“Michelle Obama, Take Several Seats And Shut The Hell Up!”



Michelle Obama, just cannot keep her piehole closed. She had EIGHT YEARS to screech about whatever the hell she wanted to and now that her tired ass is no longer taking up residence in the White House, they’ve dragged her tired ass out and sat her front and center to be the spokesperson for getting ‘Slow’ Joe Biden’s ass elected. Don’t nobody want to hear from you! So sit the fuck down!

Michelle Obama rips Trump in ‘closing argument’ for Biden

Former first lady Michelle Obama launched a series of blistering attacks against President Trump on Tuesday, describing his policies as “racist” and accusing him endangering American lives with his behavior during the pandemic. The former first lady also accused Trump of “stoking fears about Black and brown Americans” with his “racist” rhetoric.

Obama asked white Americans for “empathy,” saying that as a Black woman she is worried that institutional racism will “destroy this nation” if it’s not addressed. She said that Black people for too long have had to live with the reality that too many people in this country “only see us as a threat to be restrained.”

Somebody, quick! Get that sellout, a muzzle! No she did NOT say that she wants “empathy” from whites. No she did NOT say that “she is worried about institutional racism!” Whites had enough “empathy” to stand in line and vote for her goddamn no account, lying husband, not once, but twice because American descendants of slavery could not have gotten the job done all by our lonesome. Whites and Black people looked to Obama to step up to the plate, but what the fuck did he do? He sold us ALL out and he is why we are going through this shit with Donald Trump.


Whore, let that shit sink in. Let it marinate because if Obama had lived up to his promises, we would NOT be in the position that we find ourselves in today. And don’t you dare speak of “institutional” shit because who the fuck is still locked up in institutions thanks to YOUR husband’s VP, Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill and just how many millions of Black people were still locked up in prison ‘institutions’ when YOUR fucking husband was PRESIDENT? Millions bitch! But now, you want to come out and cape for Joe Biden because you want us to believe that he is a better alternative to Donald Trump? Hell the fuck if he is!! I’m NOT voting for Joe Biden’s racist, tired, fumbling, bumbling, stuttering, senile, touchy feely ass! And if any ADOS have a grain of sense, they won’t either! And reason enough is because YOU say to vote FOR Joe Biden and so that tells me right there, do NOT vote for Joe Biden because no one can believe a word out of your lying ass mouth, whore for the white man!

Your ass is sitting up on Martha’s Vineyard surrounded by super wealthy whites in multi-million dollar mansions and you’ve got how many houses now? And yet your bitch ass is crying about being depressed. Take your depressed shit and shove it up your white folks loving ass and sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up because we don’t need to hear shit from you! You had your chance and you fucking blew it just like your piece of shit half breed husband blew it! Black people made NO gains in this shithole when you and your war criminal husband occupied the White House and so you tell me how Trump is worse than Obama? What? Just because Obama will put together a nicer speech than Trump, but still tell lies at the same time? Is that the difference because if it is, then there really is NO difference. Trump is just more open about his lies while Obama smoothly lied to us with his goddamn double talk.

Obamas pay $11.75M for Martha’s Vineyard home on nearly 30 acres: report

Former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have purchased a nearly 7,000-square-foot home on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts for $11.75 million, according to a report.

It includes seven bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms and several stone fireplaces, as well as a two-car garage, a barn and a swimming pool.

The Obamas had rented the property during the summer, the report said. The couple reportedly had made an offer on the property in August.

That lousy bitch wants to wax and wane about fucking voting when what the fuck has voting EVER done FOR Black people? Oh yeah! We get to fucking VOTE! Some of us that is, those with IDs and so we can vote for racist no. 1 or we can vote for racist no. 1 because BOTH are equally racist and yet, this whore is telling us, from an $11.75 million mansion, that all we need in order to ‘better’ our lives is to vote for Joe Biden who spit and spittled all over a lectern for hours in order to get his 1994 crime bill passed so that millions of Black people could cool their heels inside a prison for 30 years on some bullshit drug charges while his fucking ADDICT son got sent to rehab for his ADDICTIONS. Fucking seriously???!!!

