Are Black People Gods? — My Sparking Thoughts

For a while, I’ve been thinking about some of the things black people say about themselves. A fellow reader of mine brought this to my attention as well. I’ve noticed that a lot of times, black people like to say things such as: “Black people are God’s chosen children.” “Black people are Gods.” “Black people are kings and queens.” “Black people are the original and first human beings on this planet.” “Black people have melanin and that makes us powerful, valuable, and special.” “Black people are magic” or “Black girl magic.”

Mysparkingthoughts is right on point. Black people are forever pumping ourselves up and why is that when like mysparkingthoughts says,

Black people say all these things, then turn around and have to beg white people for jobs and representation in their media. They beg white people to put black characters in their cartoons. They beg white people to make black dolls in their doll companies. You Gods, as you claim, can’t do that yourselves? Why do you need anyone else to do that for you? They say all these things, then have to beg white people to simply see that we “matter” with these Black Lives Matter protests. Gods and kings and queens need to beg someone else to see that they “matter” just as much as anyone else? Gods have to beg a people they claim came from caves that they matter?

Black people are always begging white people to give them more Grammys, Oscars, and whatever other award they created. Gods need validation from a people they claim came from caves? Gods can’t make their own awards and give them to their people themselves?

Any Black folks care to answer those questions? Okay then, I’ll share some of my thoughts on this. The Black people at one point in time were as self-sufficient as they could be. They had built their own Wall Street, had their own towns, but then the whites came along, saw how well Black people were doing and massacred and burned down ALL that Black people had built for themselves. And no, those Black people who were able to build self-sustaining communities were not gods, they were simply people who were trying to exist on their own; separate and apart from the whites, but the whites were not about to let that happen and so what Black people built up for themselves was destroyed. But you see, what our slave ancestors built up for the whites, whites don’t want that destroyed. They will destroy us first.

Now fast forward to today and all we have are keyboard warriors who are going to get shit done, because they are kings and queens behind a keyboard. But at the first sign of trouble, they turn tail and run. There is not one Black male blogger showing up on my ‘Reader’ since COVID-19 reared its viral head, not one. And there used to be several. But the funny thing is, they often, if not every day wrote about how Black people were kings and queens and even gave themselves names like “Kushite Kingdom.” Where is that? Is that where “Wakanda” is? They also spoke of how melanin is so valued and gives melanated people power over non-melanated people, but what mysparkingthoughts wants to know is if that is true, then why are we, today, begging the whites to get their boot off our necks? Why haven’t we rebuilt a new “Black Wall Street?” Why haven’t we become self-sufficient like those back in the day were? They were not sitting somewhere talking about being gods and from kingdoms, they were about getting the shit done while all we do is sit and talk about how melanated we are and how we come from kingdoms in Africa and so someone should be bowing down and worshiping us when all we are doing is getting our asses kicked.

Have any of you seen what’s going down in your kingdoms in Africa? Yes? No? Okay, well let’s take a look.

The displaced have been living rough for years

Nigerian displaced face jihadist attacks after returning home

Does that look like a kingdom? Of course not all of Nigeria looks like this, but isn’t it a sad ass shame that in the year 2020, people in what some of us claim is a ‘kingdom’, are still living like this because those who look like them cannot get along even though they can look at one another and tell that they have much in common? And so if those who make up a billion people and who live on one continent together cannot get their act together, why do those of us who sit in America because those people STILL cannot get their act together, want to pretend that we got it going on because our ancestors were shipped here from a continent of people who can, to this day, war with one another because of stupid shit and because their leaders are thugs who are selling their own people out to the highest bidder?

We want to believe in something that does not exist. We want to pretend that, for those of you who paid your money to sit up and watch “Wakanda” in the movie “The Black Panther,” that what was going down in that movie proves your point, in that you come from kings and queens in Africa when all you need do is take your ass on over there and then come talk to me, that is if you can get the hell out of there with everything intact.

Forget about the fake ass fantasy shit and come down to reality. Why do cave dwelling Neanderthals have it better than we do when we claim to come from a kingdom that has untold riches, which Africa does, but yet Africa allows those cave dwellers to abscond with everything that’s not nailed down while her people live in extreme poverty? Why is it that the Africans are trying their damn best to get to America by any means possible if there are such great kingdoms of wonderful kings and queens making sure that their lives are lived, not in dire poverty, but in the lavishness and decadence that extreme wealth usually accompanies?

Africa is allowing everyone from everywhere to come and claim her riches while her people suffer in poverty, misery and sickness. And if you wonder why Africa has not called those of us who are descendants of African slaves, home, then wonder no more because Africa has nothing to offer her Black population and so then, there is no wonder that Africa has nothing to offer us. In fact, some Africans are begging us to come over there and help them, as if we could. We can’t even help ourselves here in America.

No one on this planet looks at Black people with respect because we allow ALL others to take whatever they want from us, do whatever they want to do to us all the while those of us in America are claiming kingship and queenship and yet when another of us is murdered by Klan kops, the only thing we can do is pick up a protest sign and march through the streets until those Neanderthals tell us to “shut up and go home.” And that is what we do. We go home, get on Facebook and Twitter and turn into keyboard warriors. That shit don’t cut the mustard. Action speaks louder than words and the fact of the matter is, we have no ‘action’ to show for anything. We just want to be able to say from the comfort of our home that we are special. Special Ed don’t count. Didn’t the Special Ed kids get laughed at, get fingers pointed at them? Well, that’s us. Does that make you feel like a king? Does that make you feel like a queen? I didn’t think so.

