Jonathan Price, The Black Man Who Said He Had Never Encountered Racism At The Hands Of Klan Kops Was Murdered By Racist Klan Kops. Oh The Irony Of It All!

I guess everyone has heard about Jonathan Price by now. He is the latest, I think, to get himself murdered at the hands of racist Klan kops.

Jonathan Price, Black Man Shot Dead by Police, Previously Defended Cops During BLM Protests

A Black man who was reportedly shot dead by a Texas officer at the weekend had defended police as Black Lives Matter protests spread across the U.S. over the summer.

Jonathan Price, 31, was identified by his family and friends as the man killed by police at a gas station in Wolfe City, Texas on Saturday night.

According to the article, Price was attempting to break up an altercation between a man and a woman at a gas station when the Klan kops arrived and as Price was trying to shake hands with one of the Klan kops, the Klan kop tasered Price, who then convulsed from the shock of it and this was perceived as a threat and so, the Klan kop opened fire on Price, killing him.

But before this incident, Jonathan Price had been on Facebook screeching up one side and down the other about how awful those Black Lives Matter protesters were for calling out the Klan kops for their racism because according to Price, he had never experienced racism at the hands of Klan kops and so he did not see what the fuss was all about. In fact, Price claimed a ‘white family’ as his ‘go to’ family and he stated that…well, read it for yourself.

So, I am sure that ‘now dead Price’ does not want anyone from Black Lives Matter to take to the streets and protest over the nice white cops killing him because no nice white cop had ever displayed racism towards him because he should have been cited and arrested times too numerous to count, but according to Price, the nice white cops just let him go on his merry way. You see, according to Price, all Black folks have to do is be nice and polite and try and shake hands with the nice white cops and they will let you go on your merry way, that is, until they don’t and then you get a funeral instead.

Not to mention the other little gem that Price had to impart.


And so there you have it, Price is not complaining one bit that he is dead because he is dead thanks to a nice white cop murdering him and that is fine with him because nice white families fed him and spent money on him and instilled in him a love for ‘country music’ and white women and nice white cops who let him go on his merry drunken way when they could have arrested him. Wasn’t that so ‘white’ of them?

So, what I would like to know is why am I reading about Black people protesting for Price since he loved cops because they are so nice and he did not understand why Black folks were attending protests because white folks are just so nice and loving and kind since they fed him and spent money on him and some nice cops let him off the hook on numerous occasions and so there is no need for ANY Black person to take to the streets and ‘fight’ for justice over the nice white cop killing Jonathan Price? He died at the hands of those whom he so loved and so what is the fuss all about? Dead dude loved those whites and so why are you on the streets over this piece of shit??!!!



I mean, his Facebook shit about how he felt is still up and so no one is lying on his dead ass. He loved white cops. He loved whites and he especially was ADDICTED TO WHITE WOMEN and so if anyone should take to the streets if they feel the need are WHITE WOMEN, the WHITE FAMILY THAT FED PRICE AND SPENT MONEY ON HIM AND THE NICE WHITE COPS THAT HE SO LOVED. Let them lead a protest through the streets for Price’s dead ass, but not one Black person should be getting themselves arrested over that dead assed Uncle Tom sellout that’s now worm food. I have no sympathy. I have ZERO respect for that maggot and my spit is too good for his grave.

Also, his ‘white family’ started a GoFundMe to pay for the bastard’s funeral even though Price stated that he was a business owner. He supposedly owned a gym. I guess COVID-19 put an end to that and he couldn’t pay the bills and so didn’t even have enough to pay for his own damn funeral. But the nice white family that he so loved stepped in and got the shit done for their ‘pet’. I wonder, are those whom he had an addiction for still weeping and wailing and moaning over the loss of their black stud? Or have they gone on to the next? My guess would be, they’ve gone on to the next. As long as there are more black dicks in the sea, those bitches can always fling their fishy smelling nets out and pull in some more because black men never learn.

Not to mention, there was no need to even charge the nice white cop with murder because it really wasn’t murder. Jonathan Price was attempting to grab the nice white officer’s gun to show him how to pull the trigger and the gun went off before anyone knew it and voila, Jonathan Price found himself, in disbelief, in that moment when it hit him that there are indeed, racist Klan kops after all. He now wants everyone to know that he takes back everything that he ever said about nice, white cops. He no longer believes that shit, but then, he no longer believes at all. It is indeed, too late for Jonathan Price, in that he finally realized that there are no nice, white cops. It is too bad that he did not have the opportunity to post one last time on Facebook admitting that everything he’d previously written about nice, white cops, was a lie.

