Donald Trump Claims He Contracted COVID-19 From The Police And The U.S. Military


I am wishing for a speedy recovery for Donald Trump because, like I stated in a previous post, he needs to finish what he has started. The rapid implosion of this shithole MUST continue and goddamn! We do not need this setback!

Trump suggested US troops or police were to blame for infecting White House staff just before he tested positive for COVID-19

President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 just hours after his aide and close adviser Hope Hicks did. Speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday evening, Trump suggested that members of the military or law enforcement may be responsible for giving Hicks the coronavirus.

“It’s very hard when you’re with soldiers, when you’re with airmen, when you’re with the Marines, and the police officers,” he said. “When they come over to you, it’s very hard to say ‘stay back, stay back.’ You know, it’s a tough kind of situation.” – Donald J. Trump

Well, if that is the case, then Donald Trump should relieve ALL police from their duties and also stop sending U.S. troops to different cities all across America to squash what is a constitutional right; the right to assemble and address grievances since the police and U.S. troops are giving people COVID-19, left and right, even in the White House.

Seriously, Trump picked a fine time to come down with COVID-19. The timing is ALL wrong. Just when he had knocked Joe Biden out of the race for president by showing him up to be the fumbling, bumbling, stuttering, stammering, senile, touchy feely racist geezer he is, now Trump has to go and get COVID-19. I am hopping mad. I guess that’s what they say about “The best laid plans of mice and men.” Anything can go awry, but did it have to be COVID-19 at this stage in the game? Why oh why didn’t his heel spur just act up? That would have been much better than him contracting COVID-19 at this crucial point. Trump has an election to win. Now is not the time to be bedridden with fever, cough, aches, chills; the whole nine yards especially at his advanced age and factor in obesity as well? Oh dear! Things are not looking good, especially if Trump has already taken the drug, hydroxychloroquin. What to do? What to do? What to do?

I know, I know! Folks probably think I’ve lost my mind, what with me being an ADOS and not wanting racist Donald Trump to drop dead. Well, there is indeed, a reason for that. I was counting on Trump to “Make Amerikkka, Rome Again!” Folks, you remember reading about the ‘fall of Rome’ don’t you? Well, I was hoping that Trump would TRUMP that! I mean, Amerikkka was well on its way to looking worse than Rome when Rome fell because, have you taken a look at the September jobs report? No? I’ll fix that for ya.

September jobs report: The unemployment rate has never been this high going into an election

Heading into the November election, the US jobs recovery is running out of steam. The unemployment rate stood at 7.9%This is the highest the unemployment rate has been ahead of a presidential election since the government started tracking the monthly rate in 1948.

The pandemic has ravaged America’s previously strong job market and more than 22 million jobs vanished in the spring lockdown. If President Donald Trump loses the election, he could become the first President on record — going back to President Harry Truman — to leave the White House with fewer jobs than when he started.

Comparing presidents’ jobs records in their first 44 months in office over the same time period, Trump comes last.

Twenty-two million jobs have vanished! Poof! Gone! And I also hear tell that nearly 4 million U.S. jobs have vanished forever! Wow! That’s quite an accomplishment! So, what does that mean for the American people? It means that for those of you who voted for Donald Trump, who ignored the advice of his advisors and downplayed COVID-19, you’re screwed. The rent/mortgage is due. The moratorium on electricity/water shutoffs is about to expire if it hasn’t already and so where does that leave you? And haven’t you heard? We’re heading into flu mixed with COVID-19 season and that does not bode well for millions of us especially at a time when the jobs are steadily vanishing. And congress isn’t even close to agreeing on another stimulus bill. They are too busy sending fake ass well wishes to our dear Racist-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump over his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Seriously, whose idea was it to have two old geezers running for president during a pandemic when the medical field has stated that the majority of COVID-19 deaths has been from those who are elderly and I do believe that people in their 70s are considered, elderly. Yes, Trump is the younger of the two candidates for president, but not by much. Biden certainly does not need to contract COVID-19. I mean, did you see how pale he was during the debate? If the man gets any paler, he’ll simply vanish before our very eyes. At least Trump has the wherewithal to paint himself ‘orange’ so as to cover the pasty look I’m sure he’s sporting right now, and oh geesh! I’m betting that pasty look has gotten even pastier since he has contracted COVID-19. I wonder will he get COVID toes? Have you seen COVID toes in whites? Not a good look, let me tell you!