And finally, mysparkingthoughts had this gem to impart.

But in real life, many of our people are going through hell. If black people actually believed these things they say about themselves and white people, NONE of the things our people are going through would be going on at all and they definitely wouldn’t be kissing up to and begging white people the way they do.

Get out of the fantasy world! Black people are not Gods, God’s chosen people, kings, or queens. They are REGULAR HUMAN BEINGS!

I encourage you, go to mysparkingthoughts blog and read the entire blog because what she has to say, we really need to see. And I will admit that I at first thought that she was bit hard on us and I had even typed a comment, but I did not post it because what she said is true, but in some ways, I can understand why Black people need fantasy. The only problem with that is that many of us don’t know when to let go of the fantasy and get back to reality. I am going to post my comment here, but I want you to know that I have the utmost respect for what mysparkingthoughts said.

Here is my comment that I did not post on mysparkingthought’s blog

I think this is a bit harsh especially if you look at our history in this country. Of course many Black people are not doing extremely well. And many are doing well. However we came to be here, whether we were sold by the Africans or stolen from Africa by the slavers, we ended up here and we are in the belly of the beast. And yet, millions of us are still here despite of and in spite of everything that the whites have thrown at us. Are some of us in dreamland and fantasy land? Yes, but if ever a group of people needed some type of ‘feel good’ shit, it would be us, for we have earned it. Now, I’m not saying that we need to stay in dreamland and fantasy land and for the most part, I think we don’t. No one can walk around 24/7, 365 and not want reality to take a step back for a minute.

And no, we are not kings or queens, we are human beings who did not bring this on ourselves. We, most of us I do believe, are trying to make the best of a horrible situation. No other group on this planet has our background and what’s more, none would want it. We have and are being put through hell. We have the status of being in THE most racist country on the planet. But that millions of us are still alive is a testament to the fact that we are unique in that we don’t simply fold. Look at the Indians. There are hardly any of them left. Our ancestors arrived here shortly after the Indians were basically destroyed and yet we have still managed accrue more of a population count than the original inhabitants of this land and I do think that that speaks volumes. No politician is even trying to ‘court’ the Native Indian vote, but they are still trying to court ours.

Do we have problems? Of course we do. But we cannot overcome them all while living in a land that boasts and brags about upholding white supremacy; always has and always will. We did not ask to be here. Our ancestors were dragged here and we are just trying to make the most of a horrifying situation. We are not the problem, the problem is the whites’ vicious hatred of us knows no bounds, hence why ALL other groups are welcomed over here to step on us.

And yes, I admit that I have taken Black people to task for trusting in the whites to the point whereas they will lie down with their mortal enemy and expect to get up free of fleas and everything else. I am not even speaking to my own son because all he will mess with are those pasty-faced cows. My blog is filled with posts almost begging Black people to cease and desist with calling one another the ‘N’ word; a derogatory term that white slave owners handed down to us and we took it up and ran with it. But at this point, I may as well give that up because it won’t do any good. There are many of us that are just too far gone. But there are also those of us who have not lost all self respect for ourselves and are trying our best to push back against a wall of hate that is so depraved and savage, it’s taking all we’ve got just to keep going.

Now I understand mysparkingthought’s anger and I sorta kinda countered it with a bit of my own because even though we at times, need a beat down, we also need to understand that we are indeed, a unique group. Who over here has the same background as we do? Who over here has ever stepped up in our defense even when we were doing for ourselves? So, please, do not make it appear as though American descendants of slavery did not try because the Black Wall Street would prove you wrong, Roseville and countless other towns would prove you wrong. Irrational hatred is hard to fight when the enemy is a sociopath and whatever you can believe about whites, you can believe that they are indeed, sociopaths. What they have done to us, they have done to people all across this planet. So no one is immune to getting it from the whites. We are just the first and foremost to get it because like I’ve stated, we are in the belly of this beast filled with Neanderthal sociopaths. And though we may just be ‘human beings’, I can tell you in all honesty, I do not believe that whites have that distinction. And what’s more, they wouldn’t even want it.

But no, Black people are not gods, but then, neither are the whites. And however bad some may think we are, no one could surpass the whites in atrocities, barbarity, savagery, depravity, debauchery and thieving murderous hatred. That is their ‘calling card’. Always has been, always will be. And what’s more, they will continue to make sure that most of us do NOT dwell in dreamland or fantasy land.

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  1. Racism belittles the role of blacks in taking this stolen land from an agrarian to an industrial economy one drop of blood at a time, to erase their stories and then reframe them into whitewashed pith, to deposit bottom lines into a white banking system, to sanctify the Klan, to lynch from 1619 to 2020, to steal 98% of their property and to gentrify, to redline, to marginalize, to deny enfranchisement, to deny education, to construct gated communities for nice white people, to deny justice in every form, to ignore white crimes at every income level, to kill blacks at will, to insist that Racism is a two-way street, to keep Jim Crow alive by every means possible, to prevent “those people” from voting and to expunge potential ballots at the earliest moment possible.
    The white-supremacist system originated in Europe, but most specifically in Britain. A single storm over the English Channel in the Sixteenth Century took the Spanish Empire from becoming the head hegemons of the planet, and they are never quite white enough. The English language became the lingua franca in the 18th Century when white colonialists learned the tricks of empire and ruthlessly subdued every independent tribe in North America to extinction. Blacks must ever remain invisible or viewed as a collective mass of people without a claim, without a name, and without a future.

