I Voted! NOT!!!!!


I voted……..in my sleep.
 Stood in line with the other sheep
as we were prodded, one by one.
Oh I voted, but I voted for none.
Yes, into that voting booth, I went,
made my mind up to some extent.
I threw my ballot on the dirty floor,
said I’d never vote for a Hindu whore.
 And that no bigot would get my vote,
I’d rather drown in a goddamn moat.
The security guards escorted me out,
told me I was crazy, without a doubt.
 But that’s okay because I had my say
on the 3rd of November; election day!
Don’t do as I did and vote in your sleep,
head out the door like good little sheep.
Cast your vote for your favorite clown,
and I’ll sit back and watch as you drown
in piles of shit that they fling your way,
because you voted on election day!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

This election day, I refuse to participate in a farce. I could have voted, but I chose NOT to vote for racist no. 1 or for racist no. 1 because make no mistake, they BOTH are racist and don’t give me no shit about not being able to complain because I didn’t vote. I complained when I did vote and so my vote counted for what? SHIT, that’s what! And so does yours.

I hear whines and complaints from the Democrats that the ‘Black vote’ is not what they would wish it to be. Shut the fuck up because you lousy ass dogs have used us in numerous election years and we’ve got nothing to show for it. Black people dutifully show up at the polls and vote for the Democrats as though they are some wonderful saviors that are coming to our rescue when nothing could be further from the truth. If the Democratic Party was of any use to Black people, we would not have a school-to-prison pipeline to show for our voting for their racist asses. We would not have millions of Black people incarcerated on bullshit drug charges feeding the ‘For Profit’ prison slavery system that thanks to Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill, fed. We would not have gentrification running unchecked throughout this hellhole. We would not have horrific unemployment statistics, income inequality, unbelievable poverty, homelessness, inadequate health care and the list is endless. If your vote benefited you, Black people, then it would show and from where I sit, it shows that you have no reason in the world to vote. It matters not who is at the helm of this lopsided, sinking, stinking shithole barge, you’ll never see one ounce of support for what’s needed to help descendants of slavery in this shithole.

AGAIN, send a message to the Democrats. Tell them by your lack of support, to go fuck themselves!

I absolutely refuse to answer for another lie by voting for warmonger no. 1 or warmonger no. 1 because make no mistake, they are both warmongers. Every goddamn body on this fucked up planet is fucking insane; standing somewhere in line at any given moment, anywhere on this planet voting for some supposed ‘leader’ that has done nothing but cause harm, suffering, torment, misery and death to millions. It matters not where because it is happening EVERYWHERE!

Here in the states, the shit is fucked up and Black people in Amerikkka seriously think that by standing in a long ass line and voting, that that will change things for the better for you. Are you STUPID??!!! Either that or you were dropped on your goddamn head, multiple times because regardless, the piece of racist filth you vote for, Klan kops will continue killing us. And tell me, what Klan kop is in prison for murdering Breonna Taylor and still the Klan kops murdering us, continues. The poverty rate for us will be off the scale. Child hunger, homelessness and mass incarceration will still be out of the ballpark. The unemployment rate for us will continue to climb and introduce even more of us to homelessness. Health insurance will still be a ‘no show’ as well as health care. We only get ‘health despair’ because those damn white bitches and bastards in those white coats only see to it that we get dead.

What the fuck is there to vote FOR? You tell me! I can’t wait to hear THAT shit!

15 thoughts on “I Voted! NOT!!!!!

  1. The parallels between 2016 and 2020 clearly depict the dynamic behind the systemic racism that fuels European-based white-supremacist hegemony — a deliberate, predictable modus operandi where each imperial juggernaut slices up the globe and establishes borders that are as deadly as prison walls surrounding prison cells. Whatever the history, whatever the language, whatever the military powers available to them — they each share a warped, racist “value” system that denigrates the enslaved Africans who became factors of production to keep the capitalist engine chugging. How many thousand distinct cultures that flourished for millennia in the enormous African continent? The godforsaken Mercator Projection makes Greenland, which has about the same geographic size as Africa, look large. Hell, it makes *everything in the mid-latitudes look much larger than the lands in Equatorial geographies.
    The only two parties permitted to swap control over various decades are similar in all the ways that matter. Whites respect their kindred (Klandred?) whites that keep their domination permanent. Once an election passes, another set of years passes until their respective “election cycles” need disrespected ADOS to dutifully respect a system that keeps them marginalized and excluded from any real chance to change anything predefined in a Constitution written from the start for slavers, passed on to their equivalent power brokers (ADOS are never allowed approach to genuine political power) in positions of influence, property, wealth management systems (racism), and the ambition to grow more billionaire-class privilege holders.

