AGAIN, Black People NEVER Learn! Tuskegee Syphilis Study And Now COVID-19 Vaccine Study! Hell No!




Sigh! When I read this article, I damn near burst into flames, I became that enraged! What the hell is wrong with us? Or are we just so thrilled to continue to be the white man’s guinea pig or is this a case of, another bunch of paid sellouts?

Family of Tuskegee Syphilis Study participant say they’ll take COVID-19 vaccine

Lillie Tyson Head and her daughter, Carmen Head Thornton, have reason to be skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccine. After all, it was Head’s father, Freddie Lee Tyson, who was unknowingly recruited into the now-infamous Syphilis Study at Tuskegee.

When asked if they’d take the COVID-19 vaccine themselves, they both said yes.

“Without hesitation,” Head said. “As soon as the vaccine is available for me, I’m taking it.”

Black folks, I fucking give the fuck up!!! What the hell????!!!! How much are these two bitches getting paid? And don’t give me no shit about calling these two bitches, BITCHES!!!

The bitch’s father was an unwitting victim of a racist government studying the effects of syphilis on BLACK MEN and never even told them what the hell was going on, just kept telling them that they had “bad blood”and some more crazy shit. And even when there was a cure for syphilis, this racist ass government still denied those Black men the cure.

The Tuskegee experiment began in 1932, at at a time when there was no known treatment for syphilis, a contagious venereal disease. After being recruited by the promise of free medical care, 600 African American men in Macon County, Alabama were enrolled in the project, which aimed to study the full progression of the disease.

The participants were primarily sharecroppers, and many had never before visited a doctor. Doctors from the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS), which was running the study, informed the participants—399 men with latent syphilis and a control group of 201 others who were free of the disease—they were being treated for bad blood, a term commonly used in the area at the time to refer to a variety of ailments.

The men were monitored by health workers but only given placebos such as aspirin and mineral supplements, despite the fact that penicillin became the recommended treatment for syphilis in 1947, some 15 years into the study.

In order to track the disease’s full progression, researchers provided no effective care as the men died, went blind or insane or experienced other severe health problems due to their untreated syphilis.

And so Black people are to trust the government telling us to take some bullshit COVID-19 vaccine when there is a long history of this country using Black people as guinea pigs in order to “GENOCIDE” us??!! But to this day, we have learned NOTHING! We still believe that we can trust whites in this racist shithole. We still believe that when whites come at us with syringes that everything is kosher, on the level and we are good to go. Oh, we are good to go, alright. We are good to go under the goddamn ground!

You see, at a time when many American descendants of slavery are stating, flat out, that they are NOT going to stand in line and roll up their sleeve and take those bullshit COVID-19 vaccines, the whites immediately go into “Damage Control.” Yep! Put some Black folks together and promise them some money to do a news story and up the ante, talk to the family of a Tuskegee Syphilis Study victim and get them to state that, yes indeed, they would certainly stand in line and roll up their sleeve and take that damn COVID-19 vaccine even though their daddy, grandpa, uncle, nephew, cousin or what have you was an unwitting participant in one of the most heinous and racist experiments on American descendants of slavery ever to be performed. Get those Black folks in line and get them in line now!

Black folks, ask yourself this question. Why are the whites showcasing Black people getting this COVID-19 vaccine? Ask yourself why the whites are hell bent on seeing to it that we realize and understand that this vaccine is beneficial to us? Ask yourself this, when have the whites EVER done ANYTHING that was FOR our benefit? Name ONE goddamn thing! Just one! I’ll fucking wait on that, but I will NOT be holding my fucking breath!

The whites have seen to it that we have ALWAYS been the recipients of fucked up health care. We are sent to clinics while they go to fancy, upscale medical facilities. Television programs aimed at Black people always have commercials that target us with something that is NOT beneficial to our health as in cigarette commercials, malt liquor commercials, fast, fake ass food commercials and the list of bad shit for you is endlessly aimed at us while the shit they like to watch has commercials that promote healthy eating, exercise and some more shit of the like.