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    1. Bill, say it again! I don’t think the folks in the back row heard you! We may not be gods, but we damn sure are not NOTHINGS! I did not want to be too hard on mysparkingthoughts because mysparkingthoughts is most likely well past fed up. I do believe that some Black people are claiming “kings and queens” status because if it were not for us, whites would hold no wealth because we are why whites are wealthy and can live like “kings and queens.” Our ancestors did not sit around and call each other “kings and queens.” They were too busy slaving away on plantations, getting their backs lashed, getting raped, sold at auction, stripped and beaten, had body parts cut off and yet, throughout all of that, still managed to survive because if they did not, we would not be here.

      No one has ANY right to take away from what our ancestors endured at the hands of whites and we are enduring vicious shit as well. There are Black people out there in their communities doing what they can. Will they make the news? Hell no! But they don’t care about that shit. They know what needs to be done and they are doing what they can. They are not called “kings and queens,” they are the “unsung heroes;” the ones who don’t expect nor do they receive, praise.

      Do some of us need a bit of fantasy every now and then? In our shoes, who wouldn’t? But to say that we are merely human beings who have accomplished nothing beyond sitting somewhere wishing on a star in fantasy land is a bit disingenuous. There has never been one drop of fantasy going on all up on this blog, that is for damn sure because there is nothing fantastic about the shit that’s being visited on a group of people who are here through no fault of our own.

      Whites stole us and they are still stealing from the same damn continent that we were stolen from. Why is that shit still happening? It is happening for a variety of reasons, but one of them is because Africa is divided into too damn many countries that refuse to come together and recognize that they have one thing in common, they are all Black assed and that there is some white or yellow motherfucker trying their damn best to subjugate them on their own damn continent in order to take their shit. Africans have already let those motherfuckers haul too damn much off and instead of fleeing their countries, they should stand together and fight together against an enemy whose complexion is most definitely NOT like theirs.

      Africans are even now waiting on some white USAID group or some other group to come through for them and bring them food when the riches of Africa is bounteous. No Black African need be starving; none. And yet they are. That is no fantasy. I understand that. Just like it is no fantasy when we are marching because, over here, Klan kops are murdering us with the explicit approval of this white government that is just like the government that initiated slavery. Nothing has changed. It is not by accident that all of this is happening. It is by design. The whites will never want us to succeed. That is a fact because every single damn time that we were successfully doing our thing, the whites came in and either blew it up, burned it down or massacred everyone in sight. So, it is not for lack of trying because THAT we have done, over and over again. And that is why I get bent-out-of-shape when those damn immigrants are touted out as though they built this shit when they did NOT. We did! But yet the whites want to re-write history books and take out “slavery” and in its place, put in “immigrants” when referring to African slaves. So, it is not just Black people who are indulging in fantasy because the whites are on some damn fantasy shit themselves when they can come up with those vicious, fake ass lies!

      Have I come down hard on ADOS? Yes I have because, I have at times, become too damn frustrated by some of the shit we do, but at the end of the day, our lack of gains, as some would put it, is not wholly on us. That’s for damn sure!

      Bill, I thank you for yet another spot on comment. You NEVER disappoint.

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      1. Shelby, you have inspired me to write further on this specific topic — a bit of a tirade for the truth that has convinced me to visit some more dots, dots that need to be addressed and connected. It will also be a response to SparkingThoughts post. I plan to post it tomorrow — well, actually *today* since it is 12:30.

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  2. @shelbycourtland
    Great blog!!!! I left a comment under “MySparklingThoughts” to do a blog on this under her recent blog on black hair being magical. I’m glad you did a piece on it too ShelbyCourtland. Our people live in fantasy land in which they are trying to find a escape from reality. Furthermore other non black people are laughing at us while we are bragging about living in a fantasy world..


    1. Yes, I saw your comment Shanequa. That is why I encouraged folks to head on over to her blog and read her message in its entirety.

      You know that I have ‘outed’ Black men for putting that shit up about kings and queens and then running for the hills at the first sign of trouble and I have no problem putting it out there, who has done what. Hell! I’ve thrown my own damn mother under the bus and then backed the bus up. If the shit’s foul, I’m lifting the lid off it.

      However, in a way, I get why some Black people want to sit up in fantasy land for a minute. It is because reality is sometimes too damn much to take. But for Black men to just abandon ship and leave women and children to fend for themselves when all hell is breaking loose is just the absolute end of enough. We are ALL going through something. I don’t think anyone is escaping all the shit that’s going down. We are all going through some shit during these trying times. I understand that. But now is the time to stand with each other instead of abandoning ship and leaving some of us to sink or swim. But that’s not happening. I cannot tell you how many times I have been told by Black people that I should just abandon my mentally ill cousin; just give up on him and let him suffer for lack of a caring person. That’s not me. Did I abandon my mother? No. She pushed me away. Did I abandon my son? No. He chose a pasty faced cow over me and so that one’s not on me either. Have I abandoned my so-called ‘grandchildren’? There was never anything to abandon because I don’t do whites.PERIOD. My son knew that before he helped get those things hatched.

      And finally, some non Black folks may be laughing at us now, but if the shit don’t get any better real soon, even their fucking laughter is going to dry up. With the way things are going, ain’t nobody’s day going to be sunny. In my neck of the woods, the Asians ain’t smiling, the Mexicans ain’t smiling and those Hindus ain’t smiling because this pandemic is costing their asses too. Taco trucks can’t even make enough sales to stay in business. And the Chinese buffets? Who sitting up in there touching all over corona? And ain’t no guacamole worth dying for. So, the damn laughter is about to cease.