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    1. Bill, asshole reporters are already writing article after article talking about…well…read it for yourself.

      Millions of White voters are once again showing who they are

      Washington (CNN)Millions of White voters are once again showing who they are and — spoiler — it’s not really that great for America, but in particular for Black and brown people. For one thing, despite four years of President Donald Trump — that is, of a man who has made White nationalism a central part of his administration and whose abject negligence in the face of a pandemic has contributed to more than 230,000 dead — millions of voters are turning out for him.

      While galling, these two connected elements of the election — White voters’ buoying of Trump, the jockeying of a minority party to maintain control of a country that increasingly rejects it — aren’t surprising. Arguably, they reveal what America has always been.
      Or as the African American studies professor Eddie S. Glaude Jr. says in a video that’s been recirculating this week, “It’s easy for us to place it all on Donald Trump’s shoulders. … (But) this is US.”

      Absolutely this shit IS the U.S. Who the hell didn’t already know that???!!! I stated years ago that Trump represents exactly what the U.S. stands for and what’s more, whites are damn proud of what they stand for; they always have, hence why nothing ever changes and ADOS just get more and more fucked up as each fucking day goes by. People are talking about how they just cannot believe with ALL the shit that’s gone down in the last four years, that whites would stand somewhere at a polling station and vote for Trump, AGAIN or either ‘X’ marks the spot next to Trump/Pence on their fucking mail in voting ballot. SERIOUSLY???!!!

      Why would ANYONE think that the shit that stole this country from the Indians wouldn’t produce the same shit that is continuing what they started? Each generation is the exact same as the previous. AGAIN, for the motherfuckers that are slow as all hell, whites are never going to let go of the upper hand they hold in this stolen land. And look at how they still treat the few remaining Indians and so who the hell is surprised that American descendants of slavery fare so horribly??!!! I’m certainly NOT surprised. Nothing whites do surprise me because I know whites ain’t about shit! They don’t give a damn that hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives and there was no need for that shit to happen because Trump just had to go and undo everything, however trivial it was, that Obama had put into place as in the Pandemic Task Force. Trump thumbed his nose up at Climate Change even as whites are damn near floating out in the ocean from their former beachfront homes or are fleeing wildfires that are more deadly than ever, and yet, STILL, they voted FOR TRUMP. What does that tell you??!!! That shit right there speaks volumes as to what whites are! As long as they’ve still got money and credit cards and big fancy trucks and SUVs and winter getaway homes and shit, it’s all good. Who the fuck thinks that whites ever give a damn about anything but what money can get them????!!! And not to mention, while also getting their jollies off by making sure that the lives of ADOS are so fucked up, we are the poster children for “The Depths of Despair!”

      Even though there was NOTHING to vote for, this election should not have been that close. Biden should have been the clear winner. But you see, that didn’t happen. And this reporter states that “even if Trump loses, he still wins.”

      Column: Even if he loses, Trump has won

      But this much is clear: On one level, Donald Trump has already won. He’s won because he has sown exactly the kind of discord he thrives on. He’s won because he’s divided us still further in ways that will stay with us long after he has left office. He’s turned adversaries into enemies, undermined our democratic institutions and convinced us we’re cheating one another.

      For the United States to have elected Donald Trump once can perhaps be written off as an aberration, a dreadful mistake. Maybe voters in 2016 — a more innocent time! — thought he wouldn’t really follow through with his irresponsible campaign promises, or that he’d be sobered by the awesome responsibilities of the office or held in check by others.

      But for tens of millions of people to double down and vote for him again in 2020 is entirely different. It is an assertion by those voters that, yes, this is who we really are

      Indeed, TRUMP is WHO WHITES REALLY ARE!! Don’t get the shit twisted! Whites did it the first time around and they were damn sure as hell, hell bent on redoing the shit!

      Bill, thank you for yet another spot on comment!

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  2. WOW Shelby that was wild from you, it was really a bold action,no one can have guts to do what you did!
    How you said the vote it will not matter because one racist isn’t better or different from another racist!
    Both of them have their own racist agenda, which will not give any benefit for black people!
    I don’t think black people understand that those two don’t give a fuck about blacks!
    I stopped vote many years ago and I am not even interested to know who is right now the President of Italy!
    I don’t vote for white and
    I don’t vote for racist!

