Why Is The United Kingdom Locking Down Over A Mutated Coronavirus? Didn’t They Just Get The Vaccine?




What need has the United Kingdom to go into lockdown mode since surely the new Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are up to the task of shutting down a mutated coronavirus? Folks are falling out all over the place and having adverse reactions to the vaccines and yet, the coronavirus is mutating and is even making the DOW jittery.

Dow, US stocks and oil prices tumble as new coronavirus variant sends Europe into lockdown

US stocks tumbled Monday as worries over a new variant of the coronavirus overshadowed the news of a second pandemic relief bill that was agreed to in Washington late Sunday.

Oh yes, the rollout of the vaccines to combat coronavirus were supposed to ease everyone’s mind and help CAPITALISM move smoothly along and yet, what is happening? The coronavirus is mutating, which means that it cannot be stopped in its tracks. Not to mention that the vaccine rollout has been an unmitigated failure here in the states whereas a multitude of states are stating that they have not received their allotted shipment.

Why isn’t everything hunky dory? I mean, we have VACCINES now and so why is the stock market tumbling? Why are more lockdowns proposed and why does it look as though the sky is continuing to fall even though we now have VACCINES?

Tennessee nurse passes out after getting COVID-19 vaccine

A head nurse at a hospital in Chattanooga, Tenn., caused a brief scare on Thursday when she fainted shortly after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine, according to reports.

Officials were quick to assert that the cause of the nurse’s fainting spell was not due to Pfizer’s vaccine, but was due to a condition that must be, “Painful Prick Fainting Syndrome” otherwise known as (PPFS) which only shows up when a vaccine is being administered. WHAT.THE.HELL. Now, they are really starting to look stupid. I have never heard of such in all my born days; a nurse can’t take a shot without fainting and since she is a nurse, she damn well should be used to getting vaccines by now. Couldn’t they have come up with a better excuse for why that nurse fainted since it is quite obvious, they are trying to make us believe that Pfizer’s vaccine had nothing to do with the nurse fainting directly after having received Pfizer’s vaccine? We already know that multiple people have had multiple or different adverse reactions from taking that vaccine and so they can just cut the bullshit! So what happens when someone has to stick an IV in this nurse’s arm? The bitch would be dead by now if she faints when stuck with a damn vaccine needle. And A HEAD NURSE, at that! Oh, the lies! The damn lies!

Not to mention, over here in the states, congress has told Americans to “Drop Dead, Already!” since the only bone congress tossed to the American people is a stimulus check for $600 and what the fuck is THAT supposed to do when people have been filing for unemployment, left and right? The government is fudging the unemployment numbers. And according to the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, that big ole, huge, gigantic stimulus check of $600 is to go out next week, just in time for people to make a grab for those wonderful AFTER Christmas bargains. Who the fuck ain’t already in a tent, is about to be looking for one. That is about all those $600 stimulus checks are going to pay for because at this late date, who in the world has the money to go on a $600 shopping spree when people need to pay their rent and I don’t know whose rent is only $600?

Georgia Runoff Hopeful Jon Ossoff Questions $600 Stimulus Checks: ‘Really?’

After 8 months of obstruction Senator Perdue and Senate Republicans insisted on cutting direct relief checks for Georgia families in half.

$600 won’t cover the rent or the bills that have piled up over their months of inaction.

We deserve better.
— Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) December 21, 2020

In a further statement, shared with Newsweek, Ossoff said: “With Georgia’s unemployment rate rising and many Georgia families in dire financial straits, the need for meaningful direct payments to families is clear to everyone.

“That’s why it is shameful that after eight months of obstruction Senator Perdue and Senate Republicans insisted on cutting direct relief checks for Georgia families in half, while so many are struggling this holiday season.”

He also repeated his previous attack line accusing Perdue of looking to profiteer off the pandemic through his stock activity, which the Republican has denied.

Yep, those elected officials are just ALL heart! But you know what? You fucked up Americans deserve this shit because you went right into that voting booth and voted for the likes of the shits that are saying to you, “FUCK YOU!” You mailed those ballots in for those goddamn bastards! Because whites are SO goddamn racist, they will literally rather die than NOT vote FOR scum sucking bottom feeding slugs that don’t give a shit about them and, quite actually, puts them in the same boat with those whom they hate so damn much! But do they hate the motherfucker that’s handing them a lousy $600, in essence telling them to “Let them eat cake?” Hell no, because they look like them!

