Black Congressman Who ‘Encouraged’ American Descendants Of Slavery To Vote For Joe Biden Is Pissed That Joe Biden Has Ignored ADOS When It Comes To Giving Them Cabinet Positions. “I Am SO Surprised!” ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„



‘Judas goat’, Representative, James Clyburn, hailing from the southern state of South Carolina and who has been accused of getting Black folks to the polls in droves to vote for Biden/Harris, thus helping to enable their status of ‘stealing this election’, is now screeching and wailing that since he told Black folks to vote for Joe Biden, why did Joe Biden throw Black folks under the bus, AGAIN??!!!

James Clyburn, Key to Biden Victory, Slams Lack of Black Appointees in New Admin

Representative James Clyburn, who helped secure President-elect Joe Biden‘s path to the White House, expressed disappointment over the incoming administration’s lack of Black appointees.

While the most senior Black lawmaker in Congress welcomed the selection of Linda Thomas-Greenfield, a Black diplomat who served in the Obama administration, to serve as ambassador to the United Nations, Clyburn also said that Biden is falling short when it comes to naming Black people to cabinet seats and other top slots.

Biden’s camp hit back with this.

An official with the Biden-Harris transition defended the team’s picks to The Hill, noting that 46 percent of all staff are people of color and that women make up more than half of the team.

So there you have it, who needs Black people when POC, ‘People of Color’ and women who are not Black will do, save for one Black woman who should feel honored to get the position of ambassador to the United Nations, which is basically, just a glorified errand girl. Go before the United Nations as a representative of the states, sit and listen to moans and whines, whine when it’s your turn about the whining from the others and return to the states. Yeah, what an important position.

But the positions of authority, clout and policy making and some more important shit are all going to whites and those who are anyone besides an American descendant of slavery, the same as it’s always been and always will be.

And so for those of you Black folks who cried tears of joy, and danced in the street and some more shit, because Biden/Harris have been declared victorious, Biden’s already showing you dumb asses that your tears of joy and dancing was a BIG, FUCKING WASTE OF TIME. The ink hasn’t even dried on the bastard’s presidential papers yet and he’s already showing you stupid Blacks just what’s what. And you’re sitting somewhere pretending to be shocked that he’s showing his true colors so soon. Are you stupid Black shits for real? Numerous other Black people tried to warn you, but you paid no heed and now your ass is looking dumb as hell.

When whites used the term, ‘POC’ otherwise known as “People Of Color,” that means ANY AND EVERYONE BESIDES AMERICAN DESCENDANTS OF SLAVERY. And I know you Black fools know that shit by now and yet what do you do, believe that your ass is included in that people of color bullshit. Well Joe Biden’s camp just disabused you of the notion that POC means ADOS. Don’t no white motherfucker want American descendants of slavery in ANY position that actually has some serious authority to it.

You Blacks still believe that Barack Obama was the ‘first BLACK president. WRONG! Obama was the first AFRICAN/WHITE president; there is a big, huge difference. He was not a descendant of slavery. His African father was not born from people who were dragged to this shithole and his mother was of European descent and so how did that make Obama, the first black president? And so look who he ‘chose’ to be his VP; the same piece of shit that railed for hours on the senate floor in favor of a crime bill that is directly responsible for locking up so many young Black men who are still cooling their heels inside a prison cell to this day. And yet, you dumb ass black motherfuckers turned right around and listened to a black-assed Judas goat and voted for a stomp down, flaming racist, bigot and a Hindu whore from the highest caste in India who hates those who are of a lower caste and so with that being the case, do you have any idea what she thinks of your black ass, American descendant of slavery???!!! You dumb black bastards.

I have zero respect for blacks, ZERO and I could give a rat’s ass if you don’t like this post because it’s the goddamn truth regardless of whether or not you want to admit it. I don’t give a damn, I call a spade, a spade and you stupid, dumb black motherfuckers are getting called out on your stupid, dumb shit! You never learn! And it shows. That is why your black asses are somewhere standing in long ass lines for a free goddamn turkey with all the trimmings. That is why your stupid black asses are sitting in homeless shelters and in tents because you are still looking for some sell out black motherfucker to tell you who to vote for and how to go about effecting change. You black motherfuckers always got to look for some savior to come and pluck you up out of your fucked up status. If it ain’t some black-assed so-called, politician, it’s the black-assed preacher man. Has Jesus Christ come yet? Has the lawd made a way somehow? No one has to dig deep to figure your black asses out because you’re an open book. You’ve been read from cover to cover so many goddamn times, it ain’t even fucking funny.