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    1. Well qnubian, you know that I am totally outspoken and don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of what I write. If they don’t like it, they can just keep it moving. I write the truth and the truth is that I NEVER intended to vote. In fact, I am NEVER voting again. WHAT.THE.HELL.FOR. Because what white motherfucker is going to do a damn thing to dismantle the system of white supremacy that gives them the upper hand over us? NOT ONE DAMN ONE! And so to hell with them all! My shit fucked up regardless of the depraved white ass that’s sitting up in the Oval Office. The only thing I do know is that MY life and the lives of those who look like me are going to continue to devolve into “The Depths of Despair!” That’s all the fuck I need to know in order for my Black ass to NEVER show up at the polls or send in a ballot. Fuck THAT shit! And to hell with all whites!

      We have been dealing with 4 goddamn years of Trump’s out and out lunacy, racism, bigotry and not to mention, he has the blood of hundreds of thousands of people on his hands due to his lack of response to COVID and yet, whites don’t even give a shit for their own damn relatives when just to continue the system of white supremacy, they will line up and vote for the motherfucker who saw to it that their own damn grandma died. And so if that be the case, then I KNOW those lousy fuckers could care less about MY life.

      But what I do like, is now this shithole is even more of a laughing stock. The world is laughing at this fucking shithole that’s been claiming ‘exceptionalism’. Ain’t a goddamn thing going on over here, got shit to do with ‘exceptionalism’. Get a load of this!

      ‘What a spectacle!’: US adversaries revel in post-election chaos

      Rivals and enemies of the United States have come together to revel in the messiest US election in a generation, mocking the delay in vote processing and Donald Trump’s claims of electoral fraud in barely veiled criticisms of Washington’s political activism abroad.

      “What a spectacle!” crowed Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. “One says this is the most fraudulent election in US history. Who says that? The president who is currently in office.”

      Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman on Thursday panned the “obvious shortcomings of the American electoral system”, calling the framework “archaic”.

      “It’s a show, you can’t call it anything but that,” Vyacheslav Volodin, the chairman of Russia’s Duma, said earlier this week. “They say it should be seen as a standard for democracy. I don’t think it’s the standard.”

      In China, state media savaged the delayed results, with one daily writing that the process looked a “bit like a developing country”.

      And even the president of Venezuela is laughing himself senseless and even sang a little ditty about the stupid shit that’s going down over here. No one is taking this shithole seriously anymore and I am SO damn glad, you have no idea.

      Here’s more:

      “Who’s the banana republic now?” wondered the frontpage headline of Colombia’s Publimetro, one of many Latin American newspapers whose editors thought the term – a US-originated slur that was inspired by Honduras and has haunted Latin America for decades – perfectly captured the electoral turmoil playing out in the US.

      Merval Pereira, one of Brazil’s most prominent political commentators, called his daily column “Bananas americanas” and wrote: “This is a singular event in US democratic history which puts the country in the list of banana republics, an expression created by the Americans themselves.”

      It was bad enough the handling of COVID-19 and now this. So, in essence, the WORLD is LAUGHING AT WHITES! They run this third world, rundown, fucked up shithole and so how ‘exceptional’ are they fucking looking now? They’re the LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD! And that makes me SO fucking glad!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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  3. I didn’t vote either. I caught onto to the BS of voting when I was a little girl. I remember telling my mom one day that it seemed like it didn’t matter who we voted for; we would always get someone bad. Because even as a child, I caught on to how much people who claimed that they voted still complained about whoever was in office. And my mom told me to never say that because it would discourage people from voting. But I see now that I’m an adult, what I said when I was a kid was true then and it’s still true now. I feel like most people vote out of fear. They are afraid of what would happen if they didn’t vote. But in actuality, if they didn’t vote, the same things would happen in the country that has always been happening since Columbus came over here.

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    1. mysparkingthoughts, good for you! I should NEVER have voted, at all. But I’m there now. I will NEVER vote, ever again. What.The.Hell.For. Because not a goddamn piece of shit sitting their debased asses up in the White House or the halls of congress is going to do a damn thing about the system of white supremacy that is keeping people who look like me, fucked up!