So, if ANY of you seriously sighed a big huge, SIGH of relief when Pfizer, Moderna and a whole slew of other big pharma bullshit companies told you that they’ve got a handle on coronavirus and you fucking rolled up your sleeve and took those vaccines, are you still sighing with relief? Do you think that COVID gives a damn for big pharma’s bullshit lame ass attempts to get you to understand that your shit is about to get back up and running and NORMAL in no time flat? Well if so, your asses are in for a rude awakening because COVID has other ideas. Just ask the United Kingdom how much FAITH they are putting in those bullshit COVID vaccines. They’ll tellya, they’re GOING BACK INTO LOCKDOWN MODE! Don’t nothing speaks of confidence in a vaccine like GOING BACK INTO LOCKDOWN MODE right after vaccines rollout! I mean, what’s the problem? People got the vaccine and more and more people are getting the vaccine and so why go BACK INTO LOCKDOWN MODE with ALL of those handy COVID vaccines out? What? Huh? That vaccine shit ain’t up to par and nothing says that like ANOTHER LOCKDOWN IN THE UNITED KINGDOM! I guess Boris Johnson is quaking in his wellies.

2020 says, “I ain’t outta here yet!” And don’t even think that 2021 is going to be any better, believe me, it’s SO NOT!

3 thoughts on “Why Is The United Kingdom Locking Down Over A Mutated Coronavirus? Didn’t They Just Get The Vaccine?

  1. It was mention awhile back that the COVID-19 was mutating into another strain. The (CDC) center for disease & control prevention were bringing new fraudulent stories out every week, about what was causing the spread & ways to stop the virus. These lockdown aren’t doing shit to stop the virus because it still spreading. No one really have an answer on how to stop this virus. Furthermore, the economy is bad a $600 stimulus check isn’t going to fix anything. Babylon the Great (USA) is fallen they still have this dead body on life support claiming that it can be revived. Count down to 2021 because shit is about too get more real.

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    1. As bad as the shit is now, we ain’t seen shit yet! And it is quite obvious that those assholes that we purportedly “elect” could give a rat’s ass about those of us who are not on “Billionaires Row.” They show us that shit ALL the damn time because with a whole pandemic going down and with shit closing down, left and right, it should have been a no brainer to provide people with the assistance they need to keep them afloat during this pandemic, but what do the shameless shits over here do? Why they pass a bill that only includes a paltry $600 check that they know won’t do shit and they don’t give a damn that it won’t do shit.

      This is the ONLY country in the world that is saying to its citizens at a time like this, “Fuck you! Drop the fuck dead already!” Other countries have stepped up to the plate and provided REAL and MEANINGFUL assistance to their citizens, but this one???!!! Fuck no! Ain’t nobody’s goddamn rent no fucking $600. Food prices are skyrocketing and with children home from school, that means that families are having to dig deep to come up with enough food for their children to eat while trying to keep a roof over their heads while their hours have been cut, that is if they even still have a goddamn job. Those sorry ass, filthy pieces of shit in congress know that shit and they don’t give a goddamn about that! That should be obvious to a blind, deaf mute that’s been planted.

      Read this shit!

      Mark Cuban on $600 stimulus checks: ‘It’s not enough’ – and experts agree

      But the slimmed stimulus check was disappointing for many Americans. Count among them self-made billionaire Mark Cuban.

      “It isn’t enough,” Cuban, investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, tells CNBC Make It.

      In fact, in September, Cuban offered his own stimulus proposal, saying that all American households, regardless of income level, should receive a $1,000 stimulus check every two weeks for two months, which they would have to spend within 10 days or lose the money.

      A fucking BILLIONAIRE says that $600 ain’t enough money and why should he even care, because he says “receive $1,000 every two weeks for two months, spend it within 10 days or lose the money.” Why should people lose the money if they don’t spend it in 10 days? There are always some strings attached or other shenanigans behind every single goddamn thing billionaires and shit propose for people who are NOT fucking billionaires.

      Let’s read on.

      Stimulus bill is too little, too late, struggling Americans say

      The help is too little, too late, say Americans who have had trouble making ends meet amid the coronavirus-wrought economic upheaval. The $1,200 stimulus checks from the March package have long been spent, and the $600 federal boost for laid-off workers ended in July.

