A Black Female Doctor Dies Because Of Racist Medical Treatment And Who The Hell Is Surprised!


Here we go, AGAIN! Why my motherfucking head has not exploded is a complete and utter mystery to me. This blog is filled with the racist ‘medical’ treatment that has been dished out to myself and members of my family by the racist medical system that is just an extension of the system of white supremacy and so it continues, and believe me, it will never stop despite the whites talking about “diversity training.” Who the fuck believes that shit when whites have always been flaming liars?

Black [female] doctor dies of coronavirus after reporting racist treatment at Indiana hospital

INDIANAPOLIS – A Black doctor who died of COVID-19 after weeks of battling the virus said she was mistreated and delayed proper care at an Indiana hospital because of her race.

Dr. Susan Moore, 52, died Dec. 20 following multiple hospitalizations for complications from COVID-19, first at IU Health North and later at Ascencion-St. Vincent in Carmel, Indiana.

Her frustrations with the care provided at IU Health were chronicled on Facebook in multiple updates. The first came Dec. 4 when she said delays in her treatment and diagnosis were motivated by the color of her skin.

She described having her complaints of severe neck pain disregarded, despite drawing from her years of medical expertise to make a self-assessment.

“I was crushed,” a tearful Moore said of the doctor’s refusal to provide her pain medication. “He made me feel like I was a drug addict. And he knew I was a physician. I don’t take narcotics. I was hurting.”

She ain’t lying. I covered the fact that white doctors and other white medical personnel have stated, outright, that Black people don’t experience pain like whites do. This shit started when slave owners experimented on slaves and as you can see, nothing has changed. Remember this post?

Racism Is Why ‘Whites’ Are Dying From Heroin! Now, Ain’t That A Bitch???!!!

This passage was taken from an article on why WHITE doctors don’t prescribe painkillers for Black patients.

Studies have found that [white] doctors are much more reluctant to prescribe painkillers to minority patients, worrying that they might sell them or become addicted.

And even that’s a lie because it has been stated that racist white doctors don’t prescribe pain medication for Black people because they believe that Black people do NOT experience pain the way whites do. It ALL goes back to that three-fifths ‘human’ designation, the slaves were given. We are not viewed as ‘human’ by savage, depraved monsters that can lay no claim to that distinction AT.ALL.

Because racism is so systemic, it even defines what medical treatment Black people receive as opposed to what ‘whites’ receive. This has been perceived as the reason why Black people are not dying from prescription drug overdoses at the same high rates as ‘whites’. The belief that Black people are more predisposed to addictions has been defined as the reason why Black people are not dying from prescription drug overdoses and why ‘whites’ ARE dying from prescription drug overdoses and the perception that Black people are more likely to abuse prescription painkillers, has been defined as the reason why they are not dying of prescription drug overdoses because they are not being prescribed painkillers and why ‘white’ folks are, is so disgustingly revealing of how racist this shithole called AmeriKKKa really is!

My cousin has been hit by a train and had to be extricated from underneath the train and was diagnosed with a skull fracture, a broken neck, a broken back and broken right leg and then, three months later, was shot EIGHT times and guess what pain meds he is on for the pain that he FEELS every single goddamn day??? NOTHING! I have been in multiple car accidents and I am pushing a goddamn walker around and guess what I have been given for the pain that I feel every single goddamn day? NOTHING! When my daddy was dying from colon cancer and was so eaten up with it and was in agony, guess how many pain meds he was prescribed for the immense pain that he was in? ONE TEENY, TINY LITTLE PILL THAT COULDN’T HAVE DONE SHIT TO HELP WITH HIS PAIN AND HE HAD DESIGNER GODDAMN MEDICAL INSURANCE and so it does not matter if our asses are insured by a fucking platinum plan or we are a goddamn doctor, we are going to get mistreated, and that’s putting it mildly, by the most loathsome, debased, depraved, savage, vicious, racist, parasitic, scum sucking, bottom feeding slugs to ever slither and crawl all across this fucked up planet that THEY fucked up!