      Why would I stand somewhere and vote FOR the motherfucker that’s going to see to it that my shit remains, fucked up? How crazy that shit sounds! And then, motherfuckers want to try and take me to task for not voting by saying some stupid shit about how Black people marched for the ‘right’ to vote. I fucking know they don’t even want to go there with me because those marchers; those protesters should have saved their damn breath, shoes and some more shit because Black people voting did absolutely NOTHING FOR US! Not one damn thing! I’d certainly love for someone to tell me what did the ‘right to vote’ gain American descendants of slavery? I want them to name one goddamn positive thing that voting did for ADOS. When you ask them that, their answer is, “Well then, vote on the local level because that impacts you on a more personal level.”

      Let me explain something about that shit. Voting on a local level does even less than voting for those thugs in the White House and in congress because down here in Hillbilly Hollow, we managed to vote in two Black mayors and guess what they did for the Black folks. NOTHING! The first one was a married preacher man who was dating more than half his female congregation to the point whereas his wife came into the church and interrupted the bastard by yelling and screaming about all of his affairs to the point whereas the ushers had to remove the preacher’s wife from the church, still kicking and screaming. Not only that, but “Mr. Adultery, Whoremongering Preacher Man” was also a Representative Payee for several people who received Social Security Disability benefits and he was stealing their money. Not only that, but he had asked another preacher for a loan to build a ‘youth center’, but instead, used that money on his whores. He caught several cases and those dumb ass church motherfuckers chartered a bus to go and show support for his criminal ass at his trial.

      The second Black mayor we had, was a Black female, and poverty among her Black constituents INCREASED and if she is known for nothing else, she is known for having the city with the HIGHEST EVICTION RATE FOR BLACK PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF VIRGINIA. So, how’s that for voting on a local level? Yeah, it ain’t fucking working out for our Black asses.

      So, no fucking thank you! I goddamn refuse to cast another vote for any damn body! Fuck them ALL!

      mysparkingthoughts, thank you for your comment.

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    1. Well Shanequa, Trump hasn’t conceded yet. LMAO!! Trump is NOT going to go quietly, that is a fact. Trump is behaving as though the “fat lady ain’t done sung.” Trump says that he WON!!! And he is going to raise hell until someone encases him in that wrap-around jacket and hauls him, kicking and screaming out of the Oval Office and away from his “Presidential Twitter account.”

      Trump claims that the election was stolen from him and I tend to believe him. This pandemic was the perfect ‘out’ for the ‘deep state’ to get Trump OUT. Who the hell knows how many mail-in ballots never made it to where they were supposed to go? I know that I have waited on packages from the USPS and the package has taken weeks to get to me when it was basically right around the corner. And the USPS website even states that delays are most definite due to COVID-19 and so since people were ‘encouraged’ to mail their ballots in rather than stand in line and potentially catch COVID, well…there ya go. Hence why Trump knows that he has a leg to stand on because I do believe that many, many ballots that were marked with Trump/Pence are not accounted for.

      As you know, I did NOT want that HIndu whore to possibly be able to sit her debased, Jew loving ass inside the White House or even get near it and yet Black women are even now exclaiming that that Hindu whore is a Black woman and so we can all breathe a sigh of relief because she is showing their little Black girl children that they can become the VP and possibly, the President. I am SERIOUSLY FUCKING DONE WITH BLACK WOMEN AS WELL! I am SO done, stick a fork in me, I am THAT damn fucking done! Black people are the dumbest goddamn, most stupidest shits on this entire fucked up planet and that is a goddamn serious ass fact!

      Black women and girls cry and cheer over a historic victory for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

      But for Black women — 91% of whom voted for the Biden and Harris — and girls who spoke to Insider, Harris’ accomplishment as the first woman, Black, Indian, and South Asian elected as Vice President of the United States hits close to home and opens up a promising vision of representation on Capitol Hill.

      Meena Harris, the vice president-elect’s niece, tweeted on Saturday that her 4-year-old said that “BLACK GIRLS ARE WELCOME TO BE PRESIDENT!”

      I’m even happier that Kamala Harris is in the White House. She’s making history and she’s representing Black women and although she had a bumpy past, I feel like she’s leaning towards a more progressive way of thinking and I feel like I’m making history with her as a Black woman,” Jeune told Business Insider. “I feel like Black women really came out. We always come out and we always make history and I’m so glad we’re finally being acknowledged for our work.” – Ketia Jeune, 25 — Warriors in the Garden activist, New York

      You see that dumb shit??!!! And they are ALL going to regret that shit because believe me, Kamala Harris is going to make sure that those words come back to haunt each and every single one of them, bar none.