Every goddamn white ass on this entire planet knows what you’re going to do about EVERYTHING and NOTHING before you do fuck all about EVERYTHING and NOTHING and that is why from here to Africa, the shit is the same; you’re fucked up! And what’s more, nothing is going to change. And when I say, “NOTHING,” I mean, what have you got to show for your life? “NOTHING!” Because a pair of Timberland boots and some fake ass nails, wigs and weaves count for NOTHING! What real and true wealth do you have? NOTHING! And so, what are you going to do about it? “NOTHING!” I guess, now you get my meaning, because you dumb shits are so stupid, I have to spell shit out in order for it to sink in because your damn smartphone is smarter than your stupid ass.

SO, you keep looking to black-assed Judas goats to save you or lead you to a white savior. You keep sitting up in church looking to white Jesus to save you. You keep pretending that some white-assed piece of shit president and his Hindu whore VP are going to save you and your ass will soon see, you got nothing coming to you but what’s already been coming to you; misery, hopelessness, suffering, homelessness, hunger, gentrification, mass incarceration, income inequality, mass joblessness, low educational attainment, gun and drug saturated ghettos, obesity, sickness, police brutality and death. Death is your reward for trusting and believing in black Judas goats and white saviors, oh, and Jesus Christ!

And before I forget, the black-assed mayor of Denver apologizes to everyone because he told the citizens of Denver to forgo traveling to see their families for Thanksgiving, but he traveled to Mississippi to see his. Yeah! He’s another black-assed Judas goat you voted for; the type that says, “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.”

The mayor of Denver apologized for traveling to Mississippi after asking his whole city to stay home for Thanksgiving

Denver’s mayor apologized for traveling to Mississippi for Thanksgiving despite asking people to avoid travel to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Mayor Michael Hancock flew on the same day that he encouraged “virtual gatherings instead of in-person dinners” and said to “avoid travel, if you can.”

He later said: “I apologize to the residents of Denver who see my decision as conflicting with the guidance to stay at home for all but essential travel.”

It was essential that he ‘enjoy’ Thanksgiving with his family, but you? Not so fast! But since he ‘apologized’, that should about cover it because that’s all it takes for people to simmer down these days; a worthless ass apology. What does that do when dude has already enjoyed Thanksgiving with his family while telling you to stay away from yours? As you can see, it matters not what complexion the politician is, your black ass is grass. Go ahead, continue to line up to vote or make sure you mail that ballot in because by doing so, you want to continue to get exactly what you’ve always been getting; fucked up and the only thing to show for your existence on this planet is some fake ass shit you purchased from the Asians and whites. Enjoy the damn turkey you stood in another line begging for. I’m sure it goes nicely with your fake ass wig and Timberland boots.


8 thoughts on “Black Congressman Who ‘Encouraged’ American Descendants Of Slavery To Vote For Joe Biden Is Pissed That Joe Biden Has Ignored ADOS When It Comes To Giving Them Cabinet Positions. “I Am SO Surprised!” ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  1. James Clyburn is the same corporate shill who said with a straight face he never heard of any Black socialists before, with a portrait of W.E.B. DuBois behind his head. All that money he gets from the insurance industry has really done a number on him.

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    1. Caleb, I am NOT surprised by the antics of this “Judas goat,” because that is all that Black folks have to work with and why they have not stopped listening to the words from those shits, tells me that Black folks want to remain fucked up and that shit is going to continue.

      At this point, I am beating a dead horse; even I know that. And as you can see, no one had anything to say about this one even though it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. I don’t sugar coat shit, nor is it the time to be writing about sunbeams, roses and all things bright and beautiful with the foul ass, vicious shit that is going down daily. And if the lamestream media is to be believed, half the U.S. population is going to be laid flat due to COVID over the Christmas holiday. Shit hitting the fan and people think that voting makes a damn difference. How did our fucked up lives change for the better when Obama/Biden were president and VP? How did our lives change for the better under the Trump Administration? And so what the hell was there to vote for? By now, we should have ALL figured out that we need to forgo voting for this ONE PARTY SYSTEM because make no mistake, there is not a gnat’s ass worth of difference between the dems or the repubs and so we should have long since refused to vote until we can figure out a way to get other parties that represent us, up and running, but until then, disengage from this pretend farce of a presidential (s)election. I refuse….I flat out REFUSE to continue to participate in this meaningless buffoonery and no one is going to tell me who to vote for; certainly NOT some “Judas goat” motherfucker like James Clyburn who has nothing to show for his years as a politician except for fattening his wallet with his ill-gotten gains. Those shits don’t give a damn about Black people and why Blacks refuse to wake the hell up and recognize is because they are on some dumb ass, “I need a savior to the rescue me,” time. I’m not on that bullshit time.