Black folks, when was the last time a fitness center opened up in your neighborhood? Any Black folks have bike lanes in their neighborhood? What about a park where you can walk and get some exercise? No, we don’t have that in our neighborhoods. We have food deserts in our neighborhoods. What we have in our neighborhoods are Asian-owned fake ass food take out joints, Asian-owned liquor stores and Hindu-owned so-called ‘convenience’ stores that sell beer, cigarettes, sodas, chips, candy bars and other high sugar, high fat junk while having nothing in them that is healthy. The other shit in Black neighborhoods are Asian-owned ‘beauty supply stores’ so that you can continue to hand over your hard earned money to Asians because, make no mistake, they are helping whitey pasty ass send us to the goddamn grave, broke as fuck, but with a weave in and some fake nails and eyelashes on our dead, fucked up bodies.

But, all of a sudden, that shit’s changed???!!!! The whites want our Black asses to be in line for some damn COVID-19 vaccine because they are just so concerned that we are dying from COVID-19? We are dying more from heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer than we are dying from COVID-19, but because the media is white owned, they get to put the shit out there and make you believe that the sky is falling on our asses thanks to COVID and worse is to come if we don’t get in line and roll up our sleeves and take their fucked up COVID-19 vaccine.

Have you seen the statistics of how many Black people have been homeless for decades? The numbers are out of the ballpark and whites know this and what have they done about it? Increased the numbers by way of GENTRIFICATION! But the whites want you to understand that they ‘care about us’ now???!!! Seriously??!! We are locked up by the millions because whites care about us? We are the faces of poverty because whites care about us? We are the faces of the hungry because whites care about us? We are the faces of drug saturated communities because whites care about us? Whites introduced drugs and guns into our communities for the express purpose of getting us to kill each other off. We are the faces of police brutality. What other group is the face of police brutality? How many Asians are on the news getting murdered by Kop for playing with a toy gun? How many Hindus are on the news for getting shot dead while in their home and a racist bitch of a kop damn near skated on the shit? How many Pakistanis are the faces of the ‘school-to-prison pipeline? Even the illegals who came from south of the border are not treated as horrifically as we are, but we are to now understand that the whites have our best interest at heart? Are you fucking kidding me???!!!

Stand in line and roll up your sleeve and take that damn bullshit vaccine if you want, but consider yourselves to be warned. If they can get enough of us to fall in line, then the rest of us are a lost cause because forced vaccination is coming. There is something in that vaccine that is detrimental to our existence and it may not show up in the first month, or the first year, but by the time it does show up, they will pin the fucked up shit on something else and even if you could sue, you’ll more than likely have died from whatever’s in this vaccine and so you’ll get no benefit from it whatsoever.

The whites are going to have to shoot my ass DEAD, but I will NEVER take that vaccine! Whites, shove that shit up your asses and stand and take it ALL day and ALL night, why doncha! But you will NOT get me to fall for your bullshit, yet AGAIN!!! I will never forget what you did to Black slave women, I will never forget what you did to those Black men in that Syphilis Study, I will never forget what you did to Henrietta Lacks, I will never forget what you have done to my cousin, myself, my daddy and countless members of my family.

Fuck you whites! And drop the fuck dead, already!!!!


Ask yourself this question after looking at the video. Why do you think that people get sick in winter and yet, don’t get as sick in the summer? It is because of the fact that people are out in the summer getting a big, heaping helping of Vitamin D whereas in the winter, the days are shorter and people are more indoors than out. Also, there are so many people who are Vitamin D deficient, the numbers are astounding. Never are ANY natural remedies promoted for health. Everything has to have big pharma behind it and since that is the case, that is why so many people are suffering from lingering illnesses because there is only some big pharma bullshit that keeps them coming back for more as opposed to ‘curing’ the shit, hence there would be no need for more of big pharma’s bullshit killer meds. The next time your TV is on and a commercial for some big pharma bullshit meds come on, watch it until the very end and remember the side effects and one of them will surely be, “DEATH!” Those of you who take this COVID-19 vaccine are going to wish you hadn’t, but by then, it will be too late.

7 thoughts on “AGAIN, Black People NEVER Learn! Tuskegee Syphilis Study And Now COVID-19 Vaccine Study! Hell No!