So yes indeed, I can damn well believe that this Black female doctor was maltreated by RACIST WHITES who did not even care that she knew what they were doing to her and she knew it was goddamn wrong and they did it anyway. And now, someone that Black people sorely need in our corner has been murdered by racist white debased, depraved, savage, vicious, racist, parasitic, scum sucking, bottom feeding slugs!

Black folks, cut the bullshit! Learn what to do with your money because we goddamn well NEED our own medical facilities because if we continue running to the whites expecting wonderful outcomes, are you fucking serious? Look to this woman’s story to understand that whites ONLY SEEK OUR DEATH! They are murdering us out on the streets and the numbers are just too many to go into right here, but you know who has been doing the dying on these mean streets of this shithole with the full blessing of this racist ass government. You don’t see no immigrants, Black-assed or otherwise getting fucked up like American descendants of slavery are. That is NOT by accident, it is ALL done by design. Whites hate the fact that we make a lie out of them being humanitarian and benevolent because we are a constant reminder that nothing could be further from the goddamn truth and so in order to keep their lies believable in that they are kind and benevolent, we’ve got to be gotten rid of because we make that shit the lie that it is!

Whites fucked up the Black Wall Street, burned down our cities and infiltrated our organizations that were started to uplift American descendants of slavery because they want us ALL dead! If you can’t see what the hell whites are up to then that is only because you refuse to get your head from out your ass! Why do you think that this latest fucked up stimulus bill contains so little money? It is because they figure that the ones who could use assistance the most are American descendants of slavery and these racist ass shits over here want to make damn certain that our asses are out on the streets during the coldest damn part of the year. Black people are already dying from exposure to the elements. Baltimore, MD has already recorded deaths among the homeless. We are homeless in every stinking city in every fucking state in this hellhole and again, that is NOT by accident. It is by design. Keep perusing Amazon and buying jewelry, wigs, weave hair, fake ass nails, makeup and eyelashes and the only place you’ll get to wear that shit is to your fucking funeral. Yeah, you’ll already be casket ready and believe me, these racist ass whites are going to see to it that you need GoFundMe to even pay for the fucking burial. These white racist shits ain’t playing with us. You mean, you ain’t figured THAT shit out yet? Just ask Dr. Susan Moore. Oh, that’s right. You can’t because racist whites in the medical field, who took the HYPOCRITE oath when it comes to our health ‘care’, killed her! Black folks, you’d better stop sleeping on this shit before you find yourself sleeping the sleep of death thanks to racist white doctors, fucking you up, with malice aforethought!

6 thoughts on “A Black Female Doctor Dies Because Of Racist Medical Treatment And Who The Hell Is Surprised!

  1. Several years ago I read a book name Medical Apartheid which discuss a lot of mistreatment black people endure in the medical field. A couple of months ago a black woman who was a physician died during child birth. Nothing has change at all racism is at every corner we turn.

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    1. Shanequa, it don’t matter if we are doctors, lawyers, judges, or the homeless, as long as we are Black, that’s ALL the whites need to see when we sit up in their fucking face, needing all up and down on some medical attention. They are going to make sure that if you ain’t fucked up when you walk in the door, you will be fucked up when they finish with us and we’ll have that tag on the toe and off to the funeral home, we go.

      In this dead ass burg, I am pretty sure that every single goddamn Black assed COVID patient died at the fucking hospital because these rabid racist shits here in Racism Central made damn certain of that. Top it off with the fact that they all are medical school rejects and there you have it! Expect some ‘great’ medical shit from those racist quacks? Not bloody ever.

      We may as well just give up the fucking ghost because we are dead anyway. If we don’t take care of our bodies so that we don’t need to head through the doors of racists, then just dig the fucking hole already because they are going to see to it that the next destination is six feet under.