      1. @shelbycourtland
        I have biracial & multiracials cousin who will side with their non black family in a heart beat. Keep the cameras rolling because we’re about to get too the climax of the moving.


  3. This post is also similar on when black men brag about being love by all race of women but yet are the most powerless men on the planet. Black men brag about building ancient African Kingdoms but have nothing to show for it today. Black men aren’t completing with other races of men but rather complete with black women. Black men claim they are the most feared & envy men on this planet but the most feared & envy men are non black men because they are the ones in power & control everything.

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    1. Shanequa, Black men know that they are powerless and I do believe that is why they ran for the hills at the first sign of trouble. Like I said, not ONE Black man’s blog that I ‘follow’ has had a single post showing up on my reader for MONTHS! That speaks volumes. Kushite Prince was the main one screeching and yelling about melanin this and melanin that and “kings and queens” and how “Black men should be protecting their Black queens” and so where is his ass? Probably on the moon by now, waiting it out with the other black ‘men’ who were ALL about “Black this and Black that.” Where the fuck are they now?

      And Shanequa, even Latinos don’t fear Black men. I hear tell that those motherfuckers from Mexico have taken over areas in Los Angeles that used to be strictly Black. And you know those areas were knee deep in Black gangs and so if Black men were all that and a bad ass motherfucker, how come Mexican gangs have taken over and are running things in what used to be Black neighborhoods? The Black man is an emasculated, punk ass bitch! That’s a fact! And if someone had said that about me and it just wasn’t true, I would have been all up in here pitching a bitch. Not one Black ‘man’ has had a damn thing to say about my calling their punk ass bitch asses out and what’s more, they never will.

      But what is also sad is that the same shit that’s going on over here as it pertains to the Black ‘man’ is going on over in Africa. And so, I guess this shit over here has too much African punk ass bitch blood still coursing through their veins because they are certainly acting like that shit over in Africa.

      Black ‘men’ think that everyone is in awe of their dick. Nobody cares about a black dick. A dick don’t do shit when it comes to having power. I guess that’s why white bitches are flocking to their ass is because they’ve heard that Black ‘men’ have big dicks. A black ‘man’s’ dick does not rule the world; it never has and it never will.


      1. @shelbycourtland
        Black men be screaming we are the most fear, envied & copied men around the world but when you are a non black men of power you can come in an take what you feel is yours with no question ask. Also non black men do not fear black men because if black men were truly Gods & Kings they wouldn’t be protesting asking non black men for protection. A true Kings would protect, build, & lead his own people. Around the African Diaspora black men are at the bottom. Women regardless of race respect men who are providers, builders, protecters, and have power. Too top all of that a man that is feared by other men but is love & admired by women is a man of power. Black men rather spend there time complaining then building as men.


      2. ” Women regardless of race respect men who are providers, builders, protecters, and have power. Too top all of that a man that is feared by other men but is love & admired by women is a man of power. Black men rather spend there time complaining then building as men.”

        Shanequa, Black men are most definitely NOT providers since they will not even provide for their own children. My no good, no account ex-husband was prime example of that. That lousy bastard would spend his money on the lottery and card games and then when it came time to buy our son birthday presents, he was talking about how he didn’t have any money. How do you spend money that should have gone to your son for his birthday when you know his birthday comes around the SAME DAMN TIME EVERY YEAR??!!! Not only that, but his ass worked by the bank and I would give him the money to put in the bank for the house payment. That bastard took some of the mortgage payment money and used it on the lottery and then I get a notice from the mortgage company talking about I need to start sending them the mortgage payment via Western Union. How is gambling more important than having a roof over your family’s head?? This is why when I divorced his ass, I said, “NEVER AGAIN!” And I have never again gotten married and I never will!

        And don’t even get me started on child support. I know a woman who has a child by this man who has FOUR other children by FOUR different women and this woman, because her child by him was the last one as opposed to the first or the second, gets ONE GODDAMN LOUSY PENNY A MONTH IN CHILD SUPPORT. It costs the state more to process a child support payment, than the actual amount of the child support payment of ONE GODDAMN LOUSY PENNY. And she could show you the papers on that shit. How do you get FIVE women pregnant and only work part time flipping burgers at Wendy’s and why are these women not more discerning in who they mess with because it only took me ONE GODDAMN TIME and I was done? Because this woman who got a PENNY in child support, then went and had a baby by a drug dealer and so you can just imagine how much in child support she is NOT receiving from his ass. For the love of !!!!!

        Black men ain’t shit! And if Black women had any sense, they’d stay to themselves and leave those good for nothings, ALONE! They’d be the better off for it!


      3. P.S. look what happen in Chicago during the George Floyd protest the black men thought they were going to come in the non black Hispanic community to riot & destroyed there businesses. Well the young non black Hispanic men came out guarding there communities letting these Black Feared Kings know y’all ain’t fucking up our communities. Well they were attack any black person that came in there communities. The feared black kings were running scared.


      4. Well, I already said in another comment, that the Mexicans done took over Los Angeles and ran even the baddest Black gangs out! If a Black man’s ass is SO damn tough and shit, then how the hell does some damn illegals from Mexico come on over here and run your Black ass out of your own damn neighborhoods? That shit is crazy. Yeah! Black ‘men’ are only bad ass when they can sit behind a monitor and become a ‘keyboard warrior’, but when faced with some real shit, they get to running. I have ZERO respect for Black ‘men’. ZERO! And that is never going to change because they are never going to be anything other than weak, punk ass bitches. I’ll provide for and protect my damn self because if I depend on a Black ‘man’ to do that shit for me, I’m up shit creek without a paddle and Black women better act like they know.