Jonathan Price is yet another Black man who believed in the goodness of whites simply because some white family spent money on him and gave him some food. And because some Klan kops were not in the mood when they met up with Price to arrest him for his lawbreaking, that did not mean that those same cops coming around again, would have continued in that manner.

According to ALL reports, Price was educated and yet, he was ignorant of history. Whites gave the slaves food, only because if they hadn’t, the slaves would have died and who would have built this stolen land up for them? Whites spent money on buying slaves. And yet, what did the whites turn around and do to the slaves; whipped them, raped them, lashed their backs to shreds, cut off body parts, shackled them, sold them to other slave owners and also murdered them. So for Price to state that whites were ‘good’ because some white family had given him some food and spent some money on him, meant what? That he was a good house n****r as far as they were concerned. Price may have been educated, but he was educated on the wrong shit. Because at the end of the day, his black ass was still black and no matter how ‘nice’ some whites act, deep down, they are ALL the same as those who enslaved us. Not a fucking thing has changed and just as soon as you think that you can trust those devils, they show you just what they are made of and that is when you find your ass, Jonathan Price’d; deader than dead can be, colder than an ice cube, below the fucking ground. Need I continue???!! Because some of you in the back row may have a hard time getting this message and so I know you need it as well. WHITES ARE NOT OUR FRIEND. THEY NEVER HAVE BEEN. THEY NEVER WILL BE AND YOU’D BETTER BE ACTING LIKE YOU KNOW THIS! There! I hope the motherfuckers in the back row picked up on those facts.

It is too late for Jonathan Price, but maybe for some of you who believe what Price believed, you can cut the bullshit and get with the program that the more you take up with and take up for the whites, the harder it is going to be for you when you fall because your ass is going to fall six feet under. And if you don’t believe me, then you tell me what good did it do Price to believe in the ‘goodness’ of whites? And since he believed in some supposed ‘goodness’ that doesn’t even exist, where is Price now? I rest my case and you know who else is resting? Price. But not in peace. The motherfucker is in limbo land still trying to figure out why his ass was shot by the nice white cops that let him pass on drunk driving and some more shit. They knew that they could get that n****r at anytime. Whites pick the time and the place and the time and the place for Price was at that gas station. Price’s number was up!

And so I write this in memory of Jonathan Price.

He Paid The ‘Price’

Jonathan Price got just what he deserved,
a tombstone over where he is interred.
Another black motherfucker who didn’t believe
that white folks lie, con, trick and deceive.
He don’t need Black Lives Matter, he already said so.
Why is your ass caping for him in the front row?
Stay your ass at home, he don’t want no protest.
He already told you to give it a rest.
Jonathan Price was addicted to white women, he said.
Whites gave him money and they gave him some bread.
But his ass got dealt with by white supremacy,
by cops he thought were friends and not the enemy.
His ass is six feet under and who is surprised?
Certainly not the ‘nice white cops’ that he idolized.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2020 Shelby I. Courtland

12 thoughts on “Jonathan Price, The Black Man Who Said He Had Never Encountered Racism At The Hands Of Klan Kops Was Murdered By Racist Klan Kops. Oh The Irony Of It All!

  1. I don’t expect the Klan Kop to feel the slightest regret, he is more likely to feel that things have gone back to being “normal” again. Compunction is not in the Klan “protect and shoot” training manual. Meanwhile, another originalist judge is on the way to SCOTUS. Originalists interpret the law according to how the founding slavers would frame matters of injustice — as it affects white-supremacist family values, of course.

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    1. Bill, the Klan kop is a given. What galls me is that Jonathan Price actually stated that he believed Klan kops were not racist simply because he claimed to not have experienced racism at the hands of Klan kops. But the clincher is, he didn’t read the news???!! He didn’t watch the shit going down on those who looked like him(before he was killed by a nice white cop)? He hadn’t a clue that racist Klan kops were fucking Black people up, left and right? I mean, where the fuck had he been? Because no one with two eyes and two ears could have missed the shit that’s been going down since FOREVER! So, whatever dude was smoking, or whatever pills dude was popping, must have been some damn good ass shit to make him THAT completely unaware of the reality of the situation as it pertains to racist Klan kops and ADOS.

      And of course that Klan kop has no regrets. What the hell for? Those are his fucking orders. “Get out there and fuck those n****s up! It’s just like ‘bagging’ a deer. Now get it done!” That’s how it goes down in EVERY single police department ALL across this shithole, bar none. Even Black cops have had to sue the very police departments they worked out of because of racism. Why the fuck would they sign on for that shit when they know the damn deal??!!! Make.It.Make.Sense.