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. Yesterday I was speaking with my friend about that Corona is here and these bastards will play GOD!
    The vaccine is here, and unfortunately, they will pass as a law that everyone will get the vaccine!
    They aren’t sure and they don’t know the real side effect that the vaccine will cause to the people.
    Now with this new virus, they can play whenever they want ”GOD”, they can decide who can live and who will die.
    If we decide to travel or enter other countries, they will obligate us with force to get the Corona vaccine!
    I already can see people going to prison because some of us will refuse to be te inject.
    We are living in a world, where we don’t own our bodies, we don’t have the right to our lives and bodies,
    nothing anymore belong to us!
    It was no coincidence that this virus is here, they had already planned, they want to find a type of virus to reduce
    the world population.
    Look now the French government wants to test Coronavirus on African people, do you see?
    Wp never rest, they always want to exterminate black people.
    I am always wondering, why they never test virus on their fuck belonging dogs? Yep, dogs have more emotion than black people!
    I have an advice for black people, you don’t absolutely have a white doctor looking after your health.

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    1. Qnubian, then I will just have to go out in a blaze of gunfire and I fucking mean that! I don’t give a damn who the fuck is reading this; the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, Homeland fucking Security and some more shit! I am taking not one of those goddamn killer vaccines. Read this shit!

      German health care workers sent to hospital after coronavirus vaccine overdoses

      Four northern German health care workers were sent to the hospital on Sunday after being accidentally given five times the recommended dose of coronavirus vaccine. Officials from the Vorpommern-Ruegen district reported that eight workers in an elderly care facility had received an overdose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, with four developing flu-like symptoms and being monitored as a precautionary measure. When the mistake was discovered, the workers, who are between the ages 37 and 54, were informed and sent home.

      “I deeply regret the incident,” district chief Stefan Kerth said in a statement obtained The Hill. “This individual case is due to individual errors. I hope that all those affected do not experience any serious side-effects.”

      District authorities cited previous statements from BioNTech that indicated that larger doses were used in the first phase of trials and did not lead to serious consequences.

      Some German districts refused to use vaccine doses received over the weekend out of concern that the required cold conditions for the vaccine were interrupted during the delivery, Reuters reported on Monday. The Pfizer vaccine needs to be shipped at a temperature between -112 degrees and -76 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

      They injected people with FIVE times the recommended dosage and those people got fucked up behind that shit, but they want us ALL to know that everything is fine, those people are going to be just fine, really, really fine, good, great and the bestest. Fuck if they are! And then, to read that some “German districts had to refuse vaccines” because they were unsure if the vaccines had been kept at the correct temperature. So, how the fuck do we know that the vaccine that they are about to inject into us has been kept at the correct temperature or not? Take their goddamn word for it? Fuck no! Trust those damn racist pieces of shit???!!! Not bloody ever!

      Qnubian, people need to stand up for themselves and unfortunately, the time to do so is way past us now and so now, we’ve got to shoot it out with these motherfuckers who are so damn eager to come at us with some shit that is going to make our fucked up lives even worse.

      And of course the French want to fuck up the African people especially since they’ve been doing so for hundreds of years and so why should anyone expect them to stop at this late date? But if those African go for that shit, then that’s on them. They should have long since got those French motherfuckers out of their faces. They should be warring against those bastards now. That’s why Africans are sitting somewhere speaking French. You know goodness goddamn well that not one African should be sitting over there speaking French. Ain’t no French motherfuckers in France speaking any African dialect unless they are Africans who immigrated to France.

      But of course they want to reduce the world population because whites are NOT human. They want to reduce the ‘human’ population because their fucking days are already numbered and so they want to take out as many of us as they can before their asses are wiped out. But like I’ve already stated, the shit is on if they think they are injecting me with that bullshit vaccine. I am not standing for it. Not EVER!

      qnubian, stay safe and stay unvaccinated!!!

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  3. Shelby, I don’t have any intention whatsoever to get the vaccine!
    For me that vaccine, they can stick up to their asses!

    But Shelby, you know very well that wp will find any trick or deceive, that they will inject you no matter what!
    Black people are still surprised when wp let you die in the hospital and they don’t give you a fuck about you!
    Wp treat black patience like they are piece of garbages, white doctors treat us like garbage.
    If they can have a chance, they can throw some racist staff while you are inside their medical office!