    1. I wish that I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not. I just wish people would wake the fuck up and stop just believing the lies put out by rich politicians who take kickbacks from big pharma. I wish people would use that grey matter between their ears and not just let someone else think for them. I wish they would look up from those smartphones and realize that while they are busy fighting on Twitter and Facebook, every last freedom is being taken away from them; the freedom over what we allow to happen to our bodies is being taken away from us because people have become so damn terrified over a plandemic that was designed to make us pliable for what the puppet masters have in store for us and what they have in store for us, ain’t pretty. Look at the state of this planet. Nowhere on this planet is there an escape from the reality that we are fucked up. It is a case of “You can run, but you can’t hide.” Surveillance is everywhere. Drones can be sent to find us anywhere and all of this took place without a whimper from us. Now look at us. We are jobless, about to become homeless and also about to be forced into accepting a killer vaccine. For the love of!!!!

      nomad, thank you for the link. I will check out the video later when I have time.


  1. Hey Shelby! The aim of this system is for us to voluntarily accept being erased from the planet by our open enemies. We refuse to hear and see the truth of our condition in this country. We are a constant contradiction to lie of freedom that America claim to bestow on all who come to her shores. We were brought as captives to made into slaves. We have never had freedom,do to fact that we are still in the same land with the slavemasters children under the same system that brought our forefathers to these shores. The devil only promises to decieve. Elijah Muhammad stated that the Blackman loves the devil because the devil gives him nothing. They are offering us nothing but death. I personally believe that the vaccine will affect those of us that are of child bearing age. ? Sterility? Animal DNA? That would manifest itself in future generations if there be any. You would think that this would be a no brainer considering the history that you documented. But then again we love the devil because the devil gives us nothing. Peace Shelby.

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    1. Read THIS shit, Yele66.

      Pulse Oximeters Can Give Inaccurate Results to People With Dark Skin, a Study Found—Here’s What to Know

      If you have a heart or lung condition, you might be familiar with a pulse oximeter—a small, rectangular device that clips onto your finger and reads your blood oxygen and heart rate. But a pulse oximeter may not suitable for everybody, according to a report published December 16 in The New England Journal of Medicine.

      Researchers from the University of Michigan hospital in Ann Arbor found that the device can sometimes give misleading results in people with dark skin. They became aware of this when they received an influx of COVID-19 patients from Detroit’s overcrowded hospitals, many of whom are Black. The oximeter reading was sometimes off when it was compared with a more advanced test that samples blood from an artery. Specifically, the study found that Black patients were more than three times as likely as white patients to have a pulse oximeter reading in the normal range yet a low reading once they were given the more sophisticated artery test.

      Further investigations are required, but Dr. Sjoding suspects that the reason for the discrepancy is that the color of light used in the pulse oximeter can be absorbed by skin pigment—and pigment grains are larger and more abundant in darker skin.

      “We need to be more careful about how we care for people with darkly pigmented skin,” Dr. Sjoding says.

      You see that shit! We are nothing like whites and so the shit that they use as it pertains to medical equipment and the like is designed for their pasty asses and the “pulse oximeter” showcases that shit. And since that is the case, what the hell else has been going down whereas we are diagnosed with some shit that does not pertain to us, but pertains to whites since all of their medical devices have been designed for their pasty asses?

      Instead of spending our money on useless ass movies, fake ass nails, fake weaves and wigs and fake ass food and fucking Timberland boots and designer this and designer that, we need to be pooling our money together and rebuilding The Black Wall Street which did indeed, have medical facilities that were for the express purpose of making sure that our dark skinned bodies were kept healthy. The reason we are so fucked up is because we are running to our mortal enemy and expecting ‘great’ results when you know what the fuck we’ve been getting. If you look at the history of many Black families, you will find that hardly any lived to be in their 80s or 90s and yet, the bulk of those pasty assed motherfuckers live well into their goddamn 90s. Hardly any of us collect Social Security because we are dead before we reach retirement age. We are actually paying for the whites to sit up on Social Security because the majority of my family members NEVER COLLECTED ONE THIN DIME OF SOCIAL SECURITY BECAUSE THEY DIED BEFORE RETIREMENT AGE! That is not by accident, that is by design. So, you are right, we are getting NOTHING but death from those debased, depraved, savage, vicious, racist, parasitic, scum sucking, bottom feeding slugs! And Black people keep falling for those parasites’ bullshit! And I should not be the only one to see just what the fuck’s going down. I should not continuously have to point the shit out and yet, Black people continue to dutifully line up when whites say that they have our best interest at heart when they are the means to our END.