      The SCOTUS, the SCOTUS, the SCOTUS! I don’t even know what to say about that. I read that folks are protesting and getting arrested over THAT shit. What the hell for? The shit is going to happen regardless of whether they protest or not, or go to jail or not and so they should just leave it the hell alone. Ain’t shit that’s going down now, kosher. And it’s not going to be. We are ALL running out of time, any way and so this shit is not even going to matter. And who don’t know that is already dead.

      So, am I sweating this shit?? Fuck no! I am resigned to it. Hey! Let em fuck the shit up! All I know is that if a motherfucker come MY way, the shit is on. As long as they protest over there and across the way, I got no problem with them. But they are wasting their damn time, although since shit closed due to COVID, I guess they got nothing better to do anyway. Oh well.

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. He has been murdered by the people he loved so he should be proud of himself!
    There is nothing so beautiful to die for ”whiteness”, they made him happy!
    I wish I can ask a question like ”are you ready to die for wp?” because, if they claim we are all human being,
    color doesn’t matter and cops were doing their jobs, which they murdered another black person, so ” are you ready to die for wp that they don’t give a fuck about your existence?”
    I don’t know why they get offended if wp don’t give a fuck about black existence? What do you expect a big kiss on your cheek and a big hug?

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    1. “What do you expect a big kiss on your cheek and a big hug?”

      Oh, dude got “kisses” alright. He got several “kisses” in the form of bullets. They “kissed” his ass goodbye. “So long, that’s it, that’s all.” The coroner had to get busy digging all those “kisses” out of Price’s ass.

      How you gonna go up to a Klan kop and try and shake his hand and that’s supposed to show the Klan kop that you are such a ‘good black’ that he don’t need to shoot your ass? Because that is exactly what Jonathan Price did. The Klan kops roll up on his ass and he turns around and comes at Klan kops with his hand extended and for that, he got tasered and since he made a “threatening move” when he got tasered, he ‘convulsed’, he got shot. So, the Klan kop tasered Price and then when Price’s body reacted to the jolt of electricity and ‘convulsed’, the Klan kop took that as “threatening behavior” and shot the bastard. Don’t that beat all?

      Price actually believed what he said on Facebook in that cops were not racist and that Black people had no need to gather and protest and form groups called ‘Black Lives Matter’ and some more shit because he had never experienced racism at the hands of white cops and since he lived in a RACIST city, he should have, but did not. Is he saying that stupid shit now? Hell no! He ain’t saying shit now because the motherfucker is dead; killed by those same cops that he claim were NOT racist.

      May he rest in piss! And there is no way that I would be out on the streets, getting pepper sprayed, getting arrested and some more shit over that no account, black dead bastard. He didn’t believe in protesting, remember? And so why would I take my ass out there and protest on his behalf when he did not think that shit was necessary seeing as how he did not believe that cops were racist? Black people who are out in the streets protesting for this piece of shit are fucking crazy! Hell, if I’d do it.

      He was so proud to love whites. Well then, whites ‘loved’ him to DEATH! End.Of.Story.

      Thank you for your comment qnubian.

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  3. The year 2020 is exposing a lot of these self hating black coons, & many are being killed by the people they love the most that hate them. I wonder what 2021 going to bring. After the election shift is about to get more real.


    1. Shanequa, Black people like this here piece of dead meat, are going to find that 2021 is going to be the end for them. White militia groups are forming in every city in every state in this shithole. And it does not matter if Trump gets re-elected or Biden wins, the shit is going to hit the fan. Gun sales are skyrocketing and these bastards over here are already armed to the teeth, but are steadily buying more. 2021 is going to make the Wild, Wild West look like an amusement park in comparison.

      With more jobs vanishing, no help coming from congress, a pandemic still raging, Trump screeching racist rhetoric; the shit is going to be off the chain. But it is not going to make a difference with racists if Black folks do what Jonathan Price did and love all up and down on racist Kops and white women; they are still going to get some shit visited on their asses that is going to be FINAL. Whites don’t give a shit about no Black folks who look kindly upon them. They’d get a bullet the same as those who let them know, “Fuck no whites, you don’t mean shit to me. It’s on!” Ain’t nobody playing with folks these days. The shit done got real. And for those who still think that they can just “tip toe through the fucking tulips” and won’t get their asses handed to them, they are in for a rude awakening. But some Black people, you just can’t tell them a damn thing. They need to find out shit, the hard way. And the self hating black coons are going to be first in line to get hit with real shit!