Hmmm…..I just noticed something. COVID toes seems to affect whites. Do we know why COVID-19 affects whites in that way? Let’s take a look at something.

Neanderthal genes linked to severe COVID-19; Mosquitoes cannot transmit the coronavirus

Sept 30 (Reuters) – The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus.

Neanderthal genes linked with severe COVID-19. Neanderthals who lived more than 50,000 years ago is linked with 60% higher odds of needing hospitalization. The prevalence of these Neanderthal genes varies widely, according to a report published on Wednesday in Nature. In South Asia, roughly 30% of people have them, compared to roughly one in six Europeans. They are almost non-existent in Africa and East Asia. While the study cannot explain why these particular genes confer a higher risk, the authors conclude, “with respect to the current pandemic, it is clear that gene flow from Neanderthals has tragic consequences.”

Let me get this straight! So, because whites dragged MY ancestors over here from Africa and raped them, I am now almost as susceptible to getting COVID-19 as Neanderthals which are whites simply because they forced themselves on MY ancestors??!!! So slavery in Amerikkka is the ‘gift’ that just keeps on giving to us Amerikkkan descendants of slavery, isn’t it???!!!!! For the love of !!!!

You damn Neanderthals, which we ALL know are whites, dragged your goddamn asses out of caves and dripped every damn thing ALL across this planet and then dragged MY ancestors over here to be subjected to every foul disease you hairy apes carry by dint of being too nasty for words! You have the fucking nerve to call Black people, monkeys when everyone is well aware of why you damn apes are so goddamn hairy, your hairiness is too disgusting for words. It is because the real apes are whites. How long did it take you to learn how to stand up, whites??!! How long did it take you to go from “ooomph! oooomph!” to actually forming words? When did you stop gnawing on bones and actually pick up a fork and learn how to use it? And yet, you have the nerve to call ALL others, ‘savages’, when you hairy-assed Neanderthals don’t have a fucking hairy leg to stand on when it comes to origins; fucking cave dwelling Neanderthals. Ain’t that a bitch!

And so it is no wonder that your patron saint of racism, Donald J. Trump, is suffering from Neanderthalism, better known by today’s term as COVID-19. I wonder what his toes look like right about now. Whatever they look like, I hope his damn doctor can patch his Neanderthal ass on up and prop him up long enough to get him through this election and four more years and I highly doubt he need be propped up THAT long because the implosion of this shithole will be complete, long before then. Shit off the damn chain now and so just a couple more years and it should be complete. That’s it! That’s all! More than likely, it will not even take THAT long. That is MY sincerest hope!

Hang in there Donald! I’m sure the other Neanderthal ‘proud boys’ are praying for you as you requested them to “stand back and stand by. Their answer was, “standing by, sir!” Yeah, for the complete and utter collapse of this shithole, you racist pieces of filth!

14 thoughts on “Donald Trump Claims He Contracted COVID-19 From The Police And The U.S. Military

  1. Trump imagines Hicks uttering the words “Stay back” — words that he has heard from those he has grabbed in his long career. He conflates the ravages of the Vietnam War with bouts of STDs he “suffered” in those years. “Stand back and stand by” are inscribed on the Proud Boys banner. The boys who listen and obey, but he now claims that he said: “stand down.” His spineless Republicans march in lockstep with his every wish. White-supremacist policies are shared on both sides of the only two parties allowed to function in the body politic. Biden’s 47 years are valued as proof that he is able to compromise, yet he will not compromise with anyone of them left of center. In those 47 years his commitment to stoking the prison-industrial machine with rhetoric and his inability to recognize his complicity with keeping Jim Crow permanent soothe the capitalist spirit that still writes the history of the US Empire.