      1. Black people were screaming we finally got a black man (biracial) as president. Now the screams are we finally got a black woman (biracial) as vice president. Both of these individuals have a non black parent & immigrants as parents.


      2. Yeah, and look at what Barack Obama did NOT do for ADOS since his ass was NOT ADOS. How are we any better off for having had that Kenyan born, half breed asswipe as president for EIGHT GODDAMN YEARS??!! And the same is going to happen, AGAIN. There will be NO gains made by ADOS after having voted for those two debased shits; one who called herself, “Top Cop,” and is responsible for why so many Black people are sitting up in California prisons on some low level drug shit crimes and the other one is responsible for why mass incarceration for the rest of this shithole is off the charts as it relates to American descendants of slavery. And so with that shit sitting inside the Oval Office and Kamala Harris’s ass awaiting her turn to sit at the presidential desk, those Black fools expect sunshine, roses and all things bright and beautiful???!!! Are they fucking in for a rude awakening, and how!

        And, AGAIN, I repeat myself! Black people are dumb, dumber and dumbest, stupid and some more shit because we are the only group who will get fucked up by a motherfucker and still believe that somehow, things will be different if we’ll only keep trying to believe that the motherfucker is going to change his/her racist stripes. Racists don’t become less racist, they become MORE racist and the more power they’re given, the worse the racism is. But Black people don’t seem to be able to grasp that fact and they’ll suffer for it.


      3. @shebycourtland
        It was a good reason why Joe Biden choose Harris. Don’t forget about the truancy program. “
        A 2010 video in which Harris laughs as she calls the idea “controversial” and boasts about scaring a mom with the prospect of going to jail has added fuel to the fire.”

        1. Kamala Harris Was The “Top Cop” of California
        2. Harris Locked Up African Parents Because Their Children Missed School
        3. Kamala Also Locked Up African People for Weed
        4. Harris Opposed Reforming the 3 Strikes Law
        5. Kamala Also Supports Prison Labor
        6. Kamala Supports The Death Penalty
        7. Harris Refused to Prosecute Police Who Murdered African People
        8. Kamala Supported a Law That Forces Schools to Turn Undocumented Students Over to ICE, Separating Them From Their Families

        Joe Biden knew by choosing Harris it would benefit his agenda. Harris is biracial with a Indian mother & Jamaican father. Harris graduated from a historical black college & a member of the first black female sorority. Furthermore with the one drop rule black people will look at her as a black woman. On top of that it will wheel in black female votes seeing a educated black woman (biracial) running for a high position in office. Also she will not be supporting blacks people but against black people.

        P.S. Obama was seen singing Al Green song “Let’s stay together” & Harris walk out on stage with background music to Mary J Blidge.


      4. And Shanequa, did you notice that when Kamala Hindu Whore Harris gave her speech, she ONLY mentioned her INDIAN IMMIGRANT mother, but said NOTHING about her Jamaican daddy; not a goddamn word did she say about him? He had to take her ass to task for stating that ” what all Jamaicans do all day long is sit somewhere smoke weed.” Her daddy called her ass out on THAT shit! So he probably told her filthy ass, “Don’t even mention me, you bitch skank whore!”

        The fucking caste system in India is a fucking travesty for those who are of the lower caste. The upper caste motherfuckers that Kamala’s mother was can even murder those in the lower caste and no one would even glance at them for doing so. And so if that shit doesn’t speak volumes on what that bitch thinks of American descendants of slavery, then I don’t know what will because that bitch thinks even less of ADOS than she does of the Indians in the lowest caste. That is why that Hindu whore laughed at that Black woman because in that bitch’s eyes, she was lower than those damn cows those Hindus worship. That Hindu whore is NO Black woman and Black women who sit somewhere and shed tears of stupid ass joy over that filthy, Hindu bitch will rue the day they ever did so, that Hindu whore will see to that. So they can just remember the day that they were happy to have Kamala Hindu Whore Harris sit her ass up in the Oval Office next to Joe Biden and whisper in his ear to put more of Black women’s sons in prison on bullshit, “top cop” that the bitch claimed to be. Not only that, but as overrun as this shithole is with those damn filthy, fly coated assed Hindus, this shithole will be even more overrun with those damn debased, murdering bastards. But thanks to Donald Trump’s immigration policies, Biden’s hands will be tied for years in getting those bastards access to this shithole. That’s one thing I can thank Trump for putting into play. Because I read that it would take years for Biden to undo Trump’s immigration policies and so those 11 MILLION ILLEGALS that Biden intends to make citizens are going to have to wait. He is going to have a protracted court battle on his hands to get that one done. Fuck those motherfuckers!

