What In The Hell??!!! Klan Kops Are Charged For Beating Porcupines To Death!! For The Love Of !!๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„


Everyone by now is well aware that when the Klan kops kill American descendants of slavery, they get off on that lame ass, “I feared for my worthless ass life,” bullshit. Grand juries hand down no indictments and the Klan kops are free to continue their ‘slave patrol’ duties. But get a load of this!

โ€˜Shamefulโ€™: Police Officers Charged for Beating Multiple Porcupines to Death While on Duty

Officers Addison Cox and Michael Rolerson

Two police officers in Rockland, Maine who were fired last week now face charges of aggravated cruelty to animals for allegedly beating several porcupines to death during their shifts. According to the report, the officers didnโ€™t just pummel the animals, they also shared the deed via social media. In the video, Rolerson beat something on the ground with his baton, saying โ€˜I got itโ€™ as he returned to his cruiser. A photo of a dead porcupine was then posted.โ€ Cox and Rolerson allegedly admitted to beating the animals to death and expressed remorse. Per the Gazette, Rolerson estimated to killing eight porcupines and Cox admitted to killing three.

So,ย  am I to understand that Klan Kops can get off for killing Black PEOPLE, but when it comes to killing PORCUPINES, whites draw the line???!!! Seriously??!! “Klan kops, go out and shoot and kill as many American descendants of slavery as you can, but stop that shit right now when it comes to PORCUPINES. Your ass will get fired and charged for doing THAT shit! Now get the hell out of this department, you PORCUPINE KILLERS!”

I just cannot make this shit up!!! WHAT.THE.HELL. Tell me, what Klan kop was charged with murdering 12-year old Tamir Rice? What Klan kop is sitting in prison for murdering a 12-year old child? What Klan kop was charged and is serving time for murdering Freddie Gray? What Klan kop was charged and is serving time for murdering Philando Castile? What Klan kop was charged and is serving time for murdering Breonna Taylor? What Klan kop was charged with and is serving time for murdering Michael Brown? What Klan kop was charged and is serving time for murdering Alton Sterling? What Klan Kop was charged and is serving time for murdering 7-year old Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley-Jones? But yet Klan kops have been fired AND charged for killing PORCUPINES!!!

And according to the whites, it is a case of, “Oh what a shame! What a goddamn shame that is! They murdered PORCUPINES!!! Innocent PORCUPINES that were just doing what PORCUPINES do! We have got to make an example out of these thug, rogue law enforcement officers by firing their asses and charging them with AGGRAVATED CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. There! That will send a message to the rest of those fuckers who are just like these two. Kill some PORCUPINES and not only will your ass get fired, you will be charged. Don’t fuck with PORCUPINES!”

That’s how the whites carry it. Black people only wish that laws that apply to damn animals could be applied to our HUMAN asses because we don’t count for shit when fucking PORCUPINES garner more punishment for Klan kops than killing us does. Make.It.Make.Sense. I am about to blow a goddamn gasket. It is no wonder that no one is blogging anymore. My reader was empty today and it is more than likely because Black bloggers are sitting somewhere homeless or have had their smartphone plans turned off because either their hours are reduced or they have flat out lost their jobs or folks are in their homes turning to soup because they contracted COVID-19 and there is no one to come looking for them until eviction time and by the time they are found, they’ll be a goddamn skeleton. But meanwhile, Klan kops are getting fired and charged for killing PORCUPINES. What in the world is going on here? What’s up is down, what’s down is up and the shit has me, cross-eyed.

The Klan kops may be charged, but what I want to know is will they be serving any time because Michael Vick was certainly made to serve time for damn near the same charges leveled at those Klan kops; AGGRAVATED CRUELTY TO ANIMALS and he served time in prison for that shit despite having to pay a lawyer as opposed to being represented by a public defender. Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months on animal cruelty charges and so it is going to be real interesting to see if those two Klan kops serve any time. I won’t hold my breath.

Folks, I don’t know how this is all going to end. The only thing I do know is that the shit is not going to end well and for many, the shit has already ended. What’s going down cannot continue regardless if there is an election or not because as things stand, what the hell use is an election when everything over here is either infected, fried, toasted, oven roasted, flooded out, about to be flooded out, drought stricken and some more shit? Black people are still getting murdered in their beds while Klan kops skate and yet kops are getting fired and charged for killing PORCUPINES. Hunger and homelessness are about to become even more of an epidemic. People are saying, all across the U.S. that where they live, things are eerily quiet as if their neighbors are dead and just haven’t been discovered yet. I already posted a blog about how quiet the shit’s gotten around me. I don’t hear shit anymore and months ago, children were outside playing, parties were going on, loud music was booming all over the place and now, all is silent; all is eerily quiet. I have never witnessed the likes of this in my life.

The strangest shit is happening. The most fucked up shit is happening. Shit that don’t even make any sense is occurring and yet, we are being encouraged to behave as if everything is normal when it should not be ‘normal’ or ‘the norm’ for Klan kops to be fired and charged for killing PORCUPINES while getting off scot free for killing American descendants of slavery.

Black folks, I know that our issues are many and I do feel for you if your situation has deteriorated to the point whereas you are having no idea what to do. I wish that I had a solution. But all I can do is hope that things are not as dire for Black people as I think they are. And it is cold comfort, I am sure, to know that we will be having plenty of company, very shortly.