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    1. Well, Bill, I just read an article that claims that Trump may have gotten just a little bit too close to Hope Hicks. It seems that she has come out of nowhere to be Trump’s ‘advisor’. On what matters? I don’t think I want to know, but word has it that thanks to Hope Hicks, Melania has been knocked off her pedestal. Of course this is all just speculation, but I hear tell that “where there’s smoke, there is fire.” It has been stated that Hope Hick’s office is right next door to Trump’s. Now where the police and the U.S. troops come in ‘between’ them, I don’t know. Maybe they are sent in by Melania to break up anything before it gets started. After all, isn’t she coming of age when Trump usually retires his current wife for a much younger ‘model’? I mean, we are talking about Trump and nothing would surprise me coming from the man who said “that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it.” Hicks is 31 while Melania is 50 and so it is about that time.

      And of course, right on cue, Joe Biden has decided to suspend all attack ads aimed at Trump, how thoughtful of him. Now, if he could have just used a bit of that thoughtfulness when it came to time to draft his 1994 crime bill that locked up so many ADOS on bullshit charges. But of course, thoughtfulness among whites is only for other whites, when the mood suits, that is. Biden could compromise on anything except when it came to mass incarcerating an entire group of people based solely on the color of their skin, then there was no compromise. It was just a matter of “Get it done!” And so it was written and so it was done.

      So, we truly have much to vote for, STILL. We’ve got ole racist, compromising, but only when it suits him, touchy feely Slow Joe and we’ve got, “Stand by proud boy hate group,” Trump, laid low at the moment by COVID-19. Something tells me, he’s going to die, although I certainly hope not because he has just got to finish imploding this shithole. But a body can only take but so many Big Macs from McDonald’s before becoming susceptible to anything and everything and COVID-19 was just, everywhere Donald wanted to be. Some are just wondering why COVID took this long to catch up with “The Donald.”

      But there really is no need for the ‘proud boys’ or any other hate group to get their confederate boxers in a bunch because if Trump succumbs to COVID, then Biden’s their racist-in-chief. And then when he contracts COVID, Kamala Harris will continue what she did best when she was California’s top prosecutor, lock up as many ADOS as she could.

      Either way, those who look like me will continue to live the nightmare or get George Floyd’d or Breonna Taylor’d.

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Trump is likely to obtain phone numbers from the youngest nurses on every shift. And who would ever suspect that Hope Hicks’ office was assigned without Trump’s immediate proximity in mind? A 31-year-old is an old woman according to the Trump standard, a 50-year-old who can’t stand being around him is not a contender. He could shoot Melania and still count on his base for 24/7 adoration. His doctors read from a script written by Trump with his Sharpie.
        Kamala was a perfect pick for Joe, she would slap a pair of handcuffs on a dead black without an ounce of hesitation, without a gram of compunction. “Heel, super predator!”
        Floyd’d and Taylor’d without a perceivable pause, either way.

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      2. “Kamala was a perfect pick for Joe, she would slap a pair of handcuffs on a dead black without an ounce of hesitation, without a gram of compunction. “Heel, super predator!”

        I am sorry, but I burst out laughing because I could picture that, literally. Do they call it “gallows humor?” I don’t know. I’m a bit despondent tonight or at least I was until I saw dear President Trump on video assuring Amerikkkans that he is “doing fine.” The conspiracy theorists were in full throttle mode, of course, claiming that Trump is really not sick with COVID, he just wants sympathy, yada, yada, yada. Of course some are also stating that he lost the debate and just doesn’t want to debate anymore and so looked around for a great excuse and hopped on COVID. Hell! Even Trump could come up with a better reason for escaping debates, because from where I was sitting, he looked as though he was having great fun hammering ‘Slow’ Joe Biden down into the floor. So, Trump must be sick. I think having COVID would be the very last trick Trump would pull out of a hat. I mean, look at much down playing he’s done about COVID.

        Anyhoo, I am still hoping for a speedy recovery for dear racist-in-chief, Trump because, like I’ve stated, many, many times, he’s got a job to do and I need him to do it; continue the rapid implosion of this shithole. No other could get it done like Trump!