        And get a load of this shit! They let Derek Chauvin out of jail on a million dollar bond and a few people in Minneapolis protested and then when the white man said, “Shut up and go home,” a motherfucker got to crying over his former friend, George Floyd. Ain’t that some shit!!!

        George Floyd’s Friend ‘Broke Down and Cried’ Upon Hearing Derek Chauvin Had Been Released

        One of George Floyd’s friends has revealed he “broke down and cried” upon hearing the officer charged with the murder of Floyd had been released from jail. “I broke down and cried. I went over there on 38th and George Floyd and just sat there,” Cortez Rice said during a rally.

        “He broke down and cried!” Ain’t THAT some shit! “He broke down and cried!” “Sob, sob, boo hoo, the white man out of jail for killing my friend and so I’m going to just sit here on this bus stop bench and cry my eyes out because I am a punk ass bitch! Sob, sob, boo hoo!” said Cortez Rice.

        Yep, that about covers it. Black ‘men’ are spineless cowards and the entire world knows that shit hence why the whites and Asians are over in Africa stealing and absconding with Africa’s riches while those Black spineless cowards are wailing to be let in over here. Our Black asses are sitting up in the most racist country on the planet because those Black bastards are punks and allowed some flimsy skinned pasty motherfuckers to take our ancestors from Africa. And so the blood of THAT shit is still coursing through the veins of these dimwitted, scared ass, punk bitches we got over here that call themselves, “Black men.” I fucking beg to differ. Those things are not ‘men’. Hell! They’ve not even made it to ‘boys’ yet.

        And I wish they would come up in here trying to have a problem with this, I’d mop the goddamn cyber floor with their scared shitless asses. Black women, we have no Black ‘men’. They’re weak pussies. Get over it and get on with your life without that fucking shit! That’s the best advice I can give. And I’d take it if I were you. Believe me, I take my own advice as well.


  4. For example, I am studying at college, and there is a BW from Africa and she is so found with this WW from Italy and when I see her behavior I just want to shake my head!
    I know how racist are Italians because I lived there and from the beginner of my course, I didn’t dare to exchange any single word with this WW and I refuse to speak with her tongue!
    Once she told me ” how much she feels so proud to be mixed with other nations!”.
    I mean me and you Shelby, we are both African diaspora people, and we know already that our blood, unfortunately, have been mixed with wp!
    But the difference between us and African people, they like to claim how mixed they are or
    how insecure they are about their skin complexion, me I don’t give a damn about the European blood have in me!
    At the end of the day, I am black!
    So this BW behaves like a stranger with me and I know deep down, she is jealous of me because this is the real nature of black people. Be jealous and competitive with each other!
    When I look at black people collectively, what I see is ”just because she/he has my skin color, I will not treat her/him as she/he is my sister or brother, not I will treat her/him as a stranger !”
    That’s why I treat black people around me as a stranger because brothers and sisters don’t exist anymore!
    We like to use other black people to accomplish something for our own selfishness!
    We are not brothers and sisters, we are strangers!

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    1. “At the end of the day, I am black”

      And according to the whites, so was that African bitch. Whites don’t give a shit if Black people got some Italian, Dutch, French or whatever in them, to the whites we are ALL n*****s. And though the shit is worse over here, but then I can’t really judge seeing as how I’ve never been anywhere other than this shithole and so I guess I need to just speak for this shithole as it pertains to racism, bigotry and prejudice. But nevertheless, I had heard about how racist Italians are. We’ve got those thugs over here as well. They don’t associate with Black people; they never have and they never will and that’s fine by me. I just wish ALL whites would leave us the hell alone. We were the better for it when they did. Desegregation was not a benefit to us; it was a setup because before desegregation, we did act like brothers and sisters and then after that shit is when we started looking at one another as enemies as opposed to ‘family’. And more’s the damn pity because that is when we started seeing Black drug addicts, mass homelessness, mass incarceration, outrageous prostitution and gangs and violence. Whites set us up and we fell for their shit, yet again. And now look where we are, in hell.

      “So this BW behaves like a stranger with me and I know deep down, she is jealous of me because this is the real nature of black people. Be jealous and competitive with each other!
      When I look at black people collectively, what I see is ”just because she/he has my skin color, I will not treat her/him as she/he is my sister or brother, not I will treat her/him as a stranger !”
      That’s why I treat black people around me as a stranger because brothers and sisters don’t exist anymore!”

      qnubian, I can certainly relate to that because, for some reason, Black women have been jealous of me since I could walk. I cannot really say that I ever had ‘friends’ because the minute one of my ‘friends’ would get a boyfriend, I didn’t see my ‘friend’ until they broke up. I never stole no other woman’s man, I didn’t need to. I had too many men trying after me and even if another woman’s man had come on to me, I would have made short work of him. In fact, who I thought was a ‘friend’ of mine called me because she claimed to be scared of this man that she had invited to her house and wanted me to come over so that he didn’t do something to her. I was shocked because usually, I got no calls when a ‘friend’ of mine was with a man. I knew something was off about the man and so I went over there and when the door opened, there was this man, so huge, I don’t even know how he got inside the door. He took up the entire sofa. I had to sit on the floor. When my ‘friend’ got a phone call, she went to her bedroom to take the call and as soon as the door closed, this Black man looks at me and says, “If things don’t work out between me and your friend, can I get your phone number because you got the butt, the boobs and the hair; you got it all.” I cussed him up one side and down the other to the point whereas my ‘friend’ came out of the bedroom to see what the hell was going on. I told her and she told dude to get out. Dude heaved himself up off the sofa and waddled to the door. I then turned on my ‘friend’ and told her to NEVER include me in THAT shit and then I walked out, after a few more choice words.