    How you said Shelby, no matter what degree black people have, black people can have the highest degree,
    wp will not still give a damn about you!
    I see black people put a lot of efforts to assimilate, be well-spoken, but at the end of the day, that degree doesn’t change the skin color that you were born!
    I worked in the hospital and I saw the attitude that black people have when they are doctors or nurses,
    they act like they are on top of the MOON.
    But when one of them get sick or need to do surgery, then wp show them, the harsh reality,
    that wp don’t give a fcuk about their professional career and their lives!

    Black people, we are very traumatized people and unfortunately, some of us can’t accept the fact that wp don’t give a fuck about our existence.
    We can seat here and say so many things and argue for hours, but black people want so badly to be accepted
    by wp!
    Black people don’t understand that you can’t befriend with racists, you can’t be in love with someone that hates
    Someone that has shown you so many times that they don’t give a fuck about your existence, and they murdered you because they don’t give a fuck about you!
    Black people want to sit here and say ”no all wp are racist or bad, some of them are good and they love us!”
    Black people are suffering from Stockholm syndrome, even that black doctors or nurses aren’t better than their
    white colleagues!

    The Africans are the majority self-hatred, and they still can’t understand why they are speaking European languages in their countries!
    Africans act like, they have not been colonized but only black diaspora people have been colonized,
    and we are the only disillusion that ”scream of racism”!

    We are living in a white supremacy system, that influences our mind and behavior, very few black people
    are conscious of what really happening around us!

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    1. Qnubian, I cannot argue with a thing that you have stated because every single word is true! Whites don’t even give a damn about Black people being doctors and some more shit, they will get the same treatment as a Black homeless person would get and that is exactly what that Black doctor received; the treatment that a Black homeless person gets ALL the damn time. It doesn’t matter if we have platinum insurance, no insurance, are doctors, are not doctors, we are ALL going to get fucked up by our MORTAL ENEMY! And let me just give you another reason to try and not get that vaccine.

      Hospital worker fired for ruining hundreds of COVID vaccine doses

      A Wisconsin hospital worker has been fired for intentionally removing COVID-19 vaccine from a refrigerator – forcing the hospital to throw out more than 500 doses. Aurora Medical Center – Grafton, outside Milwaukee, said Wednesday that 57 vials of Moderna vaccine were taken out of a pharmacy refrigerator and left overnight.

      The hospital launched an investigation and was led to believe inadvertent human error was to blame, reported CBS Chicago. But on Wednesday, the worker who was responsible admitted to doing it on purpose, Advocate Aurora Health said.

      So, as you can see, don’t no fucking body have any idea what shit the medical field is sticking in their arm is all about since I am sure that this will not be the only case like this to come about. Whites are despicable! How do you reconcile with the fact that people already don’t want to take this bullshit vaccine and then some motherfucker goes and INTENTIONALLY DESTROYS VACCINES just because they wanted to? And even admits to the shit! And so, we are supposed to understand that we are going to receive a wonderful vaccine against COVID when even if the vaccine was on the up and up, we won’t even know if it has been left out too long to be of any use because some piece of shit white monster, left the shit out on purpose to fuck people up??!!!!

      Yeah, I really want to stand somewhere and get that vaccine after reading about THAT shit! Oh hell no! Like I’ve stated previously, they are going to have to shoot my ass with fucking bullets, but I am NOT taking that fucking vaccine. Fuck that!

      As for those African motherfuckers, they can just shut the fuck up because they don’t even want to acknowledge why their stupid asses are speaking French. That is NOT their native language. But everyone that I have ever met that crawled over here from Africa, spoke several languages and that is because those fools are allowing every goddamn body to go over there and take it the fuck over. But then want to claim that we are mutts because we’re mixed with every damn thing. SO.ARE.THEY. The fuckers are in denial. Fuck that! They’re fucking French, German, Dutch, Spanish and some more shit and what’s more, they don’t have a leg to stand on because they know it’s true! All of these stupid Black motherfuckers got Stockholm Syndrome because they are trying to love all up and down on their NUMBER ONE ENEMY and expecting his ass to ‘love’ them back when whites don’t even know how to ‘love’ and couldn’t even get next to that word without bursting into flames. TO.HELL.WITH.THEM.ALL.

      Qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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