AGAIN, whore, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up! Your ass can talk plenty of shit to us from a multi-million dollar fucking mansion because you’re now in the money.

Michelle Obama received a $65 million advance for her memoir, “Becoming,” while the pair also negotiated a $50 million deal with Netflix to develop programming.

In addition, the former first lady reportedly commands a speaking fee of $225,000. She and her husband are said to have a net worth of $135 million.

I don’t know how many ADOS have lost their lives because they were frontline workers when this pandemic started. I don’t know how many have lost their jobs because of this pandemic. But one thing I do know is that because of the fact that Barack Obama SOLD US ALL OUT, we are now dealing with the fallout from THAT SHIT!

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are directly responsible for why Donald Trump is sitting inside the White House, but they will never admit to the truth of that. Instead, they will just plea for us to vote for Joe Biden because by doing so, that will make ALL the difference in the world when who the fuck are they kidding???!!!! Do those assholes even think before they fucking speak? Because they sound dumb as hell! I don’t care how many degrees a motherfucker has or what school they went to, that don’t matter when a motherfucker sits up lying all goddamn day and night and this piece of shit is lying her ass off, the same as her lying ass husband.

The deaths of ALL these people are NOT on Donald Trump. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have the blood of millions on their hands and what’s more, they could care less because this bitch is depressed sitting up in her $11.75 million dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. Talking about she got ‘low grade depression’. What the fuck is that? Because what the fuck does she think Black folks who have lost loved ones thanks to COVID-19 got? What the fuck does she think Black folks who have lost their goddamn job got? But yet this whore “commands a speaking fee of $225,000” for telling lies! This bitch’s net worth is $135 million when her bastard husband started out as a JUNIOR SENATOR from Chicago and before that was supposedly doing COMMUNITY ORGANIZING. Well they certainly came a long way from THAT shit. But this bitch wants to tell us that the only way to a better life is to vote for a goddamn racist that wants ALL of us locked the fuck up!

All Michelle Obama did at the fucking White House was plant a damn garden and tell children to eat better. For EIGHT FUCKING YEARS, this whore was planting a damn garden and that’s all from her EIGHT FUCKING YEARS in the White House. She didn’t say shit about racism. She didn’t say shit about Klan Kops murdering Black people. “Black people, eat healthier so that you can have a healthy body when the Klan kops gun you down!” Yeah, that’s how THAT bitch rolls. Meanwhile, Black people were getting murdered out on the streets and kops were skating on that shit, but all of a sudden, this bitch acts like Black people just started dying at the hands of Klan Kops when Trump took the helm when Black people damn sure as hell was doing that shit in overdrive on Obama/Biden’s watch. Explain THIS shit, whore!

Obama And Biden Conveniently Forget How Many Black People Died Under Their Watch

Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Philando Castile, Tamir Rice, and Akai Gurley are just a small sampling of black people who died during interactions with the police that caused protests and riots. Each and every one of these high-profile cases happened when Barack Obama and Joe Biden were running the show but they don’t seem to remember.

Now with the death of George Floyd, the former president and VP are screaming that we need leadership to stop the systemic racism they say is killing black people. I wonder why they weren’t screaming this when they had the ability to do something about it. It must be a Trump thing.

Sit somewhere and explain THAT shit, whore! You won’t do that because it doesn’t fit in with YOUR agenda. There was a multitude of Black people who were murdered by Klan kops on your fucking husband’s watch, but you are NEVER going to mention THAT shit, you lying slut! What did you, your fucking husband or ‘Slow’ Joe Biden do about ANY of that shit???!!! Fucking crickets are chirping! But you want us to understand that the better alternative to Trump is Joe Biden???!!! BITCH……..!!!!!!!!!! Let me stop here because I’m about to have a goddamn fit!

Bitch, get off your high horse and come knock at MY goddamn door about some damn voting for Biden, I wish YOU would!

9 thoughts on ““Michelle Obama, Take Several Seats And Shut The Hell Up!”