      The goddamn Hispanics outnumber our asses and those bastards, for the most part, came here, illegally. The other day, my cousin comes and tells me that the TV is fucked up because he was watching a movie and Queen Latifah was speaking Spanish. Now, I don’t watch TV. The TV is exclusively for him because if I watched TV, I would have long since busted the shit up. I called the cable company and the message I received was this, “There have been service improvements made in your area.” Excuse the fuck out of me, but turning ALL cable channels into Spanish speaking channels are NOT improvements in my book. I spoke to a customer service representative and cussed them the fuck out, IN ENGLISH! The cussing shit storm got so bad, my cousin had to take the phone away from me in order to get the representative to straighten that Spanish speaking shit out! I am foaming at the mouth from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. Not to mention the fact that when I lived in Baltimore, the cable technician told my cousin that if we were Latino/Hispanic, we would get an automatic discount on cable services. What fucking company has EVER catered to American descendants of slavery??!! Not a fucking one of them! But they damn sure as hell are catering to those damn tamale eating, Guacamole “green shit” eating, pointed toed boot wearing, midget motherfuckers.

      And now, we are to get in line and take some damn vaccine that they are pushing the hell out of???!!! Hell fucking no! I am NOT taking it and it is going to be a shoot out if someone is going to attempt to make me take it. And I don’t give a damn if the CIA, the FBI, Homeland Security and some more shit see this comment. I said what I said and I meant it! Fuck the government! I’ll fucking go out on MY terms, not theirs! TO.HELL.WITH.THEM.ALL.

      Yele66, I thank you for your comment.


  2. The children of SATAN will never take a break until they get everyone with them in the grave!
    Shelby,you know very well that empathy and guilty doesn’t belong to them!
    You know the big thing that pisses me off?
    Until today they act like what us? We don’t know what are you talking about?
    How innocent they are,
    and than they give you this fucking dumb faces that I really want to punch in their faces!
    The only good thing that they can do for me,it’s to stay the fuck away from my face!

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    1. qnubian, the only “GOOD” thing a white motherfucker can do for me is DIE! That is all the fuck they can do for me; that way, they’d stay the fuck out of MY face FOR GOOD! As long as those debased, depraved, savage, vicious, racist, parasitic, scum sucking, bottom feeding slugs are alive, we are dead because everything they do is to cause our death. What the fuck IS the whites purpose on this fucking planet? TO KILL!! That is ALL they do! That is what they are; KILLERS! Every group that was not pasty assed was living as one with this planet except for those debased, depraved, savage, vicious, racist, parasitic, scum sucking, bottom feeding slugs who traveled the globe and decimated entire cultures, animals, plants; every entity in their path. And they are still at it to this day. And nothing makes those damn debased, depraved, savage, vicious, racist, parasitic, scum sucking, bottom feeding slugs, happy except when they are making those who do not look them, fucked up. Those debased, depraved, savage, vicious, racist, parasitic, scum sucking, bottom feeding slugs get off on misery, torture, suffering, war and death because that is what they have brought to every corner of the globe, bar none.

      My BIGGEST wish has always been for something to come along and wipe them the entire fuck up off this planet; only them! They fucking need to go!!! We will get no peace as long as they slither among us and everyone with more than two brain cells connected and working ought to be able to see that. None should be blind to that fucking fact by now! Look at the state of this planet. Whites did that! I am waaaaaaaay past fed up with their fucking deranged asses! They mean us nothing but harm and they show us in every single way, every single day! You see it, Yele66 sees it, but too damn many still don’t see it and more’s the damn pity!

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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      1. You know on DOA blog, she said that wp are passing Latino- Hispanic and other people of color as wp?
        Because wp know very well that their number it’s decreasing and they need to add more numbers as
        so called ” white classify”.
        They are so desperate, it’s crazy that even some people from African are being classified as white!
        Latino-Hispanic people with their number will surpass black people and other groups in the US, most Hispanic people hate black people.
        I think before wp go completely extinct, they will give the majority group with a big population,
        their job to keep oppress others, this includes black people!
        We aren’t doing anything to make wp go fast to extinction, it’s God and Mother of Nature that they are fed up about them!
        Because unfortunately, people have admiration for them no matter how many atrocious
        and inhuman acts they have done and they still doing!
        If people knew that the real problem in this world are wp, wp were already extinct!

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