        I am going to be signing a ‘Get Well’ card for Trump and sending it to Walter Reed just as soon as I hit the ‘reply’ button. ✍️

        Thanks Bill. You made this horrible day, tolerable with your comment because it did indeed, elicit laughter from me.

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      3. Glad to bring forth a burst of laughter, Shelby. Lord knows we can use one in this unrelentingly white-supremacist backwater of a superpower, a place that already instructs in lockstep with the 1776 Commission. History classes are already 99% white-supremacist soundbites, but WP do not even wish to leave that 1%. And I am not convinced that the 1% that is not white-supremacist friendly even exists.

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      4. Nope! Even 1% doesn’t even exist. Whites want it ALL! And will settle for nothing less, hence why ADOS are doing so poorly. Remember, whites burned down our Wall Street, burned down Rosewood, initiated Jim Crow, but of course, first there was slavery and so the shit just continues by different names; mass incarceration, gentrification, the school-to-prison pipeline, income inequality, subprime mortgage loans, imminent domain, CIA shenanigans and the list is endless and so, there you go. Nothing for us to do but enter into homelessness and hunger and die, that is if we are not inside prisons slaving away.

        The only way out for us is the grave; the whites have seen to that and that is why I hope, wish and dream of the final implosion of this shithole! That is ALL that is keeping me going.

        Thank you for your comment Bill.


    1. Yeah, I heard Cam Newton, a quarterback to some team has COVID and on today’s news, another and another and another football player has COVID. And yes, I had also read that there were at least 19,000 Amazon workers packing boxes who has COVID and so maybe, Trump contracted COVID via something he ordered from Amazon. I mean, some countries have tested products that took a long time to cross an ocean and the products tested ‘positive’ for COVID and yet, the CDC is telling us that we no longer need to disinfect the packages we get from wherever. They can go ahead with that, but I shall continue to disinfect my packages, although I’ve never ordered anything from Amazon, when I do grocery shop, I disinfect my packages.

      And since Amerikkkans can’t sit themselves down somewhere and behave, of course this was expected and it is only going to get worse what with flu season now upon us. Who is going to know if they have the flu or COVID? And I hear tell that the hospitals are already filling up with COVID patients to the point whereas many are waiting on treatment in the hallways. I know what that’s like because I experienced that in Baltimore long before COVID reared its viral head.

      Too bad those Amazon workers are not going to receive the ‘care’ and ‘attention’ from medical specialists that our dear racist-in-chief is receiving.

      An army of doctors. Access to an experimental drug. A special patient gets special care.

      There was no missing the message when a phalanx of white-coated doctors and nurses stood in the bright sunshine outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a briefing on President Trump’s health Saturday, and White House physician Sean P. Conley ticked off 13 names on the president’s medical team.

      A medical team of thirteen? Wow! Millions of us don’t even have access to one medical provider. And I’m pretty sure many of them were on the warehouse floor of Amazon packing boxes while contracting COVID.

      But of course, CAPITALISM must never be halted; not even for a PANDEMIC! And yet, look at this.

      NYC to Shut Businesses, Schools in Parts of Brooklyn, Queens

      New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he’ll close businesses and schools in nine neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens where there’s been a surge in coronavirus infections.
      The school closures will start Wednesday for an initial period of two weeks, with the possibly of being dragged out for four weeks, he said.
      Indoor and outdoor dining will also be closed in these areas. Houses of worship will stay opened with restrictions, he said.

      So, let them keep playing football and have parents continue to send their children to school and the hospitals will continue to overflow with both flu patients and COVID patients and like I’ve said before, who will be left to worry about an election that’s already been concluded? Trump has won re-election irregardless of whether he is alive or dead at the time. They’ll put up a hologram of him if they have to, I certainly would not put it past them. And it matters not to me that he is going to be re-elected. I want him to because, AGAIN, like I’ve previously stated, I want him to finish the job; finish the implosion of this shithole because with Trump, nobody’s day is going to be sunny, not just ours.