  1. This is exactly why I tune out anybody that talks and acts like the racism in the country is because of Trump or that Trump is the most racist president ever. It’s all BS. It’s the same game they pulled when Obama was running for office. They made it seem like George W. Bush did such a horrible job as president that they needed “someone different” to take office. I remember many people saying, “Obama has to spend his presidency cleaning up the mess Bush made. He might not be able to what he needs to do.” Yeah right. And that was the excuse many people were using for Obama before he even got elected as president. 😒

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    1. Exactly, mysparkingthoughts. And yet Black people to this very day will give that piece of shit and his damn whore a free goddamn pass just because they’re Black assed. That don’t count for shit with me. I don’t give a damn if the motherfucker is so black, you can’t even see them in the damn dark because all skinfolk damn sure as hell ain’t kinfolk. And Obama did not even have the same origins as ADOS. His fucking ass did NOT come from slavery. His damn daddy was from Africa and his damn mother was white and so that is NOT ADOS. And he sure as hell acted the part of NOT being ADOS. He wasn’t about to do shit for us and people thought that just because he married black assed Michelle Obama that that was going to make a difference. HA! He sure showed them and the rest of us.

      George Bush was no different from the rest of the racist presidents we’ve had. ALL have been racist and Barack Obama was no damn ‘breath of fresh air’ because he continued with what all the other racist presidents had been doing. What the fuck changed just because that bastard with a permanent tan stepped inside the Oval Office because when I look around, what gains have ADOS made in this shithole after having had the so-called ‘first black president’ in office? NONE! Because if we had made any gains, would what’s going down now, be going down? And the shit never ceased when Obama was in office and the Democrats had control of the House AND the Senate for two goddamn years and what did they do with that advantage? Pissed it away and yet, they now want us to understand that if the Democrats can just win back both the House and the Senate and the presidency, our lives will magically change for the better? The sad part is that some loony ass Black people are buying that bullshit. More’s the damn pity.

      mysparkingthoughts, thank you for your comment.

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    1. mysparkingthoughts, that is more than likely exactly why you got so damn frustrated, you wrote that last blog because when shit gets to you, you’ve just got to let it out. If you don’t, you’ll blow a gasket. We will NEVER get our act together and I’m not braggin’, I’m just sayin’. And that is a damn shame.

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    1. That would be a safe ass bet! I am NOT even registered. Why bother???!!! Some people say, vote for LOCAL politicians. Seriously??? We had a Black mayor who stole money from disabled people when he was their representative payee. He also took money for one purpose and used it for another and these Black fools even chartered buses to go and stand with his criminal ass at his court appearance! We just had ANOTHER Black mayor who did absolutely NOTHING for her poor Black constituents because if making this burg the No. 1 burg for EVICTIONS in the entire state of Virginia is doing something for Black people, then she accomplished that! And then there are others who say that we should vote for judges because some will give us more time behind bars than others will. I have an answer for that, I have lived for over four decades on this planet and I’ve managed to NOT stand before a judge to be told that I’m getting so and so many years behind bars for so and so crime that I committed. If I can do it, then so can others.

      There ain’t shit to vote for and for those who say, “Don’t complain about what you’re going to get if you don’t vote!” I say to that, when I did vote, I still had much to complain about and so what the fuck’s the difference? The difference is, I will at least NOT have stood in line or even tried to mail in a ballot to vote for what I’m still going to complain about. What the fuck does voting do FOR Black people? Nothing. Barack Obama is a prime example of why there is absolutely NO need to vote!

      Racism did not just become problematic thanks to Donald Trump and I do believe that I showcased that with this blog.

      Miz100, I thank you for your comment. As you can see, you unleashed another torrent of emotions here.🤬🤬🤬😄 Thanks again, man!

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      1. You write with a lot of passion I like that.. As far as voting, I tell black ppl all the time to look around at their communities and ask themselves what has voting helped with? Nothing! is the same answer I get every time… Besides most black folks saying well I’m voting because of our ancestors fought for us to vote… The Electoral College didn’t exist when our ancestors fought for their rights plus they still didn’t change the constitution… I’m going to stop there… I love your blogs #Salute

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      2. Thank you! It is always nice to know that someone appreciates what I write. I so seldom get that, but then you can see why. I don’t pretty shit up. I don’t sugarcoat shit and so what I write; the truth, is not what people want to see. Well, that is what they are going to get when they come all up in here; and a big dose of it they’ll get.

        Thanks again!

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