Breonna Taylor was murdered for merely sleeping and the only charge a Klan kop received for that shit was for endangering her neighbor’s wall by firing shots and yet these Klan kops have already been fired AND charged with AGGRAVATED CRUELTY TO ANIMALS for beating PORCUPINES to death. This shit cannot go on ad infinitum. It cannot continue and that is why shit is off the chain on this entire planet. All of this shit is going to be shut down in one form or another.

10 thoughts on “What In The Hell??!!! Klan Kops Are Charged For Beating Porcupines To Death!! For The Love Of !!๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  1. Charged with killing porcupines?! That is one of those stories that’s so bizarre and infuriating that it must be true.

    Don’t get me wrong, no one should be abusing and killing porcupines, but it further proves the point that animals’ lives matter more than Black people’s lives in American society which is a sad reality. You don’t even have to be a cop. I’ve heard stories of regular civilians straight up murdering animals and they get YEARS in prison for doing that. There’s even a documentary called “Don’t F*** With Cats” (I haven’t seen it yet) which is about someone getting caught murdering cats by some internet sleuths who exposed this person. So a police officer can gun down an unarmed Black person and the worst that happens is they get fired (maybe), but god forbid if they start bashing the brains out of Sonic’s cousins, then they’re getting jail time for it. What’s next, is there going to be some #PorcupineLivesMatter hashtag trending worldwide now? I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened if this story makes the rounds on the net. Whether it’s used literally or as a brutal form of irony to prove systemic racism exists could happen.

    When I saw the title of your post, I just had to throw my 2 cents on the matter with how insane this story is. I definitely share your outrage with the stark contrast with how a porcupine can be treated compared to a Black person. Thank you for informing me of this story, Shelby. Truth really is stranger than fiction when it comes to cases like these.

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    1. Ospreyshire, yep, I am sure that someone will make this, #PorcupineLivesMatter go viral. I would not be a bit surprised. Now, like you, I am of course not for Klan kops or anyone else going around beating porcupines to death, but goddamn! How is it that Klan kops beating porcupines to death gets them fired AND charges while so damn many of them have simply skated after murdering us and have even kept their job? Because the Klan kop that murdered Tamir Rice was re-hired by another police department.

      And yes, individual citizens have received serious prison time for killing animals as was the case with Michael Vick, but yet, for killing us, there usually are no charges, no prison time and in many instances, no firing. It surely shows us where we stand, but then, we’ve always known that, the shit’s been THAT obvious. But I just wanted to post it to show just how OBVIOUS it is. No one is even trying to hide this absolute insanity.

      You are right, I could not make this shit up if I tried. “Truth really is stranger than fiction.”

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. Definitely. I could totally see that happening with that hashtag. That really exposes the double standards in America and great point about the monster who murdered Tamir Rice since he’s at another police department in the Cleveland suburbs instead of the city proper from what I recall. They were also swift in firing and charging those porcupine killers, too!

        Exactly and I don’t think it’s only because of PETA or any animal rights groups pressuring others into enforcing these kinds of laws. It truly is obvious and the porcupine situation only proves your point even more.

        Thanks. Sometimes things are so bizarre that no one could make a story like this up.

        No problem.

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  2. What’s wrong with so many of these police officers? Why do they feel the need to beat and kill so much, whether it’s humans or animals? And lots of people in America always care more about what happens to animals than what happens to PEOPLE. It’s sickening.

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    1. mysparkingthoughts, what have whites been doing since they first made their presence known? Killing; warring with everyone, every blade of grass, every animal, every fish in the ocean. They have been doing nothing but killing. Killing is their ENTIRE DNA. I don’t think ANY other group on this godforsaken planet gets as much pleasure out of killing as whites do. Who buys the most guns? Whites. Who has to ‘hunt’ for sport? Whites. Who pays a fortune and goes all the way across an ocean just to kill a lion or a giraffe? Whites Who are the most sadistic bastards and bitches on this planet? Whites.

      No other group on this planet is like those sociopaths. They need to be gone. This planet does not even like them and rightly so because their very nature is destructive. That is why I don’t know how ANY other group could mess with them because those things are NOT human.

      And what’s more, those Klan kops that were killing those porcupines were supposed to be investigating some other shit.

      This is also from the original article:

      In a police report obtained by the Gazette, Sergeant Scott Redmun II, referred to the beatings as โ€œshameful.โ€

      โ€œResidents of the city of Rockland recently were victimized by an individual breaking into their homes and stealing valuable items in the middle of the night. During this time, you have uniformed officers on the Bog Road brutally torturing and killing innocent animals,โ€ Redmun wrote.

      So, while those damn sociopaths were killing porcupines for sport, they were supposed to be finding out who was breaking into peoples’ homes and stealing their shit, but because whites have the killing fever, they don’t give a shit for doing anything other than what they are wired for; killing. And that is why I have ZERO respect for ANY whites because I know what they are; fucking killers! That’s all they are hence why they are hell bent on killing this entire planet and everyone and everything therein. Don’t ever trust those THINGS!

      I thank you for your comment.

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      1. No, it is I who thank YOU! We all need to know what we’ve been guilty of doing and I will admit when I fuck up and I say it. Hell! I call my own self out as well as everybody else when I see some crazy shit. But your blog was right on point.

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