    1. mysparkingthoughts, Black people don’t want to learn. The truth is right before their very eyes, but they choose to ignore it. If it is not in the form of ‘entertainment’, then they don’t want anything to do with it. The only way Black people will sit up and listen is if the truth were stated via a damn Disney and Marvel Comics movie. Why do you think so many were referencing Chadwick Boseman as “King” when he passed? Black people are still on some damn “Wakanda Forever!” bullshit while getting their asses handed to them. Ain’t nobody got time for that bullshit.

      And now along comes Ice Cube talking about he wants reparations and don’t even know what he is talking about. Have you heard the latest about that shit? Ice Cube is the very last worthless motherfucker that needs a microphone in front of him because all he knows how to do is constantly ‘rap’ “n****r” all damn day in his ‘rap music’. His ass was on CNN looking stupid as hell. White politicians and their corporate media mouthpieces deliberately go and look for the dumbest Black motherfucker on the planet to speak for so-called, “Black Amerikkka.” That bastard don’t speak for me. Those damn ‘celebrities’ don’t have shit else to do since COVID’s put paid to their damn concerts and now, they all of a sudden, want to get ‘political’. P Diddy’s dumb ass is somewhere talking about he starting a new party, “The Black Party.” The fool needs to take several seats and shut his dumb ass up. Black folks who have been in the trenches for decades, doing what they can are never looked at for solutions because whites don’t want no real solutions to problems that Black people face, they just want some ‘celebrity’ type meaningless shit. That shit is done deliberately and meanwhile some Blacks like that stupid dead Jonathan Price are sitting somewhere talking about how there are “nice, white cops,” at this point, I’m damn near done with the foolishness of Black folks. You can’t get through to them.

      mysparkingthoughts, thank you for your comment.

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      1. Exactly. It sucks! And Diddy should be the absolute LAST person making a political party. I really wish celebrities would shut up about politics. They’re never around to say anything about real issues that affect black people, like poverty, homelessness, and even racism. Many of them act like racism doesn’t exist and try to chastise any black person that does talk about it.

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  4. I did see that name floating around the internet at first, but I didn’t know he was buck dancing for cops while ignoring systemic racism. In a strange turn of events, the cop who murdered him actually got hit with murder charges with a $1 million bond which surprised me. That cop got charged, but not the ones who murdered Breonna Taylor? This is beyond infuriating.

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    1. Ospreyshire, as you can see, dude was very vocal in his support of “nice, white cops” because a few white cops let him go when they could have bust his ass for numerous infractions, and for drunk driving, but they let him go and so for that reason, he did not believe that Black people should take to the streets to oppose racist kops and a racist criminal injustice system that locks up more Black people than any other group.

      And so why ANY Black person took to the streets to protest for this dead bastard is a complete and utter mystery to me because he said that he did not believe in protesting because there were only “nice, white cops,” and since that was the case as far as he was concerned, then he should not mind finding himself six feet under because that was a “nice, white cop” that shot his ass dead. He cannot have it both ways. Either there are no bad, white cops or there are only “nice, white cops” and since that was his belief, there was no reason in the world to protest because dead dude was ALL FOR cops. And I do believe that the kop was out a mere few hours after posting bond. You know the kops have access to resources that the rest of us don’t. So a million dollar bond is nothing to them, just ask Derek Chauvin. There are protesters who are still sitting up in jail for merely protesting and they have gotten more time than two stomp, down, flaming murderers.

      Breonna Taylor’s killers are never going to sit their asses behind bars if Daniel Cameron has anything to say about that. And why someone has not arrested his ass for the numerous crimes that he has committed is a sad indictment of the criminal injustice system. As far as I am concerned, this shithole should be burning from one end to the other and I don’t mean just because of wildfires.

      Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      1. That is certainly insane and I really don’t sympathize with Jonathan Price. I can speak from experience from being pulled over for bogus reasons and I did any drunk driving in my life. Even before I was more cognizant about the criminal injustice system in a more technical detail, I still knew I wouldn’t have a fair shake in anything.

        In hindsight, I’m kind of suprised that there would be protests for him knowing what I know now. I get that protestors want to end police brutality, but there were and are people who are worth protesting for than Price. He was beyond delusional to think that all white cops are nice in 2020, no less. Right and I know they have ways to get police out of jail with some shady funds or bribery. That’s true and even people in other countries have been starting to see that in America where nonviolent protestors have gotten more jail time than actual murderers.

        Yeah, and it’s so infuriating. One can argue that it’s an egregious form of race buffering by having a Black face involved in Kentucky’s injustice system to pull off the old okie-doke on everyone. If Daniel Cameron was white while saying and doing the same things, people would call him a Klan member and there’d be even more pressure on him to resign, but that’s just a theory I had.

        No problem, Shelby.


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