass!

      But get a load of this! Apparently, most everyone is well aware that Trump trounced Biden or we wouldn’t be reading this, now would we?

      Joy Behar says Biden should ‘stay away’ from more debates with Trump

      “The View” co-host Joy Behar said Thursday that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should not appear in future debates against President Trump. Joe Biden has nothing to gain from this,” she said. “It’s a fiasco, it gives Trump a platform to lie, to give dog whistles to his base, to sort of instruct them to be violent in this very sort of semi-subtle way.”

      Behar added that “Biden is too much of a gentleman to be talking on the same stage with this neanderthal.”

      Well, actually Biden and Behar are both neanderthal, but we won’t focus on that! I have never heard so many whites calling for Biden to NOT engage in debates with Trump. No one ever told Obama not to attend debates. No one ever told Bush not to attend debates and so why now, all of a sudden, Joe Biden is encouraged to stay away from debating Trump? Biden is NO gentleman and so that is not the reason. The reason is that Trump is showcasing the fact that he OWNS what he is and he is making damn sure that everyone understands that Joe Biden is NO different from what Trump is and every white motherfucker is well aware that the debates are going to continue to showcase that, hence why they are practically demanding that Biden refuse to engage in any further debates with Trump. Even before this debate, Nancy Pelosi had told Joe Biden to forgo the debates and even now she’s saying the same.

      ‘One and done: Pelosi urges Biden to skip last two presidential debates after Trump-fueled debacle

      I think its one and done, Pelosi told Bloomberg News.

      The suggestion from the top congressional Democrat came as Bidens campaign insisted the Democratic nominee absolutely will participate in the two upcoming debates with Trump.

      I don’t think Pelosi knows just how ‘done’ it is. I mean, the Democrats picked their ‘man’ and so why are they trying to shield him from looking exactly like what he is, an old, stuttering, senile, confused, racist apologist. The only thing Biden could be heard saying over and over again is “Here’s the deal.” I never did find out what ‘the deal’ was because Biden kept losing his train of thought. And Trump was prepared for whatever Biden could throw at him, but unfortunately for Biden, there was nothing that he could throw at Trump that Trump couldn’t dodge and hit back with something more damaging to Biden.

      Seriously, Biden does need to sit out the next debates. Trump beat Biden like Biden owed him money.

      Bill, thank you for your comment. This shitshow is just that, a shitshow!


      1. @shelbycourtland
        Well If Cinderella is homeless living in a motel with Mickey Mouse cooking cheap ramen noodles. Snow White & the other Disney princesses are working the corner selling sex and the Seven Dwarfs in a broke down dusty trap house trying to sell dope. I can just imagine what the other characters are doing. Lol!!!

        The question of the day is how well are these people survival skills because life is about to change for many of us.


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