        And if I were Trump, I would NOT concede and with COVID being problematic and with mail in ballots encouraged, shit was going to happen. The Democrats cried “Foul” four years ago and screeched about election interference from Russia, but all of a sudden, THIS year, all was kosher, aboveboard and some more shit??!! Not bloody fucking likely! This was a stolen election and I’d bet the goddamn farm on that!


  4. He was crying like a toddler, the speech of this BM gave me cancer! Oh lord, someone come and
    get this faggot out here!

    ”91% of BW voted Biden because we love everyone.
    20% of BM voted Trump because they hate BW.
    Thank you for the 80% brothers who stand with and for us!”

    You know Shelby what makes my blood boiling when you see black people claim every single half breed
    they can see as blacks, but when they see a light-skinned black person ”No, she isn’t enough black, I never saw a BW with long hair!” What fuck is this shit? She is not a BW, she is a damn mixed-race woman!
    No groups claim or elevate biracial people over them, in the hell white people will elevate
    a mixed race person one of them!
    Why is so hard for us to understand that mixed-race people aren’t us, having the same
    skin complexion isn’t shit!
    I am not living in the US but for me that I am living in Europe, what I saw it and watched on the Internet it’s damn wrong! I don’t know why they can’t see this behavior is wrong!
    Today they are all celebrity, dancing, and singing but tomorrow this is man and that half-breed
    they will hit harder on African American people!
    Kamala said that ”BW are the Backbone, superheroes, our Democracy” , she should say that
    ”BW are the mules”.
    Obama was a traitor what makes this half Hindu better than him? Shelby, I am tired of this rainbow narrative ”we all together in this” it’s really disgusting!

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    1. qnubian, in ALL honesty, I don’t give a damn about Black dumb asses anymore. I am done with Blacks, PERIOD. I am so NOT kidding. The more I try and get through to these hopeless dumb asses, the more dumb they act. Why would ANY Black person stand in a line or send in a ballot marked for either Donald Trump/Mike Pence or Joe Biden/Kamala Hindu Whore Harris???!!! It makes no sense. Since there was absolutely NOTHING to vote for, then why even vote??!!! It was a colossal waste of time. Even mailing in a damn useless ass ballot was a waste of time.

      Black people are so damn thirsty for validation from ANY motherfucker with a hint of a tan, that they will cape for and support the goddamn devil if his ass is black. He could be ready to drag their stupid asses to hell, but as long as he is black, they’ll fucking go wherever he leads, hence why so many brainwashed black fools are sitting up in churches to this day, looking stupid as hell while listening to an adulterer talk about how listening to what he says is going to get their stupid ass through the pearly gates.

      There is NO getting through to Black people and so to hell with them. My only regret is that due to my skin color, I am lumped in with those dumb ass, stupid motherfuckers. Do I want to be black? Hell no, because there ain’t shit that we do that’s worth being proud of and much of the shit that we do has nothing whatsoever to do with racism, but has much to do with us being so damn thirsty for validation from ANY fucking body even if that body is going to fuck our asses up, six ways to Sunday.

      Donald Trump stood on that debate stage and pointed out the fact that Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill is the reason so many Black men, especially are locked behind prison walls and what do Black people do? Especially Black women, head to the polls and overwhelmingly vote for the very same motherfucker that is the reason why their sons, uncles, nephews, brothers, cousins, fathers and grandfathers are still sitting up in prison to this very day getting tortured and murdered. We talk about how racism is our biggest foe; no, our biggest foe is the fact that Black people are some dumb ass fucks! If Blacks stopped being so goddamn dumb, they’d be able to get together and beat back against the system of white supremacy, but they are still looking for the white supremacist to fuck his own shit up while leaving them alone. SERIOUSLY???!!! The white supremacist is a given, but Black motherfuckers make his job even easier for him because there is no cohesiveness. There is only dumb, dumber, dumbest and stupid shit going on with Blacks. I’m done coming to their defense. They are getting what they voted for and if they think the shit is bad now, they ain’t fucking seen shit yet! To hell with these Black useless, dumb ass fools; Black women included!

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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