Donald Trump Should NOT Concede!




Something is rotten in America. Strike that. A lot is rotten in America, but what’s reeking now is how, all of a sudden, since Biden supposedly won the election, there is NO FUCKING SIGN OF RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE OR VOTER FRAUD OR ANY PROBLEMS.AT.ALL. I find that highly suspicious given the fact that the Democrats screeched for years that Trump, along with Russia, stole the election from Hillary Clinton. They were hell bent on denying Trump’s lawful presidency because they could not get over the fact that they thought that Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in when her ass lost the 2016 election.

And how the hell does the AP(Associated Press) call the election? What the hell makes the AP so goddamn important and why is everyone celebrating as though suddenly, the air is filled with the scent of roses, the sun is shining even at night and all is right with the world simply because the Associated Press has told everyone that Biden and that Hindu whore Harris has won the election?

Don’t concede, Donald, don’t concede!

Postal Service continues to receive thousands of ballots

Thousands of ballots continued to stream into U.S. Postal Service facilities Monday, according to newly filed court documents, too late in many states to be counted, even if postmarked by Election Day.

I contend that there are millions of uncounted ballots out there. I also contend that those ballots are purposefully not being counted because they are votes for Trump/Pence. How do I know this? Because I have taken a look at what went on before this election was decided. Before this election was decided, Kamala Harris was so lacking in presidential appeal, she was the first to drop out as a Democratic contender. Joe Biden did not initially join in the fray. It was only after so many Democratic contenders were not so enthusiastically received, the Democrats had to beg Slow Joe Biden to run and near the end of April 2019, he did. Not to mention the fact that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had a contentious back and forth session during the first Democratic presidential debate whereas Kamala Harris attacked Joe Biden’s record on busing while also citing his work with segregationists. Biden fought back by saying that he only had a problem with busing via the Department of Education. I guess that meant that public buses were okay for Black folks to use to get around, but when it came time for Black children to get to school, busing was not the thing. Also, Biden claimed that his work with segregationists made it possible for progress to be made. I don’t see it, but then, I don’t think that I am as ‘slow’ as Joe Biden. And when Kamala Harris dropped her bid as a democratic contender, it was noted that her campaign was in chaos, had no money and even her sponsors were refusing to aid her cause.

But now, all is kosher, all is forgiven and the election went smoothly during a pandemic when millions of Americans were encouraged to vote via mail-in ballot due to COVID-19 and so how in the world did that happen? If nothing else, this pandemic has shown that America is incapable of handling ANYTHING with efficiency, transparency and effortlessly. Hence why I will never believe that Joe Biden and that Hindu whore are the true and legitimate winners of this election. Joe Biden could not even get enough people to completely fill a Zoom video conference meeting. No one was flocking to Joe Biden’s campaign and in fact, Joe Biden was missing in action more than he was seen and even Obama was heard telling him to keep his speeches short for fear that he would utter some senseless inanities. The man fumbled, stumbled and stuttered his way through the few speeches he did manage to complete. He lost both debates to Trump. And yet, this senile, slow, pervert and an unpopular ‘campaign broke’ Hindu whore are the presumptive winners of this election? I am not buying that shit for a minute.

What the problem is, is that what comes around, goes around. America has done nothing but initiate coups in other countries; deposing duly elected leaders and installing their puppets. And so it is quite apparent, that Trump is not playing along with whatever’s really behind the scenes pulling the strings of the politicians. Donald Trump is a loose canon and cannot be reined in and so he is dangerous to the puppet masters, hence why he has to be replaced even though, anyone with more than two brain cells connected and working can see that there are some major behind the scenes shenanigans going down. It would not have mattered if no one had shown up at the polls or mailed in a ballot, whoever was up against Trump was going to be declared the winner.

Donald Trump did NOT lose this election. Donald Trump is being removed from office because he has proven himself to be too much for those who will find Joe Biden and his Hindu whore, more pliable. This election was NOT won, fair and square and you can take that to the bank. Donald Trump should NOT concede because he is the actual winner and those who, by sleight of hand has everyone believing that Joe Biden won, thinks that everyone is fooled by their tricks of smoke and mirrors and deflection. Now, unfortunately, half the people cannot see what is actual reality as opposed to a lie; fiction.