      1. @shelbycourtland
        Don’t forget about the virus being inside jails when people are still being lock up. I believe have the virus is getting into the jail is by jail workers from the outside bringing the virus inside the jail.


      2. Well Shanequa, you know that no one really cares about inmates since most of them are Black and so it is no wonder that the press has shut up about how many are infected in jails and prisons all across this shithole. Also, they are not quarantining those jail and prison guards and so they are giving COVID to folks on the outside as well as the inside. This COVID is not going to go anywhere anytime soon and there is not going to be an effective vaccine because COVID doesn’t just sit around, it is mutating and so how they are going to come up with a vaccine for a virus that keeps mutating, I don’t know. It’s kind of like why some people get a flu shot and still get the flu; the flu virus mutates and makes the flu shot, ineffective. No one has to be a doctor to figure that one out and yet, still they push those flu shots on everyone when they know that it is basically playing Russian roulette.

        Even if they do come out with a vaccine, I’m not taking it. I don’t take the flu shot and I am damn sure not taking a COVID vaccine. Those pasty assholes who are claiming to be working on one can take it their damn selves. Use themselves as guinea pigs and see how they fare. It’ll be a lot less of ’em for us to deal with, that’s for sure.


  2. Yep, they share more DNA with monkeys than blacks don’t!
    They have Rhesus blood types with monkeys so who is the monkey here?
    Look at their tiny lips, like champs or gorilla types! They have the nerve to mock our full lips, seriously!
    If you think that there are blacks that they have now that disgusting skin disease call psoriasis and other skin diseases!
    Black people have skin diseases that they never have before because when you are a kid, they injected you
    with diseases that wp suffer and once they inject you it going inside your immune system!
    I am not surprised about them, they don’t even take a shower daily!
    They take shower every once per week or months or when they remember to clean themselves.
    They say that their skin can’t tolerate that much scrubbing or showering every day!
    I don’t know what in the hell their skin is made but isn’t human for sure!
    They don’t even wash their legs or scrub at all, they just let the soap and water running on top of their legs.
    According to their way of thinking isn’t necessary to scrub the legs, wash your butt, wash your face, scrub your back, wash your hand after you use the toilet, everything fine! Then you smell that wet dog in their clothes or soak in their hairs!
    In the past white doctors couldn’t understand why their women were dying during the Caesarian delivery?
    While African doctors, they could practice Caesarean sections correctly without problems, the truth was that
    filthy white doctors didn’t wash their hand before surgery operation, that’s why their women were dying,
    because of the infection!
    Wp are living viruses walking around infecting everyone and everything!

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    1. qnubian, I just wish that the whites had never been able to crawl out of their damn caves. I am just sorry that the sun was not beaming enough killer rays down to fry their pasty asses on the spot! It would have saved us a lot of trouble. Those damn Neanderthals have the goddamn nerve to talk about ALL other groups on this planet when they did not even know what it meant to CLEAN themselves. Beau Brummel had to teach those funky ass Neanderthals that sprinkling water on hands and face did not clean a body; that a body needed to be cleaned via SOAP and water and not just liberally apply cologne and call it a day. And white women were also dying in childbirth or the the baby was dying because there was just so damn much bacteria down there, what could live through that other than germs and bacteria on top of germs and bacteria?

      Beau Brummell took up to five hours to dress every day, though his goal was to make it appear as though he had not. He was one of the first to take regular baths (a custom which was catching on quickly in nineteenth-century Europe), priding himself on the fact that he did not need to wear perfume.

      So, as you can see, those funky-assed Neanderthals were just beginning to take baths in the nineteenth century. They were just pouring perfumes and colognes on to mask their own funk. And people wonder why our ancestors were dragged over here? Whites were too damn lazy to even wash their own ass and that shit is just too damn nasty! But they want to talk about who were savages? Those debased, funky-assed, atrocious smelling Neanderthals just should shut the fuck up because they don’t have a funky, hairy leg to stand on when it comes to who is a ‘savage’ when none could be more savage than those cave dwelling monkeys.