      “$600 dollars is a slap in the face,” Sherry Tipton of Winchester, Kentucky said in an email response to CNN. “Every other industrialized nation was able to keep their citizens afloat during this crisis, but we have woefully cared more about tax cuts for the rich than caring for the poor and working class. It is shameful, but emblematic of the ‘leadership’ in this country.”

      There is NO fucking leadership in this country. There is only a bunch of rich, entitled assholes who want to play games while this shithole burns. Those useless fucks in Washington have ALWAYS been this way; pretend fighting when they’re all alike. Neither Republicans or Democrats give a shit about people who are just trying live their lives and keep their children safe and healthy, housed and fed during a whole goddamn pandemic. But have those assholes refused their fucking salaries that are PAID FOR BY US? Hell no!

      Shanequa, you are SO right, Babylon has fallen and these yahoos over here know it. Nothing can revive this shithole because the collapse has occurred. It matters not what goes on on Wall Street, what’s happening on Main Street tells the true story and it ain’t fucking good. And they can come out with vaccine after vaccine after vaccine, but it won’t do any good, this virus is so bad, I just read that it has finally reached Antarctica and that was the only continent that coronavirus had not set up shop on, but it’s there now.

      COVID-19 is now on every continent as at least 36 people in Antarctica test positive

      Antarctica was the only continent untouched by the coronavirus pandemic. But now, a Chilean research base has suffered an outbreak, with at least 36 people testing positive for COVID-19 this week — marking a grim milestone in the fight against the virus.

      Chile’s armed forces told Reuters that 26 army personnel and 10 civilian maintenance workers have been infected at its Base General Bernardo O’Higgins Riquelme. The remote research station, permanently staffed and operated by Chile’s army, is surrounded by ocean and icebergs near the tip of a northern Antarctic peninsula.

      The army said that all personnel at the base “are already properly isolated and constantly monitored” by health authorities. There have been no complications.

      Does COVID look like it’s going anywhere, anytime soon? Hell fucking no! COVID done spread to Antarctica and so what now? Get them the vaccine???!! Which one??? And whose going to head to Antarctica to give them the vaccine because, remember, they are in a REMOTE LOCATION. Those motherfuckers were already isolated in a REMOTE LOCATION and yet, still managed to contract coronavirus. Somehow, coronavirus found its way to their REMOTE LOCATION while we are told that social distancing and masks are protecting us from contracting COVID when those who could not get any remote than they already were, are now infected with the coronavirus. MAKE.IT.MAKE.SENSE. Social distancing and masks ain’t doing shit!

      Shanequa, it is going to be a lot of motherfuckers on that onlyfans website taking off their clothes and some more shit because what’s coming is going to make “THE HUNGER GAMES” look like a fun family board game. Whites are seriously starting to lose too much money and some dude’s video I was watching was stating that in Chicago, upscale apartments are announcing that they will let you move in and pay no rent for the first three months and have also lowered the rents. Crime is off the charts ALL across this shithole. In Minneapolis, MN, a huge percentage of the Klan kops have all decided to state that they have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and are out “sick,” and so the police department is begging Klan kops from other cities and states to come and help them with their out-of-control crime wave. The shit ain’t on lockdown in Minneapolis and that’s for damn sure. The whites there are fucked up and ain’t hardly liking it one bit. Well, they’d fucking better get used to it or start calling those thieves and liars in congress and tell them to release some more funds for these people before the real and serious looting and rioting begins because hungry people are only going to take the shit for so long before shit hits the fan in a BIG FUCKING WAY! And once that happens, ain’t no turning back.

      It looks like we’ve both got front row seats to the fall of this here Rome, and I for one, am loving it! The chickens have come home to roost. This just proves that when you steal someone else’s land, kill them off, then use slaves, stolen from another continent to build this shithole up and then treat their descendants like fucking shit, that the shit was going to finally come back and bite these fuckers on their goddamn slimy, parasitic ass! “About damn time!” I say! This fucking shithole is up shit creek with no goddamn paddle in sight! I am SO fucking damn glad, it is indeed, quite funny! I’m just waiting to see how long it’s going to take the fucked up masses to get fed up and start fucking the whites’ stolen shit up! Uh…any day now.

      Thank you for your comment Shanequa.


  2. P.S.
    You know times are bad when people are starting social media page on only fans website selling pornography for people to buy. You got several celebrities have pages on that website because they need income.

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