For those of you who support Donald Trump, don’t simply mourn the fact that this election was stolen from Trump. Make your voices heard in the most resounding way possible. Do NOT be deceived into believing that Joe Biden and that Hindu whore ‘won’ this election because they did not. Neither of them could even half way fill a restroom at an airport before this election and yet, they won? If anyone believes that Joe Biden and that Hindu whore won, fair and square, who dropped you on your damn dumb ass head??!!! And if it has been stated that because Black women made up 91% of the votes that Joe Biden got, then their fucking weave was too damn tight and they starred in Justin Simien’s “Bad Hair” movie and so were possessed by their weave and in need of an exorcism. Plus, don’t forget that there are not enough dumb ass, weave wearing Black women in America to get the job done as in electing a president all on their lonesome, possessed weave or not.

Did I vote for Joe Biden? No. I don’t wear a weave; possessed or otherwise. I did not vote for Donald Trump either because I am not stupid. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are both racists and I would not vote for either one, but at the same time, when the shit smells funky, I’m uncovering it because only by doing so, is everyone made aware that they have been active players in some funky ass, shitty shenanigans. Millions of you are only too glad to be duped. Enjoy it while you can because shit is about to get raggedy as hell and I promise you, you will NOT be celebrating a Biden/Harris ‘victory’ for long because deluded and stupid as you brain dead Americans are, even this illusion of inclusion will not hold. Your shit is going to continue to be raggedy as hell despite what you think are two saviors to your rescue. Nothing could be further from the truth because the same shits that tried to rein in Donald Trump, will surely succeed with these two blockheads. And remember, you read it here first.

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Should NOT Concede!

  1. Well stated, Shelby. Biden and Trump are cut from the same Kloth. Harris has close ties to the Zionist settler colonialists occupying Palestine as fervently as Mr. Joe. The object is to keep white supremacism geopolitically secure and ethnically pure by every means possible. As long as you consistently follow the system’s agenda you can be as Black as Clarence Thomas. What a grand surprise to find that Hamilton was also a slaver, keeping the costs of production low remains one of the strongest pillars of Kapitalism. The powers that *always* simply continue the same game of divide and conquer, leaving the true believers fighting each other but keeping the power brokers at the helm and invisible — just as the founding slavers, the Originalists, wanted it.

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    1. Bill, you are spot on, as usual.

      Something is just NOT passing the smell test for me. I know shit when I smell it and that is what I’m smelling all over this ‘election’. The fake news media cannot contain their glee over this. Bitch ass Van Jones hasn’t stopped crying yet and someone needs to pass his stupid black ass some smelling salts and get him off the airwaves.

      But get a load of this shit!

      How Black voters and simmering protests contributed to Trump’s loss

      In March, South Carolina’s Black voters — who make up more than 60% of the Palmetto State’s Democratic electorate — revived now President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign, after the former vice president’s poor performances in the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire primary and Nevada caucuses.

      Last week, vote counts from cities including Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia — all important areas with significant Black populations — helped Biden flip several of the “blue wall” states that President Donald Trump won in 2016.

      As you can see, the media is setting Black people up. They’re ‘dog whistling’ the white supremacist groups by blaming Biden’s win on Black people when they know that there is not enough Black people in this shithole to get ANY candidate, elected. And Black people don’t even have the sense god gave a goat to figure the shit out for themselves because they are too busy celebrating the fucked up shit that is going to only get worse for their asses. Why would you celebrate that the racist motherfucker that sent your family members to prison for 30+ years, by hook and by crook, has been so-called ‘elected’ president? Why would you celebrate the bitch’s descent to Vice President who called herself “Top Cop” and who laughed at Black women while locking them up.

      Kamala Harris laughed about jailing parents over truancy. But it’s not funny

      That worldview is fully on display in recently unearthed video footage of Kamala Harris, defending her decision to criminally prosecute parents for their children’s truancy. In the video, taken at the Commonwealth Club in 2010 when Harris was district attorney of San Francisco, Harris says that because “a child going without an education is tantamount to a crime”, she decided to treat parents with absentee children as criminals.