      And you are also right! Their skin does have a strange texture to it. I’ve never touched anything like it. They are not from here. There’s no way they can be from here. The sun hates their ass. Look at em when they stay out in the sun; they look like a boiled lobster. The sun doesn’t do that to me. Look at this shit!

      You are also right again! If Black people get any skin diseases, it is because of those vaccines that they made us take when we were babies because you can best believe that if I had a say in taking any of that killer shit, I would have abstained. Black people are of this planet. We were in sync with it until those pasty devils came along and filled us with their poisons just as they did the Indians. The few remaining Indians left over here never recovered from what the whites did to them. You should see them. Their faces still bear the marks of disease. They are still inclined to alcoholism. They look horrible and the whites have the same thing planned for us. I’m just hoping that this entire shithole collapses before they can complete their plans for us because they are sure as hell, ramping that shit up.

      And again, you are right! The whites used to mock us for our full lips and now they are somewhere getting injections to puff up those thin lines they call ‘lips’. Look at what they’re doing to their ass. They’re getting implants in their flat asses because they hate the sight of their own damn ass while busy trying to make us hate our body. What makes me mad is that Black women are hating their own hair because whites have drummed that damn dog hair they have into Black women’s heads to the point whereas Black women are making the Asians rich by buying their damn wigs, weaves, hair extensions to the point that those Asians are laughing all the way to the bank with Black women’s money and yet, disrespect Black women ALL the damn time. You’ll never find me heading into those Asian stores coming out with fake ass shit and leaving those yellow dogs with my money. To hell with them!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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  3. My God Shelby that picture is hideous!
    I can’t believe people really think to have ”white skin” is good and beautiful! What in the hell it’s that mess?
    Why people can’t open their fucking eyes and have look at that ” mess”? .
    After that, they should come to me and tell me if that type of skin is still beautiful!
    Wp have the audacity to say ” black and brown skin are ugly” Fuck you!
    Shelby their motto is ” if I have it you too must have it ”, so if blacks have these disgusting diseases it thanks to them!
    People are breeding with them, it’s like you are breeding with ”infestation and infection”.
    Wp are desperate to breed with blacks because only our DNA and genes can help their defective and recessive genes to survive!
    Do you see how much racist they are but still when they find out that you don’t want to date or marry them,
    how much they get offended? In the end, they say you are racist!
    They hate us because they don’t have our dominant genes!
    It’s crazy how our people don’t understand that even in the animal world, the recessive or Albino animals are a threat for the dominant animals!


    1. qnubian, I knew you would be outraged when you saw that picture. The bitch in the picture tanned her whole entire life and so put up a picture of herself to discourage other whites from tanning because she wanted to show them what too much tanning does to their skin. Here is the article.

      ‘The sun is not your friend’: Woman’s painful tan warning goes viral

      A 45-year-old mom hopes sharing photos of her painful treatment for precancerous lesions will serve as a warning to others.
      Margaret Murphy frets that the world is seeing her at her worst, but that’s exactly the point of her warning about the dangers of tanning.

      Murphy spent more than a decade living on Crete and tanning herself to “look good,” she writes on her Facebook page. She also spent summers “doing sunbeds” to get a tan in the less-sunny Irish climate. Sunscreen was not a priority.

      “I thought maybe somebody will pay attention if I do it this way,” Murphy told TODAY. “The sun is not your friend.”

      No, the sun is NOT the friend of the whites. The sun is my friend. I’ve had no problem walking for hours in the sun for exercise and so I don’t know what she’s talking about because I certainly don’t look like THAT and don’t expect I ever will. That is why I restate, whites are not OF this planet. This planet hates their guts and they hate our planet which is why they have been hell bent on destroying it because by destroying OUR planet, they destroy us. But what they fail to understand is that as resilient as this planet is, so are we. Those devils need to ALL drop dead and that is why I have ZERO respect for Black people who will lie down with white shit and produce those half breeds. That is why I refuse to EVER speak to my fucking, no good ass son ever again. Nor will EVER speak to those half breeds he’s managed to help hatch into this world. Who in the hell would want to mess with some shit that looks like that from just being out in the sun? Make it make sense!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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