      So, as you can see, if that man had looked like anything, I would not have gotten a call from my ‘friend’, but because she needed my help in getting rid of him, I get a phone call. That was the last straw. I stopped even bothering with Black women because I know Black women; they feed on jealousy. When I was working in Baltimore and I saw all these Black women looking the same way; all had the same weave patterns in their head and I’m like, “Why are y’all looking like you came off the same ‘hair’ assembly line? I was told that I needed to shut up because every Black woman did not have as much hair as I do and so of course I don’t need to use weaves. I got into an argument with them and said, “You should be proud to wear the hair that came with your damn head. What difference does it make how much hair you’ve got. You can work with what you got.” Black women are making those damn Asians, filthy rich because they don’t like the fucking hair that came with their damn head. How fucking whacked is that shit??!!! I wouldn’t pay those funky breath yellow bastards a goddamn dime; not for fake ass hair or for their fake ass kung pao shit!

      qnubian, I can’t with Black women, I just can’t because they are going to make me catch a case dealing with their ass and it’s not worth it. I stay to myself. I was always a loner and a loner, I shall remain. I don’t mess with folks, especially today because they’re even worse today than they were just a mere decade ago. I ain’t got time for Black folks foolishness. That’s why we can’t get any damn thing done because we are too busy being jealous and hating on one another for something we had no control over. And so I just do me. That’s ALL I can do.

      And I don’t blame you for staying away from that mess, they are not worth bothering with. And all they want for you is trouble and you don’t need that.

      Thank you for yet another spot on comment.

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  5. WOW Shelby, it is seen to me that we have a lot in commons. We could sit down and tell each other all the mess that happened to us!
    Me too, I had the same problems as yours, I have the gift to have very long natural hairs and some
    people don’t like the idea!
    BW hated me for my long hair and BM were harassing me because of my complexion and hairs!
    Most of them said to me that” I am not enough black because I am light-skinned and I have long hair” or
    ” I have long hair like wp. I never saw a BW with long hair, only when you are mixed you have long hair!”
    So because I manage to grow long hair ” I am not black!” but if I turn my head to the other sides for wp
    ” I am just another ne@@g!” Black people are just lost, there isn’t nothing that can save us!
    How can be united when black people are obsessed with light vs dark, good hair, how long your hair is, textures,
    body shape and so on?
    I know very well the soul of the women. How women are so cruel, vile, and jealous, they hate you for any reason, even when you are a good person, they don’t appreciate at all!
    If their men flirt with you, they call you with any kind names and words, that’s why whit my age now, I prefer to be alone. No stress, no bullshit and I don’t know the business of anyone!
    I am an introvert person and I don’t have any intention to change because people wish only to see you in
    Africans always complain that ” no one like Africans, everybody dislikes us, they all treat us badly!”
    When someone knows that you are from ”Africa”, what they know? Africa is horrible, poor, dirty, and all the racist stereotypes!
    How do I know? Because I spook with African people and they told me always the same things ”no one likes us!”
    This is what bother Africans, they aren’t praised!
    What bothers that African woman in my class, it’s the fact that ”she is African and me I am not”.
    We, African diaspora people, we don’t need Africans help at all, because they are messed up like us or even worse than us!
    Black people can sit here and say all the fairy tail words as long they want ”You are a queen, you are king, you are great, and so on”, but nothing changes the reality that we are living, black people are leaving in ”WONDERLAND”.
    The truth is black people will never admit to themselves that this fantasy land doesn’t exist, they just don’t want to be ”wake up”, only when wp murder a black person than they return back to the harsh reality!

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    1. qnubian, I wish I could sit across from you and enjoy a great conversation because like you say, we seem to have much in common.

      We had no control over how we look. We did NOT get a checklist to say that we want long hair, short hair, light skin, dark skin, etc. And yet we are hated for that which we were born with; not only are we hated by whites, we are hated by Black people as well.

      I always had long, flowing hair. In fact, my own mother hated my hair. It came from my father’s side of the family and my mother had short thin hair and she would try and style my hair in the ugliest style. She would try and tighten my hair into curls so that they did not hang down my back just because she was jealous of me. I had no idea my own damn mother was jealous of me until others told me about it when I grew up. I often wondered why she tried to make me as plain as possible with fucked up looking clothes on, she was hoping I’d be laughed at at school. The opposite happened. Boys used to drool and follow me down the hall and into class. It wasn’t about the clothes, it was something about me; always has been. And it’s not just the long hair, lighter complexion and figure, it was because something drew them to me. My mother saw that and hated me for it. Even my middle sister hated me because she would try and steal my boyfriends and they were so NOT having it, it ain’t even funny. That bitch pales in comparison to me and to this very day, we are not speaking because that bitch stabbed me in the back so damn many times, my back should be in shreds. My own damn sister! Can you imagine? Just because men preferred me over her. In fact, her own damn husband, screamed my name out while having sex with her. She told that. I didn’t even know about it. When they got married, when it came time to kiss the bride, he tried to turn around and kiss me. The only reason people claim he married my sister was to get next to me. She saw the way that man used to look at me and she married him anyway. And so what happened to that marriage was going to happen because it started off on a lie and she knew it, but because he had money and lots of expensive cars and shit, she thought that things were going to work out, he sure showed her when he chased her ass across a busy highway with a gun, threatening to kill her ass. I was the only one she could turn to even though I knew she hated my guts. Well, not anymore. I am SO done with her damn jealous, hating ass, it ain’t even funny.