      Harris cheerfully recounts the story of sending an attorney from her office to intimidate a homeless single mother whose children were missing school. She smiles as she recalls how she instructed her subordinates to “look really mean” so that the mother would take the threat of jail seriously. In separate footage, Harris mocks those on the left who say things like “build schools, not jails” and “put more money into education, not prisons”, suggesting they are naive sloganeers who do not understand crime prevention.

      That’s what Black people are celebrating and that is why I am done trying to get through to them. It does no good. Black people are the only group of people who will ‘love’ and support those who oppress them the most. I can’t even call it “Stockholm Syndrome,” because it is even sicker and more twisted than that. Black people had no reason on this godforsaken planet to vote; none at all. But that isn’t the biggest problem. What gets me is that Black people are talking about how they are crying tears of joy and how things are going to be different now that racists just changed places. One is going back to civilian life while the other is going to see to it that shit only hits the fan worse for the very same Blacks that are out celebrating two flaming racist pieces of shit about to take the helm of this lopsided, stinking, sinking shithole barge. And Black women have become unglued or either their wigs or weaves are too tight if they can overlook the fact of Kamala Harris’s background when she was “Top Cop” in California.

      Now, white supremacist groups are going to see those headlines whereas the media is claiming that Blacks ushered in Biden and a Hindu whore and the shit is going to hit the fan. And I don’t even want to hear it because you can’t tell Blacks, nothing. And that whore, being married to a Jew would have sealed the deal against voting for her ass. And not once during her speech did she mention her so-called, “Jamaican daddy,” but she sure as hell mentioned that Hindu upper caste mother of hers. That whore does not have an ADOS background and yet just because she has the faintest tint to her skin, Blacks are claiming her. Like I said in a comment on another blog, Blacks will embrace the goddamn devil if his ass is black and he’ll take their asses down to hell with him and they’ll gladly go, they are that damn dumb!

      And for some unknown reason, my blog has so many readers from India today, I have never seen the like, but I hope like hell that they absolutely have a fucking problem with what they are reading and leave a comment so that I can blast their asses from here to India with my response.

      Bill, thank you for your comment.


    1. I have been hearing that this sudden ‘victory’ occurred around 3a.m. when most people had gone to bed and that before that happened, Trump was winning and yet, when people woke up, all of a sudden, Biden was leading, big time. Something is definitely rotten and have you noticed how the media is almost TOO damn gleeful in continuously pounding it in that Biden won and that there was NO voter fraud? We are going through a whole pandemic or so we are being made to believe and therefore, were encouraged to vote via mail-in ballot as opposed to heading to the polling stations. Not to mention, Trump was not hiding shit like other presidents have done. When the shit was funky, he called it out. Not one other president has called lamestream media what it is, FAKE NEWS. And that is exactly what it is because they are pushing this FAKE Biden ‘victory’ down our throats. Nobody in their right mind wanted Sleepy Joe and I watched both debates and Biden was so damn confused, they should have just excused him from debating. In fact, the debate moderators seemed to go out of their way to ‘help’ Biden’s ass along. Trump never spoke haltingly, never stumbled, fumbled, stuttered or forgot what he was saying, but Joe Biden did ALL of that and much worse.

      You watch. They are going to put Biden’s sleepy ass to bed and Kamala Hindu Whore Harris is going to take the helm of this sinking Titanic and as overrun with those damn funky assed Hindus this shithole is now, it is going to get worse. Like we need some more goddamn immigrants. They have already taken jobs from American descendants of slavery and between that and gentrification, that is why so many millions of us are sitting up in homeless tent cities.

      When that shit got burned down in Minneapolis, MN after George Floyd was murdered, the fake news media tried to label the shit that got burned down as belonging to ‘minorities’ to make you think that Black people had owned that shit; no, Black people did NOT own that shit. That shit was all IMMIGRANT owned. Black people, for the most part, are walking the streets, homeless in Minneapolis. And so more of that is in store for us with this Biden/Harris bullshit.

      Like I stated, Trump is a loose canon and cannot be reined in. He says whatever he wants to say and damn the consequences. The puppet masters can’t have that. They want someone that will tow the line and do it their way, hence why Biden/Harris were allowed to steal this election. This was a coup and Trump is being removed from office and no one can make me believe otherwise.

      mysparkingthoughts, thank you for your comment. You obviously smell the same rotten mess that I do.

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