      Caleb, let me stop here before I turn this damn comment into another blog. But I want to thank you most kindly for your comment. Take care!

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      1. Anytime. Your voice is very much needed, particularly now when the so-called โ€œresistanceโ€ is packing it up and going hack to brunch now that Biden-Harris are coming into office. Smh.

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      2. Caleb, unfortunately, there was not much resistance to begin with; a few marches and some looted stores and that’s it, that’s all. The “keyboard warrior” doesn’t get the shit done, neither does continuing to do what has never worked and that would be marching and begging for change when that shit’s so damn old, it should have long since died out. What’s needed is a real and true revolution, but that means that people would have to give up more than some time spent in jail. That would mean live free or die trying and people are just not ready for that and “The Powers That Be” are quite aware of that fact.

        Thanks again Caleb.

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  2. Black politicians and celebrities are always in black people’s faces telling us to vote for these white politicians who are racist and will do nothing for us every election year, yet black people continue to fall for the game. Black people don’t want to wake up.

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    1. I agree and this blogger is right on point.

      Celebrity Culture Needs to Die Part 1: Celebrities Are Not Community Leaders!

      Ice Cube thinks that he can make policy for the Black community he no longer lives in. He appointed himself as a spokesperson for the Black community when no one asked for it. Ice Cube then makes an appearance on Roland Martinโ€™s show to talk about said policy, and he couldnโ€™t even explain what it meant. These celebrities are not qualified leaders just because they are rich and famous. Instead of elevating leaders who live in the community, he nominated himself. It just shows how narcissistic these celebrities can be.

      P. Diddy is now trying to create a political party called, Our Black Party. I feel like someone who is known for ripping off his Black artists isnโ€™t someone Iโ€™d trust to lead Black people. Who nominated him as a Black leader anyway? Rich people see the profit in politics.

      The Breakfast Club is now the Black political platform and Charlamagne is a CNN commentator. People ignore the organizers in their community to uphold Jay-z and Killer Mike as the new Malcolm X and MLK.

      She gets it. The only problem is that there are too few of us who do and that is a sad ass shame and is the reason why Black America is so fucked up and that situation is not about to change, except for the worse. This is why I hardly even blog about issues as they pertain to ADOS in America anymore, because I am beating a dead horse. Our group is done for.

      Thank you for your comment mysparkingthoughts.

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  3. I completely agree with your argument on a focus on ADOS and with the facts that support your argument. Only ADOS have known the full impact of the evil deeds committed by white-supremacist European capitalists who were well on their way to stealing and killing their way to the Pacific coast when the first slaves were sold on the “free and open market” in 1619. In 1787, the slavering fathers signed a constitution that granted slaveholders an extra 60% voting rights for each slave owned. That constitution had undergone 12 changes by 1865; the 13th, 14th, and 15th changes allowed whites permission to interpret the legal documents by extrajudicial means. The Voting Rights bill did not arrive until 1965. Whites obtained interpretations to keep ADOS from casting votes at every possible turn. The events of 2020 have illustrated how little has changed in the last 401 years. ADOS are also disproportionately killed by COVID-19 โ€” colonization provides premium benefits to whites, but the colonizers prefer a better-sounding whitewashed name for the dynamic: gentrification.

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    1. Bill, thank you for another great comment. I read just the other day, that the 5 most likely places people catch COVID are at bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels and churches. And where can Black folks be found in droves? Sitting up listening to “The Word!” in some damn church while staring at ‘white’ jesus who is going to come and save them even as whites are kicking their asses, six ways to Sunday. They’re listening to some damn shit that don’t even pertain to them and catching a whopping, big ole case of COVID. And then when their asses end up at Lynchburg General Hospital, they may as well be described as “Dead on arrival” because I just read last week that 97 people have died of COVID at that quack butcher shop otherwise known as Lynchburg General Hospital. And the numbers are likely higher than that, they just don’t want to be embarrassed to hell and back for being a fucking bunch of dumbasses.

      And frankly, not a goddamn thing has changed since the 1600s because the whites can pluck our asses up out of our ghettos, slums and tents anytime they damn well please on some trumped up shit. We don’t have the balls to lift nothing against the whites besides a useless ass protest sign that we’ve been carrying around since the 1960s. And we still believe that by voting for racist no. 1 or for voting for racist no. 1, our lives are going to change for the better. Black folks have been, collectively. dropped on their damn heads.

      But as you can see, I don’t give two shits anymore about what’s happening to Blacks because I’ve been screeching and wailing for over 7 years about what we need to do and we fucking won’t do shit! So, stick a goddamn fork in me, I am done trying to get through to hard headed, stupid motherfuckers.

      Bill, again, I thank you for your comment.


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