      So if my own damn sister is hating on me and my own damn mother is hating on me, then that tells you that I’ve never really had anyone to turn to and that is why I learned to love being by myself and stay to myself and could just leave everyone behind because I never knew love and so there was nothing to miss. The only reason I ever came back home to take care of sick family members is because I have a soft spot for people in pain, but since no one gives a damn about me, I’m done with ALL family except for my cousin. So yes, I am an introvert as well and that is not going to change.

      “We, African diaspora people, we don’t need Africans help at all, because they are messed up like us or even worse than us!”

      Africans cannot even get their act together. They are actually worse off than we are because those Africans who come over here have us to thank for paving the way for their damn asses, but do we get any thanks from them? Hell no! They come over here and think they are better than we are and those bastards and bitches won’t even stay in their own countries on THEIR fucking continent and get those thieving whites and Asians the hell up out of there. They’d rather beg the white man over here to let them come to this racist shithole rather than fight for their shit in those African countries they leave. What kind of shit is that? With the riches that Africa has and yet, they leave it to thieves and colonizers and go running elsewhere begging. Not one of those African tree climbing motherfuckers need to be running to some other continent or country because what they need is right over in Africa, but that’s like too much work to band together and get those whites and Asians the fuck up out of there. They’d rather come over here and hate on us. Africans are THE most dumbest motherfuckers on this entire goddamn planet.

      Ain’t no way I’m going to sit up and watch whites and Asians haul my shit off while I’m begging another white or Asian motherfucker for a green card to live on their shit, when my shit is rich, but I’m letting them steal it while I haul ass. Dumb shit, just dumb shit! And Black people over here never needed Africans for shit because if we did, we’d be up the fucking creek without a paddle because those dumb asses can’t even help themselves.

      Also, this Black woman I knew was messing with one of those Nigerians. She told me that he smelled like shit. I’m like, “Why are you dating him if he smells like shit?” She said that she was trying to get him to understand how to use a toilet. WHAT.THE.FUCK. Nigerian dude had never seen a toilet. She said that when he would go to the bathroom, shit would be all over the place. I was too through. I told her, “You’re better than me because he would have one time to smell like shit and his shitty ass would be making tracks,’ pun intended’ because I can only imagine how his draws look.” Who the hell in THIS day and age need to be training a goddamn grown ass man how to use the toilet? I just give!!!! So those tree climbing Africans literally crawl down out of a tree, rub their ass on the ground and call it a day, hence why they don’t know how to use a toilet and they smell like shit. And even the Somalis will cover their shitty smell with loads of scented oils. In Minnesota, they damn near make you swoon when they pass by you because the stench of shit and scented oil would drop a bull. I am SO not kidding.

      Africa ain’t no fucking wonderland or fantasy land despite what Disney and Marvel Comics want us to believe with that fake ass “Wakanda shit!” And damn sure over here ain’t no goddamn fantasy land or wonderland. We’re getting our asses kicked and the Black men are nowhere to be found, unless you consider sitting up on a bus stop bench, crying, is doing something which is all you can find a Black ‘man’ doing while our asses are getting kicked. This fucking shit is unreal, qnubian.

      It’s a damn shame we will never get to meet because we have SO much in common. You take care of yourself.

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      1. @shelbycourtland

        I had a black woman on my job who constantly had statements to say about my appearance. She constantly stayed watching what I was wearing. She would criticized my glasses told me they made me look old. Then she criticized my clothes telling me you shouldn’t wear this or that. Keep in mind I workout an have a nice shape. Also she would watch what hairstyles I get done to my hair. You know something is wrong with someone if they can tell you when you gain or lose weight better yet when your hair get thick or thins out. This is how much she was paying attention too me. I finally set her ass in her place. A woman shouldn’t be paying attention to another one like the way she was doing. I kind of thought she was gay even though she have children.


      2. Shanequa, women hate other women, period. But Black women take the cake because we do more hating on each other than any other group. Black women have a serious problem with jealousy. Black women are THE most jealous women on this entire goddamn planet. They have always got to one up another Black woman. I don’t care if it’s hair, complexion, material things or whatever. And what’s more, whites know that shit hence why they use one Black woman to get rid of another on the job. I have seen this too many times to count. If a Black woman on the job has got too much mouth, they will swap supervisors and the next thing you know, the Black woman is out the door and she was helped out the door by another Black woman who, when she has served her purpose for the whites, her ass is let go. I’ve seen THAT shit happen.

        Whites have always been able to use us against each other because they know our hatred and jealousy of each other; especially Black women. A Black woman is the first to tell you that “you think you’re all that” for ANY reason. It don’t even matter because there is no reason for that shit, but Black women have embraced the ‘green eyed monster’; jealously’ to their peril. Because since we refuse to stand together, united and will instead, look at one another as enemies, we will continue to be a conquered group of people. We can’t look to Black men for shit and then, we can’t look to one another for shit either because there is just too much hating going on.

        “I kind of thought she was gay even though she have children.”

        Children don’t matter. She could have been one of those what they call, “bisexuals” or some such nonsense. You know they call themselves every damn thing to the point whereas they are making up shit, “gender fluid” and some more shit. They got undercover dykes on the loose and so good for you for getting that undercover dyke out of your face. Yeah! Get that shit straight.

        I’ll never forget, I used to go this bar in Baltimore and it was like that TV show “Cheers” where “everyone knew your name.” And this woman started coming in and she was some type of foreigner or something, I don’t know if she was from Mexico or Iraq, but the bitch kept staring me down and I was always surrounded by the men, dancing and playing shuffleboard and finally one of my good buddies told me that she was a dyke. I told him to tell that dyke bitch to quit that fucking staring at me because I don’t swing that damn way. I told him to tell her because if I did, I’d get put out because I would have had to beat that bitch down and I liked my little watering hole. She wasn’t ruining shit for me. He must have told her ass that because she started ignoring me after that. You have to get that shit out of your face because they try and be persistent, but they gonna end up persistently getting their ass beat if they get persistent with the wrong one.

        This is ALL why I stay to my goddamn self. I don’t mess with ANYONE. I want motherfuckers to stay the hell away from me because people are just intolerable these days. The shit don’t make no sense.


      3. Shelby, this is showing me that if there are already hatred and jealousy in the family, why we should be surprised why we will never be united as people?
        If we are already ready to throw rocks at our own blood relatives and we don’t see anything wrong with that, this is proof of how black people collectively feel about each other!
        Black people are so good in words or making fancy websites but when it comes to take action that’s where they runway!
        You too take good care of yourself!


      4. Thanks qnubian! That is why I don’t mess with anyone. I stay to myself because if my own family hates on me, what can I expect from the rest of us? Exactly! And you are going to be pissed off when you read the blog I just put up. It is horrifying!

        Oh damn! I posted this comment before watching the videos and my latest blog is about the second video you posted. We are most definitely in sync because I had just published it and then approved your comment and then when I went to view the links you had posted, that is when I found out that you had included a video that is exactly what my post is about.

        What that black bastard did is fucked up and he needs to seriously pay for what he did. And $20,000 ain’t enough bond for his ass for what he did. They all stood by while the baby died in a hot fucking car. Even the coroner has stated that she died from being in that hot ass car for too damn long. And the man’s mother is still making excuses for what that bastard did to his daughter. She needs to be locked up for “outrageous and unreasonable stupidity,” and if I keep thinking, I could come up with some more reasons to lock her stupid sounding ass up. For the love of !!!!! I’m just too through!

        Thank you for your comment, qnubian.


  6. Thank you for your addition to my blog post. I agree with every word. I agree with your comment that you said you almost posted on my post as well. I understand why black people say these things. I don’t even have a problem with black people saying that they’re Gods, kings, queens, or whatever they want to call themselves. I just wish they acted like they believed it instead of just saying it. I believe if black people really believed they were Gods, so many wouldn’t be treating each other badly like I see so much and worshipping white people. That’s the only thing I don’t like about them saying that. White people’s savagery throughout history and currently is why I’m so confused why black people still want to even be around them. I just want black people to be better is all I was saying. I did feel that what I said was harsh, but I knew it had to be said because it’s true.

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    1. You were right on point, mysparkingthoughts and that is why I reblogged it. Sometimes, you have to be harsh to get your point across because some people don’t understand ‘nice’, they have to have it pounded in their heads and some still won’t get it.

      I just know that there are only a few, like the ones who commented, who absolutely know that whites are NOT our friend; never will be, never have been. And as you can see from the comments, we took what you said and ran with it. No one is disagreeing with you because Black people are on some “whites are not racist” time just like that Black man(Jonathan Price) in Texas that got himself murdered by a Klan kop. He was somewhere talking about how he was addicted to white women and how he had broke the law countless times bu the “nice white cops” had let him off the hook every time. Well, his time was up because they most definitely did NOT let him off the hook THIS time. They shot him dead for convulsing after having been tasered. In fact, dude had been on Facebook taking up for white cops and taking up for whites. Now, he is six feet under because he thought ALL white cops were ‘good’ cops and only needed a handshake from him. Well, he got bullets for his handshake.

      Some Black people, we are just not going to be able to get through to them the fact that there are no ‘good whites’. They are ALL racist, down to the last one. They even teach their children to be racist for if not, then why is each generation just as racist as the last? Whites are not to be trusted and you are right, Black people need to get their heads out of the clouds, leave that Disney and Marvel Comics fantasy shit alone and get real because the shit that’s going down done got real. Whites ain’t fucking playing and we ain’t got time to play or be in fantasy land and wonderland and some more shit. I just read that a Black woman was shot in the back, twice, and murdered at her own front door and no one has any idea who did the shit. Someone had even spray painted, KKK and some more shit on the side of her house and so does it look like Black folks got time to be sitting up talking about “kings and queens” and fantasy land bullshit? Hell fucking no! It’s time to be locked and loaded because the whites certainly are.

      We need to ‘arm’ ourselves because fantasy and wonderland shit ain’t going to get a damn thing done when the bullets start flying from those hate groups. The shit is off the chain and it matters not who ‘wins’ the election, shit is only going to get worse.

      And so, I thank you for keeping it real, mysparkingthoughts and for trying to get Black people to understand that we got no time to be dreaming about being “kings and queens” living in fake ass fantasy kingdoms and shit when the shit is getting worse by the nanosecond. Like ‘real’ shit.

      Thank you again, for posting this and I was honored to re-blog this.

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